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Chapter 1 (Thursday)

“Rose, will you stop staring at them?” I hissed. Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale were my best friends in the whole entire world. We three have lived in Forks for ever and our parents were friends back in college. We were currently sitting at our table in the cafeteria at school, Alice skimming through a magazine, and Rosalie gawking at the most gorgeous teenage boys to exist. The boys, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, and Jasper Whitlock had just moved to Forks at the beginning of school. It was almost three days into the new school year, so not just the Cullen’s were new. Every girl’s eyesnot to mention female teachers- were following them anywhere they moved. The three of them were extremely handsome and tall. Emmett Cullen had so many muscles; it looked like not even a shirt for elephants could conceal them. He also had black curly hair. Jasper Whitlock had long blonde hair that barely went over his eyes and had astounding muscles like Emmett, just not that as big. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them stole steroids from their father’s medical cabinet.

And the last was Edward Cullen. He was the most handsome out of the three, well from my preference. He had unruly bronze hair and the least of muscles out of the three of them. But even though they aren’t related, they all have the same chalky pale skin color and bright gold eyes. They were all adopted by Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen. The Cullen boys kept to themselves, always sitting in the back of the cafeteria. They would sometimes get together close and whisper to each other and stare at the person they were talking about. Very strange kids if you ask me. Rosalie was still staring at them. “Rose!” I snapped. She jumped and leaned back into her seat, startled. “Who, what, where?” Her eyes darted around the cafeteria. “You were staring.” I told her and bowed my head at her. “Oh.” She mumbled, embarrassed, and looked down at her food tray. I chuckled slightly and picked up my apple off my tray and began to munch on it. Rosalie was probably the most beautiful girl in Washington. She had nice tan skin- despite that we hardly receive sun here in Forks-, sky blue eyes, gold blonde hair, and a body to kill for. Alice on the other hand, was thin and short in extreme. Weighing up to only ninety pounds and four foot nine in height, she has officially claimed the title as pixie. She has black spiky hair and warm brown eyes. Alice has a major shopping obsession. If her parents weren’t so rich, her family would probably be broke and starving with no clothes. Alice has the best happy go lucky attitude all the time. I wonder how hard it must be to keep that up.

Me, on the other hand, have no trace of beauty in my features, or grace what so ever. I can hardly walk on a flat surface for more than a minute without finding something to trip over. My hair is a boring brown – nd my eyes are as well. My ivory skin has no color in it except for when I blush. I watched as Jessica Stanley from across the cafeteria got up from her seat and made her way towards the Cullen table. “Uh oh. Looks like Jessica is about to be rejected.” I whispered to Alice and Rosalie eagerly. Rosalie and Alice followed my line of sight and let out a small giggle when she saw that Jessica just reached their table. We watched as she batted her eye lashes at them and pushed her chest out a little more with confidence. Rosalie, Alice, and I gagged into our lunch trays. Jasper, Edward, and Emmett stiffened and Japer’s lips moved as he answered Jessica. Jessica’s back hunched slightly, but tried not to look put out as she walked back to her table. Rosalie, Alice, and I laughed quietly. But as if the boys could hear us, they looked over at us from across the cafeteria. We stopped snickering and looked down at the table. When we were sure they weren’t looking, we grinned at each other before continuing to eat. Alice checked the clock on the wall. “Let’s go ladies, only two more periods.” She said cheerfully. We groaned but then laughed. We got up and gathered our stuff as we walked off to our lockers. I took out some papers that I needed for biology and met Rosalie at her locker so we could walk into class together. In class, we sat down at our table and opened our books to what we would be studying today. But then I heard a little sigh escape from the girls

in the class and that could only mean one thing. Rosalie and I smirked before looking up to the door of the classroom. Sure enough, Edward and Emmett were walking in the room. They avoided the other girl’s eyes, but stared at Rose and me. She+ and I looked down immediately. I heard two chairs scrape across the linoleum and I saw Emmett and Edward sit down at the table next to us out of the corner of my eye. I heard a throat clear from in front of me and I looked up. Mike Newton, an admirer I had been trying to shoo away was leaning on the table towards me. “Hey Bella.” He said in a voice that was trying to me seductive and winked a blue eye at me. “Mike.” I said shortly and nodded. I shot Rosalie a pleading glance. “I was wondering if you would like to go out tonight.” He asked me in a rushed voice. I opened my mouth to answer him, but Rosalie beat me to the punch. “Mike, I think Bella and I both agree when we say this. Fuck…off….” She said emphasizing the last two words. Mike glared at her but went back to his table. I fist pounded Rosalie. “You know I could have handled it.” I told her seriously. “Yeah, but pissing him off was fun.” She said in a content voice and leaned back in her chair with a grin. I heard little snickers on the right of me and I turned to face Edward and Emmett. Both were grinning and staring at us with their eye brows raised. “What?” Rosalie and I said in unison and shook our heads.

But before they could answer us, the teacher called our attention to the front of the room. He asked us all to get in groups of four and get to know some new people and names because this is the class we are going to have to spend sixth period with all year. When the teacher was finished talking, all of the girls heads looked over at Emmett and Edward’s table in the back, all motioning them to their table with little flirtatious looks. But Emmett and Edward looked over at Rose and I’s table and pleaded for us to save them. Rose and I exchanged a glance before nodding. The boys let out a sigh of relief and brought over their chairs to join our table. The other girls shot us dirty looks before finding other partners. “We have to thank you back there. I don’t know what might have happened if my brother and I sat with them, but I can imagine it would be pretty bad.” Rose and I turned our attention to deep voice of Emmett over the noise of moving chairs. Emmett was situated on Rosalie’s end of the table and Edward on mine. I looked at Edward for a brief moment and he shot me a smile. “Well your welcome. And Bella and I can probably imagine what might have happened. It would have sent you screaming at the top of your lungs all the way to Mexico.” Rosalie said as a matter of factly. Both of the guys cracked a smile at that. “And we were wondering…. why did you turn Mike down? Not that it wasn’t entertaining to watch, but why?” An irresistible silky voice asked me. I turned my attention to Edward.

“Because he is the most disgusting and oblivious person on the planet to exist. The only reason why he goes out with someone is to fulfill his list.” I told him. “List?” His brow furrowed. God, he looks hot confused…. Wait, what am I thinking?! But to my rescue, Rosalie answered for me. “Newton has a list. It is to sleep with every girl in this grade before he graduates. So far, he has only one.” “And who is that?” Emmett asked curiously. “Jessica Stanley.” Rose answered with a smirk. Edward and Emmett groaned. “I think you two don’t like her?” I giggled. “She can’t take a hint!” Emmett said and threw his hands up in the air in frustration. “We try to tell her no politely, but she doesn’t back off! We don’t know what to do.” Edward sighed. Rosalie and I exchanged evil glances. “Oh we know the perfect idea.” I answered in a low voice. Edward and Emmett looked at us a little warily. “Don’t worry, no one ever dies…” Rosalie waved nonchalantly. Emmett chuckled. “Can you tell me?” Emmett asked sweetly. Rosalie rolled her eyes but nodded. With Emmett and Rose talking, it left just Edward and me. I turned slightly in his direction. “So, how do you like school so far?” I started conversation. “Besides being followed by girls, pretty good.” He smiled.

I smiled too. “Where did you move from?” “Alaska.” “Alaska? That’s a really long move.” I said surprised. “Dad wanted new scenery being a doctor and all. He figured Forks was a good place to move. Our family loves being around the woods.” “Oh.” We let the subject drop. “How long have you lived here?” He asked. “My whole life. My friend, Rosalie next to me, and my other friend Alice grew up together here in Forks. Our parents were friends from the beginning of college.” “That’s nice.” He said with a sincere smile. “Are you and your brothers going to try out for any of the team sports? It would be funny to see Newton’s butt get kicked in football.” I said with a smirk. He chuckled. “No, but I’m not so sure about Emmett. He tries to succeed in everything that he can, including sports.” “It looks like he does with all of the muscles.” I shot a cautious glance at one of Emmett’s bulging arms. “He likes his muscles way too much. He calls them ‘chick magnets’.” Edward said with a playful grimace. I laughed. “Do you play any sports?” He asked me and moved a little closer so that our arms were barely two inches away.

“No,” I frowned. “I am possibly the most un graceful person to ever exist. The last time I tried playing soccer, I missed the ball trying to kick it and fell flat on my stomach.” I grimaced slightly. Edward let out a polite laugh. “What period do you have gym?” He asked. “Next period.” I answered. He bit his lower lip and gave me a sheepish look. It took me a couple seconds before I got it. The way he looked embarrassed was just too darn adorable. “You have gym next period don’t you!” I paled. “Guilty.” He laughed. “Ugh.” I smacked a hand to my forehead. “Oh come on, you can’t be that bad.” He tried to lighten me up. I removed my hand and gave him a look. “Oh, you are aren’t you?” I nodded shamefully. “I promise not to laugh.” He swore. “Good.” I said with a groan and looked down at the table. But I looked up when I heard something. “What?” Our arms were full on full contact. His arm was cool and hard. Hard, because of the muscles on his arm, but cool some how. His face was closer to mine, so close I could see the beauty of his gold eyes. “I didn’t say anything.” He said softly. But I was pretty sure I heard a ‘so beautiful when your embarrassed’. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. We stared into each other’s eyes before Rose’s voice brought me back to the present.

“Time to go Bella.” She whispered in my ear. “Okay.” I whispered back. “See you next period, Edward.” I smiled at him before gathering up my stuff and walking out of the classroom. Alice met us outside the classroom and she and Rose talked together privately on our way to gym. When we reached the entrance to the girl’s locker rooms, Rose walked off to her class and shot me a devilish grin. Alice and I changed and walked off into the gym. “What were you and Rose talking about?” I asked her. “Oh, nothing……except that you were flirting with Edward Cullen.” She rushed out quickly. I blushed. “How? I don’t even know how to flirt or even ask someone out on a date!” I said bashfully. “And Rose said he was interested…” She trailed off excitedly. “Alice Casey Brandon!” I said outraged. “I just met the guy! He was just being friendly.” “Then what do you call staring into a hot guy’s eyes, huh?” She put her hands on her hips and looked me down. “Oh shut up.” I blushed again. “Oh! He’s coming this way!” I looked where Alice was looking. Edward and Emmett were walking our way. Edward looked so stunning in the gym uniform. Grey shirt and forest green shorts. You cold see his muscles more prominently. And even the outline of his….oh wow…..six pack. “Edward, Emmett, this is Alice.” I gestured to Alice when they stopped right in front of us. “Nice to meet you,” They said in unison and smiled.

“Same to you,” Alice smiled in return. “So Bella, my dear brother tells me you aren’t the most graceful.” Emmett looked at me with a mischievous grin. “You are correct.” I sighed and shot Edward a dirty look. “Well, we will just have to see what will happen. Who knows, you just might end up being good.” He shrugged. Alice and I snorted delicately. A whistle sounded and we all met Coach Clapp at the center of the gym. “Hey kids, because the fields were flooded from yesterday’s rain fall, we’re going to play some football.” He said as some of the guys from the football team cheered. “Because some of us are beginners, we’re all going to just pass today. Grab a football from the basket for you and your partner.” He dismissed us and Alice grabbed a football. She handed me the football we walked off to a space in the gym and stood about twenty feet apart. “Are you sure you can pass that far?” A smooth voice spoke from next to me. I gave Edward an evil look. “Of course, I mean, do you think all girls are weak?” I said and launched the football into a perfect spiral into Alice’s hands. Emmett on Alice’s side looked over at me with his mouth open. “I thought you said she wasn’t good at sports!” Emmett yelled at Edward. I laughed and received the ball back from Alice. Rosalie is the most athletic girl in our school. She can do well in every sport.

“Uh….wow.” Edward said astonished. “I’ll take that as a complement.” I said with a smirk and passed the ball back to Alice. Alice and I continued to pass back and forth, hardly even trying. I would look over at Emmett and Edward passing from time to time. It didn’t look like they were trying that hard either. But then again, almost all guys were good at sports. Coach Clapp dismissed the class early so that meant we had more time to get ready. When I got to my locker, my clothes were cut up and painted in yellow. “Damn!” I yelled and shut my locker. Alice looked into my locker and then over at a group of giggling girls. Stupid, mean, girls. They just had to pick on me today. “Don’t worry Bella; I have an extra pair of clothes.” She handed me some. Of course, the pixie always comes handy. “N-no way am I wearing this Alice!” I sputtered. She gave me a low cut pink blouse and black mini skirt with a pair of heels. “It’s either these or your sweaty gym clothes. Take your pick.” She snapped as she changed. “Fine.” I grumbled and changed into the ridiculous out fit. Alice applied a little bit of make up on me before were walked out of the locker room. Rosalie was waiting for us out the door with the Cullen boys. Their eyes popped right out of their heads. “Some girls cut up and painted Bella’s clothes.” Alice explained.

“Which girls?” Rose said deathly and started to search the parking lot for groups of giggling girls. “It’s okay Rose, they’re just being immature.” I rolled my eyes. A group of boys in the parking lot starting whistling at me and Rose, Alice, and I put both of our middle fingers up at them. The boys chuckled but walked off. “See Alice, that, that right there is why I don’t let you dress me anymore.” I said and stared in disgust at the group of boys that were still walking off. “Aww, I like it.” Rose teased. “Sure.” I mumbled. I looked up at the guys. “Uh, hi?” I said unsure. “Beautiful entrance,” Emmett applauded. “Thanks.” I snickered. “Well, we all know each other except for Jasper here.” Edward motioned towards Jasper. “Jasper, the short cute one is Alice, the blonde pretty one is Rosalie, and the adorable pissed off brunette is Bella.” Emmett introduced us with a grin. Jasper chuckled. “Nice to meet you three,” Jasper said politely and smiled. 1, 2 step by Ciara sounded from a bulge in Rose’s front pocket and she pulled out her cell phone. “Girls, we have to go!” Rose said a little disappointed. “Why?” Alice asked, looking at Jasper from the corner of her eye.

“Because we have to get started on our girl’s night tonight!” She said and started dragging me with her along to her BMW. Alice said quick goodbyes to the guys and followed. Rose flung me to the passenger’s side and ran over to the driver’s side. I opened the door quickly and got in. I strapped on my seat belt, and in a few more seconds, Alice was in the car and Rose was gunning the engine. The Cullen boys were staring at us and the car. I waved a quick good bye before Rose shot out of the parking lot. She screeched around the turn to the entrance of the school, and soon we were at Rose’s house in ten minutes. The car jerked to a stop in the driveway in front of a gigantic white mansion. Alice and I got out with Rosalie and climbed up the long set of stairs to her front porch. The door was already open and when we stumbled inside, we almost didn’t we the Hale’s and two other people at their dinning room table. “Oh, hello Rose darling. Bella, Alice.” Mrs. Hale smiled at us. “These are the Cullen’s. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen their sons at school today.” The parents who smiled at us were probably the most beautiful parents to exist. Both looked like they were in their late twenties. Mrs. Cullen had caramel color wavy hair and Mr. Cullen had striking light blonde hair. Even like their sons, both had gold eyes and chalky pale skin. Mr. Cullen’s phone started to ring and when he looked at the caller ID, he opened it curiously. “Yes Emmett? What did you break?” He asked warily. Rose, Alice, and I had to hold in giggles. There was lots of shouting in the back round so loud we could even hear what they were saying from across the room, but just barely.

“Dang it dad! There are the most three beautiful girls in school we just made friends with today!” Emmett yelled from in the back round. We heard Jasper and Edward speak in agreement. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen looked at us with amusement clearly written on their faces. Rose, Alice, and I blushed a light pink. “Well would you three like to talk to them, they’re right here?” Mr. Cullen said and swallowed back a laugh. There was silence but then lots of shouting. “THEY’RE AT OUR HOUSE!???!” Emmett, Edward, and Jasper yelled into the phone. Mr. Cullen had to hold the phone at arms length. “No, your mother and I are at the Hale’s house, and they can hear you very clearly I might add.” He said and a giggle escaped Mrs. Cullen. All of a sudden the line disconnected and all that we could hear was beeping on the other end. Mr. Cullen closed his phone and he and his wife starting laughing. “That was rich Esme!” Mr. Cullen laughed heartily and put his phone away. Esme must be his wife’s first name. Hmm, I like the name Esme. “That’s what they get for breaking my favorite picture.” Esme sighed. “So your boys get in trouble a lot Carlisle?” Mr. Hale asked Mr. Cullen. “No, just only when they wrestle.” Carlisle laughed. Rose, Alice, and I left the parents to mingle and walked up the stairs into Rose’s bed room. Rose rushed over to her big flat screen TV and started

to start up our favorite action movie. The Hale’s are extremely rich, so rich they could probably put Bill Gates to shame. “Come on Bella; let’s find you a pair of movie pajamas.” Alice motioned me to follow her into Rosalie’s humongous walk in closet. Alice searched into Rosalie’s pajama rack and soon she flung some at me. I had to admit, they were cute. I changed into them and looked at myself in the mirror. It was red silk pants and a light red polka dotted cotton tank top with a red satin bow in the middle. I pulled my hair up with a hair scrunchy and walked back into Rose’s room. She and Alice had already changed into their movie pajamas and cuddled up into blankets on her leather sofa. The Dark Knight’s opening credits and we all were on the edge of our seats with the huge amounts of candy pressed between us. It was some time into the movie and we were starting to get scared. The movie was at the part when the Joker says ‘I can make this pencil disappear’ when a chilling voice whispered to us from behind the couch. “Why so serious?” The voice spoke to us. Alice, Rose, and I screamed and flipped around. A man in the Joker mask was right behind us with a steak knife. The person behind the mask started laughing. We know that voice….. “DAD!” Rose screamed and got a pillow. “AHH!” Alice and I yelled in fury and grabbed pillows. “Holy shit!” Mr. Hale yelled and started to run from the room. Alice, Rose, and I chased Mr. Hale out of the room and when he got to the stairs, Rose and Alice lumbered down them. Instead of me doing the same, I hopped on the banister and slid down on my butt. At the end, I cornered Mr. Hale that was still in the Joker mask at the bottom of the stairs.

Rose and Alice stopped behind him and started to beat him with pillows. But the knife flew out of his hand and someone caught me barely in time to keep the knife from zooming into my head. The knife hit the wall right behind me. “Are you okay?” I heard the voice who was holding me ask frantically. I turned around in my savior’s arms to see Edward. I could tell he was scared by the way his eyes searched my face for any injuries. Emmett and Jasper were behind Edward, also a little frightened. “Yeah,” I said and got up off the floor from his grasp. “Thank you,” I added to Edward and he nodded. “That knife was at the right point to hit you square between the eyes.” Emmett said and pulled the knife out of the wall. “What can I say, I attract danger like metal does to a magnet.” I shrugged. Jasper and Edward chuckled. “Rose, Alice, we have visitors!” I yelled at them. But Rose and Alice kept hitting Mr. Hale over the head. I dropped my pillow and put two fingers in my mouth. I blew down and a sharp whistle escaped my mouth. Rosalie and Alice stopped and looked up. They dropped the pillows and Mr. Hale took off his mask. “Sorry girls, I tried to get you three to come down and say goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, but you girls were watching the Dark Knight and I couldn’t resist.” He chuckled and walked into the kitchen. “Your dad rocks.” Jasper said to Rose. “He’s more like the King of the Dorks.” Rose muttered.

“Then Emmett must be the prince of the Dorks. He did the same thing to us a week ago except as jigsaw.” Edward laughed. “So you three were dressed in women’s sleepwear?” Alice raised an eyebrow. Emmett laughed and shook his head. “But there was a difference. Instead of pillows, they attacked me with steak knives while I used the sink nozzle from the kitchen to spray them.” Emmett said looking off into space, looking back at that time. I almost zoned out too, thinking of Edward soaking wet…. Ahh! Snap out of it! I screamed at myself. “Why are you guys here?” Rose asked. “We came to pick up our mom and dad. We actually live two miles away from here.” Jasper answered. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen joined us. “Well, we got to go. We, the three most beautiful girls in the school have to get our beauty sleep.” Rose winked at the guys. The boys paled and looked away. “By Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, it was nice to meet you.” I said shyly and waved good bye. “You too girls,” Mrs. Cullen smiled warmly at us before ushering her sons out the door. Edward threw me a crooked smile before closing the door behind him. Rose and Alice looked at me and then at the door. They wiggled their eyebrows at me. I just rolled my eyes and smiled. “What are we going to do now?” I asked them as we climbed the staircase. We exchanged a glance.

“ROCK BAND!” We yelled at the same time and ran into the Hale’s game room. “DRUMS!’ Alice called. “GUITAR!” Rose called. “Dang.” That left me with the microphone. “Aww, come on Bella, you have an amazing voice!” Alice pleaded. “Fine.” I grumbled. Alice clapped excitedly and she and Rose got Rock Band set up. They scrolled down to one of my favorite songs. I smiled and picked up the mike. Dirty Little Secret- All American Rejects
Let me know that I've done wrong When I've known this all along I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you Tell me all that you've thrown away Find out games you don't wanna play You are the only one that needs to know I'll keep you my dirty little secret (Dirty little secret) Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it) My dirty little secret Who has to know When we live such fragile lives It's the best way we survive I go around a time or two Just to waste my time with you Tell me all that you've thrown away Find out games you don't wanna play You are the only one that needs to know I'll keep you my dirty little secret

(Dirty little secret) Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it) My dirty little secret Who has to know The way she feels inside (inside) Those thoughts I can't deny (deny) These sleeping dogs won't lie (won't lie) And now I try to lie It's eating me apart Trace this life out I'll keep you my dirty little secret (Dirty little secret) Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret (Just another regret) I'll keep you my dirty little secret (Dirty little secret) Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it) My dirty little secret Dirty little secret Dirty little secret Who has to know Who has to know

“Woo! Girls that rocked!” Alice exclaimed. The stats cam up and we three had full scores. We tried to do another song, but Mrs. Hale came in and told us to stop because she and Mr. Hale were going to sleep. “Yes mom.” We said in a monotone. She smiled and walked away. We put away Rock Band and walked back into Rose’s room. “Speaking of dirty secrets,” Alice said mischievously as we flopped onto the couch.

“What’s going on with you and Edward Bella? What ever you said must have been good because he looks interested.” She giggled. I sat up on the couch and glared at her. “We just talked about how he likes school, if any of his brothers are doing sports, and why he moved here.” I said seriously. “You didn’t even flirt?” Rose said in disbelief. “Rose, that’s all that the boys have been getting! Girls throwing themselves at them. I thought maybe they need to talk to someone who won’t scare them off.” I shrugged. “You do have a point…” Alice said stroking her chin “But he looks so into you!” She squealed and I threw a pillow at her. “Bella, this is big. Our little girl is finally growing up!” Rose pretended to wipe away a tear. “Yea, yea, whatever.” I laid down on the couch. “Girls, let’s play a game. Say the first thing that pops into your mind.” Rose insisted and I sat up. “Alice, favorite designer,” Rose shot out. “Don’t have one.” She responded quickly. “Bella, most annoying person on the planet,” “Mike Newton.” “Rose, favorite cookie,” I rushed. “Chocolate chip,” “Bella, favorite season,” “Summer,” “Alice, favorite color,” “Pink,” “Rose, do you like Emmett?” Alice asked her.

“Yes,” Rose said unashamed. “Bella, do you like Edward,” Rose said. “Yes, wait- AH!”I screamed and hid my face in a pillow. “I knew it!” Alice sang. “I want into go a hole and die!” I mumbled into the pillow. “Oh we are so totally going to dress you up for school tomorrow.” Rose sang evilly. “If the shirt shows any cleavage at all, I am going to strangle you.” I said bringing my face out of the pillow. “It won’t be that bad,” Alice said with a yawn. I glanced at the clock. Wow, it was eleven already. “Time for bed girlies,” I said and snuggled up into some blankets. “Night!” Rosalie called before turning out the lights. “Night,” I mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 2 (Friday)

“Wake up!” Rose’s voice pulled me from my sleep. “Kay,” I mumbled groggily and sat up in the couch. Alice and Rosalie were up and getting dressed. I got up from the couch and walked into the bathroom from across the hall. I brushed my teeth with an extra tooth brush the Hale’s always have here for me when I spend

the night. After that, I brushed the knots out of my hair and walked back into Rose’s room. Alice met me inside and gave me some clothes to wear. “Don’t even argue,” She warned as she walked over to Rose’s vanity and started to apply her make up. I changed into the tight, artfully designed jeans she gave me and put on a cute white button up. I slid into the black shiny flats she also gave me and walked over to the vanity. Alice did my make up for me and fixed my hair with a black head band with a bow. She and I walked down stairs to meet Rose and her parents. They fed us breakfast and wished us a good day at school. We all left in Rose’s BMW and made it to school with ten minutes before the first bell was to ring. She parked next to a dark, shiny Mercedes and immediately began to look it over outside the car. “Like the car?” A voice spoke from behind us. We turned around to see the Cullen boys looking at Rose admiring their car. “The beauty’s yours?” She asked. “Yeah, do you know a lot about cars?” Emmett asked incredulously. “Yeah, can I take a look under the hood?” Rose asked Emmett eagerly. “Be my guest,” He offered and he and Rose went over and talked about the car. “Aw, Emmett has a new friend.” Jasper said adoringly. “Just think, it was only yesterday he was eating glue.” Edward said and put an arm around Jasper’s shoulder. Alice and I giggled.

“Yesterday he was really eating glue.” Jasper said as Edward retracted his arm from his shoulders. “And that was……” “Ugh,” They said together and shivered. Rose and Emmett then joined us. “Rose really knows a lot about cars.” Emmett said in amazement. “And if she didn’t know so much I would have still had my car.” I narrowed my eyes at her. “What did she do?” Emmett asked. “Well, I had this really old truck that I loved-” I began. “It had a week to live! Get over it Bella!” Rose interrupted me. “You killed it!” I accused. “Oh hush Bella dear.” Alice put her tiny hand over my mouth. I removed her hand but gave her a look. “Oh Bella, my brothers and I have some exciting news to tell you.” Emmett said with a grin. “Oh?” I smiled back. “We three are trying out for football today after school.” Emmett said proudly. “Edward mentioned to us that you wanted Mike Newton’s butt kicked.” Jasper winked. I laughed and threw my head back. “This is going to be rich!” I cackled. “Well we can’t wait to see you there.” Edward said and the boys walked off. “Oh…my…god.” Alice and Rose said in unison. “What?” I asked. “Football….boys in tight, pants!” Rose forced out breathlessly.

Oh god, she was right. This is better than the fantasy of Edward soaking wet, shirt clinging to his muscled chest…… “Bella, Bella? Hello??? Any body there?” Alice waved her hand in front of my face and I was brought back to the present. “Sorry,” I mumbled. “All of a sudden Rose mentioned tight pants and then I was gone.” I admitted. “Mmm hmm, me too.” Rose agreed before we walked off to first period.

Football tryouts after school

Rose, Alice, and I dropped off our back packs at Rose’s car before we walked over to the football field. There had to be about a hundred guys on the field, all stretching and talking. The boys were dressed in either their gym uniforms or shorts with t-shirts. We took our seats in the bleachers farthest away from the horde of girls giggling and pointing down at the field. It wasn’t hard to find the boys with Edward’s bright Auburn hair. When we caught their eye, we all waved hi. They waved back and Edward started to approach the bleachers. “Go!” Alice and Rosalie pushed me out of my seat. I shot them an annoyed look but walked down to Edward at the end of the bleachers.

Edward was dressed in his gym uniform again. God forbid. He could only make nasty gym uniforms look like a custom tux and still pass off as gorgeous. “Nervous?” I asked him. “Nah, Emmett and Jasper forced me to try out, so if I don’t make it, it won’t really be much of a loss for me.” He shrugged. Edward and I looked at the group of girls from earlier. “If you see one you like, I could go get her for you.” I joked and smiled. “No thanks,” He smirked. “I already have a girl in mind and I’m sure I won’t need help winning her over.” He said confidently before walking back onto the field. I shook my head in disbelief and walked back up to Alice and Rosalie. “What did he want?” Alice pressed as soon as I sat down. “Nothing. I asked him if he saw anything he liked when we were looking at the group of girls and he said no. He said that he didn’t need help winning the girl over that he had in mind.” I shrugged. Rose looked at me like I was crazy. “What?” I asked. “He meant you!” She almost yelled at me. “What? How do you know that Rose?” I blushed. “Because of this…” She began excitedly. (Rosalie’s point of view, earlier that day at lunch) I was walking down the halls to lunch when I faintly heard two familiar voices from inside a class room. My eye brows knitted in curiosity and I pressed my ear against the door.

“But how do you know if she likes me back Emmett? I’ve liked her ever since the first day of school and I’m just too shy to ask her out.” I heard Edward’s voice speak from inside the classroom. “Man, you can see it. Bella likes you back. It pains me greatly to say this, down to the bottom of my heart, but what girl would not want you?” Emmett’s voice replied. I heard Edward snort. “But that’s the problem Em…” Edward trailed off and I pressed my ear to the door more eagerly. “I think… I think I’m in love with her.” I could barely contain my self. I was so excited I bit my lip and did this sort off dance. I ran down the hallway, skipping as I went. (Back to Bella’s point of view) I was completely shocked. L-love me? He’s barely known me for two days and he’s in love with me? But how can Rose known it was right? She probably only heard half of what they really said. I mean, she was behind a door and they were talking quietly. It’s possible to mix up words. Alice jumped up and down in her seat, squealing and clapping furiously. “I told you, I told you.” She chanted. “Oh hush.” I mumbled and turned my attention to the guys playing on the field. Emmett was part of the opposing team, throwing guys to the ground like it took the smallest amount of hard work. Jasper was wide receiver on the offensive team and Edward was their quarter back. Edward threw the ball so perfectly with ease and precision, it was like he knew where to throw the ball right before the person got open. When the

coach came up to him and asked him something, I saw Edward glance up at me briefly and then answered the coach. He got ready for the ball. “Hut!” He yelled and the center threw him the ball. Edward faked, and to my amazement, he dove right into the pressure. There was the flaying of limbs everywhere, but you could see Edward dodging his opponents. He didn’t fumble or drop the ball once as he fought his way through over to the end zone. Rose, Alice, and I’s jaw’s dropped. I thought that would be impossible to get through. I think the football coach thought the same because his mouth was open too. The coach finally got to his senses and blew his whistle. He dismissed the boys for a water break and Emmett, Jasper, and Edward immediately walked over to the bleachers and motioned for us to join them. “That was so amazing Edward.” Rose said in astonishment as we approached them. “Really amazing,” I agreed. “Well, I got to impress the girl I want.” Edward said with his gorgeous crooked smile. My heart fluttered. “Is it working?” I asked him. “I don’t know, I can’t be sure, but I wish I knew.” He answered honestly and leaned closer to me. I looked over his shoulder to try and clear my head of all of the M rated fantasies. Most of them that include him and I. But I chuckled at the sight over Edward’s shoulder. Mike Newton was glaring at Edward’s back with envious eyes. Of course, he was the team’s quarter back since sophomore year and also that I rejected him and was talking to Edward. Edward followed my line of sight and chuckled as well.

“Can’t take a hint can he?” Edward smiled at me and shook his head in disgust and his nose crinkled up adorably in distaste. He’s too cute for his own good, I thought dreamily. “Mike is very much like a boy version of Jessica.” I laughed. “Oh, that sucks. I am so sorry.” He said understandingly. “You get used to it.” I shrugged. “Umm, Bella?” Edward asked and looked down. “Yes?” I asked. His head snapped up and locked eyes with me. He moved closer to me. “I was wondering…” He trailed off. Oh my gosh, I know this line too well. Edward opened his mouth to continue, but the coach blew his whistle for the guys to come to him. Edward sighed in frustration and smiled at me wistfully before joining the rest of the boys at the center of the field. When Emmett and Jasper also left, Alice and Rosalie were on either side of me, eyes wide. “He…” Began Rose. “Was...” Alice. “About,” “To,” “Ask,” “You,” “OUT!” Rose finished. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” Alice rushed out. “Bells, I know he hasn’t asked you out yet, but we’ve got to go out tonight and pick out a cute outfit for you to wear.” Rose said eagerly and

took out her cell phone. She dialed in some numbers and brought the phone to her ear. “Do I even have a say in this?” I asked Alice. “No, because one, we will drag you to Port Angeles with us against your will, and two, because we both know you won’t say no to someone as perfect as Edward.” Alice replied and winked at the last part. “Your dad says it’s okay and that you can spend the night again at my house.” Rose told us as she snapped her phone shut and put it away. “I’m pretty sure there’s only a minute left of try outs.” Alice told us. And when I looked down at the field, sure enough, the boys were heading into the locker room to change. Unlike girls, guys don’t take so long to change, so we met the guys in the parking lot five minutes later. “Good playing tonight guys.” I praised as they approached us near Rose’s car. “Thanks Bella,” Emmett grinned. “And because we did so well, would you ladies so us the honor of seeing a movie with us tonight?” Jasper asked us. “Sure,” Rose smiled and opened the driver’s door. We got into our cars, and when we were about to pull out of the parking lot, Emmett honked his horn and rolled down his window. Rose rolled down her window. “How bout we make this interesting! The first person to reach the Port Angeles movie theater gets upgrades and the loser has to apply them!” Emmett yelled at Rose over the purr of the engines. “Oh you’re on pretty boy!” Rose yelled back and fishtailed out of the parking lot.

Rose rolled up the window and sped down the freeway, dodging cars swiftly and earning honks and middle fingers. “Uh- oh Rose,” Alice warned “They’re gaining on us.” I turned around in the passenger’s seat. The boy’s black Mercedes was about fifty feet away and coming in faster each second. Rose put on some more gas and then we could barely see the “Welcome to Port Angeles” sign buzzing past us. They’re car tried to swerve past us but Rose kept cutting us off. “Rose, I have a feeling they’re going to speed forward and try to make us go faster so they can get around us. But if we slow down, they won’t dare hurt us.” Alice said from the back. Rose tried what she said and the boys did indeed slow down. A fantastic idea then popped into my head. “Rose, can we use speedy?” I asked with a mischievous smile. “Go right ahead,” Rose said and stepped off the gas a little. My gaze traveled to the big red button below the gear shift. Speedy was only used in these kinds of situations. And with no hesitation, I slammed my hand down on speedy and we shot forward like a bullet from a gun. The guy’s car disappeared in a second and we all cheered. Rose had a little difficulty traveling around the pedestrians and eventually had to slow down to sixty. Luckily for us, there were no red lights, but when we saw the guys a couple yards back, a red stop light slowed them down. We reached the movie theater and parked in the space closest to the door. Alice, Rose and I got out and leaned against the car as we waited for the guys.

And in a second, there was the sound of a car zooming down the street. We looked up to see the guy’s car turning around the corner and then finally claiming the open car spot next to us. “How did you guys do that?” Emmett yelled as he got out of his car and walked over to us. “Up grades!” Rose sang. “C’mon you guys let’s go!” Alice grabbed Jasper’s hand and began to tow him towards the ticket office. When Alice grabbed Jasper’s hand a love sick grin appeared on his face. Edward and Emmett noticed and they snickered lowly at Jasper. We all paid for our tickets at the box office and walked into the theater. Rose and Alice “accidentally” took seats next to Jasper and Emmett so that left me next to Edward. Not that I minded, but it was pretty obvious that they did it and Edward noticed. He just gave me a wink and set down next to me. “What movie are we seeing again?” I whispered to him as the theater darkened. “I don’t know, we’ll just have to see.” He whispered back. The screen began with blood splattering everywhere and a blood curdling scream echoed in the theater. Uh- oh, I really hate scary movies. During the movie there was tons of gore and even one person in the theater threw up. The movie was at a part, the room was dark and silent. All of a sudden, a zombie popped up right in our faces. I jumped and hid my head into Edward’s chest. He put his cool arm around me and chafed my arm soothingly. Realizing what I had done, I looked up at Edward with wide eyes. “Sorry,” I whispered and tried to move out of his grasp.

But he pulled me even tighter to him. “It’s okay,” He smiled beatifically. My heart thumped unevenly and I looked back at the screen before he could see the blush coloring my cheeks. Throughout the remainder of the movie, I would cower into his chest when I got scared. A little while ago, he had picked me up and sat me in his lap. I had looked up at him in disbelief. “It’s easier for you to hide this way,” He had said and I flinched into him as an actor’s head on the screen was being eaten. At the end of the movie, the theater brightened and I scrambled out of Edward’s lap. I knew if Alice and Rose saw me, I would be teased all night. We all got up and walked out of the theater. “So how did you like the movie Edward?” Alice asked with a sly smirk and glanced knowingly at me. Oh god. She knows. I almost blanched. “Oh I think he enjoyed it very much.” Emmett answered for him and patted his shoulder playfully. I’m in for so much teasing tonight. We reached the parking lot and said good bye. “Why don’t you boys come on over to my place tomorrow at noon? My car needs major improvement.” Rose said to the boys and got in the car. Emmett just smiled instead of making a smart remark and got into his car as well. Edward turned on me. “Good night Bella, pleasant dreams,” He said softly. “Good night Edward,” I said shyly and looked at him from under my lashes.

He smiled and pulled me in for a gentle hug. I hugged his hard, cool body back for a second. I reveled in the nice moment and then unwillingly unwrapped my arms from around him. Edward just squeezed me tighter. “Umm Edward?” “Mmm?” He answered. “I gotta go,” He seemed to snap out of it and let me go. “Sorry,” He said sheepishly. I just smiled at him before getting into the car. “You girl, have some explaining to do,” Alice said seriously as we pulled out of the parking lot and started to drive home through Port Angeles. “What do you want to know?” I asked hesitantly. “Why did Edward put you in his lap?” Alice asked. “He said it would be easier for me to hide at the scary parts.” I shrugged. “LIAR!” Rose and Alice yelled. “He’s so not telling you the truth. By the look on his face it’s completely the opposite.” Rose disagreed. “Did you like sitting in his lap?” Alice pressed. I blushed. “That’s personal. I am not answering that!” Rose and Alice glanced at me for a second. “You did,” They said in a knowing tone. “What was up with the hug? That was obviously more than a friendly hug.” Said Rose. “I don’t know,” I said thoughtfully. “But all I know is that he wouldn’t let go.” I added with a smile creeping onto my face.

Rose and Alice screamed. “Jeez, clam down you two.” I hushed. Rosalie turned right on the freeway and soon we were in her driveway. We walked in the house and said goodnight to Rosalie’s parents before we changed into our pajama’s, brushed our teeth, and went to bed.

(Edward’s point of view)

I scaled the wall of the Hale’s house with my brothers up to Rosalie’s room. I reached the unlocked window and pushed it open. My eyes immediately locked on Bella’s sleeping form. She looked stunning bathed in the moonlight. Her brown curls fanned out on her pillow and a look of serenity was placed on her heavenly visage. I heard my brothers enter in behind me and I laid on the floor next to Bella to get a better look at her. “So magnificent,” I heard Emmett murmur, probably looking at Rosalie. My brothers and I had each fallen in love with these girls basically on the first day of school. It was weird how they all turned out to be friends. I had almost nodded in agreement to Emmett’s comment. But absolutely no words could compare to Bella. I reached out and lightly encircled her waist into my arms. So lightly, she could not feel it. But Bella’s unconscious form snuggled close to me, burring her face into me

chest. I sighed quietly. It felt like home to be right in her arms. She fit right into me, like we were made for each other. Ever since the first day I laid eyes on her at school, I fell in love with her. It was like she was the only person in the room. A human has never captured my attention so. I can not hear her mind, no matter how hard I try. But not just that attracts me to her. I love the way she walks, talks, laughs, looks….and smells. Bella smells sweeter than any perfume, like lavender or freesia. But her blood doesn’t call to me like it should. It’s like I am immune to it. I asked Carlisle about this and he has no reasonable explanation. And when I get these hungers inside my body, it is not for her blood, but for her body. She has the most wonderful curves, legs that seem to stretch for miles, the most soft and supple skin…. Oh such very soft skin, and her light, full, pink lips are almost irresistible. I can’t get as close as I want to with Bella, me being what I am. A race damned to an eternity of the night. Oh yes, I could go to Carlisle and asked him to change her, but I would only be thinking of myself. I cringe at the thought of Bella becoming a vampire. She should be allowed to live a full and happy life with a human and have children, go to college, get married…. I growled softly. I want to be the lucky man standing at the alter. I want to be her special someone. But I wonder does she reciprocate my feelings? Does she like me as much as I like her? Of course not, she’s only known you three days! I yelled at myself. This is why I am going to do everything in my power to make her fall in love with me. I gently kissed her forehead and she stirred a little. “Edward,” She mumbled softly. “Edward.”

I felt like my heart- if it was alive- would jump out of my chest. She said my name! Is she dreaming about me? I hope so. Her arms suddenly wrapped around my neck. Time to go lover boy. Emmett’s thoughts called to me. It’s almost dawn Edward, we should get going. Jasper’s voice did as well. Being a mind reader had its advantages and disadvantages at times like these. “Alright, I’ll meet you outside in a second,” I said lowly. So lowly only vampires would be able to hear me. I took one last look at Bella. There’s been something I’ve wanted to try ever since the first time I met her. And lightly, lighter than a moth’s wing, I kissed her on her lips. The moment our lips met, there was a spark of electricity. It took all of my strength to pull away. And when I did, a light smile graced her lips. I disentangled myself from her and silently disappeared out the window, closing it as I went.

Chapter 3 (Saturday)

(Bella’s point of view)

I awoke the next morning to Rose and Alice bickering. Not a good way to start the morning. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and finally opened them.

Rise and Alice were each holding a different color tank top with a look of fire in their eyes. Both were face to face. Well, Alice was face to Rosalie’s chest and Rosalie was staring down at Alice. “What’s wrong?” I said groggily. Alice turns to me for a second, a heart warming smile for me. “Good morning Bella. Rose and I were just wondering, which color would you prefer, black or green.” She asked sweetly. “Uh, green?” I said confused. “HA! I win!” Rose says victorious and Alice grumbled. “Change into this, brush your teeth, and do your make up. Alice and I will be waiting for you down stairs,” Rosalie said in an obviously better mood. She towed a still bitter Alice behind her out the bedroom and closed the door after them. “Okay,” I said out into the empty room and walked into the bathroom to get ready. After I got ready, sure enough Alice and Rose were downstairs waiting for me. I met them in the kitchen and munched on an apple. I had dressed in the green cotton tank top and a pair of dark wash jeans with my Uggs. I was in no mood to dress up. No matter how much I wanted to impress Edward. “The guys are coming here in an hour. We slept pretty late. Let’s go into the garage. I’ll leave the garage door open so they’ll know where to find us.” Rose told us and dragged us down the staircase in the living room and into the garage.

There were two cars in the garage. Rosalie’s parents had taken the other two to work. There was obviously Rosalie’s BMW in the garage, but there was a car I’ve never seen before parked next to it. The car was black and shiny and had the Mercedes symbol on it. At least I can tell what kind of car it is. “Uh Rose, what car is that?” I pointed to the thing that probably cost more than my life. “Oh, that’s the new Mercedes McLaren daddy just bought a couple weeks ago.” Rose said proudly and lightly stoked the glossy hood. “Why did he buy it exactly?” I asked hesitantly. “Just to look at. Or to take it out to special events.” Rosalie shrugged. Wow. Rosalie started to tweak her BMW while waiting for the boys. Me and Alice. Knowing nothing about cars, just talked while she worked. “Hey um Bella, can I asked you something?” She asked in a low whisper. “Yeah,” I mumbled back concerned. She never usually whispered. Alice was always outgoing. “Have you felt lately, especially when you go to bed, that you’re being watched?” She whispered and her eyes darted back and forth. I gulped nervously. Now that she mentions it, I actually have. I’ve been so cold when I wake up too. And before I close my eyes, I think I see something move in the trees. “Now that you mention it Alice, yeah actually, I have.” I responded a few seconds later. “I know, and I have a feeling that whoever is watching us, will reveal themselves soon.” She said uncertainly.

Alice always had these strange dreams. It’s like she could see what could happened before it did. In the fourth grade, she said that she had a feeling my pet goldfish Roger was going to die soon. And when I got home after school, Roger was floating at the top of his fish bowl, on his back…. There was also another time when Rose, Alice, and I were all in the mall. Her eyes sort of glazed over, and a second before it happened. She pushed me out of the way before a heavy sign from above hit me. It was strange. Alice always came to me when she had these… visions… but never Rosalie. Rose was, even though she was as tough as a nail, very faint hearted. She couldn’t even stand a good scary story because she thought it could be true. But she could always watch a scary movie because she said if it’s public, it’s nonfiction. “Did you get a glimpse of their faces?” I asked her anxiously. The people or person watching us could very well be someone we go to school with. The person could be someone who you pass in the hallway and never look at twice. “No,” She answered frustrated “But all I know is that there are three of them and their very strong, fast, and to top it off, I think their immortal.” Alice said with a hint of fear in her eyes. That was unlike Alice as well, she was hardly ever afraid. “Are you telling me the truth Alice? You sometimes edit your… visions.” I said seriously. “Of course Bella. I would never hide something like that. This is very important.” She looked me straight in the eyes. She was telling the truth. “Okay, but tell me when you see more of these visitors.” “I will,” She vowed.

The sound of tires rolling over gravel made me and Alice turn our heads in the direction. Driving slowly up to us were the guys. But this time in a different car. It was a sleek and shiny silver Volvo. I could tell it was the guys because the windows weren’t as heavily tinted as the other. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward got out of the car and walked into the garage to meet us. “Hey girlies, what’s up?” Emmett said with a grin. “Nothing much, we were just waiting for you three,” Alice shrugged. Emmett’s attention focused to the long and sexy legs of Rosalie sticking out from under the BMW. Rosalie had no idea that they were here. I smiled mischievously and silently crept under the car. Rose was biting her lip in frustration as she worked on a certain part. I kept my face next to hers eyes wide, until she noticed which wasn’t that long. When she turned her head to mine, she shrieked and jumped about a mile from out and under the car. I started laughing and shimmed out from under the car. Rosalie was glaring at me holding a wrench threateningly. “Took you long enough,” I snickered. She took a step forward and to all of our amusement, actually growled at me. “Hot,” Emmett said out loud accidentally and Edward and Jasper hit him in the back of the head. Rose didn’t pay attention to him and took another step towards me. I quickly jumped behind Alice. “Aww, come on! You wouldn’t go through Alice! She’s the pixie of peace making! You wouldn’t harm this face.” Alice and I made puppy pouts simultaneously.

Rosalie was losing her resolve. The wrench lowered a couple inches and she sighed, defeated. “Yeah! I know you can’t stay mad at me for long!” I rejoiced and hugged Rosalie. “Oh, now this is too much,” Emmett whistled, “Emmett,” Edward and Jasper hit him in the back of the head again. “You liked it too Eddie, don’t try and deny it!” Emmett wiggled his eye brows at him. Edward punched him in the arm. “Ow, why don’t we just have an, ‘Hit Emmett Cullen Day’ huh?” Emmett said sarcastically. Rosalie released me and turned to the boys. “Come on over to my baby. I’ll show you guys what needs to be done.” She instructed them to follow her and they got to work. It was almost as painful as getting a bikini wax being in the same room as Edward. Every time he bent down, I couldn’t help but stare at his behind. It was so firm and nice, dang my hormones and his tight fitted jeans! I think Alice and Rosalie were having the same problem. Rose even had to leave the garage a couple times as an excuse to use the restroom. I was close to two when the boys finished. They were very fast workers and quick learners. No wonder they’re smartest people in the school. Edward bent down again to clean up and this time I had to close my eyes. I tried to think of bunnies and rainbows so the fine images would go away, but no success. Edward appeared even in the valley of gumdrops and sugar canes, probably because he was so nice and sweet. The images felt like

they were welded into my brain. Why did I have to have a crush on a gentleman? I sensed a body next to mine and I opened my eyes. Speak, well in this case think of the devil. Edward was leaning on the wall next to me smiling lightly. “What are you thinking?” He asked me, his brow barely scrunching together, trying to hide some frustration. “Nothing important,” I lied and shrugged. I got up off the wall and strolled around the BMW, just stretching my legs. Edward followed me, standing very close next to me as we walked. “I bet you’re thinking about something,” He said softly. “I was,” I admitted. “And what was it?” I panicked for a brief second. And in that same second, I tripped on a small metal thing. I braced myself for the impact, but none came. Edward caught me in his cool arms. “Uh, thanks,” I said embarrassed and blushed. “No problem,” He smiled genuinely. Why. Out of all the times my clumsiness could have hit, it had to right in front of him? “But I am still curious, what were you thinking?” He wasn’t letting me go so easily. On why you’re so gorgeous, how can I find some way to kiss you without you finding out, why do you like me, and how long did it take for you to get such a tight ass? “Again, it was nothing important. Just thinking about what has happened lately.” I lied again.

He narrowed his eyes at me and stopped in front of me. “You’re a bad liar Bella,” He smiled crookedly. He was just so close. His sweet breath fanned out on my face and his black eyes stared into mine. Wait, whoa, black? I thought his eyes were gold? “Aren’t your eyes gold? They’re black…” I said accidentally out loud. “It’s just the lighting,” He mumbled and looked down at the floor. We let it drop. It wasn’t nice of me to pry. I should have known better. Now he’s ignoring me. Oh great, you screwed up big time Swan. His eyes flickered to mine again. “Um, Bella, I was going to ask you last time at the football field, but I was interrupted…” He stuttered. I kept our gaze and nodded for him to continue. “Well, would you like to… go out sometime?” He asked hesitantly, afraid of being rejected. His eyes dropped to the floor again. “Sure Edward that would be great.” I said honestly and gave him a small smile. His eyes snapped to mine and he smiled widely. “Thank you,” He breathed. “What are you two- oh okay,” Rosalie came around where we were. Edward and I were behind the car so no one could see us. I really didn’t know how close we were until we final stepped back. “This isn’t what it looks like Rose,” I assured her. Rose just smirked and left us. “Um, that was weird,” I said awkwardly. “Agreed,” Edward put in. “Dude let’s go! We got homework!” Emmett yelled to Edward.

“I don’t know when a time is good for you,” Edward said hurriedly. “Wednesday night? Seven?” I suggested. “Sure, I’ll see you then,” He smiled and then ran off to the car outside where his brothers were. I watched the car drive out of sight, down the driveway happily. I have a date with Edward Cullen. The Edward Cullen. I skipped merrily to Alice and Rosalie. They were on the other side of the car, eyes wide, obviously listening to Edward and I’s conversation. “Did he?” Rosalie said in shock. “He did,” I squealed and slid down the back of the car biting my lip. “When is it?” Alice asked and sat down next to me. “Wednesday,” “That’s four days away!” Rose and Alice exclaimed. “And?” I said confused. “How can you wait so long to go on a date with him? If it was Emmett, I would have said let’s go right now!” Rosalie said in exasperation. “Wow, Rose, you really like him don’t you?” Alice raised an eyebrow. “Hell yea! I mean, have you seen his abs?” She said seriously. We all looked at each other for a second and then broke out into a fit of laughter. “What do we do now?” I asked after we calmed down. We just stared at each other. “I don’t know, let’s go to your place?” Alice asked us but looked at me.

“I guess it would be alright with my dad. He likes you so much anyway, especially you Alice. My dad thinks you’re an angel without the halo or wings,” I chuckle at the last part. “Hey, it’s not my fault I was born with the power of cuteness,” Alice said as we got off the floor. “More like suck upness,” Rose coughed. Alice rolled her eyes at her. “You’re just jealous,” Alice smiled. “Are you guys ready?” I asked and put my hand on the handle of Rosalie’s BMW. “Yeah, I have my phone so I’m ready.” Rosalie nodded. “Me too. Let’s get this show on the road ladies,” Alice opened the passenger door and got in. Rosalie drove to my house. It was a small thing, two stories, painted white. We got out and I grabbed my back pack from the trunk of Rose’s car. I used the key hid under the eave of the front door to unlock the house. “Bella, can we watch some TV?” Rosalie asked already in the living room with Alice. “Sure,” I called from the door and shut it behind me. When I walked into the living room, Rose was flipping through channels, searching for something to watch. I flung my back pack onto the couch and I sat down on the couch with them. Rose settled on “Wife Swap”. The two wives were unbelievable! One wife just sat upstairs in bed all day while her kids just sat in their bedrooms in front of the TV, playing video games. And the other wife did all the work around the house, cooking, cleaning, and even home schooling the kids!

The kids of the busy wife believed that women could only cook and clean when they grew up because the father basically bossed them around and just sat his butt on a chair in front of his TV. This is why I don’t like reality shows, there’s just too much drama. It didn’t surprise me that in a few minutes Alice and Rosalie’s stomachs were snarling. I just walked into the kitchen. “What do you guys want?” I called to them. “Grilled Cheese!” Alice yelled back. I smiled and got out the frying pan and ingredients for grilled cheese. The sound of the cheese popping gave me a nice sense of security. It had a homey sound I’ve always liked. The mouth watering aroma of grilled cheese filled the room and I wasn’t surprised Alice and Rosalie followed the scent like a snake under a charmer’s spell. They basically inhaled their sandwiches when I put it in front of them. I rolled my eyes and began to eat mine too. “Thanks Bells, your cooking is amazing!” Alice said contently and leaned back in her chair at the dinner table. “I second that motion!” Rose rubbed her stomach and held up her hand. “You could seriously start your own cooking show and beat Rachel Ray’s ass!” Alice said with a laugh. “Yeah, yeah, sure,” I smiled and leaned back in my chair as well. “What do you think her restaurant name would be called?” Alice asked Rosalie. “Hmm, maybe ‘Bella’s little Italy’? Your best food is Italian, Bella.” Rosalie nodded.

“No way am I going to open a restaurant, I have no desire to become a chef,” I protested before their imaginations could get out of control. Alice’s phone beeped. She took it out and looked at the screen. “Ooh! America’s next top model is on! Can we go watch it?” She asked Rose and I. “Sure, you two go ahead and I’ll clean the dishes and put away my mess.” I said and collected their plates. Rose and Alice went into the living room while I cleaned. When I had finished, I walked into the living room and watched the remainder of the show with them. Alice was obviously excited because the girl she really liked made it to the finals. The show ended with Tyra saying good bye and it then cut to commercials. “You know, you could be on that TV show Rose,” I turned to her. “I know! But I’m too young so I can’t.” She grumbled. The door opened and the clunking of my dad’s boots filled the room. “Hey girls,” He said to us as he walked into the living room. I looked at the clock. “You’re home early dad, it’s only five.” I got up and gave him a hug. “Stuff at the station was slow so I decided to come home early.” He explained and returned the hug. My dad, Charlie, was Chief of Police here in Forks. Most people looked up to him like he was the mayor or something. “Chief Swan!” Alice said happily and got up and hugged him as well. “Hello Alice, how are you doing? No speeding I hope?” He raised an eye brow at her. Alice laughed musically.

“Oh no Chief Swan, but I am doing great, thanks for asking.” She smiled. “What no hug from you Rosalie?” Charlie asked Rose who was still on the couch. “I’m not really into the whole touchy touchy feely feely kind of thing.” She shrugged. “Understandable,” Charlie nodded. “C’mon Rose, let’s go. Our parents are probably wondering where we are.” Alice said. “Okay, bye Bella,” Rose got up and hugged me. Alice and Rosalie left the house but Alice yelled out a goodbye before shutting the door closed. “So dad, what are you in the mood for dinner tonight?” I asked. “How bout some fish? I still have some from last weeks fishing trip.” He suggested. “Okay, can you go get it out from the freezer in the garage while I set things up?” He nodded and went outside to the garage. I walked into the kitchen and got out the left over salad I had made three days ago. It was still fresh thanks to the Debby Meyer green bags. I also took out a loaf of bread and cut some slices. Charlie brought in the fish and I prepared dinner. Dinner was fairly quiet like it always is. We were both accustomed to the silence since we were never big talkers, unlike my mom. Renee, or mother, left when I was three years old. She left Charlie and moved to Florida where she married a minor league baseball player Phil. I used to leave every summer and go visit Renee, but I stopped when I started

my junior year of high school this year so I could browse colleges and focus more on my school work. Renee had tried to try and convince me to move out to Florida with Phil and her, but it never felt like home. The heat was great since we don’t get much of it here in Forks, but over the years the heat just got too much for me. I had friends here already anyway, and I didn’t feel like making new friends. Charlie helped me clean up the kitchen after dinner and then retired to the old recliner in the living room to watch his sports. Charlie loved football and basketball, even though he never played. I had tried to watch with him countless of times, but I never really got hooked. I went upstairs and into my bedroom. It was hardly changed over the years. The blue lace curtains and yellow walls were still there since I’ve been born because Charlie and I never saw the reason to change it, a rocking chair was still in a corner from when I was a baby too, an ancient computer and phone were plugged into the outlet near my desk I used to do my school work, a bed side table with a lamp and alarm clock, a closet and dresser to store clothes, and a double door window that I could push open. I haven’t grown up with a lot of money. My mother was a school teacher and jobs here don’t pay that much because there is so little of us. But Charlie tried to give me things other girls my age got when I was little, but he didn’t succeed. I was never the kid to beg for things so it was alright. We had enough money to eat and afford the house and send me to school, so that was fine with me. And because I never got gifts that were just for enjoyment when I was younger, I have this bad habit of declining gifts from people. It just seems like someone has to take care of me when I do it very good by myself.

I pressed the power button on my computer and took a quick shower while the dinosaur was warming up. I changed into my favorite sweat pants and holey t-shirt after the shower and let my hair air dry. When the computer finally warmed up, I clicked on the little internet picture on the screen and then waited an annoying minute for the internet to pop up. The internet explorer opened up to Yahoo and I typed in my email address and password. In my inbox, there were three new messages, all from Renee. I sighed and opened the first one. The message said,
Hey Sweetie, I thought I’d send in some pictures on how Phil and I are doing. Love you! -Mom

There were pictures of Mom and Phil in the house, on their honeymoon in Disneyworld, some pictures of Phil with his baseball team, and there were some pictures of random stuff that were blurred. I laughed to myself. Renee was never the person for technology; she probably didn’t know where the lens was on the camera. I closed that one and moved onto the next.
Bells, You there? Hellloooo? -Mom I chuckled and opened the last one. Bella! C’mon! Why can’t you talk to your mom? I know, you’re probably too cool now that you’re a junior, but I miss you! :*(


That message was sent almost an hour ago. I typed a reply.
Mom, Sorry I haven’t been emailing you lately. Rosalie, Alice, and I have made some new friends and we’re hanging out constantly. I miss you too! Nice pictures by the way. I especially liked the one at Disney World with Phil when you had the Mickey Mouse ears on. Love you! -Bella P.S. Nice sad emoticon by the way. I’ve never got the hang of those.

I sent that and shut down my computer after that. It was about seven thirty and I had nothing to do. It took me a while to think of something, but I decided on reading my favorite book, Wuthering Heights again for the fun of it. I plopped on my bed and opened to the first page. 1801- I have just returned from a visit to my landlordthe solitary neighbor that I shall be troubled with. A rustling in the trees stopped me from reading. I cautiously put down the book and walked to the closed window. I opened it and poked my head outside. There were no harsh winds tonight so that wasn’t why the tree moved. I looked up into the tree to see if I could find the source of the sound. But all I saw was nothing. It must have been my imagination. “Must have been a squirrel,” I mumbled and brought my head back inside.

Just to be safe, I locked the windows after I closed them. But a nagging thought made me think otherwise. What if that was the thing Alice was having visions about. Would it have killed me? Would it have run away and hide like I’m sure it did now? I shook the thought out of my head and continued to read. And after reading for a long time, I fell asleep.
Sorry I didn’t make a chapter for Sunday, but I thought the first chapter was Friday, but I then realized they went back to school so I had to make it Thursday. So now let’s just say Bella just did homework on Sunday and then read the whole day. Do you get that? Sorry and thank you for reading this Author’s note.

Chapter 4 (Monday)

I was in the forest, running away from something. I didn’t know what, but the sound of snarls and growls made me run faster. It was very dark outside, stars scattered the violet night. I glanced behind me and saw that a dark shadow was running after me. I whipped my head back around and pumped my legs faster, but because of my clumsiness, I tripped and fell on a root of a tree. I landed on my back and came face to face with my predator. He had a handsome complexion, long dark gold hair and a smile. But that wasn’t a good smile, it was a sinister smile. He had ruby red eyes that seem to consume me. I screamed. The monster chuckled and reached a hand out to grab me.

A roar sounded from behind me and the monster and I looked towards the sound. There, crouching in a defensive pose was Edward. His eyes were pitch black with anger and vengeance, dead set on the monster with red eyes. Edward’s muscles coiled and he leaped at the monster, gripping him by the throat. They fell into a tree and smashed it as they fought each other them punching and biting. They were fighting to the death. “EDWARD NO!” I screamed in terror for him. “Run Bella run! Please, love, please! I love you; I need you to get out of here!” Edward pleaded with me as he pinned the red eyed monster on the forest floor. I got off the ground and sprinted out of the area, in fear for Edward. I jolted off my bed, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. It was just a dream, just I dream, I chanted to myself in my head. My alarm clock was beeping, signaling for me to get up. I tried to shake the dream off and got ready for school. I changed into a pair of jeans and my favorite blue sweater with my old pair of chucks. When I got downstairs Charlie had already left for work so I made my self a bowl of Lucky Charms as breakfast. Rosalie and Alice picked me up every morning for school so I waited for the familiar honk of a car horn before getting into the car outside in my driveway. Alice was unusually happy this morning, bouncing up and down enthusiastically. Rosalie looked a little warily at Alice so I think she didn’t know the reason either. Rosalie pulled into the parking lot at the school and parked next to the Cullen’s Mercedes again. Rosalie got out of the car after Alice and I did and she told us she had to finish some work in the library before school. When Rose was out of sight, I turned to Alice.

“What’s gotten you so excited?” I raised an eyebrow. “You’ll see at lunch.” Alice said vaguely and winked at me before walking off towards the school. I shook my head in disbelief. These are some of the times when I wish Alice didn’t keep things from me.

Lunch Later that Day

Alice, Rosalie and I took our regular seats at our table at lunch. Emmett, Edward, and Jasper weren’t here yet and we were constantly searching the room. But a very large figure bursting through the doors made us sigh in relief. Emmett was running at full speed to our table with Jasper and Edward behind him. The guys were snaking around tables, dodging by standers. But a tiny freshman was in the way of Emmett and the poor kid was glued to the spot in fear. We tried to shout for the kid to move, but Emmett slid under a table at the last second, making some girls applying their make up scream and mess up. Emmett just laughed heartily and continued to run at us with Edward and Jasper still in tow. Now it was a race against time. Mike, Eric Yorkie, and Tyler Crowley having seen them coming, were also running to take seats next to us. Emmett just glared menacingly and ran faster. All the students were intensely watching them race. Emmett snagged a chair next to Rose, Jasper took one next to Alice, and now it left me. Edward had slightly slipped on a banana peel-cliché, I

know- and that put him at a disadvantage. Mike was about a foot ahead of Edward, four feet away from me and the other open chair. But Edward at the last moment, made a spectacular leap into the chair when Mike had bent down to slow his impact running to the chair. Edward landed gracefully with a smile for me and a glare for Mike. Eric, Tyler, and Mike basically whined back to their table, tails between their legs. The student body erupted into applause and Emmett, Jasper, and Edward stood up and took a bow, panting heavily. They sunk back into their seats, both smiling. Rose, Alice, and I just laughed. “Nice leap at the end by the way,” I nudged Edward lightly on the side with my elbow. “Thank you. Do I get a prize?” He said cheekily. I bit my lip for a moment and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His eyes popped wide for a second but then smiled slyly at me. Emmett and Jasper cat called and whistled as I blushed. Edward scooted his chair tight against mine and wrapped his left arm around my waist. “Why were you running to get to us anyway?” Rose asked. “Well, we checked the roster for the team,” Emmett paused dramatically. “And?” Rosalie pressed. “We all made the team!” Jasper said excitedly. We cheered and exchanged hugs. “And the best part is Newton didn’t make it.” Edward snickered. “Yes!” I exclaimed. “And what made him even more ticked off is that he doesn’t get you. You’re mine.” Edward whispered in my ear and gripped me tighter to his side. I blushed.

I chuckled and gently pushed my head away from his. With his head being that close I might do some things that I would regret later on. We all talked the rest of lunch, just talking about random stuff and enjoying each other’s company. Rosalie and Emmett looked very cozy together as well as Alice and Jasper did. It’s great to find out that Alice and Rosalie found someone that would treat them well. Lunch ended soon, and Rosalie and Alice were sad because they had to leave Emmett and Jasper. But I was still excited because I have Edward for next period and the period after that. I was throwing my lunch away when Edward came up behind me. He took my hand and shot glares at Mike as we left the cafeteria together. My eyebrows furrowed together. He was never usually like that. “What’s wrong?” I squeezed his hand as we walked down the hallway to biology. “Mike was staring at you inappropriately. It’s pretty obvious I have a claim on you.” He grumbled. “Claim?” I questioned. “Well this,” He held up our intertwined hands, “Surely means we’re more than friends. It’s an obvious gesture to tell the males to back off.” I laughed. “If you think I would go for them you’re crazy.” Edward seemed content by my remark and gave me a small smile as we entered the biology room. We took our seats in the back of the class and got our stuff out as we waited for the other students and Mr. Banner, the teacher, to join us. Rosalie saw that Edward sat next to me. She grinned slyly and sat down next to Emmett.

Mr. Banner was five minutes late, but he rolled in a small TV on a cart so it was his excuse for being tardy. He announced that we would be watching a movie today and there was no need for notes. Many of the students cheered. When Mr. Banner flipped the lights off something happened, There was a spark of electricity between Edward and I. It was so strong it seemed to be humming. I had the strangest desire to touch him. No one could see what I was doing if I tried something, only Edward would know. I tried to ignore the feeling but it wouldn’t go away. Frustrated, I clasped my hands firmly together on the table where they should belong. Not playing with his hair like I wanted to. I noticed from the corner of my eye Edward was looking at me now and again, down to my hands. About five minutes into the movie Edward hesitantly slid his hand silently over to mine. He released one hand from its stiff posture and rubbed soothing, gentle circles on the top of my hand. I gave him a shy smile and he smiled lightly back, his gold eyes smoldering. They were back to gold. Maybe there was something wrong with the lighting in Rosalie’s garage. His hand was also still ice cold like it always was. This got me to thinking back about Alice’s vision and my dream from last night. Alice said they were fast and strong. It was exactly what the monster had been last night. But Edward was the same thing as the red eyed monster. That can’t be true because Edward is human, right? It didn’t sound right, Edward is human. So is he one of them? I snuck a quick look at him from the corner of my eye. He was staring at the TV screen with boredom, like he’d rather be somewhere else than here. I ticked off all the things in my head, and I was afraid because the features actually all made sense together. Eyes that change color, superhumanly strong and

fast, handsome, animalistic growls…. They all seemed to fit together. I almost gasped. Emmett and Jasper had the same traits as well. Whatever Edward was, he wasn’t human, and neither were Jasper and Emmett along with the monster from my dreams. The lights turned on in the classroom, bringing me out of my thoughts. I shook my discovery out of my mind to act normal. No way could I be calm keeping a secret. The movie was over and the other kids were walking to last period. Edward released my hand to gather up his stuff and I did mine as well. “What did you think of the movie?” Edward asked me once we were in the hallway. “I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention,” I admitted. Edward chuckled. “Neither was I,” He dropped me off at the girl’s locker room and gave me a smile before leaving to the boy’s locker room. Alice was already in the locker room, changing into her uniform. I did the same and walked out into the gym with her. Today we played tennis and it was a disaster. Alice was thankfully on my team so we did okay, but I almost hit myself in the head with the racket. The ball was coming right at me and when I put the racket in front of my face to deflect the ball, the force of the ball made the racket smack into my face. But I had time to avoid that and a bloody nose so I guess god was shining down on me today. No girls decided to be mean to me during gym so that was also a plus. We were back in the locker room changing back into our clothes. Alice was humming a light tune and smiling. I silently giggled and leaned on my

dressing locker while I waited for her to finish. She shut her locker and I looked at her in disbelief. “What?” She asked and put her hands on her hips. Alice could barely hide her smile. “You’re humming and smiling which you never do after gym. What happened is it Jasper?” I asked eagerly. She bit her lip and nodded. “He asked me out. I over heard Rose and Emmett talking and she got asked out by Emmett too.” She whispered. “Aww, my little Alice has finally grown up and started dating!” I pinched her cheeks and ran away. She really hates it when I do that. “BELLA!” She yelled and chased after me. I laughed and ran out the door. But as soon as I ran out, I didn’t see where I was going and I ran into a wall.” “Oof,” I huffed. The wall caught me. Wait, walls don’t have arms? I looked up. Edward was staring down at me in amusement. Alice just opened the door and I hid behind Edward. “Back evil!” I made a cross with my index fingers and showed them to Alice over Edward’s shoulder. Edward chuckled at us. Alice took a threatening step towards me in her designer and deathly shoes. She had a look of vengeance in her eyes and smoke seemed to pour out of her ears. “I’ll save you Bella!” A deep voice appeared out of nowhere and suddenly my vision was turned upside down.

I was thrown onto someone’s back and being carried off. I looked up and noticed Emmett was grinning at me, running to the opposite direction whenever Alice tried to reach us. “Emmett, put me down. She’ll get me eventually and you’ll get tired.” I sighed. Emmett guffawed. “Fat chance! You’re as light as a penny.” He said confidently and ran by Alice. “Light as a penny? What kind of dumb simile is that?” I snickered. I felt myself being pulled off Emmett and into someone’s arms, right side up this time thank fully. The grass and people around me were spinning. Hmm, I didn’t know we were now in the parking lot. I grabbed my head and blinked a lot until the planet stopped whirling. I looked up at the person’s face that went with the arms around me. Edward was grinning. “Is the world right side up now?” He laughed. “Uhh, yes I think,” I said a little frazzled. “Sorry Bella, Alice was about to attack and I couldn’t let her. I mean Alice and Rosalie aren’t clumsy, so who’d I make fun of?” Emmett teased. I looked over at Emmett. Rosalie and Jasper had joined us. Jasper was holding Alice from trying to attack me. “Edward, you might want to let Bella down. People are getting the idea that you two are married.” Jasper warned. I blushed and jumped lightly out of Edward’s arms. Gossip spreads like dry brush in a wild fire here. Just think, by the time I would be home, my dad would be ready with his gun, searching for my ‘husband’.

“When is your guy’s first practice?” Rose asked as we walked to our cars. “Friday,” Emmett answered. “That sucks, right before the weekend.” Rose said. “Yeah,” Alice agreed. We made it to our cars and said goodbyes. Alice and Rose dropped me off at my house but Alice walked me to my door. I unlocked the door and turned to face her. “I’ve had another vision about the things from my vision.” She whispered. “What is it Alice?” I whispered back. “They drink blood,” She bit her lip. “Blood?” I blanched and squeaked. “Yes, but not human blood, animal blood.” “Why?” “I don’t know,” “Do you know who they are?” “No, but I know there are three of them.” I gulped. No, no, no, this can’t be real. “And I only saw their eyes. When they’re thirsty, their eyes change color to black, and when they’re…fed…their eyes are gold.” Alice added. I almost fainted. Edward, Emmett, Jasper, vampires? “So they’re vampires?” My voice shook. Alice nodded. I took a deep breath. “Thanks for keeping my updated Alice.” I thanked her. “Mmm Hmm. See you tomorrow Bella.” She gave me a smile

I gave her a half smile and walked inside the house. I shut the door behind me and went up to my room. This can’t be real, I mean there is no such thing as vampires, they’re classified as fiction! But what if vampires had a fake vampire race to hide their existence, they have Dracula, a voice in the back of my head said to me. That could be it, but how could they be around humans then? We have blood. And Carlisle Cullen is a doctor at the hospital here in Forks. There is probably a lot of blood going on where he works. How do they resist? Oh my, if Mr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen have gold eyes and chalky pale skin….. They’re vampires too! I lay down on my bed and threw my arms over my eyes, frustrated. The facts all seemed to make sense but nothing fit the Dracula we grew up to know. Cob webs, moats, turn into a bat, cinders in the sunlight, sleep in a coffin. All those are vampire traits. But what if the Cullen’s are a different kind of vampire? Curious, I got off my bed and turned on my computer. It was agonizingly slow to wait for this thing to load. I sat there for about fifteen minutes before I could open up an internet explorer. I opened up to my favorite search engine, Google, and typed in vampire. Many things popped up from movies, make up artists, Halloween costumes and books. But I found a promising link labeled “Vampires A-Z”. I clicked on that and waited another five minutes for the home page to pop up. At the top it said vampires and below it labeled names of vampires alphabetically. There were about twenty kinds, each similar but different in their own way. I typed in animal drinkers in the search bar of the home page, but nothing came up. It was infuriating. This site gives me no information

that could be useful. I angrily shut off the computer and flopped back down onto my bed. This is why I only read fantasy books. Stuff in the real world is plain confusing. I stayed upstairs for a while and did my math homework before going downstairs to prepare dinner. I made some simple pasta with meat sauce because I wasn’t really in the cooking kind of mood tonight. Charlie was happy all the same with dinner. He didn’t notice my out of it expression so I was glad. Sometimes I’m happy that Charlie is so unobservant in times like this. I excused myself to bed early tonight after I had cleaned the dishes. I asked Charlie if he could put away the food and he just nodded because his mouth was full. I took a hot shower to try and calm myself before bed, but that didn’t help. As I lay in my bed, my stomach is full of knots. I have to tell Edward I know, soon. Because if I want a relationship with him, there should be no secrets between us. And if he truly liked me he wouldn’t kill me. I mean, if he wanted my blood, he could have whisked me off to somewhere private and had done it days ago. But how could I be afraid with him? He’s already saved my life once and injury twice, he is very nice and caring to me, he always gives of this protective vibe that I think is caveman like but adorable, he’s gorgeous, and from Rosalie’s information, he loves me. I don’t even feel scared around him either or have ever been. Damn, I thought as I closed my eyes. I’m hopelessly in love with a vampire.

Oooh! What will happen now? Sorry if you think it’s boring that I always start their day at school with lunch, but I really don’t want to make up class periods before that because Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Edward aren’t in any of those classes and it would be boring without them.

Chapter 5

Lunch that Day (Tuesday)

The Cullen’s and Alice, Rose, and I were sitting at our table just chatting when I noticed something. The Cullen’s never eat the food on their trays. That just makes my theory even truer. Emmett and Rose called for our attention. “You know how we wanted payback for Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton?” Emmett asked with a grin. Jasper, Alice, Edward, and I nodded. “Well we just figured out why they bother us. Jessica is attracted to Edward and Mike is attracted to Bella.” Rose said and paused. “And this means?” I said confused. “We’re saying you two should fake stage making out in the janitor’s closet in the hallway. Jessica and Mike walk by that hall everyday to get to lunch, and the class they were being held in got held back ten minutes.” Emmett rubbed his hands together evilly. Edward and I looked at each other and Jasper and Alice looked at us. I had to admit, it was a great plan, but it seems a little ridiculous. “I like the idea. Jessica will surely back off. What do you say Bella?” Edward asked me. Me, fake making out with Edward? Even though I’d like it to be real…it would probably be the best I would get.

“Sure, when do we do it?” I agreed. “Right now. Emmett and I will show you where the closet is. You’ll get in it and we’ll come and get you when they’re gone.” Rose said and grabbed my hand to lead me out of the cafeteria. Edward and Emmett followed behind us and went to the closet in the second hallway near the history classroom. Rosalie opened the door. The closet was tiny so we’d have to squish together to fit. “The janitor stopped using this one so no one will come in. But just to make sure, lock the door on the inside when you’re in,” Emmett told us. I got into the closet first and then Edward got in. There were basketballs, hula hoops, tennis balls and rackets, this must be the old gym closet. It was dark in here, but light enough so I could see his face from the sliver of yellow light peaking in from under the closet. Edward was two hands length away from me. His face was so close and I could see exactly how bright of a gold his eyes were. They looked like stars in the night sky. He pulled me closer and stroked my cheek with his thumb. “You know I really like you Bella,” He whispered. “You do?” I answered dumbly, to busy distracted by his hand that was cradling my face. “Yes, of course.” He smiled softly. I sighed and he pulled me even closer. “I know we’re supposed to be pretending, but…” He grazed his lips so lightly against mine. My breathing hitched and my heart thumped erratically. My skin was on fire, I needed more. “Isn’t that supposed to be after the date?” I rasped.

“I can’t wait that long.” He admitted. That’s all I needed to hear. I stretched up on my tippy toes and pressed his lips fully to mine. He groaned and kissed me back. Oh my, this was my first kiss. My hands went up to tangle in his hair and moved his face tighter to mine. I parted my lips under his and kissed him fiercely. His scent was overwhelming and I couldn’t think straight, all of my thoughts were jumbled. Edward licked my lower lip urgently and I couldn’t be happier to open my mouth. His tongue slipped in and moved with mine slowly, making me break out in goose bumps. He tasted so delicious, like the sweetest chocolate. “Edward,” I moaned. “Bella,” He moaned back. On instinct, my legs went up to wrap around his waist and I almost gasped in surprise. His…very big… member…was hard and erect. I can’t believe I actually have that kind of control over him. He pushed me up against the wall, not hard, but gentle enough so I wouldn’t get hurt. Edward released my lips and kissed down my neck, lightly sucking and nibbling in different areas. He doesn’t need to breathe, I noted. Fine with me! I let out small whimpers and moans and clutched his hair tighter. His little friend was sandwiched between us and I couldn’t help but rub into him. He hissed and his hips jerked up, giving me a real feel how bad he wanted me. His hands now fisted in my hair and moved his lips back to mine. There was nothing sweet about this kiss. He kissed me roughly but gentle at the same time, like he was trying not to hurt me. Oh yeah, inhumanly strong. He could probably crush me with a flick of his pinkie. His cold hand was

now up my shirt and playing with the bra clasp in the back. Oh yes, yes, yes! Please! There was knocking on the door but we ignored it and continued to make out. His hand almost reached the catch…. The door opened and four gasps echoed in the empty hallway. Shit, we forgot to lock the door. We pulled away to see Mike, Jessica, Rosalie, and Emmett all gaping at us. Play it cool, I thought, play it cool. “Hello guys, Edward and I were just catching up,” I told them with a wicked smile. I turned to Edward. “See you in a few minutes,” I said to him and kissed him soundly before unhooking my legs from around him and snatching Rosalie away. We walked down the hallway and I went into the bathroom. My hair is probably a mess. I took one look in the mirror and sighed. My hair was okay, my lips were a little swollen and red, but there were numerous hickies up and down my neck. My neck looked like it was covered in cheetah spots. I saw Rosalie staring at me in astonishment in the mirror. I turned around to her and put my hands on her shoulders. “You okay?” I asked. She nodded slowly. “I still can’t believe you guys were doing that.” She finally mumbled and I dropped my hands. “Doing what?” “Making out in the closet. I thought you two were going to pretend.” “We were, but you know, one thing can lead to another and then ta da!” I shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you, but I can never look at Edward the same way again.” She shook her head, “Here, I have some make

up to cover the hickies, let me put it on you quickly. We have five minutes left of lunch.” Rosalie took out some concealer and a brush from her bag and applied it on me. When I looked back in the mirror, they were gone. It looked flawless. “Nice job Rosalie. Now you can be a model and a make up artist.” I said. She snorted and rolled her eyes. Rose had my bag so we walked out of the bathroom and into the crowded hallways. She and I went into the biology room. Edward and Emmett weren’t there so we went back to our table and sat down while I waited for Edward. Someone moved in front of me so I looked up. Mike was staring down at me, worried. “Yes Mike?” “Are you okay Bella?” He asked. “Yes, why?” I said suspiciously. “It’s just that, what I saw back there, did Edward force you into it?” He leaned on part of the table. Now I was angry. Why would he think that? “No Mike. Actually, I made the first move and lured him into the closet. Is that a problem?” I lied confidently. Mike’s eyes practically popped out of his head and rolled onto the table in front of me. “Y-y-you a-asked him t-to c-come-” He squeaked. “Yes, and he agreed. I missed him, who wouldn’t?” I smiled. Mike swallowed convulsively and looked like he was about to throw up. He quickly left the table and went to his.

I snickered quietly and Rose did as well. “I didn’t know you could lie so well.” A velvety voice said to me. I turned to my left to see Edward. Emmett appeared on Rosalie’s side. “I can if I set my mind to it,” I smiled. “Just think Eddie, she could be hiding something from you right now.” Emmett joked. A prick of fear clouded my eyes and I covered it up before it could be noticed. Edward could read my emotions like an open book. Stupid vampire. I rolled my eyes at Emmett and shook my head. “Where are my markings? I specifically left them in sight so all the males know you’re mine.” Edward whined lowly in my ear. I laughed and he chuckled along with me. Mr. Banner called for our attention and to me and Rose’s disappointment, Edward and Emmett went back to their seats. Today in class we did things with microscopes, looking at amoebas’ and other microscopic organisms. The amoeba looked like frozen puke, but there was this really cool little water organism that was green with hair all over it. It swam around in wide circles, swimming back from one edge of the tiny drop of water to the other. “Whoa! This dude is awesome!” Emmett had yelled. They class looked up and saw that Emmett was moving his head in the direction that the water organism was moving. His head was spinning so fast he got dizzy in five seconds and fell out of his chair. We all laughed and Emmett got back up into the chair, unashamed by his actions. We had to make observations on the creature we were examining and guess which body of water in town it came from. I got all my answers right and even corrected the right names with the right organisms. Rosalie put the

slides with the organisms back into the tray which I was thankful for. Who knows, my hand could slip and the slide could break and fall. We got out of class and Rosalie left for her other class. Emmett and Edward walked with me to gym, and unfortunately, Emmett was talking about the closet incident. “What do you two do? I mean seriously Eddie, you’ve been masturbating every day after school since you’ve met-” Edward pushed him into the boy’s locker room and spun around sheepishly to meet me. I walked up to him, trying to hide my smile. “Is that true? Have you?” I batted my eyelashes in a way to get him to talk. He smirked and pushed his front into me. I actually gasped this time. Little Edward was back and out to play again. “Yes. You don’t know how beautiful you are and what I want to do to you…” He trailed off as he whispered in my ear. I shuddered and he smiled against my ear. Oh no mister. Two can play at that game. “Hmm, then you’ll have to show me sometime,” I whispered back. Now it was his turn to gasp. “Oh, and Edward, you might want to get rid of your little…problem.” I chuckled and stared at the bulge in his pants. I left him stunned as I walked into the girl’s locker room. That’s what he gets. Alice was already in there, changing. She didn’t say a word to me, but I had a feeling she knew about the closet incident. “So,” She said too casually as I finished changing and was about to walk out into the gym. “So what,” I played along. “You and Edward kissing huh?”

“Yep,” “It’s about time,” She smirked and linked arms with me. We played tennis again today and I tripped. But Edward happened to be next to me, so he caught me before I could fall. Alice and I played against two other girls who were unfortunately on the tennis team at school. They were merciful and went easy on us, but even then I was horrible. It was now after gym and Alice and I were walking to the door that led us to the outside of the school. She and I were just talking about homework and other unimportant things when we realized something. Where were Rosalie and the guys? They usually met us outside the locker room after gym. We searched the parking lot for them, but didn’t have to look too far. They were all hanging out near the cars typing on their cell phones. “Hey Rose, ready to go?” Alice asked when we got to the car. “Yeah, hold on,” She said and closed the cell phone. The guys finished typing too and exchanged cell phones. Oh, they must be putting their numbers into the addresses on the phones. We said goodbye to each other, but Edward had a different way of saying goodbye. He picked me up off the ground and gave me a long and lingering kiss which resulted in a chorus of ‘ew’s’ from Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice. Edward and I just laughed and got into our separate cars. I hopped into the back with Alice and she smiled at me. Rosalie backed out of the parking lot and left the school. “You two seriously have to tone it down with the PDA. I don’t want to throw up my lunch everyday after watching you two kiss,” Rose said. “Aww, I think it’s cute,” Alice disagreed.

“You may think it’s cute, but to me it’s Emmett’s brother. It just seems weird looking because you have respect for the person.” “And I agree with you Rose, but if you want me to stop kissing Edward it’s going to take a lot of work to keep me away from him.” I spoke up. Rosalie nodded in understanding. We all did homework at my place and Rose and Alice helped make dinner. We took a recipe from a random cook book lying up in an empty cabinet and made this Spanish rice dish that was actually very good. They stayed for dinner and Charlie was okay with it. He always enjoys having Rosalie and Alice over because they’re such nice girls in his opinion. They helped clean up the kitchen before leaving and said goodbye to Charlie too. I was now up in my room, snuggling under the covers to go to sleep when the same rustling from two nights ago sounded outside my window. I got up and looked out the window, up into the trees. There was nothing there, but I still had a feeling I was being watched. When I was closing the windows, something on a leaf on the branch closest to the window caught my eye. There, laying daintily on the green leaf, was a strand of hair the color of Auburn. I almost gasped. It can’t be. Edward wouldn’t spy on me, would he? I shook my head and closed the window shut and went to sleep.
Well, FINALLY! Sorry but I couldn’t wait for Edward and Bella to kiss because in my other story they kissed at the end and it was so hard to do that! Um, the next chapter is the date where Edward and Bella find out more of their relationship… mwa ha ha… Sorry, I’m in an evil vibe right now *smiles sheepishly*.

Chapter 6

The next Morning (Wednesday)

I was in a meadow, there were flowers of soft white and violet scattered amongst the tall grass swaying lightly to the breeze. The sun was out and shining, blue skies colored the usually grey air. “Bella,” A voice called to me. I turned around and gawked at the person behind me. It was Edward. But he was sparkling in the sunlight. He stopped right in front of me at blinding inhuman speed. Edward smiled and cradled my face in his hands. “I knew you would come,” He said softly and kissed my lips gently. I woke with a start. My alarm clock was beeping like crazy, signaling me to get up. Another dream, and this time it was a good one. Edward was sparkles. Now that’s something else to add to the list about him. But it was a dream, it couldn’t be real. I shook my head and turned off my alarm clock. After I had brushed my hair and teeth I was changing into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt for school because I didn’t feel like dressing up when there was a knock at my front door. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. Alice was standing there with her hands on her hips and a disapproving look on her face. “I had a feeling you were going to wear ugly clothes today.” She said simply and walked into the house and upstairs into my room.

I followed her upstairs and found her searching through my closet, throwing clothes she did not like onto my bed. Alice finally came out a minute later with a knee length black skirt, black flats, and a soft yellow, long sleeved cashmere sweater. “Alice, I can’t wear the skirt, last time I did wore that to the mall it was so tight old men were even checking out my butt.” I protested. “You will wear the skirt,” Her eyes narrowed at me. “Okay,” I said a little afraid. The pixie of peace could easily turn into an evil fairy in a second. I changed into that and we both went downstairs into the kitchen. Alice had already eaten so she waited patiently while I ate my cereal. She told me she had taken her car today so Rose wasn’t picking us up. Alice drove us to school in her bright yellow Porsche. Students at school were already used to seeing Alice’s Porsche now and again so nobody was staring at her car except for Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. Rosalie was next to them and waved at us. Alice parked the car right next to Rose’s BMW and the Cullen’s Silver Volvo. Hmm, I wonder why they didn’t take the Mercedes. I got out of the car with my bag slung over my shoulder. Emmett and Edward were staring at the car in amazement. Alice just got out with a cheerful smile and walked gracefully over to us. “You can drive the car after school,” She said. Emmett and Edward started arguing who would get to drive it first. Jasper didn’t care about the car and gave Alice a hug instead. She smiled and hugged him back. Aww.

Emmett and Edward eventually ended up playing rock paper scissors and Edward won. He grinned triumphantly and Emmett sulked. We said our goodbyes and went off to first period. Lunch later that day I had bought myself a simple salad and water for lunch as did Rose and Alice. We sat down waiting for the boys. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward came running through the lunch room. “C’mon not this again!” Rosalie groaned. They raced to our table and hid under it, looking at the students, making sure nobody noticed them. And for their luck, no one noticed. “Uh why are you guys hiding?” I asked. “Shh, we’ll explain in a minute. Just tell us when Lauren, Jessica, and Whitney are gone.” Emmett hissed out from under the table. And at that moment, Whitney Anderson, Jessica Stanley, and Lauren Mallory came in view. They were near the doors of the cafeteria, searching for someone or some bodies. We ate and pretended not to see three teenage boys hiding under our lunch table. The girls sighed, gave up, and went to their table. “It’s clear,” Alice said to them. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward sighed in relief and sat on the chairs next to us. Edward snaked an arm around the top of my chair and leaned back casually in his chair. “So why were you hiding?” Rose asked. “Well, Whitney was after me, Lauren was after Emmett, and Jessica was after Edward.” Jasper said.

“Why?” “Because they’re attracted to us,” Emmett said glumly. “Oh well that makes sense.” Rosalie nodded. “What were they trying to do?” I asked. “They were trying to ambush us in class and basically sexually harass us.” Edward answered. My eyes narrowed and looked over to Jessica’s fat, curly head. No way in hell is she going to ever get Edward. Not if I have something to do with it. Oh yeah Jessica, you’re going down. “Idiots,” Alice mumbled, taking a sip of her water. “Agreed,” I turned my attention back to the table. “Don’t get jealous babe,” Emmett crooned to Rosalie. She ducked her head and scowled. Oh, I never asked Rosalie how her date went with Emmett. I’d have to ask her later. We ate our lunch and left for class after that. The day went by so quickly it felt like five minutes in each class period. It was now after school and Alice and I were walking to the car. Emmett and Edward were already there, waiting eagerly. Alice chuckled and tossed her keys to Edward. “Go circle the school a couple times and then bring him back!” Alice called to Edward as he got into the car. Edward nodded and revved the car to life. “Him?” Emmett questioned as Edward sped off. “Yeah him. I named my car Turbo.” Alice explained. Emmett nodded. Rosalie and Jasper joined us a few minutes later. “Where’s Edward?” Rose asked.

But to answer her, the Porsche pulled into the parking lot and Edward got out, very hyped up. He breathed, exhilarated. “Nothing like it,” He praised and gave the keys to Emmett. Emmett hurriedly left as well. Edward walked over to us and locked his arms around my waist. “How was it?” I asked with a smile. “Great. It felt like I was floating over the street instead of driving on it.” He gushed. Emmett screeched into the parking lot two minutes later. Emmett got out and patted the canary yellow hood before giving the keys to Alice. “You’re lucky to have this car.” Emmett said and went over to the Volvo. Rose went to her BMW and Alice and Jasper said goodbye before going to opposite cars. I turned to Edward who still had my waist captured in his arms. He gently kissed my ear and then my jaw. Warmth spread on the inside of me and I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling like a fool. “I can’t wait for our date tonight,” He whispered. Oh my god, I almost forgot. It’s just that discovering that he’s a… yeah was so distracting. “Me either,” I said back. “Till seven tonight,” He smiled and gave me a peck on the lips before leaving for his car. Six-thirty that night Alice and Rosalie had come over to my house to give me an extreme make over. I didn’t know how Edward was going to get here with out an

address, but Rosalie had told me she had programmed it into Edward’s cell phone when they were exchanging numbers. Alice was working on my hair while Rosalie was doing my make up. I was dressed in a pair of nice looking pair of dark wash jeans and silver sweater dress that Alice had insisted I wear. Since I can never wear high heels and I wasn’t in the mood to wear flats, I wore my pair of black converse. “Ta da!” Alice exclaimed and she and Rosalie stepped back from the mirror in the bathroom so I could take a look at myself. My bangs were pulled back into a barrette and I had on a little make up. Just some mascara and lip gloss. The rest of my hair was spiraled into curls. I smiled at Rose and Alice from the mirror. “Thanks you guys, it’s great.” I thanked them. “No problem Bella. But now we have to break the news to your dad. You ready?” Alice answered me. I sighed and nodded. I hadn’t told my dad yet so he was in for a real shocker. I hadn’t been on one date since I’ve lived here and it was obviously my dad’s dream for me to move out before I started dating. We were in the living room, my dad on the recliner. The TV was turned onto basketball and his eyes followed the ball back and forth. “Hey dad,” I asked timidly. “Yeah Bells?” He looked from the TV screen and then at me. “Umm, I sort of have a date tonight.” Charlie was in such a surprise that he fell out of the recliner. I could hear Alice and Rosalie smothering their laughter into coughs in the back round. My dad climbed back onto the comfy chair, clearly flustered. “With who?” His face was red with embarrassment.

“Edward Cullen,” I said quietly. His eyes popped wide and then narrowed. “The big one? I don’t like the looks of him.” “Hey, back off he’s mine!” Rosalie said menacingly from the behind us. Charlie looked at her confused. “No, the youngest one. He has Auburn hair.” I assured him. I can see Rose or dad wouldn’t like me dating Emmett. “Oh well that’s…better,” He shrugged. “Better?” I raised an eyebrow. “You know I don’t like you dating boys! I thought we agreed no dating until college!” My dad grumbled. “Dad, I was five when I made that agreement,” I said seriously and stared him down. He shied away from my look and reluctantly answered, “Fine, but I want a look at this boy.” I groaned slightly but nodded. “He should be here soon,” I said at the same time there was a knock on the door. Alice and Rosalie ran to the door and opened it. There was a Hello from Edward and then the sound of Rose’s and Alice’s voices overlapping each others. They dragged him into the living room and I chuckled. Edward looked a little surprised but laughed as well. Charlie got up and walked over towards Edward. “Chief Swan,” Edward stuck out his hand politely Charlie stared at his hand for a second before shaking it lightly. He shuddered slightly, probably at the coldness of Edward’s hand. They let go.

“Edward,” Charlie responded. “I’ll have her home at ten sir,” Edward said and I got up and walked to his side. “You better,” Charlie said in a tone that was supposed to be threatening. “Uh, let’s go,” I said a little anxiously, boys and my dad just don’t mix. Edward followed me to the closet in the hallway and he helped me put on my jacket. I bid Rose, Alice, and Charlie goodbye before leaving the house. Edward’s Volvo was parked in the driveway waiting for us. “Your dad is very protective of you,” Edward noted once we were in the car. “Yeah, he just doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me. All parents want that.” I said unsure of what to say. Weird, I’m usually never nervous around him. I saw Alice, Rosalie, and Charlie all looking through the window to see us leave. I laughed and waved at them. Rose and Alice giggled and disappeared from the window with Charlie. Edward pulled out of the driveway and sped down the street. He drove fast which was okay with me. Rosalie usually drives eighty every time we go somewhere so I’m pretty much used to it. He drove past town and took 101 north. Where was he going? I’ve never been over this way only to go to Port Angles and that was one time. We drove in silence for a few minutes before he pulled over to the side of a road. Edward parked the car and gave me a small smile. He turned to face me.

“Do you trust me?” He asked. Okay, odd question. “Yes, why?” I asked curiously. “I want to be where we’re going a surprise so I need to blind fold you.” Edward explained. I nodded. He pulled out a red silk tie from his pocket and gently tied it around my face so it covered my eyes. I felt his lips brush mine for a second and then he pulled away. My seat bet was unbuckled and then I felt air whizzing behind me. He must be running us to the place. Wow, he runs really fast. I didn’t know he could travel this quickly. It was cold for the five minutes that we ran so I was lucky I had put on my jacket. If I hadn’t I would probably be freezing. He stopped and set me down carefully on my feet. I felt his cool breath on the back of my neck and his arms around me. “Are you ready?” He whispered. “Yes,” The blindfold slipped off me and I gasped. We were in the same meadow from my dreams. Except in the middle was a traditional picnic basket and blanket. Candles illuminated the meadow giving it a yellowy sort of glow. “Do you like it,” His lips kissed my hair. “Yes, Edward, of course.” I breathed. This is amazing, unreal. It has to be a dream. Then if it is a dream I never want to wake up. Edward took my hand and led me to the center of the meadow where the picnic was set up. We sat down on the blanket and he opened the basket.

There was enough food for me and him combined. But if he doesn’t eat human food than why did he pack extra? “How did you do all this?” I asked as he took out articles of food. “It wasn’t that hard. And I asked Jasper to help me with the candles,” He shrugged and smiled. We ate, well I ate and we talked for a while about random things. How school was going, what Edward missed about Alaska, and it eventually ended up to just asking questions. “What is your favorite animal?” He asked me. “I don’t have one. What’s yours?” His lips pursed in concentration and looked at the stars. “Probably a mountain lion,” He nodded a moment later. “Hmm, why is that?” I asked. “No reason,” He mumbled a little too quickly. I guess I’ll have to pry it out of him later. I lay down on the blanket and Edward did so as well. The stars were in full effect tonight, swirling up and about. You could see the big and little dipper from here. The moon hung iridescently in the sky, seeming to look mournful as it poured its rays down on earth. “What’s your favorite flower?” Edward asked me quietly as we continued to look at the stars. “Lilies. And yours?” I answered. “Freesia,” He smiled and breathed deeply. I laughed at the look on his face. “What?” “You just seemed so happy when you answered it. It makes me wonder why.” I admitted.

His arms snaked around my waist and pulled me against his side so our foreheads touched. He breathed deeply, running his nose down my neck. “Freesias are my favorite flower because you smell exactly like them,” He whispered. I blushed and he rubbed his cheek against mine affectionately. “I love your blush,” Edward began to kiss me and I didn’t object kissing him back. The kiss was cold and it made me think back to other things. “Drink blood,” My mind whispered to me. “Eyes change color, fast, strong……immortal.” I pulled out of the kiss and sat up from Edward. He needs to know…. Edward stared at my confused. “Did I do something wrong?” His eyes searched my face, probably seeing guilt. I looked down at the picnic blanket. “No, it’s just,” I hesitated and moved my eyes back to his gold ones, “I know what you are.” Edward stopped breathing and looked at me with fear. The candle lights licked around his face, making him look even more heavenly than before. “How much do you know,” He put his head in his hands. I paused and then began. “You’re inhumanly fast, strong. Your eyes change color. When your eyes are black you’re hungry, and when they’re gold you’re…satisfied. Instead of…eating…humans you eat animals. And you’re immortal. That’s all I know, if you’re wondering. But I do know something that I’m not sure of.” Edward lifted his head out of his hands and looked at me in shock.

“H-how do you know so much?” He asked warily. I bit my lip for a second. “You have to promise me not to tell Emmett or Jasper until Alice is ready to tell.” I said seriously. Edward nodded furiously. “Alice is physic.” I said, ready for the laughter that would surely follow. I mean, who would believe me? But to my relief he nodded. “Did she tell you this?” He asked a little more in control of his facial features. “She told me she was having visions of three teenage boys that hunted animals and eyes change color but she never saw your faces. I figured the rest out on my own.” “Where did you find the information, internet, a book?” “I didn’t use anything. It just came together one day and I realized you weren’t…human.” “For how long did you know?” His voice was strained and he looked at me painfully. I stroked his cheek with my hand and kissed him there. “Two days ago.” His eyes closed. “And you stayed?” He choked. “What do you mean?” My brow scrunched together. “Why did you stay? You knew what I was and you still stayed with me.” His voice faded and his eyes were still closed. Here it goes. The moment of truth. I only stayed for one reason and I don’t know if he’ll accept it. Will he push me away? Will he take me close?

I can’t be away from him without feeling like I’m going to die. He’s my oxygen, my everything. I can’t live without him. “Because I love you,” I whispered. His eyes snapped to mine, sparkling brightly. “Say it again,” He urged. “I love you,” “Again,” His face moved closer. “I love you,” I mumbled out before his lips were on mine, kissing me sweetly. His lips turned up into a smile and soon my lips were smiling against his too. He pulled away for me to breath and cradled my body in his arms. “I love you too. Ever since I first met you.” He nuzzled his face against mine. I smiled and his kissed nose. My heart felt like it would burst out of my chest with happiness. It seemed to expand to the whole area of my torso. He loves me! “You know the risks of staying with me, Bella.” He pulled back to see my face as he warned me. “And I don’t care. As long as I’m with you I don’t care about the risks.” I said seriously. “But what if I lose control, I could hurt you. And then I could-” I cut off his rant with a kiss on the lips. “Don’t even start. I know all of them.” I stared him down and he eventually gave in. “You said you weren’t sure about something earlier?” He reminded me.

“Yeah. Um, well see I had this dream and you were…sparkling.” My voice pitched a little higher at the end, unsure of what I was saying. He laughed heartily and I blushed. Of course Bella, it was just a silly little dream. “I do actually sparkle Bella. It was just so funny on how you said it.” He assured me. “Uh, wow.” I blinked twice. “I’ll show you sometime. Unless sparkling is too much for you,” He said jokingly. I scoffed. “Where was in your dream?” “The meadow we’re I right now.” “Oh, that’s unusual.” He said with a thoughtful look on his face. “Ugh, you must think I’m a freak,” I muttered. “Actually no I don’t. You’re more normal than I am.” He disagreed. “What you mean?” “Well, for one I am over a hundred years old,” He sighed, “And I sort of…have this gift.” He frowned. “Gift?” Now I was thoroughly confused. “If you have some trait that was dominant in your human life, it will carry on with you when you turn into one of us.” He explained. “So if Alice was changed she would be a physic?” I asked. “Exactly,” He nodded. “So what’s yours?” “I have the ability to read minds.”

All the color left my face. Oh god no. He’s seen every fantasy I’ve had about him and have heard every thought about him too. Oh god, oh god, oh god. “But I can’t read your mind if that’s what you’re worried about.” He said gauging my scared reaction. I breathed a sigh of relief. “What?” His eyebrows scrunched together. “Nothing,” I looked down. “Is it something to do with your thoughts?” He guessed. I blushed and looked at the pattern of the blanket. His hand pulled my face up to meet his gaze. Edward’s eyes were smoldering mine. “Stop doing that thing with your eyes! That’s cheating!” I accused. A smirk slithered across his face. “It’s about me isn’t it?” He raised an eyebrow. “You’ll never find out,” I said confidently. He kissed in a circuit up and down my jaw and I lost all coherent thoughts. “We’ll see,” He chuckled. I pulled away from his face and glared at him for second. I can never say mad at him for long, it’s just so hard with his puppy dog eyes. “Is there anything I should know?” I asked. “About what?” “About your…kind,” This question took him a little by surprise. “Umm, we don’t sleep,” He threw that out with a shrug. I nodded. “Anything else?”

“We don’t need to breathe,” “You don’t need to breathe?” I said with wide eyes. He stared at me with a weird expression. “Sorry, it’s just I think that’s cool,” I ducked my head and he laughed. “That’s it?” I made sure. I want to know all about him. “I have to hunt every two weeks and I can’t go out into the sunlight without attracting attention. And I have hearing that can hear up to the tiniest of sounds.” He added. “Oh okay. And how long do these hunting trips last?” “I get home before school starts again on Monday. But if my…thirst gets to hard to manage, I’ll leave early.” “And Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, and Esme are all vampires?” I asked. Edward’s eyes went as wide as saucers. “What did I say something wrong? I thought you were all the same because you all have pale skin and gold eyes-” Edward cut off my babbling. “No, it’s alright. And yes, the rest of my family are vampires. It just took me off guard because I’ve never heard you say it out loud.” His face returned to his normal god like features. “Do any of your brothers have gift?” “Jasper does. He’s an empath so basically he can control emotions at will.” Edward nodded. His hand was near my face so I took his wrist lightly and examined the clock to see what time it was. My eyes widened. “Edward its 9:50! We have to get home before Charlie tries and shoot you, which will result in the bullet bending.” Edward laughed. “Okay, let me just blow out the candles.” He got up and at lightening speed, blew out all the candles in a minute in the meadow.

He appeared back next to me with the picnic basket. “Impressive,” I nodded and smiled, “Why didn’t you out run Mike Newton like crazy in the lunch room!” Edward guffawed at the top of his lungs, throwing his head back. He calmed down a few seconds later. “Calm on Bella, hop into my arms so I can carry you.” He opened his arms wide open for me and I jumped into them willingly. “You might need to close your eyes,” He warned and I shut them as he shot out of the meadow like a rocket. We made it back to the car earlier than last time because of the rush to get home. I opened my eyes when he stopped at the car. He walked me around to the passenger side and opened the door one handed while he held me in the other arm. Edward put me down in the seat. “I can walk you know,” I said unhappily. He just smiled and appeared in the car at the same moment, putting the key in ignition. We drove down the road swiftly, trying to get me home on time to avoid the wrath of Charlie. Darkness surrounded us like an inescapable wall, blocking us in from both sides. I could imagine how fast we were driving, but I didn’t want to look at the speedometer. “Umm, Bella, I know this sounds a little forward… But can I stay with you tonight? We won’t do anything, I just want to hold you,” He said nervously. He sounded so sweet. Like a little boy when he comes into his parents’ room at night, rubbing his sleepy eyes because he couldn’t go to sleep. And who couldn’t say no to Edward? “Sure, but how will you get in?” I asked.

“I’ll be there in your room an hour after I drop you off. And don’t worry about me getting in, that’s for me to figure out and you not to worry about.” He slowed down and turned left into my driveway. That was fast. I checked the clock, 10:01. Uh-oh. The curtains off the window lifted and a bleary eyed Charlie narrowed his eyes at Edward’s car. We’re only a minute late, but dad will still be annoyed. We got out of the car and Edward walked me to the door. I turned around and gave him a playful glare as to say, ‘you-better-not-give-me-afull-kiss-on-my-front-porch-unless-you-want-to-live.’ Edward noticed and chuckled. Instead he settled for a chaste kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you in an hour,” He whispered and hugged me. I hugged him back and walked inside the house. Charlie was waiting right behind the door waiting for me with his arms crossed across his chest. “You’re late,” He accused. “By one minute dad.” I reminded him and crossed my arms across my chest as well. “You could have called,” “I don’t have a phone, remember?” I raised an eyebrow. He grumbled nonsense under his breath and headed towards the stairs. “I’m going to bed,” He called after he reached his room. Charlie shut the door behind him after he reached his room. I sighed and shook my head at my dad. He’ll never get over the fact that I’m not his little girl anymore. I climbed the stairs and went into my room. My pajamas were a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I now regret not owning nice sleepwear. I decided to take a long hot shower to calm my nerves. Edward in my room. Now that’s something I’ll probably never see again. He promised not

to do anything, but that’s what makes me nervous. Having your….whatever he was in your bedroom was scary. What was Edward anyway? Was he my boyfriend, my soul mate? Okay, the soul mate thing sounds a little cheesy. I was turning off the water in the shower and drying my hair at the exact same moment the knots in my stomach got worse. Calm down Bella, it’s just Edward, you’ll be fine, I said trying to sooth myself. I dried and changed into my pajamas for bed, brushed my teeth and smoothed out the snarls in my hair with m hairbrush. My hair was wet and it was almost an hour till Edward came so I really didn’t have time to dry my hair and make it perfect. I walked back into my room and I laughed at the sight on my bed. Edward was laying there, feet dangling off the bed, swaying back and forth with his arms above his head. He was so big he took up the entire space of the twin sized bed. He was looking at me with a smile. I checked the alarm clock on the night stand. It was 15 minutes till. “You’re early,” I noted as I climbed on top of him to snuggle. “I’m fast; I could have gotten here in fifteen minutes but Emmett and Jasper wanted to talk to me about our date.” “Did you tell them?” “I did. I told Esme and Carlisle as well. They’re happy I found someone as smart and quick witted as you.” I blushed. “And they’re not angry that I know?” “No, of course not. Esme and Carlisle have always wanted a daughter and now Esme feels blessed.” He laughed quietly at the last part. “Can’t vampires have children?” I asked. “No, because our bodies don’t change, neither do our reproductive systems.” He explained.

“That makes sense. So you bite a person to change someone into a vampire?” “Yes, but there’s more to it. I’ll tell you later sometime.” I nodded and we let it go. I let out a yawn and Edward chuckled. “Okay, time for bed for the human,” He teased. I just gave him a glare but got under the covers. He stayed on top of them to not get me cold so he could hold on to me while I slept. Edward pulled me into his chest and I buried my face there. Odd, it felt like I was somehow in this position before. “Goodnight Bella, I love you,” He whispered. “I love you too,” I mumbled before my eyes drooped with exhaustion and sleep over took me. This is probably the best day of my life. I have a handsome something who loves me back and cares about me deeply.

Yeah! Now that Edward knows Bells knows he and his family are vampires where will life take them? Will James, Victoria, and Laurent come along? Or will the Volturi make a small visit? Mwa ha ha! Thanks for reading this author’s note.

Chapter 7 (Thursday)

I woke to kisses peppering my face. I smiled and felt around for Edward’s head. He laughed and I opened my eyes. His face was mere inches from mine.

“You know, I could get used to waking up for school this way”, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. “Well that’s good because I’m going to be in your room every night for a long time,” He said. “Really?” “Really,” He smiled. “Oh and there were some things said last night in your sleep that I couldn’t really make out, what did you say?” Edward added. I blushed beet red from my neck to my ears. I thought I stopped sleep talking! Of all the embarrassing things to say, last night had to be the night. “I said that I love you,” I gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I love you too,” He smiled and inched closer for my lips. I moved my head away and he stared at me confused. “What?” He asked. “Morning breath,” I explained and started to get up. “I’ll take the chances,” He pulled me back to him and crashed my lips to his. Oh god, this is too good. It’s like a never ending crave, I need this. His teeth shot out slowly and captured my bottom lip between them. I moaned as he began to suck on the bottom with slow precision and care. And soon, too soon, we had to stop. He gave my swollen lips one last kiss. “Now, get up and get ready for school.” Edward kissed my forehead before disappearing out my window. I sighed, got up, changed, brushed my teeth and hair, and went downstairs to eat breakfast. For some reason Charlie was sitting at the breakfast table, not in his uniform.

“Everything alright dad?” I asked him and looked at him worriedly. Charlie has never missed a day at work once in his life. “Sit down Bella,” He motioned to the chair in front of him tiredly. I sat down cautiously. What’s up with him? “I know you’ve just gone on your first date with a boy and all, but don’t trust anything he says. I was a boy once-” I interrupted him. “Dad, Edward his a very nice guy and wouldn’t try anything like that, believe me,” “Looks can be deceiving,” He muttered. I sighed. “Why aren’t you going to work dad, it’s a week day,” I changed the subject. “I didn’t get a good’s night sleep last night,” He admitted. “I’m sorry. Would you like me to make pancakes?” I asked trying to lighten the mood. Charlie smiled his crinkly eyed smile. “Sure Bells, that’d be great,” He nodded. I smiled and started to make his favorite pancakes. I mixed a little syrup into the batter to make it sweeter and added tiny cut strawberries on the top with whip cream. I think Charlie liked them because he went back for seconds. A knock on the door told me Alice and Rosalie were here to take me to school so I bade him goodbye, put on my sneakers and grabbed my backpack, and went out the door. Alice was waiting on the front porch with a big smile on her face. We said hi and walked to the car. Rosalie was applying a little bit more make up as she waited for us to reach the car and get in.

“So Bella how was last night,” Alice said as we drove to school. “Great,” I sighed and smiled goofily. “Where’d he take you?” Rosalie asked glancing back at me in the rearview mirror. “There’s this little meadow a few minutes from here that he took me too. It was illuminated with candles and he had a picnic set right up for us. We talked and ate and then looked at the stars.” I said dreamily and Rose and Alice ‘awed’. “So romantic,” Alice sighed. “That reminds me, how was your dates? I never found out.” I asked. Rosalie went first. “Emmett took me out to Seattle and we had fun running around the city playing pranks on other pedestrians. And at the end we were banned from the Space Needle.” “I can see you had a good time,” I laughed. “Oh yeah,” Rose nodded. “ Well Jasper took me out to Port Angeles where we did some shopping and went out for dinner later that night. There were fireworks going on at the time and all of a sudden he kissed me!” Alice squealed. “Jasper went shopping with you? How did he come out alive?” I said in mock horror. “Ha ha,” Alice muttered, “He was very nice and he didn’t care that I have this…obsession. He even helped me carry the bags.” She smiled. We entered the parking lot and immediately noticed the guys in the parking lot. They were pushing each other around playfully, laughing and being usual boys. Emmett charged at Jasper and he fell to the side of the car. There was one space left next to them, but Emmett was in the way.

Rose grinned flashing her pearl white teeth and zoomed right towards him. Emmett saw our car and screamed as he dove out of the way. We started laughing hysterically at his girly scream. Edward and Jasper did as well, clutching their sides. We parked the car and got out, still laughing. Emmett had grass and dirt stains across his jeans, laughing as well. He got up and we all stopped laughing with a sigh. “What were you guys doing?” Alice asked with a small laugh. “We were reenacting earlier today when Mike came up to talk to Edward.” Emmett said. “Care to show us?” I asked. Emmett walked up to Edward with a furious look on his face. “Cullen,” Emmett sneered. “Newton,” Edward said coldly. “What was with you and Bella in the closet yesterday? I know she was lying and that you forced her in there.” Emmett got in Edward’s face. “You are mistaken. It was actually a plan to get you and Jessica Stanley to leave us alone. Bella is always complaining how sick of you she is and I am too. Why can’t you get it through your thick skull that she hates you?” Edward narrowed his eyes menacingly. Emmett looked a little scared and took a step back. “No she doesn’t, she loves me!” Emmett accused. Edward laughed coldly. “Then why hasn’t she accepted any of your dates? I know you think because every time she turns you down she has something to do, but those are just excuses to stay away from you.” Emmett looked furious.

“Says who?” Emmett balled his hands into fists. “Says the guy who’s made it to third base with Bella,” Edward said confidently and smirked. Alice and Rose gaped at me. Emmett’s eyes popped wide out of his head and jaw hit the pavement below. Edward patted Emmett’s cheek. “Its okay buddy, my brothers were in shock too.” Emmett, Edward, and Jasper then started laughing. “That was hilarious.” Emmett guffawed. “Third base, seriously Edward?” I laughed at him. “Wait, you two haven’t made it that far right…” Alice said, eyes darting back from me to Edward. “No, Alice. Charlie’s a cop. He could shoot Edward and then we’d be having a funeral.” I rolled my eyes at her. Rosalie and Alice sighed in relief. Wow, I didn’t know lying would be this easy. “But Mike’s sure to come to you during lunch and ask you,” Jasper sighed. “I hate that boy,” I muttered. Edward walked over to me and snuggled me up into his arms. “Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of him,” He said to me and smiled. “I hope so,” I said glumly.

Lunch later that day

I was walking to lunch. Rose and Alice were already there waiting for Emmett and Jasper so I was walking by myself today. All of a sudden, a hand shot out of a closed classroom door and pulled me in roughly. Mike was there and forced his slimy lips on mine. I tried to push away from him and mumbled in protest. “Get off me!” My words were jumbled. His hand grabbed my chest and I screamed loudly. It was awful and disgusting, him touching me where I wanted only Edward to. His hand slipped down my shirt and was nearing my bra. I tried kicking and punching at him but he was way stronger than me. “HELP, HELP!” I screamed. The door flew open and Mike was thrown off me. Emmett was in the door way, his eyes livid and staring at Mike with a vengeance. “You get away from my brother’s girlfriend you bastard!” Emmett roared. Mike looked thoroughly scared and backed up to one of the empty desks, clutching it in fright. I threw my arms around Emmett and hugged him tightly. A sob escaped me. “It’s okay Bella, shh,” He patted my back gently. I turned my head around and sneered at a blurry Mike with my watery eyes. “Go to hell Newton!” I spat and Emmett walked me out of the room. Emmett stayed with me while I cried into his chest, holding me and whispering soothing words. “Bella!” I heard a voice call. I looked up to see Edward running towards us in the empty hallway.

“Darling what’s wrong?” He took me from Emmett and cradled me in his arms. I locked my arms around his neck and cried. “Mike just basically tried to rape her.” Emmett said venomously. Edward roared in fury. “Where is he?” Edward seethed. “I don’t know bro. Bella broke down and I had to take care of her. I didn’t know where you were.” Emmett said with disappointment. I calmed down and took deep breaths. I lifted my head out of the crook of Edward’s neck and turned to Emmett. “Thanks Em,” I croaked. “No problem Bells,” Emmett gave me a wistful smile. “I’m going to go to the others. You two come over when you’re ready.” Emmett got up and jogged down the hallway. I turned back to Edward. He still looked furious; his eyes pitch black with anger. “Are you okay?” I asked. “Am I okay?” He said sarcastically, “You were almost hurt and you ask me if I’m okay?” He shook his head. “Are you okay?” Edward added softly. “Yes,” I nodded. “I want to file a report against Newton. This is just unacceptable.” “No!” I protested. “No?” He said incredulously. “I don’t want anyone to get in trouble because of me.” I admitted. “Would you like it if he tried that again?” Edward asked me. “No,” I muttered and looked down. “Then we are. This makes it easier with your dad being a cop,”

I sighed. Maybe it was for the best. Mike does deserve to be in jail. What if he had done this to another girl? “Are you ready to go back?” He asked me and brushed some stray locks of hair out of my face. I nodded and he pulled us off the ground. Edward kept an arm around my waist and led me into the lunch room. It was quiet all of a sudden and then people glared at something behind us. Mike was right behind us. Edward glared murderously at Mike and bared his razor sharp teeth at him. Mike ran away from us in terror. Apparently people had already found out what he did and were taking my side. That’s what he gets. We walked back to our lunch table, Rosalie and Alice were looking at me concerned. “Come here sweetie,” Rose said and opened her arms. I sniffled and accepted her embrace. She rocked me back and forth tightly and soon Alice joined us. After they let go, I smiled at them half heartedly and sat in Edward’s lap. He locked his arms around me, making an inescapable cage. Calm shot through me in waves and I turned to Jasper. I smiled at him and nodded ever so slightly as to say thank you. He turned the corners of his lips up as a you’re welcome. The rest of lunch it was fairly quiet until the end when students were throwing away their food. Rose picked me up out of Edward’s grasp and turned to the people at our table. “I’m going to go home with Bella. She needs some girl time and I know she won’t think straight the whole day.” Rosalie said sympathetically. “I’ll come too. Bye guys.” Alice got up and joined us. “I’ll be at your house after school to talk with your dad Bella,” Edward told me seriously.

“Okay,” I said and walked out of the lunchroom with the girls. We went to the car in silence and didn’t start talking until we got into the car. “Are you sure you’re okay Bells?” Alice asked me and touched my shoulder lightly. I rolled my eyes. “Of course I am. Newton is just a stupid, horny, little teenage boy,” I assured them. Alice and Rose looked at me with disbelief but let it go. Sure I was frightened for a few minutes, but nothing happened. Thankfully Emmett was there. It was nice that he and Jasper had already excepted me as part of the family even though we hardly know each other. The car slowed to a stop in my driveway and we got out. Rosalie joined hands with me as we walked to the porch. When we walked inside Charlie was on the couch watching TV. He looked at us with his brow furrowed. “What are you three doing here? School ends in two more hours,” He said confused. “We’ll talk later Mr. Swan. Right now we are just going to go upstairs and talk.” Alice gave him a firm look and Charlie didn’t push it. We went upstairs and into my room. Rosalie searched around the scatter of papers and books around my room for a magazine and came out unsuccessful. Alice was doing something similar. She was looking for any cute clothes that I might have that I could wear and she too, came out unsuccessful. “How you live on torn jeans and frayed t-shirts amazes me,” Alice shook her head and flopped down on my bed next to me.

“I have to take you shopping,” She declared and I groaned. “No Alice, please don’t! If you value my sanity can we bring Rose along with?” I pleaded. Rosalie was sitting in my rocking chair, rocking back and forth. “I’ll come with Bella. There’s been this shirt I’ve wanted forever.” Rosalie said. “Thank god! If you didn’t I’d probably be coming home smashed up against the car glass window with heavy bags weighing me down,” Alice and Rosalie laughed at this. “Oh come on, I’m not that bad,” Alice waved her hand. Rose and I exchanged a look. “Yes you are,” We said together and Alice frowned at us. “It was one time!” She admitted. “And that was when you got in a shoe fight with another lady over the last pair of Prada.” Rose corrected. “And you almost hit that poor little boy in the head with a sandal,” I added. “Okay, maybe I’m a little obsessive,” Alice said glumly. “A little?” Rose and I raised an eyebrow. “You try ignoring a wallet with over a thousand dollars inside and someday you will understand me.” Alice gave us each a glare. “Alice, I’ve never even seen a hundred dollar bill!” I put in. We continued to talk for the next hour and a half and by the time school was over, there was a knock on the front door downstairs. My heart thudded in my chest loudly. Uh oh, he’s here….

Rose, Alice, and I walked down stairs and into the living room. Charlie already had the door open and was curiously looking at Emmett and Edward outside the door. Charlie turned to us. “Care to explain why two of the three Cullen boys are right outside my front door?” Charlie asked, mainly to me. “Actually Chief Swan,” Edward said from the door and everyone looked at him, “I was wondering if my brother Emmett and I could talk to you out here for a moment?” Charlie looked back and forth between the two parties for a second before nodding and following the boys outside, closing the door behind them. We exchanged looks. “What do we do while we wait?” Rosalie asked. “Watch TV?” Alice suggested and we nodded. We watched the Tyra show while waiting for the men to join us again. Not only fifteen minutes later, the door opened and followed in an ashen white Charlie. He looked down at me worried with fear and I just stared calmly back. Edward and Emmett were behind him, looking at us with no emotion. I got up off the couch and gave Edward a hug, burring my face in his chest. He let out a deep breath and hugged me back. I looked up at him and he offered me a small smile. “What’s going to happen?” I ask, looking at everyone. Edward gives a look to my dad and Charlie looks back at Emmett and Edward. “We can’t necessarily put Newton in jail, but we’re going to keep him there overnight for a week for him to think about what he’s done,” Edward

answers me because Charlie looks too shocked to speak. He brushed my cheek lightly with the pad of his thumb. I shake my head yes as an understanding. A week is alright, but I can only be frightened on what Mike might tell my dad during those days in the town jail. And whatever Mike would tell him would obviously not be true. “Since we’re all here,” Emmett started up a livelier tune “Why don’t we call down the rest of the gang and have dinner?” He suggested. There were murmurs of agreement from Alice, Rosalie, and Charlie. That actually sounds very nice. “But one problem, the kitchen isn’t large enough to accommodate more than seven people,” I said with a little disappointment in my voice. “Then why don’t we have it at my house?” Rosalie spoke up. “Are you sure it would be alright with your parents?” Charlie spoke for the first time since he arrived in the living room. “Of course. My parents love you,” Rosalie rolled her eyes at Charlie and he blushed a light pink. “Do I need to bring anything?” I asked Rose. “No, just your amazing cooking skills and you’ll be fine,” She grinned. “Okay then, c’mon gang, let’s roll!” Emmett said enthusiastically. Edward took my hand and we all walked out of the house. Charlie rode with Rosalie and Alice so I rode with Edward and Emmett in the Mercedes. Edward got in the back with me and Emmett drove. He decided this was the time to question me, or more like, make jokes. “What blood type do you have Bella, a/b positive or o negative?” Emmett laughed at his own joke and Edward frowned at him.

“Did you date any other mythical creatures before Edward? You seem more like the Frankenstein kind of girl.” Emmett looked at me through the rearview mirror and I just had to smile at that one. “Shouldn’t you call Jasper?” I tried to change the subject. “It’s against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving. I’m surprised you even suggested that with your dad being chief of police and all.” Emmett said in feigned shock. “Well it’s the only way to shut you up,” “There are other ways,” Edward gave me an evil smile and then looked at Emmett. “Don’t even think about killing him. If we do, Rosalie is coming after us,” My eyes went wide at my own words. So many things she could torture us with. So many… “I like my woman feisty,” Emmett said with a grin. “Ew,” I shuddered. We arrived in the driveway of the Hale’s home. Alice, Rose, and Charlie were already there and probably inside. Emmett parked and said he’ll meet us inside in a few minutes. He was going to call Jasper and his parents to come over. Edward and I walked hand in hand up the porch and opened the front door. Rosalie and Alice were waiting for us with the parents in the kitchen. Charlie and Mr and Mrs. Hale were immersed in conversation and Rosalie instantly pounced on us. “Where’s Emmett?” She asked. “Calling my parents and Jasper,” Edward told her. She nodded and calmed down. Alice was on the phone. “Okay mommy, love you, bye.” She hung up and faced us.

“My parents can’t come tonight because they have a dinner with some clients tonight, but they said to have fun.” Alice told us, looking the least disappointed. Emmett joined us then, putting his cell phone in his back pocket. “Jasper and my parents are going to join us in two minutes,” He announced. “With Jasper?” Alice asked trying not to sound anxious. “He is,” Emmett winked at her and Alice looked away, embarrassed. We talked for the remaining minutes before the rest of the Cullen family arrived. And when they did Emmett rejoiced and hugged his dad. Dr. Cullen looked at his suspiciously and backed up a few feet away from his son. Edward released my hand and hugged Mrs. Cullen. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Edward smiled back. I’ve always thought that’s sweet, a teenage son caring about his mother instead of being ashamed because he is in the same room as his mother. “Bella!” Mrs. Hale called to me from across the room. I turned to her. “Can you help me dear? I’m not that good at making this sort of dish,” She admitted sheepishly. “Of course,” I went over to the spacious island where she was standing. “What are we making?” I asked as I took off my jacket and put it on the counter behind me. “Honey baked ham with mixed vegetable stir fry. Could you cut the veggies and help me fry them?” She asked and pulled out a large frying pan. I nodded and got out the necessary vegetables we need. I started cutting up celery and I noticed Edward was watching my every move intently from across the island while everyone else socialized. Every time

the blade would go down, he would hold his breath. I chuckled and looked up at him. “What?” He looked confused. “I’m not going to cut myself. I may be clumsy, but not in the kitchen using a knife,” I told him seriously and went back to chopping. I felt him come around the table and stand close next to me. It was a little hard to concentrate and not cut my finger with him standing so close, but I managed not to mess up. “I’m sorry. I’m just afraid something bad is going to happen at any moment,” He admitted. I moved onto a carrot and peeled off the dirty parts. The parents and teenagers were in the back round, all talking and laughing. I looked up to see Charlie occasionally looking at us from time to time. Always a protective dad. “Go start a conversation or something with every one else,” I gestured to the group “I’ll be fine alone. Maybe go talk with Charlie to take his mind off me. I know he’s not going to forget what happened today. He probably won’t mention it until I get home.” He whispered in my ear. “Fine, but don’t hurt yourself,” He kissed the shell of my ear. “I will if you stay that close,” I backed up and pointed the knife threateningly at him. He put his hands up in surrender and walked away. I smiled and shook my head. Charlie narrowed his eyes at the two of us and then looked at me. I just gave him an innocent look and went back to butchering the carrot. Mrs. Hale and I finished making dinner together and set up the dinning room table. I was about to tell her that we didn’t need five more dinner plates for the Cullen’s, but caught myself before I said anything.

We all lined up along the island, putting piles of food onto our plates. The Cullen’s didn’t hesitate when it was their turn to spoon out a type of food. They were all practiced as it looked, just like actors in front of a video camera. I dished out my food and took a seat down next to Alice and Rosalie at the dinning room table. Alice was poking at the ham curiously before eating it. “Oh come on, my food can’t be that bad!” Mrs. Hale complained from the head of the table next to Mr. Hale. “Sorry Ms. Debra, but it is,” Alice took an itsy bitsy bite and spit it up immediately. Alice then took a bite of the stir fry and chewed on it thoroughly, savoring the flavor. “Okay, we get it, Bella is the cook. Don’t rub it in,” Mrs. Hale sulked and took a bite of her vegetables as well. The rest of the dinner, we all talked comfortably together. There were no awkward silences or arguments. Dr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen were very enjoyable to talk to and were very good natured. Charlie was a little intimidated by everyone’s good looks at the table, and I was a little too. But something out of the corner of m eye caught my attention. The plant behind Jasper and Emmett looked like it was a little out of place. One side of the plant was slightly shorter than the other. I know for a fact that plants don’t shrink. The Cullen’s plates were missing food, so I can only guess when we weren’t looking; they hid the food behind the plant at vampire speed. When it was time to clean up the kitchen, Rose, Alice and I volunteered along with Mrs. Hale to help. We cleaned the kitchen spotless, except for one grease spot on the burner of the stove. Alice was vigorously

scrubbing it, moving the soapy sponge back and forth across the spot with her eyes tightened in concentration. “C’mon you little,” She muttered to herself and I chuckled. Everyone else watched her try and clean it, but the little bugger wasn’t coming out. I sighed and pulled Alice by the waist away from the stove. “No! I have to finish!” Alice struggled and reached for the stove as I towed her out of the kitchen and into the dinning room. “No you don’t Alice, it’s just one grease spot,” I tried to soothe her. Jasper was luckily right next to me at the time and I gave him a look. Alice stopped struggling and sighed. “Fine,” She grumbled and I released her. She slumped a little and put her head against my shoulder. “Fighting crime against little grease spots is hard work huh?” I asked her. “Yeah,” She said tiredly and nodded against my shoulder and our audience looked on at us amused. “Well, that was fun!” Mr. Hale clapped his hands together. “Very enjoyable,” Dr. Cullen agreed. The parents said goodbye and I walked over to Emmett. “The plant huh?” I asked him casually. He raised an eyebrow and nodded. “You noticed?” He pretended to be uninterested. “Yep,” I popped the “p”. Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Edward joined us then. “Good dinner Bella,” Rosalie thanked me. “Well thank you for having me over,” I said back.

“I agree to that,” Emmett raised his hand and Edward and Jasper murmured in agreement. “So what’s the car pool plan?” I asked. “I’m driving you and your dad home,” Alice said to me. “Okay, that’s fine,” Charlie made it the time to walk in on our conversation. “It’s time to go Bella,” Charlie said. I nodded and said good bye to everyone. Edward followed Alice, Charlie, and I out to the car. “Are you coming over tonight?” I asked as he intertwined our hands together. “If you would like me to,” Edward played with my fingers. He was trying to seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but you could secretly see he wanted too. “Only if you want to,” I countered. He smirked at me. “Then I’ll be there when you come home,” A honk of the horn made us look over at Alice’s Porsche. Charlie was looking at us impatiently while Alice was doubled over in laughter. Edward and I laughed. “I’ll see you in a few minutes,” He chuckled and gave me a kiss on the cheek before getting into the Mercedes with his family. I walked over to the car and got in the back. Charlie was glaring at me and Alice was taking deep breaths to calm her self. “Dad,” I gave him a warning glance and he grumbled unintelligibly before turning around in his seat.

Alice put the keys in ignition and drove away from the house. It felt like in the blink of an eye we were home. Alice gave me and Charlie a quick goodbye before speeding off. Charlie, to my relief, didn’t talk about what happened today, but he did talk about Edward. “So what is that that boy?” He asked me a little angry as he unlocked the front door. I walked inside and stood in the hallway. Charlie crossed his arms across his chest after he had closed the door. “I don’t really know. My boyfriend I guess,” I shrugged. Charlie’s face went red and then back to its original color again. “He better keep his hands to himself,” Now, I was angry. He doesn’t think I’d choose someone responsible or caring. “Dad, I’m sorry if me having an interest in someone is displeasing you, but I really like Edward. He’s been nothing but caring and sweet to me ever since I’ve first met him. I know you want me to be your little girl forever who still thought boys had cooties, but I’m not. I also know accepting Edward is going to be hard, but I want you to try. And yes, him being my boyfriend will mean that we will kiss and hug. So please don’t give me a look every time I’m with him because I know what I’m doing and I am smart enough to know if he is using me. ” I said what was on my mind and for once, Charlie was speechless. “I’m going to bed because I have school tomorrow and it’s late,” I checked the clock on the wall. “Good night,” I said and left the room, climbing the staircase.

When I walked into my room, Edward was under my bed covers, his shoes off to the side. I kicked off my shoes as well, shut the door behind me, and snuggled up next to him. “Do I have cooties?” He asked me and I laughed quietly. “Good cooties,” I told him. “So I’m your boyfriend with good cooties?” “Only if you want to be,” I said as I blushed a pink. “I certainly do, thank you for asking,” He flashed an ultra white smile. “Shouldn’t you change?” He asked me, looking down at m t-shirt and jeans. “Sure,” I hopped off the bed “But close your eyes while I change,” I told him sternly. He covered his eyes with both hands before I lifted my shirt off and over m head. “Why don’t you go into the bathroom?” Edward asked me. “Because Charlie would be suspicious that I keep going to the bathroom to change,” I told him. Edward still had his hands over his eyes so instead of telling him that I was done, I gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. He took his hands off his eyes, not caring if I was dressed or not. I noticed his eyes were closed so I went ahead and closed mine as well. He pulled me on top of him, holding me tightly as our lips and tongues moved in sync. But the sound of boots clomping up the stairs made us pull away. He looked frantically around the room, looking for a place to hide. I pointed to the closet and Edward zipped off at lightening speed. With the lights being off, I threw the covers over my self and pretended to look like I was

sleeping. I heard my bedroom door open with a creak and close back a few seconds later. “That was close,” Edward’s voice whispered to me and arms enclosed me from the other side of the bed. “Yeah,” I agreed and locked my arms around his neck and rested my head close to his. He gave me a peck on the lips and I returned it. “You should go to sleep. You have to get up early,” He told me and nuzzled his face closer to mine. “I can’t,” I sighed. “Maybe this will help,” He probed and began to softly hum a beautiful tune. Strangely, it made me sleepy and I closed my eyes, exhausted. “Good night Bella, I love you,” He said and began to hum again. “You…too,” I managed to mumble before slipping into unconsciousness.
I know what you’re thinking, “I hate Mike”. Well the little perv deserves it! I mean, can’t he just move on to another girl (even though no girl will want him)? And now Bella knows that Edward is her boyfriend so now Edward has real territory on her. When Emmett rescued Bella I was thinking of Edward coming to beat the crap out of Mike…but Edward would’ve ended up killing him (Not that we care). And because Bella will become Emmett’s lil sis one day, I just had to have a little sister big brother rescue. Thanks for all the comments and reads when I posted the first part!

Chapter 8 (Friday, at lunch)

Everything was really boring at lunch today. Mike wasn’t there because he was put into the town jail last night so we practically had nothing to make fun of. Rosalie was looking around the cafeteria aimlessly, when

she suddenly sat up straighter and looked at us excitedly. We all looked at her. “Do you guys want to play ten fingers?” She asked eagerly. Alice squealed and the rest of us looked completely confused. What kind of game was that? Rose noticed our expressions and started to explain. “It’s when you hold up all your fingers. Someone asks a question, and if you’ve done that thing you put one finger down. We each ask a question going around in a circle. The last person without all fingers down wins. ” We all nodded in understanding. “Okay, everyone put your hands up and I’ll begin,” She announced. “Have you ever got arrested?” Emmett was the only person to put a finger down and we all stared at him. “It was a one time streak through the mall,” He admitted. “Has anyone gone commando?” Everyone put a finger down except for me. “Not adventurous are you Bells?” Emmett grinned at me and I raised an eye brow threateningly at him. It was Alice’s turn. “Have you kissed a boy?” Everyone put down one finger except for Edward. We all stared at Jasper and Emmett in wonder. They looked at each other for a moment, and then was when we all erupted into “ew’s”. “You kissed Jasper?” I said to Emmett, disgusted. “It was an accident! We were walking different ways in the halls and our heads sort of bumped into each other’s,” Jasper explained. “So that’s why you two were using mouth wash,” Edward said in realization.

It was now Jasper’s it was Jasper’s turn. “Have you ever gone into a bar with a fake id?” Everyone put a finger down except for me. “What do you guys do when I’m not around?” I asked Rosalie and Alice angrily. “Stuff you don’t need to know,” Alice said vaguely. I stared at her stubbornly for a second before letting go. It was Edward’s turn. “Oh Emmett’s gonna love this one,” He grinned “Has anyone ever gone berserk and chased a man in a sandwich suit through a mall?” Emmett shyly put a finger down. “He was taunting me,” Emmett explained. Ha ha, now it was my turn. “Has anyone ever had a moment when they were crazily obsessed with the Bratz dolls?” Emmett and Rosalie put one finger down. They noticed and looked at each other in awe. “I have the next edition for Chloe, do you?” Emmett asked and Rosalie nodded. “Umm Hmm,” Alice interrupted “Can we continue on with the game?” Rosalie seemed to snap out of it and said hers. “Has anyone gotten severely drunk?” Everyone put a finger down except for Edward and me. “Seriously, what do you do when I’m not around?” I shook my head. “We’ll tell you when you’re older,” Rosalie waved me off and Emmett began. “Have you ever been hit on more than ten guys/girls?”

Everyone put a finger down. “Who were the boys?” Edward narrowed his eyes at me. “You’ll never find out,” I said confidently. “We’ll see,” He chuckled and lightly kissed my neck which made me shiver slightly. Alice said something only a girl could answer. “Have you gone a day wearing a thong?” Surprisingly Jasper put a finger down as well as Rose, Alice, and I. “What?” Rosalie stared incredulously at him. “I lost a bet against Edward and Emmett one time.” He admitted and then began his turn. “To get Bella and Edward back here in the game, how many of you have had their first kiss,” He counted off on his fingers “three days ago,” Edward and I put a finger down. He gave me a devilish grin so I think what ever he was going to ask would be embarrassing for me. “How many of you have had…uncensored thoughts about your boyfriend/girlfriend?” Dang it! Everyone put a finger down unashamedly and I put mine down reluctantly with a mumble of ‘ass’. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward bit their lips for a second to hold back chuckles. I stared at Emmett with a too innocent smile. He had only one finger left so why not get him out? “How many of you have ha uncensored thoughts about Rosalie?” Emmett muttered a ‘damn’ and he was out. “How many of you have gotten pulled over by a cop?” Rosalie asked. Everyone but Edward and I put a finger down. Wow, I really am that boring aren’t I? Alice spoke out a question that I was ready to strangle her for. “Have you ever been on a blind date?”

Edward and I put a finger down each reluctantly. “How did you get out of the dates anyway Bella?” Alice asked me. “Oh that’s easy. Go into the bathroom after the first course and pretend to puke, and tell your date that you have stomach sickness.” I told her with a shrug. “Why didn’t I think of that?” Edward wondered out loud. “Because you were too busy trying to not kill the giggling blonde from across the table,” Emmett sniggered and Edward gave him a glare that shut him up. “Has anyone here ever… I don’t know… walked in on their parents doing ‘it’?” Everyone grimaced at Jasper’s question. Edward, Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice all lowered a finger. I laughed. “This is why living with one parent rocks,” I grinned happily. “Has anyone ever used someone to do experiments on?” Edward asked. Wow, uh, that’s an odd question. He’s lucky I love him. Rose and Alice lowered a finger. Well, Rose was out. “Who did you do experiments on?” Jasper asked curiously. Rosalie and Alice pointed at me. Edward began to look at me closely and picked up an arm for examination. I sighed and yanked my arm away from him. “They used me to use new make up on,” I told him and he sighed in relief. Alice only had one finger left so I decided to take her out of the game. “Does anybody here have a shopping obsession?” Alice glared at me and crossed her arms, clearly mad at me because I got her out. Now it was only me, Edward, and Jasper.

Jasper stroked his chin, and looked at me in concentration. Trying to get me out eh? Not gonna happen! “Has anyone ever had a pet?” Jasper said expectantly at me and I just grinned confidently. “Nope, never had one,” I said proudly and Jasper grumbled. It was now Edward’s turn and he moved on for Jasper, saving me for last. “Has anyone here ever streaked up a stair well of a hotel?” Edward finally said and Jasper put down a finger. My turn, mwa ha ha! I know the exact thing to get him out. “Who here had gone shopping with Alice and didn’t complain?” I said with a devilish smile. Jasper glared at me for a second before lowering his last finger. It was now down to us, Edward and me. Who will come out champion and who will come out loser? Edward turned to me with his breath taking crooked smile. “Who sleep talks?” He said to me with a smirk. I put down a finger and looked at him playfully. “Whose favorite animal is a mountain lion?” Emmett and Jasper ooed at this. I have a feeling that a mountain lion was his favorite because he likes the blood better than the other animals. I mean, he won’t keep the animal. Edward put down a finger and stared at me closely. “Whose favorite flower is a Lily?” He asked me and a put down a finger. “Who lives with two other brothers?” I asked him. He put down a finger. He had only one finger left. Edward got really close and whispered in my ear. “Who was the first person to say I love you?”

I smiled lovingly at him and lowered a finger. “Who said I love you second?” I lowered the finger for him and took my hand in his. He gave me a kiss and cuddled up next to me in the chair. “Bella won, I lost,” Edward announced. “Oh yeah, you let Bella win, but not me?” Emmett asked in feigned hurt. “Because she is beautiful, unlike you,” Edward replied seriously. Rosalie and Alice giggled a little, a bit amused. “See Emmett, I am funny,” Edward said proudly. “I think not Mr. Prude,” Emmett rolled his eyes and Edward glared at him for a second. “We should get going,” Jasper said looking around the room. I looked up, the lunchroom was almost empty and students were throwing away their lunch sacks. We all got up and said our goodbyes after throwing away our lunch trays. Edward, Rose, and I walked to biology along with Emmett. We were almost to the door when Emmett and Edward stopped in their tracks. They sniffed and Edward leaned down to whisper in my ear. “They’re doing blood typing in biology. Emmett and I can’t go in there.” I nodded and pretended to hold my hand to Edward and Emmett’s foreheads. I sighed and turned to a confused Rosalie. “They’re burning up Rose; I’ll take them to the office and meet you back in biology. Could you tell Mr. Banner that?” Rosalie nodded and walked off into the classroom. Edward and Emmett sighed in relief. “Thank you darling,” Edward kissed the top of my head. “Yeah Bells. We’ll meet you back in seventh period.” Emmett said to me and jogged off.

“Be safe,” I told him and looked at with serious eyes. “I will. My thirst is a little bothering so I’ll just snag a deer before coming back.” As he said this I could notice a slight black hue in his topaz eyes. I cupped his cheek and gave him a kiss. “I love you,” He said with soft eyes. “I love you too,” I gave him a quick kiss before leaving for biology. When I stepped into the room, Mr. Banner had already explained the instructions and people were practically skewering their fingers with needles. I just took deep breaths through my nose which usually kept me from fainting. Rosalie hadn’t pricked her finger yet, for that I was grateful. “How are the boys?” She asked me. “They’re okay, just a little break out I think,” I shrugged. Rosalie believed me too and let it go. When the needle and scanner came around, Rosalie and I declined because we already knew our blood type. At the end of class, the aroma was getting overwhelming I about sprinted out of the classroom. Rosalie followed quickly behind me and said a hasty goodbye as I ran into the locker room. Alice was already in there, changing into her uniform. I got mine out as well and began to undress. “I heard about Edward and Emmett. Do you think they’ll be fine?” She asked me as I put on my last article of clothing. “They will. It just seemed like something little,” I assured her and we went out into the gym together. But for some reason I couldn’t see Edward or Emmett. It was usually so easy to find them with Edward’s Auburn hair. I frantically searched for

them in the crowd of boys, but something pulled me up from behind. I gasped but then hit the back of the person’s head when I saw who it was. “Nice to see you too,” Emmett grinned. “Where’s Edward?” I asked him and crossed my arms. “He had um…a little problem with his clothes after encountering a bear,” He said lowly. “Is he okay?” I told him to be safe! “Yeah, just a big claw mark across his shirt.” He shrugged. “Emmett?” I said in a sweet voice. “Yes?” He smiled. “Put me down,” I gave him a glare and Emmett put me lightly on the floor. I saw Edward run into the gym and I sighed in relief. Nothing looked out of place, just except his hair was a little bit more tousled. No scratches or gashes. He made his way over to us. “Sorry I’m a little late, my locker was jammed.” He shrugged. I gave him a small hug. “How was the bear?” I asked him quietly enough so Alice wouldn’t hear. “Feisty. The thing didn’t like me that much,” He frowned. Coach Clapp made us play bad mitten today which wasn’t fun. I stayed in the back of the court while Alice did everything. Best for me not to try and participate and save an injury for myself and my teammate. It was now after gym and Alice were walking arm in arm out of the girl’s locker room. Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were waiting for us outside. Okay, where was Edward again?

“He’s in the parking lot, waiting for us.” Emmett figured out who I was looking for and I nodded. “So how was gym?” Rosalie asked us. “Bella was hilarious!” Emmett laughed “She was in the back the whole time, holding the racket like a shield!” Emmett did a poor impersonation of me holding the bad mitten racket in front of me with a scared expression. Everyone laughed at me and I rolled my eyes. We entered the parking lot, and a sight not twenty yards away from my made my vision go red with fury. Jessica Stanley was standing too close to Edward than I would like, brushing her hand against his toned tricep that you could see clearly through his tight black, t-shirt. He was trying to squirm away from her, and unsuccessfully masking the disgusted look on his face. My teeth grinded together and I swear my left eye twitched. “Bella,” Jasper warned me and tried to give me waves of calm. But it didn’t work, I was far too angry. I stalked right over to them, my head held high and a masked look on my face. Edward noticed me and shot me a grateful look. “Everything alright baby?” I asked him as I grabbed his hand and looked at Jessica from top to bottom. She obviously dressed inappropriately to try and get Edward from me. The obscene amount of cleavage sticking out of her shirt was embarrassing. Valley Forge girls would even be disgusted. “Oh I was just talking to Eddie here,” She batted her eyelashes at him flirtatiously. Well, it wasn’t that flirtatious because it came out looking like a twitch.

“Well run along now. I don’t think he needs your company anymore.” I waved her off. She looked at me with a sneer and put her hands on her hips. “How do you know he doesn’t want me to stay? How long have you known him?” She bobbed her head like a bobble head. “I’ve known him long enough to know he doesn’t like to be called Eddie,” I shot back. She didn’t have a comeback so she just sighed dramatically. “Just like, get out of here bitch,” Jessica smirked “He probably is only with you to get in your pants. Not that you’d have anything under there worth touching.” That’s it! I slapped her across the face and her head snapped side ways. There were a lot of gasps in the parking lot with most the population watching. Jessica screamed and threw her hand forward to try and punch me. I caught her arm easily and twisted it behind her back painfully. She crippled under my touch and I pushed her up against the car next to us. “You really want to say that again?” I asked her with a bitter laugh. “Let go of me you little slut!” She whimpered. “Now, now Jessica” I said coolly “Fighting and begging will only make it worse. What you said wasn’t very nice, but I’ll let you go this time and not break your plastic surgery face. When I let go, you will run off and pretend like this never happened. Do you understand me?” I twisted her arm a little more and she squeaked. “Yes!” She gasped. I let the little thing go and Jessica scurried off like a bat out of hell. The parking lot erupted into applause which I happily bowed to. Emmett

was the loudest with a chorus of “you rock Bella!” Edward stared at me with amazement. “Remind me never to get on your bad side,” He shook his head and smiled. “I guess that movie on stranger danger did help,” I shrugged. “Stranger Danger?” Alice asked, confused. “Charlie made me watch a movie on what you should do if someone you don’t know approaches you in a dark alley.” I frowned. “Ooh can I watch it?” Emmett asked excitedly. “Sure. But don’t you and your brothers have to go to football practice?” I looked at the three of them. They slapped their foreheads. “Oh gosh we almost forgot. C’mon let’s go!” Jasper grabbed Emmett and Edward. Edward flicked Jasper’s hand away from the front of his shirt and gave me a long kiss before running off with them to the field. Alice looked at me and Rose with a mischievous smile on her face. “Yes Alice?” Rose said with an eyebrow raised. “Shopping,” Was all she said and that was my que to escape. But I didn’t get far because Rosalie caught me with one hand and dragged meliterally-to her BMW. Alice was in the driver’s seat this time while Rosalie kept me in the back to make sure I didn’t try and escape. We drove to Port Angeles quickly, while Alice hummed happily the whole way. We parked in front of the mall, closest to the big, glass doors. It wasn’t crowded today, a perk for Alice and Rosalie, but not for me.

I was towed to store after store, and forced to try on clothes against my will. Alice bought everything, no matter how much I protested. The Brandon’s allowed Alice to spend how much she wanted; thinking money is used to enrich our lives. Not that Alice, cared, but it was a little strange. The family was nice all the same though. The girls saved the worst for last. The store that I will always be scared to go into. Victoria’s Secret. It was filled with lace, bras, thongs, panties, and worst of all… pictures of half dressed women! I now see why men don’t want to go in there. “No Alice! Don’t please!” I begged as she pulled be through the threshold of the store. “C’mon Bella, it’ll be fun!” She skipped to the underwear section. Rosalie went off on her own. She usually liked to shop by her self. Alice was sifting through different colorful pieces of lingerie. Some were pink, red, blue, green, animal print, nothing unusual. “Bella, what’s your cup size?” Alice asked me. “34b, why?” I raised an eyebrow. It then clicked. “No way Alice! Where am I going to wear that stuff?” I protested. “I don’t know. It’s just weird how you have tidy whities,” She explained and picked up various items. “Hey, I have a pair of pink underwear,” I defended myself. “Yeah, from fruit of the loom,” She said back and I frowned. I just stared at the ceiling while Alice paid and tried things on. I’ve discovered if you look away, the idea of people spending money on you gets easier. Forty minutes later Rosalie and Alice were finished shopping and we started to leave the mall. I had two bags full top to bottom of clothes and other items I didn’t want to know about, hanging on each arm.

When we left the parking lot with everything in the trunk of the car, it was close to the time Charlie was supposed to come home. But luckily Alice and Rose dropped me off fifteen minutes early. It was leftover night for dinner tonight so I just popped in some leftover steak in the oven with two potatoes and did my homework. Charlie was came home in a bad mood tonight, hardly talking (well that part wasn’t unusual) and giving me little glares. We were sitting across from each other at the table when I finally spoke up. “Is everything okay dad?” I asked him. “You tell me,” He said angrily and crossed his arms across his chest. “Okay, what did I do wrong?” I sighed and set down my fork. “You did nothing, it’s your boyfriend that did something wrong,” Charlie seethed. I raised an eyebrow and leaned back in my chair. “Mike told me that he forced you into a…closet,” Charlie stared at me and shook his head. I laughed and Charlie even got angrier. “What?” He demanded. “Edward never did anything,” I assured him “I know I’ve never told you this, but I hate Mike.” I said with a slight turn of my shoulders. Charlie was in flat out confusion, all traces of anger gone. I continued. “Edward and I were being bothered by Jessica Stanley and Mike, so we decided it was time to get rid of them. The whole plan was to be locked in a closet and pretend to…make out,” I told him and Charlie visibly relaxed. “Then how come he told me you were actually…kissing him?” He said in wonder and stroked his chin.

“He lied,” I frowned and sighed. “So you and this boy did all this to get those people off your backs?” He repeated. “Exactly,” I confirmed. “Maybe the boy is nicer than I thought,” Charlie mumbled and bit the inside of his cheek. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” I threw my hands up in exasperation and laughed a little. “Fine,” Charlie grumbled “I’ll give Edward a chance, but if he screws up…” He trailed off threateningly. “Thank you Daddy,” I smiled. “Yeah, yeah,” He muttered. We spent the rest of dinner in silence, but I was exceptionally happy. I slightly hummed while I cleaned the kitchen. Charlie noticed and he chuckled and shook his head before he went into the living room to watch TV. I practically skipped up into my room with my-well Alice’spurchases. Edward wasn’t there yet so I could put away my clothes without him seeing the embarrassing ones. I put away the clothes first and then the lingerie. I opened the bag with caution, not knowing what to expect. “Oh god Alice,” I murmured. Inside were tons of colorful underwear and bras, along with some of the animal print I saw her hold a couple hours ago. They were very soft silk, but very expensive. Something just then occurred to me. I could wear these to bed. At the bottom of the bag was a very pretty, knee length baby pink night gown, with a satin bow in the middle of the swooping neck line. I

grabbed the matching undergarments and hurriedly changed into them. After I had finished, I put the other items away. “Dang,” A voice came from behind me. I turned around to see Edward. He was looking at my legs with some kind of hunger that I couldn’t place. His gold eyes came back up to mine, slightly a deep golden brown. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Did you wear this for me?” He caressed my thigh lightly and my skin broke out in goose bumps. I wasn’t even cold. “Alice picked it out and I thought, she spent so much money, why not wear it?” My hands traveled up his chest, lightly scraping across his bare skin. He moaned a low sound from the center of his chest and began to kiss me urgently. Despite the football practice from earlier, he didn’t smell bad at all. There was no sweat, no stench, no nothing. Somehow we ended up on the bed, me below Edward and him hovering over me. He didn’t lie on top of me so he would crush me, but I wanted him closer, much closer. My hands worked their way down to the hem of his shirt and hesitantly eased up and under over his defined muscles. Just like the rest of his body, he was very cold, but his abs were actually rock hard abs. He didn’t stop me as my hands traveled up further and lifted his shirt off him. I about drooled at the sight of him. He. Was. A. God. I kissed up his chest and his neck before kissing him back on the lips. He groaned and pulled me even closer. Everything was going perfect, until he stopped me. Edward had stopped me when my hand was at the hem of his jeans. “Bella, we can’t,” he said to me.

“You don’t want to?” I asked him, a little disappointed. He noticed my crestfallen face and hugged me tightly. He lay on the bed next to me and still captured me in his embrace. “Of course I do. But we just can’t,” I didn’t understand, if we could, then we couldn’t we? “I don’t understand,” I admitted. He sighed and thought for a second, thinking on how to word what he was trying to say. “You know how much stronger I am than you right?” He asked me and I nodded. “Well I’m just afraid I’m going to hurt you. My control slips every time my lips touch yours and if I get too close, I could crush you.” He said, demanding me that I understand. “It’s my blood too right?” I asked him. “No,” he shook his head “It’s crazy, I’m immune to your blood. But it still doesn’t change the way I could hurt you. What if I meant to kiss you or touch your face, and I shatter it? You are far too important for me to lose.” He kissed my cheek. “Then what if you changed me? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about these things.” I said to him. Edward looked at me painfully. “You’d want to become what I am just to be more…intimate?” “No,” He became confused. “Then why?” “So I can be with you forever.” I said softly “I will die one day Edward, and I can’t imagine a place with out you.” He was quiet for a few moments before speaking again.

“And I will change you,” He said unwillingly “Only if this is what you really want,” “I do,” His breathing hitched. “But what about your family and everyone else?” “I’d be beginning a new life with you,” I rubbed his cheek with my hand. “So you wouldn’t miss anything if you were changed?” He asked me. “Maybe a few, but you are far more special,” He didn’t speak, but he laid his head on my chest and closed his eyes. “When would I be changed?” I asked after a few silent minutes. He sat straight up in the bed at blinding speed. “Deciding so soon?” Edward said baffled. “We do need to decide a date. It just can’t be out of the blue one day,” I explained. “True,” He agreed. “How about five years?” He suggested. “No, one year,” I objected. “Doesn’t humanity mean anything to you?” I just gave him a look. “Four?” He tried and I shook my head. “Two,” I said with finality in my voice. “Why so early?” he said in a strained voice. “You are in your teens and I will be too,” “Age is just a number Bella. It’s not like you’ll get wrinkles and crows feet the next day,” He assured me but I didn’t listen. “Two, years,” I said again. “At nineteen?”

“Yes, nineteen,” I said seriously “We could do it after graduation so we wouldn’t attract suspicion and I could also go to high school and college.” I bargained. He sighed and pursed his lips together. “You have me cornered,” He said eventually. Edward looked me right in the eyes and I stared back into his gold orbs. “Two years,” He confirmed “Two years is how high you will go?” “Yes,” My voice didn’t quaver or falter. It was strong and sure. “Then in order for me to change you, you must do something first.” He concluded. “And that would be?” I asked. He crawled over to me and kissed me gently. “Marry me,” He whispered. I pulled back a little to look at him. He was dead serious. Marriage? We had just met each other barely a week ago and he wants to marry me? “I know this is a little rushed,” He apologized “But if we’re going to be with each other forever, why not get married around the people you love?” I thought about this. Charlie and Renee wouldn’t live for eternity, and they’re my only parents. Who would walk me down the aisle and who would plan my wedding? It’s every father’s dream to walk his baby girl down the aisle and I would never deprive Charlie of that. I stared back up at Edward. He was looking at me with loving and hopeful eyes. I would spend the rest of my life with this man. Every waking moment and breath I take. Never could I live without him. “I don’t know Edward,” I said a little while later “It’s just so fast,”

“And I completely understand,” He said to me “You don’t have to decide now, we have a long time.” He assured me. “Sleep now Bella, it’s late and you’re probably very tired.” He laid down on the bed with me. I could hear some disappointment in his voice. How could he think I didn’t want to marry him? I took his face in my hands and kissed him chastely. “It’s not that I don’t want to…it’s just a little quick for me,” I searched his face for some sign that would make him feel less guilty or sad, whatever he was feeling. “I know Bella,” He gave me a half smile “Now go to sleep my precious little girlfriend.” He opened up the covers and I got underneath them while he sang me to sleep with that same beautiful tune.

Chapter 9 (Saturday)

“You guys are even disgustingly sweet asleep!” A deep voice pulled me back from dreamland. My eyes snapped open and at the foot of my bed was Emmett and Jasper. Edward was still in my bed with his arms around me, but glaring at them. “What are you guys doing here?” I asked in wonder. “They thought if they showed up they might catch us in ‘action.’” Edward explained.

“And looking at my shirtless brother, I can only guess you two were very close,” Emmett looked at my bare chested Edward. I wrapped my arms around Edward’s torso to hide his eye candy muscles. “Still protective there Bella? I thought you would share with me?” Emmett said hurt and placed a hand over his heart. “No way Emmett,” I replied with a yawn. “Ooh! Someone needs to brush their teeth!” Emmett said jokingly and plugged his nose. I sighed and got up from the bed. The room was filled with catcalls and whistles and that made me forget about the revealing lingerie I was wearing. I crossed my arms across my chest to cover my girls. “Who knew you had legs?” Emmett said and cocked his head as he stared at my legs. “Yeah Bella, you look hot,” Jasper nodded. “Emmett, stop thinking about my girlfriend that way!” Edward snarled and lunged at him. While the boys wrestled on the floor and Jasper suggested out moves for them, I gathered my clothes up and changed in the bathroom. When I came back with my teeth and hair brushed, Edward and Emmett were staring at each other from across the room, clothes torn and hair ruffled. I sighed and lay on the bed between them so they couldn’t fight. If I was in the middle, they wouldn’t dare hurt me. “You two done yet?” I asked looking between the two. “No way, I want to finish this!” Emmett said obviously pumped and ready to fight. “I’m done,” Edward shrugged and flopped down on the bed next to me.

“Does this mean I win?” Emmett asked eagerly. “Yes Emmett. After over eighty years of trying to beat me at something, you have finally won,” Edward said sarcastically. Emmett was happy all the same and did a little dance. “Jasper, Emmett, shouldn’t you be somewhere?” I said, hinting for them to leave. Jasper ‘ooed’ in understanding and dragged Emmett out the window after him. I turned to Edward. “Well that was interesting,” He laughed. “Different from how you’re usually woken up huh?” He asked me. “Yeah,” “Well let me wake you up like I wanted to,” he grinned and latched his mouth to mine. Edward and I were so caught up in the moment we didn’t realize that Emmett had come back, and was watching us intently from the window sill. “I knew there was some spit swapping somewhere in the movie!” Emmett said excitedly. Edward moved his lips from mine to glare at his brother. “I’m going, I’m going,” Emmett put his hands up in surrender and dropped from sight. My stomach growled and Edward stared at it humorously. “Is that all you got?” He asked it challengingly. I rolled my eyes and pushed off him to leave the room. I heard Edward yell “hey!” after me, but I just continued down the stairs, knowing he would already be down there in the kitchen before I would be. And as I expected he was sitting at the dinning room table waiting for me.

“You know I was kidding right?” Edward followed me around the kitchen. “Yep,” I said and reached up into a cabinet for a bowl and spoon. “Then why are you ignoring me?” I turned around and smiled at him. “Can’t I just get breakfast?” I asked him. “Oh, carry on then,” His brow scrunched together and frowned. I settled with Froot Loops with milk in a bowl. While I was eating at the kitchen table Edward was watching me eat every bite. His eyes would follow the spoon like he was watching where to cut the incision for a surgery. I cleaned the bowl out and placed it on the towel to dry after I was done eating. I felt Edward come up from behind me and enclose my waist in his arms. “What do you want to do the rest of the day?” He murmured to me as he ran his nose along my neck, breathing in my scent. “Whatever you would like to do,” I say nonchalantly. He spun me around in his arms and looked down out me with gleaming gold eyes, filled with eagerness. I stared up at him confused. “How would you like meeting my parents?” I stopped breathing for a moment but then started back up again, this time with a thundering heart. His…parents? “What’s wrong Bella? Your heart is pounding,” He said worriedly. “What if they don’t like me,” I admit. He laughed and threw his head back, muttering to himself. “What?”

“You’re not scared that you’re going into a house with my vampire brothers and parents, but afraid they won’t approve of you?” He said to me with amusement still clearly written on his face. “Yep,” I nodded. “Well, I do know for a fact that Alice is coming to my house today too,” He hinted. I gasped “She knows?” “She found out yesterday and was quite calm about it I might add. No wonder you two are friends,” Edward said thoughtfully. “I’ll go,” I sighed. “Thank you,” He hugged me “And don’t worry” He pulled back “Esme and Carlisle will love you.” “I’ll just go change into something more appropriate. And put a shirt on,” I smiled at his bare chest. Hmm, I really like waking up with him looking like that. He grinned at me and then disappeared from sight. I left the kitchen and climbed up the stairs into my bedroom. Edward’s shirt was gone so I think he was already back downstairs. I put on a simple green sweater and jeans along with my converse. It wouldn’t be a good first impression to show up in sweatpants and a t-shirt that says “Go Seahawks” from my dad. I really need to do laundry around here. It’s been over a week. When I did come back downstairs, Edward was at the bottom of the stairs. But thankfully he was close enough to catch me because at the third to last step, I tripped into his arms. “What am I going to do with you,” He joked and shook his head. “Sorry,” I ducked my head sheepishly. “Are you ready to go?”

I nodded and we left the house. There wasn’t a car in the driveway and I wondered how we were going to get there. But as if he could read my mind, he told me that he would have to run with me in his arms. “I thought you couldn’t read my mind,” I grumbled and jumped into his awaiting arms. “I can’t” He assured me “But I’ve gotten used to reading your emotions.” He then shot off like a rocket and I closed my eyes. It was a longer time than it was to get to the meadow, but when he stopped and I opened my eyes, the sight in front of me left me speechless. The Cullen’s mansion was even bigger than the Hale’s place. It had a Victorian style that gave it a homey feeling. The front door opened and Emmett bounded from the top of the porch to us in one hop. “Bella!” He pulled me off Edward and gave me a bone crushing hug. “Em…can’t…breathe,” I gasped. “Oh,” He set me down and I took in hug gulps of air. “Emmett, don’t hurt my human,” Edward joked in a serious tone and pulled me close. “Bella, you’re here!” A high pitch voice called to me from the house. I looked to see Alice waving at me enthusiastically. She ran down the steps one at a time in her cherry red stilettos. Now that was something I could never do. I embraced her tightly when she jumped at me. It was an awkward hug because Edward still had his arm around my shoulders, but we managed. “You’ve known for six days and you didn’t tell me?” She demanded and put her hands on her hips. “It wasn’t my secret to tell Alice,” I reminded her.

“But you could have trusted me! I mean, I’m the one with the freaky power here!” Jasper appeared out of thin air with one hand on Alice’s shoulder. He smiled down adoringly at her. You could see the love and caring reflected brightly in his gold eyes. “Your power isn’t freaky,” He argued. “Can you see the future? It would be freaky to you if you had visions in your sleep,” She challenged and bobbed her head. Jasper laughed and kissed the top of her spiky hair. “Should we go inside?” Edward suggested. We all walked together into the house and awaiting inside were Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. They smiled at us warmly. “Here’s our bright human,” Mr. Cullen chuckled a little. “We’ve heard so much about you dear,” Mrs. Cullen hugged me. Edward shot a glare at his mother. “Nice to meet you Mrs.-” Mrs. Cullen interrupted me. “Call me Esme dear,” She insisted. “And me Carlisle,” Mr. Cullen put in. “Esme, Carlisle,” I smiled at both of them. “No wonder Edward picked you Bella. You’re so pretty,” Esme examined my face. I blushed and Emmett laughed. “Embarrassed eh Bella?” He mussed my hair. I gave him a look and tried to pat down my hair. “Why don’t you give them a tour?” Carlisle asked Emmett, Jasper, and Edward.

They murmured in agreement and lead us to a grand stair case. The walls were decorated with many painted pictures. Some of them looked like lost pieces of art from famous artists. Emmett was bouncing with joy when we finally got to his room. He grabbed the knob and threw the door open. Alice and I gasped in horror. His room was a mess! Trash littered the floor along with chip bags, soda cans, and candy. He doesn’t even eat food? Why would he need that? But something caught my eye and most of the blood left my face. “Is that?” I asked slowly. “Uh huh,” Emmett said proudly. A bear carcass was in the corner of the room, attracting a god awful scent I might add. I plugged my nose and shuddered. “I’m leaving this…thing,” Alice declared and left. “Me too,” I seconded. I hurriedly escaped into the hallway and breathed in the sweet smelling air. Why do all the Cullen’s smell so good? Emmett, Jasper, and Edward joined us a second later. “Sorry guys,” Emmett said sheepishly “I didn’t know the stench was that bad.” “That bad?!” I said incredulously. “Let’s go to my room. I promise it’s cleaner that Emmett’s,” Jasper took Alice’s hand and they lead the way to his room. The boy’s rooms were close to each others, only down the hall from each other. And Jasper was right, his room was cleaner. Everything was in its order and everything had a place. But there was a photograph I was very interested with. It was a small black and white picture of Jasper in a war uniform. Jasper Whitlock was scrawled underneath.

“You fought in a war?” I asked Jasper. “The civil war to be exact,” He grinned at the small photograph. We then moved onto Edward’s room which in my opinion, I thought was the coolest. He had a big view of the snow capped mountains and luscious forest. There was an enormous collection of CD’s, all categorized. It was painted in gold walls and gold carpet with a big black leather sofa and black curtains on the windows. “Whoa,” Alice ran over to the window. She turned back around “You have the most amazing view.” Edward chuckled, “Thank you.” Our tour ended back into the kitchen where surprisingly, there was food. I stared at the full pantry and back at Edward curiously. “To keep up the image,” He explained and I nodded. It sort of made sense and it didn’t at the same time. No one would be in the house except for them. Why would they let all that food go to waste? Well having billions of dollars, I guess you can afford to lose two hundred dollars in grocery shopping every two weeks. Jasper, Emmett, and Alice had wondered off on their own so it left Edward and I together. He took my hand and bit his lip for a second. “Can I show you something?” He asked me. I nodded and he pulled me along. We entered the living room and over to a black, glossy grand piano. The ivory keys were played often as I could infer from the lack of dust. He sat down on the bench and patted the space beside him. I sat down next to him. “You play?”

“Yes,” He eyed the piano longingly “I don’t want to say that I have an obsession, but then I would be lying.” We both smiled “But there is something I would really like you to hear, if that is okay with you.” “Go ahead,” I tilted my head towards it. He placed his hands on the keys expertly, coughed slightly, and began. I think my jaw dropped open in shock at how good he was. His hands moved swiftly across the keys, becoming a blur in front of my own eyes. The sounds flowed together in harmony like water moving over stones, each fitting perfectly. It was the same song that he had hummed me to sleep. When the song had finished he chuckled at my reaction. “That bad eh?” “No,” I shook my head vigorously “That was really, really good.” “Well I’m glad you liked it because you inspired it,” He took my hand again and played with my fingers. “Really?” “Uh huh. I even named it Bella’s Lullaby.” Tears started to cloud my vision and I gave him a watery smile. But one escaped and rolled down my cheek. Edward bent forward and kissed it away. “Oh c’mon, can’t you two act normally for two minutes?” Edward and I turned to the person who had ruined our sweet moment. Emmett was standing there with the rest of the family. Esme and Carlisle looked at us with a loving expression and Jasper and Alice let out an ‘aww’. I blushed and hid my face into Edward’s chest. “Emmett, when you joined the family I expected anything but normal from then on.” I heard Carlisle say and I lifted my head up and laughed

along with the rest of the family. Emmett was looking at Carlisle with a childish pout and his arms were crossed across his chest. “Oh come on! I’m normal aren’t I?” He asked desperately. “Uh huh, sure,” Esme said with a fake smile. Emmett was satisfied and walked out of the room. Esme shook her head and mouthed ‘no’. We all talked together in the living room after that, just about our past before this. Carlisle’s past was one of the most interesting before Jasper’s. We had been explained the Volturi and all the laws that the vampires had to obey if they wanted to stay alive. And right now, the Cullen’s were breaking the biggest of them all by telling Alice and I about themselves. The Volturi was supposedly un evil, but had horrible ways of punishing other vampires. The Cullen’s had lived such a long time without mates. It was strange they hadn’t had found someone until now. Not that I’m complaining, but you know what I mean. There was probably a bunch of females lusting after Edward before me. We had seemed to look like a family the way we all fit together. Esme adored Alice like she was her own daughter. Carlisle was very interested in her talent and wanted to know more. This seemed to set Jasper off into a bad mood, and made everyone in the area around him feel angry and sad as well. The family all looked at him warily and he calmed down a few moments later. Edward was now driving me home in his Volvo, holding my hand across the seat with the other on the steering wheel. We were both content and happy until I got closer to home. He tensed up and his jaw locked together tightly. “Edward what is it?” I asked him.

He looked at me and back towards my house. The car slowed down and parked on the curb. There was another car in the driveway. It was Billy Black’s from the La Push reservation. Why, I haven’t seen his son Jake in a long time. I wonder how big he’s gotten. “I shouldn’t have come. I’ll walk you to your door and then leave.” I looked up at him with a pleading glance, but he gave me a look and I stopped. We got out of the car and walked up the driveway, still hand in hand. Edward got even stiffer with each step and I was thoroughly worried when he knocked on the door. Charlie opened up and smiled at the both of us. “Great, you two are back. The Blacks are up here to watch the game tonight. Why don’t you join us Edward?” Charlie was being more respectful towards him to give our relationship a chance. Edward couldn’t simply turn dad down now. This was a good time when I was grateful he couldn’t read my mind because he had no idea how much I was worshiping Charlie right now for asking him that. “Of course Chief Swan, it would be my honor.” Charlie ushered us inside and closed the door behind us. Billy and Jake were sitting on the living room couch, watching the TV screen. Well, Jake was sitting on the couch and Billy was seated in his wheel chair. Billy was looking at us with slightly narrowed eyes. His russet colored skin was bunched up at his forehead too and I could only guess he wasn’t happy. Billy noticed our intertwined hands and his nostrils flared furiously. “Bella!” Jake waved at me and smiled. He had really matured in looks for someone only being fifteen. “Hi Jake, how are you?”

“I’m okay. Things are boring down at the rez nowadays so, nothings new.” He shrugged. “But I can see you’ve been busy,” He added, looking at Edward. I blushed. “Edward Cullen, nice to meet you Jake.” He nodded, a little more relaxed. Charlie stomped through the room in his boots and sat down in the old recliner. “Why don’t you two sit on down? The game just started and so far the Seahawks are up for once.” Charlie was excited and oblivious to the tension between Billy and Edward. We sat down on the couch with me in between Jake and Edward. Billy was on Edward’s side of the couch, still glaring at him. I tried to pay attention to the football game but it was too confusing. The two immature men on my left seemed to be having their own silent conversation and not paying attention to the game as well. Billy would sometimes be shocked or even angrier at what Edward would utter too quietly to him for my ears. I personally thought it was weird I couldn’t hear a word they were saying seeing as I was an inch away from them. The game ended two hours later and my butt was getting stiff from sitting in the same position. The Seahawks had lost like they usually do so Charlie wasn’t that uspset over the loss. The goodbyes from Jake were friendly unlike Billy’s. He just nodded at me and muttered to me before being wheeled off outside: “I can’t believe you actually want what your boyfriend has.” I panicked. He knows? How can he know?! Billy is human……or is he?

I waited until the Black’s car was out of sight before turning to Edward. He gave me a look “I’ll tell you later”. I nodded. Charlie turned back around and smiled at us. “Thanks for staying Edward.” “Thank you for letting me stay Chief Swan. I’d better be getting home, my family will probably be wondering where I am.” Edward shook his hand and I followed him out onto the porch. “Come back as soon as you can,” I told him seriously. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’ll tell you what Mr. Black meant, but I have to tell my family first.” He gave me a kiss on the lips and a hug. “Be safe,” I mumbled into his chest. He cupped the back of my head and hugged me more tightly for a second. “I will,” Was all he murmured before walking off and driving away. I went back inside the house. Charlie was cleaning up the beer cans he and Billy had drunk during the game. “Goodnight dad,” I called to him. “Night Bells!” He yelled after me as I started up the stairs. I dressed again in one of the pajamas Alice had bought me. It wasn’t as revealing as the others, but to me it was. The shorts were five inches from the top of my thigh and the tank top was pure silk. They were a delicate looking white with a cream lace trim. I also brushed my teeth while waiting for Edward to come back. It was already fifteen minutes since he had left and I was getting anxious. What was taking him so long? Did something bad happen to him? Oh no…. Two cool arms wrapped around my waist to stop my pacing. “If you keep doing that, you’ll make a trench in the floor,” He joked.

I turned around in his arms and hugged him tightly. Edward. He looked down at me concerned and sat us down on the bed. “What’s wrong Bella?” “I was just nervous for you to come back.” I admitted. He chuckled. “I’m perfectly fine.” “Now, you owe me an explanation,” I reminded him. He straightened up more and cleared his throat. “Well, I can’t really tell you, but you can guess.” I pouted but he continued. “Our family made a treaty with…another creature….and we swore that we wouldn’t bite a human and come onto their side of Forks as long as they didn’t reveal what we were to humans. This is a legend down at La Push. Do you know which one it is?” I shook my head no. He sighed and tried how to explain this to me without giving the secret away. “Umm, does the word cold ones ring a bell?” Cold ones, cold ones. Charlie and Billy used to tell me stories about the cold ones when Jake and I were little kids. Cold ones were vampires. They were sworn enemies to…Oh. My. God. I gasped. “Werewolves!” Shock colored my tone. “Exactly,” Edward nodded. “So you can’t bite me because of the treaty?” “Well, that, and I also want to marry you first.” He chuckled. I gave him a look and he kissed my forehead. “My silly Bella.” He said affectionately. “And what happens if you bite a human?”

He froze for a moment. “A war starts between us and the werewolves.” A war. That means the Cullen’s could die if they wanted to change me, Alice, or Rosalie. If the Cullen’s couldn’t bite a human in Forks…….then the only way to change one of us would be to leave Forks. “But you also owe me another explanation.” I told him. He stared at me with a blank look. “How is a human turned into a vampire? What’s the transformation?” He became silent. He shifted uncomfortably under me. “I don’t really want to tell you about that.” “You said you would Edward.” I demanded. “And what are you scared of by telling me this? I can’t force your mouth onto my throat. You’re too strong for me.” He eventually sighed and told me. “To change a human you obviously have to bite the person. But when a vampire does bite them, venom spreads into their veins. It’s the worst feeling in the world to be bit by a vampire. As soon as the venom enters the victim’s body, the person wishes for death. The transformation from vampire to human lasts a full three days.” Three days? That was a pretty long time to become a vampire. But would I do the change to stay with Edward forever? Of course I would. “I have a question with the treaty. What if you accidentally bite a human? Would the consequences be the same?” I asked. Edward gave me a long look. “Don’t get any ideas Bella,” He warned. I sighed. “And yes, the consequences would be the same. It wouldn’t be an accident when bloodlust takes over our system.”

“How does Carlisle do it with all of the blood at work?” “Hundreds of years of practice.” “And he doesn’t feel like he should save a dying human?” “No. Carlisle accepts the cycle of life and death. It is inevitable for humans. I’m pretty sure he sometimes wishes he could save a soul like he did to mine, but I haven’t heard him complain about it. Everyone in the family has learned to accept it.” Is Edward okay about dying as well? Is he okay with me dying is more of the correct question. And if he won’t bite me… “So me dying won’t be a problem either?” His jaw dropped. I bet he wasn’t expecting that now was he? He shook his head and blinked a couple times. “Where did that come from?” Edward spluttered. “You said everyone in your family has learned to accept death. That includes you. And because I won’t marry you, you’ll just wait for me to give in? I could be fifty years old by then.” “Bella-” He tried to interrupt. “I’m not ready for that kind of commitment. And I’ll warn you now, each year I’ll be even harder to convince. Who would like to see a fifty year old woman with a seventeen year old teenager? Those ages just don’t match.” He was silent after that. His eyes now a dull grayish yellow, were staring off into space. I think I struck a chord there. It’s for his own good. He has to see what I want. Five minutes later I gave up on him and kissed him goodnight. I rolled over on the bed and closed my eyes into a restless slumber.

Edward’s p.o.v.

I slipped quietly out Bella’s window and sprinted home. I needed help. How could Bella want to be like me? It wasn’t glamorous for sure. None of us could go out and just make friends with every human we saw. Esme was very disappointed with that. I knew from the start having to ask her to marry me was a big stretch for her. But having her marry me before changing her seemed like a good idea at the time. Now it’s one of the worst mistakes I’ve made. Age is commonly one of the problems for most women, but usually at thirty or thirty five, not seventeen. I would of course still love her no matter what happens. If she lost a vital limb I would still love her! But she is a sensitive to what other’s think. She doesn’t want to get attention from towns’ folk about her wedding while we’ve barely known each other, and she doesn’t want to be the center of attention if she was to date me while older. She has me cornered. I either change her and forget about the whole marriage thing, or stick with my plan and let her age. Everyone was at home when I sped into the living room. Jasper looked up from the couch, sensing my frantic emotions. He slowly turned off the TV. “Bella and I had a fight,” I explained and sat down between Esme and Carlisle. “Ooh, what is it? Clothes, music choice, sports…” Emmett trailed off. “Age.” I let out a huff of air. “She wants to be changed?” Carlisle guessed. I nodded.

“And what’s the problem?” “I don’t want to change her, but she wants to get changed in two years! She doesn’t even want to experience human things. I don’t understand.” I swear this has to be one of the worst days of my existence. “Well because I’m a girl, I think I have an idea on why she is upset.” Esme spoke up. I turned to her. “Put yourself in her position. If you were changed at I don’t know, twenty five, and she is the age she is now, would you two being together be able to be a public couple?” She has a point there. “No, but-” “No buts Edward,” She said sternly. “She will feel out of place if she is older. Girls might come up to you two in public and flirt while she looks like your mother. Bella wants to look like she is equal to you. Other people will frown upon your relationship and I’m pretty sure it will be hard to marry.” “Age shouldn’t matter to her Esme! If she loves me she won’t care!” “She does love you, but girls these days aren’t used to marrying a man ten years older than them like they did in your time and Carlisle’s. Humans have become more sensitive to the people around them.” She sighed. “You will have to change her. Even ask Jasper. He is having the same problem as you are, but he is actually agreeing with Alice.” I faced Jasper. “Is this true?” “Next year we will be flying out to Rio. What my Alice wants, she gets.” Jasper said solemnly and remained silent. “Edward, Bella lives alone with Charlie. Her parents must have gotten a divorce or are going through separation issues. That also makes it harder for her to get married when her parents gave a bad example.” Carlisle interjected.

“Think of what she wants.” Esme echoed.

Chapter 10 (Sunday)

Bella’s p.o.v.

Edward did not come back that night. I waited up for two hours for him, till twelve o’clock, but there wasn’t even a trace. I soon gave up and fell asleep. It was different sleeping without his cool body next to mine. I tossed and turned all night, trying to find the coldest part of bed space. It was now morning. Birds chirped outside my window and sun shown from behind my eyes. “Ugh,” I moaned and flipped onto my back and sat up. I opened my eyes to see Edward near the window. He was holding his breath. “What is it Edward?” I moved but then gasped. I could feel my underwear was damp. Damn, my period started a few days early. It wasn’t usual for me to have an irregular cycle, but it was very rare when I did. “Sorry,” I ducked my head. I forgot to warn Edward about the blood. “It’s okay, it’s completely natural,” He assured me. I quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. The drawer underneath the sink held all my personal female items. Charlie has known

from experience not to go into that drawer. I remember the look on his face when he found them there. He was so surprised. I peeled off the bloody underwear and scrubbed it off in the sink. Ugh, I hate having this happening. I hid the damp panties underneath the sink where Charlie could not find them. He was also scared when he saw them drying on the edge of the bathtub. Edward was still near the window when I went back in my room. He released the air he was holding in and took in another breath. Thank god for the tampon. “Sorry again,” I apologized “I had no idea about blood around you. Is it too hard for you to be near?” I hoped I wasn’t giving him pain. Grr, I should have told him about this sooner so he would be prepared. “The blood from…you know…isn’t that hard to be close to. It smells sort of, well awful. Blood from anywhere else on a human’s body gives off the sweet smelling scent.” Edward came closer to me. We were an arm’s length away. He took my hands in his. “I was thinking what you said last night was true,” He said suddenly. He’s actually agreeing with me? Wow, okay. “You’ve changed your mind?” “Yes. I have decided that you are right and I was wrong. I will not force you to marry me before turning you into one of my kind. The deadline is in two years if you are still up to it.” Edward didn’t lock eyes with me at all once. Did he really want this for me? “And you’re completely alright with what you’ve offered?” “Yes,”

Our eyes still didn’t connect. I held his chin and moved his eyes to look into mine. They looked so sad. “Edward. I will take your offer, but I promise you in some time when we have been together longer, I will marry you. Believe me, I love you enough to get married right now, but it’s just too fast. I want to know more about you.” Does that make sense? I leaned forward and kissed him. He smiled back with closed lips and sad eyes. Dear god, he doesn’t want this for me does he? “Are you sure this is okay with you, Edward? Because if it isn’t I won’t get changed at nineteen.” “Stop thinking of me and think about yourself,” He finally spoke “You are truly selfless Bella.” God he’s being so frustrating! Just answer the dang question! “Answer the question,” I glared. He sighed “Yes, it is fine with me. If you are happy than I am happy. I just can’t stand fighting with you.” Without warning, my bedroom door opened and closed. Edward didn’t have time to escape. I breathed a sigh of relief at the person. Alice. She looked so glad to see us at first, but looked embarrassed. “Am I interrupting something?” She asked Edward. I looked at him to see the same face he had on before. “No, we were just finishing up. And I don’t think Bella will like what you have in mind Alice.” Edward smiled a true smile at the last part. “Alice, what are you going to do?” I asked worriedly. Whenever she thinks about something that might upset me, it usually is…. “Shopping!” She squealed.

“Ugh,” that. “Actually Alice, I promised to show Bella something today.” Edward dampened her mood. “What?” “Well Jasper already showed you and it is now my turn.” Alice’s face brightened up like a kid in a candy store. Okay, I’m feeling left out right now. “Fine, since this is surely to be awesome for Bella, I will let this one slide. I’ll leave and go ask Rosalie to come. Bye you two!” She skipped and hummed out of my room. I turned to Edward with questions in my eyes. “Remember the sparkling thing?” He grinned crookedly. Yeah Edward is back! I grinned, but then my face fell. “But what about the sun light? We can’t go anywhere public.” “We are going to the meadow today. Go change, put on your shoes and hop on my back and we’ll be off.” I grabbed some clothes from my closet and sprinted into the bathroom. I hurriedly put my sneakers on, almost tripping in the process. He laughed at me for that. I literally jumped on him and clamped my arms and legs around the backside of him when I got back into the bedroom. “Someone’s eager aren’t they?” Edward teased. “Yes they are! Let’s get moving!” Edward’s muscles coiled for the jump, and we were already a hundred feet from my house instantly. My eyes wouldn’t close for some reason, even though I was mentally yelling at myself to do so. But the world looked so much different running at breakneck speeds. It looked like we were encased in a thick green blob. I looked down and could barely make out Edward’s legs speeding back and forth. There

was no sound of the trees or leaves hissing as we past, but silence. No sound at all. The earth stopped. We were standing in a shadow underneath a tree on the outer ring of the meadow. I climbed down from his back. Edward seemed hesitant. I tried to coax him towards the light. “It’s alright. Just take one foot and step in it.” I gestured towards the pool of light at our feet. He let out a large breath. “What’s the problem?” “I’m afraid you’ll be frightened.” He admitted. “Frightened? Me? Come on, it will just be like glitter on a person right?” “Something like that.” He mumbled. “Go wait for me in the middle. I’ll join you.” I nodded and walked to the middle of the meadow. The sun beat down on my thin t-shirt, warming my body from my head to my toes. It felt so good compared to the rain I was often used to. I did not hear him come up behind me, but two cold arms wrapped around my waist. I looked down at the arms and gasped. They were for sure not glittering! Diamonds were imbedded in his skin as it seemed! Colorful rays of light shot from them in a laser show. I twisted in his arms and was awed by the rest of him. He was wearing no shirt. The sparkling emphasized his toned muscles. His eyes seemed to pop from his face. His hair and lips seemed to be the only things not sparkling. “So, what do you think?” He nervously asked. “There are no words.” I ran my hands over his chest and down his stomach. A shudder ripped through him. His eyes burned with desire.

“I can feel what you’re doing a hundred times clearer. It feels so good with the sun.” He softly moaned and closed his eyes. I rested my hands over his non beating heart. Edward opened his eyes and pulled us down to the flower covered floor. He cradled me in his arms gently as I quietly continued to examine him. His eyes followed my movements wherever I went, whether I was stroking his arm or brushing a stray strand of hair out of my face. “Does Rosalie know yet?” I asked as my head rested in the crook of his neck. “No. He was going to tell her, but something came up.” “What happened?” “They were sitting on the couch while watching a horror film that happened to have vampires. Rosalie screamed and said after the movie that she would never want to become a soul sucking monster like them.” Edward sighed. “Oh no! Poor Emmett!” I gasped and sat up. “He was definitely hurt. He wouldn’t even eat his favorite food. He let it just run away.” “But he has to tell Rose sometime.” “He does. Or Rosalie might find out why she is aging or why he doesn’t bleed when he gets hurt.” “Will Emmett be okay if Rosalie isn’t up for it?” “Up for what?” “To be changed. I know she won’t accept the idea of being bitten so easily.”

Edward sighed. “Emmett hasn’t given much thought to it from what I can tell. He’s more worried over how he’s going to tell her rather than how he’s going to plan her demise.” I rested my elbows on my crossed legs and cradled my chin with my hands. “Is that what you think? That being changed is demise?” I asked. Edward sat up more fully and crossed his legs as well. He began to play with a daisy strand as we talked. “I do. How do you see it?” He challenged. “I see it as a beginning, not an end. With what I will be getting out of this, it surely isn’t demise.” “What will you get out of getting the life sucked out of you?” Edward tried to cover the bubble of chuckles threatening to over turn. “Well, a new life with two brothers I never had,” I smiled “Two loving parents that have more knowledge than any book I’ve used for studying, and most importantly, I get you…forever.” “So I’m the most important?” He joked. “They save the best for last.” I teased back. “What about your human experiences? Won’t you miss those?” Edward asked after moments of silence. “Like what?” “Hmm…going out into sunlight in public, eating your favorite food, escaping the world for hours while you sleep?” He trailed off “I don’t know, just stuff you cherish. The small things.” “I will miss the sunlight part, but I certainly won’t miss the bloated feeling after eating my favorite food or forcing myself to wake up in the early hours of the morning.” Edward laughed at my response.

“Well I will miss your human qualities.” Edward reached over and tucked the daisy he had plucked from the ground behind my ear. “Why?” “Your clumsiness, the scars on your body from various falls,” He laughed. “Your beet red face when you get embarrassed. All these traits make you feel real to me. Sometimes I feel you’re unreal. Like you’re too perfect. I’ve waited years for you, the person to complete me, to come along. I’m afraid that you are a mirage that you’ll disappear in a blink of an eye. You may think your flaws imperfect you, but you’re far from it. When you change into a vampire, you will still be my Bella that I love, but you’ll just be stronger and more indestructible. What if you leave me, find out that you don’t love me? That there are more fish in the sea? No doubt you’ll make a beautiful vampire with all the beauty possess now. With that, there will be men at your feet begging to be yours. I want to be able to give you a family and a normal life like I should be able to if I was human. You could leave me even before being changed to run off with a more suitable male in your opinion. And I would let you go because even though my feelings would be sacrificed, I would do anything in my power to make you happy, no matter the cost. That is why I will miss your human qualities, or just you.” I launched myself into his arms at the end of his speech. I tried to mask my sniffles and tears, but he felt them seep into his neck. Edward smiled gently at me and helped wipe away the torrents on my face. “I will never leave you Edward. There is no one else I want to be with but you. I may sound clingy and desperate, but this is how I feel.” I let out a breathless laugh. Edward pulled me to him. “Then I am very pleased with how you feel.”

Something then triggered in the back of my mind. I pulled my head back to study him with a skeptical glare. He was plain out confused. “If this was one of your tricks to get me to change my mind about the date I’m getting turned, it is so not working.” I warned, “And by the way, you are the best looking fish I’ve ever seen.” Edward threw his head back and laughed the loudest laugh I’ve heard.

Chapter 11 (Monday)

Emmett had his lap top open on the hood of the Mercedes in the morning the next day. Rosalie, Edward, and Jasper were watching a video. Edward was appalled, and the rest were laughing their heads off. Alice and I wandered over to them. “What are you guys doing?” I asked. There was a teenage boy with a retainer and a cap underneath his long hoodie and jeans. He was singing something along the lines of “I am adorable, so precious! I’m a tween sensation!” Emmett paused the video. Jasper and Rosalie whined. “It’s a parody of the Bieber kid! You know him; he’s a sixteen year old who looks like he’s ten?” Emmett guffawed. “Oh yeah Justin Bieber!” Alice squealed. “You mean the boy who sings like a girl?” My nose scrunched in distaste.

“That’s the one. This video is fricken hilarious!” Emmett pressed play again. Even Edward who didn’t want to watch the video in the first place laughed and leaned heavily on the car for support. Damn me if his neck didn’t look too bitable arched! The hormones from the period were definitely taking a toll on me. “That kid is too funny.” Jasper wiped his eyes free from imaginary tears. The bell sounded. We said goodbye to each other then went to our classrooms. Alice and I had our fist class together. We sat down next to each other. Almost immediately she had a vision. Her eyes clouded over and her tiny mouth dropped open in a devilish grin. She locked her glowing eyes into mine. “What Alice?” “I just had a vision. You know I usually have them asleep, but this means it will happen today!” Alice laughed. “And it was…” I motioned with my hand to get to it. “Newton has cracked! Only three days into his jail time and he has cracked! He can’t stand the little portions of food, the bed stinks, and the cell is cold. And you know what?” Alice trailed off. “What?” “Your Dad isn’t pleased with the way Mike acts so he has decided to plan something fairly harmless.” “My Dad planning?” I said in shock. “Something bad?” “Not really bad. He is the chief of police after all. But it will take you and Edward to help.” Alice’s eyes darted to the clock and back. “He will probably call the office in fifth period to bail you two from school to help.”

“This is going to be interesting!” I grinned. “And the best part us, I’ve already seen it!” Alice giggled.

(Later at the police station) I tightly gripped Edward’s hand to keep from bouncing up and down in excitement. Edward was as well trying to hide the smile. Not very well I might add. His lips were twitching like he had multiple muscle spasms occurring at the same time. We had already informed Carlisle and Esme about the prank. They were howling so much they we could hardly hear Carlisle mutter out goodbye. It was only Charlie in the station today. The others were taking their vacation weeks, but Charlie never had anything to do accept fish so the station was like his other home. My Dad was waiting for us as soon as we entered the building. “Bella, Edward. Good you’re here.” Charlie was good at keeping a straight face and an even toned voice. “Thank you for going through with this.” Edward politely smiled. I smiled with him not only to keep up the act, but that Mike was staring at us slumped over in his cell. The station was a small thing so Mike would have a perfect view of what we were about to do. Charlie was getting tired with Newton annoying the hell out of him as he so eloquently put it. Mike was complaining about his living conditions and dropping lies in and out about Edward and me now and again. Charlie warned Mike that he could stay in jail for even longer if he continued the lies. Mike shut up, but

that didn’t keep him from subtly hinting even more lies. The picture of Charlie strangling Mike with his handcuffs entertained me. “Are you alright with the idea of Edward becoming a cop Bella?” Charlie asked me. “Of course. If he wants to pursue it as a career, I’m fine with it. He’d also be doing good for the town too.” I smiled lovingly up at him and rubbed his arm as part of my act. We were all speaking a little louder than usual to make sure Mike could hear. Only incompetent fools like him would not notice how loud we were talking to how we normally speak. “Well that’s great. Why don’t I put you through some tests first Edward? See what stage of skill you’re at and we’ll progress later from here?” Charlie suggested. “Sounds good sir.” Edward nodded. We walked to the shooting area. There were bullet proof glass slots probably three feet apart. Inside was a series of targets already worn out from previous accuracy practices. Edward and I were handed glasses to protect our eyes incase a bullet went wrong. Charlie went explaining the different guns they’d be using. Some were different in size, shape, and use of strength of the shooter. Edward handed me his coat to hold and rolled his long, black button up shirt up his arms to keep his elbows free even though we were supposed to have our bodies covered. Edward accepted the gun from Charlie. Mike was still staring at us from what I could tell from the corner of my eye. “Now take about ten shots with this one and we’ll switch to something more powerful.” Charlie nodded.

“You might want to cover your ears Bella. We ran out of ear plugs yesterday and I forgot to pick some more up.” Charlie sheepishly smiled. I nodded. I almost had to slap myself upside the head. From the side Edward looked even sexier taking shots at the wooden target. The way the shirt fitted over his lean muscles on his body as he loaded the gun up and switched targets each time. Damn, I was practically eye fucking in front of my father and I didn’t care. I was seriously screwed with the hormones. Edward finished his last shot. They were all perfect. Some in the head or in the area where the heart should have been. With each shot there was a concentrated expression on his face that accentuated the sharp curve of his jaw and eyebrow that I wanted to lick. Grr, I hate whoever gave God the idea to get periods! I know for a fact that men tremble in fear when women have their monthly gift, so God could have never suggested it. Again, the model and design of the gun went in one ear and out the other. School I could handle, cars and boy stuff no. The process was repeated with two other guns until there was the big one. No big was an understatement, humongous was more the type of word. “Jeez Dad, for a small town we sure need heavy arsenal.” I said sarcastically and shook my head. “Hey! We had ordered two small hand guns and this monster came in!” Charlie laughed and Edward joined in. “We call it the ‘Life Sucker’ because in one shot, you will die!” Charlie said it so carefree that I could see Mike visibly shudder violently. I covered my hand to smother my laughs. It came out as looking surprised as I hoped. Edward holding that thing was hilarious. He didn’t need a gun with all the damage he could do with his pinkie alone! Mike had no idea what he

was up against. The sound coming from the gun was loud! It vibrated off the walls in an echo so vicious it might have split my eardrums in half if my ears weren’t covered. Mike actually screamed this time. I couldn’t help it, a small laugh escaped. “Are you okay Micheal?” Charlie called to him. “Yes!” He said in a too high voice that clearly said he wasn’t at all okay. “Just thought I saw a rat!” “A rat? Hmm, kill it next time why don’t ya?” Charlie waved him off. “Now, we need to know how strong you are. Why don’t you take a couple hits on our practice boards?” Charlie gestured to some in the corner of an area next to us. The floor was covered with squishy blue mats that made a weird smack/ squeak sound when you stepped on it. I inferred it was there for combat training without weapons. There was a punching bag, weights, and a treadmill that were not often used, judging by the body shape of the officers in town. Something then totally unexpected happened. “HEY DUDE!” We turned to see Rosalie and Emmett standing in the doorway of the station. I turned to Charlie. He winked at me. I smiled. My dad was awesome… “Yeah Emmett?” Edward asked. Rosalie and Emmett walked over together. “I heard about your career choice and I wanted to come down and see how it was going.” “Oh, thanks I guess.” ‘What do you mean ‘I guess’?”

“Well, you tend to never say anything nice or comforting…” Edward trailed off. Rosalie and I giggled. “Eh, I had to do it sometime. Now, what are you doing?” “Edward’s going to demonstrate how strong he is.” Charlie answered. “Ooh! Can I fight him instead?” Emmett bounced excitedly. “Uh, sure Emmett. Are you sure you can take him Edward?” Charlie sized up Emmett. “Yah, I can.” Edward shrugged. “Yes! It’s on little brother!” Emmett laughed manically. “I was adopted first!” Edward whined. I hid my chuckles. “First is the worst, second is the best! Take THAT!” Emmett stuck his tongue out and ran to the center of the “fighting circle”. Charlie and Rosalie rolled their eyes and we stood off to the side to not get in the way. “So how did you get roped into this?” I asked Rosalie. “I didn’t want to leave without Emmy. He might go over the top and we don’t want that.” Rosalie shook her head. “Do you think I am incapable of breaking the two of them apart if it gets too rough?” Charlie put his hands on his hips. “Charlie, do you think Emmett would listen to me or you more?” Charlie looked between Emmett and Rosalie. “You have a point there.” Charlie sighed. While Charlie and Rosalie talked, I wandered over to Mike. He was watching Edward and Emmett circling each other, but watched me when he caught me staring. Mike grinned and flipped his hair. He blew me a flirty kiss. I scoffed in disgust and turned back to the fight.

Emmett lunged and grabbed Edward by the waist. Edward was lifted two feet into the air over Emmett’s head. “You’re boy is light huh Bells?” Charlie chuckled. Edward locked his arms around Emmett’s head and used all his strength to fling him to the ground. “But he knows how to retaliate,” I smiled. This continued on for twenty more minutes until Edward tripped Emmett and Emmett fell to the floor so with a smack so loud, he had to fake like he was in pain. Emmett groaned and rolled over. “I…hate you!” He rasped out. Edward grinned and offered to help Emmett up. As soon as Emmett grasped his hand, he pulled Edward down with him on the other side. And to keep up the human appearance, he had to pretend he was in pain too. “Never let your guard down.” Emmett laughed and pointed. Edward growled at him and hit him. Mike was shocked at how good Edward was at fighting. I bet he was lucky he hadn’t been the one to rescue me from the empty classroom. Mike would have been severely injured… or dead. “Well boys, good job.” Charlie didn’t know what to think. They staggered off the ground and walked over to us, rolling their arms and neck to ‘ease the pain’. Charlie waddled off, mumbling about taking notes. But Edward and I knew it was just to let us do our part. Dad didn’t want to see it. “Good job,” I kissed Edward on the lips when he was at my side. “I was going easy on him and he knew it,” Emmett scoffed.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.” Edward grabbed my hand and we started to stroll back to the front of the station. I stopped him right next to Mike’s holding cell. “You know, there could be more than a few advantages while you’re a cop.” I said seductively. By the sound of scuffling on the other side of the brick wall, Mike was eavesdropping. “And what would those be?” Edward pulled me to him. “I’ve always had a thing for a man in uniform. Maybe we could break in those handcuffs a bit?” “Oh, have you been a bad girl, Kitten?” I silently laughed at Edward’s nickname. Edward bit his lip with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “A very bad girl,” I insisted “Well, let’s go see if your father will give us the handcuffs. The sooner the better.” Edward winked and swatted my butt. I giggled and ran to the desk in the front with an open mouthed Mike behind me. Charlie was waiting with a few things on the desk in front of him. “Okay Edward. I want to show you some of the tiny weapons we use,” Charlie started. Ha, this was going to look like Charlie was giving the things to Edward from Mike’s point of view. “A gun of course, pepper spray, night stick, flashlight, and finally handcuffs.” Charlie held up the handcuffs and handed them to Edward. “NO! DON’T DO IT!” Mike screamed hysterically form his cell. We turned to see Mike trying to claw his way through the metal bars. “THEY’RE GOING TO USE THOSE HANDCUFFS FOR INAPROPIATE THINGS!!” “Like what Newton?” Charlie yelled back.

“SEX!” Mike spluttered. I blushed tomato red. Charlie gave me a small smile that Edward and I did our part well. “Let me go handle him Daddy,” I winked. I walked over to Mike. He was fuming from the ears down. “C-Cullen took y-your vir-vir-” Mike pointed with a shaky finger and wide eyes. “No Mike. I took his,” I wiggled my eyebrows. All that came out of Mike’s mouth was air. “Bye bye!” I waved over my shoulder. Dad and Edward obviously over hearing me, were clutching the desk, doubled over with laughter. “THIS IS NOT A LAUGHING MATTER!” Mike screamed on our way out the door with Emmett and Rosalie. “Kitten, Edward? Seriously?” I laughed. “Yep. Emmett suggested it.” Emmett grinned from ear to ear, “and it worked obviously. We’ll see you guys back at school.” Edward and I held hands to the Volvo. He stopped me as I was about to get in. “What?” Edward had his thinking look on his face, lips pursed and eyebrows scrunched together. “If I can call you Kitten,” He paused, “Can you call me Daddy?” I laughed so loud birds flew out of their nests.

I was going to have a final My Boyfriend’s a WHAT as a third one, but I haven’t uploaded for a long time. So here it is. I’ve been on a MAJOR writer’s block for two months (no joke), only writing half a page a day! But now it’s back I guess.

Chapter 12 (October)

“A naughty nurse? You’ve got to be shitting me!” I laughed. Tonight was Halloween. The school was having a big party in honor of the holiday. Nobody really wanted to do help arrange it when they heard Jessica Stanley was in charge of all prom decorations, but the principal hinted that it would count as community service hours to graduate. The football team was doing pretty well. They beat the team down on the reservation by ten points, and the others who came from the San Juan Islands. They only played four games, but in a town in the middle of nowhere, that was something. Emmett had unsuccessfully told Rosalie he was a vampire. She now new he was different, but not as different as having no soul. The worst thought in her mind was that he had a skin condition. Mike Newton was keeping his distance at school, but that didn’t keep him from rumoring that Edward and I slept together. Nobody cared. Now the gang was in a costume store after school in Port Angeles. The theme was sexy for the girls, as it was every year. For Alice and Rosalie at least. They somehow roped me in this year. Rosalie chose a chamber maid outfit that was six inches from the top of her thigh. The scooped neckline left tons of cleavage for Emmett to ogle at (and the rest of the males). It came with a ruffled choker and feather

duster. She didn’t pay extra for the high heels because she had many stilettos at home. Alice was a cheerleader with an outfit that reminded me of a swimsuit. It was a tiny blue halter top, white pleated short skirt, and came with a white vest. She had pom poms from dress up when she was little and white sneakers at home. Jasper was happy to have a cheerleader all to himself. “Please Bella?” Alice begged and shook the bag in front of me, “you know you want to!” “No, I don’t.” “Why don’t you want to wear it? It reveals the least skin out of all of us,” Rosalie appeared around a corner with Emmett and Jasper. “Because it’s embarrassing to look at,” I blushed. “It comes with stockings, capped sleeves, and it ends at mid thigh. It’s perfectly fine.” Alice argued. “Yeah Bells, you’d look hot in that.” Emmett agreed. Edward came around the same corner with his purchase. The boys were keeping their costumes a secret for some odd reason. Emmett joked that he didn’t want us getting hot and bothered. “Is that yours Rosalie?” Edward asked and studied the picture of the blonde ‘nurse’. “No, it will be Bella’s if she says yes,” Rosalie checked the price tag. Edward looked between me and the costume with a grin. His eyes raked down my body and rested at my face again. He could smell that I was a bit aroused which pleased him further. “You are going to wear this and you will enjoy it!” Edward swiped the bag from Alice and ran to the register.

“I know best,” Alice smiled and tapped her forehead. Edward came back with the bag and handed it to me. I took it and we left the store. Edward kept one arm around my waist as we walked down the sidewalk to find a restaurant to eat at. “You know, your making it very hard to walk,” I told him as I nearly tripped on a crack in the sidewalk. “I have a good grip on you, nothing wrong will happen.” “That’s not what I’m talking about,” I whispered and gently pressed my thigh into his half hard erection. Emmett and Jasper, who were right next to us, snickered at Edward’s problem. Edward ducked his head and shyly smiled as to say ‘I can’t control it’. “It has a mind of its own. You should know that by now,” Edward chuckled as he brought back memories of the intense nights in my bedroom. I swear he was pushing me to the brink of exploding of sexual frustration. Alice and Rosalie squealed as they saw a window of a store they liked. They grabbed me and towed me with them to help pick an item out. The boys stayed behind to wait for us outside the store.

Edward’s p.o.v.

After Bella was a vampire, there would be much role playing with that costume. How am I supposed to contain myself with her in it tonight? I couldn’t just tackle her back in the house and have my way with her.

She’s never going to find out what I’m going to dress up as. Bella will laugh, and so will Alice and Rosalie. Emmett and Jasper’s costumes were also very good too. The girls are having their fun torturing us, but tonight it will be even. As soon as we sat down on the bench outside the shop, Jasper exploded. “Okay, I cannot take all this lust coming from you!” Jasper scathed and shook his head angrily. “Sorry, can’t help it,” I mumbled embarrassedly. I forgot Jasper was being affected. “I know you can’t, but have you thought about just pleasuring her? Not going the whole way, but almost there?” Jasper suggested. I took a peek in his mind to see what he meant. Oh, I see… “Ya man, with Rosalie it’s great. She makes this one moaning sound right before she-” Jasper cut Emmett off with a look. “Thank you Emmett, for that tid bit of information,” Jasper said sarcastically. Would Bella be okay it? I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. But what happens if she wants more than that? I can’t stand the look of rejection on her face. She knows I won’t till we’re married-or if she does marry me. The way I was raised, we would wait for the wedding night to make love, not before. I told Jasper and Emmett this. “Alice understands and she thinks it’s sweet,” Jasper explained how she had a vision of it the night before Bella tried to undress me. She made removing a shirt so sexy. “Good, one person on my side,” I sighed, relived.

“Rosalie hasn’t asked me yet, and I’m hoping she won’t,” Emmett leaned back on the bench, “it’s rare when she is ignored, so it will be harder for her to persuade.” “And if she doesn’t give in?” Jasper leaned back as well. “I don’t know. I won’t hurt the one important thing in my life.” Emmett stared at a store across the street. The girls exited the store empty handed. Bella took my hand as we walked down the street again to look for a restaurant. “You are going to look good enough to eat tonight,” I whispered in her ear. “Maybe just a bite?” She hinted. “Two years, Bella.” I reminded her. “Yes, I know. 2 years, 104 weeks, 730 days-” I covered Bella’s mouth with my hand. “Silly, eager, Bella,” I sighed.

(A few moments till the boys arrive that night)

Bella’s p.o.v.

“I look like I stripper!” I looked at myself in the full body mirror. I had to admit, I did look good in a twisted way. The dress showed some cleavage-not as much as Rosalie’s- and did go to mid thigh as Alice said. The stockings covered my legs to where the dress ended so I felt a bit

more clothed. On the downside, the tiny nurse hat on my head would surely fall off later tonight, and I would break an ankle in the white stilettos I borrowed from Rosalie. “A hot stripper!” Rosalie called back and came out of her closet with Alice and three trench coats. There was no way we were getting out of Rosalie’s house alive because of her Dad downstairs. Our fake costumes were detectives. We were just going to say our regular clothes were underneath the trench coats. Mr. Hale may be smart when it comes to spending money, but he’s as gullible as my dad. I tied the trench coat Rosalie handed me tight around my waist and slipped my nurse hat in my coat pocket. Rosalie did the same with her feather duster and Alice with her pom poms. We picked up our fedoras and magnifying glasses as the fake props. “Hey girls!” Mr. Hale greeted at the foot of the stairs. “Hey Daddy!” Rosalie kissed his cheek. “Your escorts just pulled in the driveway. Should I let them in, or do you want to get directly to the party?” “We’ll just get going. We won’t be too long.” “So are you going to go say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Cullen after the party?” “Yeah, we’ll probably be there for an hour or two. We haven’t got to know them that well yet.” “Okay, see you soon sweetie!” Mr. Hale kissed Rose’s cheek and we exited the house. Instead of one car, there were three cars in the driveway. The Volvo was in the back, then the Mercedes, and in the front was a gigantic Jeep that

we haven’t seen before. It was so big, it was half a size till it was allowed to qualify in a monster truck race. Emmett stuck his head out the window of the Jeep and Rosalie ran to the passenger side. Jasper was in the Mercedes in the next car, so it left me and Edward in the Volvo. As soon as I caught sight of Edward’s hat, I knew immediately what he was. A policeman. I started laughing and he grinned back at me through the glass. “I love your costume,” I climbed in the passenger side. But as soon as I saw the full costume, all laughter was gone. It fit every part of his body down to his toned abs. His lean runner’s shaped form never looked so good. This was better than the time behind the bleachers after the football game. Oh how I cherish those tight pants! “Eyes up, Bella,” Edward brought me back from my fantasies. His liquid gold eyes told me that he knew my desires “Are you going to show me how your costume fits?” His pale, tapered fingers toyed with the tightly bound sash around my waist. “I don’t want to distract you,” I tested with his control and uncovered a leg, lifting it high over the dashboard. His reaction was quicker than I could have imagined. In a split second the trench coat was flung to the back of the Volvo, leaving my costume on full display. I tingled under the ravenous passes of his eyes, almost feeling the lusty connection. One hand gripped me gently and pulled me over at lightening speed. After the dizziness passed, I found myself straddling him with my arms resting on the chair behind him. I gasped at his anxious kisses running up and down my neck, igniting my nerves on fire. His face met mine, both of us panting. Edward’s need was so great that his face was contorted in frustration. He was on the brink of

throwing the idea of waiting for marriage out the window. I respected him for his decision, but damn it, I’m not going to wait for marriage. I dipped my lower half down to grind against his painfully hard erection. Edward let out a lengthy growl and his eyes rolled in to the back of his head. He didn’t stop me, so I took that to continue. After the many steamy nights back in my bedroom, I know it didn’t take him long to come to the point of pleasure. But he always stopped before that, so we both came out frustrated. His hips bucked to meet mine in restrained moves to not hurt me. He took in a large breath to clear his head, but that even intensified the moment. Edward smelled my arousal dripping from my core, lathering my thong in my juices. His eyes shot wide open as black as night with lust. Still, after three times, the smell turns him wild. I could tell he could very well feel my clear liquid spot the crotch of his slacks. His panting turned into ragged heaves. “Bella,” He weakly murmured before letting out a load moan as I grinded harder. He then dared to do something that was against his boundaries. One of his limp hands from his sides reached down slowly towards my sex. “I have to just touch…” He whispered. His fingertips were centimeters away until two impatient honks from the other cars ruined the moment. “Damn it,” We both groaned. We locked eyes and laughed. I crawled back to the passenger seat. Edward was still gazing longingly at me. “Drive,” I commanded with a smile. “Fine,” Edward grumbled and sped out of the driveway.

Still feeling daring from the…well, I don’t really know what that was. All that I know was I was confident and horny as hell. I knocked his hat off his head, and ran a hand through Edward’s hair, gently tugging so often. A sound then came from his mouth that I thought wasn’t possible. “Edward, did you purr?” I giggled and removed my hand. “Yes, I did,” He admitted without shame, “I felt relaxing. Can you keep it going? It keeps our third party down,” Edward shifted his position in his pants to indicate the ‘third party’. I chuckled and continued to massage his scalp to the high school. The Mercedes and Jeep parked on either side of us. Edward stopped me as I was going to get out of the car. “Rosalie and Alice just revealed their costumes and they’ll be in their cars for a bit,” Edward explained. “Should we finish what we started? Maybe reveal some skin?” I said hopefully in a voice that was seductive. I straddled his waist again and unbuttoned the first three buttons on his shirt. “Bella, if you keep doing that we won’t make it out of the car,” Edward breathlessly sighed as I started to kiss his neck and exposed chest. Bingo! Those are the words I was looking for. It’s probably for the best he’s been sexually repressed over a hundred years. Anything I could have said right now might have sounded sexy to him. “We don’t have to get out of the car. We could drive to somewhere quiet where no one could hear us,” I kissed him fully on the lips. He was frozen at what I was implying. I could tell there was a battle going on in his head. Enjoy a poorly constructed party, or participate in pleasurable activities with his girlfriend. It really wasn’t that hard to choose. I bent my lips to his ear.

“What’s wrong Edward? Cat got your tongue?” I giggled and nibbled on the lobe of his ear. He gulped and unfroze. “I want to Bella, so bad. But I don’t want our first time to just be a roadside fuck,” He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me close. Grr, now’s not the time to get turned on when he swears! I quickly thought of my dad in his underwear and I calmed down. “And marriage seems like a special way to go?” I pulled my face from his to get a clear view of him. “Yes, for me it does. It was how I was raised, and that is how I fully intend on doing it.” He held up my left hand and kissed the finger where a wedding ring should be. “I completely understand and respect your decision,” There was relief on his face when I said this, “but it doesn’t mean I won’t try to seduce you before then.” Edward chuckled and mumbled something along the lines of ‘of course you will.’ “You have no idea how sexy you are already. I won’t last long,” Edward skimmed his hands over my thighs and hesitantly slid them underneath the dress. He kept clear of the area I wanted and went straight for my ass. A shallow breath entered through his nose. His adams apple bobbed as he swallowed. “Your legs and…” He rubbed my cheeks lightly, amazed that he got this far, “they’re so soft. Like the finest silk.” He noticed the lack of cloth on my bottom, or he had realized it already and just now spoke it aloud. “A thong?” Edward guessed still caressing my body.

“Yep,” I murmured and kissed in a row up and down the column of his neck. “What color?” He sighed and ran his fingers along the thin strap of cloth. I sighed and moved my hips underneath his fingers. “White,” I sucked on a spot of his neck, drawing a moan from him. He slid my warm center back on his little Eddie. Thank god he couldn’t read my mind, or he would be creeped out that I named his penis. We started to move together again, creating delicious friction. “Edward, faster,” I breathed and ground harder. “Oh, Bella,” Edward moaned and did as I asked. I felt the cool hardness of the metal buckle on his belt meeting the inside of my thighs with each thrust. Trying to see if it would intensify the pleasure, I started to move my hips in tight, quick circles. Edward let out a loud gasp and threw his head back, exposing his neck in a wide arc. This was where he would usually stop us, and I had no intention to do so. Holding in the coil tightening in my loins, I kept moving in hard thrusts as I leaned forward and bit Edward’s neck, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt him. “Bella!” Edward cried out, his eyes shut. His hips then bucked up wildly, uncontrollably, with his mouth wide open in ecstasy. I didn’t have to be a genius to know what was happening; I didn’t expect his climaxing face to be so thrilling. A moment later he became limp underneath, trying to get his breathing back to normal. The bubble near my hips soon passed, I a bit annoyed I didn’t finish and he did. “What are you trying to do to me,” Edward caught my hands as I finished buttoning up his shirt.

“Just trying to give you pleasure,” I smiled, forgetting my annoyance and kissed his cheek. “You’re doing a fabulous job,” He laughed. We caught each other’s eyes. Edward seemed blissful, like he had a load of stress taken off. His facial features were softened, some covered in red from my lipstick. He was shifting to move closer to me, but something brought him up short and disgust clouded his features. “What is it?” “It’s quite messy down there,” Edward explained with a frown. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I blushed. “Mmm, shy Bella’s back,” Edward chuckled and began to kiss me. A sharp tap on the window broke us apart. We couldn’t tell who was on the other side of the window with all of the fog from our heavy panting. I reached over and wiped away some of it. Alice and Rosalie were giggling and waving at us. I sighed and fixed my dress and hair. I was going to get out when Edward stopped me. “What?” “I love you,” He whispered affectionately. “I love you too,” I kissed him and got out of the car. “What did Edward have to frisk you for this time, Bella?” Rosalie snickered. “Did he need a thorough inspection?” Alice giggled. “Why yes he did,” I breezily smiled and opened up the back door of the Volvo to get our fallen hats. Edward got out and took his hat from me, running to where I could only guess was the bathroom. “Where’s Emmett and Jasper?” I placed my hat back on my head and leaned against the car.

“Cooling off in the car,” Alice and Rosalie both said at the same time. “And where did our naughty officer head off too?” Rosalie wiggled her eyebrows in a very Emmett fashion. “To the bathroom to clean up,” I giggled. “Yes! Bella is finally corrupted!” Alice rejoiced and hugged me. “Oh honey, you don’t know the meaning of corrupted when it comes to me,” I winked. Rosalie hooted. Emmett and Jasper stepped out of their cars and I realized why Rosalie and Alice needed a moment alone with them. Emmett didn’t buy a costume, and just wore his white spandex football pants and jersey (the fantastic power of the pants!). Jasper was wearing a tight white t-shirt and firefighter pants with the helmet. Some of the girls passing us had to wipe away drool from their mouths. Emmett grinned when he saw me. “Oh, I think I’m coming down with a cold,” Emmett dramatically covered his mouth and coughed into his hand, “how I wish there was a sexy nurse nearby!” He wheezed and slumped against the Volvo. “Very funny Em,” I rolled my eyes and smiled. He opened one closed eye and peeped at me with a grin. “Where’s Edward?” Jasper asked. “The bathroom!” Rosalie and Alice cackled. Jasper and Emmett gave each other a look before laughing too. “ Naw, naw, let me get this straight. You mean the same Edward who has to avert his eyes at kissing scenes in movies?” Emmett wheezed. Edward then came back as soon as Emmett said this. He frowned at him and crossed his arms across his chest. “I do not!” Edward said indignantly. “Do too!” Jasper pointed.

“Do not!” “Do too!” “Do not!” “Do-” “Shut up!” Alice interrupted, “Now let’s see if Jessica Stanley and the seniors actually did a good job on the party.” We were shocked. The party didn’t look like a total failure. There was orange and black streamers hung perfectly along the gym walls, coffins and gravestones stuck up from the floor that was completely covered in realistic looking grass, disco balls and strobe lights flashed around the room, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns were placed on the tables covered in black fabric and cobwebs. There was a huge table with refreshments and a fake groaning zombie head on a platter. On the dance floor in front of the DJ, were all sorts of ghouls and characters. For the nerds, they were science fiction or fantasy characters. For the girls, slutty versions of pirates, angels, witches, vampires, or day to day occupations. Much like the costumes we had on. The almost regular boys were dressed up as Zorro’s, super heroes, ghosts, Frankenstein’s, or wizards. “Holy shit, the party isn’t that bad,” Emmett was in awe. “Come on, let’s go dance!” Alice grabbed our hands and dragged us on the dance floor. The music was alright. It wasn’t extremely old, and the slow songs didn’t try to sound good remixed as dance songs. Emmett was completely atrocious at dancing. Sure I’m not that good myself, but breaking out the moon walk was a bit predictable. There wasn’t that much break dancing because most of the couples were grinding on one another, so it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

There were boys who thought they were too cool to-or couldn’t-dance lined up along the side of the gym staring off into space. Girls who came alone were next to them, searching desperately for a guy to come up and ask them to dance. After a while on the dance floor, Alice, Rosalie, and I got tired moving around in the high heels and took seats at an empty table. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper left to get something to drink. Alice and Rosalie checked their make up and hair in compact mirrors while I stared quietly around the room. Students were enjoying the party, laughing, talking, dancing. They were all doing the electric slide, which we couldn’t do in heels. But in the corner near the DJ, was one cloaked figure. It was standing all alone, its head shielded by the shadows. I would go see who it was, but something about it said danger. I was about to give up when a strobe light flashed on the face, revealing the person’s identity. My breathing became shallow, my heart started pounding a mile a minute. The scenery around me started to blur together, spinning faster and faster. The woman in the corner had red eyes and pale skin like a vampire’s. It was like the red eyed monster from my dream. I clutched the front of the table to hold on to my fleeting consciousness. Two voices sounded distant in my ears, calling my name. I looked up at Rosalie and Alice to see them concerned. “What’s wrong, Bella?” Alice asked, reaching out and covering my hand with one of my own. I couldn’t move my eyes from her hand. I swallowed and looked back up. “Will you escort me to the restroom, Alice?” My voice sounded shaky even to me.

She nodded and got up with me, holding my arm to balance my unsteady legs. We were halfway across the room, Alice supporting some of my weight, when our boys caught sight of us. Jasper, Edward, and Emmett rushed over. “What’s wrong?” “Why are you so pale?” “Is everything alright?” They said this all at once, and didn’t help my dizziness whatsoever. I shook my head and coughed before answering: “Emmett, go stay with Rosalie. Tell her I got dizzy from the strobe lights.” My throat was as dry as the Sahara desert. Emmett nodded and did as I asked. Edward took Alice’s place and we exited into the hallway. I gulped in a large breath to clear my head. My friend’s faces waited patiently for what I had to say. “There’s another vampire here, one with red eyes,” That’s all I had to say to make Edward and Jasper become alert. “Are you sure it wasn’t just a costume?” Jasper confirmed. “No, her skin was as pale as yours.” “Where was she?” Edward looked me dead in the eye. “In the corner near the DJ.” “I’ll check it out,” Jasper volunteered. He left through the double doors, and then Edward started to interrogate me. “Was she wearing normal clothes? If she was, she might be a vampire passing through for a snack.” I shivered at the way he suggested a fellow student of mine.

“Umm, no. She was wearing a dark cape. It could have been a different color, but she was too far in the shadows for me to tell.” Edward’s eyes got wide and he ran a hand through his hair nervously. “What’s wrong?” Alice’s eyes flitted to us in fright. “It’s possible it could be one of the Volturi. We know from a few weeks ago that Aro was requesting an audience with Carlisle. We were sure that they wouldn’t come here.” Aro, the ruthless Volturi leader. Carlisle said the Volturi leaders, Caius, Marcus, and Aro never left each other’s side. If Aro was here, it could be a likely possibility that all three of them were here. They also didn’t leave without part of their guard that helped in force vampire laws. So right now, the Cullens were outnumbered. This wasn’t good. The door opened and Jasper came through them. His face was carved in a stoic mask. His lips barely moved to speak these words: “There’s no other vampire,” His voice was stressed. “Then she must be in the school somewhere. I know what I saw, and I wasn’t imagining it,” I put in. “Alice, Bella, go wait with Rosalie and Emmett. Edward and I will go search the school. It’s pretty small, she couldn’t have gotten far.” Jasper looked to Edward for confirmation. Edward nodded quickly. Alice and I agreed and kissed our significant others for safety. I wanted Edward to stay behind, but someone had to scope out the school. He and Jasper would make the search take less time. We watched them separate down the hallway to the east and west wing. “Alice, I’m going to use the restroom. I’ll meet you back in the gym.” I touched her arm.

“Be quick,” She worriedly scanned the area around us. I agreed and went into the bathroom across the hall. I slowly pushed open the door, heading over to the sink. I clutched the side of it with both hands, leaning my head down towards it. My feet ached; my legs suddenly weighed a thousand pounds. My body was tired of running from danger, it wanted it to just happen and get it over with. I slipped off my shoes, rolling my ankles to ease the stiffness and turned on the faucet to cold water. I cupped some with my hands and ran it down the back of my neck. My dull senses then awakened, leaving me somewhat refreshed. A scream stuck in my throat when I looked back at my reflection in the mirror. The female vampire in the cloak was staring back at me. I whirled around, my arms body tense. She was a beauty as they all were. Her lips were full, her nose perfectly straight and not a blemish on her flawless skin. She smiled and cocked her head at me. What was once a coy smile seemed the evilest of snarls. Her ruby red eyes snapped to mine at the sound of my heavy breathing. “My, my, aren’t you a pretty human?” She said in a light voice. “Who are you?” I stuttered. “Well, you obviously know what I am. From that kiss out there, I can tell you know Edward pretty well,” She winked at me as if we were sharing a secret. She was out there? Listening to our conversation? How could Jasper and Edward not know she was there? “How do you know Edward?” I backed further into the sink. “Who doesn’t know the Cullen family? I’ve been with the Volturi for years.” She pushed off the bathroom stall she was leaning on.

“Who are you?” I repeated. “Emma, the Volturi’s best in the guard.” She grinned proudly, baring her sharp teeth. “Why are you here?” My eyes snapped to the bathroom door. It wasn’t that far of a lunge. But it was still too far for me to escape. “Didn’t Edward tell you Aro was dropping in?” Emma narrowed her eyes at me. “He did, but why are you here at my school?” I shuffled slightly towards the door. Why in the hell was I making conversation with her? She’s the enemy for god’s sake! Emma’s eyes darted to my movement and back to me. “I came here for dinner,” She said nonchalantly. “And am I that?” I took a step to the door again. “Well, you were originally,” she admitted, “and even though I could be breaking a the last shred of trust between the Volturi and the Cullens, I still want your blood now. The Cullens were revealing us. Now I either have to kill you, or change you,” Each step I took she followed, “but once I taste your blood, I won’t be able to stop. I guessing draining you is the only way.” In a flash I was out the door and running down the hallway where Edward went to. Emma could have stopped me by now if she wanted to, but I think she wanted a chase. I couldn’t see her with each look behind me, but I knew she was near. While my head was still back behind me, I ran into a wall, knocking the breath out of me. I gasped for breath and looked in front of me, doubled over in pain. Emma was standing strong with excited eyes.

A cool hand was then in a vice grip around my neck, my back pushed up against a wall. I tried to pry her hand off my neck, but my efforts were fruitless. Her strength was no match against mine. “Edward! Jasper!!” I called breathlessly with what air I had left. Emma’s grip tightened and I couldn’t breathe anymore. I choked against her hold, now clawing at her fingers. “Now, now sweetie. Don’t struggle. It’ll be over in a few seconds. I promise,” Her gaze was completely directed at my neck, watching the blue vein pump blood with every thump of my heartbeat. I felt a prick of pain, and then felt warm liquid run in a speeding line down the column of my neck. It stained the bodice of my dress, then splattering the skirt. Blood. Another prick and then it ran even more swiftly. My vision became blurry again, black smudges clouding my vision. I could barely make out Emma inches away. Tears began to flow. This isn’t the way I wanted to die. I never wanted to die. I had a whole new life ahead of me. One with Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle, and Esme. This couldn’t be then end. I gave up. No matter how hard my mind screamed at me to keep trying, I couldn’t go any longer. I closed my eyes, waiting for the bright light at the end of the tunnel.

DRAMATIC PAUSE!! Haha. What will happen next? As I said many months ago I was angry at my sister, so I would put her as one of the villains. Well, there she is! (But she’s not as pretty as I described! ;) )

Chapter 13

Bella’s p.o.v.

My neck hurt, my head hurt, damn, everything hurt! How I’m alive right now I have no clue. My eyes refuse to open so I cannot see where I am. All I know is that I hear voices muffled from something, and someone

holding my hand, lightly stroking it with their fingertips. The hand was cold and hard. I could only hope it was Edward’s and not another’s. “I do apologize for Emma’s actions. She hadn’t hunted in a few days. Tell me Carlisle, why is she not changed yet?” A voice that sounded breathy and papery thin became clearer, and footsteps treaded softly across the carpet. A door closed behind them. So Carlisle and this stranger were out in the hall, who was holding my hand? “They’ve just met Aro. It’s only been about two months.” Carlisle’s voice explained. Another hard, cold hand rested on my forehead for a moment and then vanished. “Her temperature is down, Edward. You can go now,” Carlisle spoke. Oh, so it was Edward holding my hand. Thank god! “I’m not leaving her,” His voice was tense, his grip on my hand tightened. “When is the date for changing her?” The unknown voice came nearer. “Two years,” Edward answered. “So late? Why not earlier?” “Bella and I had a disagreement on the date. This was the only compromise we could come to.” “A compromise? So there’s more on the subject?” The stranger became curious. “Yes,” Edward left it at that. Something clicked in my head that it was time to wake up. My eyelids opened straight away, neither tired or blurry. By my side, sitting on a bed was Edward. Next to him were Carlisle and another vampire.

The vampire had the same eyes as Emma, but set lower down in the sockets from the wrinkles and translucent skin. I didn’t know that could happen. I made a mental note to ask someone later. “Hello there Bella, how do you feel?” The vampire grinned. I found my voice and willed it to speak, “Fine.” “I’ll be the judge of that,” Carlisle gave me a look that he knew I wasn’t fine. “Aro, would you mind going back downstairs? We won’t be a while,” Carlisle motioned towards the door. “Of course,” Aro allowed and left the room. I wish I could have thought of something more intelligent to think, but all I could think was: Holy shit, that was Aro. It was like having Adolf Hitler in the room. A character many have talked about and heard of, but have never really lived to tell the tale. “Where does it hurt, Bella?” Carlisle asked me as soon as Aro was out of the room. “Umm, mostly on my neck and head,” I replied and sat up on the bed. “Nothing was damaged, but it will hurt for a few days.” He sighed. Great, just what I needed. A weekend full of pain. “What happened to Emma?” I asked after some silence. “I was there to pull her off of you,” Edward said, “but I couldn’t kill her no matter how much I wanted to,” his glare directed at the floor below, “Jasper held her off while I ran with you.” “How are Alice and Rosalie?” I was cautious about Rosalie. I know Emmett didn’t want to tell her this way, but she needed some explanation. “Alice and Rosalie are alright, but Rosalie was extremely frightened when she caught a glimpse of you.”

“How did she see me?” “When Emmett smelled your blood and saw that you hadn’t returned, he left the gym. Alice tried to persuade Rosalie to stay in the gym with her, but she didn’t listen. Emmett was too occupied on getting to us that he didn’t know Rosalie was behind him. She was lead to the scene and let out an ear piercing scream.” “Is she clued in on everything now?” “Yes, and she didn’t take it well. I believe her exact words were: Emmett’s a WHAT?!” I knew it wasn’t an appropriate time to laugh at Rosalie’s outburst, so I held it in. “Well, let’s go down shall we?” I sighed. I pushed myself off the bed, holding in groans from the aches and pains. As I got up, I realized I wasn’t in my costume. I was in a long sleeved orange sweater and jeans a bit too big for me. “Your costume was covered in so much blood that we had to dress you in some of Esme’s clothes,” Carlisle explained. As we descended from the top floor, I could see everyone situated in the living room. Alice and Rosalie were next to Emmett and Jasper on the couch, their trench coats on. Esme was next to them. On the opposite couch were Aro, Emma, and two other vampires I didn’t know. One was bigger than Emmett, and the other was as short as Alice. Both were dressed in the Volturi robes. “Bella!” Rosalie ran from her spot to smother me in a hug. “Hi, Rosalie,” I patted her back.

After she let go I took a spot next to Edward on the couch. The tension was so thick I could almost see it. Everyone was on edge, ready for an attack from one of the parties. “Now, that we have already learned about how these three ladies have entered our world,” Aro spoke, “what are the arrangements to be changed exactly?” “It is very difficult Aro,” Carlisle said, “we have to try and work around the treaty.” “Treaty?” “There used to be werewolves down on the Indian Reservation long ago. We made a treaty with them not to bite nor kill a human. Even though they do not occupy the area anymore, we still give our word to that treaty.” That wasn’t entirely true. There was Billy Black down in the reservation, but he was too old (and handicapped) to shift into a werewolf again. I have a feeling that there may be still one or two alive for protection, but I hope they do not know about our relationship with the Cullens. “Oh yes, that is a big problem indeed,” Aro agreed. “But we will take them out of the state when they finish high school to be changed. The treaty will not bind us there.” “Who is being changed first?” Aro searched me and Alice’s faces. He knew already that Rosalie did not know. It may be years until she is willing, or not willing at all. “Alice is in a year,” Jasper said, not making eye contact. “A year? Is she a senior?” “No, I take senior classes already. I’m ahead,” Alice was unafraid to look Aro in the eyes.

“And then Bella is second,” Aro stated, “Edward mentioned that you would be changed in two years-after graduation. Is that the only reason?” he guessed. I know I had to answer him. If Edward wouldn’t, I would have to. “No, I wanted to be changed sooner, and Edward wanted me to live my human life a bit longer. This is the only date we could agree on.” “Ah, I see. Two humans eager for immortality. Just how I was before I was changed,” Aro spaced out for a few seconds, reminiscing in the past, “how will you be able to take care of two newborns in the same year?” “There are five of us. I’m sure we could handle two newborns,” Carlisle answered. “Ah yes, you brought the upbringing of your whole family,” Aro remembered, “I apologize for my mental relapse,” after moments of silence Aro spoke again, “I do not mean to judge the trust of these girls, but how do you know that they can keep the secret? It may slip out all of a sudden during the year. You know how they like to tell each other secrets.” “We’ve been a close knitted group of three for many years. We were more like a clique you could say. There is no one we would want to tell.” Alice told him. “Not even your parents?” Aro arched an eyebrow. “No, we know that being changed comes along with sacrifices,” Alice made eye contact with me and we both nodded. “And you both know once you are a vampire you cannot reveal the secret to anyone.” “Yes, we do.” It was quiet. What is there left? What do we need to know that the boys and Carlisle and Esme have no explained? There is no need for them to

stay here any longer. Aro seemed to ponder in his thoughts very carefully. But one in particular made Edward react. “They’re not like that, Aro.” Edward disagreed. “Really? Would you like to show me?” Aro held out his hand. Why would he be holding out his hand? Were they going to stroll off somewhere and have Edward explain why ‘they’re not like that’. Edward hesitated and grasped Aro’s hand after a second of thought. Aro’s eyes glazed over, the red staring off into space. It was like the gazes Alice gets when she has visions. Aro released Edward’s hand. “So early Edward? She must really be the one.” Aro smiled and glanced at me. “It’s the same for Jasper, but he hasn’t asked,” Edward said. I turned to Jasper who might have had red on his cheeks if it were able for him to blush. I wonder what they’re talking about… “But then we have Miss Rosalie who just learned what you were. Are we certain she will not leave Emmett?” Aro turned to Emmett. He wanted to say she would never leave him, but she couldn’t. Rosalie herself was looking uncertain. I couldn’t blame her, how could someone possibly know the person they would want to spend the rest of their life with in two months? It was easy for the Cullen boys and Alice and I, but not for her. “I-I don’t know yet,” Rosalie stuttered. Emmett squeezed her hand soothingly, but it had the opposite effect. She didn’t get why Emmett was okay with her saying this. He should be angry, not reassuring. She became more nervous, her eyes flitting between Alice and me. She couldn’t understand how we fell in love with Jasper and Edward so easily. Trust was something her parents were cautious about. It must have grown on her too.

“If Rosalie is having second thoughts, and she knows the secret, the only thing to do would change her or kill her.” Aro’s words started the fire. There were growls and hisses of protests from the vampires in the room. Alice and I were also outraged. How could he say that? The vampires that were seated next to Aro tensed. “Aro, if Rosalie does end up breaking up with Emmett, I’m sure she would be trustworthy to keep the secret.” Carlisle tried to change his mind. “No, it must be done. One or the other.” “What if Rosalie does stay with Emmett and stays human for the rest of her life. Is there harm in that?” “There can be. I have seen many cases with it, and then there we many unnecessary killings.” Aro stated. I doubt there were. He just wants everything to go his way. “Give Rosalie the time she needs, Aro. She is new to this.” Emmett pleaded. “But if I do, what if she leaves you after we depart? Will the secret be safe then,” Aro mused, “the only possible explanation would be to actually change her this very moment.” His smile turned sinister. That little mother fucker! Now he is just making up things. Rosalie does not need to be changed this very moment, or needs to be changed at all! Just as long as Rosalie stays with Emmett-human or vampire- there should be no problems! Rosalie gasped and hid into Emmett’s hulking form. Emmett protectively wound his arms around her and glared at Aro. Aro started to speak, but I interrupted him. “Aro, it’s completely unnecessary to do it at this moment.”

By the time I said those words, the tiny blonde vampire on Aro’s right glared at me with all her might that I defied her Master’s wishes. The Cullens all gaped at me wide eyed. I should say they were shocked that I spoke when I apparently below him, but they seemed more baffled. Aro glanced between me and the little girl. “Why Jane, are you using your powers against her?” Aro’s evil grin reappeared. “Yes Master, she should be on the floor writhing in pain by now,” Jane scowled and glared harder. Was I supposed to feel pain? I feel nothing. Should I stage pain, or would that be too late do to? “Mmm, it seems like our Bella here is hiding a secret of her own,” Aro examined me, “if she cannot feel Jane’s pain, her mind must be immune to it. She must have some great power if she’s beaten one of our most powerful Volturi guards. Oh how I would love to see Rosalie and Bella as vampires at the same time,” Aro hinted that he wouldn’t lose this argument. Two of us at the same time wrecking havoc in a blood crazed thirst? There is no way The Cullens could take care of two of us at the same time. One of us would have to be changed at different times. One of us had to go first. It had to be me. “What if I was to be changed in Rosalie’s place?” My words shocked Rosalie to the core. Tears shined in her eyes and she trembled. She was relieved she wouldn’t have to go through three days of pain. Begin a life when she had hardly lived her own. Edward gave me sad eyes. He knew I was doing the right thing, but he didn’t want me to be changed this way. Emmett was silently sending me thousands of thank you’s through his body language. Jasper was taken aback by my bravery. He would have

probably never offered him self up if it was him. Alice was distraught. She rather not see any of her friends bitten. Esme and Carlisle were some what proud. They knew for sure that they were going to have a strong daughter. “Hmm, now as much as it is important for Rosalie to be changed, you on the other hand might be a fabulous newborn. The lifestyle would fit you well. If you are bitten this moment, I will give an extended five years for Rosalie to choose.” Aro compromised. I didn’t need a second thought. I could not put one of my best friends through this kind of torture so soon. I would have to do it. I locked eyes with Aro and nodded. I could practically feel Edward’s tortured gaze. “So it’s set then. Would you like to move to a different area to do this?” Aro offered. “Yes, I would.” “Then go ahead. We’ll be waiting.” Aro smiled happily. I swallowed back the sick feeling in my throat and made an attempt to smile back. Edward rose from the couch with me. We walked up the stairs with Carlisle close behind. Carlisle stopped in the hallway outside of Edward’s bedroom and patted him on the back encouragingly. Edward wasn’t ready yet, he wasn’t sure if he could stop drinking my blood to let the venom spread. We sat on the bed in the middle of the room. I leaned back on the soft cushions, awaiting the bite. I was more aware of the things around me. The texture of the bed, the density of the air was breathing in. I hoped I could remember these things when I would be in those torturous three days to get my mind off the pain.

Edward’s brow scrunched together in concentration. He stared at the blue vein as if it were taunting him. That when he bit it, he would lose control. He was not prepared, nor was he confident in himself. “Bella,” Edward breathed, “this is just so soon, and you know the way I originally wanted to go…” “I know Edward, and I promise it will happen after a while. But on the bright side, you’ll already have me forever in one form. I can’t run away,” I reached one hand out and stroked his cheek. “I don’t want you to feel any pain,” He admitted, “I wish there was time I could have injected some morphine into your system to maybe lessen the pain.” “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.” Edward gave me a look that said: ‘Exactly how am I not supposed to worry?!’ Mustering up some of the mettle he still had left, he leaned in and lowered towards the column of my neck. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, then running a hand through his hair in a relaxing motion. Edward stalled time by kissing down my neck, and then saved my lips for last. His topaz orbs glued to my brown for a moment. “I love you, Bella,” He whispered. “I love you too Edward. See you in a few days.” He smiled against the crook of my neck, then opened his mouth to sink in his razor sharp teeth. This wasn’t the end, no, it was a beginning.

**********THE END**********

Thank you for all who actually waited for this to come out. I’m really busy so I can’t update a lot. I am going to probably post My Boyfriend’s a WHAT from the Cullen boy’s point of view, and then add another story with the girls as part of the Cullen Coven! Woo hoo! I had thought of Rosalie saying: EMMETT’S A WHAT from the beginning, hence the title of the story. Oh, and for the parody video that the characters were watching at school is called Adorable on YouTube. It’s by The Key Of Awesome (I think!), they really have some hilarious stuff on there. I will be putting all of the My Boyfriend’s a WHAT into one huge document, so don’t go checking my shelf saying: WHY DID SHE DELETE ALL OF THEM AND ONLY LEFT US WITH THE FIRST ONE?! Lol, that would be pretty funny though. I personally hate that Scribd keeps changing their website layout, don’t you? Thanks again!

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