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Education and Manpower Bureau Territory-wide System Assessment 2007

Secondary 3 English Language Reading
Question-Answer Booklet

Instructions: 1. There are seven pages in this Question-Answer Booklet. 2. Answer all questions. 3. Time allowed is 30 minutes. 4. Write your answers in this Question-Answer Booklet. 5. Write your School Code, Class and Class Number in the boxes below.

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not an expensive place to visit (13) Marker’s Use Only (12) 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-2 1 . Read the article below. best of all. not too far away B. a good place to live C. 1.000 kinds of plants and 800 kinds of birds.Part 1 Tom is reading an article. food B. white beaches and wet rainforests. more and more people from Hong Kong are visiting ‘The Land Down Under’. Many of its various 10 landforms and wildlife are unseen in Hong Kong. Best loved by Hong Kong visitors is Australia’s seafood. the country has become a popular holiday destination for Hong Kong tour groups. In what kind of magazine could you find this article? A. Tick the best answer. especially for the Chinese. 20 Whether it is the number of good quality restaurants. Located along the coastline are more than 7. Hong Kong and Sydney. instead of the kangaroo. is usually cheaper than in Hong Kong. wildlife D. for example. Inland. Two animals that are particularly well-liked by Hong Kong visitors are the koala and kangaroo. natural habitat or travel convenience. The Land Down Under Since people from Hong Kong began moving to Australia in the 1990s. an undeveloped country D. Local lamb. The country supports close to 25. relatively new and unspoiled. the koala is so popular that many people 15 think that it is a national symbol of Australia. It is fresh. plentiful and. natural landscape and good food. have a time difference of two or three hours. But the visitor who is looking for something different can try kangaroo or crocodile meat. Tourists from Hong Kong like to visit Australia because of the reasonable flying time. fashion 2. Why do people from Hong Kong like to visit Australia? Australia is ______________. In fact. Not only will they save time flying but also the time needed when adjusting to another time zone. No vacation is complete without good food. travel C.000 clean. there are sandy red deserts and green valleys. Travellers who are interested in Western culture can fly to Australia more easily than Europe or North America. pork and beef are also delicious. A. 5 Australia is a beautiful country. making travel between these two cities convenient and trouble-free.

a vacation is better than good food D. What is the meaning of this sentence? For Chinese people. history B. C. crocodile C. unusual 6. good food is not important B. especially for the Chinese’. pork D. lively B. culture C. environment 4. lamb C. what do Australia. interesting C. _____________. Why is it easier for people from Hong Kong to travel to Australia than to Europe or North America? A. price 9. unpolluted D. beef B.3. The flying time is shorter. what is the difference between Australian and Hong Kong seafood? A. quality D. economy D. quantity C. kangaroo B. According to paragraph 2. What does ‘unspoiled’ (line 10) mean? A. travel and good food go together C. Which dish would be unusual for Hong Kong tourists? A. kangaroo Marker’s Use Only (14) (15) (18) (16) (19) (17) (20) Go on to the next page 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-3 2 . According to the passage. What is a national symbol of Australia? A. D. A. B. Europe and North America have in common? They have (a) similar ________________. It is cheaper. There are more flights to Australia. There is no difference in time zones. 5. koala D. lamb 7. Read line 17: ‘No vacation is complete without good food. A. a vacation is important 8. freshness B.

D. Booby traps helped to keep the exact location of the treasure a secret. C. . It was well hidden and the only way to find it was to use a treasure map. What does the sign mentioned in line 6 look like? (23) A. a ship D. It tells us a lot about pirates. It happened on a pirate ship. such as jewels. On this flag there was a skull and crossbones. Pirates would sail the seas looking for ships that were full of expensive goods. The skull and crossbones was a sign of death or danger. the sign appears on medicine bottles today to warn of poison. a pirate C. 1. Which one of the following is not true about Treasure Island? A. important things that happened. In fact. This helped them to remember the places the ship had visited. They would rob these ships and the people on them of anything of value. It is a popular book among children. silk. He is reading about a book called ‘Treasure Island’. and a hunt for hidden treasure. It is about children hunting for treasure. 20 5 10 15 Tick the best answer. It is also about trust and betrayal among friends. money and gold. Treasure Island. written by Robert Louis Stevenson. D. When pirates went on their journeys. To save his treasure from being stolen by others. B. or loot. The pirates used this flag to frighten other ships into giving up without a fight. It tells the story of pirates who were thieves sailing on the high seas. poison Marker’s Use Only (21) (22) 3. Usually it was buried on an island in a treasure chest. 3 C. What is the ‘Jolly Roger’ (line 5)? A. unusual weather conditions and other information. is a very famous children’s book. Pirates sometimes used booby traps to protect their treasure from other pirates. Read the following passage. 2. 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-4 B. These traps would blow up and kill people. The pirates would divide the stolen goods. among themselves but the pirate captain usually kept most of the stolen goods for himself. the pirate captain would often hide his treasure. Pirates sailed in ships that usually flew a flag called the Jolly Roger. their ship’s captain kept a log. a ship called the Hispaniola. a flag B. It is about a boy named Jim Hawkins.Part 2 Tom is a member of the Reading Club.

pirate captains B. to signal other ships that the sailors were sick B. 4 8. stolen goods C. Now. 2 C. what was a possible use of a treasure map? A. A. look at the dictionary entry for ‘log’ below. what was the use of the sign mentioned in line 6? A. the life of Robert Louis Stevenson (28) Go on to the next page 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-5 4 . to scare other ships 5. pirates’ loot B. 3. money 6. to get the treasure 7. According to this passage. to bury the treasure D.4. to protect the treasure C. a piece of wood a written record of a trip a tool to measure the speed of a ship a record of messages sent or received A. The passage introduces __________________. pirate adventures C. Look at the word ‘log’ in line 19. 3 D. In the story. 4. anything of value D. to keep the treasure a secret B. Which one of the following from paragraph 3 means the same as ‘expensive goods’ (line 9)? A. ways to get treasure D. to warn of poison on medicine bottles C. to remind people of death D. Which meaning represents the word in line 19? Marker’s Use Only (24) (25) (26) (27) log n [C] 1. 1 B. 2.

The Happy Gathering Chandra’s story began about half a year ago. an Indonesian Chinese immigrant who came to Hong Kong 40 years ago. the music and singing must now stop. Another old man who had joined the group said. “I’m eighty-two years old. since most of the people are elderly. Police told the group that there had been about 20 complaints concerning the noise and the crowds that gathered to listen to Chandra’s group. many people enjoy coming to the park to sing. “I really like playing my saxophone here and I don’t want to go anywhere else. In fact. At first. it is wonderful entertainment for them every day of the week. Read the article below. But after listening to the beautiful music he played. people just stared at him. The police said that the group could continue to play.Part 3 Tom is reading an article. The Unhappy Ending 30 10 15 Sadly. thinking perhaps that he was a bit odd. they began to use loudspeakers. Unfortunately. Friday. Now. There were times when almost a hundred people gathered to sing and dance to the music every afternoon. He took his saxophone and began to play it at the open theatre in Festival Park. due to a few complaints. In time. However. others who played musical instruments also came to the park to join Chandra. it is true that not everyone likes the music played by Chandra’s group. What do you think? 35 40 45 20 50 25 55 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-6 5 . but 1 5 I feel like I’m twenty years younger now!” Since Chandra and his group of musicians attracted so many people to their concerts. they began to clap their hands and sing along. I’ll be getting my back pain again. 6 April 2007 Community Weekly “I Want to Play My Saxophone Again!” Complaints about noise in Festival Park Matthew Lynch “If they don’t let me play the saxophone here anymore. but they would have to get a permit.” said seventy-five-year-old Chandra.” said Chandra in disappointment. the group has been ordered to stop playing their music in the park.

get a permit to play (36) Opinion What does the writer think about the concert? A. The music concerts should continue. The music concerts should be stopped forever. The public should care about the elderly. (37) Go on to the next page 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-7 6 . D. Place of Birth: _________________ D. Age: _________________ C. Name: _________________ B. stop using loudspeakers D. letter B. Only a few people joined the concert. Some people got back pain after the concert.Section A You are going to write a storyline based on the article. No loudspeakers should be used. Community Weekly B. D. magazine D. Ending What do you think is the best thing for the musicians to do? A. play music in the mornings only C. don’t pay attention to the complaints B. C. C. B. B. in the correct box for each Marker’s Use Only (29) Storyline Source Where can you find the story? A. Complaints about noise in Festival Park D. poster (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) Event What happened in the park? A. Matthew Lynch Main Character A. Fill in the blanks or put a tick answer. Number of years in Hong Kong: _________________ C. A music concert was organised by a group of musicians. The concert took place every night. I Want to Play My Saxophone Again! C. diary Title of the story A. Complete the storyline below.

a park 3. This means he _____________. The group’s music was bad. always has back pain B. Chandra is an ‘immigrant’. plays musical instruments 2. “I feel like I’m twenty years younger now” (lines 29 – 30)? A. What was the main problem with Chandra’s group? A. is old B.. B. “I really like playing my saxophone here. comes from another place D. is upset because he is old C. is sick C. The group members were too old. his flat D. A. HKSAR 2007 Prepared by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 2007-TSA-ENG-9ER2-8 7 . B. A. According to the first paragraph. D. a concert B.. 1. The music was very noisy. C. He was exercising every day.” ‘Here’ refers to _________________. He was happy to play in the group. Few people gathered in the park.Section B Tick the best answer. (42) (41) (40) (39) Marker’s Use Only (38) END OF PAPER ©Education and Manpower Bureau. He was lying to the reporter. C. has to stop playing the saxophone 4. What did the old man mean when he said. In lines 7 – 8. Chandra said. a theatre C. D. In line 5. He was only twenty years old. A. enjoys living in Hong Kong D. Chandra _________________. 5.

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