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For Immediate Release



SPRINGFIELD, Mass. --- Commissioner John R. Barbieri announced today the promotions of five
Springfield Police Officers to the supervisory position of Sergeant effective July 1st.

“Our three Deputy Chief’s and I interviewed each and every candidate up for promotion this year. We
based these promotions on civil service guidelines, work performance and ultimately made the decisions
we believe are best not only for our department, but the city of Springfield and the community we serve
each and every day. These newly promoted Sergeants have been an integral part as to why the city’s
crime rate has decreased by nearly 45% in the past five years. We understand that these men will be
held to the highest standard, as they should be as Supervisors in the Springfield Police Department,”
said Commissioner Barbieri.

Commissioner Barbieri exercised due diligence during this promotional process, by making sure the
Springfield Police Department followed all civil service criteria, and consulted extensively with the city’s
Labor Relations Director before coming to these final decisions. The Commissioner was transparent and
forthright with the public during this process. These decisions are ultimately the Commissioner’s, but
the all were unanimously selected. Commissioner Barbieri is proud to announce the following
promotions. These Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants have a combined 184 years of service to the
city of Springfield. A formal pinning ceremony will follow at a later date.

 Sergeant Christopher Collins is a lifelong Springfield resident. Sgt. Collins began his career as a
Cadet in the Springfield Police Department in 1998 and became a police officer in 2007. Sgt.
Collins has received citations for bravery and performance. Sgt. Collins spent several years in
the Street Crimes Unit.
 Sergeant Anthony Cicero is a Springfield Public Schools graduate and a graduate from Western
New England University. Sgt. Cicero began his career as a Cadet for the Springfield Police
Department in 2010 and was sworn in as an officer in September 2013. Sgt. Cicero has spent his
career as a patrolman in Squad A.

 Sergeant Ronald Sheehan was born and raised in Springfield and has been a Springfield Police
Officer since 1988. For the past two decades Sgt. Sheehan has worked on the FBI’s Joint
Terrorism Task Force in Hampden County. Sgt. Sheehan’s dedicated work recently helped lead
to a conviction of Ayyub Abdul-Alim for a 2nd time on gun charges. During these trials which
lasted several years, Sgt. Sheehan faced false accusations that were cleared in a court of law
multiple times and did so while protecting the confidential informant who provided information
to the police department during the investigation. Sgt. Sheehan spent five years in the
Community Policing Unit and prior to that was in the uniform division for six years.

 Sergeant John Zollo born and raised in Springfield. Sgt. Zollo has been a dedicated officer and a
familiar face in the city’s Metro Unit. A Springfield Police Officer since 1995, he has worked in
the Metro, C3 South End, Patrol and Narcotics Units. Sgt. Zollo is also a Gulf War Veteran.

 Sergeant Sean Sullivan is a Bronze Star recipient from the United States Army. After several
tours of duty serving our country, Sgt. Sullivan became a Springfield Police Officer in 1998. Sgt.
Sullivan was born and raised in Springfield and is an expert in our ShotSpotter technology. His
work has helped drastically increase our response times to incidents and also help the
Department use analytics to patrol and protect our citizens in “hot spot” areas of the city. Sgt.
Sullivan has worked in the Police Academy, Street Crimes, Narcotics and Radio Repair Units.

In mid-April, Commissioner Barbieri also ordered the promotions of one Captain and three

 Captain Philip Tarpey joined the Springfield Police Department in 1987. Captain Tarpey is
currently in charge of Quality Assurance, which includes oversight of the Internal Investigations
Unit, Planning and Intelligence, Crime Analysis, Policy Review and Media Relations. Captain
Tarpey currently serves as Commissioner Barbieri’s Aide.

 Lieutenant Erwin Greene joined the Springfield Police Department in 1995. Lt. Greene is 14
year Military Veteran and currently serves as an E7 Master Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. He
has been deployed twice to Afghanistan. Lt. Greene is the Coordinator for the Springfield Police
Department’s Honor Guard and a member of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard. In addition to
those duties, Lt. Greene is a Springfield Police Department Crisis Negotiator and a former
member of the Tactical Response Unit. In the community, Lt. Greene volunteers as a basketball
coach and karate instructor.
 Lieutenant Sean Arpin is a 2nd generation police officer, whose father; Charles Arpin is a retired
Captain. Lt. Arpin joined the Springfield Police Department in 1998.

 Lieutenant Brian Beliveau has spent the last quarter-century with the Springfield Police
Department, first as a Cadet and now as a Lieutenant. Born and raised in the city, Lt. Beliveau
has received training by the U.S. Special Forces in design planning which he in turn utilized as a
leader of the first C-3 units in Springfield’s South End. Now Lt. Beliveau will continue to play an
important role in the Metro Unit’s preparation and planning for the opening of MGM