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and Symbols

2D Two-dimensional P.P. Profile Plane

3D Three-dimensional PP Picture Plane
A.G.P. Auxiliary Ground Plane RAM Random-Access Memory
A.I.P. Auxiliary Inclined Plane ROM Read-Only Memory
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit R.F. Representative Fraction
AV Axis of Vision SP Station point
A.V.P. Auxiliary Vertical Plane S.V. Side View
BIOS Basic input/output system T.S. True Shape
B.I.S. Bureau of Indian Standards TL True Length
CAAD Computer Aided Architectural Design T.V. Top View
CAD Computer Aided Drafting UCS User Coordinate System
CADD Computer Aided Drafting and Design V.P. Vertical Plane
CAID Computer Aided Industrial Design V.S.D. Vernier Scale Division
CL Centre Line V.T. Vertical Trace
CP Central Plane WCS World Coordinate System
CPU Central Processing Unit
CU Control Unit Abbreviations and Symbols used in dimensioning
F.V. Front View f Diameter of circle
GL Ground Line R Radius of circle
GP Ground Plane Sf Diameter of sphere
HL Horizon Line SR Radius of sphere
H.P. Horizontal Plane Side of square
HP Horizon Plane HEX Side of regular hexagon
H.T. Horizontal Trace
IS Indian Standards Abbreviations for units of length.
ISO International Standards Organization km kilometer
LC Least Count Hm hectometer
LS Length of Scale Dm or dam decameter
M.S.D. Main Scale Division m meter

dm decimeter q True inclination of line or element of plane/solid

cm centimeter with the H.P.
mm millimeter f True inclination of line or element of plane/solid
mi mile with the V.P.
fur furlong e Eccentricity of conic sections
ch chain
yd yard Notations
ft foot a, b, c Top views of points A, B, C
in inch a, b, c Front views of points A, B, C
a, b, c Side views of points A, B, C
Symbols h Horizontal trace
a Apparent inclination of line or element with the h Front view of Horizontal Trace
H.P. o Origin or centre point
b Apparent inclination of line or element with the v Top view of vertical trace
V.P. v Vertical trace
xy, x1y1, x2y2 Reference lines