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ISSUE 2//2018


27th – Fireside Chat
4th – Den Norske Klub
09 17 28
Art Series: Tour of SEBs
Art Collection

25th – Den Norske Klub’s
Traditional Norwegian Nina’s Vineyard by the 17th May Celebratory Art Club Series:
Julebord Fjord Dinner Little Eyolf 1
CALENDAR OF EVENTS 05 Message from
Your Board

Den Norske Klub
07 Merchandise

June October 09 IN FOCUS:
Nina’s Vineyard
12th Den Norske Klub 4th Den Norske Klub Art by the Fjord
–Nora Salon Series: Tour of SEBs
Art Collection
14th Norwegian Summer DISCOVERY:
Party 5th Fredagspils NØGNE Ø

27th In&Out Fireside Chat: 11th In&Out Pol Roger 12 Committed to
taste, committed
General Kiszely Dinner
to craft beer
18th Den Norske Klub
Wealth Planning &
July A little piece

6th Fredagspils
Aquavit Tasting
19th In&Out Oktoberfest
14 of Scandinavia
in the UK
27th In&Out Cigar Dinner 25th In&Out Trafalgar
17th May
17 Celebratory Dinner
3rd Fredagspils
2nd Fredagspils 22 A Family Affair

September 23rd- Sjomannskirken
25th Julebasar
Chief Strategist:
7th Fredagspils
13th In&Out Grouse Dinner
25th Den Norske
Klub’s Traditional
26 Where we see
Norwegian Julebord opportunities
19th In&Out Gin Tasting
30th In&Out Scotch
26th Canning Club Latin Whiskey Tasting ART CLUB SERIES:
American Dinner Little Eyolf at
The Print Room &
27th Den Norske Klub
Fireside Chat with
December 28 Bjarne Melgaard at
Dinner 7th Christmas Fredagspils Thaddaeus Ropac

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Front cover photo Cecilia Luras

n London
in London
of May
of May
us! us!
Planning the future for you and
your loved ones. Together.
At Private Banking within SEB, we acknowledge that everyone has a unique
set of challenges. We concentrate on developing meaningful, long-lasting
financial relationships and make the effort to really understand you and
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Message from YOUR BOARD
Dear Members
Welcome to the summer edition of Cecilia Luras was re-elected for another
Northern Lights which features not only year as Chair, and the AGM decided to
memories from the luxuriously epic 17th extend the current board term for directors
May Celebratory Dinner which was held to 3 years (from 2 years previously). New
in the beautiful and newly refurbished and continuing board members include;
King Harald V room, but also interviews Christian Hvamstad, Irene Garland, Pauline
with wine grower Nina Viddal, the Houpillart, Hege Nordahl, Constanse Bowes-
story of family owned Figgjo Porselens Lyon, Maria Efimova, Christopher Eckhoff,
Fabrikker, as well as our regular columns, and Ken Skaarbrevik. Former Board
Norwegians in Focus profiling Norwegian’s Members Patrick Jonassen and Patrick Moe,
around the world, Discovery featuring have very kindly consented to continue to
travel, culture and culinary reviews, and act as special IT consultant and Company
Investor’s Corner with the latest investment Secretary, respectively for Den Norske Klub.
recommendations from a panel of Nordic
The Chair presented an update on the
industry experts. In the latest issue, Danske
new initiatives the board have put in place
Bank International’s Chief Strategist Tine
during the past year to make the running of
Choi shares her worldviews with us. We
the club both more cost and time efficient,
are also introducing a regular Nordic recipe
the success of the club’s gentleman’s range
courtesy of Scandikitchen.
of ties and cufflinks, and the new events
We thoroughly enjoyed launched during 2017, including Den Norske
welcoming you all at the Klub Art Series. The klub’s ties and cufflinks
Klub’s 94th Annual General are available to purchase from the Babmaes
Meeting (AGM) at the In & reception at your leisure.
Out Club and announcing the
During May we asked you how you felt
introduction of Norwegian
about the club and how we could make
beers from Nøgne Ø at the
the club a more attractive place for
club at the latest Fredagspils – you will
Norwegian’s living in and visiting London.
soon be able to enjoy Nøgne Ø’s Asian
We had overwhelming feedback with more
Pale Ale and Porter at the club. Den Norske
than 230 respondents. Your clear message
Klub Art Series continued its success with
was that whilst you cherish the traditional
a private view at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
and more formal events including the 17th
for an introduction to the controversial
May Celebratory Dinner and the klub’s
Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard paintings,
Juleboard, you really love Fredagspilsen
and an evening at
 The Print Room seeing
and the informal networking opportunities
Henrik Ibsen’s Lille Eyolf performed by
it gives more than anything else. You also
Nationalteateret i Oslo in Norwegian and
appreciate the new initiatives and content
featuring renowned Norwegian actors
events, including the Art Series and Wealth
Kåre Conradi and Pia Tjelta. Following the
Management evenings, and want more;
outstanding performance, Den Norske Klub
increased focus on events for younger
members had the opportunity to meet with
members as well as more integration with
the amazing Norwegian actor Kåre Conradi
the In&Out.
for a post-theatre chat. A truly memorable
moment. The Board’s main focus in the coming
year will be to continue to seek a more
Annual General Meeting permanent and sustainable existence
At Den Norske Klub’s 94th AGM at the within the In&Out, investigate our status
In & Out Club on June 1st, current Chair
Continued overleaf 5
as a not-for-profit organization, follow up
on the suggestions from the member’s New Members
survey, as well as continue to increase the • Julie Michelet
membership base. As of May 2018, Den
• Tor Langoy
Norske Klub had 144 members, +5% vs.
2017 (at 138 members). Last but not least, • Kristian Lokka
for those of you visiting or hosting friends • Tor Flonaes
and family in London during the summer • Mats Boesen
don’t miss out on the excellent room rates • Jakob Berthelsen
at the club. • Mikkel Skajem
As we enter the month of June, we wish
all our members a lovely summer and look
forward to seeing those of you staying in
London through the summer and at the Your Board
next Fredagspils (July 6th). And for those
Cecilia Luras
of you taking the summer off, we look Chair and Chief Editor
forward to seeing you back at the club
in September for yet another Fredagspils Hege Nordahl
(September 7th), more Art Series events, Board Member
a Fireside Chat with Dinner in September, Constanse Bowes-Lyon
and all the other exciting events your Board Member and Editor
new board are planning for the coming
Christian Hvamstad
Board Member and Treasurer
Warm regards, Irene Garland
Chair Cecilia Luras Board Member
on behalf of the DNK Board.
Pauline Houpillart
P.S. Don’t miss the chance to become Board Member
a full Den Norske Klub member – you Ken Skaarbrevik
can find your application form on Board Member
Maria Efimova
Board Member
Christopher Eckhoff
Board Member
Patrick Jonassen
IT Counsel
Patrick Moe
Legal Counsel and Company Secretary

Den Norske Klub Corporate Patron
Nordea Private Banking International Luxembourg.

Den Norske Klub TIE
We are delighted
to announce
the generation
of a new Den
Norske Klub
tie, which has
been approved
by the Board
and launched
at the recent
17th May dinner.
The members of DNK can now wear their
very own tie. Loosely designed around the
colours of the Flag of Norway, the tie also
features the DNK emblem and is ideal for
all occasions. It is made in the UK from pure
silk and the special label on the reverse
sports the date of the Klub’s foundation,
with images of those cornerstones of
Norwegian culture: a kransekake and a
bottle of aquavit!

Den Norske Klub CUFFLINKS
We are also delighted to announce
that we have a new, limited, batch
of DNK cufflinks in stock. It’s been a
number of years since they’ve been
available and a number of members
have asked
whether they
were scheduled
to make a
return. In time
for DNK’s 130
year anniversary,
they’re back!

Den Norske Klub ties, cufflinks and tie-pins can now
be bought directly from the Babmaes reception. 7
Foto: Ole Walter Jacobsen
Leif J. Olestad

The Rauma Railway
– The most beautiful train journey

Åndalsnes - Dombås

A trip on the Rauma Railway is a unique information on the scenic sights along the
opportunity to experience one of the most route. Past famous attractions such
spectacular scenic areas in Norway. as Trollveggen and Kylling brigde, the
train will run at reduced speed.
Once aboard the train, just sit back and gaze
out of the train’s large windows and enjoy For more information and to book
the journey through contrasting, wild and tickets, see,
magnificent scenery. call +47 815 00 888 or contact a
specialist on Scandinavia.
From 24th May to 24th August the train has
an electronic guiding system that provides

Europe’s most
train journeys
Deep in the fjord country of Sunnmøre,
in north western Norway, lies the
village of Viddal. With a population of
only nine residents, Viddal is taking part
in an extraordinary experiment. On one
of its smaller surrounding farms, there
are highly unusual crops growing. The
farm’s owner, Nina Viddal, moved from
life in the city to this remote part of
Norway after inheriting the land from
her grandparents and despite the odds,
has started what could become the
world’s most northern vineyard.


Text and photos by Ken Skaarbrevik

roduction of wine is often found
in warmer locations like the Loire
and Rhone valleys, the slopes of
Champagne and other vineyards in warmer
climates. But here, sixty-two degrees north
of the equator in Norway, locally produced
wine could be on offer this year with a
special twist..
Nina Viddal (47) had a dream she felt
could be achieved on the land where she
spent every summer as a young girl. Viddal
is positioned by the Hjørundfjord and
surrounded by high mountain peaks that
are covered with snow most of the year.
The idea of growing grapes here seems
preposterous, however the area has some
peculiar advantages. At the bottom of the
valley where Nina’s farm lies there is an
unusual micro climate. Even though this
region is in the far north of Europe, the
valley by the Hjørundfjord experiences the
Continued overleaf 9
vine plants

Nina puts in
first vine plant

mildest winter in Norway, and is sheltered of Europe, but could it really be possible in
from the harsh weather on the coast by Norway?
being far inland. However, in the summer Even with the warmer conditions and the
there is eighteen hours of sunshine baking Gulf stream keeping the Norwegian coast
down into this natural bowl in the earth. heated and ice free during the winters,
With plenty of water in addition, these Nina’s dream would have been just that if it
deep valleys of western Norway are places hadn’t been for several additional reasons.
where all kinds of fruit grow very well. The The development of more hardy vine plants
neighbouring valley of Valldal is famous has been a factor, as has the increased
for its very large and juicy strawberries. availability of knowledge regarding wine
And in Viddal, Nina’s grandfather grew production. But more importantly for Nina,
many types of fruit including plums, apples, she has the help of locals in her own village
pears, berries and even apricots as an and others dotted around the fjord who
experiment. Nina, who has a background in are ready to support her in this venture.
the restaurant trade, felt that this unusual This is known as ’Dugnad’ – a Norwegian
micro climate could possibly also be warm tradition where people help each other
and sunny enough to grow grapes. It was out with personal and communal projects.
her dream, but could it actually work? And with the support for her project by the
As global warming has taken hold, some Norwegian Innovation fund, Nina got the
areas of the world are now able to grow seed finance to start up her business.
grapes despite previously being too cold On a chilly day in May 2016, the first six
to do so. One example is southern England, hundred and fifty vine plants were delivered.
where the number of vineyards producing Together with the trusted local volunteers
excellent local wine has grown in the last Nina was ready to plant. With her was
decades into a large wine industry. There known English wine expert and wine writer,
are now vineyards in other northern parts Stephen Skelton, who had flown in to

Bill Aulet with Nina

Cool Climate Symposium

be part of the occasion to help out. Nina how grapes are grown there and how they
had managed to get Skelton interested are turned to world famous wine.
in the project and to support her as her During this year’s season her vineyard has
consultant. The planting was a success been expanded with more being planted
and from this her Vineyard, named Haula and a small wine production unit is being
Vineyard, started up. built, again with help from the Norwegian
After two years Nina has learnt the hard Innovation Fund. Nina has also received
lessons of the problems nature can throw a licence to serve food and drink on her
at you. A very wet summer of 2017 caused farm to visitors and tourists during the
many problems and the constant need for summer season. A local ferry has been set
vigilance keeping deer away from her plants up this year to service the communities in
was another. Hjørundfjorden from the town of Alesund.
In addition the vineyard can also attracting
By the start of this 2018 season, Nina
tourists and locals from the popular tourist
has gained much more knowledge and
destination of Geiranger in the local area.
experience as a vineyard owner. In 2016
she took part in the Cool Climate Wine Dependent on the decent spring and
Symposium held in Brighton. Here she could summer weather, which so far has been
share information and experience with very good, it is possible visitors this summer
other vineyard owners also based in cooler might get the chance to taste Nina’s first
parts of the world. In 2017 she had the season of wine – likely to be the most
opportunity to develop her business skills northern wine produced in the world.
at entrepreneur lectures held in Norway by For more information about
Bill Aulet of MiT. And in the spring of this travel to this part of Norway visit:
year Nina had the opportunity to visit world
famous Loire vineyards to see and learn top-attractions/hjorundfjord 11

Committed to taste,
committed to craft beer
Starting up in 2002 when craft beer
was unknown to most Norwegians,
the Nøgne Ø founders, who started
their beer production in a small
garage in Grimstad, had a rough
start. Relying mainly on exports,
and initially exporting almost 80% of
their production, Nøgne Ø’s founders
continued their focus on craft ale,
brewing, soon to be award-winning
beers, in their small garage in Grimstad.
Within a few years their brews gained a
reputation for excellence, both in their
home market, and export markeds like
the US, UK, Sweden and Denmark.

he name Nøgne Ø means “naked
island”, a poetic term used by Henrik
Ibsen to describe the countless stark,
barren outcroppings that are visible in the
rough seas off Norway’s southern coast.
The name also gives a symbolic picture of
what the two Norwegian home brewers
Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun did when they
decided to found their own brewery early

2002. Their vision was to bring diversity and On November 25th 2013 Hansa Borg
innovation into commercial brewing of real Bryggerier acquired a majority share in
ale, as well as, share their passion for good Nøgne Ø. This paved the way for Nøgne Ø
beer. The result – Nøgne Ø. in better reaching out to its loyal customers
both in Norway and in its export markets.
Nøgne Ø has grown from a production of
Hansa Borg Bryggerier is a family owned
300 hl in 2003 to an estimated 12000 hl group of regional breweries combining
production in 2018. The core range consists Hansa, Borg and Christianssand Bryggeri in
of more than 20 different styles of beer Norway. Its owners have over 4 generations
and another 20 brews are made each year showed that they are committed to stability
to experiment with new ingredients and and supporting local brand and employment.
flavours. So far this year Nøgne Ø has For this reason, Nøgne Ø will continue to be
brewed beers using chili peppers, chug based in Grimstad, Norway, and will keep up
mushrooms, lime, raisins and a number of the hard work on maintaining its portfolio of
other flavors. It stands to reason that the quality beers, as well as developing new and
text on the brewers T-shirt says «There are experimental products.
no rules!»
The beers have received awards from all
over the world, and earlier this year Nøgne
Ø was listed on’s Top 100
breweries in the World list for the 11th time.
Nøgne Ø is now Norway’s leading and
largest supplier of craft beer and no longer
export the majority of their production. We are pleased to announce that you
Their never-ending search for new flavours can now enjoy Nøgne Ø’s Asian Pale Ale
and ingredients constantly results in new and Porter beers at the club!
seasonal and experimental brews. 13
ScandiKitchen opened its doors
back in 2007 when Jonas and
Bronte were suffering serious

A little piece kaviar and salty liquorice
withdrawal symptoms; ‘no one
should ever have to through that’,
of Scandinavia they thought. ScandiKitchen
started as a café serving breakfast,

in the UK
good coffee and a smorgasbord
of lunch items; from smoked
salmon and egg to roastbeef and

remoulade and everything in
between – from everyday classics
to treats for the big occasions


ordic food has been increasingly
popular over the past decade –
we, of course, are not surprised
– and like to remind people that there’s
so much more to Nordic food than
pickled herring and meatballs. There
are several distinctly Nordic cheeses,
for example – Norway’s brown cheese
is amongst the more famous ones
– and one that is gaining popularity
faster than you can say waffle iron.
Brown cheese topped with a dollop of
jam or perhaps a little honey is a real
Norwegian treat!
Brown cheese aside, several dishes
and ingredients link all the countries
of Scandinavia together, bringing
a uniquely Nordic cuisine together.
Stretching from the midnight sun of

northern Norway to the flat, fertile fields
of Denmark, Scandinavian food culture is
vast and varied, but at the core there are
more similarities than differences, formed by
thousands of years of shared culture (and
a bit of good old Viking pillaging) which
has turned into our shared Scandinavian
In essence, Scandinavian food is simple.
We call it husmannskost – farmer’s fare.
It’s natural and honest, made with the
staple produce found on the land. For
ScandiKitchen, trying to turn traditional
dishes into fancy and fussy affairs isn’t Easy New Potato & Dill Salad
true to who we are. When you work with This makes a nice fresh bowl of potato
the very best produce, there’s no need to salad, perfect for a summer buffet. The
overcomplicate it. Just pick (or pickle), dressing is light and fresh, and if you
serve and eat. Our topless sandwiches want to make the salad even lighter, just
are offered alongside seasonal, hearty add less of the dressing. It’s truly one of
salads, homemade baked goods and those two-minute salads that takes some
nostalgic favourites like hotdogs – because basic new potatoes to a different level.
sometimes, a proper pølse is all you need.
In addition to our breakfast, lunch and INGREDIENTS
coffee & cake offering, we also stock 1 kg/2 1⁄4 lb. of cooked skin-on new
hundreds Norwegian food and drink items potatoes, warm or cool
– from brown cheese and Norvegia to
crispbreads, coffees, jams and chocolates MUSTARD DRESSING
(yes, including Kvikk Lunsj for your hikes!).
75 ml/1⁄3 cup sunflower oil or other
Pop by or visit our online shop - we ship
neutral oil
across the UK and EU, aiming to cure any
degree of homesickness. 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
Cafe & Shop:
1 tablespoon caster/ granulated sugar
61 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7PP
Online shop: 1 shallot, very finely chopped
Twitter & Facebook: @scandikitchen 1 bunch of fresh dill, finely chopped
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Serves 4 as a side
You can use slightly warm potatoes or
cooled ones straight out of the fridge for
this dish, but only dress them just before
serving for best results. To make the
dressing, whisk the oil, vinegar, mustard
and sugar until the sugar has dissolved,
then fold in the chopped shallot and dill.
Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Toss the dressing with the potatoes and
ensure they are evenly covered.

Photo © Pete Cassidy for Ryland Peters Small.
Recipe from ‘ScandiKitchen Summer’, published
by Ryland Peters Small. 15
from our
Danske Bank International S.A. is specialized in International
Private Banking. We are a modern bank with deep financial
competences and leading digital solutions.

Focusing on your unique situation and long-term goals, we offer
tailor-made solutions that optimize your wealth from an inter-
national perspective, based on your complex financial needs.

If you would like to discuss your financial situation and its
potential, please call us at +352 46 12 751.

Den Norske Klub’s annual 17th May
Celebratory Dinner was celebrated
at the Klub in its usual style with a
black-tie and bunad dinner in the
splendour of the stunningly refurbished
King Harald V room. The evening
started with a series of beautiful
Norwegian and International piano
works performed by world-renowned
pianist Oda Voltersvik, as elegantly
dressed ladies and gentlemen arrived to
a bubbly aperitif in the glamorous Inner
Hall at the club, chatting and catching
up with new and old friends.

17th May Celebratory Dinner
Text by Cecilia Luras
Photos by Alvaro Lopez Gimenez

Norwegian Music Special
Whilst the champagne from Berry Bros. &
Rudd’s own selection and the conversations
flowed, our favorite pianist, Oda Voltersvik,
played selections from Edward Grieg’s Holberg
Suite, Lyrical Pieces and The Bridal Procession,
Harald Sæverud’s Capriccio’s in A minor,
G major and G (large) minor, Geirr Tveitt’s
Hardanger Fiddle and The Mountain man’s girl,
Jean Sibelius’ Impromptus No.5 in B minor, and
Philip Martin’s Gathering and Murmuration. A
delightful musical performance to set the right
Norwegian mood for the evening!
Warm welcome
Dinner followed in the splendid surroundings of
Den Norske Klub’s King Harald V Room, now
possibly the most beautiful room of its kind in
London. In front of more than 70 guests, Chair
Cecilia Luras wished members and guests a
warm welcome to the 2018 Den Norske Klub’s
17th May Celebratory Dinner.

Continued overleaf 17
Elegantly decorated tables
The tables were beautifully laid with white tablecloths, Den
Norske Klub and 17th May paraphernalia to put everyone
in a festive mood! The menu was traditional 17th May fare:
to start, asparagus with Norwegian prosciutto, so-called
spekeskinke, seasoned with a delightful mustard dressing,
followed by a main course of poached salmon with all
the right accompaniments; traditional cucumber salad,
boiled potatoes and an airy hollandaise sauce. The dessert,
a traditional Norwegian bløtekake was accompanied
by In&Out Chef Gary Esprit’s strawberries in aquavit,
specifically created for the evening… Extravagantly
luxurious! The Norwegian Kransekake on the tables
was very kindly donated by honorary Den Norske Klub
members, Rolf and Angela Christophersen. Thank you!

Inspiring Takk-for-Maten Tale
The guest of honour, Mr Martin Falch, CEO and co-founder
of 360Leaders, held an insightful and interesting Takk-for-
Maten Tale, sharing memorable moments from his career
and life as a Norwegian living longer term in the UK. An
inspiration to us all!

Wine, Aquavit and Songs….
The wines accompanying the delightful asparagus and
prosciutto starter, and the lovely poached salmon with
cucumber salad and hollandaise sauce, were supplied
by The Burgundy Portfolio. The white wine was a 2013
Bourgogne Blanc, Domaine Albert Joly, carefully selected
by Andrew Corben-Clarke of The Burgundy Portfolio. The
bottles of Linie Aquavit that filled the smaller glasses were
generously donated by Amathus.
No Norwegian festive 17th May is complete without the
national anthem sung at least once… Already in a festive
mood after Pianist Oda Voltersvik’s wonderful Norwegian
musical repertoire before dinner and Martin Falch’s inspiring
Takk-for-Maten Tale, our guests joined into singing, both Ja,
vi elsker and Kongesangen during the sumptuous dinner.

Continued overleaf 19
Amazing raffle!
The evening was rounded off by Raffle King Christian
Hvamstad, who elegantly and joyfully, hosted the
legendary, Den Norske Klub raffle, with the help of the
evening’s Raffle Princess, Hege Nordahl. With fantastic
prizes, tickets were selling like hot-cakes. First prize was
the much sought after train ticket for two anywhere in
Norway, very kindly donated by NSB. Other prizes included
cufflinks and ties from Den Norske Klub’s new gentleman’s
collection; lunch for two at the Scandinavian Kitchen; a
number of bottles of Linie Aquavit from Amathus; 3 months
membership at Albert’s Private Members Club in South
Kensington; a day out playing golf with friends and a ticket
for two to Ales Tales, both kindly donated by TicketCo;
two bottles of cognac from Den Norske Klub’s board, and
a variety of dinner vouchers kindly donated by the London
based digital marketing agency, Adwaiz.
After the dinner, the festive moment continued downstairs
in the Canning Bar, whilst the more resilient members of
the party carried on the festivities at the after-party kindly
hosted by Albert’s Private Members Club into the early
hours… Another great 17th May Celebration at Den Norske
Klub! 21
Figgjo AS is located in beautiful natural
surroundings at Figgjo, outside Sandnes on the
west coast of Norway. We are the only remaining
large scale producer of porcelain in the Nordic
region. We use traditional craftsmanship and
modern machinery to translate classic design
into functional and durable porcelain. We pride
ourselves in making the highest quality porcelain
and at the same time all our products are
100% environmentally friendly and contain no
environmentally harmful materials. We have been
influenced by the unpretentious Scandinavian
design expression where belonging and traditions
are just as important as food trends.


History production today. In 1949 Figgjo converts
Activities started on the land where the to industrialised glazed earthenware
Figgjo factory is located today as early as production and changes it’s name to Figgjo
1918 when local farmers built a powerplant. Fajanse AS.
This included a dam and a canal which are The 1950ies were good to Figgjo and by
still here today. Electricity was produced 1955 about 300 people were employed
for the local farmers for almost 20 years. By at the factory. Figgjo Fajanse AS had
then access to electricity from other sources become a major employer in Figgjo and the
had become more easily available, so the surrounding region. As early as 1952 Figgjo
powerplant was shut down. The founders of started exporting porcelain to Great Britain
Figgjo AS, Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved, and Denmark, and by the end of the fifties
bought the powerplant in 1939. In 1941 they the export share had already reached as
wanted to take full advantage of owning high as 10 %.
their own powerplant, so they founded
In 1960 Figgjo started production of
Figgjo Kraftselskap.
vitreous porcelain, sometimes called vitro
Because of the vast access to clay in the porcelain, which is a particularly durable
surrounding area, there are long traditions type of porcelain developed for professional
in ceramic production in the Sandnes area. use. The porcelain is strengthened with
That is why Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved aluminum oxide. This makes the product
decided to go into pottery production, particularly strong and resistant against the
a craftsmanship with strong traditions in hard use you typically have in a professional
the district. In 1946 designer and ceramist kitchen. After 1985 all Figgjo’s products are
Ragnar Grimsrud came in as co-owner and made of vitreous porcelain.
general manager. A factory was built, and to
1969 is also the year Figgjo decides to
increase efficiency the first tunnel kiln was
merge with their main local competitor,
installed in 1946. This kiln is still in use in the
Stavangerflint A/S. This is done mainly
Continued overleaf 23
to meet the competition from Porsgrund about giving chefs, waiters and waitresses
Porselænsfabrik. The new company had functional and inspiring tools – and about
over 500 employees and had become one challenging a material that is 4,000 years
of the biggest employers in the region with old. Product development starts with
a turnover of around 20 million Norwegian industry understanding. We collaborate
kroner. Production at Stavangerflint went with institutional chefs and international
on for another 10 years, but in 1979 all culinary teams and develop products that
production was moved to the Figgjo factory take our customers’ demanding work
and the company changed its name to situations into account. This is about both
Figgjo AS which it is known as today. fulfilling the many practical requirements
that professional users have – and also
In the mid-nineties Figgjo made the decision about giving users opportunities for creative
to develop and market products only for development.
the professional kitchen, meaning hotels,
restaurants, cafés, catering, canteens and Figgjo has collaborated with many notable
institutions. Sales to the private market were designers with great success.
made through the factory outlet located
on the factory property and now we also Design Awards
sell to the private market in Norway via our In addition to gaining us a reputation as
website an innovative and sometimes provoking
supplier of porcelain, our design expertise
Today Figgjo is a family owned business,
has also brought us many honours. Since
owned by the local Rugland family, with
the year 2000, Figgjo has received as
Anne Kristine Rugland as CEO.
many as ten Awards for Design Excellence,
as well as the prestigious Honours Award
Design for Design Excellence, which is annually
For Figgjo, design is about creating awarded to the company that has made
experiences for end users. But it is also the best use of design at a strategic, overall

level. Figgjo has also been nominated for
the Honours Award for Design Excellence
for Figgjo Spir.
In 2002, Figgjo was the first Norwegian
company to be awarded the German and
internationally-renowned Red Dot Design
Award for Figgjo Form – and for Figgjo
Planet 40 in the following year. In 2016
we won the Red Dot Award Honourable
Mention, for the coffee concept Figgjo Oslo.

Figgjo would like to give
members of Den Norske Klub
30% OFF in our Norwegian
webshop,, until the
end of August.
Use discount coupon code DNK2018
when checking out to get the
discount. Since we only sell to
customers in Norway, your shipping
address has to be in Norway to
be able to take advantage of this
discount code. 25

We interview Danske Bank’s
chief strategist, Tine Choi,
to get her assessment on the
current state of the global
economy, the recent turmoil
in the financial markets and
the outlook for investors in
the coming year.

NAME: Tine Choi
TITLE: Chief Strategist, Danske Bank

Where we see investment opportunities
Equity markets rose steadily in 2016. Investors fear this could lead to
tighter regulation of the US tech giants,
throughout 2017, but the financial
which might potentially hit their earnings –
markets have experienced and thus their share prices.”
considerable price volatility in 2018.
What is the reason for this? Does this cocktail of negative events
“Several factors have been involved. First, mean investors should keep clear of
there were concerns that US interest rates equities at the moment?
would rise further and faster than hitherto “No, that is definitely not our view. We are
expected, potentially putting a damper relatively optimistic when looking ahead
on economic growth. Next, Donald Trump and do not expect either rising interest
has begun pushing the US into a major rates or the challenges facing trade to
trade war with China in particular, which have a serious impact on the solid rates
is fuelling investor jitters because trade of growth the global economy is enjoying.
restrictions could hit global trade and have Despite the market turmoil of recent
a negative impact on economic growth. months we are still in the midst of a global
And finally, the IT sector has been rocked economic upswing where companies –
by news that data from as many as 87 and hence investors – are benefiting from
million Facebook users was misused in solid private consumption and a healthy
connection with the US presidential election corporate appetite for investment. Our view

therefore is that equity prices will continue earnings of course create a foundation for
to head higher in the coming year, though higher equity prices. The positive outlook
most likely at a slower pace than in recent for emerging market equities is further
years and still with a risk of considerable bolstered by the major economies being
price volatility.” in a mature or late phase of the economic
expansion, which supports commodity and
Where do you see the most attractive energy prices and thus Latin America and
potential for return at the moment? Eastern Europe, where these sectors weigh
“We see a greater potential in equities than
in bonds for the coming year, which is why However, we are most positive on Asia
we are currently overweighting equities and among the emerging markets – and not
underweighting bonds. We expect global least China, which is the main locomotive
equities to produce a return of 10-12% over for the high levels of economic growth
the coming 12 months in local currencies. in Asia. Domestic consumption in China
Historically, the final phase of an economic is booming and being driven not only by
upswing or a bull market – in other words, consumers in the major cities, but also by
a market with rising equity prices – has the more rural districts, where reforms have
tended to provide the highest returns from supported consumption. Online shopping
equities. Naturally, there is no guarantee has in fact grown faster in rural districts
history will repeat itself, but our view is that than in the cities in recent years. Moreover,
the equity market still has more to give.” Chinese workers are benefiting from a pick-
up in wage growth, as there is no longer an
What are your expectations for bonds? oversupply of labour.”
“Our expectations for bond returns are
rather modest. Yields remain very low and, What is your view on IT equities
moreover, any increase in yields would given the storm the sector has been
cause bond prices to fall.” through? Is this a sector that investors
should avoid at the moment?
Does that mean investors should steer “No, not in our opinion – we currently have
clear of bonds at the moment? an overweight in IT equities. Increased
“No, bonds are always an important regulation rising up the political agenda
component in a portfolio of investments. would of course create uncertainty in the
While it’s true that bonds give a lower short term, but at the same time it would
expected return than equities, they also be very unlikely to destroy the business
entail a lower risk. They typically fluctuate model underpinning companies like
less in value and generate lower losses than Facebook. Digitalisation and the possibilities
equities during the bad times. Historically, the IT companies’ products give consumers
bond prices have in fact often increased are here to stay, and the earnings potential
during periods of major equity market price of many IT companies has been growing
falls. Hence, bonds constitute a form of strongly of late. IT companies are in fact
safety net in an investment portfolio.” earning a lot of money – in contrast to the
time around the bubble at the
Where do you see the greatest return start of the millennium, when any promising
potential among the equity markets? business model could be uncritically valued
“We have been overweighting European at billions of dollars.”
equities for quite some time now and
have also recently begun to overweight DISCLAIMER
emerging market equities. Emerging market The contents of this publication have been prepared
equities generally possess an attractive for information purposes only and do not constitute
investment advice. You should always consult a
combination of cheap valuations relative to professional advisor if you are considering making
other regions and high expected corporate an investment to ascertain whether a particular
earnings in 2018 and 2019 – and higher investment fits with your investment profile. 27

“What a great experience”
“I really enjoyed the discussion on
Ibsen following the performance”
“How amazing to get such an
up-close and intimate view”

at The Print Room
Text by Cecilia Luras
Photo’s courtesy of Nationalteateret, Pauline Houpillart and Geir Lund

eeing Ibsen’s timeless drama for the
first time through the outstanding
performance of Norwegian actors Kåre
Conradi and Pia Tjelta as they perform the
characters of Mr and Mrs Almers in Sofia
Jupither’s interpretation of Ibsen’s Little
Eyolf at the Print Room at the Coronet in
London, was a true gift.
Unlike many of Ibsen’s earlier plays, there is
little reference to (or critique of) society in
Little Eyolf. The piece rather focuses in on
the many aspects of individual guilt. From
the explicit need for continuous affirmation
exposed in Rita, to the transformation
of self-imposed failure to aspirational
intellectual success through his child in
Alfred and the complete lack of parental
recognition of the physical existence and
needs of a child, the spectator is exposed in
a grimly humoristic fashion to the rawness
of human nature.

In Sofia Jupither’s production, little Ibsenkompaniet
Eyolf is not only put at the centre of her Kåre Conradi, trained at LAMDA and the
interpretation of the piece, but the very Norwegian Academy of Dramatic Arts, Kåre
modern day stage setting also projects the is not only one of Norway’s most acclaimed
timelessness of the piece. Seeing Jupither, actors, he is also Ibsenkompaniet’s Artistic
Conradi and Tjelta’s successful collective Director. Through Ibsenkompaniet, Kåre
interpretation of Lille Eyolf reminds fans of Conradi aims to bring Ibsen’s extraordinary
Ibsen that the little know play of Little Eyolf talent to a wider audience through leading
is as relevant today as in 1894… Ibsen interpreters on stage and performed
in both English and Norwegian. The mis-
Very much considered the founding father
en-stage of Little Eyolf at the Print Room
of modernism in theatre, Ibsen’s legacy we understand is the first of many future
extends well beyond Norway. Although collaborations between Ibsenkompaniet and
Ibsen has been an inspiration for many the Print Room. We’re looking forward to
and in Little Eyolf is seen by some as the seeing the next one!
ancestor to soul-baring modern dramas
The Print Room at the Coronet is an
by Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams and
off-West End Theatre that opened in
Edward Albee, Ibsen does not hesitate to
2010. Its main focus is to “stage exciting
make his own allusions to history in his own
undiscovered pieces by great writers, and
storytelling. Through the rat-wife character to provide an opportunity for emerging and
played by Andrine Sæther, and who is the talented artists from all fields”.
one who attracts Little Eyolf away from
his un-attentive/self-occupied parents to
his death, we see parallels to the Grimm
Brothers Die Kinder zu Hameln which
describes the disappearance of more than
100 children seduced by a rat-catcher. 29

Radical, controversial, non-
conformist, independent, yet
intimate and introspective,
appealing both to the
immediate consciousness,
as well as, the timeless
unconscious. All words used
to describe Norwegian artist
Bjarne Melgaard’s art practice.

at Thaddaeus Ropac Galerie
Text by Cecilia Luras
Photos courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac and Cecilia Luras

hrough Den Norske Klub’s Art Series our
members were invited to a private view of
Bjarne Melgaard’s latest exhibition at the
Thaddaeus Ropac Galerie in London. In the physical,
more traditional exhibition space, the large scale
paintings were exhibited on leaning marble blocs
giving the viewer not only a very intimate visual
relationship with each work but also a strong sensory
experience from smelling the freshly painted oil on the
canvas. Directed by the gallery’s senior global director
of Special Projects at Galerie Ropac and chief curator
of both Melgaard exhibitions, Dame Julia Peyton-
Jones DBE, took Den Norske Klub members on a
mesmerising tour of Melgaards art practice.
The physical gallery exhibition, Bodyparty (Substance
Paintings), which displayed 14 large scale paintings
finalised in Melgaards Oslo studio and reflecting his
complex relationship with past and present, was
displayed in parallel with an innovative digital project,
Life Killed My Chihuahua. During the 6 week duration of
the physical gallery exhibition, Melgaard managed the
gallery’s Instagram account giving the viewer a unique
insight into both his own artistic practice and that of 15
urban, young and emerging Norwegian artists.
The splendid tour of the gallery was led by Dame Julia
Peyton-Jones DBE, senior global director of Special
Projects at Galerie Ropac, and was hosted by Polly
Robinson Gaer, Managing Director of Ropac Galerie’s
London space.
Foto: Stein Lindseth Olsen/Anunatak AS

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