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On November 8th, 2010, I was given instructions by Sri Bala to translate into English the very powerful
“Kavacham” (Hymn for Complete Protection), composed many years ago by the Head of Sri Bala Peetam,
Kavignar Sri Nemili Ezhilmani.

The manner in which this episode took place was incredible! The day had begun quite normally. I went
about my routine of prayers and meditation and embarked on the task of updating my web site. I wanted
to share with my readers some extraordinary experiences during my recent (Navarathri) visit to Chennai.

However, I was interrupted in the middle of my work by a very strong “mental” message from Sri Bala.
She seemed to say “ Put aside the work you are doing right now. I want you to immediately translate into
English, Sri Bala Kavacham written by my son”

I closed my eyes ,contemplated on this Supreme Goddess and asked her “ Why should I do it today? Also,
an English translation of this Hymn already exists. What more can I add to this work?”

Sri Bala’s answer “ You’ll see the difference once you begin this task. With my grace, you shall discover a
new meaning to those very same words. However do this in one stretch and finish the work today. Do not
be tempted to look at other English Translations that are already available.”

So, this is exactly what I’ve done. Incredibly, the very same words of the Hymn that I have been chanting
for several years started to take on a slightly different inner meaning. I completed the work within a few
hours and didn’t edit it ( again, following Sri Bala’s orders).

The following morning, I called Sri Mohan ( who does Bala’s Puja) at Sri Bala Peetam and told him my
experience. I requested him to get approval for my work from his father, Sri Ezhilmani and Sri Bala too!
He asked me to e-mail the word document and to call back a few days later. I spent a nervous two days,
thinking I might have “imagined” this whole episode and Sri Bala was just playing another game?

On Friday, November 12th, I spoke to Mohan as he stood directly in front of Bala ( in the Peetam) and got
the family’s approval to publish this work on my web site.

It will also be published on a day that Bala herself will decide.

Please note that this “English Translation of Sri Bala’s Kavacham” is not a literal or word for word
rendition. The words have arranged themselves in the manner that Sri Bala has approved.

I have been asked to write up this introduction as well as do some editing today following which a few
photos sent from Bala Peetam will also be published on my blog.

Experience, enjoy and discover the living presence of Sri Bala in this very powerful prayer. Reciting this
every day will surely ensure complete and total protection for everyone!

Please visit Sri Bala’s website at:

to obtain details regarding the address of the Peetam and contact information.

Sri Bala Charanam.

Saturday, November 13th, 2010.


OM Kaara Ganapathi Reenkaara Ganapathi

Un padam naadukinREn
Un aruL thuNaiyaalE ennavaL kavachathai
uLamurugi paadugindrEn
TheengEthum vaaraadhu neengaadha thuNaiyaaga
Thumbikkai vENduginREn
thEnaana chuvaiyOdu deiveega oLiyOdu
deivamE ANdaruL vaai.


Hymn to Lord Ganapathi.

Oh Lord Ganapathi worshipped by the Pranava mantra “AUM” (OM)

Who is also (inseparable from his mother), worshipped by “Hreem”.
I respectfully seek your feet ( grace)
I sing, with your divine blessings, heart melting with love,
The Hymn of Protection( Kavacham) given by this girl within me.
To prevent the approach of evil and to remain constantly by my side
I worship your trunk ( Oh elephant-Lord)
With the sweetness of honey and the lustre of divine radiance
Oh God, please rule over me and bless me!


Paangana dEviyaam Bala Thiripura

Sundari Thiru KavachamE
PaalOdu thEnaaga paagOdu thaanaaga
Seivathum ninadhu vasamE
Engaatha nilai aRuL ERRidum varamaruL
ennaaLum kaathiruppai
Ezhai yEn ennudaiya anbinai
vaikkirEn idhayathil poothiruppaai.


Accessible to all is beautiful Bala, Supreme ruler of all three worlds

Please enable her hallowed hymn ( protective armour)
reveal the true bliss of love*, making it flow
with the sweetness of milk and honey ( within the body),
Oh Lord, only with your grace can this happen!
Bless me so I crave no longer (senseless pleasures)
Bless me so Divine energy can begin to rise within me
Oh Lord, please protect me at all times.
A poor (ignorant) person am I,
Please blossom in my heart where I place all my love!


One line is extremely significant in this verse. “ PaalOdu thEnaaga paagOdu thaan aaga
Seivadum Ninadhu vasamE!

Taken literally, this refers to the grace of the Lord making the sacred Hymn taste as sweet as milk mixed
with honey, and jaggery ( Paagu).

However, the meaning given by Bala refers to the sweet syrup jaggery , as a divine nectar in the form of
Love, flowing through every human being. A divine nectar that can only be activated by the Grace of the
Supreme Lord or Guru! ( Sri Bala).

The first word of this verse “Paangana” can be figuratively translated as (suitable or perfect), an attribute
for Sri Bala. However, it was Bala’s explicit command that the word “accessible” should be used in




Annaiyaam Baala thiripura sundari

aruL thanai nee paaduvaai
annaiyai thEduvaai annaiyai thEduvaai
anbOdu nee thEduvaai
Annaiyai naaduvaai annaiyai naaduvaai
avaL padam nee naaduvaai
annaiyin aruginil aaduvaai aaduvaai
aanandamaai aaduvaai.


Compassionate as a Mother is Sri Bala,

Beautiful ruler of three worlds
Sing her hallowed songs (that have been born) with her blessings
(Because) Only through pure love can you start
Searching for her, searching for her.
Only through compassion can you approach her
Only with humility can you get closer to her feet
Only by helping others can you reach her feet.
And (attaining her) you’ll dance with joy
You will dance with the bliss of self realisation!

Baala ena chollu Bala ena chollu

Pava vinai yaavum thaLLu.
Baala ena kooRu Baala ena kooRu
Paadhara vindhamE SEru
Baala ena paadu Baala ena paadu
Baalavin kaRuNaiyai thEdu
BaalavenRE Odhu Baala enrE Odhu
Baalavinaal maraiyum theethu.


Recite the name “Baala” , call out her name “Baala”

All Sins from previous births you can remove.
(Merely) chanting her name “Baala” , crying out her name “Baala”
Brings you quickly to her feet ( within her sight; to her abode)
By Singing the glory of Baala, singing songs given by Baala
Seek the compassion of Baala!
Make Baala your very breath, constantly spread her name ( to all around),
All wickedness ( bad qualities) disappear through Baala’s (curative) powers!


Thiripura Sundari Thiruvadi thaamarai

Dinam vandu namai kaakumE
Thiripura sundari thiru vizhi paarvaiyil
Deiveega nilai pookumE
Thiripura Sundari thirukaram paduvathaal
Theemaigal than vilagumE
Thiripura Sundari thirumudi kaaNgaiyil
ThEn vaazhvu than malarumE.


The lotus -like holy feet of this beautiful Goddess

protects us each day (she resides in our hearts)
The (mere) glance of her sacred eyes
Illumines us from within causing a holy aura to blossom
The slightest touch of her sanctified hands
Makes all evil thoughts vanish
Catching a glimpse of her holy tresses
Makes life’s journey sweeter and more rewarding.

Inner significance of this verse:

Goddess Bala resides in the form of pure love in our hearts. Like the Kundalini power rising through
various chakras in the body starting with the Mooladhara ( seat of Lord Ganapathi) once our senses are
withdrawn (controlled), thoughts become pure, all hatred and wickedness is removed, and the mind is
stilled, it is possible to experience the Glory of the Goddess shining with rare brilliance guiding the seeker
from the Agna chakra ( in between the eyes) up to the crown, or Sahasrara Chakra.

The various references to “Thiruvadi Thaamarai” or lotus-like feet, refers to the Anahata Chakra;
“Thiruvizhi Paarvaiyil” or sacred glance, to the Agna Chakra; and “Thirumudi” or crown, to Sahasrara


Baalavai nee paadu Bangaaru Kamatchi

Paangaana uru theriumE
Baalavai nee nOkku maduraiyaaL Meenakshi
Punnagai thaan puriyumE
Baalavai nee kaaNum POdhandha KaasiyaaL
Visalakshi yai arigu vaai
Baalavin ThORRathil mayilaiyin kaRpagam
Pala varam thaan aruLuvaaL.


When you sing Bala’s songs, the Divine Goddess Kamakshi

Blesses you with her presence (darshan)
Casting your glance ( coming closer) in Baala’s direction
You’ll be rewarded with the smile (grace) of Goddess Meekashi of Madurai
When you find ( fully realise) Bala, The great Goddess Visalakshi
Of Kasi reveals herself, and
(Adopting) the form of Sri Bala, Goddess Karpagambal of Mylapore
Grants several boons.

Inner significance of the above verse:

By Coming closer to Sri Bala, or supreme truth, it is possible for the spiritual aspirant to attain several
siddhis (powers). In other words, it appears that even the great Goddesses like Kamakshi and Meenakshi,
love this divine child so much that they “run” to do her bidding and draw the spiritual seeker closer (to
Bala) by granting several boons.


Illai endru Baala Thiripura Sundari

Yaarukkum sonnadhillai
Inbathinai naadum anbarku kaRuNaiyai
Eeyaadhu vittathillai
Thollai endRu avaL ellaiyil vandOrkku
Thuyar Edhum vandadhillai
thooyavaL avaLukku aRuL adhai pozhivadhil
jaathigaL madhamum illai.


Goddess Bala, the beauteous ruler of Three worlds has never uttered
The word “No” to anyone.
And to devotees who seek happiness, she has never ceased
To mete out kindness.
Those who reach the outskirts of her abode in despair
Are never approached by worries
Pure- hearted is she, showering her blessings on everyone
Regardless of caste or creed.


Annaiyaam Baala Thiripura Sundari

Anbukku ellai illai
Ammaikku selvar Ezhaiyar enginRa
bEdhangaL Edhum illai
thannaiyE vENdidum anbarkku aruLadhai
thaaraamal pOnadhillai
thaayavaL paasamE pozhivadhil akaaya
MaaRiyum iNnaiyum illai.

As Mother of the Universe, Beautiful Bala’s

Love is limitless
For those who seek her, even if poor,
No differences can be there!
For those who steadfastly seek her (truth)
She has never denied granting her blessings
In showering love, there’s none to equal her,
Neither Mari ( Goddess of rain) nor Divine beings in Heaven.

Inner Significance:

Our Vedas proclaim that knowing Brahman or Truth is both the simplest as well as the hardest task for
human beings. Realising the supreme truth that the Divine creator is indeed within you, in your heart and
resides there as pure love, might seem like a simple concept. Yet, attached to worldly matters and trapped
by human bondage, people “seek” solutions for “apparent” problems and miseries . The understanding
that the individual (Jiva) is nothing more than a reflection of the Macrocosm or Paramatma/ Creator/
God , liberates human beings from the false notion of “sufferings” endured in life.

This verse extols Sri Bala as the supreme creator of the Universe . Within her reside all divine beings,
Gods, Goddesses, the world, every aspect of nature, Fire, Water Earth, Air and all human beings.
She showers her love and compassion on all without differences in caste, creed, status, etc because quite
simply, she is immanent in every aspect of creation and resides permanently in all loving hearts.
Understanding this truth liberates the seeker from all the problems of this material world.

GaayathriyaagavE kaNngaLai kaappaaL

Sivasakthi SiramE kappaaL
KaaLiyaaL vandu KarangaLai Kaappaal
Kaumaari kaalgaLai kaappaaL
Maaya yai neeki Maheshwari Kaappaal
Maathaavaai manadhai kaappaaL
Moogambikai enRum mugathaiyE kaapaaL
MOhini mooLai kaappaL


May ( Bala , in the form of the Mother of all Vedas as) Gaayathri protect the eyes
May Goddess Parvathi look after the hair
May Goddess Kali come to care for the hands
And Kaumari look after the legs.
May Maheshwari shield us from delusion
May the eternal Mother protect the mind
May Goddess Moogambika shelter the face
And Mohini protect the intellect.


Thaai Thillai KaaLiyaaL thalaiyinai kaappaaL

Tharmaamba thOLai kaappaaL
Thillai SivagaamiyaaL thodaiyinai kaappaaL
DurgaiyaaL thoNdai kaappaaL
Kaai nilavu Abhiraami kazhuthinai kaapaaL
Vaishnavi vayiRu KaappaaL
KaRumaariyaai vandhu kural vaLam KaappaaL
Kanthimathi Kaadhu KaappaaL


May Mother Kali of Thillai guard the head

May Goddess Tharmaamba shield the shoulders
May Goddess Sivagami (Parvathi) of Chidambaram protect the thighs
May Goddess Durga look after the throat
May the Goddess Abhirami lustrous like the moon save the neck
May Vaishnavi protect the stomach
May Goddess Karumaari come to look after the voice
And Kanthimathi guard the ears.

Significance of Verses 7 and 8:

These are perhaps the most “powerful” and “potent” two verses in this hymn since it is a prayer to a
variety of Goddesses(all of whom are none other than embodiments of Bala) to protect the different
organs in the body pertaining to the development of the powers of Iccha (thought) , Kriya(action) and
Gnana(intellect). In other words, by reciting this protective hymn, the thoughts, deeds and actions of the
devotee get purified leading to the dawning of wisdom.


AruL migum Devi Annai Baala Thiripura

Sundari peyar Mandiram
Amaithiyai Thandida Nemiliyil VandanaL
AvaL Thiruvadi yantiram
IruL thanai neekidum thaayavaL vizhigaLE
InthuNai ena vanthidum
Inmuga dEviyai unnidam vaithidu
ellaamE thaan thanthidum.


Goddess filled with Grace, Beautiful Mother, Baala’s

Very name protects like a Mantra.
To bestow peace of mind, She came to Nemili
At* her holy feet lies the Sri Yantra.
Our Mother’s beautiful eyes dispels darkness (ignorance)
And comes to protect us always
Hold this dear Goddess close to your heart
Everything ( you desire) She does grant!


In the line “ AvaL thiruvadi Yantiram”, the literal meaning is that Sri Bala’s holy feet “is” the holy Sri
Chakra ( Yantra).

However, while typing the translation, the word substituted by Bala was “At”. This small change adds
greater depth to the meaning of this line . It implies that Sri Bala’s powers as the supreme creator and
ruler of the universe are so immense that even the most sacred Sri Chakra lies only “at” her feet.


MaruL thannai neekkidum maathaavin kavachamE

Manam onRi nee kooruvaai
Maghizhchiyai thanthidum maathaavin kavachamE
Malaradi nee cheruvaai
poruL thanai koduthidum Baalavin kavachamE
puvi yinai kaakkum nijamE
pugazh niRai Nemiliyil poligiRaaL SATHIYAM
Pugalidam avaL Nithiyam.

Dispelling all fear is Mother’s Kavacham ( protective armour)
Reciting it with single minded concentration
This protective shield which bestows all happiness
Will lead you to reach her lotus feet
Granting all material desires Bala’s Kavacham (hymn)
Will safeguard this whole universe, this is true!
In the famous village of Nemili, her presence glows, this is CERTAIN
She’s the eternal place of refuge always!


Amaidhiyai peRrida anbargaL anaivarum

avaLaiyE naada veNdum
SumaigaLai kuraithidum Sundari illatthil
Sandhadam paada vENdum
Imaiyadhu kaNngaLai kaappadhu pOl kavacham
ennaaLlum kaakka vENdum
Nemiliyil EzhilmaNi paNivudan ezhithiya
kavachamE pookka vENdum

To get peace of mind all devotees
Should strive to reach her side
And, inside this beautiful child’s house, where all worries get reduced
Sing her glories with great joy.
In the same manner that eyelids shield the eyes,
May this Kavacham provide protection at all times.
And may this hymn of protection written in Nemili
By Ezhilmani with great humility and devotion,
Blossom and flower eternally.

Baalavin Kavachathai paarayaNam seidaal

Pava vinai than pOgumE
Baalavin kavachathai paarayaNam seidaal
Thava vinai namai chErumE.
Om! OM! OM!!

By reciting Bala’s Kavacham

All sins and past karma will go away
Reciting Baala’s Kavacham will
Confer all the benefits of sacred penances!
OM! OM! OM!!