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I am a psychotherapist, business
coach and organisational
consultant based in London.
With a strong background in

Gestalt psychotherapy and
coaching, adult education, training,
lecturing, personal development,

and creative arts therapies, I have
worked with groups, teams and
individuals worldwide. CONTACT ME
My practice is characterised by
integrity, authenticity, openness
Naoum Liotas
Psychotherapist, Business Coach BE
and strong ethical standards. I am and Organisational Consultant
a holder of the European Certificate
of Psychotherapy (ECP), a 0788 1634 985
graduate of Gestalt Psychotherapy Psychotherapy and
and Gestalt Organisational Coaching in London
Consulting and Coaching. I hold a
master's degree in business
administration (MBA). I am also a
member of the European
Association of Gestalt
Psychotherapy (EAGT) and an
individual member of BACP (British
Association for Counseling and
Psychotherapy is a deep healing All services have to do with change.
process when complex emotional Changes derive from our self-
issues are at play. It usually awareness. Being aware about
requires a 50 min. appointment issues we have not been previously,
once a week to discuss and makes more choices possible.
perhaps to experiment with new
ways of doing and being. WE CAN ONLY BE CONTRACTING

REDEEMED TO THE In the initial meeting expect to put
some kind of contract in place.
Coaching is partnering with clients
in a thought-provoking and creative
EXTENT TO WHICH WE Psychotherapy is usually open-
ended while coaching and
organisational consultancy depend
process that inspires them to
maximize their personal and on the issues, the time allocated
professional potential. The purpose and the budget available.
of coaching is about performance
improvement, learning or
development in some area of life. ISSUES THAT CAN BE EXPLORED
Professional issues and  work-life
ORGANISATIONAL CONSULTANCY balance as well as self-care and
Martin Buber empowerment are what coaching is
Navigating the complexity of the
Philosopher (1878-1965) usually used for by clients.
modern business environment
Organisational consulting is
might be particularly difficult at
available for any work-related
times. We offer custom-made
issues within the organisation
solutions to develop the
(poor performance, lack of skills
organisation and provide support to
from staff or some kind of crisis or
managers, leaders and members.
change needed).