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Astrology as we know is a science of reading the destiny based on the
movement of planets.
The astrological reading is based on detailed Mathematical Calculations to
construct a HOROSCOPE detailing the longitude and latitude of planets at the
time of birth. This portion of astrology is a science since a horoscope if cast
correctly will be same every time even if made by different people.
On the other hand the interpretation of the horoscope is a FINE ART and involves
experience as well as INTUTIVE POWERS to give prediction. This is the reason
that two different astrologers MIGHT give differing predictions.

It is the predictive part when INDIAN ASTROLOGYis superior. Some of the
predictive tools exclusive to Indian Astrology are:-
1) MOON SIGN - the complete predictive mechanism is based on your Moon
Sign and NOT your Sun Sign. The Moon changes its Zodiac sign in 2? - 2?days
compared to Sun which is stationary in a sign for 30 day. Therefore for every "12"
changes in a YEAR for the SUN, the MOON changes nearly "146" times,
resulting in greater accuracy in prediction.
HOROSCOPE we require the following details.
The horoscope so constructed ( Birth Chart or Natal Chart) is nearly as exclusive
as your FINGERPRINTS and DNA Code. The Indian Astrology system is the only
one which recognizes the minute differences of births within a time difference of 2
minutes, making it possible to construct Individual horoscope for IDENTICAL
3) WHEN TIME / PLACE / DATEOF BIRTH UNKNOWN : In cases where birth
details are not known or uncertain Indian Astrology has a branch of prediction
nearly 3000 years old where any type questions can be answered on the basis of
This system however has some limitations.
a. It works for sincere questions only. Frivolous questions throw up
uncertain planetary combinations leading to unclear answer.
b. Only one question in a day can be asked. Answer to Multiple
questions too are unreliable.
c. The exact time, date, place of question when it occured as well as
put forward to the astrologer should be available.

Astrology even has it's own "shorthand" symbols -. Houses. .called Glyphs -. Ascendant. your natal chart serves as a map of the potentials you bring into this life and your own personal style of expressing them. The North Node shows where (indicated by the House it is located in) and how (indicated by the Sign it is in) you seek to find your soul's purpose. NO READING IS GENERALIZED COMPUTER PRINTOUT The questions can take upto 2 . The South Node shows the well developed skills and talents you brought with you into this life. and Aspects. Signs of the Zodiac. a set of principles. and the Planets each represent an Archetypal energy. Signs of the Zodiac The twelve Signs of the Zodiac each represents specific energy patterns. or modes. BECAUSE OF WHICH INDIAN ASTROLOGY IS SUPERIOR TO OTHER SYSTEMS PREVALENT. which can not be listed here. The North Node represents where your soul beckons you to grow. Nodes of the Moon The Nodes of the Moon are the two points in space where the orbit of the Moon intersects the path of the Sun. Houses The twelve Houses each represent a certain field of experience. to keep this site concise.2? hrs for construction as well as interpretation before an answer can be sent to you For any other information / question regarding INDIAN ASTROLOGY or this website please e-mail to us.BESIDES THERE ARE MULTIPLE POINTS. and the South Node represents the skills and talents of the past that can assist you in that growth. I think of Astrology as "the notes I wrote to myself before I forgot". All information / consultation on this website is provided by experienced Astrologrers following are the principles of ancient HINDU / VEDIC ASTROLOGY. of expression. Moon. In the language of astrology. The Planets The Sun.for each of the Planets. Nodes of the Moon. a process. Astrology is very much a language of symbols. we will be happy to respond to your queries.

The type of aspect tells you the kind of relationship these Planets have with each other. This relationship tells you where work is needed or can be accomplished. .Aspects Planets are said to be in Aspect when they are at certain distances from each other: Their energies relate to or modify each other in specific ways (related to the number of degrees of the angle of the aspect).