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Education for a Digital World:

Advice, Guidelines and Effective Practice from Around the Globe

Project Leader: Sandy Hirtz

Copy Editor:
Sandra Mackenzie

Sandy Hirtz, Technology Consultant, T2 Education Online, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Dr. David G. Harper, University College of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, British Columbia,

Contributing Editors:
Paul Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei, Kevin Kelly, Sylvia Currie, David Kaufman, Alice
Ireland, Randy Labonte, Patricia Delich, Don McIntosh, June Kaminski, Madhumita Bhattacharya,
Natasha Boskic, Nathan Hapke, Kirsten Bole, Dan O’Reilly, Niki Lambropoulos, Julia Hengstler,
Elizabeth Childs, Susan Crichton, Ruth Cox,

Dan McGuire – Copyright
Sandra Mackenzie – Style Guide and Chapter Template
Kevin Kelly – Chapter Maps

In appreciation to:
Learning & Instructional Development Centre SFU: For support and copy editor and copyright
BCcampus: For housing the project in the BCcampus Marketplace and Expo online community
and for supporting costs of the copy editor
Commonwealth of Learning: For publishing the manuscript

David Porter

Part 1: The Impact of Instructional Technologies

Chapter 1: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning

Dr. Patricia Delich, Kevin Kelly, Don McIntosh

Chapter 2: Virtual Design Studios: Solving Learning Problems in Developing Countries

Dr. Kris Kumar

Chapter 3: Challenges Confronted and Lessons (Un)Learned: Linking Students from the University of Ghana
and Kwantlen University College
Dr. Charles Quist-Adade

Chapter 4: Addressing Diversity

Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharya and Maggie Hartnett

Chapter 5: Mobile learning in developing countries: Present realities and future possibilities
Ken Banks

Chapter 6: The Impact of Technology on Education

Dr. Mohamed Ally

Updated November 2007
Part 2: Creating Online Courses
Chapter 7: Learning Management Systems
Dr. Don McIntosh
with contributions from Kevin Kelly and Randy Labonte

Chapter 8: We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Entering Os--Exploring Open Source and Free
Julia Hengstler

Chapter 9: Quality Assurance by Design

Niki Lambropoulos

Chapter 10: General Principles of Instructional Design

Peter Fenrich

Chapter 11: Accessibility and Universal Design

Natasha Boskic, Nathan Hapke, Kirsten Starcher, Kevin Kelly

Chapter 12 Articulation and Transfer of Online Courses

Finola Finlay

Chapter 13: Planning Your Online Course

June Kaminski and Sylvia Currie

Chapter 14: Assessment and Evaluation

Dan O’Reily and Kevin Kelly

Part 3: Implementing Technology

Chapter 15: Understanding Copyright: Knowing Your Rights and Knowing When You’re Right
Dan McGuire

Chapter 16: 'Open licences' of Copyright for Educators

Julien Hofman and Paul West

Chapter 17: e-Learning Standards

Dr. Randy Labonte

Chapter 18: Leadership and e-Learning: Change Processes for Implementing Educational Technologies
Dr. Randy Labonte

Chapter 19: Building Communities of Practice

Shawn Berney

Part 4: e-Learning in Action

Chapter 20: Instructional Strategy
Peter Fenrich

Chapter 21: Media Selection

Peter Fenrich

Chapter 22: Computer Based Resources for Learning

Peter Fenrich

Updated November 2007
Chapter 23: Computer Based Games for Learning
Dr. David Kaufman and Dr. Alice Ireland

Chapter 24: Evaluating and Improving Online Teaching

Kevin Kelly

Part 5: Engagement and Communication

Chapter 25: Tools for Online Engagement and Communication
Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei
with contributions from Lynn Kirkland Harvey, Ian MacLeod and David Brear

Chapter 26: Techno Expression

Kevin Kelly and Dr. Ruth Cox

Chapter 27: Social Media for Adult Online Learners and Educators
Moira Hunter

Chapter 28: Online Collaboration

Paul Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei

Chapter 29: Online Identitty

Joseph Tomei, Paul Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin
with contributions from Tod Anderson, Lynn Kirkland Harvey, Karen Barnstable, Kathryn Chang Barker

Chapter 30: Supporting Learning Through Communities of Practice

Dr. David Kaufman, Kevin Kelly, Dr. Alice Ireland

Chapter 31: Looking Forward: Stories of Practice

Elizabeth Childs and Susan Crichton

Updated November 2007