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English Furigana

moving (dwelling, office, etc.) ひっこし

a lot, much いっぱい
festival, feast まつり
dangerous あぶない
to wave, to shake, to swing ふる
to release, to let go, to free はなす
part, share ぶん
a long time, it's been a while ひさしぶり
a while, quite a time しばらく 
speech, words せりふ
great, excellent, admirable えらい
physical strength たいりょく
neighbourhood きんじょ
greeting あいさつ
distribute, deliver くばる
preparation ようい
to tidy up, to put in order かたづける
strange へんな
taste, liking, preference しこう
gone, lef いなくなった
I'm hungry はらへった
to locate, to find みつける
set one's hands to, start work on てをつける
perhaps, possibly もしかして
to say, to be called もうす
power pole でんちゅう
modesty, hesitation えんりょ
(my) daughter, girl むすめ
to search, to look for さがす
seat, location, place せき
however だけど
order, request ごちゅうもん
one's own property, possessions わがもの
weekdаy, ordinary days (non-holiday) へいじつ/ひらび
strawberry いちご
plenty, enough, sufficient じゅうぶん
to choose, to select える
pumpkin, squash かぼちゃ
to be surprised, to be amazed, to be frightened びっくり
terrible, dreadful, terrifying おそろしい
to dance おどる
task, difficult task, hard work ひとしごと
soup しる
prize, award しょう
well, now, then さて
Never mind!, Don't worry about it きにするな!
moustache, beard, whiskers ひげ
to get angry, mad おこられる
wisdom, wit, intelligence ちえ
skin はだ
method, process, manner ほうほう
complementary ticket, invitation card しょうたいけん
suitable, proper, appropriate てきとう
amusement park ゆうえんち
close friend なかよし
to invite, to ask, to call (for) さそう
shy, ashamed, embarrassed はずかしい
boy, child, youth, brat こわっぱ
attraction, fascination, charm みわく
bathing suit, swimsuit, swimmers みずぎ
to stream, to flow ながれる
to be fascinated (by), to be charmed みとれる
(kana) hopeless swimmer, hammer かなづち
swimming すいえい
failure, mistake, blunder しっぱい
to float うかべる
company, fellow, colleague なかま
good, OK, all right よろしい
well then..., in that situation, in which case それじゃ
to make (someone) do, to allow (someone) to させる
talisman, amulet まよけ
limit, restriction げんてい
murder, killing, murderer ころし
at ounce, immediately, without delay さっそく
savings, deposit (in a bank) ちょきん
song, tune, composition きょく
hometown いなか
island しま
feeling, sense, impression かんじ
painter, artist, えかき
Thank you for waiting おまたせしました
water service, water supply すいどう
a murder, murder case さつじんじけん
to draw, to paint, to sketch かく
revenge ふくしゅう
you, you bastard きさま
hell じごく
excuse, explanation いいわけ
life, life force いのち
rival, opponent, adversary かたき
always, without exception, certainly かならず
task, errand ようじ
to move, to stir, to shif うごく
remnant, residue, remaining のこり
gun, rifle, small arms じゅう
to thrust before, to thrust at つきつける
obedient, docile, quiet おとなしい
confirmation, validation かくにん
watermelon すいか
to entrust, to leave to a person まかす
earth-shattering, staggering ものすごい
olden days, former むかし
to be pleased with, to suit きにいる
very small ちっこい
schoolmate, alumnus こうゆう
win, victory かち
best in the world せかいいち
reserve, constraint, modesty えんりょ
fireworks はなび
tiger; drunkard, sot とら
return gif, return favour おかえし
to that extent, to that degree あんなに
to finish …, to do … completely しまう
railroad, railway てつどう
trouble, bother, annoyance めいわく
to fall down, to drop, to fall おちる
motionlessly じっと
special training, crash course とっくん
free of charge ただ
regrettable, disappointing おしい
beautiful woman, beauty べっぴん
to be given the cold sholder, to be rejected ふられる
(romantic) love こい
surely, undoubtedly きっと
awful, terrible; terrific, amazing やばい
rose ばら
love, affection あいじょう
guy, fellow, chap やろう
to suit, to match にあう
to devide, to share, to distribute わける
still, all the same さすが
policeman, cop おまわり
feather, plume はね
angel てんし
paradise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven てんごく
to learn, to pick up, to acquire おぼえる
serious, imporant, significant じゅうだい
polar bear しろくま
goat やぎ
to strike, to hit, to punch なぐる
to embrace, to hold in the arms だく
mouse, rat ねずみ
kinder garden ようちえん
owl ふくろう
huge, big でかい
really, truly; good grief まったく
patient きのながい
expiration date ゆうこうきげん
night stall, night shop よみせ
cotton candy わたがし
apology おわび
once more, once again もっかい
small child ちびっこ
unnecessary, undesired ふひつよう
body, object ぶったい
substitute, replacement かわり
stoppage, interruption ちゅうし
disgusting, creepy かんじわるい
information, report ほうこく
lost child, lost person まいご
to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself かくれる
crowd of people ひとごみ
great adventure だいぼうけん
alright, OK, okay へいき
to give someone a treat おごる
generous, big-hearted ふとっぱら
useless, futile, unnecessary むよう

match, contest, しょうぶ

sly, cunning ずるい
plant, vegetation しょくぶつ
ground, earth's surfice じめん
referee, umpire しんぱん
beginner しょしんしゃ
noisy さわがしい
general, ordinary, usual ふつう
the other day, lately, recently このないだ
safety, security あんぜん
onion たまねぎ
Japanese Type Tag
引っ越し noun, -suru verb Chapter1
いっぱい word usually written with kana alone Chapter1
祭り noun Chapter1
危ない adjective Chapter1
振る verb, transitive Chapter1
放す verb, transitive Chapter1
分 noun Chapter1
久しぶり adjective Chapter1
しばらく  adverb Chapter1
台詞 noun Chapter1
偉い adjective Chapter1
体力 noun Chapter1
近所 noun Chapter1
挨拶 noun, -suru verb Chapter1
配る verb, transitive Chapter1
用意 noun Chapter1
片付ける verb, transitive Chapter1
変な adjective Chapter1
嗜好 noun Chapter1
いなくなった expression Chapter1
腹減った expression Chapter1
見つける verb, transitive Chapter1
手をつける expression, verb Chapter1
もしかして expression Chapter1
申す verb, transitive Chapter1
電柱 noun Chapter1
遠慮 noun Chapter1
娘 noun Chapter1
探す verb, transitive Chapter1
席 noun Chapter2
だけど however Chapter2
ご注文 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
我が物 expression, noun Chapter2
平日 noun Chapter2
苺 noun Chapter2
十分 adjective Chapter2
選る verb, transitive Chapter2
南瓜 noun Chapter2
びっくり -suru verb, adverb Chapter2
恐ろしい adjective Chapter2
踊る verb, intransitive Chapter2
一仕事 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
汁 noun Chapter2
賞 noun Chapter2
さて conjunction, interjection Chapter2
気にするな! expression Chapter2
髭 noun Chapter2
怒られる verb, intransitive Chapter2
知恵 noun Chapter2
肌 noun Chapter2
方法 noun Chapter2
招待券 noun Chapter2
適当 adjective, noun Chapter2
遊園地 noun Chapter2
仲良し noun Chapter2
誘う verb, transitive Chapter2
恥かしい adjective Chapter2
小童 noun Chapter2
魅惑 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
水着 noun Chapter2
流れる verb, intransitive Chapter2
見とれる verb, intransitive Chapter2
(金槌) noun Chapter2
水泳 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
失敗 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
浮かべる verb, transitive Chapter2
仲間 noun Chapter2
宜しい adjective, honorific Chapter2
それじゃ expression Chapter2
させる verb, transitive Chapter2
魔除け noun Chapter2
限定 noun, -suru verb, adjective Chapter2
殺し noun Chapter2
早速 adverb Chapter2
貯金 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
曲 noun, used as a suffix Chapter2
田舎 noun, adjective Chapter2
島 noun Chapter2
感じ noun Chapter2
絵描き noun Chapter2
お待たせしました expression Chapter2
水道 noun Chapter2
殺人事件 noun Chapter2
かく verb, transitive Chapter2
復讐 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
貴様 pronoun Chapter2
地獄 noun Chapter2
言い訳 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
命 noun Chapter2
敵 noun, used as a suffix Chapter2
必ず adverb Chapter2
用事 noun Chapter2
<div>動く</div> verb, intransitive Chapter2
残り noun, adjective Chapter2
銃 noun Chapter2
突きつける verb, transitive Chapter2
大人しい adjective Chapter2
確認 noun, -suru verb Chapter2
西瓜 watermelon Chapter2
任す verb, transitive Chapter3
物凄い adjective Chapter3
昔 adjective, noun Chapter3
気に入る expression Chapter3
ちっこい adjective, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
交友 noun Chapter3
勝ち noun Chapter3
世界一 noun, adverbial noun Chapter3
遠慮 noun, -suru verb Chapter3
花火 noun Chapter3
虎 noun; colloquialism Chapter3
お返し noun, -suru verb Chapter3
あんなに expression Chapter3
しまう aux. verb, afer the -te form of a verb Chapter3
鉄道 noun Chapter3
迷惑 adjective, noun Chapter3
落ちる verb, intransitive Chapter3
じっと adverb, -suru verb Chapter3
特訓 noun, -suru verb Chapter3
ただ usually written with kana alone Chapter3
惜しい adjective Chapter3
別嬪 noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
振られる verb, intransitive Chapter3
恋 noun Chapter3
きっと adverb, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
ヤバい slang Chapter3
薔薇 noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
愛情 noun, -no adjective Chapter3
野郎 noun Chapter3
似合う verb, intransitive Chapter3
分ける verb, transitive Chapter3
さすが adjective, adverb, usually written with kana Chapter3
お巡り noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
羽根 noun Chapter3
天使 noun, -no adjective Chapter3
天国 noun, -no adjective Chapter3
覚える verb, transitive Chapter3
重大 noun, adjective Chapter3
白熊 noun Chapter3
山羊 noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
殴る verb, transitive Chapter3
抱く verb, transitive Chapter3
鼠 noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter3
幼稚園 noun Chapter3
梟 noun Chapter3
でかい adjective Chapter3
全く noun Chapter3
気の長い expressions Chapter3
有効期限 noun Chapter3
夜店 noun Chapter3
綿菓子 noun Chapter3
お詫び noun, -suru verb Chapter3
もっかい noun, colloquialism Chapter3
ちびっ子 noun, colloquialism Chapter3
不必要 adjective, noun Chapter3
物体 noun Chapter3
代わり noun, adjective Chapter3
中止 noun, -suru verb Chapter3
感じ悪い adjective Chapter3
報告 noun, -suru verb Chapter3
迷子 noun Chapter3
隠れる verb, intransitive Chapter3
人込み noun Chapter3
大冒険 noun Chapter3
平気 colloquialism Chapter3
奢る verb, transitive Chapter3
太っ腹 adjective, noun Chapter3
無用 adjective, noun Chapter3

勝負 noun, -suru verb Chapter4

ずるい adjective, usually written with kana alone Chapter4
植物 noun Chapter4
地面 noun Chapter4
審判 noun, -suru verb Chapter4
初心者 noun Chapter4
騒がしい adjective Chapter4
普通 adjective Chapter4
この間 adverbial noun, usuallt written with kana alo Chapter4
安全 noun, adjective Chapter4
玉ねぎ noun, usually written with kana alone Chapter4