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Culture of Google  “Googley”

Google’s strategic product & idea

5 Google committed to develop “ The perfect search engine that would

understand exactly what the user means and give back exactly what the
user wants”

• AdWord & AdSense = Online advertising  99% revenue source

10 • Continuous innovation
• new search related products  Gbook, Gfinance, Gnews
• services, communication & collaboration services  Gmail,
• Online transaction  Gcheckout, Gmaps, Gmobile
Individual level
• Well intentioned, curious & aware, Continuous improvement and
• Fast Fast and Fast. “its better to move fast and make mistake
20 rather than make no mistake and move too slow” “Fast is better than slow”

Group/Org Level:
• Informal culture and engineering-centric
25 • Creativity and innovation are cored value at Google
• Medicine ball chair, door tables & dogs are permitted in office.
• Encourage innovation
• Recognition award and Ideas contest

30 Unique structure
• Not matrix and hierarchical – Flat organisation.
• Decisions made – “Consensus orientated”
• Common Mission, Shared goal & personal responsibilities
• Not matrix and hierarchical – Flat organisation.
35 • Avoid Bureaucracy
Clear Goals, Mission & Vision
• Make all infomation accessible
• Innovation leadership

5 Structured Recruiting Process

• Review  Screened for Markers Phone interviewed
Assessed for other attributes(Heavy Filter) 
Campus Interview  Recheck complete college

10 “We hire people who are leaners”

”They are many smart people that don’t get hired because they don’t fit
culturally with the organization”

15 Google’s hiring philosophy is that they will do

whatever it takes to ensure that every single person hired is an ‘A’

20 Transcripts & references

• Leadership in Google
• Empowering team
• Having technical skills, communication skills,
productive, result oriented and helping others
25 • Perks & Benefits

Employee benefits
• Google offered a base salary, bonus, stock options, and an
extensive set of benefits and perks.
30 • Google offered top benefit packages as well as on-site health and
dental care. Google also provide free food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
free of use of swimming pools and workout facilities.

Training & Development

35 • Google provide management training program that emphasized coaching
and people development.
•Skill training and Language course
a board of three officials jointly responsible for some task
• Organized by function
• Flat organization
5 • Organization structure with few or no level of middle management
between staff and executives.
• People are self managed and self-motivated at every level

How is this culture maintained

10 1. Human Resources Management always testing to find ways to optimize
their people, both in terms of happiness and performance.
2. Encourage on collegiality and break down barrier to rapid idea
3. Innovation – Google encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
15 4. Entrepreneurial – Google encourages its employees “to think and act like
an owner.
5. Teamwork – Google takes pride in hiring of employees who exhibit the
Googley culture.
6. Employee-centric – Google takes care of its people by providing them
20 with the flexibility and resources necessary to do their job
7. Engineering-centric –Google inspires its engineers to continually improve
its search engine
8. Google recruitment process - constant coaching, training and
people development are implemented to ensure growth and inspiration for
25 each employee.
9. For the coaching, Google management employs a 360 degree feedback
process to ensure that each employee is evaluated by his partners and team
members. This feedback process allows the employee to become a future
manager and transformational leader.
30 10. Google ensures its culture in all its offices whether locally or
internationally, by hiring local employees to start its offshore business. This
way, the local employees are already ingrained by the Google culture which
they could impart to the international employees or new hires.