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An ocean going ship of 4000

gross tons must be fitted with a
standard discharge shore
connection for the discharge of
oily wastes to a reception
1 155
facility. The dimensions for the
connection are specified in the
Pollution Prevention
Regulations under Part
If you observe any situation
which presents a safety or
Shut down the
2 pollution hazard during fuel
transfer operations which
action should you take first?
The drainage from laundry,
bathroom and washbasin drains
but does not include drainage
3 greywater
from toilets, urinals, hospital
and animal spaces is
The operator of each vessel cargoes carried
subject to the pollution and dates
4 regulations is NOT required to delivered,
keep written records of including
__________. destinations
Plastic material may be
Prohibited to
5 discharged overboard from a
throw overboard
vessel if it is __________.
According to the Coast Guard
Pollution Prevention
Regulations (33 CFR), what is
6 the minimum number of bolts 4 bolts
required in a temporarily
connected standard ANSI
Prohibited oil spaces” as
specified in the Pollution Tanks storing oil
7 Prevention Regulations provide in the forepeak
regulations, which of the compartment.
The approval period for a
8 shipboard oil pollution five years
emergency plan expires after
Under the Pollution
Regulations, garbage disposal
9 two years
records must be kept for
Which of the listed operations
Topping off of any
must be personally supervised
10 tanks being
by the person-in-charge while
taking on fuel?
Among other restrictions, an
discharging at an
oil tanker may not discharge an
instantaneous rate
oily mixture into the sea from a
11 of oil content not
cargo tank, slop tank, or cargo
exceeding 30 liters
pump room bilge unless the
per nautical mile
vessel is_________ .
Which should be done with the
ashes from your vessel’s discharge to shore
incinerator which has burned facility only
packages containing plastic?
To whom is the first report
13 rendered in the oil pollution Port authorities
contingency plan of the vessel?
Most minor spills of oil
14 human error
products are caused by______.
Which of the following
statements is true concerning
oil transfer connections? I. Any
permanently connected flange
coupling must have a bolt in
each hole II. Approved quick-
connect couplings may be used
15 I, II & III
III. When a temporary
connection utilizes an
American National Standard
Institute (ANSI) standard
flange, a bolt in every other
hole is accpetable if at least
four bolts are used
document signed
by vessel and shore
According to the Pollution
facility persons-in-
Prevention Regulations, the
16 charge declaring
declaration of inspection is the
that all transfer
requirements have
been met
17 On a tanker ship, sanitary Master and Chief
inspections of the crew's Engineer
quarters are the responsibility
of the __________.
Which list is not required to be
provided as part of the A list of personnel
appendices of the Shipboard duty assignments.
Oil Pollution Emergency Plan?
In an oil pumping operation
where pumping connections
19 are made up of flanged hoses hose
the weakest link is the
Which statement is true for the
30,000 DWT tanker ship The IOPP
20 engaging in trade to another Certificate is valid
country signatory to MARPOL for 5 years
The standard outside diameter
pipelines to enable pipes of
reception facilities to be
21 connected with the ships 215 mm
discharge pipelines for residues
from machinery bilges should
When you notice oil on the
water near your vessel while
22 stop loading
taking on fuel, you should
FIRST ____________.
Which is a mandatory section
23 of the shipboard Oil Pollution
Emergency Plan?
When you are at sea and a high
bilge level alarm sounded, Use oily bilge
which of the following should separator
you do ?
Regulations, state that ocean
going ships of 400 gross tons
and above must be fitted with a
standard discharge shore
suitable for a
connection for the discharge of
25 service pressure of
oily waste from machinery
6 kg/cm2
space bilges to reception
facilities. The flange of this
discharge connection must be
26 According to Pollution the hose is
Prevention Regulations, if a replaced
cargo hose shows a small leak
in its fabric, you may transfer
oil after______________.
Which of the following senior
officers shall sign each
27 Master
completed page of the oil
Record Book?
The Shipboard Oil Pollution an explanation and
28 Emergency Plan must include purpose of the
__________. plan
Which is not a mandatory part
29 of the Shipboard Oil Pollution Diagrams
Emergency Plan?
According to Pollution
Prevention Regulations, when
When authorized
may a person serve as the
30 by the Captain of
person-in-charge of both a
the Port.
vessel and a facility during oil
transfer operations?
The noxious substance which
should remain on board until it
31 pollutant
can be disposed in a reception
facility ashore is called_____.
When amendments are made to
the Shipboard Oil Pollution and cannot be
32 Emergency Plan, the revisions implemented
must be submitted to the without approval
administration __________.
The best way to combat an
foam extinguisher
engine room bilge fire is
33 and low velocity
through the use of
water fog
a_____________ .
With no environmental forces
present, the center of gravity of
34 center of buoyancy
an inclined vessel is vertically
aligned with the .
All types of food wastes
generated in the living spaces
35 domestic waste
on board the ship are known
The regulations that were
passed to implement MARPOL
36 73/78 concerning oil pollution
apply to a U.S. flag vessel
that sails on which waters?
Under the Pollution
Regulations, when you dump keep a record for
garbage in to the sea you must two years
According to 33 CFR Part 151,
all tankships of 150 GT and
above and all other ships of shipboard oil
38 400 GT and above,are required pollution
to prepare and maintain an emergency plan
Which of the following
prohibits the discharge of oil to Reg. IX – Control
the sea if the content of the of Discharge of Oil
effluent is more than 15 ppm ?
Pollution Prevention
valves used during
Regulations require that on the
40 transfer shall be
completion of oil transfer
operations all _____________.
The term "arrival ballast" refers
41 clean ballast
to ___________.
The scuppers had been plugged
as required at the time an oil
spread an
spill occurs on deck. After
42 shutting down the transfer, the
material, such as
engineroom should first be
informed and then
The change in its
Why is it important for fuel oil
specific volume
43 tank not to be topped off when
when heated may
loading cold oil?
cause an overflow
overboard only
through an
approved oily
44 Bilges may be pumped .
water separator
and oil content
Shipboard Oil
45 SOPEP means _______. Pollution and
Emergency Plans
The preferred type of pollution
46 control for oil spills on the boom
water is__________.
Which of the following
47 I, II & III
statements is true concerning
oil transfer connections? I. Any
permanently connected flange
coupling must have a bolt in
each hole II. Approved quick-
connect couplings may be used
III. When a temporary
connection utilizes an
American National Standard
Institute (ANSI) standard
flange, a bolt in every other
hole is accpetable if at least
four bolts are used
Pollution regulations require
that the oil transfer procedures,
which must be posted on every
vessel having a capacity of 250
or more barrels of oil, must
48 I, II & III
contain a description of each
oil transfer system installed on
the vessel including each
_____________. I. valve II.
pump III. vent
The minimum number of bolts
necessary for a standard ANSI
oil transfer hose temporary
49 four bolts
flange coupling (eight bolt hole
flange) is
holding its slops
A ocean going ship having an
onboard until they
inoperative oily water separator
50 can be discharged
may dispose of its bilge slops
to a shore side
by_______________ .
reception facility
If a leak in an oil hose coupling
notify the terminal
cannot be stopped by
operator, then
51 tightening the coupling bolts,
shutdown and
you should
repair the leak
is in the immediate
No person may transfer oil to
vicinity and
or from a vessel unless the
52 immediately
person in charge
available to the oil
transfer personnel
Is it possible to discharge
No, it is prohibited
53 overboard plastic material from
to discharge
a vessel?
According to the Coast Guard
Pollution Prevention
Regulations, no person may
transfer oil to or from a vessel
unless _____________. I. each
part of the transfer system not
54 necessary for the transfer I, II & III
operation is securely blanked
or shut off II. the discharge
containment is in place III.
each scupper or drain in a
discharge containment system
is closed
Before a vessel can pump oily
water within a Special Area, it it must be more
55 has to comply with the than 12 miles from
following conditions the nearest coast
When completing the
ballasting operation of a Back flow of
56 contaminated tank, which of contaminated
the following problems must water
be guarded against?
According to Pollution
Prevention Regulations,
no person may transfer oil to
or from a vessel
unless _____________. I. each
hose is supported in a manner
that prevents strain on its
coupling II. Each part of the
57 I, II & III
transfer system necessary to
allow the flow of oil is lined up
for transfer III. each oil transfer
hose has no loose covers,
kinks, bulges, or soft spots, and
no gouges, cuts or slahses that
penetrate the hose
According to Regulations (46
CFR), no vessel can come
alongside or remain alongside officer-in-charge
58 a tank vessel while it is loading of the vessel which
A, B, or C grade cargo without is loading
having the permission of the
A precaution you should take
59 before bunkering is to plug the scuppers
Pollution Prevention
all parts of the
Regulations, state that no
transfer system
60 person may transfer oil to or
have been
from a vessel unless
properly lined up
Fueling results in the collection
of waste oil in drip pans and Placing it in
61 containers. Which is an proper disposal
approved method of disposing facilities
of the waste oil?
When amendments are made to
the shipboard oil pollution and cannot be
62 emergency plan, the revisions implemented
must be submitted to the Coast without approval
Guard __________.
According to Pollution
Prevention Regulations (33
CFR), the minimum number of
63 four
bolts permitted in an ANSI
standard flange on an oil hose
The fixed CO2 fire
extinguishing system has been
activated to extinguish a large After the metal
64 engine room bilge fire. When surfaces have
is the best time to vent the cooled down.
combustible products from the
engine room?
To prevent oil from escaping
into the sea when ballasting start the cargo
65 through the cargo piping pump, then open
system, you should FIRST sea suction valves
According to the Pollution
Prevention Regulations, who The designated
makes the final decision of personin-charge
when oil transfer may begin?
During topping off of bunker
tanks, the loading rate must be
67 person-in-charge
personally supervised by the
Which substance is NOT Oil mixed with
considered to be "Oil" under dredge spoil
the pollution prevention
When using mechanical foam
to fight a bilge fire, the stream at a vertical
of foam is most effective when surface
directed .
Which of the following liquids
can ordinarily be discharge
70 overboard without being Segregated ballast
processed through an oily
water separator?
According to Pollution
Prevention Regulations ,
the designated
no person may connect or
71 person-incharge is
engage in any other critical oil
transfer operation unless
Which of the circumstances A person falls
listed is an exception to the overboard, and a
72 garbage discharge requirements plastic ice chest is
in Annex V to MARPOL thrown for
73/78? flotation.
When amendments are made to
the Shipboard Oil Pollution and cannot be
73 Emergency Plan, the revisions implemented
must be submitted to the Coast without approval
Guard __________.
When bunkering is completed, drained, blanked
74 the hoses should be off, and stored
__________. securely
Oil Pollution Prevention
Regulations, require that the
person-in-charge of transfer
operations is to insure that the
_____________. I. drains and
scuppers are closed by the
75 I, II & III
mechanical means II.
transferrer and transferee know
the identity of the product to be
transferred III. hose is
supported to prevent kinking or
Sanitary inspections of the
Master and Chief
76 crew's quarters are the
responsibility of the____.
77 Why is it important for fuel oil The change in its
tank not to be topped off when specific volume
loading cold oil? when heated may
cause an overflow
Which of the following classes
78 of fire would probably occur in Class B
the engine room bilges?
When discharging clean
ballast, prior to entering the
loading port, if the ballast is
be terminated
79 determined by the oil monitor
to exceed 15 parts per million
of oil, the deballasting must
The term 'discharge', as it
applies to the pollution spilling, leaking,
regulations, means pumping
an oil tanker of
A shipboard oil pollution 150 gross tons or
81 emergency plan is required of above, or other
______________. ship of 400 gross
tons or above
Water ballast placed in a tank
that has been crude oil washed,
82 dirty ballast
but not water rinsed, shall be
regarded as ________.
According to regulations, when
loading, or discharging oil in
A red flag (day),
83 bulk at a dock, which of the
red light (night)
following signals must be
Any individual
When a vessel violates the oil
connected with the
84 pollution laws, who may be
vessel involved in
held responsible?
the operation
Regarding oil transfer pump,
which of the following is the No connection
normal practice with regards to fitted
connection to the bilge pump ?
One of the requirements for an
oil tanker operating with
An oil content
86 Dedicated Clean Ballast shall
be that it is equipped
The term "segregated ballast" tank that is
is defined in the Pollution completely
Prevention Regulations as separated from the
ballast water introduced into cargo oil and fuel
a/an ____________. oil systems
The process of grinding,
shredding, or reducing the size
88 maceration
of sewage particles is known as
Which of the following types
of ships log books where
entries of the loading and A cargo record
unloading operation of noxious book
liquid substances should be
Which of the following is the
minimum internal diameter of
90 the main bilge suction piping 2 ½ inches
permitted by regulations on a
vessel over 150 gross tons?
Coast Guard Regulations be independent of
91 require the emergency bilge the main bilge
system to _____. system
A solid material which
92 contains synthetic polymers is plastic
Pollution Prevention
hoses are
Regulations state that no
supported so that
93 person may transfer oil to or
couplings have no
from a vessel
strain on them
unless _____________.
It is visible for a
Which statement is true
94 shorter time than a
concerning gasoline spill?
fuel oil spill.
The transfer procedures for oil where they can be
95 products are required to be easily seen or
posted ____________. readily available
annually by the
owner and submit
a letter to the
Shipboard oil pollution
Coast Guard
96 emergency plans must be
within one month
reviewed ___________.
of the anniversary
date of the plan
In accordance with
97 Regulations, a 25,000 gross ton I, II & III
cargo vessel on an ocean route,
having two 10,000 HP oil fired
boilers, requires a certain
quantity of hand portable and
semi-portable fire
extinguishing systems in the
engine room. Which of the
following quantities of
extinguishing agents would
meet these requirements? I.
100 lbs. CO2, 20 lbs. dry
chemical II. 30 lbs. CO2, 40
gals. foam III. 5 gals foam, 50
lbs. dry chemical
Among other restrictions, an
oil tanker may not discharge an discharging at an
oily mixture into the sea from a instantaneous rate
98 cargo tank, slop tank, or cargo of oil content not
pump room bilge unless the exceeding 30 liters
vessel is per nautical mile
Remote control for stopping
machinery driving fuel oil protected against
99 service pumps is required. accidental
These controls shall be operation
An ocean going ship of over
400 gross tons must be fitted
with a standard discharge shore
connection. What size bolt
100 183 mm
circle diameter is required for
this shore connection to
transfer oily ballast to a shore
side reception facility?
Small oil spills on deck is
plugging the
101 prevented from going
overboard by ______:
Coast Guard regulations
require a shipboard oil
102 annually only
pollution emergency plan to be
reviewed _____________.
While loading bulk oil, you
notice oil on the water near the
103 barge. Which of the following Stop loading
actions should you carry out