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TOPIC: _______________________________________________________________________

I. Introduction

What the research is about, what is the rationale and objectives of the research. Include a
background, history of the issues subject of the research.

II. Research Proper

a. Pertinent Statutory Laws involved in the subject of research

Includes Constitutional provisions, international laws (conventions or treaties),

statutes/laws and their implementing rules and regulations and may also include local
ordinances, Rules of Court or Supreme Court Rules on particular subject as applicable to
the research

NOTE: please just summarize the important provisions of the laws as it relates to your
research, do not copy the entire law. May also include how these provisions of the laws
cited were interpreted by certain authors or if there are legal articles on the matter but
be sure to acknowledge them in the footnote.

b. Pertinent Case Law

Includes Supreme Court Jurisprudence and decisions of lower courts or administrative

agencies if applicable to your subject of research.

NOTE: Please summarize or synthesize the cases or those pertinent to your topic, do
not copy the full text of the cases.

c. Other studies, researches, articles (not legal but may be other disciplines) related to the
topic of research

This include findings of studies in other fields which may relate with the topic, i.e., on
child development like dynamics of abused children if the topic relates with children or
studies about the battered wife syndrome or cycle of violence if related with women
abuse, etc…

NOTE: Cite only a summary of findings that are pertinent to your topic of research.

III. Discussion of Findings/Conclusion

Based on your research in Part II, what are your conclusions on the subject matter (relate
with the objectives of your study or answer the issues being researched)
IV. Recommendations

What are your recommendations based on your findings and conclusion in Part III. Eg. if it is
a policy research, should the existing policies be changed or not and what are the proposed
changes if any. Other recommendations like full implementation of the policies, etc….


Books, articles or other written work you used in your research.

(See attached Sample Journal article in the Ateneo Law Journal)