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Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Model SSD-5500
A Platform for Extended Pure Harmonic Detection


and CW) ・ Harmonic EchoTM ・ Dual B The Harmonic Echo is the technology to construct ・ B and M the image by using the 2nd harmonic components. simultaneous real-time display ・ Intermittent trigger mode ・ New-generation Wide Dynamic Range Digital ・ KI (Kinetic imaging)* — included in the A-SMA Front-end function* The 12-bit A/D converter provides superior contrast ・ TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging)* resolution compared to conventional digital systems Available on phased array probes. ・ B and D The Harmonic Echo provides clearer edge definition. and analog systems. simultaneous real-time display ・ Impedance Matching Technology ・ B(Flow). attenuation ・ Mechanical Sector/Radial and backscattering components. ・ D: Spectral Doppler (PW. and PW Doppler direction.) 12-bit Digital Beam Former System Dynamic Range 182 dB Number of Processing Channels 1024 channels Frame Rate ・ Max. and D reduced side lobe artifacts. 1000 frames/sec or more 2 . provide better resolution with a higher frequency and better penetration with a lower frequency. Flow. ・ Volume Mode* ・ QFI (Quint Frequency Imaging) * Option You can select ultrasound frequencies from among Request function: In multi-display mode. Beamformer (Selectable frequencies are probe dependent. By combining these components. it is possible up to 5 selections with one probe. M(Flow) and D Prevents signal loss by total impedance matching ・ Dual Dynamic Display (DDD): B and B(Flow) from transducer to the front-end. Extended Pure Harmonic Image Display Modes Detection offers superior sensitivity for both Tissue ・ B: gray-scale imaging and Contrast Harmonic Echo. and less reverberation ・ B(Flow) noise compared to the conventional fundamental Flow: Color Doppler and PowerFlow imaging frequency imaging. The QFI can to select one mode for full screen display. HPRF PW. ・ Dual B(Flow) ・ M(Flow) ・ HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) ・ B(Flow) and M(Flow) Forms ideal ultrasound beam shape with less side ・ B(Flow) and D lobe artifacts both in array direction and elevation ・ Triplex mode: B. M. ・ B.Scanning Method Advanced Technologies ・ Electronic Convex Sector ・ Extended Pure Harmonic Detection ・ Electronic Linear It is possible to separately detect phase-shift ・ Electronic Phased Array Sector components. harmonic components.

0 degree. 1 dB step changeable ・ Relief: 4 selections (Off + 3 levels) ・ Contrast: 16 steps. (Option) * Gain and sweep speed (time/screen) can be changed also after freezing.14 MHz reference freq. 0 degree. Standard 1 & 2.. 800 or 1600 Hz. 5. changeable by minimum 1 cm step ・ Reference frequency (Probe dependent): (* Probe dependent) PW: 2.14 and 3 MHz Resolution. ・ Seep speed*: 1. 100. 1 or 5 degrees Rejection: 64 steps step changeable ・ View gamma: 5 kinds ・ Spectrum inversion: Possible ・ Image direction ・ Angle correction: Longitudinal and lateral inversion Available up to 80 degrees presetable 90 degrees rotation ・ Sample volume size for PW Doppler: * Gain and image magnification (Read zoom) can be changed also after freezing. velocity range: ・ STC (sensitivity time control) PW/HPRF PW: +5. Penetration ・ Scanning line density: ・ Pulse repetition frequency on PW Doppler: 3 selections PW: 0.5.14 MHz reference freq. 400.. 3 . 4. 0.92 or –15. continuously changeable ・ Doppler methods: ・ Image Zoom PW (Pulsed Wave) Doppler Write zoom (magnification of real-time image): HPRF (High Pulse Repetition Frequency) PW Up to X6 Read zoom* (magnification of frozen image): Doppler Varies in 16 steps at maximum CW (Continuous Wave) Doppler (Probe ・ Depth range selections: dependent) 2 to 24 cm*. changeable in 0. ±30 degrees . 200.5 . or 8 sec/screen ・ Gain*: B-gain ±30 dB. and 7. 1. 2. 2. 16 steps ・ Doppler gain: up to 50 dB. with base line shift) ・ Angle gain: CW: +15.10 mm. with base ・ Contrast: 16 steps line shift) ・ AGC—Suppression of brightness saturation: ・ Base line shift: Available up to double velocity 16 steps ・ Steerable CW Doppler: Possible on phased array ・ Relief: 4 selections (Off + 3 levels) sector probes ・ Frame correlation: Continuously variable ・ Steered linear scanning: Possible with linear probes ・ Horizontal smoothing: 3 selections (Off + 2 levels) ・ Post Processing Echo enhance curve: 3 kinds Steerable angle: Max.6 m/sec Gain versus depth curve control: 8 slide controls (2.5 mm step ・ Wall motion filter: M-mode: Manual: ・ Display method: Moving bar 50.6 or –5. continuously variable PW and CW independently selectable ・ Contrast: 16 steps Auto: varies in 12 steps for a velocity range ・ AGC—Suppression of brightness saturation: 10 Hz – 1500 Hz.75.5 MHz ・ Image frequency select: 4 selections CW: 2. 3. 6.14. selectable ・ Smoothing processing: On/off selection ・ Black/white inversion: Possible ・ Window function—zoom in on the region of interest ・ Free Angular M-mode (FAM)— Up to 3 M-mode ・ Audio output: 2 channels stereo cursors can be set omni-directionally on real-time B-mode image.5.5 to 20 kHz ・ Gain*: 30 to 90 dB. 3.B-mode Spectral Doppler: ・ Imaging Gray Scale: 256 levels ・ Display: Power spectrum ・ Scanning area: ・ Real-time Doppler Auto Trace 100% to 25%. 3.92 m/sec Gain versus angle curve control: 8 slide controls (Available on phased array sector image) (2. 6. continuously variable ・ Max.

±30 degrees. velocity range: +1. scanning angle and other conditions.14 MHz reference freq. 2. 1024 images ・ Color area size: Variable from 100% to 5% —loop display possible ・ Steered linear scanning: Possible with linear probes —ECG time phase display possible ・ Store memory (B and/or M. ・ Flow filter: 6 selections ・ Frame correlation: 4 selections ・ Motion Reject: 4 selections ・ Sampling average rate: 3 steps selectable ・ Color coding: Abdomen: 5 selections PV: 5 selections Cardiology: 6 selections Variance: 1 kind PowerFlow: 5 selections PowerFlow ・ Gradation: 32 levels ・ Color coding: 5 selections ・ Background ON/OFF: Possible ・ Color resolution: 4 selections Directional PowerFlow Possible Color Doppler ・ Reference frequency: 2. 1024 seconds Resolution.5 MHz ・ Pulse repetition frequency: 0.75.14.) ・ Color base line shift: Available up to double velocity (±31 steps) ・ Gradation: ±32 levels for velocity (red and blue) 16 levels for variance (green) ・ Color polarity invert: Possible 4 . 6 and 7.23 or –1. 3. 3.5. 5.5 to 10. 1 or 5 degrees Max.23 m/sec (at 2.Color Flow Imaging Cine memory Quadruple split-screen display: possible ・ Represented parameters: Memory capacity: PowerFlow mode: Total power ・ Cine memory (B mode): Color Doppler mode: Mean Doppler frequency shift Max.) ・ Color enhance: 5 selections Color line density: 3 selections ・ Scrolling Memory (M or D mode) ・ Image frequency select: 4 selections Max. Penetration Note: The number of storable images depends on ・ Color smoothing: 7 selections probe type. Standard 1 & 2. 100 images (The upper limit varies step changeable depending on ECG ON/OFF and other conditions.0 kHz ・ Max. or D mode) Steerable angle: Max.

ratio ● Cardiac analysis Left ventricle analysis: M mode Pombo. 2 Angle RV in-flow study Volume RV ejection-flow study 1. Pombo (wall) Teichholz. Pombo (wall) Teichholz. Teichholz (wall) Gibson. Others Stenotic rate. Gibson (wall) B mode Pombo.Measurement and Analysis: Aortic valve Tricuspid valve ● Basic measurements pulmonary valve On B-mode image Doppler mode Distance LV in-flow study Area and Circumference by ellipse/by trace LV ejection-flow study 1. 2 Histogram SV/CO PSA density Flow volume Hip joint angle On M-mode image ● Peripheral vessels analysis Velocity CCA (common carotid artery) Time interval ICA (internal carotid artery) Heart rate ECA (external carotid artery) On spectral Doppler Vertebral artery Velocity % Stenosis area Acceleration % Stenosis distance Average flow velocity S/D ratio Time interval Resistance index ● Report Functions Pulsatility index ・ Obstetrical report Pressure gradient ・ Cardiac report Pressure half time ・ PV report Heart rate ・ Doppler auto trace: Possible on real-time image ● Post measurement on VCR playback image: Available with auto and manual calibration. Teichholz (wall) Gibson. Gibson (wall) Single plane ellipsoid Bi-plane ellipsoid Bullet Modified Simpson Simpson Measurements: B mode Long axis view Long axis view with wall thickness Short axis view Apex view M mode Mitral valve 5 .

25 times increment ・ Monitor mode ・ Image rotation (possible on frozen images): In the Monitor Mode.19 cm 3 . TDI* (Tissue Doppler Imaging) appropriate software. Please prepare printer and connection Physiological Signal Display* cable at your side.5 MHz frequency A-SMA (Automated Segmental Motion Analysis): range ・ On-line quantification of regional wall motion * Volume Mode function and Volume Mode probes are ・ Line graph display of FAC (Fractional Area Change) optional. ultrasound system to a personal computer. (21 steps) (16 steps) (15 steps) Maximum Includes the A-SMA and KI functions described below.5 ・ Time-intensity curve display Max.5 to 2 times in 0. to the ・ Image processing harmonic component. scanning angle Possible (Optional eDMS is necessary. frame rate 2 frames/s 4 frames/s 2 frames/s Selectable 2. ・ Histogram display of FAC with KI (kinetic imaging) Data Communication Function (ALK-3)* KI (Kinetic Imaging) It is possible to transmit patient data and OB/GYN Displays the movement of the endocardial walls measurement data obtained by Aloka diagnostic with color gradation with time. PCG.5 -6 MHz 2. contact your local distributor or Aloka office. and Pulse wave Command Language) level 3 or higher ・ ECG lead ― second lead system Checked with HP Deskjet 890C ・ ECG synchronized display: Available for one phase 6 . Gamma agent is enhanced and emerges from the tissue Post-processing: Brightness image. ・ Scanning method: shift component. urological measurement directly to an external printer. which is specifically produced by Electronic convex sector & mechanical sector resonance and rupture of micro bubbles. and connection cable at your side.) Convex 60゚ 90゚ 180゚ * Option sector Mechanical 60゚ 60゚ 90゚ CQ* (Cardiac Quantification) sector Scanning 4 . please Velocity mode or Power mode selectable.Optional Functions * Option Contrast Harmonic Echo* Volume Mode* In Contrast Harmonic Echo. Opacity. Contrast. directionally on real-time B-mode image. and area. * Option Direct Printout * It is possible to printout report of OB/GYN and FAM (Free Angular M-mode )* ・ Up to 3 M-mode cursors can be set omni. the image of the contrast Pre-processing: Gain. Displays the movement of tissue with color.17 cm Displays in real time the line graph of the left ventricular depth range volume. -3.24 cm 4 .6 MHz 3 .5 . * Optional Isolation Unit model SIU-5500-1 is * Option necessary. by adding the phase. Compatible printers: An HP printer of PCL (Printer ・ 3 channels of ECG. EF (Ejection Fraction) and each rate of change. ・ Image magnification (possible on frozen images): From 0. As for necessary conditions of such items.7. * Option * Optional Isolation Unit model SIU-5500-1 is necessary. the system intermittently Possible by 45 degrees transmits high-pressure ultrasound while Volume Mode probes* performing continuous transmission on lower sound ASU-1000C ASU-1001 ASU-1002 pressure levels. Please prepare personal computer.

Image View functions Post ECG: ECG synchronized data acquisition 4-1 Image viewer after pressing ACQUIRE switch (Max. Height. AVI. DICOM network communication description. RF (Radio frequency) data (Option) depending on the network interface Line data ・ Output file format: Image data (Pallet. Referring physician. Patient data ・ Film Box function―thumbnail display of stored Displayed information* images and print format editing Patient information: ID (up to 64 characters).0 standard and basic worklist management. FD. Multiple-frame image ・ Maximum data transfer rate: 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps.eDMS (Extended Data Management Subsystem): Floppy disk MO disk (128 Mbyte/230 Mbyte/540 Mbyte) Model DAS-5500-1/ DAS-5500-1V (1 of 2) CD-R (640 Mbyte) Standard specifications DICOM file server through Ethernet ● General specifications ・ Network interface: 10 BASE/T or 100 BASE/TX.325 frames (100beams/frame) ・ Storage media: Line (B): Max.500 frames system (HIS) Image (Monochrome): Max. 1.1000 frames NOTE: The HIS needs to be compatible with DICOM 1-6. Bitmap. RGB or Monochrome) Others: DICOM Compressed image data: RLE Run Length ・ Data attendant to the image (Automatically Encoding) and JPEG transferred from ultrasound main unit): 1-3. Data acquisition and storage automatically switched. TIFF.3000 frames (100lines/frame) compatible printer Work list management: Retrieval of patient and Image (Palette): Max. The HIS network and the DICOM Post manual: user can decide acquisition start network need to be linked. 10 cardiac Zoom cycles (R-R)) Gain and contrast: changeable Pre ECG: ECG synchronized data acquisition Storable image formats: before pressing ACQUIRE switch Still images: JPEG. Age.1000 frames reservation information from hospital information Image (RGB): Max. print. Weight. 1-5. * Conforms to DICOM 3. Acquisition mode: standard supplement 10. Image Export Color map selection: possible ・ Output medium: Image rotation. Study 3.) RF (24bit): Max. CD-R Line (16bit): Max. and TIFF Post TIME : fixed-time data acquisition after Multiple-frame images: AVI pressing ACQUIRE switch(Max. and stop timing ・ Router setting Pre manual: user can select acquisition data after freezing 4. Birthday. query/retrieve. JPEG. MO. Measurement data Conforms to DICOM standard Those measured on the diagnostic ultrasound ・ Data compression: Lossless compression system main unit and eDMS ・ Image degradation: 0% 1-4. Memory capacity for Multiple-frame image: (For details.6000 frames (100lines/frame) DICOM file server via Ethernet ・ Print: Directly printout images with DICOM Line (24bit): Max. Accession. Hard disk capacity 4-2 Line Viewer Total space for data: 36 GB Zoom Gain and contrast: changeable 2.) 1-1. Sex according to the edited format Study information: Study ID. Operator ・ Conformity to DICOM standard: Series information: Application Service class user of storage. please refer to the DICOM Conformance RF (16bit): Max. 9s) Frame rate: changeable Pre TIME: fixed time data acquisition before Image rotation/inversion pressing ACQUIRE switch Number of thumbnail images: 1 – 24 images 1-7. RGB or Monochrome) MO disk: BitMap.650 frames (100beams/frame) Statement issued by Aloka. ・ Print Queue function―printout of stored images Name (up to 64 characters). DICOM 1-2.12000 frames (100lines/frame) Built-in hard disk. Single-frame image CD-R: DICOM Image data (Pallet. Image inversion Storable image formats: 7 .

Still images: DICOM (RGB) Multiple-frame images: DICOM (RGB) Number of thumbnail images: 1 – 16 images 8 .

Any 2 Frame: Subtraction between 2 selected Number of cursor lines and M mode displays: Up to 3 frames Display modes: All images. Velocity. ratio * CSV output of analyzed data is possible. Graph B-mode Temporal Velocity Profile ROI type: Square. Systole display (Arbitrary systole timing setting) Elimination of images after systole: possible Playback speed: variable Image expand: possible ● Flow profile Automatic registration: On/Off Velocity profile display Scoring function: Automatic boarder detection and tracking Playback speed: variable Measurements: Base line image comparison Blood vessel inner diameter Image playback range selection Mean velocity Systole display (Arbitrary systole timing setting) Flow volume Report function: Display styles: Chart/Stage overview/View overview Protocol: ・ Exercise stress protocols: 2 phases (pre-exercise/post-exercise) 4 phases (pre-exercise/peak exercise/post- exercise/recovery) ・ Pharmacological stress protocols: BLPR (Baseline/low dose/ peak dose/ recovery) BLMP (Baseline/low dose/ mid dose/ peak dose) ・ User's protocol: The user can make a protocol in which 8 stages/phases can be set at maximum. depending Velocity. Draw.eDMS (2 of 2) ・ Full disclosure: possible Optional analysis functions ● Contrast Echo analysis ・ Image Subtraction ● FAM (Free Angular M-mode) Fixed Reference: Subtraction of reference frame Omni-directional and arbitrary-position setting of M- from all frames mode cursor on B-mode image. arbitrary images Time-Intensity Curve display for subtraction ● KI (Kinetic Imaging)/A-SMA (Automated segmental images: available motion analysis) ・ Time-Intensity Curve Analysis* Regional wall motion quantification Series: Graphic display in frame sequence or time sequence ● IMP (Index of Myocardial Performance) By Group: Graphic display with the time of one The IMP is an index for judging cardiac function in sequence of intermittent acquisition as the both systole and diastole. 9 .) ● TDI analysis Display mode: Image. time. time. and Circle Velocity. time. ratio ・ Arbitrary ECG synchronized images Wall thickness ・ Programmable Template: up to 96 matrix Distance. distance on probe and other conditions CSV output of analyzed data is possible. horizontal scale (Graphs of multiple sequences are overlapped. acceleration. CSV is a Edit function: file format that can be taken into Excel file directly. Arc. CSV is a Regional Velocity Profile file format that can be taken into Excel file directly. acceleration. distance M-mode ● Stress Echo analysis Velocity trace Image acquisition methods: Velocity. velocity settings possible Velocity Profile ・ Continuous: up to about 3 minutes.

print . please refer to the ● Cine Memory DICOM Conformance Statement issued by Aloka. 256 images (B/W) or 128 images (color) PAL <Image processing> ●3-D image processing Max.DMS (Data Management Subsystem): Model DMS-5500B Built-in digital interface option: * Option (Note: Only one of eDMS or DMS can be <DICOM network communication> installed in a unit. ・ Stress scoring*3 according to the network interface) ・ Quad-screen display ・ Output file format: BitMap and TIFF ・ Exercise stress protocols: ・ Data attendant to the image (Automatically 2 phases (pre-exercise/post-exercise) transferred from ultrasound main unit): 4 phases (pre-exercise/peak exercise/post- Patient information exercise/recovery) Study information ・ Pharmacological stress protocols: Display mode BLPR (Baseline/low dose/ peak dose/ recovery) Scale factor BLMP (Baseline/low dose/ mid dose/ peak dose) Baseline position ・ User's protocol: The user can make a protocol in Look-up Table for color which 8 stages/phases can be set at maximum. <Measurements and calculations> Necessary optional kits: ・ Those available on the main unit are also available on the DMS. The HIS network and the DICOM network need to be linked. (For details. Dual (2-split screen) and information to a DICOM file server Quadruple (4-split screen) display ・ Print: Directly printout images with DICOM ・ Loop image playback: compatible printer Possible independently on each split screen ・ Work list management: Retrieval of patient and Playback speed changeable reservation information from hospital information ・ Play-through function―simultaneous display of live system (HIS) NOTE: The HIS needs to be compatible with DICOM image and cine memory image ・ ECG synchronized image acquisition: possible standard supplement 10. 224 images (B/W) or 112 images (color) ● Non-volatile Memory ・ Volume Mode―photo-realistic display suitable for ・ Hard disk capacity: imaging fetus Up to about 1000 images ・ Spatial Echo―pseudo 3 dimensional display of ・ Film Box function―thumbnail display of stored gray-scale image images and print format editing ・ Spatial Flow―pseudo 3 dimensional display of blood ・ Print Queue function―printout of stored images flow image directly with DICOM compatible printer ・ Spatial Color―pseudo 3 dimensional display of gray-scale and blood flow images <Digital image transmission> ・ 3D Slicing― display of planes viewed from the side ・ Data compression: Lossless compression and the bottom ●Kinetic Imaging ・ Image degradation: 0% ・ Output medium: Displays the movement of the endocardial wall with MO disk (128 Mbyte/230 Mbyte/540 Mbyte) color gradation with time Ether net (Network interface: 10 BASE/T or 100 BASE/TX. automatically switched. data transfer rate: 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps. ・ Cine Memory capacity: NTSC ・ Router setting Max.) <Stress Echo Package> Max. *1 PM-DMS-10 ・ BETA (Backscattered Energy Temporal Analysis) *1 *2 PM-DMS-15 ・ OB/GYN report data output*2 *3 PM-DMS-16 10 . ・ Conformity to DICOM standard: Service class user of storage. and basic work <Memory> list management.) ・ Display format: ・ Storage: Directly transmits image with patient Single (Full screen).

Contrast Harmonic Echo *2: CHM-5500 *2 Possible with UST-9126.Recommended alternative probe System Configuration Standard Components Main unit with 15-inch color viewing monitor Standard components and optional items depend on the country. Pulse wave transducer:TY-307A and PCG microphone TP-06.):GEL-SCAN-P sold in EU member countries. M TDI Wall Thickness): PM-5500-18 Index of Myocardial Performance: PM-5500-50 Optional Module/Unit Physiological signal display unit (ECG. UST-52101. *5 Needs PM-5500-16 (Tissue Doppler Imaging function for ultrasound system main unit) Flow profile analysis: SOP-5500-21 DMS (Data Management Subsystem): PM-DMS-10*6: BETA (Backscattered Energy Temporal Analysis) DMS-5500B PM-DMS-15: OB/GYN report data management PM-DMS-16: Stress Echo scoring and report data management Optional Recorders *7 The SVBK-120 enables VCR counter display on the MO Disk Drive monitor as well as remote control of the VCR from the Video Cassette Recorder*7 (SONY®): operation panel of SSD-5500. MF Profile. CQ (Cardiac Quantification) A-SMA (Automated Segmental Motion Analysis) & KI (Kinetic Imaging): EU-9078B (Physiological signal display unit PEU-5500 is also necessary. S: Sterilized Volume Mode :EU-9079C Volume Mode probe: ASU-1001 NOTE: Sterilized probe cover cannot be sold in EU member countries.5: MP-HA-5500-2 FAM (Free-angular M-mode): PM-5500-17 TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging): Flow Profile and TDI measurements (B TDI Profile.) *3 NS: Non-sterilized.5 Cable hanger for ASU-1000C-3. B/W printer. PM-5500-16 MF Trace. and UST-5286-2. and Pulse wave): PEU-5500 Includes ECG lead cords (for clip type electrode and disposable electrode). Worldwide voltage: RGB cable: L-CABLE-342-20 printer UP-21MD(UC) (SONY) Color print pack: UPC-21S (small size) Slide adapter: UPA-21SA NTSC/PAL (CE marked). (available in Japan): UP-895MD/SYN (SONY®) Print paper: UPP-110HG B/W printer (available outside Japan) NTSC (100-120V): UP-895MD (SONY) PAL (200-240V): UP-895CE (SONY) Color NTSC/PAL (not CE marked). Probe *1 *1 Aloka recommend UST-9126 for general abdominal imaging and Accessories UST-52101 for general cardiac examination. UST-5297. Stress Echo analysis: SOP-5500-15 TDI analysis*5: SOP-5500-20 NOTE: Only one of eDMS or DMS can be installed.5: MP-PH5500-1 Volume Mode probe: ASU-1000C-3. worldwide spec. RS232C interface: SVBK-120 NTSC: SVO-9500MD PAL: SVO-9500MDP Remote controller: SVRM-100 The SVRM-100 is a wired remote controller for the VCR. Optional Functions 3-point footswitch MP-2614B Ultrasound gel (300 g): GEL-SCAN-PA NOTE: Ultrasound gel cannot be Ultrasound gel (5 lit. PCG. Worldwide voltage: UPC-21L (larege size) UP-21MD(CED) (SONY) 11 .5. UST-9119. FAM (Free Angular M-mode): SOP-5500-7 KI/A-SMA: SOP-5500-11 IMP (Index of Myocardial Performance): SOP-5500-12 eDMS (Extended Data Management Subsystem): DAS-5500-1 (NTSC) Contrast Echo analysis*4: SOP-5500-14 DAS-5500-1V (PAL) 4 * Needs CHM-5500 (Contrast Harmonic Echo imaigng function for ultrasound system main unit). Volume Mode probe: ASU-1002 Probe cover*3: (Transvaginal type) RB-945BP-NS RB-945BP-S Probe holder for ASU-1000C-3.

5/10.0.14/2.0/3.: 2.5 Phased array sector probes Application (Feature) Ultrasound Scanning Model Number frequency (MHz) *1 angle Cardiology B: 2. peripheral B: 3.E.0/6.5/3.14 General abdomen.5 42 mm UST-5548 vascular PW/F: 3.0/7.:3.: Harmonic Echo (Harmonic Echo) T.:5.0/7.: B: 1.2.5/3. BF:1.0/3.75/5.0/6.0/7. BF: 1.0/3.0 UST-5287-3.5 Superficial tissue B: 7.75 UST-5293-5 Pediatric heart B: 3.5 180° 9 mmR UST-675P RB-665P-NS (Transrectal) PW/F: 3.14/2.0.0/7.5/10.5 Probe cover*2: Endocavity B: 3.0/6.14/2.0 90° UST-52101 Harmonic Echo PW/F: 2.0/7.0/6.0/3. CW: 2.75/5.0/6.0/7.0 60° 60 mmR UST-9126 Doppler OB/GYN PW/F: 2.H. B: 2.0/13.14/2.0.0 Small parts.75/5.0 34 mm Slant type (30°): ECM-13 UST-5545 vascular PW/F: 5.5/3.14 C.0/6.0/6.14 T.0 Cardiology B: 2.5/3.5/10.5 Probe cover*2: Endocavity B: 3.0/7.14/2.5/3.88.0/6.0/7.5 90° PW/F: 3.0/6.E.5 90° PW/F: 3.E.0/6.0/7.: B:1.0 RB-665P-S Puncture adapter MP-2452 is attached as standard.0 Puncture adapter: MP-2456 Small parts B: 5.0 60° 60 mmR UST-9119 OB/GYN.0/3.75/5.0/7.0/3.0 T.75 H.E.5/10.H.0/7.0/6.5/3.0 70° 20 mmR UST-9120 Puncture adapter: MP-2458 Neonatal head PW/F:5.75/5.5 Flat type (10 mm): ECM-12 Small parts.75 UST-5296 12 .5/3. C.14/2.:3.0/6.E.0.0 34 mm UST-5543 PW/F: 5.0/3.0/6.H.14 Puncture adapter: C.75 (Harmonic Echo) T.75/5.88/2.5. CW: 3.75/5. CW: 2.0/6.0/6.0/6.5 T.5 Intraoperative B: 5.75/5.E.5/3.14 T. peripheral B: 5. B: 5.0/6.H.75/5.0/6.75 UST-5294-5 Neonatal heart B: 5.75/5.5 Transesophageal exam B: 3.88/2.75 90° UST-5297 Harmonic Echo PW/F: 2.75/5.0/6.75/5.H.5 180° 9 mmR RB-945BP-NS UST-9118 RB-945BP-S (Transvaginal) PW/F: 3.0/7. B: 3.0/7.75/5.88/2.5/10.E.75/5.0/3.E.0 60° 60 mmR UST-9114-3.: 1.: 2.75.: B:1.14 BF:1.88/2.5 Cardiology B: 2.E.14/2.: B:1.E.14.0/6.5/3.75/5.75/5.0/3.H.0/7.14/2.0/3.75/5.0/3.0 90° PW/F:5.E.0/7.14/2.: B: 2.88 C. peripheral B: 5. CW: 3.0/6.0/3. CW: 3.0/3.0/6.5 OB/GYN PW/F: 2. Optional Probes HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) probes Convex sector probes *1 B: B-mode Ultrasound Scanning Radius of Model PW: Pulsed Wave Doppler Application frequency (MHz) *1 angle curvature F: Flow (Color flow) (Feature) BF: Flow in B-mode CW: Continuous wave General abdomen.75 UST-52108 T.88/2.H.0/7.0/7.88 C.0 Small part.5 60° 60 mmR UST-9115-5 MP-2473 OB/GYN (High PW/F:3.0/3.14/2.H.0/7.5 Cardiology B: 2. B: 3.: 1. CW: 3.0/6.5/3.H.75 90° PW/F: 2.0 Puncture adapter: General abdomen.75.5.H. *2 NS: Non-sterilized Application Ultrasound Scanning Model S: Sterilized (Feature) frequency (MHz) *1 width NOTE: Sterilized probe cover cannot be sold in EU member countries. B: 3.0 60 mm Echo coupler (stand-off ): UST-5712 MP-2463 PW/F: 5.0/3.88. Linear probes Steered linear scanning is possible.0/3.E.0 34 mm UST-5539-7. PW/F: 2. CW: 2.75.88/2.75/5.0/6.E.5/3.0/6.75/5.E.0/7.0/3.:1.0 resolution) General abdomen.0/3.5 Harmonic Echo T.H.0/6.0/6.0/7.0/3.5 90° PW/F: 3.0/13. CW: 3. Small parts.5/10.5 Echo coupler (stand-off) vascular PW/F: 5.5/3.5/10.14/2.0 90° PW/F: 2.0 60 mm UST-5713T PW/F: 5.5 MP-2748-SET BF:2.0/6.0/3.5.75/5.5 Pediatric heart B: 3.H.88/2.14 UST-5286-2.75/5. BF: 1.H.0/3.

5 Echo coupler (Disposable): ECM-14 OB/GYN PW/F: 2.0 MP-2458 Small part.75/5.0 65° 20 mmR UST-987-7.75/5.0/6.0/6.0/6. B: 5.14/2.0/3.75/5.5 Neonatal head PW/F: 5.5 4 42 mm UST-5524-5 PW/F: 3.5/3.*5 (Rigid type) PW/F: 5.75/5.0/6.75/5.0/6.0/7.0/6.5 Trocar—adaptable size: 12 mm inner dia.75/5.0/6.5 Puncture adapter PW/F: 5.75/5.0/3. B: 3. B: 3.5 120° 9 mmR UST-670P-5 *2 Bard Biopty Gun ® (Transrectal) PW/F:3. B: 3. B: 3.5 60° 60 mmR UST-990-5 OB/GYN PW/F: 3.W-SHD (Wide-band Super High Density) probes and SHD probes Convex sector probes Application Ultrasound frequency Scanning Radius of Model (MHz) angle curvature Abdomen B: 2.14/2.75/5.75/5.5 Small part.5 60 mm UST-5818-5 PW/F: 3.0 60° 60 mmR UST-9113P-3.0/3.0 42 mm UST-5534T-7.5 B: 5.0/3.0/7.0 60 mm UST-5710-7.0/7.0/3.5 Guide tube (Nonsterilized): (superficial tissues) PW/F: 5. brachytherapy 13 .5 120° 14 mmR UST-9112-5 RB-945BP-S (Sterilized) (Transvaginal) PW/F:3.0/7.75/5.0/7.0 Puncture adapter set: Endocavity B:3.5/10.0/6.5 Trocar—adaptable size: 10 mm inner dia.0/3.75/5.5 Echo coupler (Angled): ECM-13 PW/F: 5.75/5.0/6.5/10.0/7.0/3. Puncture & biopsy B: 3.0/6.0/3.75/5. please contact your local distributor or Aloka office.0/3.0/3.0/6.0 UST-672-5/7.0/7.0/7.5 Microsurgery * 4 B: 5.0/6.0/6.5/3.0/6.0/3.0/6.0/3.0/6.5 *6 This probe is not CE marked and 60° 40 mmR UST-992-5*6 OB/GYN PW/F: 3.75/5.5 (intercostal scanning) PW/F:2.0/6.5 Puncture adapter: MP-2414C (intercostal scanning) PW/F: 2.0/6.75/5.0/6.0 PW/F: 5.75/5.0/6. Trocars of some manufacturers and models may damage the probe.0/6.5/10 4 28 mm UST-5540P-7.0/6.0/6.5 PW/F: 5.0/6.0 Probe cover: RB-665P-S (Sterilized) Linear probes RB-665P-NS (Nonsterilized) Ultrasound frequency Scanning Model Number NOTE: Sterilized probe cover cannot be Application sold in EU member countries.5 Puncture adapter: MP-2482 (High resolution) PW/F: 5.75/5.0/6.0/6.5 Laparoscopic probe B: 5.75/5.0/3.0/7.0 Water path: MP-2463 Small part B: 5.0 33 mm UST-5536-7.0/3.5 Elastic band: FS5/16 Stepping device and needle NOTE: Sterilized probe cover cannot be guidance template for sold in EU member countries.0/3.75/5.0 Intraoperative B: 5.0 65° 20 mmR UST-995-7.5/3. PW/F: 2.0/6.75/5.5/3.5/10.75/5.0 60 mm UST-579T-7.75/5.0/7.75/5.0/6.0 General abdomen.0/3. For adaptability of the trocar.*5 (Flexible type) PW/F: 5.5 PW/F: 5.5 BL-664-NS (Nonsterilized) plane) PW/F: 3.0/7.75/5.0/7.0 Abdomen B: 5.5 Laparoscopic probe B: 5.75/5.0 Probe cover: Endocavity B:3.0/6.0 Echo coupler (Flat) : ECM-12 Peripheral vessels* B: 5. B: 3.0/7.5/3.0/7.5 General abdomen.0/7.5 61 mm UST-5819T-5 PW/F: 3.5/10.5/3.0/3.0 90° 20 mmR UST-9102-3.0/7.5/10. 4 *5 Trocars of some manufacturers and models may not be physically adaptable to this probe.0/3.0 Abdomen B: 3.0/3.5/3.0 60° 60 mmR UST-979-3./9 mmR Linear: 60 mm BL-664-S (Sterilized) (Transrectal bi.0 Puncture & biopsy* B: 5.0/6.0/6.0 96 mm UST-5046-3.0/7.0 4 42 mm UST-5524-7.0/6.0/6.5/10.0/6.0 120° 14 mmR UST-9121 (intercostal scanning) PW/F:2.0/6.0/3.75/5.0/3.0 *1 Includes puncture adapter MP-2480.0 10 mm UST-5531 Handling tool T type: MP-2749 Handling tool I type: MP-2750 PW/F: 5.0/7.75/5.0/6. Endocavity B:3.75/5.0 90° 14 mmR UST-978-3.0/6.5 *2 Includes puncture adapter MP-2452.5/10.0/7.0/3.5/3.0/6.0/7.5*3 *3 Includes puncture adapter MP-2416.5 120° 14 mmR UST-984-5 MP-2445-SET (Transvaginal) PW/F:3.0/6.75 60° 60 mmR UST-988-2.5 *1 PW/F: 2.0/7.5 Puncture adapter MP-2448 PW/F: 5.75/5.0/7.5 Intraoperative B: 3.0/7.5 65° 20 mmR UST-9104-5 Puncture adapter: Neonatal head PW/F: 3.0/6.5 Intraoperative * 4 B: 5.0/6.0/3.0 33 mm UST-5526L-7.0/7. Puncture adapter MP-2451 Convex/Linear probe Probe cover: Endocavity Convex sector: 120 deg.75/5.5/10.0/6.0 Puncture adapter: MP-2474 Abdomen B: 3.0/7.5/10.5 Puncture adapter: MP-2486 (High penetration) PW/F: 2.0 60° 40 mmR UST-9101-7.75/5.0/7.5/10.0 80 mm UST-5045P-3.0/6.75/5. (MHz) width General abdomen. Abdomen B: 3.0/7.0/7.0/6.0/7.5 * Steered linear scanning is possible.0/3.0 MP-2473 General abdomen.0/7.0/6.0/6.75/5.0/7.0/7.5 Puncture adapter: OB/GYN PW/F: 2.0/6.0/7.5 MP-2751-G18NS Puncture & biopsy B: 3.5/10.0/6.0/6. B: 3.5/3.0 cannot be sold in EU member countries.0/7.0/3.5 MP-2456 Peripheral vessels* B: 3.0 Small part B: 3.0/6.0/6.0 RB-945BP-NS (Nonsterilized) Intraoperative B: 5.75/5.

5*2 PW/F: 2.75/5.0 CW: 3.0/6. PW/F: 3.0/6.75 Neonatal heart B: 3.0/6.0/6. B: 3.0/6.0/7.0 MHz UST-2266-5 Mechanical probe connection unit: SCU-5500 ANNULAR ARRAY MECHANICAL SECTOR PROBE Puncture adapter: Small parts B: 10.0/7.5/3/3. 14 .C.75/5.5 MHz 360° ASU-65B Outer sheath adapter for STORZ #27040B MP-2421 for Olimpus A3128.021 MP-2424 Drive unit for Microtip Transducers (ASU-101 and sheath are necessary) Microtip transducer: Application* Effective Ultrasound Scanning Model ASU-101 length frequency angle Intracavity 193 cm 10 MHz 360° MP-PN10-08L Sheath: ST-08LV Intracavity 137 cm 10 MHz 360° MP-PN10-08M Sheath: ST-08MV * The Microtip transducers are for gastroenterology use only.E.75/5.5 90° UST-5277-5*2 adult PW/F: 3.75/5.0 90° UST-5279-3.0/3. Independent probe connection kit: EU-3040 Indepedent Probes (EU-3040 is necessary to connect the independent Application Ultrasound frequency Model CW Doppler (for heart) 2.14/2.0 MHz 40° ASU-36WL-10 MP-2493 MECHANICAL RADIAL PROBES Transrectal (prostate) B: 7.75/5.5/3/3.75/5.E.0/3.5 90° UST-5280-5 PW/F: 3.0 MP-2476 CW: 3.75/5. for B: 3.E.0 *2 This probe is not CE marked and cannot be sold in EU member countries.5 90° UST-5281-5 PW/F: 3.0/6. for B: 3.14/2.75/5.SHD (Super High Density) probes Phased Array probes Application Ultrasound frequency (MHz) Scanning angle Model Pediatric heart B: 3.0/6. Not for cardiovascular use (e.0/7.0/6.5 90° UST-5268P-5*1 *1 Includes puncture adapter MP-2450.75/5.g.5/3/3.0/6.75 Neuro surgery B: 3.0 MHz 360° ASU-67 Puncture adaptor MP-2438 Transrectal (prostate) B: 5.0/6.M.5/10.0/3. A2101 MP-2422 for A.5 90° UST-5271S-5 pediatrics PW/F: 3.75 Adult heart (High B: 2.75 90° UST-5283-2.0/7.0/6. #8414 MP-2423 for Wolf #8654. intravascular and heart cavity).75/5 CW: 3.0/3.0/6.5 90° UST-5276-5 Puncture adapter: PW/F: 3.0/7.14 MP-2475 Adult heart B: 3/3.I.E.75 Puncture adapter: CW: 2.0/3.0 Biplane T.75/5.75/5.E.5*2 sensitivity) PW/F: 2.0/6.0 CW: 3.75/5.75 Rotary-plane T.0 CW: 3.0 Biplane T.14 MHz UST-2265-2 CW Doppler (for peripheral vessels) 5.E.75/5.0/3.0/7.0/7.5 MHz 360° ASU-64B Transurethral (bladder) B: 7.

1 channel ・ 60 cm (W) × 98 cm (D) × 132 – 157 cm (H) each Weight ・ Approx. RGB. swivel.General Specifications Acoustic Power Viewing Monitor ・ 0 to 100%. ・ Electronic probes: 3 separate connectors Max. ・ 15 separate programs for specific clinical applications and/or users Safety Regulation ・ User programmable and/or factory default settings ・ Complies with IEC 60601-1 Class Ⅰ. Type BF ・ Preset contents storable in a floppy disk Environmental Requirements Characters and graphic displays In Operation ・ Character input area: ・ Temperature: +10 to +40 degrees C ・ Relative Humidity: 30 to 85% ID. 50 or 60 Hz. height adjustment are possible. changeable ・ 15-inch diagonal flicker-free non-interlaced monitor Preset Function ・ Tilt. sex. 350VA for optional units Total: Max. name. and Y/C separated signals. 180 kg (main unit only) 15 . 1300VA Video Input/Output (for VCR) Dimensions ・ Composite. 950VA for main unit ・ One dummy connector for rest Max. retained text (non condensing) ・ Automatic Annotation Labeling: ・ Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa Up to 120 words registerable to each application In Storage ・ Body mark: Default setting: 53 kinds ・ Temperature: -10 to +50 degrees C ・ Relative Humidity: 10 to 90% User edition: 24 kinds (non condensing) Menu Control ・ Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa ・ Color LCD (liquid crystal display) touch control panel Power Requirement Probe Connectors ・ 115/ 200 to 240V ±10%. age.

16 .

. Please contact your local ALOKA distributors for details. Facsimile: +81 422 45 4058 URL: http://www.・ The specifications are subject to change without notice.0 . Ultrasound@Aloka 6-22-1 Mure. We care. ・ ProSound is a registered trademark of ALOKA CO. LTD. LTD. ・ Harmonic Echo is a trademark of ALOKA Printed in Japan. ・ The standard components and optional items depend on the country. Tokyo 181-8622 Japan Telephone: +81 422 45 6049.1-1. 2002-09 SP-5500-V5.aloka. Mitaka-shi..