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Important Questions

1) Develop ladder logic diagram for bottle capping machine to perform the following sequence of
i) start the motor initially
ii) sense the bottle by proximity sensor is used and subsequently stop the motor
iii) timer is used to stop the conveyor for 1sec for capping procedure
iv) Motor starts again after capping.

2) A process tank shown in figure is sequenced to mix the liquid fertilizer according to the sequence of
i) A start push button is pressed to start the operation and V1 is being operated to open in order to fill
tank up to preset level sensed by level switch A
ii) as the tank fills a level switch closes NO contact to energize the stirrer motor to start automatically
and operate for 5 sec to mix the fluid
iii) when the stirrer motor stops the solenoid operated water valve V2 is energised to empty the tank
iv) when the tank is completely empty the level switch opens and denergizes solenoid operated water
valve V2
v) A stop button is pressed to stop the operation.
Draw PLC ladder diagram to achieve the above sequence of operations.
3) A process control system illustrated in figure below is used to fill the bottle and convey the same, The
outlet valve is opened to fill the bottle as when the limit switch sense the presence of bottle and is closed
automatically when the photosensor produces the signal as when the bottle is filled. The level of water in
the tank is maintained through a control valve. Develop a PLC ladder logic diagram for this control

4) A conveyor motor is required to be programmed using a PLC in a process line based the number of
bottles coming off the conveyor as shown in figure. A photo sensor is used to sense the passage of the
bottles. The following sequential tasks are considered:
i) The start push button can be pressed to start the conveyor motor.
ii) The bottle moves past the photosensor and the conveyor motor stops automatically after a count
of 35 bottles.
iii) The conveyor is to be reset to zero after a count of 35 bottles.
iv) The conveyor can be stopped manually at any time.
v) The accumulated count of the counter is reset manually by the means of count reset button.
5) Explain SCADA.
6) Explain Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART)
7) Explain Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA).
8) What are data loggers?
9) Explain Digital Communication.
10) Explain Handshaking and Polling.
11) Explain with neat sketch principle of operation of DC Motor.
12) Explain in detail Voice Coil Actuator.
13) How heat dissipation in DC motor is influenced by velocity profile and coupling ratio?
14) Describe possible speed control strategies of AC induction motors.
15) Discuss on voltage torque characteristics of DC motor.
16) Explain the working principle of stepper motor and describe its various types along with its application.