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Essay on solving environmental problems

The environment plays a crucial role in our life. Itslife, as its condition affects our life conditions also. On
account of this, it is essential to nurture it. In order to make it happen, the contribution of individuals is
needed. There are two possible approaches how to solve environmental problems effectively.

On the one hand, campaigns provide first-hand, useful and thorough information about this matter. The
media can be used in order to increase awerness awareness of the issues and to encourage individuals to
offer their contribution. In addition, sharing information at public places and events would be useful too.
Not only do campaigns express and explain different aspects of the environmental problems, but they
also suggest and illustrate effective ways in which the contribution of individuals happens. The aim of
this is to find enthusiastic persons who are willing to do whatever is needed in this respect.

On the other hand, saving energy can make a real difference. Using natural energy such as the energy of
the sun, the water, and using electronic energy also would be important. For instance, if cars were fueled
by electronic energy, the pollution of the air would be remarkably reduced. Therefore, the society would
be living in considerably healthier conditions. Moreover, saving energy and using more electronic energy
should be affordable to achieve better results.

In conclusion, I believe that campaigning would be more effective, because campaigns cover a wide
range of fields of raising awerness awareness of environmental issues including the media and public
organisations. Saving energy would bring results later, because it is a rather expensive solution yet.

Good points, valid development. I like the use of linking devices. How can you avoid such short sentences
as the ones in the introduction?

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