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Annual Report of Philanthropy 2013

Together, we made a bold

decision to move a beloved
museum to the water’s edge.
Our new home is nothing
less than spectacular,
and you—your faith in
the Exploratorium and its
mission—made it possible.
Table of

Letter from the Executive Director
Letter from the Chairman of the Board
Campaign Donors
Education & Learning
Science & Living Systems
Art & Creativity
Global Reach & Partnerships
Exploratorium Donors
Opening Gala Donors
Exploratorium Endowments & Oppenheimer Circle
Corporate, Foundation, & Government Grants
The Exploratorium Lab
Exploratorium Leadership
Tribute Gifts
Dishtinguished Collaborators since 1969
Strategic Partnerships & Alliances since 1969
Letter from
the Director

our role in global outreach, making new investments in

education and learning through our Bowes Education
Center, and creating new opportunities to explore the
landscape and environment in our Fisher Bay Observatory
Gallery and Terrace.
On the face of it, these may seem like very different
initiatives, but for the Exploratorium, art, science,
education, and outreach are all of a piece. The arts, for
example, have always been central to the Exploratorium
experience. Our founder, Frank Oppenheimer, saw art and
science as two sides of a coin—two creative ways of looking
at the world. From the museum’s earliest days, artists,
educators, scientists, tinkerers, technicians, and others
have worked side by side, learning from one another’s
skills and points of view. Our community’s long held belief
in these innovative juxtapositions, and our commitment to
them today, has given the Exploratorium some of its most
successful, and most elegant, exhibits—from Bob Miller’s
iconic Sun Painting (1975), which mesmerized visitors at
To Our Donors and Friends,
the early museum (and still does), to Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog
First, please let me say thank you. We’ve just had one of Bridge #72494 (2013), which delights visitors at Pier 15
the most extraordinary years of our existence, and you today.
helped make it happen.
Now, with new facilities and a renewed dedication to our
I know that Annual Reports aren’t always the most roots, we’re once again bringing arts to the fore with the
compelling of reads, but this one is not simply a recap of creation of our new Center for Art and Inquiry. The Tactile
a busy year. Rather, it traces the excitement and drama of Dome, first created in 1971 by artists August Coppola and
an incredible period of transformation for us. None of this Carl Day, has been rebuilt for a 21st-century audience.
could have happened without you. Our Cinema Arts program is just beginning to explore the
This report acknowledges your support, trust, and belief potential of our state-of-the-art Kanbar Forum. And the
in us. It honors the accomplishments of our work together. Tinkering Studio today brings the possibilities of creative
It documents the achievement of some of our most far- expression to all our visitors.
reaching hopes and dreams and traces the steps we took Our multi-million dollar investment in exhibits and
together—imagining the future, planning for it, sometimes new programs at home are precisely the source of our
fighting for it—and then building it, animating it, and most recent international efforts and innovations. The
filling it with the people and experiences that have brought experience of personal exploration in our Tinkering
it to life. Studio has become a hallmark of our new Global Studios
Our new environment has inspired new connections, initiative—an effort that’s transforming the work we do
partnerships, and initiatives. It’s given us a platform to with governments, museums, hospitals, libraries, and
make the kinds of local and global impacts we have always other educational institutions around the world. Today, we
seen in our future. With your support, we’ve already begun know that more than 2,500 Exploratorium exhibits are in
deepening inroads into arts programming, expanding 600 locations worldwide, attracting over 180 million
visitors a year. By tailoring our creative capital, expertise, New exhibits about human interaction in our Osher West
programs, and exhibits to the needs of each partner, our Gallery, as well as new environments onsite and along the
Global Studios efforts, both locally and globally, are directly Embarcadero, Market Street, and the Mission District, are
addressing our goal of changing the way the world learns. investigating this very public face of our new home.
Like our exhibits, our educational programs focus on Our backyard, on the other hand, is populated by
needs both in our own backyard and on the world stage. some very different types of life forms—the varied and
We know, for instance, that besides the participants who fascinating microbial creatures of San Francisco Bay. With
come from all over the world to attend our Institute for cutting-edge facilities supporting our research, easy access
Inquiry (IFI) programs, many more have downloaded to the bay, and growing partnerships, we’ve begun strands
IFI workshop materials, available free-of-charge on our of work that promise amazing insights and opportunities.
website. Educators from Afghanistan, Guatemala, Poland, Just in the past few months, for example, we’ve worked
Qatar, Romania, Bangladesh—the list goes on and on—are with the Port of San Francisco and the Coast Guard to host
bringing our vision to educators in search of innovative the Bell M. Shimada, NOAA’s deep-ocean research vessel;
resources and information. the ARC Gloria, spectacular flagship of the Columbian
We’re also addressing this need by developing innovative Navy; Rainbow Warrior, the celebrated Greenpeace ship;
online learning programs and free apps such as Sound and Falkor, the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s remarkable
Uncovered and Color Uncovered, now downloaded more research vessel.
than 1.5 million times. Our award-winning website offers We love to say that the Exploratorium will never be
resources to the public, no matter where they are. “done.” In this extraordinary year, this credo has never
Closer to home, our Teacher Institute now delivers more been more visible. In a campus and environment devoted
hours of training for middle- and high-school science to experimentation, and a location and community that
teachers than any other institution in the Bay Area. teaches us something new every day, we are an ongoing
Incredibly, 90 percent of new teachers trained here have experiment—one that yields exciting discoveries and new
stayed in the profession five years or longer, compared to questions by the minute.
the national average of less than 60 percent: a very telling Your support of our new home was essential to our move,
statistic. and your ongoing gifts are essential to our success. We
Of course, these are the teachers we get to work with could not do this important work without you. I look
one-on-one. Just as important are the educators who forward to working with you as we face the future together.
bring students here on field trips. This year, thanks to
the generosity of PG&E, Exploratorium access is free to Sincerely,
Title I schools, and our friends at Genentech have made
free access available to all California public school
teachers as well.
And that brings us back to home base—the incredible
public learning laboratory and campus we’ve created
here and the spectacular environment in which we find Dennis M. Bartels, PhD
As much as we see ourselves affecting the world, the
world has a profound effect on us, as well. Here at Pier 15,
there’s an exciting urban environment at our front door.
Letter from
the Chairman
of the Board

community-based programming. We take our goal of changing

the way the world learns seriously, and we are gratified that
you believe in our work and have a joint stake in our success.
We truly appreciate your support. We’re proud to be the
centerpiece of a waterfront renaissance—an important part
of the renewal of one of San Francisco’s most vibrant urban
areas. The outpouring of generosity from our donors has been
nothing short of phenomenal, transcending expectations and
Donors at every level contributed to our new home and
continue to show their enthusiasm by participating in ways we
could never have imagined, becoming part of the deep content
research, innovation, and dynamic programming that makes
this place truly one of a kind. Like our audience and staff,
our donors are becoming more and more a part of our active
community. You want to know what’s going on, see what’s next,
be a part of it. And that’s what we want, too. No matter when
you come, there will be something new and special. We hope
Dear Donors and Friends, you will visit us often, whether for a Thursday evening “date
night” at our adults-only After Dark series, on a weekend with
A decade of planning, countless hours of work, and
your family, or at one of our many lectures and forums.
unflinching dedication by our community of donors have
Whether you are attracted to our work in the arts, sciences, or
finally come to fruition. It took everyone’s help to make it
education—or the intersection of all three—we want you to feel
happen, but with your incredible support, we’ve done it!
welcome at the Exploratorium. This is your home as much as
Our new home at Pier 15 opened on April 17 with
it is ours. We wouldn’t be here today without your generous
excitement and fanfare, featuring everything from a
support. With our ongoing partnership, we can make the
high-profile dedication ceremony with San Francisco
Exploratorium’s extraordinary vision a reality.
Mayor Ed Lee, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, and other
We are grateful for your support and participation and excited
dignitaries to celebrations and presentations that revealed
to see what the future holds. The work we do is vital. We hope
the creativity of this remarkable institution. The response
you’ll be there with us as we lead the way forward.
from the public and the press has been overwhelmingly
enthusiastic, and we are ecstatic to be so well received.
Besides showcasing our new home, our grand opening
gave us a chance to continue to demonstrate why the
Exploratorium is a uniquely valuable institution, not
just for our local community, but also for a worldwide
audience. Already, our influence extends throughout the
Bay Area and around the globe—as it should. Our new
home is a platform that allows us to multiply our impact— George W. Cogan
through teacher professional development; exhibit Chairman, Board of Directors
development for global institutions; and new, unique

William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore

Fisher Family
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Thanks to the generous support of so many, the new
Exploratorium at Pier 15 opened on April 17, 2013. The Bernard Osher Foundation
We are deeply grateful for their involvement in building
our new home and supporting our journey to the piers. The Robert N. Noyce Trust

Maurice Kanbar
Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Troy and Leslie Daniels
The Brin Wojcicki Foundation
Ray and Dagmar Dolby
Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Koret Foundation & Taube Philanthropies
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock
Craig Silverstein and Mary Obelnicki
Nat Simons and Laura Baxter-Simons
Education &

Barbara and Gerson Bakar
Gary F. and Cynthia S. Bengier
TomKat Charitable Trust
Diane B. Wilsey Every year, thousands of
The Yue Foundation
Jennifer Caldwell and
John H.N. Fisher
William Fries II Foundation
� educators bring hands-on
Ann S. Bowers
Lynn and Anisya Fritz
Richard and Rhoda Goldman
John M. Bryan Family Fund
The Buchheit Family science to their classrooms
Anna Chavez and
Stephanie and Bill Mellin
The Noyce Foundation
Eugene Eidenberg
Coblentz, Patch, Duffy, & Bass through our teacher
The Penny and James Coulter Foundation
Marie Urrere-Pon
Sarah and Tony Earley education programs and
� Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Walter and Elise Haas Fund
The Hearst Foundations, Inc. hundreds of Bay Area
Alka and Ravin Agrawal The Herbert Family
Shona L. Brown
The G. Steven Burrill Family
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Johnson, Jr.
McMurtry Family Foundation high school students
Clif Bar & Company TOSA Foundation
George Cogan and Fannie Allen
Coulter/Weeks Charitable
Wells Fargo Foundation

develop leadership
The Eucalyptus Foundation
John and Marcia Goldman
Lauren B. and Alan Dachs
The Kramlich Family
skills while investigating
Foundation Akshata Murty and Rishi Sunak
The Hellman Family Foundation
William R. Hewlett Trust
Ruediger Naumann-Etienne and
Annette Campell White THE REACH OF THE EXPLORATORIUM’S EFFORTS scientific phenomena with
Barrett and Margaret Hindes Vincent L. and Jean Ricci in education and learning extends far beyond our
Jeff and Laura Huber
Lynn and Peter Wendell local community. Educators around the globe use
our online resources, making interactive learning Exploratorium visitors.
The James Irvine Foundation � accessible to students in far-reaching areas. An
Michael Jacobson and educator in Pakistan shares with us:
Byers Family
Trine Sorenson
Kevin P. Connors For the past seven years I have been a regular visitor
Van and Merrill Kasper
Greg and Julie Flynn to the Exploratorium’s website. I have benefited hugely
Mr. and Mrs. Jude P. Laspa
Harvey and Gail Glasser from the workshop guides produced by the Institute
Robert and Connie Lurie
The Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell for Inquiry and have used them to conduct workshops,
McBean Family Foundation
Foundation which have always been well received.  
Nan Tucker McEvoy Family
Laura and Gary Lauder and The participants have been Pakistani teachers from
Michael Moritz and
Family low-income schools in working class areas with very
Harriet Heyman
Divesh and Diksha Makan
Paul and Sandy Otellini limited resources. . . . I have had to translate handouts
Ken and Kris Moore
Bill and Eva Price into Urdu, scout around retail markets to get supplies,
Eric and Wendy Schmidt
The Schwab Family identify carpenters to make scrapers, blocks, etc. But
Silver Giving Foundation
Barclay and Sharon Simpson it has been a vastly enjoyable journey. I have been
Science &
Living Systems

In our East Gallery, our life Aaron Vermut and

Adriana Lopez Vermut
David and Susan Tunell
Sandy and Jennifer Williams
Barbara and Stephan Vermut Wilson Meany

sciences collection and Wilkins Family

Wilson Family Foundation
Roger and Ruth Wu

laboratory deepen visitors’

Marilyn Burns and Jeffrey Sellon
Anonymous The Rudolph Cluff Family
Anthony Bernhardt and Exploratorium Staff
understanding of the building Lynn Feintech
John P. “Abi” Britton
The Hayse Family/The Leonard C.
and Mildred F. Ferguson

blocks of life. Exhibits and

T. Robert and Katherine S. Burke Foundation
Barbara A. Carbone and George F. Jewett Foundation
Gregg Lyman Steve and Karla Jurvetson

demonstrations examine Dan and Stacey Case Family

David and Deborah Kane
Langendorf Foundation
Mr. Nicolas Cassis Clyde and Janet Ostler

the fundamental elements Tim Dattels and Kristine Johnson

Tom DeFilipps and Ann Baskins
Nicholas and Susan Pritzker
Roselyne Chroman Swig
The Ehmann-Conte Family Jay and Judy Welker

common to all living things, Roger Evans and Aey Phanachet

Patricia W. Fitzpatrick
Esther and Stan Wojcicki
Lucelia Wolff
Adele J. Goldberg and Dennis Allison Charles D. Zucker
offering experiences rarely The Handlery Foundation
Hobson Family Foundation

Joseph Michael Horwitz Jr.
available outside of working The Ishiyama Foundation
Art and Alison Kern
Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
Britton Family
Jeffrey and Kirby Burke

science labs.
WHEN SHE CAME TO US IN 2011, SHAWNTEL Richard Laiderman and Jack and Mary Carsten
OKONKWO was a City College of San Francisco Jung-Wha Song S. H. Cowell Foundation
student interested in the biological sciences. As a Mrs. L. W. Lane, Jr. David Davies and Jack Weeden
Living Systems intern, Shawntel worked alongside Chris Larsen and Lyna Lam Anne and Adrian Dollard
scientists and technicians studying a variety of David and Naja Lockwood Phyllis and Bill Draper
organisms including fish, plants, insects, and cells. Juann and Michael Luxton Kathie and James Dullanty
She learned to operate and maintain state-of-the- Amy McCombs and Bob Epstein and Amy Roth
art lab equipment, took on a project involving Frederick P. Currier The Evans Family
a bioluminescent marine microorganism that John and Leslie McQuown Sallie Griffith
caught her interest, and created and presented a Cameron Atherton Phleger Kevin King and Meridee Moore
demonstration for an Exploratorium After Dark event. Jeanne and Sanford Robertson Michael Lampert
Rob and Theresa Ryan Mattison Family
This Exploratorium internship had a huge impact on
Leonard Shustek and Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Papay
Shawntel. This year, she’s graduating from a four-year Donna Dubinsky Karl Pietri
institution, conducting research at UCSF, applying for Ellie and Skip Smith Alison and Mark Pincus
graduate school and a National Science Foundation H. Marcia Smolens and Ropes & Gray LLP
fellowship, has co-authored one paper, and will soon Richard Rubin Raj and Soo Venkatesan
be first author of another. The unique environment
and access to top-notch laboratory equipment in our
lab gave Shawntel an opportunity to explore, first-
hand, a career in science.
Art &

Brayton Wilbur Foundation

Kay Wu and Andrew Ferguson
G. Robert Muehlhauser
Jackie and Howard Nemerovski Art and science converge in
Perkins + Will

Doug and Nancy Abbey

Jim and Denise Richardson
Barbara and Richard our interdisciplinary approach
Adah Bakalinsky Rosenberg
Lily Madeleine Bowles
The Bowo Family
Mr. Jay Rossi
Jack Schiffhauer to seeing and understanding
Bridget, Madison, Shannon Pam Scott and Tim Koogle
and Eric Brumm
Marilyn Burns and
The Seed Fund
Scott and Bettina Setrakian
the world. Collaborations
Sanjeev Singh and Shirli Hee
between scientists and
Jeffrey Sellon
Kai Chang Ed Snyder and Cindy Pellissier
Dianne and Jeff Child Dr. Martin and Elizabeth Terplan

world-renowned artists
The Cohan Family Edith and Joseph Tobin
Patricia and Ted Dienstfrey Kathe Traynor
Bernadette and Hugh Donahue Urbanek Family
Jacqueline and
Christian P. Erdman
John and Terry Votruba
Max Weisel result in long-lasting exhibits
Barbara and Jeff Farber Jim and Lia Whitehead
Carolyn and Timothy Ferris
M. Jean Fisher
Faye Wilson
Gerald P. Yoachum for the museum floor and
Jessica Goldman and Rich Yonash
Alejandro Foung
Julie Goldman and Bob Rosner
� unforgettable performances
Graue Family Foundation The Anderman Family
The Grumet Family
Adrienne S. Herman
Raj Atluru and Melissa Buckley
Mary Austin and Brewster Kahle
in our public spaces.
Peter Hertzmann and Jill Chinen Liv Baalsrud OUR SPECTACULAR NEW ENVIRONMENT
Hoenigman Family Foundation Suzi and Dennis Bartels and is inspiring, and our arts programs are taking full
Beverly and George James Family advantage. Our opening at Pier 15 marked the debut of
Herbert L. Jeong The Bierman Family Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog Bridge #72494. The installation,
Bryan Johnson and The Brown Bird Fund which shrouds visitors in ghostly mist, was an instant
Jocelyn Goldfein Frish Brandt and August Fischer hit and has become an iconic element of our new home.
Patricia Kellison and Paola and Charles Casey
Fog Bridge artist Fujiko Nakaya has been creating fog
Christopher Linn Amy and Lee Christel
sculptures for over 40 years, but her experience at the
Grace King Ann D. Dabovich
Exploratorium had an incredible impact on her. Nakaya
The Kline Lazarus Family Helen and Rajnikant Desai
Rebecca Anne Lee Steven and Pablo Dibner has said that she often seeks out environments for her
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Leonard Susan and David Dossetter sculptures where she can block or control the wind,
Lockard-Marduel Family Elizabeth and Robert Fisher which allows her to sculpt the fog into the desired
David and Cathryn Lyman Lucas Flinton and Arjuna Flinton shape and density. Our location on the windy San
Geraldine and Lynn and James Gibbons Francisco waterfront presented a unique challenge for
Scott Macomber Paul Haahr and Susan Karp Nakaya—one, she admits, she was initially very worried
Herbert A. Masters Andrea and John Hennessy about. While working on this site-specific project,
Roger B. McNamee Sandra and Tom Holland Nakaya eventually gave in to the natural environment
Maura and Robert Morey Robin and Jay Jeffries at Pier 15 and now says that she embraces the wind,
which creates a beautiful dialogue with the fog.
Global Reach
& Partnerships

From cutting-edge oceanic Sidney J. Kass and

Susie Langdon Kass
Josie and Dan Haspel
Cassandra Dizon Hough and
Scott Kauffman and Ethan Hough

and climate research at Pier Bicka Barlow

Leon R. Leonardo/
Robin and Jay Jeffries
Marrina Jeng and Susy Jeng
Thomas N. Wilson Trust Stuart Jivapongse

15 to tinkering in Saudi The McWilliams Family

Vera and Ken Meislin
Ken and Louisa Kleier
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Paul Koulos
Dat and Joanne Q. Nguyen Patricia A. and Julius R. Krevans
Arabia, the Exploratorium’s Judy and Mike O’Shea
Donald L. Paul
Sharonjean and Richard Leeds
May Family Foundation
The Phillips Family Siobhan and Sean McCarthy
impact transcends Lynn Rankin and
Robert Semper
Karin and Gregory McClune
Margaret and Ulan McKnight

boundaries. Forming
Beverly Riehm and Buffington C. and George A. Miller
Randall Borcherding Charles and Diane Paskerian
David and Sharon Robb Carol Potter Peckham

partnerships across cultures Mindy and Jesse Rogers

Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
Robert and Marcia Popper
Scott Porter and Laura Zander
Lisa and Michael Rubenstein Phyllis Posner and Martin Gilbert

and continents broadens Sara and John Schram

Helen Thompson
Gretchen and Spencer Rawles
Robina and John Riccitiello
Melissa and Thomas Thornhill Julie and Christopher Ridley

our influence on formal and Mr. Larry K. Toji, Jr.

Tulloch Construction Inc.
Howard and Ginger Robin
Sarah and Greg Sands
Charles and Sirirath Wen Jerome and Mary Sapiro
informal learning and builds Lisa and Greg Wendt
The Whyman Family Trust
Catarina and Andrew Schwab
Paul A. Spiegel
JUST AS MEANINGFUL AS OUR WORK AROUND THE Henry Wiese and Jasmine Wiese The Spirakis Family
a strong global community GLOBE, our partnerships here in San Francisco allow
us to bring the Exploratorium experience to people
Kalina and Robert Wong
Sophia Yen, MD, MPH
William and Barbara Straka
Bruce Charles Traficante

of educators and learners. who might not otherwise have access to it. Mr. and Mrs. James Talton

Turner IV
Our Global Studios staff is hard at work collaborating
Deborah and Paul Baker Burton and Myra Wise
with the world-renowned Child Life Department of
The Buesnel Family Gary and Tina Wolk
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Exploratorium
Rita and Robert Burgelman
evaluators, educators, and exhibit developers are �
California Mathematics Council
creating exhibits and experiences that will become
Elizabeth and Clark Callander
integral parts of UCSF's new children’s hospital in The list above recognizes Campaign
Dr. Eleanor Canova-Davis
Mission Bay. The project weaves learning and play Donors who made gifts of $2,500 or
Heather Anne Childress
throughout the complex, and museum educators will more through June 30, 2013.
Don Cross Family
help train and support hospital school staff.
Patricia Dinner
“This collaboration is full of great potential to make Justin Fichelson
children’s lives better and gives us an opportunity to Robert and Michelle Friend
export our ideas and practices outside the museum's Eleanor Louise Fulchiron
walls,” says Exploratorium science educator Modesto Jeff Hamilton
Tamez. “We can hardly wait to see the children, Emily Harpster and
parents, and hospital staff live, play, and work in the David Palmer
new space. We have always believed art and science
are everywhere. This will be further proof.”

$100,000 and above Eileen and Jude Laspa

Anonymous Christine and Stan Mattison
Roger Evans and Kris and Ken Moore
Aey Phanachet Meridee Moore and Kevin King
Sakurako and William Fisher Sandy and Paul Otellini
Ms. Patricia Fitzpatrick Karl Pietri
Gregory and Julie Flynn Alison and Mark Pincus
Lynn and Anisya Fritz Barclay and Sharon Simpson
J. Michael Horwitz Soo and Raj Venkatesan
Michael Luxton and John Weeden and
Juann Guo David Davies
Burt and Deedee McMurtry Judy Wilbur
Cathy McMurtry Esther and Stanley Wojcicki
John McMurtry and Dan Yue
Janet Moody
$10,000 to $24,999
Betty and Gordon Moore
Cameron Atherton Phleger
Nancy and Douglas Abbey
Jeanne and Sandy Robertson
Ravin and Alka Agrawal
Mike Wilkins and Sheila Duignan
Adah Bakalinsky
Our thanks to the friends who made generous contributions $50,000 to $99,999 Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
to the Exploratorium between January 1, 2012, and June 30, Anonymous Martin Bloes and
Bengier Foundation Marjory Graue
2013. Their generosity provided much-needed resources
Martha Ehmann Conte Lily Madeleine Bowles
which helped deepen our impact on science education Thesia and Humar Bowo
Michael Jacobson and
and interactive learning during this incredible period of Trine Sorensen Marilyn Burns and
transition. Karla and Steven Jurvetson Jeffrey Sellon
The Stanley S. Langendorf Kai Chang
Foundation Dianne and Jeff Child
Susan and Nicholas Pritzker George W. Cogan and
Vincent L. and Jean Ricci Fannie Allen
Craig Silverstein and Angela and Chris Cohan
Mary Obelnicki Anne and Adrian Dollard
Susan and David Tunnell Bernadette and Hugh Donahue
Aaron Vermut and Adriana Lopez Vermut Bob Epstein and Amy Roth
Barbara and Stephan Vermut Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Jennifer and R. Sanders Williams Timothy and Carolyn Ferris
Roger Wu and Ruth Hauser Wu Harvey and Gail Glasser
John and Marcia Goldman
$25,000 to $49,999 Philanthropic Fund
Tony and Caroline Grant
Tom and Dana Hayse
C G Bell Trust
Peter Hertzmann and
Dana and Bob Emery
Jill Chinen
Lynn Feintech and
William Hubbard
Anthony Bernhardt
Bryan Johnson and
Andrew Ferguson and Kay Wu
Jocelyn Goldfein
Mrs. Donald G. Fisher
Derry and Charlene Kabcenell
Sallie Griffith/Griffith Family
Laura and Gary Lauder
Candace and Mark Leonard
The Hellman Family Foundation
Leon R. Leonardo/
Jeff and Laura Huber
Thomas N. Wilson Trust
Lucille Jewett
Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel
Richard Laiderman and
Geraldine and Scott Macomber
Jung-Wha Song


JANUARY 2012–JANUARY 2, 2013

JANUARY 2012 Guests enjoy libations like the Lover’s MARCH 8 2012 Construction of the new MARCH 30 2012 Another successful Girls Science Institute culminates in
Quarrel, Prey of Thieves, and the Royal Exploratorium at Piers 15 a group engineering challenge. The weeklong Institutes
Peruvian Sidecar at the Science of and 17 crosses the 60% connect girls ages 10–12 with women who have made
Cocktails, our annual celebration completion mark. significant impacts in their fields and allow them to
of the art and science of mixology. explore chemical, mechanical, structural, and electrical
engineering through hands-on activities.
Divesh and Diksha Makan Clark and Elizabeth Callander
John and Leslie McQuown Eleanor Canova-Davis
Buffington C. and George A. Miller Kyra and Ken Carson
Maura and Robert Morey Jack and Mary Carsten
Claire Perry Heather A. Childress
Dr. Barbara C. Rosenberg Sarah E. Cogan and
Robert Rosner and Julie Goldman Douglas H. Evans
Scott Setrakian and Bettina Steffen Ann D. Dabovich
Sanjeev Singh and Shirli Hee Caroline Damsky
Martin and Elizabeth Terplan Jim and Julia Davidson
Joseph and Edith Tobin Steven A. Dibner
Kathe Traynor Patricia Dinner
Urbanek Family Sally and Tom Edsall
Dr. James S. Whitehead and Justin Fichelson
Mrs. Lia Whitehead M. Jean Fisher
Amelia and Keith Wolff Robert and Michelle Friend
David A. Wollenberg Foundation
Anita and Ronald Wornick Jason Goldman
Rich Yonash Inger and David Golob
Elizabeth and Andrew Grant
$5,000 to $9,999 Jeff Hamilton
Anonymous Emily Harpster and David Palmer
Bruce and Betty Alberts Caryl and Mickey Hart
Susan and Sigmund Anderman Josie and Dan Haspel
Raj Atluru and Melissa Buckley Paul and Lillian Hewitt
Mary Austin and Brewster Kahle Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hobson
Liv Baalsrud Cassandra Dizon Hough and
Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Bakar Ethan Hough
Mary Anne Nyburg Baker and Beverly and George James
G. Leonard Baker, Jr. Ms. Adrienne S. Herman David and Sharon Robb Marrina and Susy Jeng Sands Family Fund Emina and Leamon Abrams
Peter Bierman Nancy and Scott Hindes/The Barrett Jesse and Mindy Rogers Herbert L. Jeong Mary E. Sapiro Wendy and Steven Ackerman
Anne Bonaparte and Judd Williams and Margaret Hindes Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rubenstein Stuart Jivapongse Sara and John Schram Susan Adams
Norman Brand and Nancy Spero Vince and Amanda Hoenigman Jack Schiffhauer Grace King Catarina and Andrew Schwab Concetta Adornato Shackleton
Frish Brandt and August Fischer Sandra and Tom Holland Shustek Dubinsky Family Ken and Louisa Kleier Charles Spirakis Cathleen Ahearn
Shannon and Eric Brumm James C. Hormel and Philanthropic Fund Mrs. Jean Lane Barbara and William Straka Dr. Neetu Ahluwalia and
Kirby and Jeffrey Burke/Clara Jeffery Michael P. Nguyen Ellie and Skip Smith Noelle Leca and Katherine Taylor and Ms. Rupy Krishnan
MAY 2012 Ed Snyder and Cindy Pellissier AUGUST 2012
Charitable Trust Robin and Jay Jeffries Michael Moradzadeh David Fulchiron Gopala Akella
Barbara Carbone and Gregg Lyman Sidney J. Kass and A contingent of Tibetan monks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Thornhill, III Cynthia Lee Larry Toji The Exploratorium hosts a Celina and Andres Albanese
Charles and Paola Casey Susie Langdon Kass and nuns spend two weeks at Brian Tulloch and Kristi Rasmussen Wesley D. Mateo Bruce Traficante full-scale model of NASA rover Tania and Laurence D. Albukerk
Lee and Amy Christel Scott Kauffman and Bicka Barlow Elizabeth and Thomas Volpe Linda and Jason May Terry and John Votruba Curiosity and broadcasts over Arish Ali and Sudha Varadarajan
the Exploratorium creating
Joan L. Danforth Brian M. Kincaid Max Weisel Stacy and Michael McCarthy Jay and Judy Welker 20 live webcasts following Jack Alotto and Dale Smith
The World of Your Senses, an
Tom DeFilipps and Ann Baskins Michael A. Lampert Charles and Sirirath Wen Karin and Gregory McClune Peter B. Wiley and Nancy Alpert
exhibition exploring human the rover’s initial landing and
Helen and Rajnikant Desai Rebecca Lee Lisa and Greg Wendt Margaret and Ulan McKnight Valerie Barth Jody Ames
sensory perception from both exploration of Mars. One webcast
Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund Sonia Lee and Alan Grumet Mike Wiese and Shunlien Wang Jessica and Jason Moment Faye Wilson Adrienne and Chris Ammen
Tibetan Buddhist and Western features Osher Fellow Reggie
David and Susan Dossetter Christopher Linn and Patricia Kellison Kalina and Robert Wong Glenn and Sherri Osaka Myra and Burton Wise Kara and David Anderman
scientific perspectives. Watts performing an improvised
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Draper, II Tom Lippman Donald L. Wyler Diane and Charles Paskerian Mary and Michael Wolfe Irene Poon Andersen
song about the red planet.
Sarah and Tony Earley Herbert A. Masters, III Sophia Yen, MD Mark and Mauree Jane Perry Tina and Gary Wolk Scott Andersen and
Jacob Farkas Anne McWilliams and Sheila and Marcia and Robert Popper Laura Zander and Scott Porter Laurie Edelstein
Keith McWilliams $2,500 to $4,999 Phyllis Posner and Martin Gilbert Drs. Alea and Brad Angeja
Elizabeth and Robert Fisher
The Brett and Michelle Galloway Dat and Joanne Q. Nguyen Anonymous Gretchen and Spencer Rawles $1,000 to $2,499 Annette Anzalone
Foundation Mike and Judy O'Shea Deborah and Paul Baker John and Robina Riccitiello Anonymous (5) Edwin Aoki
Jim and Lynn Gibbons Grace and Roland Perkins Dennis and Suzi Bartels Christopher and Julie Ridley Alison and Edward Abbo Andrea and Jeffrey Appell
Aaron Goldman Denise Phillips Johanna and Tom Baruch Beverly Riehm and Corinne W. Abel Tamara and Nathan Apple
Paul Haahr and Susan Karp Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund Simon and Christine Buesnel Randall Borcherding David Abercrombie Remy Ardizzone and
Ann M. Hatch Lynn Rankin and Robert Semper Rita and Robert Burgelman Ginger and Howard Robin Arthur Ablin and Deborah Ablin Roy Rawlings

APRIL 5 2012 After Dark: Gastronomy draws huge crowds curious about MAY 8 2012 The final Awards Dinner at the Palace of Fine Arts honors JUNE 2012 The Tinkering Studio recreates several exhibits
how unexpected elements, innovations, and techniques past honorees from 40 years of the annual event including and a tinkering workspace at the Saudi Aramco
such as centrifuges, hydrocolloids, and sous vide can Carl Sagan, Francis Crick, Stephen Jay Gould, Gordon Moore, Cultural Program, an annual science festival in
transform the experience of eating. and Frances Allen. Mythbuster Adam Savage joins as a al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
featured speaker, recounting his favorite memories of the
Dawn and Mark Bercow Brandon Chalk
Robin and James Beres Audrey Chaing
Jeffrey Bergan Dennis Chan
Laureen Marie Bergeron Joanne Chan and James Kramer
Susan and Robert Bernheim Leslie Chan and Philip Haine
Eve Bernstein and Alex Gerszmonicz Victor Chan and Shirley Ip
Sandra and Paul Bessieres Dr. William Chan and
Bronwyn Bevan Mrs. Gayle L. Chan
Jagruti Bhikha Bay-Wei Chang and Sally Liu
Noelle and Scott Biggs Eric and Josephine Chang
Thomas and Rhonda Biggs Jennie Chang and Kian-Tat Lim
Elisabeth M. Bik Loretta Chang
Betsy and Dan Bikle Minh Ava A. Chang
Peter Birkholz Elise Chapman
Sue Bishop Linda Chapman
Gregor Blackburn Mr. Michael Charlson
Marilyn and Bruce Blackie Greg Chatfield and
Tim and Madeline Blackwood Catherine Gutfreund
Laura and Robert Blanch James Chellis
Jan Blum The Chen and Cox Family
Bridgette Bodine Mr. Andrew Chen
Linda and Anthony Bonino Eric Chen and Kathleen Schwallie
Corrina Bonomo Jian Chen and Heather Qian
John Book Jindong Chen and Christine Ye
Nancy and Michael Borah Dr. Margaret Chen and
Constance Borden and Michael Sheets Dr. Clinton Young
Thaddeus Borek and Martha Mahony Na Chen and Mark Kronar
Meriko Borogove and Patrick Coffman Jean Cheng and Eric Chou
Barbara and Edward Boscacci Richard Cheng
Robin Bot-Miller and Heather Hund Harry Chesley and Suzana Seban
Rey Argate Lee and Michelle Banks Gary R. Bottone Janet and Micah Broude Frances and Stephen Butler Dr. Donald H. Cheu
Leslie and Adam Arita Jon Bardin Donna and Dick Bowman Wendell Brown and Susanne Caballero and Michael Cheung and
Therese Arsenault Sara and William Barnes Leslie and Robert Boyd Christian Almenar Ian Rosenfield Jasmine Burroughs
Manjari Asawa Teri Barr and Charles Stewart Bridget Boylan Jerome J. Brozell Helen K. Cahill Sandy and Steve Chiang
Luc and Beverly Asbury Jennifer and Tim Barrett Dr. Marek Bozdech and Letesa Bruce Sandra Calman Roger Chin and Stacey Gartland
Joyce Ashizawa-Yee and Lou Ann Bassan and Ms. Fran Bozdech Jonathan Bruck and Samantha Campbell and Ms. Mayme Chinn
AUGUST 14, 2012 SEPTEMBER 19, 2012
Bradley Yee Larry Klingenberg Susan F. Bracker and Gary Schoofs Cristel de Rouvary Dean Scheben Eugene Choi and Daishi Harada
Brian Atchley and Amy Atchley “Nobody ever flunked a Andrew Batinovich Natasha and Sam Bradley J. Stephen and Gayle Brugler Construction crews complete the Frances Campra Chih-Yu Chow and Rebecca Begley
Jeanne and Bob Atkinson science museum.” Frank and Lee Battat Philip Brady and Nancy and Andy Bryant installation of 5,874 high-efficiency Barbara Cannella Ernest Chow and Gwen Hinze
Jim Atkinson and Kathi Samec —Frank Oppenheimer Jane and Marvin Baxter Stewart McDowell Brady Sylvia and Barry Bunshoft SunPower solar panels on the roof Michelle and Ben Cannon Betty Christensen Wallerstein
Julie and Tom Atwood Jack A. Baylis Chris and Jennifer Brahm Philip Buonadonna of Pier 15. The system is designed Paula and Bandel Carano Erik Christoffersen and Alissa Lee
Helina Ying-Fan Au and On this day 100 years ago, Barbara and Nathan Becker Margarita Bratkova and Carol and David Buoncristiani to ultimately generate 100% of the Kristine Caratan Davina Chu and Andrew Roth
Yat-Pang Au Exploratorium founder Frank Barbara Beerstein and Solomon Boulos Lynn and Matthew Carbone
Patricia Burchat and museum’s electricity demands. Jacqueline Chu
Lawrence Au Oppenheimer was born in George Badger III Marilyn and George Bray Anthony Norcia Stuart K. Card Kevin and Stephanie Chua
According to estimates provided by
Ernest Chuck Ayala New York City. The museum Joseph and Joyce Behar Rita M. Breaux Denise and Jeff Burchell Jim Carmack William Chuang and Maria-Pia Deleon
the U.S. Environmental Protection
Robin Bacci dedicates the next 12 months David A. Behlmer Mark and Stephanie Breitbard Rita Burgess and Jeanne P. Carney Charles Chung and Douglas Henderson
Agency, the SunPower solar power
Jasmine and Walter Bachtiger to recognizing Frank, his Linda and Nils Behnke Bobby Brenman David Readerman Denis Carrade Audrey Kalea Chung
system will reduce carbon dioxide
Lewis and Barbara Bair vision, and his impact on Lynette Beiden Patty and Calvin Brenneman Agapi and Bruce Burkard Todd and Susan Carter Dr. Elizabeth Churchill
emissions by 33,150 tons over the
Ann and Jean Paul Balajadia informal science education Thomas and Lily Beischer Elizabeth Brenner and Jacky and Ronald Burks Brenda Cash Dr. Ann T. Clark
30-year lifetime of the system—
Marjorie K. Balazs and museums. Eunice Bejar-Lee and Gilbert Lee John Floyd Rinda and Lewis Burleigh Karen and Patrick Caskey Anne and Walter Clark
equivalent to removing 5,910 cars
Charna Ball and Beatrice Ball Sharina and Jay Belani Nate Bride Betty Burnham The John and Nancy Cassidy Family Diane and William L. Clarke
from California’s highways.
Melinda and Geoffrey Ballew Tony and Perrin Belway Marion Briggs and Gavin O'Duffy Ruth Burton and Jeremy Burton Foundation Victoria Clarke Smith
Sabra and Jonathan Ballon Jason M. Benlevi Amy and Tim Brinkman Chuck E. Burwell, II Megan Cayler Nathaniel and Michelle Clemensen
Rachael Balyeat Michael Bennett Kenneth and Jaclyn Broad Brett Bush and Kate Murphy Tantek Celik Jamie Clements
Marilyn Bancel and Rik Myslewski Vali and Herbert Bensinger Kimberly Brooks Carolyn and Preston Butcher Jerry Chacon and Paula Chacon Bernard Cleyet and Nancy Seese

AUGUST 15 2012 Permanent power to the museum’s innovative Bay Water Heating NOVEMBER 2012 The Living Systems staff moves the Bio Lab over to Pier 15.
and Cooling System, which uses bay water to regulate the facility’s They are the first gallery team to move to the piers, in order to
temperature, is turned on. An estimated 73,800 gallons of water give the lab’s developing zebrafish eggs and other organisms
recirculate hourly through the system. time to settle in and adjust to their new home.
Scott and Lexie Clifford Dr. Richard Elsley
Andy Coblentz and Shari Libicki Stacey Empson and Eric Ruderman
Rebecca Coker and Steve Weiss Robert English and Anna Zara
Jennifer and Donald Coleman Dr. Lois B. Epstein
Carolyn and Chris Colpitts Brad Erickson
Joseph Connelly Beverly and Steve Escamilla
Michael Convento and Paula and Thomas Escher
Laura Laraya-Convento Allison Estolas and Andrew Greenlee
Norma Convento Gretchen and Richard Evans
Chong C. Cook Francis Everitt
Matthew Cook William Evers and Melinda Ellis Evers
Matthew Cooperberg and Ronit and Victor Eyal
Jacqueline Dolev Gregory and Natalie Fair
Colonel William L. Cope Cheryl and Al Falchi
Annie and John Corbett Jo Falcon and Bill Spears
Craig Corbitt and Nancy Stoltz Judy Chan Farmer and
Dr. Ramon Cortines Kenneth Farmer
Jessica Costanzo and Peter Agboh Winnie and Robert Farwell
Kimberly and Keith Cox Audrey and Ted Fehlhaber
Nancy T. Cox Kurt Feichtmeier
Stone Coxhead Gloria and Saul Feldman
Steve and Juel Craig Mr. Richard Feldman and
Jeremy Crandell Ms. Patricia Motzkin
Nova Crisp Margaret Feldstein
Daphne and Anthony Crocker-White Vickie Feldstein and Dennis Orwig
Julie and Timothy Cronin Laura and Peter Fenton
Copley Crosby Noah and Anita Fiedel
A. Donald Cross Ruth and Les Finkelstein
Dona Crowder Jessena L. Finn
Dorothy Crowder Gretchen and Dennis Delman Clarence G. Donahoe Jeanne and Frank Fischer Sarah and Robert Freedman Kayvaan Ghassemieh
William and Tammy Crown Gail DeMartini Anne-Louise and Dan Donovan Jennifer Fischer Stefanie Fricano and Laurie and Jim Ghielmetti
Quita Cruciger, MD and Megan and John Demeter James M. Doody, Jr. Shannon Fiume Greg Darrah Giresh Ghooray
Marc Cruciger, MD Mary and Chris Denten Frederick Dorey and Teresa Wright Buddy Fletcher and Ellen K. Pao Martin Fried and Linda Hom Aradhana Ghosh
James S. Cunningham Levon W. Der Bedrossian Daniel and Nanette Douglass Cheryl Flick and Evin Levey Andrea Frome Drs. Mandeep and
Jennifer and Andrew Cuthill Dr. Joseph Derisi and Pietro Dova and Hannah Norup Susan and Carlo Flickinger Dr. and Mrs. Philip H. Frost Ritu Ghumman
Dr. Michael Dahlman Mrs. Susanne B. Derisi Molly and Brian Doyle Stacy Flint Castor Fu and Thida Cornes Paola Gianturco
JANUARY 2, 2013 FEBRUARY 25, 2013
Alexis and Scott Danielson Anthony and Cynthia DeRose Stacy Doyle Susan Flor and Mark Finn Rose M. Fulton Christina Giguere and
Dr. Peter Danzig Barbara Desai and Sheeroy Desai On the Exploratorium’s last Katherine Herrick Drake Jay Folberg and Diana Taylor Artist Fujiko Nakaya visits Frances M. Fung David Kvaratskhelia
Dr. Lance Darin and Mrs. Billie Darin Rebecca Deutscher and Chris Bishop day at the Palace of Fine Rebekah Drechsel Jennifer Fong the Exploratorium during Thomas J. Fuss The Gillach Family
Cynthia Lee Darling Jonathan Devor Arts, 9,755 people visit The Drummond-Dulberg Family Tully Foote the installation of Fog Bridge Ana D. Galutera Eliot Gillum
Steven Dauber Penelope L. DeVries the museum—an all-time Andrew Dubin and Lauren and Jamie Ford #72494, her immersive art piece Helen Gan David Gilmour and
Jean and Duncan Davidson Kathleen Diamond and Karl Schmidt attendance record. L.E.K. Wheeler-Dubin Richard and Marlene Ford created in collaboration with Bryson and Jamie Gardner Anula Jayasuriya
Philip Davidson Ted and Anna Dibble Harley K. Dubois Victoria Ford architecture and design curator George Gardner John and Sheila Girton
Mickey and Ethel Davies James K. DiCarlo Bob DuBridge Michele and John Forge Matthew and Carey Gardner Susan Glasgow
Henry Urbach for the museum’s
Rosemarie and Michael Davies Mr. Charles Dicke Dr. M. Gay Ducharme Marcia L. Forman Michele Garside, Ph.D. Asif Godil and Bushra Godil
new home. Fog Bridge is the
Kindavone and Mark Davis Meredith and Carl Ditmore Bruce D. Dugstad Julia Fornage and Martin Fornage Albert and Hsiao-feng Gaw Stacy and Daniel Gohman
inaugural piece created for Over
Matthew and Reeah Davis Mr. Harold E. Dittmer Dana Earl and Jamie Bell Kathleen Forstner and Mona Teich Alison F. Geballe Joseph and Julie Golden
the Water, an annual program of
Patricia De La Torre Jonathan and Thelma Dixon Patricia and John Eaton Cindy and George Fosselius Ted and Frances Geballe Margot Golding and
large-scale public artworks.
Krystle de Mesa David and Barbara Dobrinen Robin G. Eber Dan J. Fourrier, Jr. Daniel Gelfand and Nicole Arril Michael Powers
Nick and Katie De Vries Robert Dockendorff Devi Eden and George Simons Daniel Francis and Elizabeth Lake Cigdem Gencer Jerome Goldstein
Catherine and Sandy Dean Brian Dodge Julie Edwards Cheryl Frank and Michael Linn Barbara and Ronald George Paul Golubovich and
Sam Dean Keith Doerge Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay Gary Frankel and Lisa Redfern Chris and Sandra Gerner Deanne Mehling
Zsuzsanna Debreceni-Kis and Elisabeth Doermann Monika Eisenbud and David Eisenbud Myrna and Thomas Frankel Jacqueline and Alex Gerson Florence Gong
Ivan Ontiveros Karen and Jack Doherty Allison and Jesse Eisenhardt John Frawley Nancy and Charles M. Geschke Vincent Gong
Cynthia and Phillip Deland Eleanor Dommerich Karen and Steve Ellis Patrick and Cristina Frazier Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Cynthia and Harvey Goodman



DECEMBER 2 2012 Exploratorium members and donors say FEBRUARY 12 2013 Sound Uncovered, the Exploratorium’s second free FEBRUARY 2013 A new batch of Explainers is hired on to facilitate visitors’
farewell to the Palace of Fine Arts with one iPad app to explore how we perceive the world experiences at Pier 15. The museum’s new site allows for
final party at the museum’s iconic first home. around us, debuts to acclaim. As of this writing, nearly double the number of Explainers employed annually.
nearly 200,000 people have downloaded the app.
David Haskin and Deane Haskin Ms. Xian Ke
Lisa Hauswirth and Chris Hauswirth Brian and Lara Kehoe Hoffman
James A. Heagy Beth and Max Kellenberger
Kathleen and Simon Heap Susan Kelley
Rose Heide and Gary Sweet Reed and Laura Kelso
Mark Henderson and Laura Tauber Nancy Kenealy Soper
Julie and Michael Hennessey Burton N. Kendall and Sally J. Towse
Margaret Hensley Sargent and Debbie Kennedy
Christine Herron and Shannon Newton Pamela R. Keon Vitale
James Herson and Anne Smith Liz Keough
Jen and D. Scott Hess Steven Kern
Gail and Kenneth G. High Leslie Kernisan and Monty Worth
Grace Ong Hing Mardi Kildebeck
Renie Hippler Kathryn Kilner
Jill and Russ Hiroto Dr. C.J. Kim
Bette and Joseph Hirsch Eugene Kim and Christine Lieu
Evan G. Hirsch Grace S. Kim
Dorian and Peter Hirth Stuart and Caroline Kim-Brown
David Hlopak and Barbara and David Kimport
Krista Enns-Hlopak Michael Kinane
Agnes and Philip Ho Margorie M. King
Carol A. Ho Philomena King
James Ho and Susan Lee Stephanie and Steven Kipperman
Tinna Ho and Ryan Valentin Karla Kirkwood
Kristine and Daniel Hobe Olga Kist
Sam and Jennifer Hocking R. Samuel Klatchko
Sabrina and Martin Hodgett Eva and Richard Klein
Kathe and Fred Hodgson Jack Klein
Susan and Bill Hoehler Jodine A. Klein
Gloria Goodman and Jack Clumeck Allison Hale Tad Hofmeister and C. Misa Sugiura Ms. Sacha Ielmorini Bobby Joe Lawrence T. Klein
Joseph and Hon Mai Goodman Denise Hale Alice and James Hogan Marguerite and John Igoe Greg and Anna Johnson Alex Klikoff and Kimberly Klikoff
Jenckyn Goosby and Dean Preston Fred and Cherie Half William Hogan and Thomas Hogan Pamela and Glenn Illian Erin Jones Kyle and Jennifer Klopfer
Tracy and David Gopal Alfred and Sharlene Hall Hitoshi and Madoka Hokamura Dan and Carol Ingrum Karla Jones Henry and Carole Klyce
Debra and William B. Gordon Ed and Julie Hall Richard Holden and Grace Won Fredrica and Robert J. Intner Alan Jung and Susan Lo Anna and Paul Ko
Eduard Gorina Edna T. Hall Brian Horowitz Spady Farshid and Aizhan Iravani Don and Roz Kahn Edward Ko and Mindy Guan
Kevin Gottesman Victoria and Frank Hamilton Josh Horowitz Silvia W. Iselin David Kaiser Monique and Martin Kobinger
Lori L. Grace MARCH 10, 2013 Rebecca and James Hammond Dr. Lawrence Horowitz and Tracy and Todd Iverson Caryn E. Kali APRIL 16, 2013 Nancy Koch
Mary Gratiot On the Move, a free, daylong, Brian and Patricia Hanafee Mrs. Lenore Horowitz C. R. Iwanaga Karen E. Kalumuck and Edward Rothstein of the New Charles Kochanowicz and Cynthia Wong
Catherine Gray Tom and Frances Haney Georgiana T. Horwitz David Iwatsu and Kirk Lively Rob Swezey Johann and Ulrike Koehne
pre-opening celebration York Times calls the new
William J. Gregory Katie and Jim Hansen Ralf Hotchkiss Linda and Hewitt Jackson Carol and Paul Kameny Eliza Haskins Koeppel and
brings art installations, Exploratorium “remarkable”
Michael T. Grepo Shannon Hansen Deborah and Terry Houlihan Carl Jacobson Susie Kameny and Michael Koeppel
films, activities, and “eccentrically original,” and
Elise Gresch and Chad Sachs Kathy and Kenneth Hao Chris Hsu and Stella Wotherspoon Lindsay and Quinn Jacobson Kim Lebiavant Sylvia and Victor Koik
performances, and moving asserts that it remains “the most
Thuy and Timothy Griesser Kimberly and John Harding Helen L. Huang Neil and Dina Jacobson Sung-Wook Kang and Anne Komer and Lars Jensen
trucks filled with exhibits important science museum to
Adam Gross and Deva Santiago Kevin Hardy Lucia Huang and Savill Tse Dr. Christopher Jaeger and Ji-Eun Youn June and Thomas Konno
Charles F. Grossman to the Mission, Bayview- have opened since the mid-20th
Dorothy Harkavy Shalese Huang and William Chien Ms. Heidi Werbel Mr. Fred Karren Jacqueline and Edward Koo
Ethan Grossman and Susanne Tilp Hunter’s Point, and the century because of the nature
Brian Harrington and Matthew Coy Nancy and Joseph Huber Jo Kurth Jagoda Andrew and Iris Karsh Rina Kor
Steven Grothe Embarcadero. Janet M. Harris Peter Hudson and Anna Shimko Ellen and Benjamin James Joan Kartchner of its exhibits, its wide-ranging Neil Koris
Mrs. Angela Neal Grove Jill and John Harris William Hudson and Nora Gibson Darlene Jang and Wayne Barcelon Andrea Kasler and Gail Machin influence and its sophisticated Virginia and Leo Paul Koulos
Tom Gruber Marilyn and Michael Harryman Tracy and Christian Huebner Susan and Harvey Jang The Kasper Family teacher training program.” John Kovacevich and
Jerome E. Gummeson Reece Hart and Hanna Clements-Hart Tom Huening Robert and Ellen Jasper Hidetomo Katsura Jennifer French Kovacevich
Joshua Gutwill and Laura Wise Jane and David Hartley Mr. Robert Hui Clarissa V. Javier Barbara and Ron Kaufman Linda Kovaric
Daryl Habberstad and Juliet Shin Frank and Shirley Hartranft Arthur and Carla Humphrey Sandra and Lukas Jeker Matthew Kaufman and Becky Jacobs Lauren Kowal
Sandra M. Haddad Marilyn F. Hartwell Christopher Hunt and Diona Cheng Ms. Anne Jennings and Noel Y. Kaufman and Nicole Grindle Dr. Robert A. Kraft
Wendy Haesemeyer Brian Harvey Dorothy A. Hyde Mr. Andy Stacklin Diana O. Kaw
Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky Richard Harvey and Lily Wang Maximilian Ibel and Lu Tian Nancy and Rodney Jeong Mary Ann and Andrew Kayser

APRIL 2013

MARCH 19 2013 The Lab, the Exploratorium’s young professionals APRIL 12 2013 Our Opening Gala, an unforgettable night celebrating our transformative move, raises $2.2
group, enjoys a primer on how hops, malts, and million to support the museum’s educational programs. Exploratorium fans of all ages—
carbon dioxide play together at the Science of Beer, including philanthropists and business leaders from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as
held at a local brewery. well as notable artists and scientists—enjoy live performances by Reggie Watts, Capital
Cities, and Tainted Love, while the Exploratorium Lab hosts a Gala After Party that lasts
until the wee hours.
Erica Kratz and Jason Dugas Richard MacFarlane and
Joel Krauska and Patricia Fox Robert Tschumper
Patricia Kremer and James Kremer Nancy and Pete Mack
William and Susan Krenz Anna Maria MacKenzie
Jan Krepelka and Carol Linburn Mary and Edward Mackin
Larry and Bernis Kretchmar Clara MacNamee
Shani, Doris, and George Krevsky Larry and Jennifer Madar
Ivan Krstic Nathan and David Madson
Ehren Kruger Ann and Edward Mah
Karen B. Kruger Dr. Michael H. Maiman and
Kimberly and John Kruse Ms. Ann Wendell
Karen and Robert Kustel Chris and Melody Malachowsky
Amy Kuwata and Stephen Self Dr. Janet Maldonado and Mr. Steve Juno
Elizabeth Kwan Zenaida and Ruben Mallari
Jennie Kwok and Stan Kwong Eileen Malley and Alec Hampton
Deepa Lalla and Dinraj Shetty Mr. Sanjeev and
Fanny and Sammy Lam Ms. Sugeet Manchand Madan
Jack Lam and Gina Chann Alfred J. Mandel
Danielle Lambert and Anthony Fadell George Manolis and Mary J. Miller
Peter C. Lambert Marnie and Karol Marcin
Mr. Stoddard Lambertson Sylvia and Christopher Marino
Elizabeth and Shawn Lani Jerome Marks
Randall Laroche and David Laudon Rachel and Paul Markun
Susan and Niels Larsen Markkula Foundation
Daniel Lau and David Lau Grace M. Marselis
Donald Lau Paula Marsh and Harold Welch
Kimberly Lau and Kevin Hunt Virginia Marshall and
Nathan Lau and Julie Lau Vanessa Marshall
Barry Laven Ronald and Patricia Martell
Ken Lavezzo Mary Lew and Terrence Whitson Paul Martin and Lea Ver Sunny and Mark McKee Linda and Ben Miller
Aaron Lee Dr. Michelle Li Susan and Warren Long Mary Ann Mason and Paul Ekman Renee and Michael McKenna Roger Miller
Andrew and Ria Lee Sheng-Chiech Liang and Minnie Loo Stephen and Holly Massey Barbara and Laureston McLellan Vinie and Sandy Miller
Ava Lee and David Bellshaw Huei-Chuan Liang Christa and Mark Lopez Brian and Lauren Mathews Molley McManus Joshua Minor and Allison Torres
Ben Lee Marie and Kenneth Libeson Naomi and Fernando Lopez Larry Mathews and Brian Saliman Jayne McNicol and Alan Miller Alexandra and John Miranda
Blossom Lee Rob and Donnelly Liebsch Rosalie LoPresti Bill and Leigh Matthes Jose Medeiros and Andrea Sweet John Missirian, M.D.
Camilla Lee and Michael Levesque Barbara Liedtke Larry Lorenzoni and Mr. Stephen Mattoon Suzanne and Napoleon Medrano Katherine and Wesley Mitchell
APRIL 17, 2013 MAY 2013
Holden Lee and Robert Green Rebecca and Chris Lien Rita Malatesta Jennifer Matz and Alan Entine Yasmine Mehmet Mark Mitchell
The John Lee Fund/San Francisco Carla and Stephen Lieske Opening Day festivities Quintin Louie Dr. Karl Mauzey Kenneth and Vera Meislin The Changing Face of What Mr. Eugene Miya
Foundation Jeremy Liew and Ranee Lan included speeches by Mayor Marion Love David and Roxanne May Jason Mendelson and Megan Rible Is Normal, an exhibition Eric Moessinger
Kathleen and Morgan Lee John and June Lilienthal Ed Lee, Lieutenant Governor David Low and Carol Mayor-Blanco Eduardo and Michelle Menendez that explores our shifting Dr. Mohle-Boetani and Mr. Manasse
Dr. Marion Lee Jennifer Lim Gavin Newsom, and other local Dominique Lahaussois Paul Mazaika Alma Z. Menn definitions of mental health, Phyllis Moldaw
Mary Lee and Norman Tuttle Sheldon Lim and Christina Toy luminaries; performances by Elvira L. Low Barbara and Richard C. McAuliffe Dr. Prasanna Menon is on view in the Osher West Carmen Monedero
Steven J. Lee Donna Linden multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek; Roger M. Low Susan and J. Patterson McBaine Lois and Bob Meredith Gallery. The exhibition Ivy Montgomery
Thi and Melvin Lee Dan and Christine Linder and immersive digital projections Barbara Lowe Paul McCauley and Joan Kugler Joan and Richard Merryman will remain at the museum Lou and Ashley Montulli
Sharonjean and Richard Leeds Theresa and Richard Ling by creative technology innovators Mr. Charles F. Lowrey Tom and Bobbie McChristy Constance Messer through the summer of 2014. Miriam Moody
Rachel Lehman Dr. Angela Little Obscura Digital, which wrapped Bonnie Loyd and Robert Sabbatini Andrew and Colleen McCreary Donald and Virginia Meyer Adrienne Moon and Ken Walczak
Xingye Lei and Benjamin Peng David K. Little and Corin and Seth Lucans Dean McCully and Lisa Bickford Lawrence Miao and Kana Muraki Anne Moon and Dan Conlan
Pier 15’s bulkhead in images of
Abigail and Tony Leonard Denise Malmquist-Little James and Patricia Ludwig Peri McDonald Margaret Michael and Simon Michael The Mooradian Family
growing plants, crystals, smoke,
Mary Leonard Robinson Paula and Ed Little Rosa Luevano and Charles Marston Nan McDowell and Michael Michon Conor Moore and Joanne Chang
and more.
Roland Leong and Waymond Leong Michael Liu Jeannette and Louis Luini James H. Grossman The Carol Anicka Mihalik Patrick and Trisha Moore
Leslie Ann Lerner and Victoria Logan Wright Amy Lum and Joseph Han Mr. and Mrs. James McElwee Memorial Fund Braden K. More/Straus Family
Edward A. Lerner Angela Loh Peter Lungreen David McGavern Robert Mijares Foundation
Mr. Jerry B. Levine and Melanie and Wayne Lok Deborah A. Lyle Rosemary and John McGuire Aya Mikami and Paul Sabo Yvonne and Douglas Morgan
Mrs. Toby Levine John Lombardo and Brian J. Lynch Joseph McGuire Janine and Jon Miller Ms. Kazuko Morgan
Ellen and Eugene Lew Gwendolyn Cooke Mr. Matthew Lynde Flicka McGurrin Jennifer Miller and Steven Teig Michele Morgano and Leon Kuan



APRIL 2013 During a handful of special preview days, members MAY 6 2013 Juan Felipe Herrera, California’s Poet Laureate, is the first Osher MAY 8 2013 The Exploratorium Teacher Institute (TI) offers its first workshop at Pier 15,
and donors enjoy an exclusive first peek at the new Fellow to join us at Pier 15. During his fellowship Juan Felipe leads a hosting a group of 40 teachers from San Francisco Unified School District. TI has
Exploratorium at Pier 15. plankton poetry workshop that combines the science of microscopic offered a rich mix of hands-on activities, content-based discussions, classroom
marine life with the music of poetry. Osher Fellows are outstanding materials, and web-based teaching resources to science teachers since 1984.
artists, scholars, authors, and scientists brought to the Exploratorium
through the generosity of the Bernard Osher Foundation.
Dr. Rand Morimoto Barbara Peracca
Todd Morrill and Eun Mee Lee Kendra and William Perlitz
Christine Morris Barbara Perlman-Whyman
Peter Morris and Linda Gates Patricia and Robert Perruquet
Anne and Thomas Morton Matthew and Stacy Perry
Timi and Robb Most Warren W. Perry
Ms. S. Joy Mountford Karin Peters
Sabrina Moyle and Julian Abdey Darren Peterson and Gwen Peterson
Dr. Asok Mukhopadhyay Mark and Linda Peterson
Thomas Mulcahy Tony O. Pham and Brian Shire
Timothy M. Muller Regina Phelps
Bonnie and Chris Mumford Dr. Tom Piantanida and
Carole and Mike Murphy Angie Di Santo
Holly S. Murphy and Keith E. Pitts Kristy Pierce
Luke Murphy Ann and James Piper
Martina and Tom Murphy Adam Platt
Ramsey Musallam Eric Pleschner
Irene Myers David Pletcher
Ron and Deanna Myers Lisa Podos and Michael Wais
Bart Nadeau Carol Pohl
David and Laura Nadler Charles Pohl and Eve Niquette
Rosemarie and Tae Hea Nahm Steven L. Polkow
Kelli Nakamura and Eric Lee Rebecca Pollack
Jack Naqvi William Pollock and Vicki Friedberg
Karen and William Nay Guillaume Poncin and Pudji Lestari
Gail Nebenzahl and Bernard Nebenzahl Arlene Pons and Michael Moats
Cathie Nelson and Ron Dubois Lynn and Edward Poole
Madeleine Nelson and Nelson Smits Tak Poon and Mai-Anh Tu
Zachary and Bethany Nelson Olga Potapova and Andrey Belyaev
Feliza Agnes Neves Beth Ober and Gregory Shenaut Jean and James Palmer Dr. Michael C. Powanda and Silva Raker Jerry and Suzanne Riessen
Dr. Andrew B. Newman and David and Elizabeth Obershaw Angela Pang and Stacey Hom Dr. Elizabeth D. Moyer Michelle and Doug Randall Verrill and William Rinehart
Dr. Lynn Newman Kasey and Aidan O'Connell Marilyn and Edward Panofsky Donys and Robert Powell Mrs. Jane A. Rankin Amy Risch and Nancy Andrews
Christina Ng and Frank Pao Tom O'Connor Mark and Barbara Papamarcos Erika and Evan Powell Jacob and Maria Elena Ratinoff Jenny and Gerald Risk
Thomas Ngo Kathi and Bud Oderio Kirk and Maria Pappas Roger Powelson and Margo Nanny Julie and Joseph Ratner Anmarie B. Roache
Tom M. Nguyen Kevin P. O'Donnell Gabriela and Mark Parcella Margaret and Thomas Power Herbert and Marjorie Rauch Scott and Elisabeth Roberts
Mr. Tung Nguyen and Ms. Linh Bui Bill O’Keeffe, Jr. William D. Parent Karine and Bruno Pradal Mary A. Rayner Nick Robins and Tracy Freedman
JUNE 28, 2013 Nancy and Steven Oliver Joe Parisi JULY 20, 2013
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nichols Ann and Nello Prato Sandy and Scott Rechtschaffen Yvonne and Charles Robinson
William J. Nicholson The museum’s partnership Jim Omura and Susan Muroshige Jean and Robert Parker Jill Pratt and Mark Pratt Market Days, a summertime Martin Reddy and Genevieve Vidanes Jacqueline and Jeremiah Robison
Sheila and Chris Nickolopoulos with NOAA results in the James and Moira O'Neal Todd and Laura Parker Mary M. Prchal series of free, open-air Venkatesh and Keelin Reddy Jolene and Jim Rocchio
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nicolai Bell M. Shimada being the Mr. David Oppenheimer Kirk Pasquinelli and Rosalvina Prebil and Kelley Prebil mini-festivals, kicks off Judy and David Redo Nancy and Robert Roddick
Anne and Walter Niederberger-Arquit first ship to dock at Pier 15. Tina and Kurt Orban Deborah Sullivan Burr Preston with the theme of Local Susan Reece and Michael Gaddy R. P. Channing Rodgers
Penny Nii and Edward Feigenbaum Andrea and Tim O'Riordan Kalpana and Dipak Patel Dorothea S. Preus Kendra and Benton Reichenau Dorothy and Steven Rodrigues
This 209-foot, state-of-the- Motion—a celebration of
David Nolley and Nancy Zajac Dr. Jonathan F. Osborne and Barbara R. Patinkin Amy and Garrett Price Erin and Kinkead Reiling Karen and Fred Rodriguez
art fisheries research vessel the myriad ways people,
Gloria Eiko Nomura Ms. Jane S. Matheson Parichati Pattajoti and Andy Proehl and Anne Muldoon Sarah and Louis Reilly Nathalie Roland
monitors protected species, machines, and animals get
Susan Anderson-Norby and Rockford Norby Drs. Donald and Helen O'Shea Todd Sirimongkolvit Erich Proudfit Monica Reina and Noah Kadner Judy and Vladimir Romanenkov
observes weather, conducts around.
Mr. Gordon Nordling Dr. Julian S. Osinski Paul Max Payton and Patricia Egan Alice and Thomas Pulliam Raj-Ann K. Rekhi Julie and James Rooney
oceanographic research,
Carol and Peter G. Notaras Robert and Sandra Osorio Anne and Rodney Pearlman Archana Puri and Anand Shastri Jono and Janet Reksoatmodjo Albert P. Rooyakkers
and surveys marine animal
Michael J. Novogradac and Osoriotribe Eric Pearson and Alexandra and Mark Putnam Louise and Paul Renne David and Judith Rose
populations. Margaret Baxter-Pearson
Barbara J. Forsberg Novogradac John S. Osterweis Sasha Pyle Sheryl and Alan Resnik Ms. Jeanne Rose
Thomas and Carolyn Nowak Rozell and Peter Overmire Janet and Norman Pease David Quaid Katherine and David Reyna Laura Rose and Fred Naranjo
Nicolette Noyes Kim Overton and Carl Johnson Carol P. Peckham Betty Y. and Collin P. Quock Marilyn M. Reynolds The Rosenberg Family
Mason Nugent and Jennifer Novak Valentina Pachova and Dimitar Pachov Adam and Christina Pederson Sandy and Carl Quong Richard and Margaret Rhodes Susan Rosin and Brian Bock
Hannah and Ron Nunn Jarvis and Ron Pahl Paul Pedersen and Sally Johnson Cindy Quontamatteo Laurose Richter David and Peggy Rothman
Ann Nyhan and Charles Kulas Su-Moon C. Paik and Bob Brown Robert Peng and Lilly Chen Alison Anne Quoyeser Helen and H. A. Ridley Pattie and Scott Rotondo
Roberta Nylander Michael and Susan Painter Lou and Mary Ann Peoples Erica Rabb Jennifer and Christopher Riedy Emmanuel Roubinowitz and Su Hokiarto

JULY 1 2013 Experiments in People-Watching, a pop-up plaza installation, debuts between AUGUST 1 2013 After Dark: Freestyle breaks previous After Dark
Pier 15 and Pier 9. The result of a collaboration between the Exploratorium attendance records with a crowd of over 5,000
and Rebar Art and Design Studio, this free public space offers passersby people improvising, ad-libbing, and getting down.
reconfigurable, interactive seating and a chance to explore the dynamics of
social behavior.
Merritt Sher Becca Thomases and Kyung Sin
Mr. Eden Sherry Helen Thompson
Alpa Sheth and Rohan Palekar Britt Thorner
Angel and Sterling Shew Lauren and Chase Thornhill
Vaughn Shields and Greg Elich Dr. Anthony Thrall
Dr. Theodore Shiff and Ms. Gloria Shiff Irene L. Tibbits
Celine Parreñas Shimizu and Karen T. Tieu
Daniel Shimizu Eric and Stephanie Tilenius
Jordan and Caroline Shlain Angie and Ivan Ting
Jonathon Shlens Donald Tipton
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Geraldine Shohet Sasha and Taras Titarenko
Kevan Shokat and Deborah Kamali Ms. Katherine Tobin
Linda Shore and David Barker Patricia Tobin and Seymour Feldman
Rich Shrieve and Yvonne Don Dr. Lászlo Tökés
Sharie and Clem Shute Bryant Tolles and Sheila Lanman
Jill and Richard Sideman Rick Tolley and Elaine Barrios
Jenese and Paul Sieben Raymond and Teresa Tom
Eric Siegel Janice Tomer and Jeffrey Booth
Micah and Ksenia Siegel Jeana Toney and Boris Putanec
Diane Silber-Cohen Betty and Emil Torrez
Michael and Marsha Silberstein Ken and Akiko Tracton
Carol Ruth Silver Tri Tran and Maria Su
Leslie M. Silverman and Irvin Govan Ginger Trumpbour
Slobodan Simic Frank Truttman, Jr.
Tim and Ann Simon Sophie and Wilfred Tsang
Ms. Barrie Simpson and Karen Tsay and Ty Wang
Ms. Nancy White John Tseng and Wendy Kang
Jason and Rachel Simpson Pat Tseng
Diana W. Singer Anna and James Tsiamis
Ken and Nichole Rowles Donn and Lynn Schoenmann Mark Singer Lydia and James Stack Alanna Sutton and Ed Coyne Michael Tuason and Karen Yorn
Aileen and Michael Rubin Bob and Dorothy Scholten Paulina and Siuman Siu Brian Stadtmiller and Willow Radcliffe Marilyn and Thomas Swartz Henry Turmon and Jackie Little
Dr. David Rudnick and Ms. Julie Fingersh Catherine B. Schott Jessica and David Sloan Gail and Victor Standiford Sara and Donald Sweet Beverly Turnbaugh
Dana Runge Carl Schwab Jennifer Smith and Judith Smith Mark A. Stanley Nikki and Richard Szeto Marcia and Allen Tusting
Maryann Russell David Schwartz and Donna Liu Lee and Perry Smith Rob States and Abigail Millikan-States Susan Tahawi and Donald Davis Christopher Tuttle
Beth and Jonathan Rutchik Dale N. Scott Rachel and Craig Smith Douglas Steedman and Anna and Gus Tai Joanna and Toot Uchida
Stephen Ryu and Seunghee Lee John Scott and Scott Elaine Case Sabrina and Christopher Smith Kazumi Matsuyama Kit Tam and Charlotte Chang Carl Ueber
Nancy and Howard Sackson Sunny and Kenneth Scott Wendy Smith and Simon Lewis Drs. Shayna and Elliott Stein Christina and Ernest Tan Suzanne and Eugene Valla
Brian Sakamoto and June Kitagawa Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell The Kanbar Forum, the Stephen R. Smoot William Stein and Patricia Hsiu Dan and Renee Tan The newly rebuilt Tactile Dome Cornelis Van Aalst and
Trudy and Charles M. Salter John and Pamela Sebastian Exploratorium’s new Jayne M. Snook Shari Steiner Mr. Bob Tandler and Ms. Valli Benesch opens, first to Exploratorium Jeffrey Robinson
Shelley J. Sandusky Nicole Sebek 3,600-square-foot theater Glenn Snyder and Catherine Allman Adam Steinhorn Benjamin Tanner Fund donors and then to the general Madelon Van Lier
Karen Turner Sanford Demi and Fred Seguritan equipped with a state-of-the-art Dr. Ian Sobieski Cheryl and Dennis Stephenson Heidi and Steven J. Tanner public. Executive Director Aimée and Gerrit van Roekel
Allen F. Santos Nina and Ivan Selin Meyer Constellation Acoustic Audrey and Bob Sockolov Idexa Stern Hanafi and Natalia Tanojo Dennis Bartels, Director of the Leon Van Steen
Jeanine and Guy Saperstein Britt Selvitelle System, opens to the public. Dr. Janet Sollod and Dr. Mitchell Sollod Amy and Sayre Stevick Sonja and Paul Tappan Center for Art & Inquiry Marina Marina and Zane Vella
C. Ross Sappenfield and Laura Brugger Jeanette Seng The Forum now hosts new Dennis Song and Doris Lin-Song Eric O. Stinson Elfreda E. Taylor McDougall, and Exploratorium Debra Vicharelli
Addy Satija Suzanne G. Seton sound- and music-related event Stephan Sorger Rodney Stock Catherine and Michael Taylor Alan and Joanne Vidinsky
supporter Frances Hellman are
Sanjay B. Saxena and Tejal Desai Judi Shaffer and John Blecka Jennifer and William Sousae Brenda and Jonathan Stone Sally Adamson Taylor Fred Villa, Jr. and David B. Limcaco
series such as Resonance and the first to explore the new
Rebecca and Douglas Sayuk Simon Shaham Laura and Clarence Souza Geoffrey and Robin Strawbridge Stuart Taylor, MD Gian-Pablo Villamil and Nik Tien Tan
Soundscapes, extensive Cinema Dome’s total darkness.
Andrea and Michael Scharff Kim and Allen Shain Dorothy and Francis Spalding Beni Strebel and Kathy Klausner Jennifer and D.B. Temple Priscilla Vivio
Arts programming, and more.
Derry W. Schillaci Tom Shannon Elizabeth and Jeffrey Spaulding Michael P. Stryker and William Terrell and Emily Kao Dr. Quoc L. Vo
Steve and Jennifer Schimmel Tom Shapiro Katherine G. Spencer Barbara L. Poetter Lisa Terry and Charles Smith Elizabeth Vobach
Peter Lothar Schmidt John Sheehy and Sherry Caplan Paul A. Spiege Jim Sulat and Susan Keyes Sharon Tetlow Kathleen and Billy Volkmann
Thomas Schmidtknecht, MD Jamie and Marcus Shen Verna Spinrad Suzanne and Joseph Sullivan Tuan-Anh Tham and Franz von Uckermann
Dr. Julie Schmittdiel and Narmada Shenoy Trisha and Viktor Spivakovsky Razvan and Lisa Surdulescu Ha Hoang Nguyen-Tham Lorraine Voskanian and Elizabeth Clark
Mr. Jason Ku Alexandra Shepard Kay Sprinkel Grace Albert Susor Ole Z. Thogersen Pietje and Henk Vreman
Debra Schoenberg Laurie and Rod Shepard Zen St. Clair The Sutton Hollick Fund Theresa and Timothy Thomas Leslie and Harvey Wagner

AUGUST 8 2013 The Exploratorium kicks off a partnership with UCSF Benioff SEPTEMBER 29 2013 The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), the American
Children’s Hospital to provide 20 signature exhibits and Society of Civil Engineers, and the Exploratorium host more than 8,000
experiences for the facility, which provides care for critically visitors during Engineering Day/Día del Ingeniero (also the first free
ill children and their families. day at Pier 15), offering lively, bilingual family programs that celebrate
the contributions engineering makes to our world.
Christopher and Connie Wong
Crystal Wong and Frank Melis
Jean and Jeffrey Wong
Liam Wong and Jamie Nguyen
Lily Wong and Edward Westberg
Mason Woo
Liza Wood and Matthew Nebel
Frank Woods
Montgomery and Annie Woods
William Woods
Brenda and Wade Woodson
Patricia and Roy Woolsey
Ray and Cynthia Wright
Ms. Robin Wright and Mr. Ian Reeves
Eileen and Kai Min Wu
Michael Wu and Jennifer Hum
Calvin and Cindy Wu Yee
Josephine T. Wunderlich
Mrs. Adeline Wu-Ratner
Minli Xie
Anders Yang
Irene Yang and Joseph Lee
Charles Yanofsky
Lily and John Yap
Scott and Vonceil Yara
Hilda and Samuel Yee
Joan Yee and Lawrence Shing
Sumei Yee and Gene Yee
Virginia Yee
Sue Walden Gregory White Florette Yen
Marilyn and Murry Waldman Kevin Whittaker Kathy Yen and Alice Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr. Karen and Malcolm Whyte Eleanor S. Yim
Dr. Jearl Walker Sharon and Charles Wienbar Donna and Clifford Yokomizo
William and Mikiko Walker Jon and Tania Wilcox Christine J. Yonemura
Laurie and Don Walsh Vivian Wilder Aki and Yoshinari Yoshikawa
The Walton Family Foundation Sylvia Wilkerson Nicholas Yost and Sandra Rennie
Jeanette Wan OCTOBER 18, 2013 Caroline and Joe Youmans
John and Peggy Wilkinson
Josie Wang Linda and Kevin Wilkinson A set of dramatically Barbara and George Young
Valerie and Tak Wang Wendy M. Will curved, gravity-defying Kathy M. Yu
Carole Wangenheim John A. Williams benches by artist Jeppe Hein Nellie S Yu
Scott Ward and May Yong Norman H. Williams are commissioned by the Edwin and Jane Yuen
Alicia Warlick and Mark Schulze Jeff and Diane Wilson Alexander Yuill-Thornton, II
Exploratorium and installed
Lucinda Watson and Family Kristin and John Wilson Lindsay and Tom Zachystal
temporarily in the public areas
Wendy Webster and Stuart P. Davidson Warner and Greta Wims Karen and Jamie Zaninovich
between Piers 15 and 17.
Stefani Wedl and Darren Schulte Mary and Brent Winfield Kristine and Robert Zehner
Jonathan Weiner and Mira Olson Lynn Armstrong Winkel Jon Zimmerman
Raymond Weisberg Terry Wit Larysa and Pavel Zolnikov
Keith and Sandra Wells Mr. Wolf C. Witt and Joshua Zucker and Carolyn Fairman
Ms. Amy E. Wender-Hoch Ms. Eunyong Ryu Bill and Diane Zuendt
Joseph Wenisch and Cory Hatton Lara Witter and Curt Sigfstead
Greg and Marjorie Went Danielle and Gary Wohl The Exploratorium makes every effort
Todd Werby and Nonie Greene King and Linda Won to ensure the accuracy of donor lists.
Kay and David Werdegar Martin Won and Liana Crabtree Should you find an error or omission please
Marlene and Richard Wesson Robin Nancy Won contact the Development Department at
Marilyn and John Whitcher Anna Q. Wong or 415.528.4525.

NOVEMBER 23 2013 The Exploratorium and Chevron, along with DECEMBER 8 2013 Members and their families enjoy a little
supporting sponsors Autodesk and Genentech, present seasonal cheer—and science—at the
Reengineering Your Science Curriculum, the first STEM annual Members Holiday Party.
education conference at the museum.
Opening Gala

Bank of America Tamisie Honey

Forest Baskett and Carolyn Bell Anne Kaiser and Robert Taylor
Bengier Foundation Nick and Larissa Kosla
Anne Bonaparte and KPM Consulting, LLC
Judd Williams Richard Laiderman and
April and Paul Buchheit Jung-Wha Song
Sarah E. Cogan and Randall E. Laroche and
Douglas H. Evans David G. Laudon
EPIC John and Elizabeth Lewis
Patricia Fitzpatrick Adrienne Mally
Gregory and Julie Flynn Matson Foundation
Richard and Elizabeth Fullerton Maura Morey
Marcia and John Goldman Randi Murray
Joseph Michael Horwitz, Jr. Nielsen Company
The Kramlich Family Jean and James Palmer
Laura and Gary Lauder Charles and Diane Paskerian
Divesh and Diksha Makan, Norman and Janet Pease
ICONIQ Capital Sam Perry
Stephanie and Bill Mellin Julie and Joseph Ratner
Chaired by Sandy Otellini and Fannie Allen, the Exploratorium’s Ken and Kris Moore Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
Opening Gala, held on April 12, 2013, raised $2.2 million to support Nibbi Brothers General Contractors The San Francisco Foundation
the museum’s educational programs. We are grateful for all who Cameron Phleger Leonard Shustek and
contributed and joined us to celebrate our opening at Pier 15. Power Engineering Construction Co. Donna Dubinsky
Vincent L. and Jean Ricci H. Marcia Smolens Foundation Gary Strang
Sidley Austin LLP SunPower
Ellie and Skip Smith Edith and Joseph Tobin
Wilson Meany Barbara and Erik van Dillen
$100,000 or more Dan and Stacey Case Family Greg and Liz Vaughan
Susie and Riley Bechtel Foundation $1,000 to $9,999 Jerry and Lucie Weissman
John and Ann Doerr Chevron Anonymous Todd Werby and Nonie Greene
Sakurako and William S. Fisher Alan and Lauren Dachs Kent and Marie-José Baum R. Sanders and Jennifer Williams
Intel Corporation EHDD Scott and Phyllis Bedford Faye Wilson
Sandy and Paul Otellini First Republic Bank Sandra and Paul Bessieres Laura Wise and Josh Gutwill
Charles and Helen Schwab Laura and John Fisher Abigail and Leon G. Campbell Myra and Burt Wise
Michelle Yee and Reid Hoffman Randi and Bob Fisher John and Nancy Cassidy Kristina Woolsey
Lynn and Anisya Fritz Phoebe Cowles and Robert Girard David G. Yu
$50,000 to $99,999 Genentech Troy and Leslie Daniels
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation Harvey and Gail Glasser E. Gretchen de Baubigny
George Cogan and Fannie Allen The Jerry Hume Family Hal and Judi Dittmer
Koret Foundation Merrill and Van Kasper Carol and Cameron Emmott
Eileen and Jude Laspa/Bechtel KPMG LLP David Evans
PG&E Deedee and Burt McMurtry Justin Fichelson
Diane B. Wilsey Craig Silverstein David Friedberg
Sharon and Barclay Simpson James and Linnea Gerber
$25,000 to $49,999 Synergenics, LLC Adele J. Goldberg and Dennis Allison
John and Ali Walecka John Golob and Helene de Baubigny
Ravin and Alka Agrawal
Wells Fargo Lennie and Peter Gotcher
Applied Materials, Inc. Dan Yue
Asset Management Company Sallie Griffith
Autodesk Garrett Gruener and Amy Slater
$10,000 to $24,999 Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
Bain & Company
Carol Bartz and Bill Marr Anonymous Nancy and Scott Hindes
Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki Adobe Systems Incorporated Jennifer Hobart and
Burrill & Company Amgen Inc. Michael Katz
Endowments &

Exploratorium Oppenheimer
Endowments Circle
Established through both outright Anonymous (2)
gifts and estate planning, endowment Donna M. Albertus
funds ensure that the standards of Anthony J. Alfidi
innovation, excellence, and education Robert A. Asadorian
at the Exploratorium today will be Ms. Charna Ball
available to future generations. Frish Brandt and August Fischer
Marcus Brooks and
Anonymous Donna L. Stuedeman
Britton Endowment Diana Buchbinder
Jim Clark Endowment Mr. Jok Church
Daniels Fund for Excellence Diane and William L. Clarke
Daniels Fund for Life Sciences Robert D. Cormia
Fleishacker Foundation Celeste Dela Calzada
Hearst Foundation Endowment Marilyn Dobbs Higuera
Hindes Endowment Lawrence M. Fagan
Hambrecht & Quist Jo Falcon and William E. Spears
Members of the Oppenheimer Circle are supporters who are helping
Teacher-in-Residence Endowment M. Jean Fisher
to ensure the future of the Exploratorium through a legacy gift.
Koshland Endowment William Fries II
Above: Van Kasper and wife Merrill are members of the Oppenheimer
Walter Landor Endowment for Ellis and Jennifer Gans
Creative Exploratorium Robert Godersky and Mary Tran
McBean Endowment for Florence Gong
Webcast Programming Linda Halicki
Noyce Foundation Endowment Brian Harvey
Osher Endowment James A. Heagy
Silver Giving Foundation Endowment Signa I. Houghteling
Wattis Endowment for Cory Iwatsu and Kirk Lively
Artists-in-Residence Maurice Kanbar
Wattis Endowment for Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Kasper
Capital Improvements Ellen Kipp/The Kipp Foundation
Wattis Endowment for Richard Laiderman and
Exhibits For Children Jung-Wha Song
Wattis Endowment for the Eileen Landis
Teacher Institute Mrs. L.W. Lane, Jr.
Christine Lemor-Drake
Allan S. Leonard
Jo Markovich
Herbert A. Masters, III
Amy McCombs
Rilla McCubbins Chaney
Mr. J. Sanford Miller
John R. Nelson
Gilberto Perez and Rosa Vilchis
Regina Phelps
Cameron Phleger
Vincent L. and Jean Ricci
David A. Robb
Jeanne Rose
Jack Schiffhauer
William and Barbara Straka
Kathe Traynor
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Turner
Brian and Melissa Wong
Foundation, &

$2,500 to $4,999 Nintendo of America

Northern Trust Company
California Mathematics Council
Charitable Trust
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Lab Zero Innovations, Inc.
Oracle Corporation
McCall Associates
The David and Lucile Packard
National Film Preservation
Pfizer Foundation
Vector Laboratories, Inc.
Qualcomm Foundation
WideOrbit Inc.
RBC Wealth Management
$1,000 to $2,499 Foundation
SAP North America
Alliance of Artists Communities Sprint Nextel
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Stumble Upon
Il Fornaio Texas Instruments, Inc.
Lucasfilm Foundation Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Tyco Thermal Controls
Thank you to the following VISA U.S.A. Inc.
institutions for matching their VMware
employees’ gifts: The Walt Disney Company
Adobe Systems Incorporated Zynga
Corporations $25,000 to $49,999
& Foundations The Bothin Foundation Apple, Inc.
Cognizant Technology Solutions Applied Materials, Inc. Gifts in kind
We are grateful for the Franklin Templeton The Bank of America Charitable
involvement of the following GGS Foundation We appreciate the following
Corporate Partners and Clarence E. Heller Charitable donors for their generous gifts
BlackRock Financial Management
foundation supporters during Foundation of products or services:
The Boeing Company
July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013. The Kimball Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Crystal Geyser Water Company
The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Capital Group Companies
$250,000 and above Ms. Carolien Gehrels,
Foundation Chevron Corporation
Vice Mayor of Amsterdam
Autodesk Teknion Cisco Systems
Meyer Sound Laboratories
Stephen Bechtel Fund The Dean Witter Foundation College Access Foundation
Power Engineering Construction Co.
Chevron Corporation of California
$10,000 to $24,999 Robert Mondavi Winery
Clif Bar & Company Deutsche Bank
The San Francisco Chronicle
Genentech, Inc. AAAS/Science Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Gordon and Betty Moore The Bank of America Charitable Emerson Electric Company
Tyco Security
Foundation Foundation ExxonMobil Corporation
Sidley Austin LLP
PG&E Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Freeport McMoran Copper & Gold
Vangard Concept Offices Foundation Dodge & Cox Gap Inc.
Mr. Chun-Yu Wang
The John Templeton Foundation Hubbard Family Foundation Gartner
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
The Christian Humann Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates
$100,000 to $249,999 The Maker Education Initiative Foundation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation Motorola Mobility Foundation Genentech, Inc. Government
MetLife Foundation Oracle Corporation Google, Inc.
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations Qualcomm Foundation The Home Depot California State Coastal Conservancy
Wells Fargo Foundation The Seed Fund IBM Grants for the Arts/San Francisco
UBS Financial Services, Inc. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hotel Tax Fund
$50,000 to $99,999 Juniper Networks Institute of Museum and Library Services
$5,000 to $9,999 The Keith Campbell Foundation National Endowment for the Arts
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
for the Environment National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Walter and Elise Haas Fund Barneys New York
Lam Research Corporation Administration
IEEE Foundation Best Buy Children’s Foundation
Macy’s Foundation National Science Foundation
Moore Family Foundation Broadcom Foundation
Microsoft Corporation San Francisco’s Department
ScholarShare College Savings Plan The Moody’s Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation of Children Youth & Their Families
SunPower Systems Prologis
Nikon Precision Inc. U.S. Department of Education
US Bank
The Exploratorium

Lab Catalyst Josie and Dan Haspel Cameron Atherton Phleger

Tinna Ho Gretchen and
Campaign Josh Horowitz Spencer Rawles
J. Michael Horwitz John Sell
The Exploratorium recognizes
Cassandra Dizon Hough and In honor of Jacob
those who made gifts to
Ethan Hough Louis Shepard
the Lab Catalyst Campaign
Diana O. Kaw Kelly Shu
for the new Exploratorium
Abbey and Tony Leonard Jessica and David Sloan
through June 30, 2013.
David and Cathryn Lyman Laura and Clarence Souza
Macmillan Family Zen St. Clair
Michael Michon Adam J. Steinhorn
Mr. Nicolas Cassis
Christian Alexander Garrik Sturges and
Michael Cheung
Moessinger Dare Felchlin
Heather Anne Childress
Adrienne Moon and Lauren and Chase Thornhill
Nathaniel and Michelle
Ken Walczak Mr. and Mrs. James Talton
Madeleine Nelson and Turner IV
Matthew M. Cook
the Nelson Smits Family Kevin D. Whittaker III
Cheryl and Al Falchi
Tom M. Nguyen Wilson Family Foundation
Justin Fichelson
Tony O. Pham and Liza Wood and
Emily Harpster and
The Exploratorium Lab is our young professionals group dedicated to Brian Shire Matthew Nebel
David Palmer
nurturing peoples’ curiosity about the world around them and building
a new audience for the Exploratorium. Gifts from Lab members support
our work providing people of all ages with the tools and confidence they
need to become active investigators and explorers of the world.

Lab Members Ashley Huck

Aleeta Dene David M. Morris Kelly Shu
Our thanks to the Exploratorium Mr. Patrik D'Haeseleer Christine and Kevin Jeras Keri A. Muller Annemarie Slaven
Lab members from July 1, Randolph Diamond Matthew Karpinski Matthew Nebel Jessica and David Sloan
2012–June 30, 2013. Kane Duncan Shira L. Katz Michael Neril Laura and Clarence Souza
Ms. Kerry Dunne Diana O. Kaw Andrew Perelson Kristin and Phillip Sprincin
Yovanni Antonelli Michael and Jessica Eisler Kelly Kessler and Tony O. Pham and Zen St. Clair
Larry Baskett Brad Erickson Todd Emo Brian Shire Frances Stark
Betsy Bradford Cheryl and Al Falchi Anthony Lazzarini Cameron Atherton Phleger Adam Steinhorn
Brendan Bradley Mackenzie Fotsch Kristen Leep and Daniel Rabin Kitty Sullivan
David Breece, II Andrea Frome April Van Scherpe James M. Ralph Esther Sun
Carrie Burgener and Evan Gilman Abigail and Tony Leonard Charles Rashall Lauren and Chase
Cameron Kramlich Sara G. Griffith Sarah Lewis Gretchen and Thornhill
Amy Candido Payal Gupta David and Cathryn Lyman Spencer Rawles Debra Viall
Michael Cheung and Emily Harpster and Chloé A. Mayer Alexandra and Kevin Whittaker
Jasmine Burroughs David Palmer Mahdroo McCaleb Kent Redwine Jordan Wondrack
Heather A. Childress Michelle and Jody Harris Derek McCombs Molly Reisman and Liza Wood and
Jonathan Chong Josie and Dan Haspel Thomas McKeever Martin Morehouse Matthew Nebel
Nathaniel and David Hernandez Alexander and Lowell Robinson Xander Wroblewski
Michelle Clemensen Anne Ho and Lilli Merritt Maryann Russell Julie Yarbrough
Alison Commiciotto Donovan Mckendrick Michael Michon David Saxe Winston Yu
Matthew Cook Tinna Ho and Ryan Valentin Mckenzie Minke and Rob Scheid and Benji Zachariah
Erin and Mike Davis Josh D. Horowitz Zac Wollona Todd Charles Ariane and Charles Zewe
Emilia De Luz and Cassandra Dizon Hough Eric Moessinger Megan and Aaron Severs
Adam Francis and Ethan Hough Braden K. More Mr. Eden Sherry

Board of Directors Senior Staff

as of October 2013 Dennis M. Bartels, PhD
Executive Director
Officers of the Board
George W. Cogan, Chairman Cyrille Betant
William S. Fisher, Vice Chair Director of Finance
Sandra L. Otellini, Vice Chair
Vincent L. Ricci, Secretary Bronwyn Bevan
Lynn C. Fritz, Treasurer Director of Research and Learning

Directors Diana Buchbinder
Ravin Agrawal Organizational Development Director
Gary F. Bengier
Shona L. Brown Ann Dabovich   
Jennifer Caldwell Director of Institutional Advancement
Barbara A. Carbone
Thomas C. DeFilipps Robyn Higdon   
Jack Dorsey Director of Museum Experience
Anthony F. Earley, Jr.
Alphonse Fletcher, Jr. Anne Jennings   
Gregory G. Flynn Special Assistant to the Director
Mickey Hart Co-Director of Extended Learning
F. Scott Hindes
Reid Hoffman Silva Raker   
Jeff Huber Director of Business Development
Michael R. Jacobson
Richard A. Laiderman Thomas Rockwell   
Jude P. Laspa Associate Director of Program
Divesh Makan
William F. Mellin Rob Semper   
Kenneth G. Moore Executive Associate Director
Akshata N. Murty
Craig Silverstein Sabrina Smith   
Nathaniel Simons Director of Community Engagement
E. Payson Smith, Jr.
H. Marcia Smolens Adam Tobin
R. Sanders Williams, MD Associate Director of Business Development
Stanley Wojcicki, PhD
Michelle Yee Laura Zander
Dan Yue Chief Operating Officer

Chairmen Emeriti
William K. Bowes, Jr.
F. Van Kasper

Directors Emeriti
Ann S. Bowers
Paul M. Cook
C. Richard Kramlich
Peter C. Wendell

Ex Officio
Dennis M. Bartels, PhD
Cameron Phleger
Tribute Gifts

In honor of Adah Bakalinsky The Leemon / Dorsey Family In memory of Steve and Eva Jeong In honor of Cameron Phleger
Ruth J. Allen Elizabeth A. Montgomery Nancy and Rodney Jeong Anonymous
Simone and Gene Edwards Jeanne Nixon
In honor of Reynold B. Johnson In memory of Estelita J. Que
Marian Rubin Judith and Claude Organ
Jocelyn Goldfein and Bryan Johnson Joanne and Dat Nguyen
Derry W. Schillaci Sandy and Paul Otellini
Holly and Christopher A. Patz In memory of Norman Keeve In memory of the Victoria and
In honor of George and Gerta Barlow
Vincent L. and Jean Ricci Charlie Carlson Ignacio Ranjo Family
Bicka Barlow and Scott Kauffman
Elizabeth L. Rieke Paul Doherty Victoria and Frank Hamilton
In memory of Marie Barr Freda Scott and Jason Danielson Lori Lambertson
In memory of Phyllis Joane Reuther
Teri Barr and Charles Stewart Sabrina and Christopher Smith Ann and Donald B. Rathjen
Anne-Louise Kardas
Lash Stevenson Modesto Tamez
In honor of A.D. Berkeley Kevin L. Leduc
Jonathan Berkeley Elizabeth and Thomas Volpe In memory of John, Patricia and Von McConnell
Barbara D. and Will C. Wood Scott Keugh Erin O’Dwyer
In memory of Surrey Blackburn
In memory of Seymour Feldman Liz Keough Richard Reed
Gregor Blackburn
Patricia Tobin Chloe Reynolds
In memory of Jad King
In memory of Deborah Breitbach Laura Schwartz
In honor of Mark Ferrari Kurt Feichtmeier
Sabrina and Christopher Smith
Barbara and Joe Ferrari In memory of Dorothy Semper
In memory of Erma Lau
In honor of Bret Jane A. Rankin
In honor of Bill and Sako Fisher Donald Lau
Christine Yonemura and Jared Nishida
Anthony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech In honor of Jacob Louis Shepard
In honor of Darlene Librero
In honor of Jennifer Caldwell Cathie and Todd Caris Maryann Russell
Dana Earl and Jamie Bell
Caren Patrick Mrs. Donald G. Fisher Brenda Hutchinson In honor of Adam T. Singer
In memory of Nadine Rose Coker In honor of Greg and Julie Flynn Liz Keim Diana W. Singer
Rebecca Coker and Steve Weiss Anonymous Rachel M. Meyer
In honor of Skip and Ellie Smith
In honor of George Cogan Inger and David Golob In memory of Todd Lincoln Deborah and Eric Hall
Jennifer and Chris Brahm In memory of Peter H. and Peter A. Forstner William K. York Lynn and Jonathan Wolter
Dan and Stacey Case Family Kathleen Forstner and Mona Teich In memory of Leo M. Ling In memory of Michael and Lisa Stewart
In memory of Raymond Gil Gomez Theresa and Richard Ling Noelle and Scott Biggs
Kathleen Ellis
Danny Shader and Lissa Dutton Phyllis and Grant Gustavson In honor of Divesh Makan In memory of Larry, Toshiko and
In memory of Florence Goo Richard Holden and Grace Won Joyce Toji
In honor of Ann Dabovich
Michael Bennett Larry Toji
Jo Kurth Jagoda In memory of Mats
In memory of Roy J. Grothe Julie Lynn Sohl In memory of Teresa Walsh and
In memory of Susan M. Davidson
Steven Grothe Papa Mike
Philip Davidson In memory of William McCauley
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Allied Administrators Steven E. Hayward and Elaine and Peter Geffen Anna and Ted Dibble
Ariat International Johanna M. Steenmetz In honor of Paul Otellini In memory of Dr. Neil Wotherspoon
Ute and William Bowes Mario J. Leon and Charlene Barshefsky and Edward Cohen Chris Hsu and Stella Wotherspoon
The Boyce Family Gilles M. Prodhomme Nancy and Andy Bryant
Mary Carryer and Robert Eberle Stuart McFaul In memory of Gale H. Wyler
Susan Decker
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Sonia and Patrick Cowell
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Archives Jont Allen Steven Rose
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John Driscoll Walter Kitundu Maggi Payne Richard Rhodes
& Alliances
Since 1969

Abu Dhabi Technology North Carolina Museum of

Development Committee Life and Science
Aim High Omniplex Science Museum
American Association for the Passerelle Investments
Advancement of Science (AAAS) Project Read San Francisco
Arkansas Tinkering Network Questacon
Association of Science Rainbow Seventh Day
Technology Centers (ASTC) Adventist Church
Bon Appetit Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Boston Museum of Science Romberg Tiburon Center for
Boys and Girls Clubs Environmental Studies
California School Age San Francisco Department of Children,
Consortium (CalSAC) Youth, and Their Families
Children's Aid Society San Francisco Giants
Children's Hospital Oakland San Francisco Unified School
City College District (SFUSD)
Coalition for Science After School Saudi ARAMCO
Discovery Center of Springfield Schmidt Ocean Intitute
Fort Worth Museum of Science Museum of Minnesota
Since its founding in 1969, the Exploratorium has been fortunate to Science and History Science Museum Oklahoma
collaborate with a wide variety of local and internationally recognized Fresno Metropolitan Museum Society for Hispanic Professional
organizations, institutions, and individuals. Above: Dennis Bartels and G.WIZ, the Hands-On Engineers
Wendy Schmidt celebrate the docking of the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Science Museum Technical Education Research
Falkor at Pier 15. Girl Scouts of San Francisco Centers (TERC)
Bay Area TexNET
Gladstone Institute Thanksgiving Point Institute
Home Instructional Program The After-School Corporation
for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) (TASC)
King's College London The Scientific and Technological
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Research Council of Turkey
Observatory (LIGO) (TUBITAK)
Lawrence Hall of Science TMG Partners
Los Angeles Unified School District UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
and California Science Center University of California, Davis
Maker Faire University of California, San Francisco
Massachusetts Institute of Pediatrics Schoolroom
Technology (MIT) Media Lab University of California,
Max Planck Institute for Santa Cruz
Evolutionary Anthropology, YMCA
Leipzig, Germany
Mathematics Engineering Science
Achievement (MESA)
Mid-America Science Museum
Mishkat Interactive Center for
Atomic and Renewable Energy
Museum of Innovation and
Science (miSci)
Nanoscale Informal Science
Education Network
NASA–Sun Earth Connection
Education Forum
NASA/JPL Museum Alliance
National AfterSchool Association
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Association (NOAA)


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