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We thank the staff of John Heinz
National Wildlife Refuge for their months
of hard work that produced this terrific
issue. Of special interest is the special
4-page centerfold with an introduction
to The Heinz Refuge, a helpful map of
the 1000-acre site, and a schedule of
summer events. Readers may like to
remove this section as a reference for
their next visit to the Refuge and its
new exhibit area and improved trails.
The Editor

New Exhibits & Trail Signs
at John Heinz NWR – June 30
up to $1,000 Student Conservation Association (SCA) youth crews from John Heinz NWR improve local habitat for people and wildlife by planting native plants in community
greenspaces. The new exhibits feature some of the habitat improvement and education projects the refuge has undertaken in meeting community conservation needs.

Cars or Trucks By Lamar Gore nence as John Heinz National Wildlife vision which emphasizes working with

Refuge at Tinicum. And this coming the community – and especially local
With/ Without Title eighbors June 30, 2018, starting at 1:00 p.m., schools.
Bad Engines or have for Heinz invites its friends and neigh- The June 30 event will take place at
Bad Transmissions years called bors to celebrate with them the Grand the visitor’s center at 8601 Lindbergh
up to $500 it “Tinicum” after
its original Lenape Indian name, but
Opening of its striking new exhibits
and Refuge Birthday. The remodeled HEINZ REFUGE
Cars or Trucks today it’s attaining widespread promi- exhibit area highlights a new refuge CONTINUES ON PAGE 2

Any Condition

2 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 3


Southwest Kids Explore Science and Nature Supporting Your National Wildlife Refuge
Grand Opening: New Exhibits & Trails
SW Kids Explore Science & Nature in Philly’s Great Outdoors through the Friends of Heinz Refuge
2 L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School By Brianna Patrick
Join your neighbors in supporting Heinz

3 Join us! Friends of Heinz Refuge
4 Wildlife through the Camera Lens ow do you motivate a fourth more. The Friends maintain, promote, One of the most important pro- the events, store, and bus programs
grader to explore the out- and enhance and provide environmen- grams supported directly by the that allow our youth to enjoy nature
4 Junior Duck Stamp Artwork Show
doors, take scientific notes, tal education to the general public. Friends of Heinz Refuge is the busing in their community. You can easily
5 Eastwick Friends &Neighbors
and help the environment? The easy There are many events at the John program which provides free buses to join by visiting our website at www.
5 Building Community - People & Birds answer is…let them! At John Heinz By Jaclyn Rhoads Heinz. You can enjoy a fall, win- schools that want to visit the refuge.

6 Litter & Plastic Pollution: A Problem National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, ter (Ground Hog Day Festival) or In 2017, we provided over $8000 Any questions? Feel free to stop by
6 Help Protect Darby Creek one of our primary goals is to engage ave you ever visited the edu- summer festival (Summer Solstice to cover buses from schools in the the Refuge or drop us an email or visit
7 Heinz Needs More Volunteers local youth in the outdoors. By giv- cation center at John Heinz Festival) which is coming up soon on region. Will you consider joining the our Friends Facebook page. Hope to
7 Come to The Volunteer Open House ing students a chance to take repeat- National Wildlife Refuge at June 23rd. The Friends host an annual Friends of Heinz Refuge today? There see you soon!
8 More Boating & Fishing in Southwest ed visits to the refuge and make their Tinicum? Watched colorful wild birds meeting for members which includes are not only member perks, but also Jaclyn Rhoads is President of Friends
own discoveries, we have found great or just rambled along the many Heinz a guest speaker, first-hand updates your support will help to maintain of Heinz Refuge
8 An Archery Hunt in John Heinz NWR
success. nature trails? Attended a fascinating on refuge activities, free lunch, and
9 New Exhibits: A Special Greenspace
Fourth graders from Patterson and environmental education workshop, networking opportunities. We also
2nd Annual
A Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant provided $50, 000 to expand the Philly
9 Refuge Provides Jobs for Youth Penrose Elementary and sixth and Nature Kids Program to service all the 4th grade students and Penrose and Patterson Elementary Schools. kayaked along Darby Creek or inspect- operate a nature store located inside
10 Discovering Heinz Wildlife Refuge eighth graders from Tilden Middle Through the grant students organised a litter cleanup on the refuge removing over 500lbs of trash. ed Heinz’s unique nature exhibits? the visitor center. It is a great place to
The Refuge - Past & Future
John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
School have spent the year in our
Philly Nature Kids program. Nearly
other at the refuge. As the year goes
on, the students who were at first
The Friends of Heinz Refuge, a
non-profit organization dedicated to
pick up t-shirts, books, birdhouses,
coffee, and other items for friends, SUMMER SOLSTICE FESTIVAL
11 Heinz Educates, Engages, Connects 150 middle school students took anxious outdoors become great helping the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Ser- family or kids plus members get a
12-13 Refuge Map & Tips to See Wildlife a close look at the refuge’s unique explorers. vice, supports all of these activities and discount.
habitats. During three visits to the Many schools and summer camps
Join L.L.Bean’s
14 The Summer Activities Calendar
refuge, they collected data and pre- from the area also use the refuge as
15 Kids Page - Puzzles & Games
sented their findings to a panel of their outdoor classroom. Field trips
16 Why We Protect the Delaware River experts. to John Heinz Refuge provide stu-
Outdoor Discovery School
17 Fishing: Bartram’s Garden & Heinz Around 175 fourth graders have dents with fun, educational, and cur-
Nurturing Nature at Heinz
PhillyCam: Media Workshop June 26
also participated in the program
this year. Refuge staff provides sci-
riculum-based field experiences. A
wide range of topics can be explored Philly Nature Kids program includes 175 4th grade
his is the third summer
L.L.Bean will be offering pro-
Marsh. There is no better way to
have a Stay-Cation this year, close
Saturday, June 23rd 5-9PM
students in public school in Southwest Philadelphia
19 Job Skills Programs In Southwest ence lessons twice a month, all year with lessons about water quality, grams and introducing people to home, yet away from it all. All Sponsored by
21 Eastwick Family Services long for these young learners. The habitat, bird watching, wildlife of to engage and connect their students to the wonders of nature at John programs are affordable with expert
students study plants, animals, wa- the refuge, and even outdoor skills. as they discover the refuge Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Join instruction and all equipment pro-
22 Coming Up in Southwest
ter, habitats and more. Each month, Groups are encouraged to utilize the Brianna Patrick is Environmental L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School vided. You can register for courses
23 Community Bulletin Board
one visit occurs at school and the teaching power of the great outdoors Education Supervisor at Heinz Refuge every weekend in the summer for and tours at
23 More For Less Air Conditioners Kayak Lessons, Guided Kayak Tours ture and select John Heinz NWR as
24 Heinz Exhibit Grand Opening Info HEINZ REFUGE a new vision which for our commu- the Southwest Globe Times Newspa- and Birding Tours on Tinicum your destination.
CONTINUES FROM PAGE 1 nity means increased environmental per to provide residents with detailed Explore, experience, and enjoy the sights and sounds of
education in Southwest, working with information about current programs John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum
Boulevard and there will be activities partners and the community on green- and activities of the Refuge and its key
6328 Paschall Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19142 and programs for everyone to enjoy. ing projects, and joining with partners partners. ● Food Trucks ● Guided Hikes ● Plus a Special
215-727-7777 Heinz, America’s First Urban to improve access to the refuge and For more information about Heinz, ● Music ● Nature Store Treat!
WEBSITE: Refuge, is one of more than 566 other spaces. visit its website: ● Movie ● Kayaking
National Wildlife Refuges within During the last four years, Heinz has john_heinz/ or phone 215-365-3118.
The Southwest Globe Times is a publication of Southwest
Community Development Corp., 6328 Paschall Avenue,
the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. coordinated with the Student Conser- Lamar Gore is the Refuge Manager at @HeinzRefuge @friendsofheinz
Philadelphia, PA 19142. It’s a nationwide first, right here in vation Association to hire neighbor- John Heinz Refuge.
5,000 copies are distributed free in Southwest Philadelphia Southwest Philadelphia that serves hood youth to work on community
bi-weekly on alternate Fridays.
its community! projects, and collaborated with Audu-
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Publisher reserves the right to accept or
reject any advertising or opinions submitted. Advertising rates
About seven years ago, the U.S. Fish bon Pennsylvania, Jefferson University,
available by request. & Wildlife Service started a new initia- Southwest CDC, Empowered CDC John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum - America's First Urban Refuge
PUBLISHER: Mark Harrell tive that focused refuges on connect- and others to improve community 8601 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19153
SEPTA routes 37, 108, & 115 stop at 84th and Lindbergh
Steve Kuzmicki
Ronald Abella
ing with urban communities. It was spaces. Blvd. Eastwick Train Station is 0.5 miles away.
REPORTERS: Shaketia Sills, Cynthia Ryant, Ted Behr at this time that John Heinz National As part of the celebration, Heinz
STAFF INTERN: David Reeder
Wildlife Refuge started formulating has sponsored this current issue of
4 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 5

Wildlife Through the Camera Lens A Natural Partnership In Southwest

he Friends of Heinz Refuge Pho- event photography, providing land- rich diversity of wildlife at John Heinz, basics and take students on hikes
Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition and The Refuge
to Group is a volunteer group scape and wildlife photographs to help Philadelphia’s urban wildlife oasis. through the refuge. Additionally, By Deborah Jefferson EFNC has collaborated with the

that includes professional and tell the story of the work being done at Divided into three age groups, contes- Photo Group members periodically Heinz Refuge on Treephilly, commu-
amateur photographers who are pas- the refuge. tants compete for prizes. Their im- participate in off-site group photo astwick Friends and Neighbors nity clean-up, Eastwick Oral History
sionate about both nature photography For 17 years the Photo Group has ages are all taken at the Refuge. Some outings, workshops to hone their art Coalition (EFNC), has a long- Project, public community meetings,
and conservation. The Photo Group sponsored an annual juried nature contestants photograph their entries and skills. term relationship with John environmental hearings and educa-
assists with educational programs and photo contest to call attention to the during one of the monthly “wildlife If you’re enthusiastic about pho- Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. The tional presentations for the commu-
photo walks” led by volunteer Photo tography, nature and wish to protect former refuge manager Gary Stolz, was nity. EFNC and the Heinz Refuge has
Group members. wildlife and the environment, consider instrumental in introducing two orga- a relationship of supporting each other
The Photo Group runs its joining the FOHR Photo Group. For nizations Eastwick Action Committee as neighbors.
“Through the Lens” educational more information about this program (EAC) and Friends of Heinz Refuge When Lamar Gore, the Director of John Heinz NWR staff and Friends members at the
program to connect local teens with contact Volunteer Coordinator, Erika (FOHR). As a result of this united ef- the refuge came aboard, he embraced EFNC annual banquet.
nature using photography. Photo Scarborough at erika_scarborough@ fort, numerous environmental support EFNC and continued to engage us indigenous to the area.
Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coalition (EFNC)
Group volunteers teach photography groups such as Sierra Club, Delaware in supporting our mission and has In January 2018, EFNC sponsored board members at their first annual banquet.
River Keeper Network, Keystone opened the refuge door as a venue its first annual banquet. The banquet
Lands Trust and more. These alliances where EFNC has its bi-monthly meet- was used as a platform to recognize port the Eastwick community.
provided the technical and profes- ings. He has broadened our awareness and celebrate community activist of For more information about EFNC,
sional support empowering EFNC in of the relevance of connecting people Eastwick. The Heinz Refuge family visit https://eastwickfriends.wordpress.
fighting against Korman Developer’s to nature and habitats of the wildlife was in attendance to share with us in com/ or
proposal to build on 128 acres of un- on activities such as the Monarch But- the celebration. As the saying goes, EastwickFNC/?__tn__=*s
developed land adjacent to the refuge terflies, bird migration, water mitiga- “Birds of Feather Flock Together”. It is Deborah Jefferson is a member of
that would adversely affect the East- tion and the importance of growing our desire to continue to maintain a Eastwick Friends and Neighbors Coali-
wick community and wildlife. and maintaining the plants that are great working relationship and sup- tion

Building Community for People and Birds

By Rhyan Grech idea to “build refuge from the com-

munity, out” works for both humans
here birds thrive, people and birds. By creating small, healthy
prosper. This is a frequent natural spaces in the middle of neigh-
saying at Audubon Penn- borhoods, all species can enjoy the
sylvania, a non-profit organization benefits that beautiful native plants
Friends of Heinz Refuge Photo Group member Ned Levi (left) with other group members on the elevated
that has been providing educational can bring! The model is simple: by
boardwalk across the Reserve’s main impoundment pool. (photo by Al Ozell) programs in Philadelphia for more partnering with neighbors, communi-
than 10 years. From urban centers ty leaders, organizations, and students,
Junior Duck Stamp Celebration to rural towns, each community can
provide important habitat for native
a plan is formed to transform an
underused space into a dynamic area
and Awards Ceremony birds. In turn, birds offer us a richer,
more beautiful, and healthful place
that fulfills the community’s vision.
Audubon uses these “pocket parks” to
The annual Jr. Duck Stamp Art Con- to live. provide programs for all ages, to en-
test portrays the abundant artistic tal- Over the past century, development gage community members in learning
ent of students all across Pennsylvania. has led to the fragmentation of habi- and stewardship at their neighborhood
The state wide competition is judged tat for birds and other native wildlife resource.
and hosted at the refuge picking the in Philadelphia. Fairmount Park and Each community has a unique
100 winners of the contest. All the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge ecological and cultural story to tell.
participants are invited to John Heinz have both been designated by the Creating Bird-Friendly Communi-
National Wildlife Refuge to celebrate National Audubon Society as Impor- ties is Audubon’s commitment to
their accomplishment, see copies of tant Bird Areas (IBAs): critical habitat restore and reconnect these places.
their artwork on display, receive their for our resident wildlife, as well as Together, we can connect people from Students look at birds at the Strawberry Mansion reservoir, site of Audubon’s new home: The Discovery
The artwork has been showcased in the exhibit hall Center
original artwork and prizes. The an- at the refuge while awaiting the arrival of the new stopover habitat (a fancy name for rest every walk of life to a green, safe, and
nual celebration included students, exhibits.” stops!) for migrating birds. healthy space in their community. you to see for yourself! bonpaphilly
their families, and local art teachers. vid Stoughton, Visitors Services Man- But both Audubon and Heinz The well-being of birds and humans Find out more about Audubon’s Rhyan Grech is Community Steward-
(Article and photo provided by Da- ager at Heinz Refuge) Refuge wanted to go further. The are connected, and Audubon invites programs at ship Program Manager at Audubon PA
6 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 7

Litter and Plastic Pollution is Everyone’s Problem John Heinz NWR Needs More Volunteers
By Ann Faulds collect in organisms and sediments. Ask restaurants for paper instead of Come see the new Great Blue Heron stablished in 1972 through com- During special events like the an- The refuge is celebrating a milestone tigate the refuge and the opportunities

As marine life feeds, plastic particles plastic or Styrofoam sculpture built completely of discarded munity activism, John Heinz Na- nual Philly Fall Festival, volunteers with the debut of our new exhibits on here. This refuge cannot thrive without
itter which is strewn along the can accumulate in the food chain. A containers. plastic, part of the newly refreshed tional Wildlife Refuge has always provide assistance to refuge staff by June 30th. Welcome Desk/Gift Shop YOU. Volunteers of all ages, back-
banks of the Darby Creek and recent Susquehanna University study • Pick up litter and take part in com- Heinz Refuge Cusano Nature Center relied upon volunteers as a vital part of helping set up for the event, staff volunteers are in great need and this grounds, and experience levels do their
Philadelphia streets is more than of smallmouth bass found that over munity clean-ups. exhibits at 8601 Lindbergh Blvd. our daily efforts to ensure the refuge is informational tables, provide direc- summer the refuge is planning on part to help the refuge and you can too!
unsightly. Litter spawns plastic pollu- 80 percent of the fish examined had • Recycle and support curbside recy- Ann Faulds is a Friends of Heinz Re- a safe and welcoming place for animals tions, parking guidance, and more. launching a new “Care Takers of the Please contact Volunteer Coordi-
tion that is transported by wind, rain, nanoplastic in their guts – a cause for cling programs in your neighbor- serve Board Member and PA Sea Grant and visitors alike. Those wanting to spend more time Creek” volunteer program, for individ- nator Erika Scarborough by phone
and tides into storm drains, wastewa- concern that needs more study. Fish, hood. Associate Director. Volunteers are critical in mak- outside can become a “Weed War- uals pick up trash along our waterways. at 267-969-3206 or via email, Eri-
ter pipes, and streams into the Dela- birds, turtles, and other wildlife can ing connections between the refuge rior” assisting out biology program As residents of Southwest Philadel- or stop by,
ware River, the source of the water we die from choking, intestinal block- and the visitors, from answering in removing non-native plant spe- phia, John Heinz National Wildlife Erika is in the office weekdays until
drink. age, and starvation when they eat or questions at our welcome desk to cies from the refuge that negatively Refuge is in YOUR community and we 4:00 p.m. and would love to speak to
A water bottle thrown on the ground become entangled in discarded plastic. interacting with visitors on the trails. impact refuge habitats. would LOVE to welcome you to inves- you in person!
in southwest Philly can end up in
the Atlantic Ocean - and everywhere What Can We Do to Prevent
in between! A plastic bottle doesn’t
degrade and form part of our natural
Plastic Pollution?
Plastic-free water begins with our FREE!
environment. A plastic water bottle daily decisions and actions. Set a good Just started
can last 450 years! example and think before you reach volunteering
Plastic pollution is nearly impossible for that disposable plastic water bottle,
to remove as it travels downstream, cup, container, bag, or straw. Get in and want to
breaking into smaller and smaller the habit of reducing plastic use: learn more?
pieces to become “nanoplastic.” Recent • Use your own cloth or net bags for
estimates of plastic waste released into
the world’s oceans range from 10.6 to
28 billion pounds a year, an amount
that would be like dumping a garbage
• Reuse plastic bags. Store a supply in
your car at the ready for shopping.
• Reuse water bottles. Reusable water New V o l u n t e e r
truck of plastic into the water every
As with other contaminants (like
DDT and PCBs), plastic pollution can
bottles and home water filters can
save money compared with
continually buying bottled water.
• Avoid single-use plastic products.
Interested in volunteering
Op e n H o u s e
at the Refuge?
Volunteers help with every aspect of operations including serving as front line representative to the visiting
public. The refuge is always in need of passionate and friendly community members to help support our
Thurs. July 12, 2018 | 3:00 - 5:00 PM | Visitor Center
mission to educate, engage, and connect.
Meet staff and volunteers from all divisions, learn how to
get involved, and get your questions answered!
EVERY MONTH IS VOLUNTEER MONTH – FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN HELP! Snacks and refreshments will be served.
Woodlands Cemetery, 4000 Woodland Ave.: Volunteers needed for guiding tours, event
assistance, gardening, maintenance. Contact:
Philly Reading Coaches: Expanding to 18 Locations in 2018. 58% of Phila. 4th Graders read
below age level. Help turn around this sad situation. Contact http://volunteer.unitedforimpact.
After School Activities Program. Coaches needed for four programs: chess, scrabble,
drama, debate: 3-6 p.m. Training provided. Contact:
Tutors for English Language Courses. Help improve literacy for adult English speakers or
English as Second Language students. Contact Cynthia 215-729-0729
Drop-In Center Assistant, Associated Services for the Blind, 919 Walnut St. 10th Fl.
Help clients games and activities, run errands. 3 ½ hours on Fridays http://volunteer. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum For more info:, America's First Urban Refuge (215) 365-3118
8601 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19153 @HeinzNWR
For a comprehensive review of all volunteer opportunities, visit the United Way website,
SEPTA routes 37, 108, & 115 stop at 84th and Lindbergh @johnheinznwr
This Greater Yellowlegs just happens to be resting on a piece of plastic litter on the tidal marsh. We can
help cleanup these types of problems through cutting down on plastic use in our daily lives. Blvd. Eastwick Train Station is 0.5 miles away.
8 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 9

National and State Agencies Partner for Improved Fishing Access New Exhibits Highlight Community and Conservation
he Recreational Boating & two seasonal (PFBC) employees who
Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has will pivot their work out of the refuge. By David Stoughton refuge through these new exhibits. conservation projects the refuge is

worked with John Heinz Nation- Without easy access to ponds and The new visitor center experience will working on.
al Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum to have streams, it makes fishing an improbable hen asked at the first showcase habitat restoration projects, The redesign of the visitor expe-
the refuge serve as a pilot location for occurrence for many kids. Fishing takes planning meeting nearly local community outreach work, and rience does not end with the new
its Take Me Fishing™ First Catch Cen- supplies – a rod and reel, hooks and two years ago about the future projects the refuge has in the exhibits. The trail map, brochure, and
ter. The goal is to bring fishing, boating bait, possibly a license, transportation takeaway message we would want works. Additionally, the exhibits will trail signage have all been updated as
and learning experiences to urban areas to a lake, river or creek with fish – and any visitor to have when they see the underline the importance of volun- well. These additions should serve to
fostering the next generation of anglers it’s a lot more enjoyable with the guid- new exhibits our collective answer teers support and partnership in both improve our visitors experience and
and boaters. ance of a knowledgeable mentor. The was clear. Through the new exhibits shaping the history of the refuge and help to provide a safe and welcoming
“Fishing has relied mostly on program looks to bridge those gaps rec- we want visitors to fundamentally the ability of the refuge to maintain atmosphere for both first time and
parents and grandparents to pass ognizing that getting started down the understand that the refuge belongs relevancy in Southwest Philadelphia longtime users here. The public is
along the fishing tradition, but as the path toward fishing may not start on to them. communities. The exhibits are not invited to the Grand Opening of the
country becomes more urbanized, the water or even with fish. It can start It has been a long process to get to only a reflection of the work done new exhibits on June 30th at 1pm. The refuge has worked with exhibit designers in
updating the visitor center. Refuge Manager Lamar
we’re slowly losing this pipeline of with a simple practice casting session in installation and we are very excited to get to this point, they highlight David Stoughton is Visitors Services Gore inspects the fabrication of the new desk at
participants. Our First Catch Centers a field, or even learning about wildlife to unveil and share the story of the the current and future community Manager at Heinz Refuge. the shop before installation.
are here to fill that void, and secure the and their habitats.

Refuge Youth Programs Provide Paid Jobs for High School Students
future of fishing and boating participa- With over 40 million people fishing
tion,” said RBFF President and CEO each year, it can be a great way to spend
Frank Peterson. time outside with family and friends.
Through the program, the Pennsyl- To learn more about this program or By Briana Riley

vania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) upcoming free fishing events taking
will be working with and hosting events place locally check out the John Heinz t is no secret that Southwest
at the John Heinz National Wildlife National Wildlife Summer Calendar of Experienced and first-time anglers cast their lines at one of the Family Free Fishing Days at John Heinz
Philadelphia has a long and very
Refuge and throughout Southwest Phil- events in this paper or at https://www. National Wildlife Refuge. These free programs are run throughout the summer and provide all the complicated history of land use and
adelphia. The grant program includes equipment needed to get started and learn about fishing opportunities. ownership. For that reason, ten years
ago the Student Conservation Associa-
Proposed Archery Hunt at John Heinz NWR tion (SCA) and the John Heinz Na-
tional Wildlife Refuge (Heinz) began
Dialogue focuses on enhancing both conservation and recreation working together to engage with the
By Mariana Bergerson food for your family or donate nutri- Southwest community in a new way

tious food to those in need through and connect our urban communities
ecently, John Heinz National programs such as “Hunters Sharing with nearby green spaces.
Wildlife Refuge proposed open- the Harvest”. This SCA/Heinz partnership helps
ing an archery hunting program Are you interested in learning bridge the gap between public lands
for white-tailed deer. Refuge staff how to hunt? To obtain a hunting and the neighborhoods that sur-
facilitated two presentations to outline license, a prospective hunter must round them. Together, SCA, the
the proposed refuge hunt plan seeking participate in and pass a hunter’s national leader in youth service and
input from the public. Hunting pro- education course. These courses stewardship for over six decades, and Student Crew members get to work outside to help
to improve habitat for native wildlife.
gram objectives include providing a are provided by the Pennsylvania Heinz have activated hundreds of lo-
method of removing white-tailed deer Game Commision and are designed cal youth in hands-on conservation Moriah Cemetery, our young people
from area populations and providing to teach students to be safe, respon- service projects to restore, revital- have tackled some of this area’s most
the public with quality, wildlife-orient- sible, and conservation-minded ize and protect public spaces in the pressing environmental challenges and
ed recreation. hunters. Many programs are specifi- Southwest community. In fact, in truly made a difference. In their spare
So how do hunters contribute to cally designed for youth hunters, 2015, we expanded our youth hiring time, SCA members are exploring
the Service’s mission to conserve, such as the Mentored Youth Hunt- to include school year youth pro- green careers, building important job Am SCA community crews is improving a walking trail to provide greater access to Southwest green
enhance, and protect wildlife? First, ing Program. grams on weekends. skills, and developing a curiosity for spaces and the Heinz refuge.
biologists study and monitor the Refuge Manager Lamar Gore leads a discussion of the hunt plan for Heinz Refuge. Two public meetings The draft hunt plan documents are Over the years, SCA youth crews the natural world around them. people. The youth crews return to west. Come out and see our work!
populations of wildlife species that enabled community members to understand the hunt plan proposal and provide public input. available for review at have contributed to the upkeep of Thanks to the hard work and support the field on July 9th for our six-week For information on our youth em-
are hunted to ensure populations game species can become overabun- and longevity of habitat for all wild- John_Heinz/. Be on the lookout for special places in Southwest. From of local schools, environmental organi- summer program. They will be work- ployment opportunities Email briley@
are sustainable and healthy, while dant, limiting the amount of suitable life through the regulated take of an more specifics on the proposed hunt clearing pedestrian trails in Eastwick zations, community leaders and more, ing alongside our community leaders or phone 215-756-2279 or
law enforcement officers ensure that habitat available for other wildlife. In overabundant species. in the coming months. Park to building elevated garden SCA is excited to continue bringing to identify and complete conservation visit
regulations are being followed by these situations, hunting contributes In addition to conservation benefits, Mariana Bergerson is Deputy Refuge beds for Cecil Street Garden or even paid conservation service opportuni- projects in the area and build a health- Briana Riley is an SCA Program
hunters. In some areas, populations of to the conservation, enhancement, hunting is a sustainable way to provide Manager at Heinz habitat management at the Mount ties and experiences to our city’s young ier, more sustainable future for South- Coordinator at John Heinz NWR.
10 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018

Discovering Heinz:
Your National Wildlife Refuge Refuge Past, Present and Future
By Kelly Kemmerle
The Lenape Native Americans once lived on what now is John Heinz National

Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. There were roughly 6,000 acres of freshwater tidal
any Southwest residents marsh. The European settlers, who arrived in the mid 1600s, drained and filled
have visited the John Heinz Tinicum Marsh to create farm land. As Philadelphia grew, the marsh dwindled. By
National Wildlife Refuge at the 1950s, only 200 acres remained.
Tinicum. Others have either read or
heard about it. If you have not, have
This blue goose, designed by J.N. “Ding” Darling
you wondered what it was? Do you
need to drive there? What can you do
has become the symbol of the National Wildlife
Refuge blue goose, designed 1970 Plans to build I-95 and landfill
there? by J.N. “Ding” Darling has threaten Tinicum Marsh.
Well, if you are among the latter, The community bands together,
you’ve come to the right place! Let’s become the symbol of the
fighting to reroute the highway
explore what your local National National Wildlife Refuge and terminate the landfill. 1972
Wildlife Refuge is all about. System.
National Wildlife Refuges are a Congress passes legislation to protect
series of lands and waters across the
1,200 acres of land, including Tinicum
U.S. which are protected for the ben-
efit of wildlife, and the plants, trees, Marsh. It was named “Tinicum
and water that constitute their living National Environmental Center”.
area or “habitats.” And they are also James Carroll (right)
protected for the benefit of you and Concerned Area Residents for the Preservation of avid bird watcher and
your family! Tinicum Marsh (CARP) and the Delaware naturalist, became the
County Chapter of the League of Women Voters,
John Heinz Refuge, named after one played a crucial role in protecting the Marsh from
first refuge employee in
1972. He is pictured
of Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senators, the development. here with
late John Heinz, is the first National Allston Jenkins (left)
Wildlife Refuge located within a
major U.S. City, America’s First Urban
A group of intent bird watchers view wading 1991 the cofounder of the
herons and egrets on the raised boardwalk across
Conservationists, what
Refuge. And we are blessed that it’s the main impoundment area at Heinz Reserve. 80
is now the National
right here in Southwest Philadelphia. bird species nest at Heinz and another 220 have Refuge renamed after John
passed through during the twice-a-year migratory Lands Trust.
Like many of the other refuges across seasons. Heinz to honor the late senator
the country, Heinz offers free oppor- that worked to protect Tinicum
tunities for fishing, environmental
education, interpretation, and wildlife
Marsh. 2001
observation and photography and
is a strong voice for environmental Cusano Environmental Education
protection. June 30th, Center opens creating new
John Heinz is a great resource for 2018 opportunities for environmental
our community. All are welcome education. Today, thousands of
to visit for free, every single day of New exhibit grand opening! teachers and students learn about
the week! There are many things for
The community shapes the work the natural world around them from
people of all ages to do: You can take a
relaxing hike along the Darby Creek, we do at the refuge. Help us its classrooms.
explore our Visitor Center, kayak A view of Heinz Refuge with the nearby Center celebrate by joining us for our
through Tinicum Marsh, practice your
photography skills, observe wildlife
City skyscrapers in the background. The unique
natural oasis at the south end of Lindbergh Blvd. is
grand opening and beginning our The Future
America’s first urban wildlife refuge! next chapter.
in its natural habitat and participate
With support from our partners and
in one of our many exciting programs Philadelphia PA, 19153. Walk, drive,
throughout the year. or hop on SEPTA Routes 37, 108, and community the refuge continues to
You can try your hand at fishing or 115 to get right to 84th & Lindbergh. thrive. Our future wouldn’t be bright
archery, join a guided walk, or attend We hope to see you soon! without YOU!
one of the festivals! Be sure to come Kelly Kemmerle is an Environmental
check us out at 8601 Lindbergh Blvd, Education Ranger at the Heinz Refuge.
Discover Wildlife in Your Backyard! June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 15

at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

Al l 2018 Summer Calendar of Events All

Free! Off-refuge Community Programs

June July August

Sat. 6/2 10 am Nature Tots! Sun. 7/1 8 am Bird Walk Thu. 8/2 4 pm Free Family Fishing
Sun. 6/3 10 am Jr. Ranger Bird Walk Sat. 7/7 8 am Photowalk Sat. 8/4 8 am Photowalk (420 Entrance)
10 am Nature Tots!
Thu. 6/7 7 pm Guided Sunset Stroll Sun. 7/8 8 am Birding by Ear
Sun. 8/5 10 am Jr. Ranger Bird Walk
Fri. 6/8 7:30 pm Free Outdoor Movie Thu. 7/12 3 pm Volunteer Open House
Flight of the Butterflies 10 am Butterfly Walk
5 pm Pop-up Archery
Sat. 6/9 8 am Photowalk (420 Entrance) Thu. 8/9 4 pm Pop-up Archery
Fri. 7/13 5 pm Youth Archery Class
9 am Stewardship Saturday (Registration Only) Sat. 8/11 9 am Stewardship Saturday
10 am Plant Walk/Litter 1 pm Plant Walk
Sat. 7/14 9 am Stewardship Saturday
Cleanup at Buist Park
10 am Nature Tots! Sun. 8/12 8 am Bird Walk
1 pm Plant Walk
1 pm Plant Walk (420 Entrance) 9 am Summer Tree Walk n’ Talk
Sun. 6/10 8 am Mindfulness Birdwatching 10 am Jr. Ranger Insect Walk
Sun. 7/15 8 am Mindfulness Birdwatching
12 pm Jr. Ranger Insect Walk
10 am Photo Group meeting Mon. 8/13 7 pm Meditation on Nature
Mon. 6/11 7 pm Meditation on Nature
10 am Jr. Ranger Bird Walk Thu. 8/16 7 pm Sunset Stroll
Thu. 6/14 5 pm Pop-up Archery
Mon. 7/16 7 pm Meditation on Nature Sat. 8/18 8 am Mindfulness Birdwatching
Fri. 6/15 6 pm Adult Archery Class 10 am Plant Walk
7 pm Adult Archery Class Thu. 7/19 4 pm Free Family Fishing 7 pm Free Outdoor Movie Illustration by Lauren M. Bennett
(Registration Only) Finding Nemo
Sat. 7/21 9 am Annual Butterfly Count
Sat. 6/16 3 pm Free Family Fishing 10 am Plant Walk Sun. 8/19 8 am Bird Walk
at Buist Park
Sun. 6/17 8 am Birding by Ear 7:30 pm Free Outdoor Movie Thu. 8/23 4 pm Pop-up Archery
12 pm Jr. Ranger Bird Walk A Bug’s Life at Cecil St. Garden

Thu. 6/21 7 pm Guided Sunset Stroll Sun. 7/22 12 pm Jr. Ranger Insect Walk Fri. 8/24 5 pm Youth Archery Class
at Cecil St. Garden 6 pm Adult Archery Class
Sat. 6/23 5 pm Friends Summer Solstice (Registration Only)
Thu. 7/26 7 pm Sunset Stroll
Thu. 6/28 4 pm Free Family Fishing
Sat. 7/28 8 am Bird Walk Sat. 8/25 9 am United By Blue
Sat. 6/30 1 pm VISITOR CENTER Litter Cleanup
GRAND OPENING Sun. 7/29 8 am Bird Walk
Sun. 8/26 8 am Birding by Ear
12 pm Jr. Ranger Insect Walk
Thu. 8/30 4 pm Family Fishing Night
8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Phila, PA 19153
SEPTA routes 37, 108, 115
Eastwick train station is 0.5 miles from Refuge @HeinzNWR
Crossword Puzzle by Kelly Quain
16 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 17

Protecting Your Delaware River Watershed Fishing lines from Bartram’s Garden to Heinz
Safeguarding our Drinking water and providing water recreation By Laris Kreslins that share this water and land. Our For over three years Heinz and

link is a through line, represented by Bartram’s Garden have officially
he Delaware River watershed local waterways. In addition, each of ature sticks together, or at the now dried up and redeveloped/ partnered on various projects and
stretches 330 miles: From head- the centers — all of which connected by least it tries to. That’s why it’s developed-over Mingo Creek. programs that have increased aware-
waters in the Catskill Mountains the Circuit Trails, a 750-mile regional natural that Bartram’s Garden Local fisherman Troy Rimes says, ness in the community by joining
down to the Atlantic Ocean, through trail network — will employ two sum- and John Heinz National Wildlife “I work hard all day and fishing is forces. Our work is rebuilding our
13,500 square miles, encompassing the mer fellows between the ages of 18 and Refuge at Tinicum have had a long- my way of relaxing. Man, these spots ties along the river. Heinz has been
entire city of Philadelphia and pro- 24 to manage community outreach standing commitment to working are just beautiful. I’ll fish sometimes instrumental in helping us develop
vides drinking water for more than 15 and programs. For many Fellows, this together. There is a logical historical until midnight. Philly fishing is the our fishing program including
million people. That’s nearly 5% of the opportunity is their first foray into the connection between our two spaces best! Clean, quiet and much more Wednesday Night Free Fishing and
entire United States’ population! environmental field, but after twelve that is represented by the fisherman safe than it used to be.” our Bi-Annual Fishing Derbies or
The William Penn Foundation weeks, all Fellows gain an appreciation “Fish Offs.”
launched a joint initiative in Septem- for nature and the capability of being an FISHING AT BARTRAM’S GARDEN The Mingo Creek that used to con-
ber 2016 aimed at increasing aware- ambassador for the watershed. • Wednesday Evenings Free Fishing* nect our spaces no longer exists, but
ness of the importance of the Delaware John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge Learn how to catch one of the 42 fish species found in the tidal Schuylkill. Bartram’s Garden our ideas and energy continue to flow
River watershed. Comprising twenty- is a proud member of this alliance and Dock, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Rods, bait and instruction provided. First come, first served. Supplies in abundance. Stay tuned for contin-
three environmental education centers has been working to inspire individu- are limited. No fishing license necessary. Great for youth & adults who are new anglers. ued collaborations and programming
in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New als and communities to sustain this * Except, June 27 • July • August 29 • Sept 26 in the future such as our shuttle ser-
Jersey, the Alliance for Watershed interconnected, natural system. The • Fall Southwest Fish Off! - Sunday October 7, 2018 vice that will increase access during Troy Rimes’ biggest catch on the river was a 39
lb. carp!
Education of the Delaware River is two Fellows that will be working on • Fishing on the Schuylkill – Fishing Equipment Loaner Program festival days for local residents with
developing shared programming with behalf of the refuge over this summer Kayin Bankole (left) reluctantly holds a snakehead fish for the first time. Kayin, a first-year Fellow who Borrow rods and tackle, FREE of charge, from the Welcome Center at Bartram’s Garden! pick-up and drop-off points at local Laris Kreslins is the Marketing
the goal of protecting and educating are both from Philadelphia and will be served at John Heinz NWR over the summer of 2017, will be returning to the refuge for a second year libraries and rec centers. Manager at Bartram’s Garden.
people about the watershed they all involved in activities from free fishing supporting watershed education and community outreach.
live in.
To that end, the centers are offering
to litter clean-ups both on the refuge
and in local parks and green spaces
munity members learn about where
their water comes from and steps com-
To learn more about the work being
done by the Alliance for Watershed Nurturing Nature at John Heinz NWR
opportunities to visitors to explore, in Southwest Philadelphia over the munity members can help to take to Education check out https://www. (And, get to know us by joining a volunteer group!)
enjoy, and engage in activities on their summer. Their purpose is to help com- improve local waterways.
By Brendalee Phillips Biology here means going back to

Mental Health & Mental Wellness Dealing with Long-Term Pain

basics, restoring and protecting the native
o you need a place for quiet plants and animals that lived here long

Community Workshop event, participants will hear from Ira

reflection? A spot where you can
clear your head and enjoy the
before Europeans arrived in the 1600’s.
Settlers diked and drained much of the
JUNE 9 Smith, M.D., Medical Director of Pal- sights and sounds of nature? John Heinz original 6,000 acres of low, marshy tidal

Ivan Juzang of MEE Production liative Care at Mercy Health System. National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is wetlands and used it for grazing animals.

will give a presentation of Moving Along with Dr. Smith’s lecture an oasis for a variety of wildlife like birds, In the last century, the process of urban-
Beyond the Survival Mode. Several n June 9, Mercy Philadelphia and interactive Q&A session, Mercy butterflies, mammals, turtles, and more. ization, construction of I-95 and access

service professionals will be on-hand Hospital will continue its Hospital will provide a complimentary Visitors can walk the trails exploring roads, and use of large tracts for indus-
outhwest CDC is partnering to distribute very important informa- popular Dine with the Docs meal. The event takes place from 11 ponds and marsh while observing a num- trial purposes and as sanitary landfills
with the Diversified Community tion and to answer your questions community Q&A series with a discus- a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Mercy Philadel- ber of plants and animals here, listening reduced the marsh to barely 200 acres
Services and Whitman Council concerning mental health and well- sion about the benefits of palliative phia Hospital Cafeteria, located at 501 to bird songs, and maybe even spotting a today.
NACs in South Philadelphia to host ness in addition to information about care in cases of long-term pain and its South 54th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. bald eagle (A pair has been nesting at the Biology volunteers are always needed
a Service Area Briefing on Mental City services. consequences for patients and their Registration is required for this event. refuge for 10 years.) to help out with surveys and habitat
Health and Wellness on Saturday, PMHARC will provide food, incen- families. The discussion will focus on To register or for more information, The biology program is tasked with restoration. There is a wonderful volun-
June 9, 2018, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 tives and free giveaways for attendees. how treatment can improve sufferers’ visit or call 1.877.GO making the refuge the best it can be for teer group called Weed Warriors that
pm at the Ezekiel Baptist Church on Free off-street parking is available comfort and quality of life At the free MERCY. plants, wildlife, and people. The pri- are dedicated to habitat restoration and
57th & Grays Avenue. and the church is easily accessible by mary biological mission is to provide the removing invasive plants. A great way to
This event is sponsored by the De-
partment of Housing and Community
Development (DHCD) and the Penn
public transportation, the #11 and
#36 trolleys are both approximately
one block South and North of the
GLOBE TIMES proper habitat for the wildlife that chose
to live or visit here. Wildlife surveys are
conducted on birds, frogs, butterflies,
get started is to stop by for a Stewardship
Saturday. They are held the second Sat-
urday of every month, 9:00 a.m. to noon.
Mental Health Aids Research Center church and the G bus stops one block COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD bees, deer, bats, turtles, mussels and No experience necessary!
(PMHARC). Mental health issues North of the Church as well. Please The Globe Times Welcomes Information About Your Community Events & plants. The information collected here Brendalee Phillips is a U.S. Fish and
in our communities are sometimes call Mark Harrell at 215 729-0804 if Activites! We publish every other Fridays. The Deadline For New Bulletin helps U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service staff Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist who also
overlooked and misunderstood by you need more information. Doors Board Items is the Wednesday before publication dates. know how the habitats are being used and provided the photo. Additional comments
our families and our neighbors. open at 1:00 pm. shape management decisions. were added by Globe Times staff. A Bald Eagle flying over Tinicum Marsh’s wild rice and cattail plants.
18 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 19

New Medicare Cards!    

FREE ASSISTANCE          Attention  Direct  Support  Professionals                            

re you ready for the new
Training  Available  on  Intellectual  Disabilities  Topics                    :                      
Medicare cards? New Medicare
Cards are Coming! From April ♦        Intro  to  Intellectual  Disabilities    ♦      Medication  Administration  Training        
2018 through April 2019, Medicare  
is mailing new cards to every person We will assist you with: ♦      CPR  &  First  Aid    ♦      Fire  Safety    ♦      Positive  Approaches      ♦    Dysphasia                    
with Medicare. The new cards will no ♦    Understanding  Aggression  in  people  with  IDD  ♦      Seizure  Management              
longer have Social Security numbers ♦      Understanding  Mental  Illness    ♦      Autism    ♦      And  More...      Charge  $50.00  
• Résumé and cover letter writing
on them, but will have a NEW Medi-  
care number that is unique to you. • Internet access Please  Inquire  about  availability  and  upcoming  training  classes  -­‐  Eastwick    
You do not have to do anything to get • Basic computer and job-seeking skills Family  Services,  2501  Carroll  St.,  Phila.,  PA  19142  Phone:  267-­‐634-­‐6410    
their new card--it will be mailed to shredding it, or blacking-out your • Employment and education resources  
your home, so it is important for you name and number with a black per-
to have an accurate address with the manent marker before disposing of  
Social Security Administration (SSA). it. Because the mailing will take time,
No one from Medicare will call or con- cards may arrive at a different time
tact you for information. than those of friend’s or neighbor’s.
Once you get your new card, you If you have any questions, or need
should destroy your old cards by help, call 1-800-MEDICARE.

Jump Start Home

Rehab Training Begins:
ousing developer Joe Dixon which will also run on May 9th
speaks to enthusiastic audi- and May 11th. SWCDC hope to
ence for Southwest CDC’s run the 9 hour training program at
first ever “Jumpstart Southwest” least two more times this year, so
real estate training program on stay tuned to this space for more
May 2nd. Twenty-eight people information (steven@southwestcdc.
signed up for this first session, org) or 215-729-0736. Two locations
Mon & Wed 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Mon - Fri
Tues & Thurs 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fridays 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Homeownership is important.
Free Flash Drive!*
Bring this card to one of the Southwest
Job Readiness Labs, show us your résumé We’re here to help homebuyers navigate the mortgage process and make buying
a home affordable, even if you have little money for a downpayment, little or
(or we’ll help you create a new one), “less-than-perfect” credit history or have had a recent job change.
and receive a new flash drive.
And, for a limited time, M&T is offering loan subsidies to homebuyers that can
*Offer only good for one flash drive per job seeker provide thousands of dollars in downpayment, closing cost or interest rate
assistance in certain areas. As a good neighbor and integral part of the communities
we serve, it’s important that M&T makes homebuying easy and affordable for you.
Find out how by calling 1-888-253-0993 or visiting

THIS PROGRAM IS MADE POSSIBLE IN PART BY Follow us on Equal Housing Lender.
THE INSTITUTE OF MUSEUM AND LIBRARY SERVICES Subject to credit and property approval. ©2018 M&T Bank. Member FDIC. NMLS# 381076

5” x 5”_Southwest Globe Times

by Nekludov
Eastwick Family Services
20 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018

Opening Hearts and Homes

with Foster Care
RENTAL MANAGEMENT TheVillage continues to seek Mission ♦ Intellectual/Disabilities
West, Southwest, Northeast, South Philadelphia & University City new foster parents for SW children Eastwick’s mission is to provide services for ♦ Home & Habilitation Services

215-727-1565 ay was National Foster Care be terminated,” advised Dr. Cheryl individuals in a safe environment, allow
♦ Companion Services
MANGO & AUGUST Month. But the efforts of
agencies like theVillage
Burkett, Senior Director for Commu-
nity Based Programs at theVillage and
them to direct their own services, and re-
spect their values to help them improve ♦ Supported Employment
which has been serving Southwest responsible for includes the Foster their quality of life.
♦ Respite
5601 Chester Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19153
Real Estate families for 141 years continues. Care and Adoption, In-Home Protec-
Since 1976
Licensed Broker
TheVillage, formerly Presbyterian tive Services, Family Empowerment About Us ♦ Adult Residential Homes
Children’s Village, is working with Services, Community Engagement, EEOC Statement
75 foster parents who care for and and Out of School Time programs. Eastwick Family Services is a social service
nurture 80 children in the Greater “Our host families may be mar- Eastwick Family Services is an Equal
organization that provides services for indi- Supported Employment
Philadelphia area. These children ried or single but they have to meet Opportunity Employer. We do not
viduals with developmental disabilities, the
are part of the nearly 700 youngsters the criteria such as the amenities discriminate on the basis
elderly and the physically disabled. of race,
East- We help with job searching, placement assess-
who are under foster care in or near and safety in the home and take the gender, disability, sexual
wick Family, established in 2011, has con- orienta- ment, and job monitoring. Individuals will be
the city. State certification training,” stressed tinuously provided evaluated by our staff to determine the best
tion,a or
range of services in
The City has begun a drive in 2018 Burkett. Foster Parent informational collaboration with the Office of Develop- category of employment that fits the need of
to recruit foster families to care for an meetings are offered twice a month at the individual. Upon employment we will con-
additional 300 children. theVillage’s Preheim Center located
mental Programs and Support Coordination Intellectual/Disabilities
“Our children range in age from a at 6517 Chester Avenue. For more
Staff Screening Home/Habilitation Services
tinue to provide support as needed.

month or two to age 21 when their information, phone 215-730-2240, or Referral/Intake 

All staff is subject to a full back- ground
Provides services under (ODP) Office Devel-
formal foster care relationship must email check. Screening includes criminal
Our intake process isbackground com-FBI fingerprintopmental Program for individuals with devel-
simple andcheck,
Modern Conference Room prehensive. Individuals seeking ser- opmental disabilities (MR) in the community
clearance and child abuse clearance as
that increase community integration, sociali-
vices must be registered with their
county Administrative Entities/Office zation, and improve overall quality of life.
of Developmental Programs.
Companion Services
♦ Elegant Business Setting ♦ Convenient Elmwood Location
individuals in the privacy of their home
♦ Easy Connection to Public Transportation ♦ Internet access or the community. Our well trained staff
& Driveway
♦ Rental: $250.00 per two hours (Bring Your Own Refreshments) will be there to be a companion as spell-
ed out in the Individual Support Plan.
Located near new Post Office
Respite Adult Residential 6400 Homes
Easy Access to Public Transportation & Major Highways Eastwick Family Services provides residential
▪ Many with Washer, Dryer & Extra-Secured Storage ▪ Need a break from care giving duties? A Res- homes for an individual with developmental
pite service is provided in the home of the disability. It is our goal to provide a safe living

$975 + Utilities
individual receiving services. These trained arrangement to help residents live a life that is
EEOC Statement professionals can assist with activities of dai- as close as possible in all aspects to the life
ly living. which any member of the community might Eastwick Family Services is an Equal Opportuni-
ty Employer. We do not discriminate on the
choose. Our service is based on individual cen-
Contact Us: Eastwick Family Services tered approach, which means all of the aspects
Conference Area Basement Lounge basis of race, gender, disability, sexual orienta-
of the residential experience is solely designed
tion, or religion Phone: 267-634-6410 Fax: 267-634-6439 with the individual’s unique needs in mind. Our
REAL ESTATE / INSURANCE, LTD. Eastwick Family Services Staff Screening Website: services are orchestrated towards growth and
development of each resident.
2501 Carroll Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142 Mailing Address
All staff is subject to a full back- ground check.
Please contact your county office for Intellectu-
Phone: 267-634-6410 Fax:267-634-6439 Screening includes criminal background check,
Eastwick Family Services al Disabilities for further information if you or
FBI fingerprint clearance and child abuse clear-
/ ance as needed. 2501 S. Carroll St. Philadelphia, PA 19142 your love ones
22 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper June 1, 2018 June 1, 2018 Southwest Globe Times Newspaper 23
Ave.: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. Sponsorship/Tickets: or call 215-386-


• JUNE 14: Paint & Sip – Painting Workshop Bartram’s Garden 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. 5400
Lindbergh Blvd. Fee:$18, Info: 215-729-5281 or
• JUNE 15: 12th District Police Service Area #1 Meeting, 6:30 p. m. ShopRite Supermarket
Community Room, Penrose Plaza, Island Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area. Info:
Lt. Allen (#58)
• RESTRICTED PARKING – CHESTER AVE & 49TH ST. ON WEEKENDS: JUNE 2-3: • JUNE 7: Guided Sunset Stroll, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Heinz National Wildlife Center, 8600
(24-HOURS) Construction Project for Scheduled Regional Rail Work along non-residential Lindbergh Blvd. • JUNE 16: Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Open to All. (Every 3rd Sat.) 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. The Common
side of Chester Avenue between 49th St. to 51st St. and 49th St between Kingsessing and Place, 58th & Chester Ave. Youth accompanied by adult welcome! “I desire all men to pray, lifting
Chester Avenues – Info: • JUNE 7: Beer & Boats at Bartram’s Garden 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. up holy hands without wrath & doubting” (1 Tim 1:8) Info: or
Tickets $15 cover 1st Beer and Boats. Kids boating free with parents Info: Info 215-729- 267-275-8238
• JUNE 1: Hip Hop Hoedown Dance Party Fundraiser, 8:00 – 12:00 p.m. Bartram’s 5281 or website:
• JUNE 17: SW Vacation Bible School Registration Begins: All denominations Welcome!
Garden Sankofa Farm, 5400 Lindbergh Blvd (Age 21 or over) DJ’s Lil Dave, Oluwafemi The Common Place, 58th & Chester Ave (Entrance off 58th St.) Faith growth, activities,
& Matthew Law. Donation $20. Info: 215-729-5281 or website: • JUNE 8: Art Gallery Opens at Cobbs Creek Environmental Center, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Photos by George Armistead, noted PA bird photographer & author. 700 Cobbs Creek music, supper, July 30 – Aug 4. ! Info: or 267-275-8238
Parkway (at Catharine St.) Info: Summ
Weathereir Hot
• JUNE 1: Children’s Art Showcase – 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. The Common Place, 58th & Chester • JUNE 17: Nature Photography at the Orchard, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p,m., Bartram’s Garden,
Ave. Info: Huan Baum, 215-898-2259 or 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. composition, lighting, autofocus, and pro-tips for editing photos.
• JUNE 2: Grand Opening Constituent Office – Councilman Kenyetta Johnson. 11:00
• JUNE 9: Bartram High Alumni Association Meeting, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m., Bethany Baptist
Ch., 58th St. & Warrington Ave. Info: Info: 215-729-5281 or s Here!
a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Myers Rec. Annex 58th St. & Kingsessing Ave. Info: 215-686-3412 • JUNE 22: Police Service Area #3 Meeting 3, 6:30 p.m. Myers Rec. Center 58th St. &
• JUNE 9: Free Document Shredding, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Motivation High School, 5900

Baltimore Ave Protect your identity. Sponsored by State Rep. Joanna McClinton, Info: Kingsessing Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area. Boundaries & Info: Lt. Galie (#264)
• JUNE 2: SW Community Day, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., McCreesh Playground, 6744 Regent
St. Free health screenings, Entertainment on main stage, Children’s activities, Food. Meet with (215) 748-6712,
State Rep. Joanna McClinton (Sponsor). Info: (215) 748-6712, • JUNE 23: Gospel Concert (21st Annual) 4:30 p.m., Features: Brandon Stevenson-
• JUNE 9: Mammoth Flea Market: Come Shop, Buy, or Sell 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Christ Patterson, Cynthia Spann, Brandon Kirkland & Leslie Lorraine Overton, Crusaders

• JUNE 2: Community Health Fair, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Ezekiel Baptist Ch. 58th St. & Haven Church, 6800 Lindbergh Blvd. Reserve a table ($20) or bring your own ($15) - for Christ Ch., 1201 S 47th St. David S Hill, Pastor, Benefits Woodland Reunion
Grays Ave. Diabetes./Stroke Info, BP Screenings, Fitness & Nutritional Presentations, & (vendor keep all that they sell!). Info/table reservations: Robin at 267-475-3407, other Association (Tickets $12. Contact Allen Diggs 215-909-2835, Arthur Young 215-727-
inquiries 215-365-5966 or visit

more, Sponsor: Ezekiel Baptist Church Anniversary Committee, Info 215-727-2665 1581)
• JUNE 2: (F) Free Boating on the Schuylkill River (Every Saturday)– Bartram’s Garden • JUNE 9: Special Historic Tour “The Hidden Springs of Bartram’s Garden” 11:00 a.m – • JUNE 23: Heinz Refuge Summer Solstice Festival, Food Trucks. Music, Movie, Guided
11:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Free Parking in Upper Lot, short walk to 12:00 p.m., 5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Info: 215-729-5281 or Hikes, Nature Store, Kayaking & more. Info: @HeinzRefuge or @friendsofheinz, www.

Bartram Dock. Kayaks & rowboats, safety equipment provided. Info 215-729-5281 or
• JUNE 9: Seniors! Medicare Workshops, 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Arican American
website: Museum, 701 Arch St. Clear, up-to-date information on current Medicare law benefits. • JUNE 25: Phila. Water Department Southwest Community Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Discussion
• JUNE 2: Nature Tots Program – Explore Heinz National Wildlife Center Ages 3-5 (with Free & open to the public, info/RSVP: 888-385-1995 or visit of greening stormwater in Southwest. Public Welcome! Info: www.thecommonplacephilly.
adult): story–times, crafts, hikes, 8601 Lindbergh Blvd., Reservation required. Brianna_ org or 267-275-8238. Email:
• JUNE 9: Volunteer Day, Bartram’s Garden, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., 5401 Lindbergh Blvd.

5,000 TO 25,0, or 215-365-3118 weeding, pruning, clean up, planting: No experience necessary; dress for outdoors; bring • JUNE 25: Free Clothing Pop-Up Shop – Free Adult & Children’s clothing & shoes. Begins

00 BTU
gloves if you have them. Info: 215-729-5281 or 10:00 a.m. The Common Place, 58th & Chester Ave. (entrance/parking off 58th St.) 5 free
• JUNE 2: Gateway to Re-Entry Community Kickoff Event, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Malcolm X Park, 52nd & Pine Sts. items; 1st serve basis. or 267-275-8238.
• JUNE 9: Airplane Day at Fr. Mifflin. 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. History presentations and
• JUNE 3: (C) Children: Come & Sing! SW Phila. Community Children’s Choir, (K-8)
tours. Ft. Mifflin Rd., (Off Island Ave. extension) Afternoon: Great views of large airline • JUNE 27: Police Service Area #2 Meeting, 5:00 p.m. Paschalville Library, 70th St. & CEM
1:30 – 3:30 (Every Sunday. The Common Place, 58th St. & Chester Ave. Info: thespot@
aircraft coming in from Europe. Admission fees and more information: 215-685-4167 or
Woodland Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area . Boundaries & Info: Lt. Kinslow TY (#101)
• JUNE 11: Dance for Health – Open to All (every Monday): Sponsored By Penn Nursing at The • JUNE 28: 12th District Police Service Area #4 Meeting, 5:30 p. m. Kingsessing Library,
• JUNE 4 Dance for Health – Open to All (every Monday): Sponsored By Penn Nursing at The Common Place (Every Monday) 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. 58th & Chester Ave. (Parking entrance off 58th 50th & Chester Ave. Learn what’s happening in your area. Boundaries & Info: Lt. McHugh
Common Place (Every Monday) 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. 58th & Chester Ave. (Parking entrance off St.) Refreshments. Info: Terri 215-898-2259 (#180)
58th St.) Refreshments. Info: Terri 215-898-2259
• JUNE 11: Summer of Wonder Kickoff – Fun filled activities, face-painting & food 3:30 • Southwest residents living within one mile of Bartram’s Garden are eligible for Program
• JUNE 6: Tilden Community Meeting - Open to the public, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. (Every 1st p.m. Paschalville Library 70th St & Woodland Ave. Info: Pass access (75%-100% OFF selected events). Contact us with any questions or to sign up
Wednesday of the month), Tilden Middle School, 66th St. & Elmwood Ave.. Highlights for an event 215-726-5281
of Tilden Community Initiative: programs, events, services & needs. Info: 215 301-5542 • JUNE 12: Foster Parent Info Session, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. the Village Preheim Center, 6517
Chester Ave. Info: 215-730-2240 or (Serving Southwest for EMPLOYMENT – JOB & LIFE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT
• JUNE 6: National Cancer Survivors Day – 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Dornsife Center, Ryan Hall, 142 years)
Room 4, 3509 Spring Garden St. Speaker: Jihan Langston-Davis “Life After Cancer –
Seeds of Hope” Info: 484-463-7134 or • JUNE 12: Healthy Cooking Workshop, Kingsessing Library, 1:30 p.m. Low-cost cooking
ideas, nutritional hints, 5lst St. between Kingsessing & Chester Aves., Info Chalise:
• Community Health FREE Worker Peer Training: May 14 – July 12; Mon thru Thurs 9:00
a.m – 3:00 p.m., Drexel Dornsife Center 3509 Spring Garden St, Info: (215) 571-4013 6328 Woodland Ave. While Supplies Last

• JUNE 6: “Youth Pride Health & Wellness Fair - Children’s Hospital (CHOP) Adolescent or 215-685-2690 • NOW HIRING: Direct Support Professionals: Assists an individual with a disability to

Initiative” Making PhilaHEALTHIA, 11:00 a,m. – 3:00 p,m., 2718 South St. DJ Nish lead a self-directed life and contribute to the community, assists with activities of daily
Nice, Pretzel Factory, Swag. Info: or or • JUNE 12: Feature Films for Kids Paschalville Library, 4:00 p.m. movie and light living if needed, and encourages attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion.
Minimum Qualifications: Pass a Criminal Background Check; High School Diploma or
215-840-7351 refreshments, 70th St. & Woodland Ave. Info:
Open Monday to Saturday
library or 215-685-2662 Transcripts: Valid PA Driver’s License; Social Security card; Child Abuse Clearance;
• JUNE 7: Cub Scouts: (Thursdays) 5:15 p.m. Paschalville Library, 70th & Woodland Ave. Current Physical Apply in person, 2501 Carroll St (at Elmwood Ave,) Philadelphia PA
Kids 1st – 5th Grade, 6942 Woodland Ave. at 70th St. Info: 215-685-2662 • JUNE 14: Annual Benefit Fundraiser/Celebration – Woodland Cemetery, 4000 Woodland 19142.
at John Heinz John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum

hibit Grand Opening
& 46th Birthday Celebration

June 30, 2018  

Formal Remarks & Ribbon Cutting at 1 p.m.
 Archery, trolley tours, & bird walks 11am-3pm

Come visit your National Wildlife Refuge!

Open everyday from sunrise to sundown
Free admission. Free environmental programs.
8601 Lindbergh Blvd. Phila, PA 19153
SEPTA routes 37, 108, 115 @HeinzNWR
Eastwick train station is 0.5 miles from Refuge

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