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Progress test 3 (Units 7–9)

Listen to a telephone conversation between Agnes Yim and Adnan Yilmaz. They are discussing
Mr Yilmaz’s visit to Hong Kong next month. Write the letter of each event next to the correct
date on the schedule.
Track 5
a) Global Trade Show begins
b) Global Trade Show ends
c) Mr Yilmaz gives a presentation
d) Mr Yilmaz listens to presentations
e) Mr Yilmaz arrives in Hong Kong
f) Meeting with new sales manager
g) Mr Yilmaz goes to Shanghai
h) Half day with regional sales manager
i) Day open for meetings to be confirmed
j) Day off

Monday 31st August (1)__________________

Tuesday 1st September (2)__________________

Wednesday 2nd (3)__________________

Thursday 3rd (4)__________________

Friday 4th (5)__________________

Saturday 5th (6)__________________

Sunday 6th (7)__________________

Monday 7th (8)__________________

Tuesday 8th (9)__________________

Wednesday 9th (10)__________________

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A Complete the text with words from the box.
exchange interest labour market plan sales tax

Private sector sets up new fund for small businesses

HTTC, a Birmingham-based telecommunications group, has set up an investment fund to help finance
new businesses in the area. The area has a high (11)__________________ rate because of the current
economic recession. Recent changes in the pound–euro (12)__________________ rate have made it
harder for businesses that make goods for export. HTTC hopes that providing loans with a low
(13)__________________ rate will allow new businesses to grow and to create new jobs for the
(14)__________________ force in the area. The local government has recently agreed to offer
(15)__________________ incentives for new businesses as well.

In addition to offering funding, HTTC is also providing training and consulting for people who are
considering starting a new business. The company is offering assistance with
(16)__________________ research, product development, and (17)__________________ forecasting
as well as developing a business (18)__________________ .

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B Choose the best word to complete the sentences.

19 We’ve just seen last quarter’s sales (forecast / figures) and the news is good. We performed
very well in all of our markets.

20 We’re near the end of the product (lifecycle / range) for the MX-35 so we’re going to launch
the MX-40 before the end of the year.

21 We’re planning an advertising (agency / campaign) that will focus on the high quality of the
materials we use.

22 We’ve done a lot of research about consumer (profile / behaviour) but you can never
completely predict what people will buy.

23 We started work on time and if we (keep to / implement) the schedule, we’ll launch on time.

24 I’m going to work on Saturday and Sunday so I can (meet / write) the deadline next Monday.

25 We had to (rearrange / prepare) the meeting because the Japanese team were delayed. Tokyo
airport was closed because of a storm.

26 We need to (do / collect) more information about our competitors’ products before we launch
our own.

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You are the CEO of a small software firm and you want to increase your sales. Rob Simms, a
friend of yours, has suggested that you contact a one-man advertising agency called Owen
Bradley Solutions. Mr Bradley, who specialises in helping small businesses, is a friend of your
friend and he is expecting to hear from you so the tone of the message can be friendly. Use the
notes to explain your needs. Suggest lunch next week. Write 160–180 words.

• current work: games, online customer feedback form (hoping this will be very successful)
• would like to more than double our sales in next three years – how?
• one idea: would like our software available online – not sure how to do that
• don’t know market – need market research (no idea how to do this)
• pricing – currently too high? Need advice!
• promotion (need some good ideas)

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