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Documentary Film Festival

Exemplary Accomplished Developing Limited Scor

10 points 8 points 6 points 4 points
Historical The details were accurate. The details were accurate, The details were accurate, The details were
Quality Sources were credible. but insufficient. Sources but insufficient. Sources insufficient. Sources were
(research, Both sides of the issue were credible. Both sides were somehow credible. not credible. Only one side
analysis, and were presented. of the issue were Both sides of the issue of the issue is presented.
interpretation of presented. were somehow presented.
the topic)
Thesis The film presented a No argument is evident in
strong thesis that is the film.
relevant to the context and
Performances The performances were The performances were The performances were The performances looked
(acting, always engaging, strong, consistent, well done and adequate. At times the unconfident and
interviewing, original, compelling, and entertaining. performances rose above uninteresting to the viewer.
presenting) interesting, always this level to become
attracting interesting to the viewer.
the viewers’ attention

Narrative flow The narrative/story telling The narrative/story telling The narrative/story telling The narrative/story telling
flowed seamlessly. It was flowed consistently. It was showed signs of flowed disjointedly. It was
also strong, original, occasionally compelling developing uninteresting and only
compelling, and and in to an interesting and occasionally captured the
interesting, entertaining to viewers. entertaining story. It mildly viewer’s attention.
always attracting the There were some original captured the viewer’s
viewers attention ideas used. attention.
Production Excellent and extremely Interesting and creative Adequate and sometimes Poorly executed production
Design creative production design. production design. Good interesting production design. Poor choice of
(props, Original and appropriate and appropriate choice of design. Some inspired props, costumes, sets and
costumes, choice of props, costumes, props, costumes, sets and choices of props, locations used.
sets, locations) sets and locations used. locations used. costumes,
sets and locations used.

Visual Film consistently showed Film occasionally showed Film showed average Film showed poor visual
Composition/ excellent and creative excellent and creative creative visual composition/cinematograp
Cinematograph visual visual composition/cinematograp hy
y composition/cinematograp composition/cinematograp hy (camera angles, camera
hy hy (camera angles, camera movement, lighting,
(camera angles, camera (camera angles, camera movement, lighting, framing
movement, lighting, movement, lighting, framing of shots)
framing framing of shots)
of shots) of shots)
Use of Audio High quality sound and Very good quality sound Good quality sound and Poor quality sound and
Enhancements excellent use of music for and good choice of music for limited or inappropriate use
(sound and the soundtrack. good choice of music for the of music for the
music) the soundtrack. soundtrack.

Editing and Excellent and appropriate Very good editing and use Editing was adequate Poor editing and no use or
Use of editing and excellent use of of visual enhancements. however visual inappropriate use of
Visual visual enhancements Trying to be innovative with enhancement tools used enhancements.
Enhancements production and but not always appropriate
(Transitions, presentation. or effective.
credits, special


Nominations for Awards:

Best Documentary Film ____________________________________________________________________________

Best Video Editor ____________________________________________________________________________
Best Screenwriter ____________________________________________________________________________
Best Documentarian ____________________________________________________________________________

Rules: c. Channel is suggested but not prescribed.

1. Major Rule: d. Credits should be at the end of the film.
a. Length should be between 20-40 minutes. e. The film is not about the characters but about the issue.
Penalty for Infractions: Every minute of excess or insufficiency in the
length prescribed is equal to three (3) points deduction. Penalty for Infractions: re-editing the video
b. Thesis should be relevant to the current social issues in the province.
Penalty for Infractions: Absence of clear thesis will entail disqualification 3. Judges shall nominate maximum of two names for each award. The
from any of the awards and re-filming of the documentary. individual most nominated shall receive the award. In case of ties, the
c. Plagiarism. judges shall discuss the most worthy recipient for the award. Awards
Penalty for Infractions: Disqualification and a heavy penalty on the grade. shall be given to the following:
d. Tampering videos and sources. Best Documentary Film 500.00
Penalty for Infractions: Disqualification and a heavy penalty on the grade. Best Video Editor 300.00
2. Minor Rule: Best Screenwriter 300.00
a. Name of the school should be in the credits. Best Documentarian 300.00
b. The film must have a title bearing the subject of the film.

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