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Recommendation Report

Dated: 28th June, 18

Burman The Spectrum, GURGAON

Package Name Plumbing & Firefighting work package at Burman The Spectrum,
Sector 82A, Gurgaon.

The document outlines the following:

1) The Commercial assessment

2) Technical /Site Visit Assessment
2) Recommendation



The scope of work Includes Plumbing & Firefighting works at Burman The
Spectrum, for Service Apartment, described in the bill of quantities and in
accordance to IGBC certification For “Burman”, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Key Procurement Activities:

Competitive Bidding-

1. Prequalification was done for select Nine Vendors:

i. A. Kumar Associates.

ii. D.D. Pradhan & Company Pvt Ltd.

iii. First Plumbing Pvt.Ltd.

iv. Nayak Sanitation.

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v. Sterling & Willson Pvt. Ltd.

vi. Scenario India Pvt. Ltd.

vii. S.S. E. & S. Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

viii. Zamil

ix. Patra Sanitations.

2. Tender document was floated to all the Nine pre-qualified vendors. (09/04/2018)

3. 1st quote was received from 8 vendors, one of the vendor failed to submit the entire

Plumbing & Firefighting work package quotation and submitted only Firefighting

quotation. Hence vendor was disqualified from the further process. (Patra Sanitations).

4. 1st quote received from vendors was reviewed technically & commercially and based

on the quotation submitted by the vendors 1 st quote comparative was prepared-R0.


Comparative R0

5. 1st Techno-Commercial/Negotiation meeting was carried out with all the 8 vendors

(30/04/2018) & they were asked to submit their revised quote after negotiation.

6. 2nd quote was received from vendors and based on it 2 nd quote comparative was

prepared-R1. (07/05/2018)

Comparative R1

7. 2nd Techno-Commercial/Negotiation meeting was carried out with the vendors

(16/05/2018) & they were asked to submit their final offer.

8. Final offer quote was received from vendors & based on it final comparative was

prepared-R2. (22/05/2018)
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Comparative R2

9. Burman Management advised to take quote from M/s Bal Plumbing Service Pvt. Ltd.

10. Pre-qualification was done for Bal Plumbing Service Pvt. Ltd. (30/05/2018)

11. Based on the 1st quote received from Bal Plumbing Service Pvt. Ltd., Techno-

Commercial/Negotiation meeting was scheduled with Bal Plumbing Team on 04/06/2018, but due

to non-availability of Mr. K.C. Bal it was rescheduled to 08/06/2018.

Comparative R3.

12.Bal Plumbing Service Pvt. Ltd. submitted their revised quotation in the meeting (08/06/2018) &

based on it comparative was revised to R4.

Comparative R4.

13. After Techno-Commercial/Negotiation meeting of six shortlisted with Burman Management

vendors were asked to rework on their quotation & were asked to re-submit revised quotation,

based on which comparative R5 was prepared.

Comparative R5.

14. Site visit was conducted for ongoing/previously completed projects of six shortlist vendors

and report of same was shared with Burman Management.


Site Visit Report:

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1. Bal Plumbing.

2. Nayak Sanitation.

3. D.D. Pardhan.

4. Zamil.

5. SSE&S Engineers

6. Scenario India

Basis of Re commendation:

Kindly review the report and provide us with the direction moving forward

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