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Site Feasibility Study

Site 1 Site 2

Regional Freedom from noise, fumes

Climate Major distractions
Soil Exceptional Features
Water Supply
Economy Property
Energy Size and shape
Landscape Characteristics Aspect from approaches
Cultural Opportunities Site entrance and egress
Recreational Opportunities Onsite "Feel"
Employment Opportunities Permanent Trees
Health Care Facilities Need for clearing weed
Major Detractions Ground forms and gradient
Excetional Feratures Soil
Relative cost of earth work
Site Drainage
Community Adjacent Structures
Travel Relationship to Circulation patterns
Travel Experience Relative to circulation patterns
Community Ambience Relative cost of land
Schools Major Distractions
Shopping Exceptional Features
Cultural Opportunities Building Site
Public Services
Safety And Security
Medical Facilities Topographic Fit of Programmed uses
Governance Gradient of approaches
Taxes Site entrance at entrance drive
Major Detractions Orientation to sun and wind
Exceptional Features Views
Freedom from noise and glare
Neighbourhood Visual impact ofneighbouring users
Proximity to utility needs
Landscape Character
Compactibility of Proposed land
Traffic ways
Schools Legend
Parks exposure, Open space Likely Site 1 JIPMER, Pondicherry
Exposure Feasible Site 2 TNAU, Coimbatore

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