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Factors That Affect Testosterone Levels
Estrogen and Increased aromatase levels Obesity Increased Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) production © Sequoia Education Systems, Inc


Free Testosterone Dicken Weatherby.D.” http://www. N. Arch Intern Med. Ceda GP. Laurenti F. 2007 November 12:167(20):2249-54 Conclusion: “Having multiple hormone deficiencies rather than a deficiency in a single anabolkic hormone is a robust biomarker of health status in older persons. et © Sequoia Education Systems. Low Testosterone Levels in Men Diminished libido and erectile dysfunction Metabolic syndrome: Loss of muscle tone and increased abdominal fat Low bone density Depression Alzheimer’s disease Low Male Hormone Levels Increase Risk of Early Death “Relationship between low levels of analbolic hormones and 6-year mortality in older men: the aging in the Chianti are (InCHIANTI) study” Maggio M. Inc 2 .

and free testosterone Increased risk of stroke Heart failure Increased glycation increased risk of prostate cancer? Importance of testosterone in Women Muscle strength Bone mass Sexual function Mood Body composition © Sequoia Education Systems.Free Testosterone Dicken Weatherby. HDL levels. N. Low testosterone as a major cardiac risk factor Age.FunctionalMedicineUniversity. Inc 3 .D.

Free Testosterone Dicken Weatherby.8 .7 .29 years old 9. Measuring Free Testosterone Free TestosteroneLabcorp Reference Ranges “Normal” reference range intervals for men: 20 .4 – 2.26.1 pg/ml Women: 0 – © Sequoia Education Systems.49 years old 6.D.24.5 pg/ml 50 .25.5 pg/mL Women: 1.6 . Inc 4 .2 pg/mL http://www.1 pg/ml 40 .2 .39 years old 8.3 . N.2 pg/ml Optimal reference range: Men: 15 – 26.18.21.FunctionalMedicineUniversity.0 pg/ml 60+ years old 6.5 pg/ml 30 .59 years old 7.

210 pg/ml Optimal reference range: Men: 150 – 210 pg/mL The Different Analytical Methods Male Ref. Free TestosteroneQuest Reference Ranges “Normal” reference range intervals for men: 20 – 60+ years old 50 . N. Inc 5 .0 – 2.FunctionalMedicineUniversity. Range 66 – 417 ng/dL 12.3 – 63% 5 – 21 ng/dL 50 – 210 pg/mL © Sequoia Education Systems.Free Testosterone Dicken Weatherby.7% FWRA %FWRA UF or ETD UF or ETD % of free by UF or ETD Test Type http://www.D.

Inadequate amounts of DHEA http://www. Low LH secretion from pituitary 4.Free Testosterone Dicken © Sequoia Education Systems. What about total testosterone? Normal reference ranges: 241 – 827 nanograms/dl Optimal levels: 500 – 827 nanograms/dl <500 nanograms/dl order free testosterone by Direct RIA method. Too much testosterone being converted to estradiol 2.FunctionalMedicineUniversity. N.D. Too much free testosterone bound to SHBG 3. Low output from testes 5. 5 Reasons Free Testosterone May Be Low Normal 1. Inc 6 .