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1. Complete the sentences below by using the following expressions related to the environment.

The ____________ of the tropics, with their huge variety of plants and carbon dioxide
animals, are in danger.
ozone layer
When tankers sink near the coast, ____________ always kill birds and
fish, and damage beaches. toxic waste

One of the most dangerous gases given off by vehicles is called


If ____________ occurs on this scale, the ice caps will melt and the sea global warming

level will rise.

endangered species
Aerosol use has partly destroyed the ____________, which protects us
from the sun. oil slicks

Much of the pollution in cities is caused by the ____________ from

exhaust fumes

People are complaining that a lot of ____________ has been dumped at

sites around the neighbourhood.

Scientists have been trying to protect some ____________ like the wale
2. Use the
andwords in brackets all related to the environment to form a word that fits in the gap.
the panda.

a) The conservation and ____________ of the environment is everyone´s responsibility. ( protect)

b) Now people in Galicia are afraid of eating ____________ seafood. (poison)

c) The oil spill in Galicia has had ____________ effects on everyone living from the sea. ( harm)

d) Many sea species are now in danger of ____________.(extinct)

e) The change in the climate has produced ____________ floods in many countries. (disaster)

f) Environmentalists are always warning that protecting the environment is essential to our ____________

( survive)

g) Thousands of sea birds were found ____________ along the Galicia coast. (life)

a) rainforest
b) oil slicks
c) carbon dioxide
d) global warming
e) ozone layer
f) exhaust fumes
g) toxic waste
h) endangered species


a) protection
b) poisonous
c) harmful
d) extinction
e) disastrous
f) survival
g) lifeless