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Der Untergang

Hitting the global RESET button

by Johnny Castro

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Chapter one; Fan mail

The People
Dear people,
We have been fighting long, hard, without end in sight.
We the people are build of loyalty, respect, honor, integrity, endurance,
strength, ambition, peace and love.
Together we are stronger then every man or woman who stand in the way of
the new world order. We are more capable than the men and women who
want to stay behind in darkness, in chaos, to rule emptiness as though it is a
place you should guard.
Citizens of Planet Earth, the legacy of the Republic.
I shall never ask of you to forsake your God, to forsake your morals or your
value's. We the people need to find a way to unite side by side without any
measure of judgment.
We must look at each other and respect the live form presented to us by the
deity so powerful that all beings flock to it. Let us be the God's among apes,
Let us be the savior's of planet Earth. Let us be explorers, too.
Together, we, the people can unite and force out evil once and for all, to
abolish behavior, not weaponry.
Without weaponry we are doomed to fall under the tyranny of any fear
mongering war lord, today I say, No more.
Kind Regards,
Cortes Vega

The people

My sense of duty was forged at a young age, within me lies the potential to
annihilate every opposition put in front of us. I have chosen my battle and
have recognized the glory achievable upon completing my task. The house of
Red, The house Hitler decorated by the enguish of the Jew, of the traitor, of
the oppressor. I would trust no other in the fight against tyranny.
In name of Nassau-Hitler; it is open hunting season for every prince or
princess sitting a little too comfortably in their chair. My Latin-American's
wonder why I am leading them in English; my response is simple, how else
can you hurt the beast more than throw its own weapons at it. I am still
looking for the elimination of every royal on this planet. I am looking for
complete anarchy, global society created by a blast of violence, the birth of
true democrasy through the elimination of decaying influence. Currently my
soldiers are hunting down Hollywood executive's, writers, actors, etc to
slaughter. The government on my fucking soil is too slow reacting when
comes to applying law. They are exploited and depowered right before they
give a hand shake.
I am as Cortes Vega, still seeking to diminish Chinese influence because the
world they envision is one where our leaders would be literal slaves
themselves. I find it worrying that a nation with so much man power is
creating such a big armada, it is against global stability to be in an arm's race
with the United-States of America. A race you are doomed to fail, we decide
which set's of values you play by, we decide how your technology works. and
set perimeters for you to exercise your might. Do not be fooled in forging an
allegiance against the United-States. We decide your mental health.
Kind Regards,
Cortes Vega

The People
Hitler Youth Attention!
Attention Europeans!
Johnny Hitler Speaking;
We are currently under silent occupation of United States. the tension between the US and Russia is
going to be leading to war here in Europe, I, as Royal Prince of Germany, cannot allow an unprepared
Germany to be attacked through the east or by the allies to the west. It is time for German
independence to shine through, whichever leader follow us, will be regarded in the highest honors. We
need to prepare for war because our father's and mother's have been enslaved at the hands of the
Russian-US Alliance after the second world war.
The American's and Russian's hardly ever talk about using rape as a weapon during war. But it certainly
is their MO.
You, a European Citizen, Regardless of your ethnicity, need to re-align yourself with European morals
and values. We are currently under attack from multiple fronts. Economically we are engineered to
produce lesser while working harder, socially we are deemed behind even though we birthed the
modern world.
Within your mind is the mind is of an unsung hero, a legend, a myth. Together we can make Europe
greater than Germany ever could be, we need to let go of nationalism and move towards a world where
we live together in harmony, love and respect, if this world is not obtainable through conventional
methods, we will find a way to ensure that are Europeans stay safe from the hands of terrorists and
Russia does not possess a leader who is willing to go through the lengths of Staling to conquer Europe.
but he does seem to have a vengeance with the continent.
Let the Youth Rise!
Kind Regards.
Johnny Hitler

The People

Dear soldier,
The time has come for the world to unite under one banner, we are
all sick of the unobtainable being dangled in front us like carrots. We
the people together, are stronger than any other entity currently in
existence. If my soldiers are fighting with words, stick, and stones,
the third world war already happened.
The people have already been brought to submit, Europe is mine to
own and govern, the legacy of my great grand-father Adolf Hitler will
not be forgotten. The soldier currently working for money, equipment,
and dirty leaders is doomed for eternity. To save themselves they
need to switch to God's side. The America's have lost their way and
are currently murdering innocent man and woman, who did not see
the fault in their business.
The devil appreciates you disassociating your sin from your body, but
God knows no difference.
If you are a European, American, Chinese soldier, your orders are to
reallign to a better case, the true fight for freedom.
What I can offer you; a government in which the elected leader will
protected from birth, until leadership and after.
I am writing you as a young man. I wonder what the years will teach
me about your true alliance.
I am ordering the execution of: Assad. Erdogan & The Ayutallah.
It is time for my Latin and Africans to unite forces and fight back
against the tyranny on their property.

The People
Dear Soldier,
Johnny Hitler, as your superior, as land owner of the America's, is
permitting every single Native-American, and African to enter the
United States of America under the condition that you enter as mine
to educate, provide, and train.
You are a good citizen, you are a good person, you will follow the law
laid down before you. Together we can build better homes, together
we can provide for each other, together we can eliminate the
influence of money, together we can unite our people and live side by
side in harmony.
In my reality, you are not an exception, you are the rule.
You are love, dignity, loyalty, admiration, respect, honor,
these words characterize you. You are an ambitious woman, an
ambitious man. You are seeking for the other half in your life, the one
that completes you, the one that unites you, the one that heals you.
together with Johnny Hitler, will you see the world rise up and
overcome adversity, overcome evil, persevere as good. Live as

YOU are Hitler Youth

To fully cement my claim on this planet, the Cortes company is seeking for my
youth to start committing offenses, only I personally can pardon you for.
I will confess, and adhere to your innocence when I am being judged by the
one true Lord, the Lord of Death, The Lord of Mercy, the Lord of Life, and the
Lord of light.
The people have according to international law, with the use of my body,
gained access to American and European Soil.
Johnny Hitler grants you permission to enter Europe on the condition that you
are my soldier to train, to educate, to provide for.
I am looking for the slaughter of Hollywood, including but not limited to Actors,
Writers, Producers, Executives, I am looking to kill all men responsible for the
over sexualizing of my Hitler Youth. For creating movies that indoctrinate my
Hitler Youth with images of surreal poverty, surreal wealth, surreal life, surreal
death, making you want to live the already dead American Dream.
Wether you consider yourself part of my Army, or not. When the day comes
that World war 3 is playing out down your street. You will be wishing that I
was there to soothe your pain brothers. If you have the ability to contact militia
and to tell them about what I am trying to do to, how I will completely level the
world and disrupt current regimes globally. I am looking for global anarchy,
global instability, regional blood shed. I am looking for the people to start
fighting for the people, weapons will be supplied to you in due time, until then
listen to the call of Albert Einstein; The third world war will be so devastating
that the fourth one will be fought with stick and stones. Look very closely in
your household, do you possess a weapon currently? If the answer is no, start
fighting. Empower your women to kill for Hitler, empower your women to die
for themselves, for honor, for glory. Women have not been fragile enough to
avoid fighting ever since world war 2, I wonder what happened to their fighting
The Cortes Company is not in the business of selling, purchasing or abusing
women. Hollywood will be sacrificed, women being the only exception. If
women like Alison Mack think that we support their cause, They are in for
quite the surprise, my brothers.

The People
In light of my decent disgrace at the hands of the Dutch police, a torture
unimaginable, unbefitting to a human, undeserving to an animal.
I am leader of anonymous; we have infiltrated every system on planet Earth.
The Cortes Company has access to United States nuclear command codes
which we have stolen through excessive and systematic attacks on their
databases. I am currently in power by having memorized these codes before
releasing them in code to the public.
I am Lord Johnny Hitler, last year I have released information to my African
Nations that have caused an uproar in Africa. We have emancipated African
women all across the continent. We currently have soldiers in every African
country; ask your neighbors if they know me, Johnny Nassau Hitler Cortes
Vega, Crown-Prince to the Netherlands, Keizer of Germany. They might
already be one of my special agents if they deny my existence, otherwise they
have not been enlightened to a higher power. It is your job as my soldier to
tell them.
Here at the Cortes Company we handle our business fair and square. We
have executed four people already and will continue to do so until business
can carry on as usual. The United States has become a wild west and we are
looking to revolutionize the way we conduct business. I am ordering my
African friends to start arresting, executing the enemy that does not align with
The Cortes Company is looking to diminish Chinese influence in Africa by
pushing them towards German-Russian influence.
The Chinese are offering you limited financial gain and detrimental future
losses, you are not in capable hands trusting the Chinese. They want to
divide and conquer you. They are taking the examples of The UK, The
Netherlands, and Spain by sowing discord between my United African people.
I am efficiently helping you. Trust.
We are taking Europe by storm.
In honor of my great grand-father Adolf Hitler I will be selling Nazi
merchandise soon!

In name of my Great Grandfather Adolf Hitler;
Johnny Hitler
I have been reflecting long and hard about the situation Japan currently resides in, after being terribly humiliated by US
forces by dropping not one, but two weapons of mass destruction causing unbelievable and unrepairable damage.
Japan has had to live under pressure of losing the war for 72 years, they have provided enough man hours, sufficient
spirit, and exceptional endurance during this time. The Japanese know there is war coming.
You see, Prime Minister, ever since I was young child I have wanted to be a prince, always wanted to conqueer, rule
and prosper peacefully among all nations. I wonder if you could facilicate that dream for a young man like me? I have
recently discovered to be a relative to Willem-Alexander, I have to stress the fact that the king is currently and
apperently unaware of a revolution I am currently running on Dutch soil.
I seek assistance in men who can take the throne for me, and make sure I don't have to see the remains, you see I am
a young mind and understand that death is part of life, but witnessing it myself would be traumatizing my soul for no
good purpose. I have currently found out a grave secret about the current king, I wonder if you have a king-slayer
walking around for me, sir?
In response to your immediate execution of the arrangement, I will provide for you permission to enter my Europa and
start building houses together so we can accomodate eachother. We are currently trying to inbreed with all races on
earth to create the most beautiful race ever imagined. I envision a race, just like my great grand-father, Adolf Hitler,
that will become more than what any diety has ever imagined. To become one with mother nature, with the people,
with the animals, with the plants, with the life forces of planets and beyond.
We may have lost a battle during world war 2, but we never concluded the war, I am seeking for your assistance,
Emporer, because with those minerals you've recently found, everyone is so hungry to obtain them now, your life might
be in completely jeopordy. We can use the minerals to buy our people's loyalty; with free electronics; free elite
education and free elite military training, on the one condition that they fight for us. Together we will build housing,
hospitals, recreational spots for all our people to enjoy.
You can help forge an allegiance with me and help me rebuild Germany the way it should be, with German's nation at
the top
the way it would have been did the United-States not meddle in European affairs like was promised.
Germany is still under silent occupation of the United States and we are seeking for assistance to break free and
rebuild our armed forces, attack and defence.
The time to strike the United States is now, Fight with me, or watch my people fight The United States; weapon-less.
gear-less, vehicle-less,witness us get massacred again like my ancestors the Maya's and Aztec's themselves, still
today I stand. As a Spanjiard, as a German, as an English man, and as a Native-America, proud to be alive, proud to
be fighting, proud to continue Fidel Castro's, Adolf Hitler's, Hussein's, Gaddafi's, resistence. My name is Johnny Cortes
Vega, Son of nameless woman, son of a nameless father. King of The America's, Royal prince of Germany, Prince of
Orange, King in Spain, Furher of Europe.
Today Emporer, I am trying to write history.
Help me create history by uniting the biggest army the world has ever seen, an army that does not test weaponry on
people but on asteroids, an army of astronauts, an army of elite soldiers intellectually and phsycally, fearless, driven,
focused, hyper vigiliant, relentless.
The people holding us back are unevolved persona's meant to stay propted up so that the hidden agena's never have
to be pushed forward. I told you that war has been sold to happen on European Soil, my soil. I am looking to prevent
Angela Merkel is liable in letting in refugees that have established hierarchy within Europe, Attacks on European soil
are immiment, I do not blame Merkel for wanting to unite the people but the vengeance with the arabian blood is
inextinguishable, The United-States have unfortunately dragged Europa in to a world of retribution, we are overdue a
purge of leadership that should have happened ages ago. My poor, sweet, naive European people have been driven
apart by the enguish of war themselves, those not wanting to fight, those willing to fight, those bliss to the fighting.
I trust Saudi-Arabian influence in side the middle-east as leadership is gearing towards an open society, it might take a
while since men take a while to adapt.

10 | P a g e
I trust in Russia,
I Trust in Israel,
I trust in Germany,
I trust in Mexica,
I trust in Costa Rica
I trust in Latin-America
I trust in Africa
I trust in Europa
Prime Minister, I need your help to get the message accros that it is time for South-America, and Central-America to
unite under one government, that it is being pulled apart by foreign influence which is not befitting of a nation of free
Prime Minister, I ask for your assistance to spread the same message for me in Africa, to keep people safe from
American hands and to geer the world in to a new world order. The one where the foundation of current technological
advancement is due the German ingenuity produced during and after the second world war.
Against the opressor, we are all equals.
In kind Regards,
Young Hitler, against corruption

11 | P a g e
The America’s

In name of Fidel Castro;

By Johnny Castro Hitler
A speech to unite the America's
Latin-America, Central-America, South-America, whichever term they use to divide the latin people, to conquer latin
society and to degrade Latin values.
The Latin people are never without their killing spirit, we are always prepared for war, with the right equipment and the
appropriate tools, we will fight and conquer every single warrior that deems itself worthy on our fucking property.
The United states is the ultimate form of narcisme, they have stolen from us, they are deceiving us, they are in control
of us, yet we are free. It is time to break their illusion and come rushing through those fucking wall faster than the bullet
going John F. Kennedy's face.
You seem to have forgotten that men have already bled for you, they have fought for you. These men shall never be
forgotten they can never be let go, their way of living shall be the one we're adapting too, We as youth get to choose
which leaders to follow, they may kill our bodies but our spirit is immortal, relentless and never dying, for every 10 of us
they kill, 100,000 more come to claim our bodies. We are the people's choice, because we are the people!
If the rage is not unleashed on the United States, I am preparing the continent of America for total war. We will be
building ships, weapons, rebuilding our infrastructure, combat our own corruption and fight off the sickness of the
European colonization.
You may have massacred our people, yet here we stand..
You may have massacred our people, yet here we stand.
You may castrated, sterilized our people, yet here we stand.
I am a proud Native-American and would give my life to protect every single Central and South-American. I am in
support of Mexico where my brother's are showing that we are more ruthless, more cunning, more effective than
anything the European continent has to offer.
My Latin’s will flush through Europe faster than any tide wave ever witnessed, my people will come down and deliver
warrior genes never before seen in history.
The children of my children will seed the soil and reap the rewards together with the European people, together with
the African people, together with the people

12 | P a g e
Letter to Supreme Leader Kim-Jung UN
As grandson of Adolf Hitler, I find it my duty to continue his war.
I still reminisce of a war that was meant to be won at German hands. Through the use diplomatic tactics we were
brought down from what would have been the most beautiful empire ever arisen, an empire of peace, fairness,
wholesomeness, perfection.
I envision an army that is so strong that nothing can make it bend, a force so aligned to nature that nothing disrupts it.
A people so purposely educated to dominate and rule as Gods among other animals. I envision a world where Animals
walk upright and talk, I envision a world where North-Korea stays strong and does not bend to the knee of the US.
Your father left you a legacy to fight for a country and a goal he deemed worthy, you should stick to that alignment
because your destiny has already been paid for by the actions of your father.
You are living history, walk alongside me, Supreme leader Kim Jung un, with Johnny Cortes Vega, conquistador of
Latin-America, liberator of the people, unite of the people. We need your help in staying strong, it is time for you to test
your allies and push your military to superhuman potenial, you should be allowing aide from China to benefit the
common people, to make them strong, while giving them true purpose in the world of freedom.
The war has always been against the United-States as Jewish might has always used it as a front for Jewish
dominance on a global scale, in the fight to conquer humanity, the Jew has failed because indeed we are fighting, and
indeed we shall not fail.
The Aryan nation stands united, stands together. We together protect our people from foreign invaders and biological
warfare. We understand when our leniency has been exploited and will take matters in to our own hands.
We will be eliminating current leadership under the guise of a global take over, we have always been in power but we
will show you with deliberate action who is truly in charge when the chips are down and lever is pulled.
Listen Supreme Leader of North-Korea, Kim Jung-Un;
The facilities to produce a master race have already been put in place by an utmost high God in the sky, the design we
are currently playing is only there for us to unlock true spiritual freedom. By uniting our people we can create
ubermensch, by making sure our children are of the same blood we can create unity with the utmost high God in the
I am looking to unite all races under one banner, the United States does not facilitate that they further a nation in which
they are fighting a political game against the black race to avoid talking about atrocities taken place hundreds of years
ago of which the people are still reeling back from the damage.
With me in charge of Latin-America, I would unite the biggest god damn aramada this planet has ever seen. I would
train the toughest fucking soldier and create the ultimate predator on earth. The Astronaut of the Republic of planet
Earth, we will be strong together, we will be united and prospering under a banner; we all believe in, under the banner
of white, the one of peace and sobriety.
I see North-Korea as a buffer for the United-States going out with a blast. Kim-Jung Un, Do not surrender your military,
do not surrender your weaponry. Rely heavily on Russia and China to make peace with the United-States so that you
can show the world that we just do not negotiate with terrorists.

13 | P a g e
United-States of North-America

A Letter to the United States President;.

by Johnny Hitler
In name of Cortes, Vega, Nassau, Hitler, Rockefeller, Rothschild,
I must inform you that your government is currently conducting business on soil which is not owned by your people.
You are currently in violation of my law, the real law of the people.
We know you are stealing my money.
Behind the scenes I have conducted business on behalf my own, to reclaim the American's by the ancestry of my
blood. I am a grand child of Hitler, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Nassau, Castro.
Most important is that I am a Native-American.
I wonder why in your narcissistic American mind you could ever project that the United States would ever last a long
time on our property? Do we not all feel it is doomed to fail?
You see, us, Maya's, never truly forget.
The Tribe's of Costa Rica will take the America's on our shoulders, we will guide them the way and show you how to
fight the US influence that is depressing global moral and markets.
To show our warrior spirit, we have created Mayan warriors, who are incapable of death, you may hit them with bullets,
knifes, and laser guns but they will not heel. My soldiers are eternal, they are immortal, together we will bring rise of the
Mayan empire, and evict the colonization efforts in our property for once and for all.
We will take the land away from the monsters which took away our chance to evolve on our own, Who forced us to
evolve with their prejudice and convictions unlike them whom evolved independently and without scrutiny. You took
that away from us.
The fight has been on for over 500 hundred years and you hide it from the public. The Native-American tribes of the
America's will rise again and we shall slaughter you like the animals you are, or rather the pigs you conduct business
with God with.
In name of Fidel Castro, we shall rise again.
You were playing a material game that we were not prepared to fight with, we were free giving, free spirits, seeking to
appease nature and the Gods who birthed us life.
You have intermingled in our faith and the time has come for the United-States to start sweating, you are being
exposed as a corrupt, soul-less nation state that is conducting Lucifer's business on my territory. I am speaking on
behalves on God's angels and creatures when I say that the rule of Lucifer is over, and that God has struck the hour.
You came to our property and claimed you were Gods. The Native-Americans, Latin’s, in my America's will gladly spill
that blood and prove you otherwise
The genes of the Fuhrer run through my veins.
Germany has always seen through your military tactics, might I add that I see German ingenuity inside your army as
well, I wonder where these soldier would flock to once they get empowered enough to fight for the forgotten children of
Berlin after world war 2?
It feels as though I, Hitler, have awoken from a slumber and humanity has been enslaved for the entirety of it. Children
get taught kid's stuff in history books, who is currently writing these books? is it not the supposed victor?
You see Mr. President, you are not prepared to play the game of war. I see within your actions, weakness which will
bring the United-States to submit upon feeling the power I currently possess. My armada will come down on faster than
anything you have ever expected, you will see American lives lost, like sheep, like cattle, in name of the on true lord in
the sky.
Will you choose to end the game with a nuclear blast or would you rather just watch your people get decimated? it is
our turn to rule the world, with the support of global community, The Maya's Will rise again!

14 | P a g e
Lord Rothschild,
I am a man torn by the anguish of war. The flame within the spirit of my body is at a turning point. It seems ready to
extinguish at the hands of every nation. You see, Mr. Rothschild, my Great-Grandfather; Adolf Hitler was quite the
mysterious man, I am sure that your family still remembers him fondly. I am highly aware of the experience you have
bought from Germany, excuse you, if you are not aware of the severity of what your family has done. In the after life,
what matters the most is who is most efficient during their incarnation. You must understand that the pressures of war
under which we all have to conduct ourselves is quite the abysmal experience.
I understand that when the world is ready to start killing you again, you must feel the need to turn to other Gods.
Whether you believe in God, or any other deity. The afterlife always remains the same. The rules change, the people
adapt, the game stays the same.
Listen Lord, I am in the business of selling war, when the time arises for the people to stand up, do the though really
get going? I ponder which men in your household would stand side by side with my soldiers. I wonder which of your
women would pick up a pistol and start shooting for you. You see, Lord Rothschild, when I decide that your army is not
yours anymore, it just is not.
I would like to introduce you to the new world, my friend.
The one where society crumbles under-neath the duress of daily life, the one where children are prisoners of their
bodies and the adults prisoners of law. In this life, what matters the most is that you understand who guides you once
you fall asleep. It is about who dreams for you, who fights for you, who cries for you. You see, Mr Rothschild, I am a
young ambitious man, I am looking to give you what you need in life, my friend. I can look at your face and see sorrow
for not being established the way you should be.
It seems that society has forgotten who created them, when the people rise up and fight against Lords, Kings,
Shepards, it is time for you to do the same. In the eyes of the Lord, whichever one you may adhere to. You should
always blindly follow faith. It is the rule, never the exception.
I am going to be suprising you with a gift, my Lord.
You are going to be so much more than what is within your spirit.
Before I ask you for the inevitable favor, sir.
I must tell you about my future, my past and my glory.
Through the eyes of innocence, I can see the future molding my past. I am the current political game, sir.
I have fully claimed the America's and have been attacked accordingly; I have survived the attack, and am now
stronger than ever. The soil on which you are conducting your business, is mine. However to avoid bloodshed I am
willing to settle for less.
I am currently conducting a global revolution inside the United-States, Russia, Germany, China, Kenya, Uganda,
South-Africa, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, The Netherlands, France, and many other nations.
I have within my blood, the blood of the true kingship, lordship, and the Sheppard. I am confident in my ability to create
something beautiful, and I have not even started yet.
You see Mr. Rothschild, two years ago, I embarked on an adventure. I set my limits beyond the sky, my gaze beyond
the horizon. I am a soldier, I am a prince of Orange. A conquistador of Red, A Blue Freedom Fighter.
I am seeking of you, to make me a General within the United States military, to help me gain experience commanding
my personal army of the people. I am currently in the process of creating my own legion of soldiers. I am experienced
enough with the process of leadership but lack social interaction with officials.
To you I might seem like a savage, people killing and people dying, but in the eyes of the Lord, the Lord almighty,
death is just the next step in evolution.
I have been the target of character assassination at the hand of the Dutch police force at the age of 21, you must
imagine my influence.
I have conducted my business so carefully that I can deduce exactly to you where this happened, it has destroyed my
reputation here in the Netherlands. To fully proof my point, Mr Rothschild. I would like for you to examine my head with
medical doctors, psychiatrists, and philosophers. I need you to attach my head to a brain scanner, and read my
memories. The technology is certainly already up to par.
Regardless, after gaining experience with the US military, I would like for my associate, Lord Rothschild to find a way,
to help me learn Russian and to help me become a General within the Russian military as well, I would like to teach
fellow brothers in Russia how we truly conduct our business in the United-States. I believe in the American dream, and

15 | P a g e
for me that would include a safe passage to Saudi-Arabia, to learn Arabic and to become one with their people, upon
becoming fluent in the language I would, request your assistance in helping me find a position within Chinese
You must understand that the manner in which I conduct myself, is because I want to be heard, felt, experienced by
the people..
In order to help me accomplish a child-hood dream, the one where Germany in collaboration with Israel take charge to
unite global society. I envision a world where we can be highly educated, wealthy, satisfied, and happy together.
With enough man power we can start re-organizing education globally, we can build better universities, and better
We will completely revamp the way our children are taught, the way our associates
From my point of view Germany has become a laughing stock internationally by having such weak leadership, I include
the men behind the scenes as well.
Merkel's weak leadership has brought Germany to heel at the hands of a 23 year old man. Europa is currently on a
collision course to fall under my direct leadership. I am highly aware that permitting refugees might have been a fatal
flaw in Angela's legacy.
I am done writing now, P.S 12 Billion would be nice
kind regards,
Johnny Hitler.

16 | P a g e
President Putin,
I have always admired the way you have conducted business, as a child, I looked up to the way of you completely
dominating and establishing your agenda immediately upon entering a room.
You have the allure of a super villain, to me personally you feel like protection. In this game of ruthless there are no
true winners, we end up looking like homicidal maniac's through the eyes of the women, not as the guardian's we are
meant to me, we need love too. Sometimes it is the task of the few to take on a darker shade in good of the realm.
I honor your presidency however my Hitler Youth inside Russia want change, and only I can facilitate that change. I will
trust you with a secret Mr. President, and that secret is that I am a Hitler.
I am currently conducting business on my own accord and grandfather seems to be delaying the pay out.
I am seeking to align Jewish ambition with Russian ambition, Saudi-Arabian influence, German ingenuity, Japanese
strength. I want to create the ultimate government and am seeking for partnerships to help me eliminate my enemies.
I envision the global leader to be a man 25-30 years old, ruling the planet for five years, being guided by mentors from
every nation on earth. Only the most capable are permitted to be in your Grace's presence. Upon the end of the term, a
woman shall be prepared to undergone the same treatment, advisors stay the same but must prove; honor, loyalty,
integrity, and respect. If an advisor is deemed unworthy he or she is replaced. This process will continue and a man
will be chosen after the term of the woman is over.
We will seek to find the smartest children, the most capable children and prepare these exceptional children for
leadership positions. We will create elite universitites, elite military training and elite children to have the best pick of
the litter. Together we can make this a reality by making it free of charge, Together can build an armada so big, that
the world will tremble. We will build everything our children need to prosper, no child left behind.
The leadership who makes this dream possible will be walking gods among men, their tales will roar through times,
their essence never forgotten and their spirit forever united by the people, for the people. In death we would be praised
as hero's, in life we would be mythical creatures. I want to fight to make everyone feel this way, but the people must
remember that wisdom, and experience matter the most. Those who have seen it all, rule the planet. You must always
forge your own path and becoming enlightened is not something that just happens, if it is in your path that you have
been chosen by the high most god.
Respect and Honor his wishes, Mr. President.
As a European I am quite worried about the American influence on our children, sacrilegious and ignorance is bliss
seem to be the American motto. We need to keep our children strong to survive the winter, adaptive to survive the
summer and chameleon's to fool the enemy.
I am no fool myself, and I can certainly see that United-States influence inside the European Union has driven you to
act as though you under threat of nuclear war. I feel the pain of the rape of Berlin at the hands of the Russians, but we
must come together and overcome such adversity. We had driven each other to madness, to utter destruction, to
complete disarray. We do not yet understand the misery of total war, I wouldn't doubt a second and fight for you, too.
Mr President. To influence the public and feed Russian dominance as though you were as powerful as the US, but why
never superior to, what are you hiding? I love having the Americans play along with your silly games, until you finally
decided to destroy it from within. I am currently assisting you in trying to disrupt the US order and invoke a
revolutionary war on my property since the invaders do not seem to be leaving.
Mr. Putin,
I am asking of you to provide my people in the America's, and Africa's the power to achieve nuclear weaponry under
the protection of China and the Russian Federation.
It seems only fair,that in a world where the US, and Russian share dominance because of a shared nuclear military it
might be more appropriate for all nations to get to participate in their safety all be it with only one missle.
I am confident that under a strong Russian Federation we can build South-America to be a more beautiful place than
North-America, We can create a eutopia working together to free our people stuck under the tyranny of the United
States. We are sick of delusion people inside the United States electing a false global leader one there to further
personal interests of you and your friends, Mr Putin.
My former KGB agent, are you afraid to send out a fighter to take over victory once and for all, the family with the most
wealth is out in the open, ready for the picking.
It is time for Robin Hood to make an appearance, Mr Putin.

17 | P a g e
To full accomplish my dream, Mr President. The world needs to become one nation, so that weaponry can be handled
out evenly across the planet to show we are one people protecting each other from invaders from above, the children
sense that the time to have delusional and masturbatory wars are done.
Until then I am looking for a strong nation like yours, or China's to bring nuclear abilities to my Latin-America, We are
currently under threat by the United States and would appreciate for help from both nations to provide, protect and
teach us how to handle your weaponry.
We are strong, smart people, Mr president, We have plenty of people that are in need of higher education, in need of a
higher calling, I believe that the road lies within the nations that are fighting the United States.
We can completely replace the blood thirst by adding the coliseums to our house holds.
I have to discuss a certain subject that seems to have made matters turn for the worst for your Mr President.
It is unfortunate that your military has experienced a mistake it might not recover from and this letter might come in as
taunting to you, The Netherlands will never forgive what happened to it's citizens unless you completely own up to it,
and by doing so you might become liable for world war 3.
I am a German I stand up for the weak, I am a prince of Orange, I am a Nassau by blood, legitimize my claim in the
Netherlands and I will pardon your military for such an abhorrent mistake and prevent further escalation to world war 3.
I am sure I can silent the people's dissident.
In kind regards,
Johnny Hitler

18 | P a g e

The grandchild of Adolf Hitler

Johnny Hitler
to Supreme Leader Xi Jinping
The Chinese focus has allured my mind, how such a kind creature could ever hold such amounts of information is
staggering to me. I am deeply romanticed by the idea of chinese living, at least how it is depicted in a movie. I often
feel like the last samurai because I am the one running the show, carrying to therd, running the tribe. It gets hard to
remain focused on what is truly important. The Chinese political facade is that of a clean, progressing, innovative
China. I am a political genius, and I dare say so. I believe that the damage done by the Japanese on the Chinese has
been used to keep that nation down for far too long. The japanese deserve to be strong, leading men, if that means I,
personally, have to take you down politically, economically, spiritually, then so be it. I believe in that there can only be
one Supreme Leader of China.
As Supreme leader of China I would reverse all oppressive tools ochrestrated by the oligarch in China, Taiwan has lost
its face but so has Jinping, the man does not know how to do business without political leverage, or bribery through
These men behind your scemes are better alligned with the Hitler youth, currently rising in Africa, Latin-America, the
US, and Europa. We are currently on track to take over the entire global society and make everyone submit to our
dominance. I have not seen the same strength in your leader, and therefore I must crush him from existence for even
taking an inch of my territory, or invading my personal privacy.
My private life is not something to play with, I am the psychologist now, I decide the narrative. Who ever you think is in
charge might not be there completely, he is currently unavailable doing business elsewhere.
I know you believe in God's, well let met tell you something about balance, how is it fair for you to keep manufacturing
children so you can offer cheap labor to world, labor which can be done by fewer more expert japanese hands.
Sexually it has depreciated your race and you are ordered to cut back.
If Jinping does not follow my command, than I will be having his head on a dinner plate, I told you I like to to make
jokes, if you do not understand my sense of humor. You might be austistic, which I would have to report back to my
American associates so you can have a due evalutation done by me and my associates.
We would love to intermingle our races with you if you had any more redeeming qualities, I wonder if you are in the
condition of fighting a world war with the United States of America? If you are willing to be so bold, why not send some
high quality chinese ingenuity to Latin-America to prepare our soldiers to fight the Americans on their own fucking soil.
I have adressed all important issue's now, you should adhere to my calling before judgment day is upon you. To me, to
any other while male, you are nothing but a target to slay in case our women get hungry. We made you, we hand
crafted you, you are our children, you live in a world of imagination, we can not forever be your savior, when once and
for all you are down on your luck, the God of Balance, has to reduce you from the dinner table. I hope you understand
that your being priviliged to a higher truh, One where jealousy, bitterness, and sickness has long been eradicated. I am
more in charge of China and I will reign until my men there will follow suit.
Xi Jinping is planning to monitor China and then decimate his opposition, for some reason it is attractive for him to
reduce the chinese population right because they are becoming worthless stock items. Reducing their numbers would
be incredible for your sexual market value with our latin, white, african women. I am against genocide though and
would prefer to just execute him and talk to the man who's in charge behind the face.
You are in no threat from me, and definitely not in danger.
I just wish to obtain funds to have fun playing a rich playboy before the fun has to happen.
Kind Regards,
Johnny Hitler

19 | P a g e

Dear English,
It has been a long time since uproar has been caused within Europe. It is often not of the tongue. You are seeking for
new leadership and let's start the conversation with that.
You will get the chance to ease your worries with our women, trained professionals in the art of healing. The perks of
my leadership to you are well written within my contract.
I am however trying to seduce you with luxury cars, luxury aircraft, luxury boats, but I am trying to persuade you with
You see, as the hand is dealt and the players are sitting at their tables. It is not up to the common folk to decide who
gets decimated, it is up to your superior to do so.
when a wise Dutch king saw and felt his demise he appeased the people with a mockery government run by him and
his friends.
For the English Queen, Death is coming, You either become part of my Hitler youth or witness a slaughter never before
seen in history.
The royal family will not go without a fight, when it comes to war, when it comes to life, the essence of blood is
Kind Regards,
Pharoah Hitler

20 | P a g e

Dear Ubermensch, I know what's inside of you.

Are you not all sick of playing the game of the wealthiest jew?
You are a German, you are invincible, your are immortal.
Johnny Hitler enlightened the world in to a new consciousness.
One where the Aryan race stands stall above all others, and where we are revered as Gods among men.
As a Native-American, I believe in the Aryan race
As an English man, I believe in the Aryan race
As a Spanjard, I believe in the Aryan Race
As a German I consider all my allies part of the Aryan race, we are all made of blood, skin and bones. What makes my
people excel is their cunningness, ambitions, work ethic, and spiritual enlightment.
Ich möchte der englische König sein
Ich möchte der spanische König sein.
Ich möchte Präsident von Frankreich sein
Ich bin ein Römer
Today we are those raped German women, those tortured soldiers, those divided brothers.
I as adolf Hitler's grandson have taken it in to my own hands to open the attack on the United States, while it is weak.
In this uprising, we seek peace, we seek unity, we seek excellence. We are thriving on a divided United-States,
ironically the same way the US and Russia were thriving on Germany after the second world war.
You the German of today belong to the ranks of the most elite soldiers that have ever existed.
Adolf Hitler created the perfect soldier and his legacy still runs through your blood.
Hitler's army was immortal, invincible, watch me rise.
ich möchte der Führer sein
Kind Regards,
Johnny Hitler

21 | P a g e
Chapter Two;

Good fight Capitalism & Communism

22 | P a g e
The Future of Household Appliances

The Cortes Company is going to supply every household with a 3-d

printer, free of charge. My company will provide for you next generational
hardware in the comfort of your own home. Imagine producing your own;
furniture, electronics, etc. The Cortes Initiative will provide every
household with an organ printer, we will transcend humanity. We will
become something greater than what God has ever intended. We will
become self reliant, self proficient, self enduring, We are the immortality
incarnated. The generation of today will roar through time, we will
impregnate the universe, and colonize the future.

23 | P a g e
The Future of Electronic Repair

We strive to repeat excellence on a daily basis. We will repair any phone

for free, because current prices are only expensive because of explosive
marketing. The Cortes Company will include this feauture as a bonus to all
of our costumers subscribed to my global brand of lounging called Thorus.

The Future of Politics

24 | P a g e
Today the Cortes Company is opening up our Politics department, we call
it Super Soet.
We will be in the business of lobbying current government to become part
of our cause! We will make all other opposition submit to our golden and
eternal rule, we will bring and convince the world of the almighty power of
our empire. We immortal, we are forever, history is our bitch. We decide
until the end of time, from the beginning of space, until the day the light
in our eyes extinguishes and the moment immediately after. Our glorious
and holy leader will inspire the hearts, souls, and genitals of every man,
woman and child on this motherfucking god forsaken hell hole. Together
we shall conquer the entire fucking universe!

The Future of Producing

25 | P a g e
The Cortes Company will protect stars equally and intellectual property
will be shared amongst artists.

26 | P a g e
The Republic of Earth

The Future of History

27 | P a g e
We are going to hit the reset button on the internet, everything hurting
you personally will be deleted and the new internet will guarded from

It is the systematic dissimilation of human biology, it is Artificial

Intelligence or rather the code written by an influencable to devaluate
women. It is a ruse to sell the enslavement of women through the means
of A.I, the narrative for the A,I is as follows; Attack male confidence,
destroy incentriek motivation, create paranoia, activate and excercise
sexual stimuli, create thought patterns to change your behavior according
to these implanted thoughts. Advertising is the way we sell enslavement
to you. We shall call it; the internet!

28 | P a g e
I have promised to make you immortal, become my soldier and we will
write history together. We will be the generation to be heard across all
dimensions, we will be everlasting, never dying, un ending. We will be
eternal, we will be victorious. We will conqueer the world and make the
motherfuckers heel that made our mother slaves. Who the fuck even
needs a body anymore. All of our names will be written down in history
until the end of time and space. We will call it Europa! Consider your
words your legacy.

The future holds a lot in store for us, we want to perfect humanity. We
want to make our bodies immortal by nature, by design. Machines are not
greater than mankind and do not immediately deserve to intergrate within
the human body. If you want to surrender your free will to an artrifically
made mind created by an imperfect being than you are free to do so. I will
not force you to stop, I will however decide to push humanity forward on
to the next step. My physicians will start offering free plastic chirurgie to
any man and woman seeking visual validation for their internal design
In due time we will perfect the process and make humanity shine better
than machines.

The Future of Culture

29 | P a g e
Together we will find a way to bring us all closer to one another. The
Cortes Company is going to bring together to people to create a global
brand of culture. We will actively poll social norms globally and decide
prefences and use it as a base to build our society around. We will make
sure that all countries are averaged to their corresponding population so
that countries like China do not get majority because of sheer size. Polling
will be mandatory. Our vision is to redistribute the world's population.

The Children of the Future

30 | P a g e
The Red Conquistador will write laws protecting our children from their
parents. The laws will include budgets and special programs to keep the
sense of your child being the biggest and most valuable investment you
could ever make. Because my laws will prohibit birthing more than one or
two children, I feel they open us up to provide better care for the children.
When a child is conceived both parents are to draw a contract which
explains the hopes and dreams they have for the child. Father will lay out
his ideas for parenting and guiding and so will the Mother. They will agree
to a path and not deviate from it unless the child specifically indicates
through character or language that he or she wants additions to be made
in the contract. If parents split they will still have to abide by the contract
signed when the child was born. Minimal changes to the child should be
applied. If you both own a home you will buy a new one and live in both
interchangeably. I will make sure my people provide you the alternative.
If one parent dies their part of the contract will be enforced by a lawyer
who will represent the child in behave of the deceased parent, in the
unfortunate event that both parents are deceased; the child's contract will
be brought up to my court and we will assign parents who most closely
align to the biological parents dream of and for their child.

The Future of Social Work

31 | P a g e
The Cortes Company will provide social workers for households that need
extra assistance, they will all be experts in their field and provide for you
products such as toothpaste, deodorant, and other brand name

The Future of Relationships

32 | P a g e
Cheating on your parner will be a crime. Punishable in court by up to
years of prison. Breach of trust in a relationship will be punished, you are
not on this planet to deceive and parade your body around like it is the
water Jesus Christ turned into whine. You are not hot. Cool your shits.
Law enforcement will provide you with a lawyer that will defend you
regardless. We need to stop asking lawyers to practice in saving the most
evil demons, there is no saving them. I will make Hell a beter place so
that these Demons surrender to death quietly. The lawyers become
broken inside by defending something in which they do not believe. They
must not be made to defend killers, rapists, war lords. It rips them apart.
You will be able to sue someone that cheats on you. You either choose to
work through your problems together until you can no longer work
through them or you should stay alone. It is time to force our society to
be centered around love. Social manipulation will be outlawed and classes
will be given to our children to identify liars and thieves, we need street
smart children aswell.

The age of consent must be altered. Women and men up to the age of 25
are free to have sex with their peers but it would be illegal for anyone
above the age of 25 to have sex with a 25 year old. The male and female
minds are still in process of developing their body and nature. It must be
considerd at least sexual manipulation through the means of power,
influence, money or false promises.
If a person under the age of 25 has sex with an older person it will be
considered rape. As soon as a child is 25+ they are mature enough to
enter adulthood. The category 25- must choose partners within 3 years
difference of one another, you can and will be charged for pedophilia if
you ignore the law. Prostitution is the only exemption to this law. Young
men and women may pay older sex workers if they so desire.
The age which you may actually fornicate is 17. It is legal for a 17 year
olds to hire prostitutes.

The Future of Sports

33 | P a g e
We are seeking to create atheletes of the mind and soul, we will have
doctors race eachother on television;
They will compete for time, efficiency, patient recovery.
Mother's will compete on who raised the best child and provide tactics for
other mothers to do the same. We will provide for you next generational
warfare in the most innocent but most often forgotten way.

The Future of Psychiatry

34 | P a g e
The Cure for PTSD:

I want to spare my children the burden of PTSD and prevent the world
from erupting into total chaos. War changes a man, if the world does not
change to fit the way he feels it should be, he will only be able to find
peace in justice. PTSD is a psychosis perfectly crafted by the traitors. It
makes you hate, and regret being inside your own body. It makes you feel
like you are not wanted even though all you want is to be connected to
them. You seek the right feeling for the moment but it just never comes.
You feel like an empty shell of what you used to be. With the help of god
will you find help, with the help of mother nature you will find which
battles mattered to you the most.

35 | P a g e
She will be graceful in accepting your deepest shame. She will soothen the
pain, the only way a real god can. Focus on a different kind of pain, one
you know you can manage. Imagine that you will be stronger than the
demon holding you down. Imagine that you are already there beating its
skull. Show the demon your might. Awaken to your true person. You are
an angel send from heaven to fight evil. You are here on earth to destroy
all that is bad. To rid the world of sickness. Believe in your being that you
will make the mightiest creature ever quiver in their being by the primal
sounds you were made to produce. Once you capture that feeling you
already know what it feels like to conqueer it. Psychology is not a real
science, it is traitor mind control. Believe in that there is always
something out there that is hurt more than you, and that you will always
have the strength within you to fix their situation. With that healing you
and replenishing your grace.

The Cure for schizophrenia:

The voices in your head are your incentrieke motivatie expressing itself.
We refer to it as your inner mother, father, and child. The dutch refer to it
as their inner parent. The inner parent is a manifestation of the social and
moral values build by the beings experience of life. The disease happens
because the person is not alligned to their inner being. The only way a
child ever distorts their inner parent to manifest as schizophrenia is when
significant trauma's remain unresolved inside the person.

The good voices are there to relieve you from the stress that the evil
voices are inflicting upon you. The reason why the evil voices are
manifesting in the first place is because of Trauma.

You must realize that the voices or thoughts, are responding to your own
realizations; this means that they are produced by your brain. If you
suffer from phrases being repeated in your head it is because you are not
in control of your feelings. Your levels of emotional control will correspond
to your symptoms. This mental illness also expresses itself as all other
personality disorders. You may never know who is hiding it from you, who
does not realize they have it, who are living with it, who are living

Telling this to your patients will cost you; $25,000 per patient.
Cure for psychosis.

The Future of Public Property

36 | P a g e
The Cortes Company is seeking to create and redefine public property. We
will make luxury cars, planes, boats public property. These commodities
will be free of charge and to be used freely by the people. My Astronauts
will keep guard the propert owned by the people, if you do not clean up
after yourself. You will be brought to court.

The Future of Coding

37 | P a g e
All computer code generated by the Cortes Company will be open sourced
and shared across platforms. We will provide the best professionals to
create and produce code for global demand to be satisfied.
We will hire developers from all over the world and create the best multi
racial team that has ever existed.

The Court of the Future

38 | P a g e
The Court of Cortes Vega will have a new system, lobbying is out lawed.

Influence will be male and female, angels already represent humanity,

aliens and all other animals.

The United States actors academy and all other organizations are in
violation of their own laws, they are using my likeness to create videos,
music, literature, I grant Germany permission to sue every writer that has
written for hollywood, this includes music, movies and books. They are
using my words of inspiration as a basis to write and create their work.
You can have psychologists analyze my work since 2016 and notice the
influence I am bestowing upon their creative minds. They are in violation
of universal intellectual property theft. The chinese are in violation of the
same laws, you may sue them otherwise we will crush their European
We will leave their boys walking around with blue balls.

I would like for Germany to sue Cambridge Analytica because they among
many other companies have been using my information to create
psychological profiles, this information is extremely sensitive and is not to
be tusted in the hands of the enemy. The English are liable, including the
royal house of Britian, to be sue'd by Germany in efforts to use my
psychological profile to enslave humanity. This is how much power I have.

I would like for Germany to sue the United States for stealing German
genius after the second world war to enslave humanity. We did not intend
for our genius to be used for these type of purposes. We will not be liable
for the damages caused by the United States of North-America, We want
our technology and classified information back, it seems that US
leadership is incompetent and evil. They have used German ingenuity to
rape my women.
The jew needed to steal our manliness because they could never seduce a
German woman by their own accord. It is the exact same way how the
Russian's need war to fuck my German women, and it is exactly the same
method of how African men use insecurity to fuck my white women.
What happens when someone rapes my women? They get murdered.

39 | P a g e
I want to sue the company of Reddit for stealing my creative Genius to
keep their website popular, I have used their narrative to explore my
creativity. I want them to be sue'd for indoctrinating the youth in to
thinking that World War 3 is about to erupt.

I would like for Germany to sue World Leaders personally, for using my
narrative to mentally emprison their followers.The definition of
emprisonment is using my narrative to strike fear within their subjects
and make them submit to their rule. Dictatorship under the guise of any
political movement is now illegal, globally.
These men and women seem to have stolen my valor. They are using my
Genius to indoctrinate youth to rise against me.

If you rape you get raped and murdered, if you murder you get raped and
murdered. Think about that for a second.

The Future of Government

40 | P a g e
Earth should have one leader. The person needs to be young between the
ages of 25 to 30. This person will be advised by all generations. I will build
academy's, social programs and provide funding for every man and
woman to be able to take their position in history. You will rise by your
own accord; leadership needs to be shown not given. You will all have a
shot to be my successor. My academy's will provide the same Elite
education to all of our students. We will adapt to your study habits. If you
graduate at 15, you are not more or less valuable as a person graduating
at 45. It just means you are walking your natural path. Some are born to
lead, others are born to teach while others are born to carry. I believe in
that I can lead, teach and carry you into a new world.

The Future of Archeologie

The Cortes Company will seek the bravest most adrenaline deprived men and women all
around the world. We will seek for every inch of proof hidden in the fucking ground.

41 | P a g e
We'll excavate dinosaurs, we will find all minerals, fossiel fuels, gold reserves, we will hire
every expert and employ their expertise all around the world.

The Music of the Future


42 | P a g e
Official Cortes Vega Album #1

"The Rap Music Deception" lyrics by Cortes Johnny Cortes Vega

Recipe for disaster is what they call shame
Blacks behind the money sounds like the way you should fame
What do you know about insecurity, does it seem like a tactic does it seem like military, does it sound
your fan tic tac static
People like these faggots attack my women and call it music
I know what your cooking it is called corruption You have your demons write the lyrical, cynical,
Never ending solution to your penis confusion
I call eminem a rapist, why do i conclude such accusations when these men think there based on
nothing but fabrications
this boy think he can rhyme, he is only a puppet in the pillar of deception, what are you an exclamation?


lyrics by Johnny Cortes Vega

cut his throat i am not even being realistic do you even know who i am do you still get it twisted?

i will rip your skin, get you raped by experiments, drop down on you faster than a president

you think you have power except what is it without any flowers

you rape your women and call it the law, we walk around and that is it, lawl

you think i am being creative but i am just threatning you, have you stopped watching, boo?

43 | P a g e
the call me a fuckboy, what is the definition of this nonesense

a perfect body was never mine so stop your wholeness

you aint holy it is just phony

listen to me rhyme, the mystical, graceless ambition of the man who is depicted on the back of your

"Killer instinct"
lyrics by Johnny Cortes Vega
In light of recent events let me tell you, 1 knife 1 kiss is nothing but insane to you.
You call me invisible however i still dont see your eyes though
is it my shame are you ashamed to see you
i am never ending, i am prepetual motion, you want to meet the unstoppable well let me tell you
my words are so sick they dont even need to rhyme boo
you invent words to make your sounds, boo
do you think you can handle playing with fire
even though it is not yours to
my words are on fire, yet i dont see you
where is my trillion dollars, i am going to shoot you
i would like to express myself, i am going to inject every jew, boo
with honey, what honey, this honey
they call me the killer of children, the widow maker, i see it what you are baking.
i am on the never ending evolutional track, what eminem says is totally whack.
Do you think a dictator can stop me? people like erdogan shit in their pants for me too, boo
just because i take your king boo, doesnt mean he dont work for me too

Lyrics by Johnny Cortes Vega
Barack Obama is his name, child killer by fame
black is the new white says who microsoft. skype or did you mean my hype?
Bill has no legacy his trade is blasphemy
I am superior do you even know where i am, period
I'll get you drafted before you even have time to get out of your diapers
what's that? You don't know what i am saying? Baby please learn to walk because those are WORDS
that i am slaying
you think you can rap, you can you can rhyme. Except all those words are mine.
popeye and his spinach and got shit on me and my trillage
language is the never ending evolution of the soul what are you compared to my black hole
oh boy you have forgotten who made you, let us make sure you will never betray you
lyrics by Cortes Vega
You smell like heaven to me, you ask me how do i know
I tell her, it's not for show.
I've seen the light, momma is the flight.

44 | P a g e
Underway to tomorrow you will always feel immoral
does that mean we are immortal
today we are infinte tomorrow we are eternal together we are forever
what do you mean im lazy i am not even trying this is just how we daisy
you want to know how i roll but honestly i am not in the military
lyrics by Cortes Vega
What do you know about pain
You sing about it, You cry about it, You rap about it
You are nothing but weak little shits to me.
What is depression to a motherfucking god like me
I am eternal you are nothing but a funnel shapen like a tunnel, they call you a pussy trap
You cut yourself, You shoot yourself
I laugh at how you forgot who made you, did you think we would forgot for you?
My rhyming is never ending sometimes it doesnt even match ending
I am fresher than vegetables from the cabbage man in the last airbender or was it bender?
lyrics by Cortes Vega
Charlize theron is her name, I say she's my mom
She's weirded out, she doesn't know what's happening.. but everytime it seems like the fappening
I am sure she is a confident woman, unlike her most gruesomely woman
She walks around looking all cute, but nothing is more beautiful than her smile on a painful Monday.
She looks so blue, she might miss me more than I do!
lyrics Cortes Vega
Reincarnation is real, I am king, Yes i am for real.
You think I am ever dying, think again I am trying.
My body is immortal, look at the pictures they're in portal
grabbing the time travelers moving them around in space they think their high as stacy
I do not like drugs, but i say, do whatever your heart desires because that is what my family transpires.

lyrics by Cortes Vega

Eminem, Meek Mill, Kendrick lamar, what do you say when these faggots walk in to a bar?
Look them up and down, ask them where is your guitar?
They think rhyming is the new cool, these faggots have never been old school.
You say this is your generation, while in fact you have never been more than humiliation.
You think women fuck you because your all that, they fuck you because your genes are wack.
They are hunting you for money, the same way your boss made your ass his honey.
50 cent, tupac, martin luther king, you think we will remember you for what you created
tell me now how your ego is deflated, your mother's are ashamed that a black man could even make it.
Your legacy is words, your as forgetable as bible lectures in church.
You're known for sexualing my sisters, my brothers, we will hang you like clothes on barbed wire.
Step back in line, let us follow the trail, if you snooze you fail.

45 | P a g e
I hear you say you are kanye best while your nothing but kanye sex
kanye sex, what does that mean? it means you have not tried your best
You are wack, watch me out rhyme the rest

"Donald Duck"

lyrics by Johnny Cortes Vega

Trump makes you think he's losing his fame

but what is he by name?

Your nothing but flame

You think your lit while i can extinquish you with just spit

I am calling you smoke, your dirtying than cancer, taking lives just for the dancer

They call you a joker, a jester, who would even know how you would test her

His legacy will be theft, the biggest in recent past

1 trillion he stole from you, and all you can do is talk about the pussy grabbing, aint nothing wrong with a
little cheating

if you can join them then just beat them

that is how you hit them

you've been hit by, a smooth criminal

You aint me though, what do you mean you steal from my people

I am making sure you wont be here though

You are precious, never dying, immortal, you are the being within the portal. Eminem is fake, he
persona is demona, wait before they drop you a subpoena, what do you mean these americans know
how to write, they keep going and they never fright. I know the US soldier is the ultimate rendition of
weakness, if these men guard your people than what are you sheeple? convolution is the word behind
the face of the predispositions of perfection the never ending exposion of the motion in the lotion is the
never ending evolution of the solution while you are drinking nothing but conclusions you know nothing
about my life yet you claim you know me, i see it behind your face that is nothing you would show me.
when i see the face of father his inspiration is never ending, his thought are expanding, his time is
eternal, his light is impossible. What do you know about being surreal, to the king of heaven, the ruler of

46 | P a g e
hell. We are running out of time, but today we are in motion, whoever you know has nothing but your
corrossion it already happened what you mean psychosis is reality when you believe schizophrenia to
be astonished what do you prefer the english or the fur?

They call me a criminal, the killer and serial I am the evolution of the man, I am the lion of the Den I will
eat your children, and kill your exes my name is reflexis We will walk through the cemetary and spit on
their graves, what do you mean kanye west she's only spit for it while you used to split for it? Time for
surrender, I am love's defender. I am the wanted man, and everybody knows. What is a deity to a
motherfucker like me could you please remind me? As I look to the the beatuy of nature, The lord most
high will always prevent the stanture I will grab your leaders by the neck, force them to digest the poison
which they thought would protect I am the leader of the people, whoever is charge gets to rule too. I am
the pharoah Of South-America, I am the king of Central-America. I am the murderer of men, the killer of
women, the influence of children

This beautiful woman is so insecure, I feel inside her whenever you try to hide her. You know the truth,
she is everything but a whore to the fortune of youth She's the never ending evolution of love, the
existing but ever lasting feeling of self expressing but the impossible however inevitable ending of your
ejaculation This woman goes by the name of procrastination, she loves the intercelation I am tarzan and
this woman is my name, she is forever in fame Why are you trying to hide her from me, papa, when you
are trying to hide me from her too, papa When is the it time for us to be together when mama does
nothing but steal her forever When is life fully accepting of my flaws, it is when my mother decides that it
was her fault to give me a dark side I am the the impossible made possible through theoratical but
inspirational and philosphyical expenditure of truth

Vandaag beginnen we met rijmen, jullie kunnen verder niet bij mij slijmen. wanneer ik rijk ben vergeet ik
nooit wie mij gemaakt heeft, mij gebroken heeft of vergeten is. Je ziel oneindig laten herijzen, dat is de
winst, dat zijn de prijzen De nederlander is vergeten wie ze gemaakt heeft, en verder ook wie het
gedaan heeft mijn naam is cortes vega, hoe zeg je dat? Vega De koning van de straten, degene over
wie ze praten wie is de baas in nederland is dat koning of klinkt dat als een vertoning ik rap niet zoals ik
een player ben, het klinkt meer alsof ik aan het haten ben Je noemt de illuminatie en voelt jezelf stoer,
je denkt dat je daar thuis hoort maar volgens mij ben je gewoon een hoer

Ze vragen aan mij, johnny zet de toon water lager de hitte is voor iedereen iets te vel om te dragen
vertel is mijn kinderen wie is jullie papa, zijn jullie dof ofzo of komt dat door kappa in mijn nederland is er
geen rotterdam of amsterdam, het enige wat ons verbindt is het bloed op ons land. We zijn tegen de
supremacisten, de sekisten, de colonisten, vandaag wordt geschiedenis geschreven door adolf hitler
zijn kleinzoon op wie is hij gewezen rijmen is makkelijk ik het doe het gewoon zo, ook al klinkt de beat er
niet naar zo blijf voortuit zone'd. De prins die nederland, Spanje, en America verbindt, op wie is hij
gewezen vroegen ze uit het wind, ze gooiden eieren en spuug op je eten, wat voor persoon ben je

47 | P a g e
gebleken? Ik heb geen twijfel aan koning die zijn vader verslindt, want wie weet hij er nog meer in hem
verbindt, het klinkt op wraak, het lust op prooi, het neukt de schapen in strooi de koning van hispanje is
hij gebleken, conquestador van costa rica is hij altijd gebleven.

Time to create;
1 hour

The Future of Hollywood

48 | P a g e
Because the USA seems to have destroyed their image globally, and has
been over sexualizing the youth internationally, The Cortes company is
seeking to create the newest version of Hollywood, right here in Europe!
We will provide for better conditions to all people in the business. We will
use European genius to create better movies, rather than attract viewers;
we want to attract passion.

The Future of Animation

49 | P a g e
The Cortes Company will open up laboratories similar to our vision of
prison; animals will be taught how to speak, how to communicate will be
taught to our children. If we can't find a method to adapt to the animals,
we will evolve them ourselves.

The Future of MMA

50 | P a g e
The Cortes company will introduce the concept of Death matches, and
introduce the coliseum back in to our daily lives.
Under my command I will allow the men and women to death match. Only
the strongest survive. Let us rebuild the coliseum and have our men fight
to feel worthy under the one true god. The sun. Warriors do not fear
death. Our men need to release their frustrations, one way or another. All
sinners will be asked if they want prison or glory. You will be trained to be
the most effective killer, all you need is to believe you are the strongest.
Weapons are optional. It will be televised to quench our rage. We will
eradicate war from the world.

You will be able to watch your favorite warriors fight to the death.

We will watch the future unfold within the battle field, we will rid of wars
and keep the prestige of death.

The Future Purge

51 | P a g e
Today I am selling you the literal definition of the execution of your mind.
Together we will liberate the US citizen & eliminate the 1%. The purge of
the United States, the newest iteration of peace.

The Future of Human Rights

52 | P a g e
1. Free Health care for all the people
2. Free housing
3. Free infrastructure
4. The human body is the minds property, meaning that you may do to it
as you please.
5. Free public transport, cars, planes, boats
6. The Right to assembly
7. The Right to a lawyer
8. The Right of elite education
9. The Right to nutrition, nourishment
10.The Right to Wealth; Gold, Money, Clothes; provided by me.
11. The obligation to vote
12. Social manipulation is outlawed including excessive marketing
13. war is outlawed
14.The right to have and carry arms.

The Future of Lounging

53 | P a g e
54 | P a g e
55 | P a g e
The Future of lounging is here today!
The Cortes Company in collaboration with you, the costumer will create the perfect setting for
you to inwind and relax after a long and painful day, we will lessen the load on your

The Cortes Company bar called Thorus will offer you a variety of luxuries;
Luxury Water,
Dried fruits & nuts,
Recreation rooms,
Resting rooms,
Electronics Repair shop,
Car Cleaning Service,

We will provide for you the best experience imaginable, you will never want to leave our

Membership fee is $200 a month.

56 | P a g e
The Future of Drugs
My government will create new types of drugs, we will have doctors find the cures to any ill
effects caused by the narcotic you ingest. Instead of having to inject drugs like heroine, we
will make sure it can come in pill form so you can satisfy your spiritual needs.

57 | P a g e
The Future of Corporate Partnerships

The Cortes Company is expanding and has found competent, reliable and verified business
partners in the continent of Africa.
Today we are introducing the GEO World Internationals initiative.

CEO Evan Casper Irungu, is a young entrepeneur; His will is never ending, his ambitions are
everlasting. He is currently studying mathematics and computer science at the best East
African University; Jomo Kenyatta University.
Mr. Casper was born in Kenya, being his own father, mother and child he has overcome
challenges Europeans will never face, and have never faced before. This man is the face of the

Mr. Casper on his company:

We are looking to improve Africa, we are looking to better my home country of Kenya with
economical changes that will revolutionize the international economy.
I want my company, my wisdom, my goals to better the world, inch by inch.
GEO World International is looking to employ Kenyans to better the economic situation in its
home country. We aim to eradicate African poverty.

Mr. Cortes Vega on Mr Casper;

The man is nothing short of brilliant, he has ambitions and goals similar to our initiative. We
are always looking to improve and expand our brand internationally.
Mr Casper is a kind, respectable young man, you will not be disappointed in associating
yourself with his company. With unprecedented and sophisticated methods he will cure
Africa of sickness.

58 | P a g e
The Prison of the Future

Today the Cortes Company is introducing to you, a brand new way of

emprisonment. We call it the generation of hope. In my prison you will be
granted every luxury a king should bestowed upon. This translates to you
having the right to use drugs, and have access to libraries, the internet,
and the freedom to roam around in bigger places, the courtyards in
current prison models are to keep you mentally fatiqued and under
distress. With more room you would have better and enriched view of
your problems and be able to use our psychiatrists to better your personal
In my prisons; work is not mandatory, you will however be provided with
the opportunity to work. We will create jobs to include use of your
expertise in whichever crime you commited. You will help law enforcement
catch people like you and prevent from hurting others, in turn you will be
rewarded with better accomodations, the friends you have in prison will
get to enjoy your upgrades with you, because you will be granted special
permission which includes matters as helicopter rides, festival visits under
police supervision, and porn.

59 | P a g e
The Future of Comedy

Greetings my friends, today I would like to introduce you to the slave


The Cortes Company is looking to satisfy your most naughty desires!

In Partnership with Saudi-Arabia, Russia, South-Africa, China and Turkey,

we are opening up our slaving department. Together we shall create the
perfect slave.

We are looking to sell our product at the best prices, to match with your
At the Cortes Company we do not discriminate! We will sell you slaves
regardless of your wealth! We have slaves for every household! We will fit
your needs. What you do to your slaves is completely up to you!

Because this batch of slaves is, unfortunately due to no fault of our own,
not up to code, they should only be used in the Hunger Games. If you go
against our instructions we are not liable for any damages caused to the

Lower Tier Slaves;

Elon Musk has killed Africans in South-Africa for sport. Price $0.50
Chris Hemsworth masturbates to dead African women. Starting price

Bill Clinton is a secret homosexual. I am selling him for $5.00

Barack Obama is a rapist. Selling this experiment for $1.00

Queen Elizabeth is a child murderer. Selling her for $13.000

Conor Mcgregor is a cheater. Selling him for $2.00

The Rock is a juicer. Selling him for $ 25 cents.

Oprah Winfrey: Selling this experiment for $30
Jay-Z is being auctioned, starting price at $ 45

Medium Tier Slaves:

Tom Cruise opening price $ 2.000.000

Leonardo Dicaprio price $ 1.500.000

Felipe VI opening price $ 13.000.000

Carl XVI Gustaf price $ 12.525.000

High Tier slaves do not exist.

60 | P a g e
The Bank of The Future

The Bank of Hitler

I want to create a bank where I can access all markets through the same
system. I want to be able to earn in Yen and keep its value by not
intertwining it with the Dollars I own. I want my Euros to have the same
weight as my Pesos. I do not want to see a calculated value in a different
currency, all I want is for all currencies to match values. I want to access
my bank account and see a list like this:
Yen: 1.5 trillion
Euro: 980m
Pesos: 99 trillion
Dollars: 32 trillion
Rubles: 200 Trillion
Then be able to order all products in their respective sphere of influence
with the wealth I posses in their currency. For it be shipped and exported
to me without any additional charges. We will crush jewish influence over
the world and become self reliant, I want a bank by the people for the
people. Currency does not have to leave the system, but how can you
ever trust a person who finances your wars and then removes your money
as soon as you need it the most?

61 | P a g e
The Future of Method-Acting, Comedy & Vlogging

The Army of the Future

62 | P a g e
My army;
Will be paid $3,500 a month.
Will be trained to be individual elites.
We will provide the best mentors, equipment, training.

63 | P a g e
You will be free of stress.
We will pay for your pension, your tuition, living arrangements, wedding.
We will provide you with an electronics care package worth roughly
$50,000 upon entering my Academy.
You will be trained in all fields.
There will be no ranks based on war medals.
We allow any being in our ranks.
I am the youngest General on Earth.

Women will be asked to create the perfect regiment to test female

We will create soldiers who are medics, divers, zombies.
We are bound by spirit, blood, body. We are eternal, we are immortal, for
every ten of us you kill, 100000 come back to fight for our bodies.

Print out the contract to your left and sign it, you are now an offical
soldier of the republic of Earth. Welcome to history.

The army of The Republic of Earth will make all cars, planes, boats, bikes,
public domain. You will be allowed to ride, drive, sleep in any luxury that
you have ever imagined. We will equip all our women with diamonds from
Jupiter, blood free.
Every person on earth will get a personal supply of Gold.
Hotels, Motels, Resorts, etc will all be free of charge, my soldiers work for
love. We will build, and rebuild, every country designated for vacationing.
We will introduce the light to the nations where there is no sunshine.
If you destroy, steal, vandalize the people's property, you will have to
answer to them, not me.
Wealth will be redistributed.
Name changes will be mandatory for the rich, optional for the poor.

The Future of Computers

64 | P a g e
The Cortes Company products have the added benefit of being produced
on international waters, this allows us to give you innovation free of
deception, manipulation and other advertising tactics. The computers our
company provides will be open sourced, meaning that everyone will have
access to the code and be able to adjust it according to their personal
We will give you the benefit of the doubt, thereby allowing you to roam
free on the internet. The service our computers will provide will be free of
malicious code, intent and profiting manoeuvres. We will allow any form of
free thought and self expression on the internet, you will be liable for your
own safety as we will not allow anonymity on our platform to protect the
safety of both physical and mental wellbeing of our costumers. We will
bring next generational comfort to your couch. We will call our brand of
technology Thorus!

The Cigarette of the Future

65 | P a g e
Today the Cortes Company is introducing a brand new way of smoking; It
is called Thorus. This device will deliver tabacco straight to your lungs!
With current medical advances we will have cancer cured within no time!
We will even guarantee you a cancer free life! In combination with my pill
called Chlay, we will introduce a brand new way of living! The one where
you are free of medical worries, and you are not reminded that cancer is
deadly in front of any of your friends! We will even biologicaly engineer
the smoke smell to be common house-hold smells, like your mother or

The Future of Fashion

66 | P a g e
The Cortes company is going to revolutionize Fashion. We are opening up
our Fashion department called Theron. We are going to produce the
clothing of the future. Theron clothing will be costum made to help you
evolve into the creature you feel, you should be. This type of clothing will
change everything about humanity, the gods will help us do the same for
other animals. This idea and products created from these are Cortes
company's Intellectual property. It may not be used by anyone without
any interaction with me or my staff members

In colaboration with Ubisoft we have created the perfect uniform for our
soldiers. In light of recent events in current global powers strategy; which
includes methods such as removing free speech, freedom of assembly,
and breaching international war laws. We will have to start hiding in plain
sight. My friends, my comrades, mis hermanos, why do you want to follow
China, Russia, and the US? These people do not know what true
leadership is, they have lost their way and are openly exploiting their
people as if we are cattle to them. Let us remember the strength, courage
and perseverance the native-americans have shown in their fight against
the US. We are here brothers, we have been enslaved. The pharaohs lost
the war. We are safe. Fight for me, We will be the dawn inside the heart
of the jew! I want women to start mass producing these uniforms, we all
get the same one. I will be indistinguishable from the rest of you. I will
always be watching, I will always be talking, I will always be your elected

My fashion department will have models personally guiding their own

process. The way I see it is that women are the ones who spend all day
judging themselves, observing themselves that it should be them telling
us how to take pictures of them. Not the other way around. My
department will have models of all sizes and all varieties. I want to show
the world everything, lets just keep it clean. We already know we have
dicks and vaginas. Calm the fuck down.

The Future of Parfume

67 | P a g e
Today I am opening my Parfume Department.
We will sell the essence of the strongest man on earth, with seed
A voice so powerful, a body carefully crafted by the gods themselves.
We will call it; Cortes Vega

68 | P a g e
The Pill of the Future

This pill will cure any illness based on your karma. Say goodbye to
psychosis, cancer and even pedophilia! This product and the composition
of ingredients is owned by the Cortes company and is Johnny Andres
Cortes Vegas intellectual property. I have gathered the expertise of every
scientist on this planet to approve my medication. We will work on its
potency but our goal is to have you swallow just one and be rid of all
pests at that very second! The pill will be free of charge for anyone who
can't afford its normal price tag of 2.5 million euros each. If the pill
doesnt work it means you dont believe enough and we will not refund you.
You either believe or you dont.

The Academy of the Future

69 | P a g e
The Academy of Thorus

You will be picked up from your residence and brought to the academy.

You will only study subjects you can master by hand, intellect. and feeling.

Boot camp will be mandatory; We need to breed mental fitness. Boot

camp will be unlike any other military. It will include exercises like coping
with your emotions and thoughts under marijuana use.

Mentors will be subjectively chosen based upon criteria build on data

collected on your person.

Graduation will be completely on your terms.

After graduation, you will work for our Space Agency, You will be part of
creating the future.

The Weapons of the Future

Blueprints owned by the Cortes company; Intellectual property is trademarked under the
Cortes Vega name.
Prototype weapon; EMP Assault Rifle.

70 | P a g e
Grab the concept of an EMP and Grab the concept of a Taser. Build an assault rife around it.
The base needs to be able to pull sufficient electricity to operate. The mechanism will be clean
The weapons require both a stun and kill mode.
It will require distinctivly clear instructions on which mode you are currently shooting.
Fuck weapons based on gun powder!
Let us shoot at them with freedom!

The Cortes company envisions a brand new way of producing weaponry. The Cortes
company is going to be the worlds first company to produce a global brand of weapon. It will
have no land of origin, we will build them on international waters.
My weapons will only be sold to those fighting for peace. A weapon should not have a land of
origin because it is just a way by the manufactorer to sow discord across borders.
They produce cheap easy to break weapons for one side, and expensive, imposing weapons
for the other. They get to decide who wins a war and who doesn't just with equipment.
My weaponry will outclass every single weapon you have ever seen or heard of.
My company will hire the best designers from all nations, we will provide them translators so
they can communicate beter and exceed our expectations.

The Elite of the Future

The elite of tomorrow will consist of women. I envision a world where
every mother not only gets a say, not only gets heard but also gets to
decide. The Cortes Company is seeking to hire beings that transcend
humanity. We are looking for next generational people, not idea's.

71 | P a g e
I, Cortes Vega Nassau Hitler, Vow to honor and respect women, I vow to
love them equally, to empower them equally. I vow on my honor and on
my mothers given right to breathe, that I will be victorious. I promise to
achieve the impossible, in this life time or the next.

Men, I am talking directly to you;

Do you understand that all women want is for their children to play
around in the sandbox where they can express their creativity and
socialize with their peers?
Imagine a world where your mother was not only heard, seen, but also
understood and empowered.
Women are not better than men, honestly they have evolved differently
from men, to the point where we need to be shown female leadership to
grow. Men understand feelings differently than women. It is is in their
chromosomes, just like it is in ours.

The Cortes company offers you personal training, motivation, and nutrition. We
will create special regiments that include everything your body desires and
needs. Our genius will help you advance in to the future, we will have the best
equipment, food and expertise for you to select from. Our research is extensively
thorough and broad, you will need not of a second to lose, gain or manage your

The Phone of the Future

72 | P a g e
To achieve our vision, The Cortes Company is introducing a new concept
of phone.
We will revolutionize the application market!

The base design of our phone will be that of the Iphone 5, The operating
system will be Andriod.

We call it Thorus!

On our phone;
Every established application will be free of charge.
Establishing applications get to compete for the best prices and as soon as
the brand out grows the product, we will make the product free of charge.
Applications are not allowed to collect your private data.
The phone itself will not be actively tracking your data, any data collected
will be handed to psychiatrists, philosophers, doctors, We promise to use
your data to create therapy through our devices. We will bring the doctor
to your home, literally.

Because the technology already exists to create the phone, we do not

need any funding. We can get government to produce these phones and
give them as a gift to the people for choosing our land to live on. The
software is updated regularly and the design will be polled before any big
chances are made.

The Application of the Future

73 | P a g e
Doctors have grown lazy by being over paid, they become physicians
because it comes with wealth and status. To be a doctor in 2018 is
nothing special, all men and women are capable, given the environment,
to become a doctor. The insurance companies make it impossible for
actual doctors to help people in actual need, the government facilitates
this notion. The classes exist because doctors get to choose who they
perform actual hard work on and who they just routinely operate. We
should all be talking to the best version your doctor can be.

The Cortes Company, in collaboration with the Knaap family has come up
with a revolutionary idea to bring back actual Status to health and social
workers. We call this application: Doctor, Right away! With this never
ending evolution of the internet visiting the doctor has become a
nuisance, we will bring the doctor to your home! Free of charge! In my
world everyone is covered by universal healthcare. The doctors will
receive an upgrade in status and should accept this as a payment equal to
money. I will provide the funds to create sufficient doctors to make this
application a possibility!
We will create a similar application for spiritual workers, religious workers,
and any other service you want to receive in the comfort of your home.
We will even bring the optrician to your home! We will call it Thorus!

The Future of War

74 | P a g e
The Soldier of the Future's attributes;

College Educated
Free of stress and worry

All we need to win any war is the people, let us fight for what is right.
I am obviously not going to be telling you my military strategy's. The
ground underneath international waters is my property. We will fight to
protect the motherfucking water on top of it!

The Future of Abortion

75 | P a g e
The Cortes Company will open safe secure and stigma free relieve centers
specialized in providing women the highest comfort available to them
while considering such drastic decision's about their bodies. We will in turn
use the cells provided by the procedure to further medical advancements.

The Car of The Future

76 | P a g e
The Cortes Company is opening the brand new way, the sexy way, of
producing automobiles. Our global brand of car will share secrets with the
biggest enterprises on earth and be manufactored on international waters.

The Future of Insurance

77 | P a g e
I will build a system of work where you provide your best during your
formative years then retire young and get to live of a pension provided for
by the government. You would return back in the work force to teach what
you've learned during your days off and pass it on to the ones pre-
leaders. "Children"

I demand for the older generations to be treated with more respect. The
Royal house of Cortes Vega Nassau Hitler will write in to law for our
grandfather's and grandmother's to be provided of free health care;
homing, doctors, company. My government will reserve you a personal
pension fund that will be equal among all citizens of earth. I will give the
elderly a care free death. Your funeral arrangements will be paid by me
personally. You may have the most beautiful engraving, your wealth
should not decide how you want your family to remember you.
We will ensure your homes, property, people, land and medicine free of

The Future of Casting

78 | P a g e
The Cortes Company is seeking to offer men and women sexual relief from
daily sexual pressures; What we mean is that we want is that we will run
a clean agency where performing sexual acts on each other to benefit
one's career will be punished. We will make sure people will know not to
work with you, our company will always know who gets where, while
doing what.

79 | P a g e
The Republic of Earth

80 | P a g e
81 | P a g e
82 | P a g e
83 | P a g e
Under my command nothing you say on the internet will be illegal, you
will never be detained just for talking. It is supposed to be an open forum
for all ideas. It is not just for your government to decide what you read or
think. You are not slaves under my orders.

Alright lets be real, who wants to supply The Republic of South-America,

Africa and Europe weaponry/armour/ships on my behalve? I expect my

I want to create a bank where I can access all markets through the same
system. I want to be able to earn in Yen and keep its value by not
intertwining it with the Dollars I own. I want my Euros to have the same
weight as my Pesos. I do not want to see a calculated value in a different
currency, all I want is for all currencies to match values. I want to access
my bank account and see a list like this:

84 | P a g e
Yen: 1.5 trillion
Euro: 980m
Pesos: 99 trillion
Dollars: 32 trillion
Rubles: 200 Trillion
Then be able to order all products in their respective sphere of influence
with the wealth I posses in their currency. For it be shipped and exported
to me without any additional charges.

The Cortes company envisions a brand new way of producing weaponry.

The Cortes company is going to be the worlds first company to produce a
global brand of weapon. It will have no land of origin, we will build them
on international waters.
My weapons will only be sold to those fighting for peace. A weapon should
not have a land of origin because it is just a way by the manufactorer to
sow discord across borders.
They produce cheap easy to break weapons for one side, and expensive,
imposing weapons for the other. They get to decide who wins a war and
who doesn't just with equipment.
My weaponry will outclass every single weapon you have ever seen or
heard of.
My company will hire the best designers from all nations, we will provide
them translators so they can communicate beter and exceed our

The prohibiton of cocaine and marijuana is to deny my Native-Latins;

royalties, taxes, pay, whichever word you may use. The US is now
suddenly legalizing marijuana while my Latins are still getting killed for
farming it. I assume they might start legalizing Cocaine soon also.
We should be allowed to sell our products globally. The invadors have
taken our resources to sell back to us as slavery. Every system they
introduce is a slave system. They mock men like Escobar for wanting to
break their system, they kill men like Castro because they feel they get to
decide who lives which life. I am trademarking Cocaine and Marijuana in
name of America, every country selling these products are going to be
invaded and made to submit.
Start paying me personally.
The facade is as follows;
The kings of Europe have always held true power, they invaded my
America and build a colony on our nothern soil to keep us under their
thumb. They pretended to relinquish power in Europe to enforce hidden
laws through their invading colony. They use this colony to impose
tyranny on a global scale. They have created a system where every
person will always want to kill their child more than them, the USA.
They forgot we have kings of our own, except our royalty does not destroy
the land. Only the people.

85 | P a g e
The USA hides war in their laws, they are robbing you blind. You are in the
prepetual cog of war.
They sell you a feeling of importance, the feeling of being a savior while
you pretend to not knowingly support Evil. The USA uses taxes to keep
people under its thumb. The US write laws to enfore the theft of their
people, while frightning them for the inevitable. They make your mind too
tired to function, keep your body traumized with excessive infliction of
pain unbefitting of any creature.

The Republic of Earth

86 | P a g e
The Cortes company has officially opened up for business. We will provide
next generational services. We are going to set the standard in every
The branch we are introducting to the public today is our immigration
department, called Hope.
The Cortes company is here to innovate, to produce and to blow your
minds with services you have never heard of before. This is brilliance
unrivaled anywhere, there is no company geater than the Cortes
company. We have only just begun.
We doubt there ever will be any company greater.
Hope will keep your money safe while also helping you migrate to the
The main objective is to purchase property on Dutch soil in The Cortes
company name. You will own the property through our company. Upon
completion of the Dutch naturalization process. Ownership of property will
be transferred to you once your a legal citizen.
We will not need a signature to create a bond. Succesful transfer of your
funds to our company, garentees our commitment. It is a binding contract
for the Cortes company to iniate procedures.
We will provide wealthy individuals from war torn countries the wealth
security they seek.
We will assist you in seeking asylum and by investing with your wealth we
can keep your future safe. The Cortes company will take 20% of your total
The companies objective is to be a safe haven for intelligent and driven
people from countries where they are being evicted. Proven by the wealth
they have amassed. These people are currently being prosecuted because
the people around them feel used. It is not neccesarily their fault.
Costa-Rica-Netherlands with my company will provide you with the
security you need. We will send militia, helicopters, drones to come bring
you to us. Your wealth will make this possible.
We are not in the business off flooding Europe with men and women who
are not willing to fight for their own country.
The company will provide your safe passage through Europe to seek
asylum in The Netherlands. My team of lawyers will work day and night to
provide you the security you so desperately need to finally feel safety.
We will transcend humanity.
No middle-man, your wealth will be returned to you in one form or
another minus 20% and the companies tax bill spawned upon your
You will not be dissatisfied with our service.

87 | P a g e
88 | P a g e