SAP Assets Accounting End User Documents

Master data AR31 Edit Work list AS01 Create Asset AS02 Change Asset AS03 Display Asset AS05 Lock AS06 Delete AS11 Create Sub Number AS21 Create Group Asset AS24 Create Group Asset Sub Number AW01N Asset Explorer

Retirement ABAVN Retirement by Scrapping AR31 Mass Retirement F-92 Retirement with Customer Period End Closing ABAA Unplanned Depreciation AFAB Depreciation Run Execution AFAR Recalculation of Depreciation Reporting

Acquisition S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances ABGF Credit Memo in Next Year ABGL Credit Memo in Current Year ABZON Acquisition with Automatic Offsetting Entry F.14 Post Recurring Entries F-47 Down Payment Request F-48 Create Down Payment F-90 Acquisition with Vendor F-91 Clearing Offsetting Entry FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry Year End Closing Transactions ABST2 Preparation AB02 Change Asset Document AB08 Reverse Asset Document ABAON Sale without Customer ABSO Miscellaneous ABUMN Transfer within Company Code ABZU Create Write Up AIAB AUC Settlement with Line Items AIBU AUC Settlement AIST Reverse Settlement of AUC AJAB Asset Year End Closing AJRW Asset Fiscal Year Change S_ALR_87011979 Physical Inventory List S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet S_ALR_87012004 Total Depreciation S_ALR_87012039 Asset Transactions S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisition List S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation Forecast S_ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning

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