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Connect CCB™ End-to-End Billing and Customer Care Solutions
Offering community broadband is not just a matter of building a network. It also requires applications and business processes for managing the sale and delivery of services, customer support, billing and collection of revenues. A community broadband provider needs a customer care and billing solution that can be quickly installed and then use to run the business efficiently and cost-effectively. Connect CCB is the leading customer care and billing solution for private or governmental entities launching community broad services. Connect CCB enables broadband providers to: • • • Offer superior customer service for voice, video and data Minimize the load on workforce and back-office operations Control total cost of ownership

Connect CCB is specifically tailored to meet the needs of rural municipalities, utilities and planned-community developers who are working to bring the benefits of modern communications to their communities. Connect CCB has been designed for companies offering voice, video and high speed internet services delivered over broadband infrastructures – especially fiber and cable. Connect CCB includes all the components required to ensure efficient management of subscription, service deployment, and billing operations.

Connect CCB: Complete and Cost-Effective
Connect CCB is a flexible customer care and billing solution that provides the tools needed to manage the full life-cycle of broadband services without overburdening back-office staff. Connect CCB integrates fulfillment, customer support, data management, inventory management and invoicing functions through a single enterprise wide solution. Connect CCB automates and simplifies rating, bundling, taxing and invoicing of multiple broadband services.

Connect CCB consists of the following modules, each of which can be integrated into a complete solution: • • • • • • Customer Care Workforce Management Trouble Ticketing Payment Processing Credit and Collections • • • • • Rating Invoice Processing Reporting Flow-Through Provisioning Online Care

Primal Solutions: Simplify and Feel Confident
Primal Solutions’ successes in community broadband make Primal an ideal partner. With over two decades of experience solving complex challenges for telecommunications providers, Primal will help you make costeffective and sensible decisions about your billing, customer care, and operational needs. Primal will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your business and operational needs are met and your expectations surpassed.

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Product Sheet

Connect CCB™
Primal will help you deploy your broadband services rapidly and efficiently. Primal can also help you run your solution. Primal’s “soft landing” option is designed to allow your organization to focus 100% on running the business – for a limited time or indefinitely – it’s your choice.

Connect CCB Features


• • • •

Manage all your voice, video and data services Minimize hardware, software, and deployment costs Ensure quick and easy order processing Eliminate duel entry bookkeeping Reduce applications required to run your business Ensure operational efficiencies Reduce training requirements Reduce your interface requirements Centralize management of all your customer data Streamline your back office operations Limit your fulfillment costs Provide superior customer service Deliver new services quickly Create customer loyalty Train CSRs quickly Keep training costs low

Service order management Workforce management Inventory management Provisioning management
• • • •

Bill for all your services
• • • •

Voice Video Data Other

Real time features
• •

Crew scheduling Dispatch

• •

Management tables Set-up features

• •

Browser-based interface For all customer services functions

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Doc Rev 11/16/2005