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PoulanPRO !

Por favor,
Please do no
not devuelva el aparato
return unit al lugar de compra.
to retailer.
Veuillez ne pas retourner I'outil au detaillant.
• 1-800-554-6723

Instruction Manual
Manual de Instrucciones
Manuel d'lnstructions

BVM200VS !
IMPORTANT MANUAL - Do not throw away

Read and follow alt Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before
using this product. Failure to do so can resu_ in serious injury.
Lea el manuat de instrucciones y siga todas tas advertencias e
instrucciones de seguridad. Et no hacerlo puede resultar en tesiones
Veuiltez tire te manuet d'instructions et bien respecter tousles
avertissements et toutes tes instructions de securit& Tout defaut
de te faire pourrait entrafner des btessures graves.
Poulan PRO Poulan PRO
1030 Stevens Creek Road 5855 Terry Fox Way
Augusta, GA 30907 Mississauga, Ontario L5V 3E4

545146927 Rev. 7 4/17/08 BRW

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zi ____.....A

use can cause serious injury.

t_1 iIWAI-ININB: This unit can be dangerous! Careless or improper

and can follow all warnings and safety rules before operating the unit.
1 Failure to dooperator's
Read your so can result in serious
manual carefully injury.
until Save operator's understand
you completely manual

The blower can throw objects vio-

lently. You can be blinded or injured.
Always wear hearing protection and
safety glasses marked Z87. Always
wear heavy, long pants, long
sleeves, boots and gloves

Hazard zone for thrown objects. Keep children, by-

standers, and animals away from work area a mini-
mum of 30 feet (10 meters) when starting or operating
unit. Do not point blower nozzle in the direction of
people or pets.
not wear jewelry, loose clothing, or

O 1Sec°rehairab°vesh°u'der'en0th

clothing with loosing hanging straps,
ties, tassels, etc. They can be caught in
moving parts.

, A

cleaning or servicing

Stop the engine before opening the vacuum inlet door. The engine must
be stopped and the impeller blades no longer turning to avoid serious injury from the rotating
blades. Gently tilt the handle of the screwdriver toward the front of the unit to release the latch
while pulling up on the vacuum inlet cover with your other hand


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I® When using the vacuum attachment, the unit is designed to pick up dry
material such as leaves, grass, small twigs, and bits of paper Do not
vacuum stones, gravel, metal, broken glass, etc., to avoid severe dam-
age to the impeller

WARNING: Fire hazard. Never mix, pour, or store gasoline or

use the unit near a flame or sparks (including smoking, open flames, or
work that can cause sparks).

WARNING: The muffler is very hot during and after use. Do

not touch the muffler, muffler guard, or surrounding surfaces, or allow
combustible material such as dry grass or fuel to do so.

result in blindness and/or serious injury.

nWARNING: Failure to follow all Eye protection should be marked Z87
Safety Rules and Precautions can result in • Always wear foot protection. Do not go
serious injury. barefoot or wear sandals.
KNOW YOUR UNIT • Always wear respirator or face mask when
• Read your instruction manual carefully until working with unit in dusty environments.
you completely understand and can follow • Secure hair so it is above shoulder length.
all warnings and safety rules before operat- Keep loose hair, loose clothing, fingers, and
ing the unit. all other parts of the body away from openings
• Restrict unit to users who understand and and moving parts. Hair, jewelry, loose cloth-
will follow all warnings and safety rules in ing, or clothing with loosely hanging straps,
this manual ties, tassels, etc., can be caught in moving
WARNING: Inspect area before start- • Do not operate unit when you are tired, i11,up-
ing unit. Remove all debris and hard objects set, or if you are under the influence of alco-
such as rocks, glass, wire, etc. that can rico- hol, drugs, or medication.
chet, be thrown, or otherwise cause injury or • Keep children, bystanders, and animals
damage during operation. away from work area a minimum of 30 feet
(10 meters) when starting or operating unit.
Use your unit as a blower for:
• Sweeping debris or grass clippings from Do not point the blower nozzle in the direc-
tion of people or pets
driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.
• Blowing grass clippings, straw, or leaves into HANDLE FUEL WITH CAUTION, IT IS
plies, around joints, or between bricks HIGHLY FLAMMABLE
Use your unit as a vacuum for: • Eliminate all sources of sparks or flame (in-
• Picking up dry material such as leaves, cluding smoking, open flames, or work that
grass, small twigs, and bits of paper. can cause sparks) in the areas where fuel is
• For best results during vacuum use, operate mixed, poured, or stored
your unit at high speed. • Mix and pour fuel in an outdoor area; store
• Move slowly back and forth over the mate- fuel in a cool, dry, well ventilated place; use
rial as you vacuum. Avoid forcing the unit an approved, marked container for all fuel
into a pile of debris as this can clog the unit. purposes.
• Keep the vacuum tube about an inch above • Do not smoke while handling fuel or while
the ground for best resu_s. operating the unit.
PLAN AHEAD • Make sure the unit is properly assembled
• Always wear eye protection when operat- and in good operating condition.
ing, servicing, or performing maintenance • Do not fill fuel tank while engine is hot or
on unit. Wearing eye protection will help to running.
prevent rocks or debris from being blown or • Avoid spilling fuet or oil. Wipe up fuel spills
ricocheting into eyes and face which can before starting engine.


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• Move at _east 10 feet (3 meters) away from MAINTAIN YOUR UNIT PROPERLY
fuel and fueling site before starting engine.
• Always store gasoline in a container ap- WARNING: Disconnect spark plug be-
proved for flammable liquids. fore performing maintenance except for carbu-
OPERATE YOUR UNIT SAFELY retor adjustments.
• Have all maintenance other than the rec-
Ai_WARNING: Stop the engine before
ommended procedures described in the in-
opening the vacuum inlet door. The engine struction manual performed by an autho-
must be stopped and the impeller blades no rized service dealer
longer turning to avoid serious injury from the • Use only recommended Poulan PRO re-
rotating blades. placement parts; use of any other parts
• Inspect unit before each use for worn, may void your warranty and cause damage
loose, missing, or damaged parts. Do not to your unit
use unti_ unit is in proper working order.
• Empty fuel tank before storing the unit Use
• Keep outside surfaces free of oil and fuel. up fuel left in carburetor by starting engine and
• Never start or run engine inside a closed letting it run until it stops.
room, building or other unventilated area.
• Do not use any accessory or attachment
Breathing exhaust fumes can kill.
• To avoid static electricity discharge, do not other than those recommended by manufac-
wear rubber gloves or any other insulated turer for use with your unit.
• Do not store the ueft or fuel in a closed area
gloves while operating unit.
where fuel vapors can reach sparks or an
• Do not set unit on any surface except a
clean, hard area while engine is running. open flame from hot water heaters, electric
Debris such as gravel, sand, dust, grass, motors or switches, furnaces, etc.
eta. could be picked up by the air intake and • Store in a dry area out of reach of children.
thrown out through discharge opening,
damaging unit, property, or causing serious WARNING: The engine exhaust from
injury to bystanders or operator. this product contains chemicals known to the
• Avoid dangerous environments. Do not use State of California to cause cancer, birth de-
in unventilated areas or where explosive fects or other reproductive harm.
vapors or carbon monoxide build up could
be present. SPECIAL NOTICE: Exposure to vibra-
• Do not overreach or use from unstable sur- tions through prolonged use of gasoline pow-
faces such as ladders, trees, steep slopes, ered hand tools could cause blood vessel or
rooftops, etc. Keep firm footing and balance nerve damage in the fingers, hands, and
at all times. joints of people prone to circulation disorders
• Never place objects inside the blower or abnorma_ swelling Prolonged use in cold
tubes; always direct the blowing debris weather has been _inked to blood vesset dam-
away from people, animals, glass, and solid age in otherwise healthy people. If symptams
objects such as trees, automobiles, walls, occur such as numbness, pain, loss of
eta. The force of air can cause rocks, dirt, or strength, change in skin color or texture, or
sticks to be thrown or to dcochet which can
loss of feeling in the fingers, hands, or joints,
hurt people or animals, break glass, or discontinue the use of this tool and seek
cause other damage. medical attention. An antivibration system
• Never run unit without the proper equip-
does not guarantee the avoidance of these
ment attached. When using your unit as a
problems. Users who operate power tools on
blower, always install blower tubes. When
using your unit as a vacuum, always install a continual and regular basis must monitor
closely their physical condition and the condi-
vacuum tubes and vacuum bag assembly. tion of this took
Make sure vacuum bag assembly is com-
pletaly zipped. SPECIAL NOTICE: This unit is equipped
• Check air intake opening, blower tubes,
with a temperature limiting muffler and spark
vacuum tubes, and elbow tube frequent{y,
arresting screen which meets the require-
always with engine stopped and spark plug ments of California Codes 44-42 and 4443. All
disconnected. Keep vents and discharge
tubes free of debris which can accumulate U.S. forest land and the states of California,
Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ore-
and restrict proper air flow.
gon, and Washington require by law that
• Never place any object in the air intake open-
ing as this could restrict proper air flow and many internal combustion engines be
cause damage to the unit. equipped with a spark arresting screen. If you
• Never use for spreading chemicals, fertiliz- operate in a locale where such regulations ex-
ers, or other substances which may contain ist, you are legally responsible for maintaining
toxic matadais. the operating condition of these parts. Failure
• To avoid spreading fire, do not use near leaf to do so is a violation of the law. Refer to the
or brush fires, fireplaces, barbecue pits, MAINTENANCE section for information on
ashtrays, eta maintenance of the muffler and spark arrest-
• Use only for jobs explained in this manual. ing screen.


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6. To remove the tubes, turn the knob coun-
WARNING: Stop engine and be sure terclockwise to loosen the tubes; remove
the impeller blades have stopped turning be- the tubes.
fore opening the vacuum inlet door or at- HIGH-SPEED NOZZLE ASSEMBLY
tempting to insert or remove the vacuum or When greater air speed is desired, use the
b_ower tubes. The rotating blades can cause high-speed nozzle.
serious injury. Always disconnect the spark 1. Align the slots on the nozzle with the tabs
p_ug before performing maintenance or ac- on the lower blower tube
cessing movable parts.
_:_WARNING; If you receive your unit
assembled, check each step to insure your
unit is properly assembled and all fasteners
are secure. Follow all safety information in
the manual and on the unit Lower Blower Tab"
Tube Slot
• A standard screwdriver is required for as-
2. Slide the nozzle onto the lower blower tube.
sembly. 3. Turn the nozzle clockwise until a click is
BLOWER TUBE ASSEMBLY felt to secure the nozzle to the lower blow-
1. Align the fib on the upper blower tube with er tube.
the groove in the blower outlet; slide the VACUUM BAG ASSEMBLY
tube into place.
1. Open the zipper on the vacuum bag and
NOTE: Knob must be loose enough to allow insert the elbow tube.
blower tube to be inserted in blower outlet. Loos- 2. Push the small end of the elbow tube
en knob by turning countercbckwise through the small opening in the bag.
Tube Rib

2. Secure the tube by turning the knob clock- Opening

wise. Small Opening
3. Align the s_ots on the lower blower tube NOTE: Make sure edge of the small opening
with the tabs on the upper blower tube. is flush against the flared area of the elbow tube,
and the rib on the elbow tube is on the bottom.
Tube 3. Close the zipper on the bag. Make sure the
zipper is closed completely.
4. Remove b_ower tubes from engine
Lower Blower

4. Slide the lower blower tube onto the upper _ Groove
blower tube.
5. Turn the lower blower tube clockwise until
a click is felt to secure the lower blower
tube to the upper blower tube
NOTE: When the upper and lower blower
tubes are assembled together properly, the 5. Insert the elbow tube into the blower outlet.
arrows on both tubes will be aligned Make sure elbow tube rib Js aligned with
the blower outlet groove.
6. Turn knob clockwiseto secure elbow tube.

WARNING: Stop engine and be sure

the impeller blades have stopped turning be-
fore opening the vacuum inlet door or at-
tempting to insert or remove the vacuum or


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b_ower tubes. The rotating blades can cause 6. Align slanted end of lower vacuum tube as
serious injury shown. Firmly push lower vacuum tube
1. Insert the tip of a screwddver into the latch into upper vacuum tube.
area of the vacuum inlet.

Slanted end of


1. Remove the elbow tube and vacuum bag
Vacuum Inlet Cover by turning the knob counterc{ockwise to
loosen the elbow tube.
2. Gently tilt the handle of the screwddver to- 2. Remove the vacuum tubes by turning the
ward the front of the unit to release the tubes clockwise.
latch while pulling up on the vacuum inlet 3. Close the vacuum inlet cover and make
cover with your other hand. sure it is tatched c{osed.
3. Hold the vacuum inlet cover open until up- 4. Reinstall the blower tubes (see SLOWER
per vacuum tube is installed.
Inlet 1. Hold the unit as shown with the muffler side
Cover facing away from your body and clothes.
2. Pass the shoulder strap over your head
and onto your right shoulder.
3. Extend your left arm toward the rear of the
vacuum bag.
4. Adjust shoulder strap until the vacuum
bag/shoulder strap seam lies between
your thumb and index finger.
5. Make sure air flows freeiy from the eibow
tube into bag. tf bag is kinked, the unit will
Vacuum Inlet not operate properly.
4. Align thetabs on the inside of the vacuum in-
let with the slots on the upper vacuum tube.

5. Push the upper vacuum tube into the vac-
uum inlet. Turn the tube counterclockwise
until a ctick is fa{t to secure the tube to the
blower unit.


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Compare the Jltustrations with your unit to famitJadze yourself with the location of the various controls
and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.
Upper Vacuum Tube Elbow Tube

Lower Vacuum Tube

Throtbe Switch
Trigger _ Spark
Starter Upper Blower Tube
Rope Lower Blower Tube
Fuel Mix
Fill Cap

The STOP switch is used to stop the engine. The PRIMER BU_ON removes air fcom the
To stop the engine, push and hold the STOP carburetor and fuel lines and tills them with fuel.
switch in the STOP position until the engine This alows you to start the engine with fewer
stops. pulls on the starter rope. AcWate primer button
by pressing it and a,owing it to return to _tsorigi-
The TH RO_LE TRIGGER is used to select CHOKE LEVER
the desired engine speed. The CHOKE helps to supply fuel to the engine
to aid in cold starting. AcWate the choke by
moving the choke lever to the FULL CHOKE
position. After engine attempts to start, move the
choke lever to the HALF CHOKE position.
Once engine starts, move choke lever to the
RUN position.


• Whi_e vacuuming or blowing debris, hold
the unit with the muffler side facing away
from your body and clothes (see OPERAT-
ING POSITION illustration above).
• To reduce the risk of hearing loss
associated with sound level(s), hearing
protection is required.
• To reduce the risk of injury associated with
contacting rotating parts, stop the engine be-
fore installing or removing attachments Do
not operate without guard(s) in place.
• Operate power equipment only at reasonable
beurs-not early in the morning or late at night
when people might be disturbed. Comply with
times listed in local ordinances Usual recom-
mendations are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Monday though Saturday.
• To reduce noise levels, limit the number of
Blower Vacuum pieces of equipment used at any one time.


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• To reduce noise _eveis, operate power HOW TO STOP YOUR ENGINE
blowers at the lowest possible throttle • Release the throttle trigger.
speed to do the job • Push and hold the STOP switch in the
• Use rakes and brooms to loosen debds be- STOP ,osition until the engine stops.
• In dusty conditions, slightly dampen sur-
faces or use a mister attachment when wa- Ai_WARNING: You MUST make sure
ter is available.
the tubes are secure before using the unit.
• Conserve water by using power blowers
• Fuel engine Move at least 10 feet (3 me-
instead of hoses for many lawn and garden
ters) away from the fueling site.
applications, including areas such as gutters,
screens, patios, grills, porches, and gardens. • Hold the unit in the starting position as
shown. Make sure the blower end is di-
• Watch out for children, pets, open windows,
or freshly washed cars. Blow debris away rected away from people, animals, glass,
safely. and solid objects.
• Use the full blower nozzle extension so the STARTING POSITION
air stream can work close to the ground.
• After using blowers and other equipment, /
CLEAN UP! Dispose of debris in trash re- Blower

_WARNING: Be sure to read the fuel

information in the safety rules before you be-
gin. If you do not understand the safety rules,
do not attempt to fuel your unit. Call

Ai_WARNING: Remove fuet cap s_owly
when refueling.
_WARNING: When starting engine,
hold the unit as itlustrated. Do not set unit on any
surface except a clean, hard area when starting
engine or while engine is running. Debris such
as gravel, sand, dust, grass, etc. could be
picked up by the air intake and thrown out
through the discharge opening, damaging the
unit or property, or causing serious injury to by-
standers or the operator
This engine is certified to operate on unleaded
gasoline. Before operation, gasoline must be
mixed with a good quality synthetic 2-cycle
air-cooled engine oil designed to be mixed at a
ratio of 40:1. Poulan PRO brand synthetic oil is
recommended. Mix gasefine and oil at a refJo of
40:1. A 40:1 ratio is obtained by mixing 32
ounces (95 ml) of oil with 1 gallon (4 liters) of STARTING A COLD ENGINE (or warm
unleaded gasoline. DO NOT USE automotive engine after running out of fuel)
oil or marine oil These oils will cause engine 1. Slowly press the primer bulb 6 times.
damage. When mixing fuel, follow instructions 2. Move choke lever to the FULL CHOKE pesi-
printed on container Once oil is added to rich.
gasoline, shake container momentarily to 3. Squeeze the throttle trigger fully and hold
assure that the fuel is thoroughly mixed. Always through all remefeft_J steps
read and feflow the safety rules relating to fuel Starter
before fueling your unit.
Experience indicates that a_cohol blended
fuels (called gasohol or using ethanol or
methanef) can attract moisture which leads to
separation and formation of acids during Choke
storage. Acidic gas can damage the fue{
system of an engine while in storage. To avoid
engine problems, empty the fuel system
before storage for 30 days or longer. Drain the Primer
gas tank, startthe engine and let it run until the Bulb
fuel lines and carburetor are empty. Use fresh
fuel next season. Never use engine or
carburetor cleaner products in the fuel tank or
permanent damage may occur.


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4 Pull starter rope handle sharply until engine the choke lever to the HALF CH O KE posi-
sounds as if it is trying to start, but do not pull tion and pull the rope until engine runs, but
rope more than 6 times. no more than 6 pulls.
5 As soon as engine sounds as if it is trying to STARTING A WARM ENGINE
start, move choke lever to HALF CHOKE 1. Move the choke _ever to the HALF CHOKE
position. position
6 Pull starter rope sharply until engine runs,
2. Squeeze the throttle thgger fully and hold
but no more than 6 pulls. NOTE: If the en- through all remefnfl_J steps
gine does n't start after 6 pulis (at the HALF 3. Pull starter rope sharply unfll engine runs,
CHOKE position), move the choke lever to
but no more than 6 pulls.
the FULL CHOKE position and press the 4. Allow engine to run 15 seconds, then move
primer bulb 6 times. Squeeze and hold the the choke lever to RUN
throttle trigger and pull the starter rope 2 NOTE: If engine has not started, putl starter
more times. Move the choke lever to the
rope 5 more pulls If engine still does not run, it
HALF CHOKE position and pull the starter
rope until the engine runs, but no more is probably flooded.
than 6 pulls. If the engine still doesn't start, STARTING A FLOODED ENGINE
it is probably flooded. Proceed to START- Flooded engines can be started by placing the
iNG A FLOODED ENGtNE. choke raver in the RUN pcefflon; then, poll the
7 Once the engine starts, allow it to run 10 se- rope to clear the engine of excess fuel. This
conds, then move the choke lever to the could require polling the starter handle many
RUN posifJon. Allow the unit to run for 30 times depending on how badb! the unit is
more seconds at RUN before releasing the flooded If the unit stil_ doesn't start, refer to
throttle trigger. NOTE: if engine dies with TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE or call
the choke lever in the RUN position, move 1-800-554--6723.


IlllWAPIHII_IIJ: Avoid touching muffler FASTENERS AND PARTS
unless engine and muffler are cold. A hot • Muffler
muffler can cause serious burns. • Spark P{ug Boot
•A{r Filter
WARNING: Stop engine and be sure • Housing Screws
the impeller blades have stopped turning be- CHECK FOR DAMAGED OR WORN
fore opening the vacuum inlet door or at- PARTS
tempting to insert or remove the vacuum or Contact an authorized service dealer for re-
blower tubes. The rotating blades can cause p{acement of damaged or worn parts.
serious injury. Always disconnect the spark • PuelTank - Donot useunitiffueltankshows
plug before performing maintenance or ac- signs of damage or leaks.
• Vacuum Bag - Do not use vacuum bag if it
cessing movable parts.
is torn or damaged
• After each use, inspect complete unit for
loose or damaged parts. Clean the unit and
decets using a damp cbth with a mild deter-
• Wipe off unit with a clean dry cloth.
A dirty air filter decreases engine perform-
ance and increases fuel consumption and
harmful emissions. Always clean or reptace
air filter after every 5 hours of operation or
yearly, whichever comes first
Button _-'T
AirFilter #/_

The warranty on this u nit does not cover items
that have been subjected to operator abuse
or negligence. To receive full value from the
warranty, the operator must maintain unit as
instructed in this manual Various adjust-
ments will need to be made periodically to Air FiItei_! _
properly maintain your unit


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Cleaning the air filter: CHECK MUFFLER MOUNTING
1. Clean the cover and the area around it to SCREWS
keep debds from falling into the carburetor Once each year, ensure muffler mounting
chamber when the cover is removed screws are tightened securely to prevent
NOTE: Move choke lever to RUN position damage.
before opening air fi_ter cover.
2. Open air filter cover by pushing button
(see illustration) Remove air filter.
NOTE: Do not clean filter in gasoline or other
flammable solvent. Doing so can create a fire
hazard or produce harmful evaporative emis-
3. Wash the filter in soap and water.
4. Allow filter to dry.
5. Apply a few drops of oil to the filter;
squeeze fi_ter to distribute oil
6. Replace parts. Muffler
Replace spark p_ug each year to ensure the
engine starts easier and runs better. Set INSPECT MUFFLER AND SPARK
spark plug gap at 0.025 inch (0.6 mm) Igni- ARRESTING SCREEN
tion timing is fixed, nonadjustable.
1. Twist, then pull off spark plug boot. WARNING: The muffler on this prod-
2. Remove spark plug from cylinder and dis- uct contains chemicals known to the State of
California to cause cancer.
3. Replace with Champion RCJ-6Y spark As the unit is used, carbon deposits build up
plug and tighten securely with a 3/4 inch
(19 mm) socket wrench. on the muffler and spark arresting screen,
and must be removed to avoid creating a fire
4. Reinstall the spark plug boot. hazard or affecting engine performance
To replace fuel filter, drain unit by run ning it dry Muffler Cover
of fuel, then remove fuel cap/retainer assem- Spark
bly from tank Pull filter from tank end remove 1 Arresting
it from the fuel line. Install new fuel filter on fuel
line; reinstall parts
/ Hood
Fuel Filter

Replace the spark arresting screen every 50
hours of operation or if any damage or breaks
in the screen are noted
NOTE: Do not attempt to c_ean the spark ar-
resting screen.
1. Remove 3 screws from muffler cover.
Remove muffler cover
2. Loosen and remove 4 screws from the
muffler hood.
3. Remove the muffler hood and spark arrest-
ing screen.
4. Install new spark arresting screen.
5. Reinstallmuffier hood and 4 screws. Tight-
en screws securely.
6. Reinstall muffler cover and 3 screws.
Tighten securely.
NOTE: If any part of the muffler is cracked,
broken or damaged, we recommend that the
muffler be replaced.


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The carburetor has been carefully set at the
factory. Adjustments may be necessary if you
notice any of the following conditions:
• Engine will not idle when the throttle is re-
Idle Speed Adjustment
Allow engine to idle. Adjust speed until engine
runs without stalling (idle speed too slow).
• Turn idle speed screw clockwise to in-
crease engine speed if engine stalls or dies.
• Turn idle speed screw counterclockwise to Filter
Air _ _--
decrease engine speed. Cover
If you require further assistance or are unsure
about performing this procedure, contact an
authorized service dealer or call

nWARNING: Perform the following

steps after each use:
• Allow engine to cool, and secure the unit
before storing or transporting.
• Store unit and fuel in a well ventilated area
where fuel vapors cannot reach sparks or
open flames from water heaters, electric
motors or switches, furnaces, etc.
• Store unit with all guards in place. Position
unit so that any sharp object cannot acci- ENGINE
dentally cause injury.
• Store unit and fuel well out of the reach of • Remove spark p_ug and pour 1 teaspoon of
children. 40:1,2-cycle engine oil (air cooled) through
the spark plug opening. Slowly pull the
starter rope 8 to 10 times to distribute oil.
Prepare unit for storage at end of season or if • Replace spark plug with new one of recom-
it will not be used for 30 days or more mended type and heat range.
If your unit is to be stored for a period of time: • Clean air filter
• Clean the entire unit before lengthy stor- • Check entire unit for loose screws, nuts,
age. and bolts. Replace any damaged, broken,
• Store in a clean dry area. or worn parts.
• Lightly oil external metal surfaces • At the beginning of the next season, use
FUEL SYSTEM only fresh fuel having the proper gasoline to
Under FUELING ENGINE in the OPERA- oil ratio.
TION section of this manual, see messagela- OTHER
be{ed IMPORTANT regarding the use of ga-
• Do not store gasoline from one season to
sohol in your engine another.
Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable alternative in • Replace your gasoline can if it starts to rust.
minimizing the formatbn of fuel gum deposits
dudng storage. Add stabilizer to gasoline in fuel
tank or fuel storage containen Follow the mix
instructions found on stabilizer container Run
engine at least 5 minutes after adding stabilizes

-11 -

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_ WARNING: Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug before performingany of the
recommended remedies below other than remedies that require operation of the unit.

Engine will not 1. Engine flooded.

start. 11. See "Starting section.
in Operation a Flooded Engine"
2. Fuel tank empty. 2. Fill tank with correct fuel mixture.
3. Spark g_ug not firing. 3. Install new spark plug.
4. Fuel not reaching
carburetor. Check for kinked or split fuel line;
ii4. Check for dirty fue{ filter; replace.
repair or replace.
5. Compression low 5. Contact an authorized service dealer.
Engine will not 1. Fuel not reaching
l. Check
heck for
for kinked or filter;
dirty fue{ split fuel line;
idle properly. ;i carburetor.
repair or replace.
. Carburetor
adjustment. requires i2. Contact an authorized service dealer.
;; 3. Crankshaft seals worn i 3. Contact an authorized service dealer
4. Compression low ' 4. Contact an authorized service dealer.

Engine will not 1+ Air filter dirty. 1. Clean or replace air filter.
accelerate, 2. Fue{ not reaching 2. Check for dirty fue{ filter; replace.
lacks power, or carburetor. Check for kinked or split fuel line;
repair or replace.
dies under a
load. 4 Spark
3. Carburetor
plug fouled.
requires 3. Clean
4. Contact oranreplace sparkservice
authorized plug dealer.
and re-gap

5. Carbon build up. i 5. Contact an authorized service dealer.
6. Compression low. ;; 6. Contact an authorized service dealer.

Engine smokes 1. Choke partially on. 1 Adjust choke.

excessively+ J 2. Fuel mixture incorrect. 2 Empty fuel tank and refill with
i correct fuel mixture.
3. Air filter dirty. ;; 3 Clean or replace air filter.
4-. Carburetor requires 4 Contact an authedzed service dealer
ad ustment.
Engine runs hot. 1. Fuel mixture incorrect. ;;1. See "Fueling Engine" in Operation
2. Spark plug incorrect. 2. Replace with correct spark plug.
3. Carburetor requires 3. Contact an authorized service dealer.
4+ Carbon build up 4. Contact an authorized service dealer.


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Poulan PRO, a division of Husqvarna Outdoor In Canada, contact:
Products Inc., warrants to the odginal consumer Poulan PRO
purchaser that each new Foulan PRO brand 5855 Terry Fox Way
gasoline tao_ or attachment is free from defects Mississauga, Ontario L5V3E4
in material and workmanship and agrees to re-
Giving the model number, serial number and
pair or replace under this warranty any defective
date of purchase of your product and the name
gasoline product or attachment as fo_bws from and address of the authorized dealer from
the odginal date of purchase. whom it was purchased.
2 YEARS - Parts and Labor, when used for
90 DAYS - Parts and Labor, when used for ER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO
commercial, professional, or income producing STATE.
30 DAYS - Parts and Labor, if used for rental NO CLAIMS FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR
This warranty is not transferable and does not AND THERE ARE NO OTHER EXPRESS
cover damage or liability caused by improper PRESSLY STIPULATED HEREIN.
handling, improper maintenance or alteration,
or the use of accessories and/or attachments SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITA-
not specifically recommended by Poulan TIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WAR-
PRO for this tool. This warranty does not cov- RANTY LASTS OR THE EXCLUSION OR
er tune-up, spark plugs, filters, starter ropes, LIMITATIONS OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSE-
or blower and vacuum tubes that will wear QUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIM-
and require replacement with reasonable use ITATIONSOR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY
during the warranty period. This warranty TO YOU.
does not cover pre-delivery setup or normal
adjustments explained in the instruction This is a lim_fedwarranty within the meaning of
manual. This warranty does not cover trans- that term as defined inthe Magnuson-Moss Act
of 1975.
portation costs.
In the event you have a claim under this warran- The policy of Poutan PRO is to continuously
ty, you must return the product to an authorized improve its products. Therefore, Poulan
service dealer. PRO reserves the right to change, modify, or
Should you have any unanswered questions discontinue models, designs, specifications,
concerning this warranty, p_ease contact: and accessories of all products at any time
Poulan PRO, a dMsion of without notice or obligation to any purchaser.
Husqvama Outdoor Products Inc
1030 Stevens Creek Road
Augusta, GA 30907


TIONS: The U.S. Environmental Protection AGE: If any emissions related part on your en-
Agency, California Air Resources Board, En- gine (as listed under Emissions Control Warran-
vironment Canada and Poulan PRO are ty Parts Ust) is defective or a defect in the mate-
pleased to explain the emissions control sys- rials or workmanship of the engine causes the
tem warranty on your year 2007 and later failure of such an emission related part, the part
small off-road engine. In California, all small will be repaired or replaced by Poulan PRO.
off-road engines must be designed, built, and OWNER'S WARRANTY RESPONSIBILI=
equipped to meet the State's stringent anti- TIES: As the small off-road engine engine own-
smog standards. Poulan PRO must warrant er, you are responsible for the performance of
the emission control system on your small the required maintenance {isted in your instruc-
off-road engine for the periods of time listed tion manual Poulan PRO recommends that you
below provided there has been no abuse, ne- retain all receipts covering maintenance on your
glect, or improper maintenance of your small small off-road engine, but Poulan PRO cannot
off-road engine. Your emission control sys- deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts or
tem includes parts such as the carburetor, the for your failure to ensure the performance of all
ignition system and the fuel tank (California scheduled maintenance. As the small off-toed
only). Where a warrantable condition exists, engine engine owner, you should be aware that
Poulan PRO will repair your small off-road Poulan PRO may deny you warranty coverage
engine engine at no cost to you. Expenses if your small off- road engine engine or a part of it
covered under warranty include diagnosis, has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper main-
parts and labor. tenance, unapproved 1_3difications, or the use


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of parts not made or approved by the orkjinaJ CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: Poulan PRO
equipment manufacturer. You are responsible may be liable for damages to other engine com-
for presenting your small off-road engine to an ponents caused by the failure of a warranted
Poulan PRO authorized repair center as soon part still under warranty. WHAT IS NOT COV-
as a problem exists. Warranty repairs should be ERED: All failures caused by abuse, neglect, or
completed in a reasonable amount of time, not improper metntenance are not covered. ADD=
to exceed 30 days. If you have any questions ON OR MODIFIED PARTS: The use of edd-on
regarding your warranty rights and responsibili- or modified parts can be grounds for disallowing
ties, you should contact your nearest authorized a warranty claim. Poulan PRO is not {iable to
service center or call Poulan PRO at cover failures of warranted parts caused by the
1-800-554-6723. WARRANTY COM- use of add-on or modified parts.
MENCEMENT DATE: The warranty period be- HOW TO FILE A CLAIM: If you have any ques-
gins on the date the smell off-road engine {s tions regarding your warranty rights and respon-
purchased. LENGTH OF COVERAGE: This sibilities, you should contact your nearest autho-
warranty shall be for a period of two years from rized service center or carl Poulan PRO at
the initial date of purchase. WHAT IS COV- 1-800-554-6723. WHERE TO GET WAR-
PARTS. Repair or replacement of any war- pairs shall be provided at aJlPoulan PRO ser-
ranted part will be performed at no charge to the vice centers. Carl 1-800-554-6723. MAINTE-
owner at an approved Poulan PRO servicing NANCE, REPLACEMENT AND REPAIR OF
center If you have any questions regarding your EMISSION RELATED PARTS: Any Poulan
warranty rights and respensibil4es, you should PRO approved replacement part used in the
contact your nearest authorized service center performance of any warranty maintenance or
or carl Poulan PRO at 1-800-554-6723. WAR- repair on emission related parts will be provided
RANTY PERIOD: Any warranted part which is without charge to the owner if the part is under
not scheduled for replacement as required warranty. EMISSION CONTROL WARRANTY
maintenance, or which is scheduled only for PARTS LIST: Carburetor, Ignition System:
regular inspecfion to the effect of 'repair or re- Spark P_ug (covered up to maintenance sched-
place as necessary" shat_ be warranted for 2 ule), Ignition Module, Muffler including Cata_st,
years. Any warranted part which is scheduled Fuel Tank (California only). MAINTENANCE
for replacement as required maintenance shall STATEMENT: The owner is responsible for the
be warranted for the period of time up to the first performance of all required maintenance as de-
scheduled replacement point for that part. fined in the instruction manual
DIAGNOSIS: The owner sha_l not be
charged for diagnostic labor which leads to
the determination that a warranted part is de-
fective if the diagnostic work is performed at
an approved Poulan PRO servicing center
The information on the product labet indicates which standard your engine is certified.
Example: (Year) EPA Phase 1 or Phase 2 and/or CALIFORNIA.

This engine is certified to be emissions compliant for the following use:

[] Moderate (50 hours)

[] Intermediate (125 hours)
[] Extended (300 hours)


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