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TheKids' Corner sul July 2018 ‘Ozark Dale County Library, tne. “Ale James Street, Orark, AL 36360 S8e7745480 wwodeplcom Facebook: wwv.facebook com! ‘ozarklibrary aa Hours of operation: ‘Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. ‘and Saturday: pm. Volume 18, sue 7 uly 2018 duly Events: 5 -Story Time 10:30 AM & 4:30 PM July 7 -Kids Art 10:30AM -12 PM “Pokémon 1-4 PM July 10-LEGO Club 4-5 PM rasa [Our Summer Bookmark design winners are: ‘Andre Moore Chyna Crittendon Jade Bell Charleigh Waybright “The hawikmarke ane free the Library and ready to mark your place in your favorite book! Thank you! The 2018 Summer Reading Program would not be possible without the financial help of: The Friends of the Library, A+ Screen Printing, Ozark Family Dental, McDonald's, Hoppergrass Restaurant, Sonic, Dairy |Queen, and Church's Chicken. Suly 12--Story Time 10:30 AM & 430 PM "Young Adult Event: Camp Half-Blood Activities 1-4 PM July 14 -College Counts Career Day Noon- I PM and then -Popeom & a Movie: Coco @I2:452M “Pokémon 1-4 PM uly 19 Story Time 10:30 AM & 4:30 PM| "Young Adult Evert: Perey Jackson aud ‘the Lightning Thief 1-4 PM ‘July 21 -Pokémon 1-4 PM ‘Thank you, Volunteers! Zanych MeClendon, Jada Flemming, Donna Lechliter, ‘Alden Delaney, Rowan Delaney, Holly Newman, Deborah Mize, Rhamonda uly 24-LEGO Cub 4-5 PM July 26 -Story Time 10:30 AM & 4:30 PM! July 28 -Kids An 10:30AM 12 PM. Pokémon 1-4 PM ‘Anglin, Thanecia Dumas, Colleen Nowell, Katie Lytle, ‘and Belinda Kirkland, “uly Slory Time Themes: uly 3:Dog Days July 12: Dinosaurs Galore! July 19: Bockeepersand Tail Waggin' Taos Duly 36 ingle Animals Summer Reading Program 2018 The Ozark-Dale County Library welcomes all, whether you are an adult or a teenager; the Library is always in need of good volunteers to help out! Call Mrs. Cheryl @ 774-5480 or e-mail: Do you ever dream about what you'll be when you grow up? Come to leam about different jobs and how your dreams may come true! College Counts Career Day Saturday, July 14 12-1 PM West Wing Popcorn & a Movie @& Saturday, July 14 @ Join us on Tuesday, July 10 i; Sewer and 24 in the Children’s area! MGhulngc! Recommended ago 3" Rated PG 00 5:00 PM thr, 45 min Attention all Percy Jackson fans ages 12 and up: On Thursday, July 12 from 1-4 we will discuss Perey Jackson books, compete in PIO srivia games, as well as create Camp Half-Blood t-shirts and flags. ‘Then on Thursday, July 19 (again from 1-4) we will watch The Lightning Thief and munch on Percy Jackson-themed snacks. Please call Mrs. Cheryl at 774 ~5480, or send me an e-meil message at, if you have Jquestions and if you would like to register for the program. Art Club 10:30 Noon on First and Last Saturdays...this month we'll meet July 7 and 28. Come draw or paint with us! Recommended ages: 5-12 yrs. Fun Programs! ALL PROGRAMS ARE FREE! COME JOIN USI! Call 74-5480 for more information. Ozark-Dale County Library 416 James Street, Ozark, Alabama 36360 Email: facebook.comiozartlibrary July 12: Camp Half-Blood a Jackson Trivia ivities, Perey Attentio a Youth ages | July 19: Showing of Percy Jackson: The 12and up! Lightning Thief Snacks will be served All activities are from 1-4 PM [Popcorn and a Movie on Saturday, July14: [Come draw with us on the Rated PG First and Last Saturdays COCO | eee" Popcorn willbe ready Noon! Sas, See at 12:45, movie starts July 7 and 28 at 1PM College Counts Career Day | iy LEGO CLUB Saturday, July 14 from TUESDAY, JULY 10 AND 24 Noon to 1 PMinine West Wing | Join with other kids to design bridges that ‘can hold a dinosaur or survive a 3-foot freefalll We provide the LEGO! ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?! Pokémon League Please join us every Saturday from 1-4 in the West Wing for Pokémon. This Program is for all ages. If you want to play, but aren't quite sure how, come learn how! [Can't wait to see you here! If you have any questions, please call Andrew at: 774-5480. oKEMON ‘Story Time is every Thursday at 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM. All ages are welcome to enjoy a story, a craft and a snack! Please complete the following for the coloring contest: First name. Last name. Address City, Age, Phone # School, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! KelseForte ys Aiden Hedion ly 18 Nedyen Jomsen a5 Aa trvne siy9 Sion Wee San Snirenniers Say 25 seeWebb Su ae svoWorey uy 26 sion Key Sys Neale oper Jaya MGemt awl) 72'S Seeman Ss PowersBotes Jays Ghimerssfoster Jaye Lake West say 3 fimeeEngond Tuy 20 Know carer yk Tinethy Tomson Tuy 20 hws Nese ay Savers fecrora uy Kalegh wens uy i7 ich ee! saya Ehieh Wiser uy is Son [ Mon [tue] Wed [Te [ a Sat i 2 5 7 : 4 > ene Sry tine Rie an 030 sa ay 2 {o.0 AMand ‘horse Poenon 4 le > ‘ o = 8 err cx cotaDay Tego Club So Tne Kom fe earns 7 ; Poke 4 1s 16 7 18 9 20 j20 Nn ee MortdSnate |Rensnr ory Tne crm Do 7 ete” (RS at ana rokenon Fy = ™ 2s Pe = 2 Foes oy Figo cian [Vie canes [Som tine [akon sis |i ant 1050 m tsa xwand [Ds a ‘* a |4:30 PM Pokémon 1-4 j29 30 j30 Poe eu ook py