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Salinas, Ruffa Mae B. Oct.

13, 2017

Exploring the Curriculum

Field Study 4
In Field Study 4, I learned how important the curriculum in the field of teaching is . It is
considered as the “heart” of every learning institution. This means that schools and universities
cannot exist without curriculum.

Curriculum helps teachers, students, administrators, and community stakeholders arrive

at a measurable plan and structure towards delivering a quality education. The curriculum helps
identify the learning outcomes and establish the competencies of the students to know whether
the student can advance to the next grade level. This also acts as a road map for the teachers and
students as they go on the path to academic success. In which, with the actions provided by the
teachers, students, parents, community members and other stakeholders, the goal of the
curriculum will be achieved.

Teachers are the ones who know what skills must be imbibed at each grade level to
prepare the students for postsecondary education or even a job. Understanding the curriculum
helps the teacher align his or her own curriculum’s learning objective with the school’s goal for
learning. On the other hand, curriculum has also an impact to the students, the very reason for the
existence of curricula. The curriculum on the part of the students, reassures that the students are
on the right track to reaching their goals and honing desired skills. The administration or the
school has also something to do with the curriculum and its development. In making curriculum,
they see to it that they follow a proper and carefully examined curriculum for the students to
achieve a good academic performance. It helps the school to ensure that the students are being
taught of the relevant lessons and as well monitor their progress. They also make sure that they
are doing the right curriculum development for the sake of the students and the other
Curriculum Development is a planned, purposeful, progressive and systematic process in
order to create positive improvements in the educational system. This process is very important
due to the rapid changes all over the world that greatly affect the curriculum. With this reason,
the curricula need to be updated to address the society’s needs.

With all the accounts cited above, I conclude that the curriculum provides a framework to
a successful educational system acts as a guide in teaching-learning process and helps the
students achieve their goals. And for us to achieve also our ultimate goal – that is, to provide
quality learning to the students, we have to work together.