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June 2018

Message from the Commodore
James Gubelmann
Happy Summer!

Recently, Vice Commodore Hovey and I enjoyed
watching the nine 12mR entries race at NYYC's 164th
Annual Regatta. We were joined on-board Mahubas
by the Vietor and Sayer families who were there in
support of David (Vietor) on American Eagle (US-21)
and Richie (Sayer) from Courageous (US-26). It was
great fun and very informative to listen to their
comments on tactics, boat speeds and tides throughout the 3 days of mixed weather conditions with
wind-speeds ranging from 4 - 15+ knots. American Eagle's brilliant finish line maneuver to win the
last race and clinch her Traditional Division victory of the regatta was particularly exciting. Among
the super-competitive Moderns, Jack LeFort's Darth-Vader like Challenge XII won their Division by
just one point ahead of Dennis Williams' Defender (US-33).

We look forward to seeing additional and newly re-fitted 12s on the starting line this season including
Enterprise (US-27), Intrepid (US-22), Easterner (US-18) and Lionheart (K-18), who we hear may be
sporting a new rig!

The Waypoints to the Worlds series is heating up and with the first three (of 12) 2018 events now
"in the books" very serious competitions are emerging in the Vintage Division of the N. Europe fleet
as well as in our America's fleet Modern and Traditional Divisions. (Standings below)

In ITMA news, we heartily congratulate our Technical Committee Chairman, Ken McAlpine for his
leadership of the herculean task to update and clarify The12mR Rule (adopted unanimously by 22
voting members) as well as for his upcoming induction to the America's Cup Hall of Fame!

After accepting the appointment of Commodore for the 12MYC, one of my first duties was to attend
the 2014 12mR World Championship in Barcelona, Spain. It was around a table at the Real Club
Nautico de Barcelona that the idea to host the 2019 World Championship in Newport was first
envisioned along with our then-new European 12mR friends. Over the past 4 years both our
friendships and our respective 12mR fleets have grown exponentially in anticipation of this historic
gathering. It is with eager excitement that we look forward to welcoming and hosting our European
12mR friends here in Newport next year!


Jimmy Gubelmann
Commodore, 12MYC Newport

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After several inquires from eager sailors AND in view of 12s
returning to the racing fleet that will need crew...

We are continuing to build our online CREW LIST for the
convenience of our Members! If you are a SAILOR
looking for opportunities to crew on 12mRs, visit our
CREW SIGN-UP page, create a Screen ID and
complete a quick racing experience profile.

Attn: Owners, Captains & Project
Managers: We currently have 13 crew
candidate listings posted on our website. Each profile displays
credentials, experience, availability and contact information.
Eleven candidates indicate 12mR racing experience! Click
through, perhaps you'll find your next crew MVP here.
If you are a 12mR OWNER or CREW MANAGER, book mark our CREW LIST page for
your future reference.

Returning to the Newport Fleet this Season!

Easterner (US-18)
Scott Bernard, Easterner's new owner, began a
refit of US-18 in January (2018) at Bristol Marine
in Somerset, MA. The yacht had spent the past
few years on the hard with some periods of
weather exposure, which necessitated a
complete stripping of her hull and deck that is
progressing rapidly. She will continue to show her
trademark varnished hull and tan deck, and will
be rust brown below the waterline with a white boot stripe. The Yanmar engine is
being replaced and a debate is going on regarding use of the original wooden boom
or a newer aluminum one. Surveys of the hull and rigging showed that US-18 is solid
but needs lots of TLC. There is some interest in lending Easterner to the U.S. Naval
Academy sailing team for selected east coast races. Scott will continue to keep us
updated on progress and initial sea trials in early summer. Contact Scott

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

Photos & Captions by Stephen Lirakis, 12MYC Historian

Clipper (US-32) was built at Newport Offshore in 1979, a David Pedrick design built on
the foundation of the keel and keel apron of Independence. I believe this was the first time
parts were re-purposed in the 12 metre class. Subsequently the concept would be utilized
by the America II group to interchange parts in their 2 boat testing program.

Independence cut-up

Independence keel
Independence fitted to the frames of the future Clipper

Clipper at Bannister's Wharf

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:


$50.00 USD
Click to Order Here.

$50.00 USD
Click to Order Here.

After a winter to tune up and gear up their boats, the 12mR fleet
came out firing on all cylinders at the first Road to the Worlds
regatta of the 2018 season, the New York Yacht Club's 164th
Annual Regatta.

New Zealand (KZ-3) lead the 9 boat fleet in the "Around the
Island" race that always kicks off the NYYC Annual Regatta.
Mother Nature chose to make the around the buoys racing more
challenging than expected, with a weekend of light fluky breezes
that only allowed the RC to get in three races.

Despite the abbreviated schedule, Lisa and Jack LeFort's Challenge XII (KA-10) served
notice that they were a force to contend with, taking two bullets and the first place trophy
in the Modern Division. But least KA-10 get complacent, Dennis Williams and his Team
Defender(US-33) made their presence know as well, finishing only one point behind the

In the Traditional Division, American Eagle (US-21) let the fleet know they were a force to
be reckoned with, winning two out of the three races and the regatta. The other three
boats in the division, Weatherly (US-17), Nefertiti (US-19) and Columbia (US-16) showed
just how competitive this division has become with all of them finishing within two points
of each other.

Our next event is the Newport Trophy Regatta in mid-July. It is being held as part of the
NYYC's Race Week. This event should see Easterner (US-18) on the line for the first time
in a number of years. Scott Bernard, Easterner's new owner has had her in the shed all
winter getting ready to join the Tradition Division for the balance of the Road to the Worlds
and the Worlds.

Also in the wings are Jack Curtin's Intrepid (US- 22) and Tim Rutter's Enterprise (US-27).
Both have been going through major refits and should rejoin the Modern Division later in
the season. We are anticipating between 11 and 13 Twelve Metres will compete at the
North American Championship in September.

And finally, the 2019 Worlds are just over 12 months away. As of today, we have serious
indications of interest from over 15 European-based boats. This combined with our
growing US fleet, could mean almost 30 12 Metre Yachts on the starting line at the 2019

In addition, we are also extending an invitation to the non-racing 12's in the area to
participate in a rendezvous of the 12 Metre Class at the same time as the Worlds. We are
hoping to attract 7-8 boats in addition to the racing fleet to the rendezvous, making it one
of the largest gatherings of 12 Metre Yachts ever.

The momentum is building as we get closer to 2019. The Road to the Worlds Series is
heating up and World fever is building. The regatta committee is seeking volunteers and
sponsors to help with the Worlds. The great entertainment opportunities both on and
around the boats make this an excellent corporate appreciation and marketing
opportunity. For additional information on how you make the Worlds work for you, please
contact Sam Holiday at Manuka Sports Event Management or Peter Gerard.

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:
CONSTELLATION: Money, Genius, Craftsmanship & Patriotism
part 1

New York Herald Tribune
Paris, Friday, March 13, 1964 - pg.9
(part 1 ~ transcribed text below)

By Anthony Bailey- from the Herald Tribune Bureau

New York. - The formula that defines the Twelve Metre class of racing yachts, the class that will
compete in the America's Cup matches coming up in September, is expressed by the equation:

Which takes into account such factors as length (L), skin girth
and chain girth (d), sail area and freeboard. It might just as well
be expressed: money, plus genius, plus craftsmanship,
multiplied by X (which includes desire for fame, love of he sea,
patriotism, competitiveness, etc.).

The money and the X-factor are where the yacht begins, as you can see in Walter Gubelmann's
pink-walled office on the 19th floor of the Seagram Building, the Twelve-Meter of Park Avenue towers.
Over the couch there is a painting of Windigo, Gubelmann's crack 70-foot ocean-racing yawl. On a
side table rests a leather-bound volume of clippings concerning Seven Seas, the three masted,
square-rigged ship that belonged to Gubelmann pere (inventor of adding and subtracting machines),
and on which with 27 crew, Walter Gubelmann as a young man raced young Huntington Hartford's
Joseph Conrad, the only other privately-owned square rigger at hand. Next year there may well be a
scrapbook and a portrait of Constellation, a new "Twelve" designed as a candidate to defend the
America's Cup against the British this fall.

Working Name
"Constellation is only the working name, mind you," says Gubelmann, with the air of a man
constantly balanced between reservation and decision. "We can change it at any time up the
launching." Constellation was also the name of the United States frigate, nicknamed "The Yankee
Racehorse," which the British blockading fleet kept bottled up in Hampton Roads through the entire
War of 1812, but for all that, it isn't a bad name for a syndicate-owned craft that will cost roughly
$500,000 to design, build, equip and campaign for one sailing season on Long Island and Block
Island Sounds.

I've been thinking about the America's Cup since 1957, without doing anything about it," Gubelmann
said recently. "Then last summer there seemed to be a great lethargy over here in the face of what
appeared to be a very serious British challenge. They haven't won back the Cup in nearly a century
of trying, but for 1964, they are trying harder than ever. And we were resting on our laurels after the
workout the Australians gave us in '62.

My crew on Windigo talks about it. The New York Yacht Club is in charge of the Cup and its
defense, and when I talked to the people there, they said: "Go ahead, the more contending boats we
have the better." So I went to Delphi, that is to Harold Vanderbilt. He twice defended the Cup
successfully - once with an inferior boat- against the British the 1930s. Mr. Vanderbilt said he would
take a share if I formed a syndicate. That did it- I felt pretty good...

Read more now or tune in next time for Part 2.


Click for complete scoring details.

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:


June 7 - 10 *** NYYC 164th ANNUAL REGATTA- results

August 9 - 12 *** EDGARTOWN YC 12MR REGATTA

*** indicates Waypoints Regatta Series Event

Would you like to share your 12 Metre photos and
experiences with your fellow 12MYC members on our
Club website and here in our e-newsletter as
Stephen and Scott have done above? Please
contact us if you'd like to be a Content Contributor.
We hope to hear from you soon!

12 Metre Yacht Club Supporter:

Weatherly (12US17), is a remarkable classic wooden yacht -
an America's Cup winner, ocean racer, highly successful
charter yacht, and frequent division winner in 12 Metre
regattas. Weatherly is listed on the National Register of
Historic Vessels. She is a capable coastal cruiser and potential
winner in any classic sailing event that she enters. Through her
successful charter career spanning three decades, Weatherly
has been not only financially self supporting, but continuously TRADITIONAL
improved. Cosmetically she sparkles whether underway or at
rest. Down below, her utilitarian but tastefully detailed interior exudes a remarkably warm
feeling. Rustic coastal cruising is within her ability as is, while relatively minor alterations
could provide for more extensive travel. Her race winning record continues. Victorious
over her division in the recent 2017 12 Metre North American Championship held in
Newport, RI, she is now offered for sale at a very reasonable price while at the top of her
game. learn more

American Eagle (US-21), the iconic red 12 Metre helmed by Ted
Turner, is on the market and looking to continue a long and storied
racing and chartering career. This listing comes at the perfect time to
begin organizing and executing a competitive campaign for the 2019
12 Metre Worlds; an event she won when it was last held in Newport
in 2009. Her offering includes the opportunity to continue with a
Syndicate Charter (with their own suit of racing sails) in place through
to the 2019 World Championships. American Eagle rates in the
12mR Traditional division. learn more

The Victory - Defender Program is getting ready for the Road to the
Worlds and we find ourselves over supplied with boats. Our goal is to build the Class and
so we are offering 2 of our 3 boats for sale! Our program is committed to the Modern
Division and so first up is the Grand Prix USA (US-61) for sale. Now this is where it gets
interesting: We have two very competitive Moderns in Victory' 83 (K-22) and Defender
(US-33). We do not have a preference on which boat we use moving forward and so we
are offering both for sale and will keep the one that doesn't sell first! This is a unique
opportunity to join the Modern Division with the heavy lifting already done. Victory '83 is
complete and race ready - just add water! Defender is a work in progress that is most of
the way there. Details on the three boats below:

Victory '83 (K-22) was designed by Ian Howlett for the 1983 British
America's Cup Challenge. She received a complete refit and
modernization in 2008 including a new deck layout known as the
Victory Job. Fully optimized under Appendix E. She is immaculate in
every respect with a Sail Spars triple spreader rig, composite boom
and 2 custom 12M poles. All systems are state of the art including 6
man input available to the main, primaries and pit. She has an
extensive sail inventory featuring 2 carbon mains, one new at the
2016 NA's. World Champion in 1984 in a fleet stacked with AC
teams. Current World Champion in the Modern Division. Numerous
North American and Fleet Championships including 2016 - her last
season in the water. Benched in 2017 so the Team could focus on MODERN
Defender. learn more

Defender (US-33) was designed for the 1983 Cup and originally
campaigned by Tom Blackaller and Gary Jobson. Extensive updates
including Appendix E optimization. Winner of the 2017 NYYC Around
the Island Race in her first outing after the refit. Winner under IRC of
the NYYC Queen's Cup - a dual purpose boat! Second in her first
regatta, tied for second in the Newport Cup and 2nd in the North
Americans with a 1, 2, MOB. She was designed for Newport and she
has proven very fast in a variety of conditions. New composite high
aspect rudder and steering system for the NA's. Full winch, hydraulic
and instrumentation systems. Sail Spars triple spreader rig,
MODERN composite boom and new 12M composite pole. New main and three
headsails for the NA's. learn more

USA (US-61) is the canard boat sailed by Tom Blackhaller and Paul
Cayard in the 1987 America's Cup Trials. Refit in 2000 for the
America's Cup Jubilee. A strong competitor in the Grand Prix
Division. Sail Spars 2 spreader rig, composite boom and
pole. Currently in storage in Portsmouth, RI. Here is an opportunity to
own a competitive Grand Prix yacht at an attractive price. Perfect
candidate for an appendage update with a beautiful Derecktor built
hull and deck. learn more
Gleam (US-11),was built by Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1937 and
designed by Clinton Crane for his own personal use. She was
involved in the America's Cup as a trial horse in 1958 for the English
12-metre, Septre. The late Bob Tiedemann purchased her in 1974
and lovingly restored her while sailing her in the charter business
along the East Coast of the United States. She has a very impressive
racing history and has dozens of trophies to prove it. Gleam rates in
the 12mR Vintage division. learn more

Northern Light (US-14) was designed by Sparkman Stephens and
built by the Henry B. Nevins boatyard in 1938 as a 24th birthday
present for Alfred Lee Loomis from his father. She was a trial horse
for Columbia in 1958 for the America's Cup under the name of
Nereus while she was owned by the Greek shipping tycoon, Stavaros
Niarcos. She was again involved in Cup service in 1962 and 1964.
Northern Light rates in the 12mR Vintage division. learn more


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