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The Canary Islands - World of the Fire Mountains

ScienceVision, for ORF Universum and NDR Naturfilm/doclights, Rita & Michael Schlamberger, Austria 2016,

The films is about the Canary Islands – an isolated chain of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Belonging to the
Macaronesian archipelago, each island is unique, and together they possess all the features of a small
continent, supporting one of the richest and most diverse ranges of native species on the planet.

The Rhoen - A Natural Paradise in the Heart of Germany

corvusFilm BR, HR, arte, Heribert Schöller, Germany 2017, 52 min

The natural beauty of the Rhoen comes from its biodiversity: a unique abundance of different habitats and
an amount of animals and plants, which is above average. The film captures the emotional dimension of
the Rhoen in a notable way and follows it in the seasonal cycle of nature.
Wild Caribbean: Rythms of Life - Whales and Volcanos
FlowMotion Film Florian Guthknecht, ORF Enterprises, Germany 2018, 60min

Vulcanism, on the one hand is a cause for the biodiversity of the Caribbean, also means a great danger. On
the islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe, this natural phenomenon has many faces: boiling lakes, toxic
sulfur eruptions, bubbling flat underwater volcanoes like the famous Champagne Reef and, in thousands of
meters, the black smokers in the deep sea.

Wild Faces of Switzerland - Water and Ice

Ulf Marquardt, Annette Scheurich Marco Polo Film , Germany 2017, 51min

The film takes us on an amazing journey in Switzerland; from the highest peaks of the Bernese Highlands
along the Aar and Rhine rivers to a spectacular finish at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.
The World's Most Famous Tiger
Nalla Muthu, Anvita Adeshra, National Geographic , India 2017, 44min

The film chronicles Machli’s journey from her prime to her death; telling the incredible stories behind
Machli’s rise to power, her heartbreaking descent and the extraordinary legacy she left behind. Machli
taught us a valuable lesson that protecting one tiger can create a forest.

Ark of Light and Shadows

Art Francesco, Jan Svatoš, Czech Republic 2018, 90min

The film tells the forgotten story of Martin and Osa Johnson, rebel filmmakers who made first films in
Africa, in times when filming was more dangerous than lions or malaria. They met on Friday, got secretly
married on Sunday and they had to run away from home due to their parents’ wrath, so they went to
spend their honeymoon among the cannibals in the South Seas.
Natural Beijing
BTV/Documentary Channel, Geng Dong, Shen Pengfei, China 2017, 50min

Peking is a metropole with almost 20 million inhabitants. In the middle of this concrete jungle, you
can find several different animals and plants. The movie tells about the coexistence of animals and
the diversity of Nature in Peking.

Oslo's Wild Heart

Earthmedia Film AS, James Ewen, Elisabeth Kleppe, Norway 2017, 58min

The film takes us on a spectacular and surprising journey through the secret wilderness of a city's throbbing
heart. Here high-rise buildings, homes and industrial complexes exist side by side with a fantastic
biodiversity that most of us do not notice.
Jersey City, the Wildlife and me
John Dunstan, USA 2018, 47min

A journey without leaving home, encounters with migrants from the Tundra and other places. All within the
confines of Jersey City, with its views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty, observing and
documenting urban wildlife over a number of years. Reconnecting with nature in the unlikeliest of places.
Seals, Insect life, Owls, Raptors and other birds all within a few miles of New York City.

Little Residents of the Big City

Cihan Çekiç Tunahan İlbars, Turkey 2017, 49min

Istanbul is the most crowded and industrialized metropole of Turkey with a very rich biological diversity.
The film tells us more about this diversity with stories of the city’s little creatures, using quite impressive
White Wolves-Ghosts of the Arctic
Gulo Film, Doclights / NDR Naturfilm Oliver Goetz, Ivo Nörenberg, Alain Lusignan, Germany 2018, 56min

At the very northern edge of Canada is Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through
the tundra, dipping temperatures to 40 below zero. With never-before-seen footage of wolf family life, this
film is a dramatic and touching story of loyalty, companionship and devotion and an epic true tale that
reveals the struggles and triumphs of a family working to survive in one of the last great wildernesses on

Wolverine-Ghost of the Northern Forest

Andrew Manske & Jeff Turner, Canada 2017, 52min

The film recounts the fascinating story of Canadian wildlife filmmaker Andrew Manske’s relentless, five-
year quest to find and film one of the most legendary and elusive creatures on the planet.
Grizzly Encounters with Chris Morgan Part1: The Hunger Challenge
Marco Polo Film AG Klaus Scheurich, Annette Scheurich, Germany 2018, 52min

Surrounded by wild Grizzlies of all ages and personalities, Chris Morgan grants us a rare glimpse into their
daily lives, their triumphs and tribulations. Engaging, exciting, funny and sad all wrapped into one, Chris
brings us a step closer to the realities of life as a brown bear.

Lemming - The Little Giant Of The North

Wild Tales Productions, Doclights NDR Naturfilm, Zoltan Török, Janne Henriksson, Germany 2017, 50min

They are small, angry and every four year or so they appear in masses seemingly from nowhere. Meet the
Norway lemming, perhaps the most misunderstood and mysterious animal of the Scandinavian mountains.
Fish Owl Wanted
Ilya Tsyganov, Russian Federation, Russian Federation 2018, 52min

People say that this bird is the first to greet the sunrise. While the rest of the world is still asleep,
Blakiston's fish owl is already hunting in the first beams of the awakening sun. There is not a single creature
more mysterious on the shores of the majestic Pacific Ocean. The fish-owl belongs to a genus so ancient
that nobody dares claim with certainty where it comes from. This rarest bird chooses the most remote
corners of the Usuries’ taiga as its home and once you are off to the Amur taiga in search of this rarest
bird, prepare to become the one who is looked for!

The Singing Ape

Choi, Pyeongsoon, EBS, Republic of Korea 2017, 46min

The film documents an unprecedented attempt to investigate the musicality of multiple species of wild
gibbons - siamang, the white-handed gibbon and the Java- gibbon surviving in the South-East Asians
habitats. The story of endangered Asian Ape unfolds in this documentary with their songs in various
Return of the Spider Monkeys
Michael J. Sanderson, National Geographic Channel, Arte, ZDF, Netherlands 2016, 44min

The film shows for the first time what happens after spider monkeys are released back into the wild. Will
Infinity and her baby survive their newfound freedom?

Birds of the Lakes Return

Matej Vranič, Slovenia 2018, 55min

The film shows how birds returned to an environment once devastated by industry and how the industry
nowadays coexists with this vibrant life. The film is an excellent display of how a man can transform a once
devastated natural area into a much friendlier environment.
The Armoured Warrior
Planet Alive Films SL, Albatros World Sales, José Antonio Vallejo, Soraya Sanz Sanz, Spain 2017, 50min

The film tells the story of two brothers, two young boars living in the Mediterranean forest in southern

Bee Pastures
Poroszka Magyar Zsolt, Hungary 2017, 37min

The amount of beehives in Hungary today exceeds 1 million. The hive density has risen dramatically in the
past couple of years, being one of the highest worldwide. At the same time, various plants that give pollen
and nectar have been qualified as invasive species and they have been eradicated with “fire and sword”.
The incorrect use of pesticides exposes bees to chemicals that cause poisoning ever too often. To safeguard
the insects who will provide enough healthy pollination a constructive dialogue must be established
between beekeepers, the farmers, the foresters, the conservationists and the people in power.
The Keriya
BTV/NeoMedia Investment, NHK/Japan, CAO Zheng, WANG Jin, Geng Dong, China/Japan 2017, 85min

The film depicts the life of Keriya people who live in the Taklamakan Desert in Norh West China far away from
the outside world telling out their survival in these severe natural conditions, their folk customs, the unique
desert ecology of the area and the impact of modern society on their traditional way of life.

1080 Wildlife Carlos Perez, Spain 2017, 50min

The film tells the story of Dehesa, a unique landscape that occupies much of the Southwest of the Iberian
Peninsula. More than three million hectares of land and wildlife and a mosaic of environments that has
developed hand in hand with man, throughout the centuries.
Ranger and Leopard
Wildlife Pictures Institute, Jam-e Jam TV Channel, Fathollah Amiri, Nima Asgari, Iran 2017, 53min

The film tells about "Halvani", a hard-working ranger, hears about the presence of a Persian Leopard in his
protected area in the city of Isfahan in central Iran. However, nobody has spotted any Persian Leopard there
during the last 40 years. After he finds some traces, he decides to search more to find out the truth, although
he faces many challenges.

Cor and Henk- Wearfisher of the East Scheldt

Edward Snijders, Netherlands 2017, 50min

Cor and Henk is an ode to passionate, hard-working fishermen, fishing anchovies traditional way.
Cor, 85, already celebrated his 70th anniversary as a fisherman, but continues fishing with Henk, his son-in-law.
During the 10-week anchovy-fishing season, they work 24 hours a days, fishing and guarding the weir against
fishing cormorants. Prior the season they work as lumberjacks in the woods to chop the trees which they need
for their weir - and transport the logs to the fishing grounds. The film’s location are the tidal waters of
Hollands’ largest nature reserve, the East Scheldt.
Athropological Society of Athens, Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA),
Loukas Koubouris, Nickolas Papadimitriou, Greece 2017, 30min

Over the centuries, local communities around the Messologi lagoon in Greece have developed a variety of
fishing techniques to support their livelihoods. One of them is the creation of natural fish farms called ”ivaria”,
still based on traditional knowledge, by using barrier traps to capture fishes, during their migration to the open

Uncle Bird -The Story of Jianguo Ren

Jilin City Radio & Television , Rong Shen, China 2017, 82min

In Jilin City,Jilin Province,China, there is a small island named Changbai. The river surrounding the island is
never frozen even in the most harsh winters because of a power plant upstream. Every year, flocks of wild
ducks add life to the otherwise bleak winter here. To fight poaching and help the birds, Ren Jianguo, a man
who has lived on that island with no income, electricity, water, or even a warm shelter for twenty years, he has
taken responsibility of protecting the birds in the area.
Seed & Sprout: Growing the Food Rescue Revolution
MG Productions, Maryanne Galvin, USA 2017, 46min

In 2015, one in six American have experienced hunger, while over 40% of food produced in the USA went
uneaten. Seed & Sprout travels coast to coast across America and visits eight innovative food rescue initiatives
as they seek to bridge the gap between want and waste.

Lake of Apples
Apollo Images, Ljubo Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska, F.Y.R. Macedonia 2017, 30min

This documentary follows the changing fortunes of beautiful Lake Prespa – one of the oldest freshwater lakes
on Earth, providing a habitat for over 2,000 species of plants and animals, many of them unique to this ancient
ecosystem. An elderly fisherman rows out across the lake to check on his fishing nets. The famous pelicans and
cormorants are not staying here in the same numbers any more while the fisherman’s nets now only catch
algae. The future for the lake and all the lives that depend on it are highly uncertain.
Bird of Prey
Eric Liner, John Bowman , USA 2017, 95min

Wildlife cinematographer, Neil Rettig, embarks on what could be the most challenging assignment of his
career: to find and film the rarest eagle on the planet. Bird of Prey explores the vanishing world of the Great
Philippine Eagle and reveals the courageous heroes that are determined to save it.

The Python Code

Andreas Ewels, ZDF , Germany 2017, 29min

The Python is a fascinating animal. But the fashion industry is hunting for these beautiful snakes. Its skin is
coveted for luxury goods of all kinds. Hundreds of thousands of snakes are killed annually in Asia and shipped
to the fashion industry in Europe, America, Japan and China. An extremely exciting documentary, filmed under
difficult conditions, which also documents the lives of the catchers and shows the illegal trade routes. A closer
look at the snake skin industry - as it has never been shown.
White Fortune
Reza Mohammadpour, Iran 2018, 37min

The sad story of misery of Salt Lake Urmia in North West of Iran.

Once Hamoun
Mohammad Ehsani, Iran 2016, 35min

Since Lake Hamoun has gone dry, numerous environmental and social problems have appeared in Sistan
region. Poverty, emigration, and the extinction of traditional and local jobs. The film depicts the present
situation of Lake Hamoun and the problems of the people around it.
Rosie Koch, Roland Gockel, Germany 2017, 50min

Stan Hutchings has been walking creeks along the North West coast of B.C. in Canada for almost 40 years.
Literally, no one knows the wilderness of the Great Bear Rainforest as well as he does. His passion and his
calling are salmon - the fish at the very center of the costal ecosystem.

The Shuidong Connection

Julian Newman, Environmental Investigation Agency EIA , United Kingdom 2017, 6min

A film accompanying a major new report from the Environmental Investigation Agency. The Shuidong
Connection is the result of almost three years of undercover work during which investigators infiltrated a
leading ivory trafficking syndicate. Their findings reveal how a network of such syndicates operating in the
obscure town of Shuidong in Southern China, have come to dominate the smuggling of illegal ivory.
The Tatra Mountains-Wild at Heart
Erik Baláž ZDF, Germany 2017, 50min

Between Poland and Slovakia lies a wilderness virtually unique in Europe: the Tatra Mountains. One of the
oldest forests in Europe grows on their slopes. It’s home to some formidable predators, long extinct elsewhere:
bears, wolves and lynx. Nowhere else in central Europe do so many of them live so close together as here. But
what is it that makes this environment so attractive to them?

Hidden Life
Kaitlyn Satter, Hannah Mattner, USA 2017, 19min

An exploration of the controversy behind the “Rigs to Reefs” program, which allows decommissioned oil
platforms to stay in the marine environment to act as artificial reefs.
Agata Rucin, United Kingdom 2018, 43min

FOREST is a documentary exploring the conflict based around the logging of the Białowieża Forest, its
consequences and prospects for the resolution. The film also documents brave and influential actions of the
activists from all around Poland and abroad in attempt to save this precious wilderness.

A Novel Coral Restoration concept-SECORE's pilot project in Mexico

Vanessa Cara-Kerr, Germany 2018, 20min

A documentary on SECORE's coral restoration pilot project in Mexico - Take a look how SECORE tests our newly
developed coral restoration techniques together with the National Autonomous University of Mexico and
partners at the Caribbean Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.
Temska – we are the law!
Ruza Helac, Serbia 2017, 27min

In 1990. Serbian power company started to build a tunnel to drain Toplodolska River to the accumulation
without any paperwork except technical documentation. Our power company (EPS) has losses in the power
transfer network of around 16-17%. If EPS could cut the losses for just 1% that would eliminate the need to
destroy around 30 small rivers like Temska.

Pentadaktylos-So close yet so far

Anadysis Films Ltd, Paschalis Papapetrou, Cyprus 2017, 70min

This film from Cyprus, realised with the help of scientific consultants, undertake a journey of familiarisation
with the Pendadaktylos mountain range's unique geological development, its rich Flora, and its
insuperably beautiful natural environment.
A Herd of Orphans
Kelly Bakos, USA 2018, 85min

When poachers kill adult elephants for their ivory, the calves that are left behind are orphaned, homeless, and
unable to survive without the care of a herd. This endearing film takes us on a journey to Africa to meet these
young elephants and explore the orphanage that gives these calves a second chance as A HERD OF ORPHANS

War over Flying Squirrel

Heli Tetlov, Riho Västrik, OÜ Vesilind , Estonia 2018, 26min

People in Estonia find themselves in a deadlock over a tiny animal on the verge of extinction. With their plans
to expand the protected zone of the Siberian flying squirrel, a species on the verge of extinction, nature
conservationists have upset the landowners of the protected areas. The owners are deprived of the
opportunity to earn income from their forestland, without being offered adequate compensation. The film
observes this process during one year from the trenches on both sides of the front line.
Saving the Wild - Wild Life Rescue and Rehabilitation
Rita Banerji, PSBT INDIA, India 2016, 26min

The film gets along with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in one of the prime wildlife habitats in India –
Kaziranga, Assam. The Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) along with the forest
department has been rescuing animals for the last 12 years

The Wrong Way

Nisvet Hrustic, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017, 23min

Nature presented us with beauty, but man destroys them mercilessly as forests are disappearing. Everything
that came before us, disappears because of us. Will it ever recover after us?

Wild Baltic Sea Ep.3: From Finland to Sweden

coraxfilm GmbH, Christoph and Almut Hauschild, Germany 2017, 50min

The Baltic Sea: The third episode takes us to the Bay of Bothnia. In winter home to ringed seals. 300
kilometres further south millions of fish head for the coast to lay their eggs. The Kvarken Archipelago is also
the habitat of the flying squirrel. In the spring males begin looking for females. For the same reason brown
bears roam through the Skuleskogen National Park on the other side of the Bay.

The North Awakens

Kevin May, Jonathan Besler, Florian Gampert, Germany 2017, 5min

The North Awakens sends you right into the rough and beautiful landscapes of Iceland where you can get
the most magic moments when sun has already set.
The Bohus Coast-a Moody Paradise
Svante Lysén Naturbild, Sweden 2017, 101min

The film ”BOHUS COAST - a moody paradise" is a nature documentary seeking the soul of the northwest
coast of Sweden during four seasons. The movie takes the viewer on a kayaker's personal voyages and
experiences in the unique coastal landscape.

The State against the Lake of Liesjärvi

bepopstudio/Jussi Alanko, Finland 2018, 53min

The people living nearby the lake Liesjärvi in Keuruu, Finland have fought over more than 20 years against
the state-owned peat company Vapo, which spoils the lake with peat water. The film shows the damages
made of the lake and tells about the different phases of this long battle. It contains also interviews by local
people, officials, clips from peat production fields, water protection equipment etc.
Suoerämaa WILD WETLAND (English Title)
Boreal picture, Marko Gola, Kari Kemppainen, YLE TV1, Finland 2017, 51min

Suoluonto on metsien ja järvien ohella ainutlaatuinen ekosysteemi, josta hyötyvät suuret ja pienet eliölajit.
Suoerämaa on ennen kaikkea myyttisen ja salaperäisen metsähanhen kotimaa. Suoerämaiden karut
olosuhteet tarjoavat loistavan pesimisympäristön joutsenille, kurjille ja lukuisille kahlaajalajeille. Lukuisat
kasvilajit, kuten heinät, kortteet ja sarat tarjoavat runsaasti ravintoa erilaisille hirvieläimille. Suon
marjasadoista hyötyvät lintujen lisäksi suuret petonisäkkäät, kuten karhu.

Wildlife in Focus – Photographer Tuomas Heinonen

Mitri Häkkinen, Tuomas Heinonen, Finland 2017, 14min

The film follows the journey of Finnish nature photographer Tuomas Heinonen through the four
seasons, starting from the spring time, when nature awakes. What gets the nature photographer up
before sunrise time after time to capture these beautiful moments and share them with the others?
The Sea that Disappeared
Aranu Production house, Ari Häkkinen, YLE, Finland 2017, 53min

Traces of the most recent natural disaster to affect the northern hemisphere, the Ice Age, have mostly
become buried under vegetation and layers of soil. But not quite everywhere. In the Kvarken Archipelago
in the northern Baltic Sea area, the dent caused on the Earth’s crust by the ice sheet continues to rise back
to its original elevation, lifting 100 hectares of new land out of the sea each year. Those rocky islands that
rise up from the water, are invaded by the birds that by the sea. During the short summer months, the
islands pulsate with life.

The Urban Jungle

DocArt Petteri Saario, Tiina Saario, YLE, Finland 2017, 30min

The second episode of a 6 episode series, focuses to the surprising richness of the urban nature. Birds are
the uncrowned kings of cities, but foxes, bats, trout and toads, are also thriving in the urban environment.
As our relationship with nature is changing, the people in the city play a role in solving the environmental
problems and creating a sustainable future.
Queen without a Land
Artic Light AS, Asgeir Helgestad, Norway 2017, 53min

A beautiful film about a polar bear mother and her cubs, living on the arctic islands of Svalbard. We follow
Frost through five years, and learn how is affected by rising temperatures as ice disappears from her fjords.
She is not the only one to be affected by climate change, but the whole ecosystem is changing...

The White Moose

Ulf Johansson, SVT , Sweden 2018, 52min

Fifty white moose call home the forests of Värmland in Sweden. During his 25 years as a wildlife filmmaker,
Ulf Johansson has never established such a close to spiritual contact with an animal as with this majestic
white bull. He calls him Ferdinand. We get close to Ferdinand on his journey through the seasons, taking us
through the hunting season, some magical summer moments and we follow his encounters with human
Journey to the Sea
Katharsis Films Ltd, YLE, Jouni Hiltunen, Finland 2017, 52min

The Gulf of Finland is one of the most beautiful seas in the world, and its geology and fauna is unique. It’s
also been said to be one of the most polluted marine areas in the world. Decades ago, the water was clear
and the nature diverse. Finnish filmmaker Jouni Hiltunen takes his son to a sailing trip to the Gulf of Finland
of his youth, but the sea that once seemed like a paradise, what is it look like decades later?

The Forest Renovation

Elina Renko, Päivi Viinikainen, Venla Törmä, Finland 2016, 5min

The country has a dilemma. People need jobs the forest needs to be taken care off. Should these two meet
and what about the old forests?
Karjalan kunnailla
Olli Huttunen, Jukka Nykänen, Finland 2017, 5min

This music video takes you on an emotional flight over Finland‘s beautiful and unique nature.

Iceland-The newborn Island

Carlos Perez, Javier Ortega, 3boxmedia, Spain 2018, 53min

The Arctic fox, the only autochthonous land mammal in Iceland, is one of the species that has been able to
adapt to the hard living conditions on this island. A territory that was born from the fire in the heart of the
Earth where life has sprouted in the most astonishing way. The fox will guide us through the island’s great
biodiversity which includes puffins, Arctic terns, eiders, fulmars, black geese, seals, whales, guillemots or
The Grind Message
Niels Christian Askholm, Denmark 2018, 21min

Pilot whale hunting has been a practiced tradition for at least half a millennium in the Faroe Islands. Up
until the second half of the 20th century, the hunts have been a vital part in the survival of the Faroese
people, and are today the source of up to one third of the nation’s meat consumption. However, the long-
lasting tradition is subject to criticism from all over the world due to several reasons and opinions. This
documentary follows the arguments of six locals on the matter.

Discovering Langkawi-Passages through Time

SCM Asia Sdn Bhd Justin Wong Wee Hin, Mahfuz Alam, Irshad Mobarak, Malaysia 2017, 19min

Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the far north-western corner of peninsular Malaysia. Join
naturalist Irshad Mobarak as he takes you on an intimate journey where you will get to experience the rich
fauna and flora biodiversity found in its forests. In this episode we travel back in time 5 to explore the
history of the oldest rock formation, the coastal outlines and the unique geological features of Langkawi

The Penguin's Spring

Mario Nardin, Italy 2017, 19min

The film depicts the life of penguins in the Antarctic as they move from the icy sea to the mainland to nest.
The Sea
Ronald Faber, Netherlands 2016, 5min

‘The Sea’ is a monody of the sea to take responsibility to protect the sea for future
generations without being a pedant. Beautiful aesthetic images, enhanced by appropriate music and
accompanied by a pleasant narrator, let you dwell on the current state of the sea.

Egeo-The Sea for me

MIND THE BUMP, Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer, Greece 2017, 14min

The film takes us for a journey into the relationship of man and sea, focusing on the Cyclades Islands of the
Aegean Sea, to Sikinos, Folegandros, Kimolos and Serifos, in a kaleidoscope of stories inspired by the sea.
Water Time Bomb
GrEFCam / Eco Relief, Bunyui John Njabi, Cameroon 2018, 3min

An environmental music video about water contamination in Cameroon. When an ever-growing population
is over stretching the carrying capacity of its pipe-borne water supply and the available natural water
sources are in jeopardy as a result of irresponsible human actions, then the poorest of the poor are
definitely sitting on an impending WATER TIME BOMB! Who cares?

Migrating with the Sandhill's Cranes

Mother Nature Network, Bryan Nelson, USA 2018, 7min

Naturalists Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll discover love, adventure, and a new life while following the epic
migration of the Sandhill cranes, from Nebraska Southwest U.S. to north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska.
Mariah Wilson, USA 2016, 5min

Eeya is the Baka word for elephant, an animal that is an important figure in the lives of the indigenous Baka
tribes of Central Africa. The Baka are thought of as “scientists of the forest” – the forest provides them with
everything they need to live, and they know its flora and fauna intimately. But, that has unfortunately made
them appealing recruits for elephant poachers who use the Baka as hunting guides.

Sugandhi Gadadhar, India 2016, 15min

A short film for children, introducing them to wildlife with Bindu, a female Indian Sloth Bear that tells the
story of different families, including her own, and shares a friendly note with her audience, suggesting that
man and animal can co-exist in harmony.
Desolation Follows
Burnham Arlidge, United Kingdom 2017, 9min

Designated as areas of outstanding natural beauty, the English moorlands elicit in us a sense of the wild and
untamed. A pristine wilderness, untouched by the advances of civilisation. Yet all is not as it seems.

Salmon-The Wild Connection

Liz McKenzie, Richard Nelson, USA 2018, 10min

The film features intimate views of salmon and other wildlife amid Alaska’s spectacular mountains and
seacoast—the environment that gives rise to one of the earth’s true natural miracles.
Memory Islands
Vigmantas Balevicius, Lithuania 2017, 2min

Experimental music video that reflects various memories and impressions

by lights of the surrounding environment.

Elina Oikari, AV-arkki Ry Finland 2018, 9min

Experimental video exploring the contradiction and harmony between humans and nature through Sámi
poetry. The cyclical perception of time among the only indigenous people living in the European Union is
presented in the work as unfolding forms and layers based on the archive material from the 1940's and the
super 8 mm film footage from 2010’s.
Guardians of Anja
Robin Hoskyns, United Kingdom 2017, 11min

This film tells the story of this small fragment of forest in Madagascar, it’s most famous animal residents
and the changing fortunes of the people who live nearby.

Life on the Machair

Eleanor Hamilton, United Kingdom 2017, 12min

"Life on the Machair" explores the lives of the wildlife that depends on the rare Machair of Scotland's Outer
Hebrides and considers how climate change is threatening the survival of both animals and people.
I heard Sita
Akancha Priyadarshini, Samvriddhi ACE, India 2018, 11min

A contemporary dance film that unfolds with the ideology of forest conservation and preservation in
context to the epitome of nature -Sita and how the search for her, leads someone back to the forests to
celebrate its beauty.

Salla Hongisto, Katja Laaksonen, Finland 2018, 4min

Escaping the cage that the mind has built helps one to become what one truly is. This video is made to
honor and embrace the Nordic nature as place for peace of mind.

Sea of Life
Julia Barnes , Canada 2016, 86min

Inspired by Rob Stewart's Revolution, young filmmaker Julia Barnes embarks on an epic journey around the
world to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival, as we come closer to causing a mass extinction in
the oceans. Sea of Life leads audiences through the stunning world of coral reefs into the heart of the
environmental movement, meeting passionate scientists, activists and explorers who reveal an enormous
opportunity to rise up and become the heroes the world needs.

Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

Ulf Marquardt, Albatross World Sales, Germany 2017, 52min

The film sheds light on uniquely fascinating behavior and stunning abilities that let the lionfish conquer
foreign waters, and by doing so, threatening entire ecosystems.
Escape to Costa Rica - THE CALL OF THE OCEAN
Libor Spacek, Escape to Nature - Petra Dolezalova, Czech Republic 2018, 52min

Costa Rica’s coastline and the sea surrounding it are as desired as the unbounded nature inland. Local
beaches are attractive for their natural beauty, as well as for the miracle of creation. Despite constant
threats of danger, female olive ridley sea turtles return here year after year to lay their eggs…and the baby
turtles make their way to the sea to test the strength of the Pacific Ocean currents. Only one in a thousand
will survive…

Underwater Wilderness-Sudan
Balazs Lerner, Zsolt Sásdi, SASER PRODUCTIONS, Hungary 2017, 50min

Two dedicated divers, cameraman Zsolt Sásdi and nature photographer Dániel Selmeczi decided to visit one
of the richest marine habitats on Earth: the coral reefs of the Western Red Sea Coast. On their journey,
they come across abandoned shipwrecks and sharp-toothed sharks. At the favorite dive sites of the
pioneers of diving, Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, they visit the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea,
and experience firsthand the infinite variety of the underwater wilderness.
The Patterns of the Ocean
The Jetlagged, Hendrik S. Schmitt, Claudia Schmitt, Germany 2018, 45min

Manta rays are iconic giants of the sea. With very low reproductive rates, manta rays are extremely
vulnerable to environmental changes and pressure from fisheries. Although manta rays are of no real
commercial interest for human consumption, the gentle giants are under another threat: According to a
new trend in Chinese Medicine, manta ray gill rakers, allegedly cure all kinds of ailments and fetch high
prices on the markets. Within only a couple of years, this demand showed a negative impact on population
numbers of these fascinating creatures.

Shark$: The Scientific & Economic Impact of Sharks in Florida

Justin Prince, Sadie Logozio, Anthony Collins, USA 2018, 17min

A documentary film that will take audiences up close with these animals in an effort to dispel fear and raise
awareness about their importance to both the ecosystem and the economy in the state of Florida.
Close Encounters
Daniel Aldaya, Silvia Jiménez, Mexico 2018, 20min

Reporter Laura Madrueño travels to the Riviera Maya in Mexico to see firsthand whether the bad
reputation of one of the most feared wild animals in the world, is warranted.

Lampedusa Turtle Group

Salvatore Tuccio, Italy 2017, 8min

The film follows the activities at the Rescue Center of Turtle Marine, in the island of Lampedusa; the
relationship with fishermen, the care of the patients hospitalized, the collection of data for scientific
research, students training, and the release of marine turtles back into the sea, all emphasizing the passion
and dedication of volunteers supporting the work of the Rescue Center on a daily basis.

The World according to Termites

Jan Hošek, Marián Polák, Petr Kubica (Czech TV), Czech Republic 2017, 52min

Termites - for somebody exotic crap, for others, the pests that are causing tremendous economic damage.
The film attempts to show them differently: as a force that significantly influences the ecosystem of our
entire planet, and also as an object of intense scientific research that reveals their fascinating life and
extraordinary adaptation.

Flow of Life
Krzysztof Sarapata, Tomasz Kotaś, Poland 2017, 52min

Imagine the beautiful land vibrant with life in which the luxuriant flora explodes with feast of shades of
green every spring brightling till autumn. A space on which countless quantity of animals species such as
birds and insects found their safe place.
Evolution in Isolation
Paleartica Films,Toni Escandell Salom, Spain 2016, 52min

To the farthest islet from any Mediterranean continent, where atmospheric conditions are severe and
adverse, where the wind and the sea model orography and do not allow vegetation to display or grow, it is
where we have travelled to find out about main character: The Balearic Lizard.
This documentary, showing its sophisticated feed behaviors, among other, is the result of 15 years of
watching and recording this Balearic endemism, unique in the world.

Life Behind the Stars

291 science film, Daniel Vega, Spain 2016, 52min

Everything that surrounds us, animals, the air we breathe, the water we drink, is composed of atoms that
were created inside the stars. We are made of star-stuff. Recent scientific findings highlight an even deeper
and disturbing idea. The role of the stars doesn’t stop there. Not only they created the matter, the atoms
that make living things. They may also be responsible for creating, evolving and extinguishing life anywhere
in the universe. Here begins an adventure to discover a natural phenomenon hidden from our eyes: the
cosmic radiation.
Budapest Inferno
Filmjungle, Balazs Lerner, Gergely Balazs, David Attila Molnar, Zsolt Marcell Toth, Hungary 2017, 52min

Recently cave divers and biologists have found previously unknown species under the picturesque capital of
Hungary. The Molnár János Cave, the largest underwater thermokarst cave in Europe, has many more
secrets to store. Following decided explorers ‘Budapest Inferno’ reveals the never before seen underground
wonders of Budapest and the deepest secrets of evolution.

World without Insects

Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta, ZDF, Germany 2018, 29min

First the insects die, then the birds and then the humans. In parts of Central Europe, as many as 70 percent
of all inlets are extinct and even the birds are less. In China there are no more insects in some places and
humans have to pollinate the plants. The film shows in an impressive way the decline of insects and also of
birds. The authors show a variety of causes and offer solutions.
The Tipping Point
Danielle Cohen, Brooke Raines, USA 2017, 15min

The film examines the issue of defunding and the silencing of science in today’s changing political climate.
The film explores the efforts of local Santa Barbara organizations and scientists, who are fighting back
against the suppression of science, to safeguard its integrity and our planet for generations to come.

Adventures of the American Pika

Jere Folgert, USA 2017, 56min

The film is about the American Pikas (Ochotona princeps) and takes us on an exciting journey that explores
their lives and adventures in the Rocky Mountains.
Toxic compounds of the Arctic
Aurélien Prudor, Paco Bustamante (LIENSs laboratory), France 2018, 8min

Everyday objects release toxic compounds such as flame-retardants, coal burning, per fluorinated
substances used in non-stick cookware or waterproof clothing. These highly volatile pollutants drift all the
way to the poles transported by marine and atmospheric currents. This invisible pollution accumulates
within the entire food chain from prey species to top predators. How much pollutant could be found in the
organisms? What are the effects on hormonal functions? Here is some interesting questions that Olivier
Chastel, researcher at the CEBC Laboratory, investigates on black-legged kittiwake in Svalbard.

A Residence above the Clouds

PROIM Canaria, Guillermo Carnero Rosell, Spain 2017, 100min

Peering through the polluted night skies of 19th Century in Edinburgh, Astronomer Royal for Scotland,
Charles Piazzi Smyth decided that a drastic solution was needed. With his wife Jessie, he dragged
telescopes and cameras up to the 12,000 ft summit Tenerife’s highest volcano in order to view the stars
with clarity. This painter, writer and innovative photographer’s story is revealed as students recreate his
experiments in gruelling conditions.


The Fight for the Arctic

Deutsche Welle, Science Docu, Andreas Ewels, Norbert Porta, Germany 2018, 26min

The Arctic ice is retreating due to climate change. The region’s once inaccessible raw materials have caught the
attention of major world powers.

The Secret Life of Materials

Metfilm Production, APT / Artfactual, Panos Raptis, United Kingdom, Greece, 2016, 60min

From the earliest tool hewn from a piece of stone to implanted bionics, the history of human civilization is a
history of materials. We embark on a journey, across Europe, to meet the pioneers of material science and
reveal their extraordinary discoveries that are transforming our world.

Closing the Loop

Wayne Visser, Graham Sheldon, Rin Ehlers Sheldon, Belgium 2018, 90min

"Unless we go to Circular it's game over for the planet. It's game over for society." Closing The Loop is a feature
length documentary on the circular (zero-waste) economy, supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 on
Responsible Production and Consumption. The film is presented by Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser in collaboration with
Emmy Award winning director Graham Ehlers Sheldon. The film ranges across three continents and includes
commentary from global experts and centres of excellence like the World Economic Forum and the University
of Cambridge. A number of innovative circular economy cases are also featured in detail.

Panthera, the Herritage of Survivors

Jongryul Lee, Sora Jeong, Republic of Korea 2017, 83min

The last kingdom of animal, Serengeti is suffering from climate changes. Big rain pours in dry season, blaze of
the sun never stop in wet season. Wildlife abandons natural instinct to survive. Lions eat dead meat and their
family is scattered. They left their territory and start long journey for food. Lone cheetahs are gathering to win
territory conflicts with lions. Will the wild animals living there continue to adapt to the changing environment?
This is the story of the heritage of survivors.

Climate's Children
Joan Kabugu, Andrew Tkach, Kenya 2017, 25min

As climatic conditions shift, how are our communities, our children and our wildlife are coping with the new
Sairam Sagiraju, Ricky Kej, India/Kiribati 2016, 5min

It is about the Island nation of Kiribati in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This country is the first country in the
world to go underwater due to Global Warming. The country will submerge and disappear during our life-time.

Frank Oly, Australia 2018, 20min

As a soil specialist, Guy Webb has spent years, searching for ways to improve the health of Australia’s degraded
farming soils. When he stumbles upon a piece of microbial research that is a breakthrough in soil science, he
inadvertently becomes responsible for ensuring that this essential knowledge is not lost. With the help of the
farmers around him, he sets himself the challenge to take scientific knowledge and transform it into a practical
technology to be used across the globe. Grassroots follows Guy Webb and his friends, unlikely heroes on a
quest to bring a genuine climate change solution to the world.
The Pale Horse - Coral Apocalypse
The Jetlagged, Hendrik S. Schmitt, Claudia Schmitt, Germany 2017, 8min

Our world climate is changing. We can already feel it, but other organisms sense it quicker than us and even
more drastically. Such are tropical, reef-building corals. Their polyps react very sensitive to changing conditions
like water quality and in particular the surrounding ocean temperature: the stress caused by rising
temperatures drives them to expel symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely

The Sea and the Land

Ines Reinisch, Germany 2018, 15min

In Malin Head, Ireland´s most northerly point, the elements of nature are intensely tangible. Waves are
breaking on a rugged coast. Life is ruled by the rhythm of the tides, the wind and the rain. But times are
changing. Three men share their personal thoughts of the past and their perspectives on the future. A
thoughtful, poetic reflection on the sea and the land.

Green Invasion
Gonzalo Rimoldi, Melisa Lovera, Argentina 2018, 14min

A farmer faces the abominable results of the abuse of agrochemicals in his vegetables and the intervention of
major forces.

Blue tomorrow
Numan Ayaz, Turkey 2017, 15min

A man who lives alone on his island goes on an unknown journey caused by the rising ocean. After witnessing a
catastrophe on the way, he finds hope again with other people. But when the ocean rises again this time he
makes an unexpected decision to head to the unknown…
Stop or Melt
Danish Jalil, Josep Calle, United Arab Emirates 2016, 2min

Planet Earth threatened by global warming...

Ralph and The Dinosaurs

Nadasdy Film, Marcel Barelli, Nicolas Burlet, Switzerland 2017, 5min

Did you know that some dinosaurs had fur, that Tyrannosaurus wasn't the biggest flesh eating dinosaur, that
each year we discover new species of dinosaur? and that some dinosaurs ate stones? Follow Ralph's
adventures in the world of dinosaurs and have fun learning or refreshing your ideas about what you think you
already know.
Big Bernards
Antone Dhondt, Joseph Loche, ECV Lille, France 2017, 4min

Two hermit crabs goes to fight each other to seduce a female hermit crab! Each one try to have bigger and
sexier shell to win the competition and reach the heart of their beloved!

Liu Jiayi, Shi Zhuqing, China 2017, 3min

Adopting the evolution of the creature of the earth and the development of the food chain as main storyline, It
reveals that human greed undermine the natural balance. Ultimately, human being themselves will face the
consequences. This film using the digital technology to simulate the production techniques of traditional
Chinese shadow theatre puppets.
Morr Meroz, USA 2017, 3min

A not-so-friendly competition between two food vendors quickly turns violent…

Save the Bees

Marta Topolska, Poland 2017, 3min

Bees are responsible for one in three bites of food we eat. They are key to healthy ecosystems, plants and
agriculture. This short animation tells the story behind dwindling bee populations, and asks us to take action.
The Elephant Song
Lynn Tomlinson, Sam Saper, USA 2018, 8min

The true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, rendered in painterly clay-on-glass and
oil pastel animation, and narrated in song by her friend, an old farm dog.

Croc and Odile

Antoine Marchand, France 2018, 2min

Two hungry crocodiles are lying on the shore of a river, when a fly comes to satisfy their appetite.