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Describe yourself (140 cuvinte)

Tell us something amazing that you have built (1000 cuvinte)
Where are you based?
Links (tw, fb, In, website)
Video about you/what you do (optional)

1. What is your Startup/Company name?
2. Startup/Company URL
3. Where are you currently located?
4. One email address and phone number to contact you and your team.
5. How many Founders are there?
Tell us about the team
6. Co-founder's Name (Each co-founder should log in to f6s and fill in this info)
7. What is your role in the team? Will you be fully dedicated (no other jobs) on this
project? Have you done so already and If not why not? (If you are not full time on this
project please explain why - 700 cuvinte)
8. How long have you known each other? Have you work on other projects before? (Why is
this team the right one for this company? What domain expertise do you have? Have any
of the founders not met in person? - 600 cuvinte)
9. Please provide what percentage does each founder own? If not incorporated, what do
you plan to be the shareholder's structure? (If you have previous investors, advisers or
ESOP schemes please provide details. - 600 cuvinte)
Company / Product Questions
10. Tell us what you are working on or what your company is going to make - 1300 cuvinte
11. Please, provide a URL to a website/demo/prototype of your product. (If you do not have
demo you can provide a 1-min VIDEO of your planned product prototype.) - 500 cuvinte
12. How do you know people need what you are making? (Why did you decide to work on
this? - 1700 cuvinte)
13. Why now is the right time for your solution. (What has changed in the world today to
make the timing right. Why this, that you are making, could not have been done 2-3 years
ago. - 1700 cuvinte))
14. What is the rocket science here? (In other words: why won't other people be able to
simply copy what you're doing? Why are you in a better position than anyone else to
execute your idea? - 700 cuvinte)
15. What specific progress (traction) have you made to date? (How long until prototype?
beta? Are you launched? If so, how many users/clients do you have? What is your monthly
growth rate? Do you have revenue? How much? Please provide data about your relevant
16. Who is your perfect customer/user? What makes new users/customers try your
product/solution? (Briefly explain your go-to-market strategy and who is your target
persona. If you already have users please provide more details. - 800 cuvinte)
17. Why customers will choose exactly your product and not the one from your
competitors? Tell us who your competitors are or who may become a competitor. (This is
crucial to demonstrate your understanding of the market. Provide URLs, if applicable. - 600
18. How will you make money? How much money can you make? (How big is this
opportunity? - 1200 cuvinte)
19. Was any of your code written by someone who is not one of your founders/employees?
400 cuvinte
20. How much money do you need to achieve meaningful milestone? What milestones do
you plan to achieve in the next 6-9 months? 500 cuvinte
21. Have you received any previous rounds of funding? (If you have taken on any previous
investments, please provide details (How much? From whom etc.)
Miscellaneous Questions
22. Is there anything else we should know?
23. Name any key figure(s) who could serve as a reference?
24. Attach any relevant files- investment decks, spreadsheets, company presentations, etc.
(Max file size 30MB. Please ensure Flash is working correctly on your browser.)