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Telepathic Reiki I
LightWorker™ Series

Channelling and manual by Ali Afnan

Layout by Jens Søeborg
Telepathic Reiki 1 (LightWorker™ series)
LightWorker™ Negative Entities Clearing Reiki I is a recent addition to the LightWorker™
series made by Ali Afnan from Lahore, Pakistan. Ali has offered his complete series to the
system, which has its own group …

LightWorker™ Ali Afnan Reiki Systems (all from Ali Afnan)

Animal Instincts Reiki 1-7 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Assemblage Point Reiki 1-7 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Astral Guides Reiki 1-10 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Brain Layers Reiki 1-6 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Celestial Alignment Reiki 1-15 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Cloud Reiki 1-5 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Cross Worlds Reiki (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Event Horizon Reiki 1-10 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Eye of the Universe Attunements 1-5 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Gate Pass Reiki 1-3 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Gladiotoron Reiki 1-5 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Goraam the Dragon of Light Attunements 1-7 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Hypnotic Reiki 1-3 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Language of the Astral Attunements 1-6 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Medallion Reiki 1-6 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Meet Your Loved Ones Reiki 1-5 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Negative Entities Clearing Reiki I (1-5) (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Negative Entities Clearing Reiki II (6-10) (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Numeric Reiki 1-11 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Planets & Stardusts Reiki 1-20 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Second Attention 1-7 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Seven Wonders Reiki 1-7 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Soragimik Astral Money Reiki 1-5 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Special Extracts Reiki 1-2 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Star Teachers Reiki 1-15 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Stone Teachers Reiki 1-8 (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Telepathic Reiki I (1-2) (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Telepathic Reiki II (3-4) (Ali Afnan) (LightWorker™ Series)
Treasures Reiki 1-7 (Ali Afnan06) (LightWorker™ Series)

Description of Ali Afnan Systems:

Animal Instincts Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbols 7Attunements)
This is a System in which you will be Attuned to the Special Powers of the Animals and when
you want to use them you can as they will be placed into your Aura like for example the
Magnetic power in the Eyes of the Snake, The Agility of the Cheetah and likewise. It is great for a
person from every walk of life and will help immensely any one in any situation.

Assemblage Point (founded 2007, 1 Symbol 7Attunemnts)

This is a System in which The Assemblage Point will be Placed At another point from the normal
position which is Between the Shoulder Blades and now it will be Placed at the Level of the
Third eye and u will start to see the Energy World and The things which are invisible to ones
Eyes. It will create many changes in the Aura.

Astral Guides (founded 2006, 0 Symbols 10 Attunements

Prerequisites: Cross Worlds, Gate Pass and Language of the Astrals. There are 10 Astral
special guides & each attunement presents 1 guide to you to help in the Astral Worlds. After all
10 will combine & help the person in many ways.
Brain Layers Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbols 6 Attunements)
Well there are 3 special layers of the brain and if activated at the same time one ESP will
enhance so greatly beyond his wildest imagination and many other things so 6 attunements will
be given to activate them and to combine them to work in union as they are not working in
union a great system for those who want to increase their intelligence and want to create new
things a great systems for people like scientists.

Celestial Alignment Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbols 15Attunements)

This is a great system composed of the powers of the 15 planets in another far away solar system
when they aligned themselves in one line and then at that moment I captured the essence of that
power so it has 15 attunements to all those planets and when they will be combined after all 15
attunements then this system will by itself start aligning things like It will align your job with
your destiny will align your relations so they are more vibrant and happy will align all the
chakras so they work in harmony align you with the unseen so you are able to see what you were
not able to see till now and when the powers of the planets will be harnessed you will see what
great powers one has as a divine being.

Cloud Reiki (founded 2006, 2 symbols, 5 attunements)

This System is for the Couples mainly who are not having babies and doctors cant tell them the
cure for that and the reports say they are both normal then if they use Cloud Reiki they will have
a baby and ones who have sexual defects then this Reiki will also end those defects and then they
will be healthy again and then they can have a child. This Reiki as the Cloud after sending water
down makes the earth fertile. So like that this Cloud Reiki will make the man and the woman the
couple fertile and they will have a baby.

Cross Worlds Reiki (founded 2006, 0 symbols, 1 attunement)

This system is also channeled in one of my astral travels and it has 1 level and no symbol and it
is to facilitate in going to different worlds on the Astral plane and to access them it is very

Event Horizon Reiki (founded 2007, 1 Symbols 10 Attunements)

Well this is a system to get behind the Veil of time and space and if one gets good at it can go
back and forth in time and especially change the things in the past for him and in the future for
him and to see the future events before they happen and see the past events as they have
happened really. A very tough system for the ones, who are really interested and will give time
for it.

Eye of the Universe (founded 2006, 1 Symbols 5 Attunements)

This is a system to create great powers of mind and also to give physical power of the body and
Will. It will allow us to Access the Time lines. it will end all fears from ones mind of anything. It
is a Dying Star in the shape of an Eye so it is releasing enormous amounts of energy and if they
are harnessed then we can see things through the Eye of the universe and this means seeing
behind the veil of time and space. So the ones who are not afraid to get to the last boundaries of
the universe this system is for them.

Gate Pass Reiki (founded 2006, 1 symbol, 3 attunements)

This you can say is the next part to Cross worlds. This system is for the person who are astral
travelers or have started astral traveling and sometimes or say most of the times this happens
that we are Stuck in one place and cant go forward because in front of us we have a gate and we
cant see it so we are not allowed access through that gate so with the use of Gate Pass Reiki you
will be able to go through the Gate and into next level or world. So it will be very helpful for who
is starting astral traveling or is doing astral traveling and can’t go further in the quest.
Gladiotoron Reiki (founder 2006, 2 Symbols 5Attunements)
On Grand Opening Day of this star light from a far away star reached Earth for the first time.
This light has some special energies which will give bravery and some Magical powers. It is the
birth star of the Courage and its name is Gladiotoron. By getting attuned to this energy you will
be able to access its power and have access to time tunnels.

Goraam the Dragon of Light (founded 2007, 1 Symbol 7Attunements)

Goraam the Dragon of Light Attunement - is from the 7th Astral level and she is a Master
Healer. Dark Blue in Color Eyes Glowing like Sun and it Breathes on you her Fire which is also
Blue and say like The illness is burned in the Aura as soon as you get it and then Call on it. You
will breathe the fire of the dragon on whole person and any negative things or illnesses will be
burned or eliminated from the 7 layers of the aura.

Hypnotic Reiki (founded 2006, 1 symbol, 3 attunements)

This system is very valuable for parents who are tired of their children not studying well and
because of some of their bad habits. So when the child or the person is sleeping we can activate
it and then send the commands into their subconscious part of the mind and then the command
will have one copy in the conscious part and one copy in the subconscious part and that will
carry out the command given to it in some time and this way other things can be accomplished
as when you use Hypnotic Reiki it slips from the conscious mind and directly goes to the
unconscious mind and the other person starts to do something unconsciously and the possibi-
lities are limitless.

Language of the Astral (founded 2006, 0 Symbols 6 Attunements)

Pre-requisites: Cross Worlds & Gate Pass. There is a Special Language in the Astral and this
will help you to understand & speak it. When you will be in the astral planes it will make
communication sassier for you with the beings there.

Medallion Reiki (founded 2007, 1 Symbol, 6 Attunements)

This is a System by which we will access the energy of 12 special Galaxies and can put it in an
amulet or in a medallion and it will do many things for you as the energy will be very powerful
with you and doing some special things as will be told in manual you can also be visible by
wearing the medallion charged by Medallion Reiki.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki 1 (founded 2006, 1 Symbol 5 Attunements)

This system is channelled from the astrals and is intended to aid individuals or places to be free
of negative entities/influences/spirits & bring in peace & be free of worry of their return; also
helps in psychic attacks. Takes away any Negativity from the Aura and is very effective in cutting
the unnecessary cords that are attached to the Aura.

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki II (founded 2007, 1 symbol 10 attunements)

This is the Second part of the Negative Entities Clearing Reiki and takes it one step further and
is used to capture jinns and other Negative spirits and to clean old places of Negative Vibrations
and To release the places of stored Traumas which are affecting the inmates of the house also.
So a great system everyone must learn.

Numeric Reiki (founded 2007, 11 Symbols 11 attunements)

This is a System in which you will be attuned to the Power of the 11 numbers. Which you can use
in special situations and for special cases like if you want a Boost of Creativity then you will use
the Power of 3 and if you want to be feeling confident in any endeavour you will use the Power of
1 and so on. It is a great system to learn and apply in every day life and on Habits and
Meet your Loved Ones Reiki (founded 2006, 1 symbol 5 attunements)
This system is for the people who miss their loved which are Dead and now with the use of this
system in Meditation they can Talk to them share their feelings with them and ask them
questions even the ones long dead as just the Physical Body is dead not the Soul so soul is always
there and will be so we can Contact it with the use of this system. We can also talk to the ones we
are not able to talk for a long time and are still alive so when they are asleep we can go into
meditation and there meet with their astral body and share our feelings to them and they will be

Negative Entities Clearing Reiki I (2006, 1 symbol, 5 attunements)

This is a system which was much needed as in this setup and in this century we are faced with so
much jealousy and other things that we are mostly under psychic attacks even by our close ones
and under spells or some places are haunted so to clear all those things and to protect your self
from Psychic Attacks this System will help you immensely and I think every one must know this
system if one wants to be happy most of the time. This will end all negative entities from any
place or from any person.

Planets and Stars Dust Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbols 20 Attunements)

This is a very powerful system to deal with any illness at any level. It involves 2 planets from our
solar system and 3 from other solar systems and involves 15 stars one from our own solar system
is sun and other 14 from other solar system from far away galaxies and then after 20
attunements the powers are combined and it works very effectively.

Second Attention (founded 2007, 1 Symbol 7 attunements)

This is the 2nd part of the Assemblage Point and after getting the Attunements in Assemblage
Point you will be ready to Get into Second Attention as at this time we are All living in 1st
Attention and that’s why the Energy world is not visible to us and many other things The Jinn’s,
the Dwarfs, the Midgets and many more and When we get the Attunements for the Second
Attention we will start to see things and come into the Phase of 2nd Attention and by That we
will come at a very higher Vibration and is important if we want Ascension.

Seven Wonders Reiki (founded 2006, 0 Symbols 7 attunements)

This is a system Which will Attune you to the special Powers the 7 Wonders of the world Got
because of their Configuration and help you in many things and you will be attuned to Special
Grids Which will create Sensitivity to Earth’s energies.

Soragimik Astral Money Reiki (founded 2007, 1 Symbol 5 attunements)

It is a System which can create Abundance of Money and good things in your Life as there is a
City in the Astral World Named Soragimik and there everything is made up of Gold so when you
will get attunement for this system A Guide which is the Keeper of Treasures will be with you
from that moment onward and He knows how to create circumstances Around you that will
create more money and Abundance in your like and Soragimik will make your Aura very
magnetic to money and good things.

Special Extracts Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbol 2 attunements)

In this system one is Attuned to Special extracts that enhance the mind and make the immune
system strong and make him less emotional and ends condition of SAD( Seasonal Affective
Disorder) and helps to make ones will strong.

Star Teachers Reiki (founded 2007, 0 Symbol 15 attunements)

This is a system in which one will be attuned to 15 stars energies which will help us like teachers
in different aspects of life and in different situations just have to call the name of that particular
star in particular need.
Stones Teachers (founded 2007, 0 Symbols 8 attunements)
This is a system in which 8 special stones of the Astral World to whose energies u will be attuned
and will help in different aspects of life and illnesses.

Telepathic Reiki 1 (founded 2006, 2 symbols, 2 attunements)

It is a channelled Reiki through my guide to enhance the telepathic and telekinetic abilities and
clairvoyant and clairaudient powers of a person. It has 2 levels and each level has one symbol to
it and it is given with a gap of 1 week. It is to develop the sixth sense of a person more quickly
than normal ways.

Telepathic Reiki II (founded 2007, 1 symbol 2 attunements)

This system is a channelled one and it is the second part to the Telepathic Reiki and it takes it to
the next level and it enhances all psychic powers and opens all Psychic centres and most of Third
eye and even gives you the ability to contact other entities in the universe.

Treasures Reiki (founded 2006, 1 symbol, 7 attunements)

This system is when one is attuned to it will be able to see or feel the treasures way down into
the earth and they can be even mineral treasures if one meditates on that place for some time
and if there is a treasure underground or water then one will feel it and will be given a hint like
water rushing sound or the sound of coins, Or some other hint. So the people into it will benefit
from it best.

Telepathic Reiki 1
There are many kinds of systems out there of natural healing and to give other empowerments
and this is a channeled one and it is made after much research and work and lots of channeling
and everyone want there powers of Telepathy and Telekinesis enhanced so here is a system that
can help in that and facilitate the powers of Telepathy and Telekinesis and helps in faster
learning of these systems. I have made this manual to the point and did not try to add other
things just clinging to my point so that one understands what is this system. It is easy to work
with it and remember that as soon as you receive the attunement this does not means you will
become very efficient with telepathy or telekinesis the same time it will take some time when
you will work with it. And you will become better and one day master at it. We all have these
innate abilities within us it is just we are not able to access them under normal circumstances
sometimes because of self doubt or lack of faith but even we have them and can use them with
proper training and the tools needed to bring them forward. There are 2 levels in this system
and each level has 1 symbol each.

Level 1 of Telepathic Reiki 1 - SHAMAKA

This level facilitates the process of Telepathy and by this symbol we can get access to the
Telepathic rays which are always in the air and which will send out our message out and it is also
good to connect to thers subconscious or our own subconscious. This symbol is 1 layer of Air
upward then second layer is down the same movement and then there is a eye is the center the
third eye and it has an Iris which does it. The Name of the Symbol is SHAMAKA. Say it 7 Times
to activate it. When you want to send out messages then see the face of that person in front of
you or his name and that first symbol going there and send the message.
Level 2 of Telepathic Reiki - SHEMHEMFAROSH

The second level is about accessing the powers of the Telekinesis and Psycho kinesis
and it facilitates that process and help increase the powers of telekinesis. Psycho
kinesis who are practicing it and for those who want to practice the symbol in it gives
access to the rays in air which bring abut this phenomenon and also the power of the
eyes are increased.

This symbol is like 7 spirals and in the fourth spiral there is again the same eye like
in symbol 1 but in the fourth spiral and these spirals moving from up to downwards.

The Name of the symbol is SHEMHEMFAROSH. Say it 7 times to Activate it.

When you want to Move anything by Telekinesis then concentrate on the object and
then make shemhemfarosh in front of you and then try to move that object in
telekinesis and and Psycho kinesis use the same method.