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Introduction 4

UNIT 1 am/is/are r my/your/his/her r Verbs – have/go/live/like r Possessive ’s r

Word groups r Everyday conversations 6

UNIT 2 Present Simple (1) – he/she/it r Questions and negatives r Jobs r

What time is it? 17

UNIT 3 Present Simple (2) – I/you/we/they r In my free time r Social expressions (1) 28

UNIT 4 There is/are r some/any/a lot of r this/that/these/those r Adjectives r

Numbers and prices 39

UNIT 5 can/can’t r was/were/could r Words that go together r Polite requests 51

UNIT 6 Past Simple (1) – regular and irregular r Describing feelings r What’s the date? 63

UNIT 7 Past Simple (2) r Questions and negatives r Time expressions r Adverbs r
Special occasions 74

UNIT 8 Count and uncount nouns r some/any r I like and I’d like r
How much? or How many? r Food and drink r Shopping in the High Street 85

UNIT 9 Comparative and superlative adjectives r have got r Town and country r
Directions 97

UNIT 10 Present Continuous r something/nothing … r Describing people r

Social expressions (2) 110

UNIT 11 going to future r Infinitive of purpose r What’s the weather like? r

Making suggestions 123

UNIT 12 Present Perfect r ever, never, yet, and just r take and get r Transport and travel 136

Photocopiable worksheets Units 1–12 148

TEACHER’S RESOURCE DISC (inside back cover)

Communicative activities Student’s Book word lists
Tests with test audio Class tapescripts
Grammar Reference with practice Workbook tapescripts


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