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The assembly bolt stresses for achieving the target assembly gasket stress, is
determined, and should not exceed the max. bolt stress (40% to 70% of the ambient
YS), and also should me bore than the min. bolt stress (20% to 40% of the ambient
2. It should also not exceed beyond the flange governed max. stress for the bolts.
3. The gasket seating load these imparts should be more than the min. gasket seating

The applied bolt loads

should not exceed the
limits for gaskets.
Gasket min. Gasket max.
g stress.
seating stress.
The bolt load
Bolt areas.
A condition where meeting the target
the min. seating is assembly gasket
ensured at operating, stress (Sg) T.
The bolt stress limits.
@ the specified
Min. bolt stress (20% Max. bolt stress (40%
gasket area & 30ksi
to 40% of the ambient to 70% of the ambient
YS). YS).

Flange stress
To co –
relate with
the flange

The resultant
Max. bolt stress
residual stresses at
(40% to 70% of
design pressure.