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Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this

event on “World Wi-Fi Day” organised by NBN Forum, India, University partner Sharda
University and Industry partners, Bluetown and Marcatel.
I would take the privilege to welcome professor G.R.C. Reddy, Vice Chancellor, Sharda
University as our chief guest for the event and Shree S N Gupta, Honourable secretary general,
NGN Forum India, as our keynote speaker. I would also like to welcome Shree Narayanan
Rajagopalan, group chairman, Marcatel. It’s a great honour to have you Sir with us.
The theme of the event “Converting Unemployment into intrapreneurship through multiskilling
and wifi hotspots”, explains it all that in the coming 2 hours we would be exchanging
knowledge, information and prospects of how and why intrapreneurship can be and should be
promoted specially by multiskilling and wifi hotspots.
I am Dr. Neeti Saxena your host for the event, a member of NBN Forum also representing my
organisation Scora Technologies which is supporting NBN by promoting colleges and
corporate to get connected through wifi and cloud, thus making industry academia interface
more fruitful and productive.
We are honoured to have amongst us Sh. Satya N. Gupta, Honourabe Secretary General, NGN
Forum India. An International expert in NGN technologies, Regulation, Interconnection and
Broadband policy with 35 years of experience in all aspects of Telecom, including 25years
with Govt. and Regulator, he is publicly recognized as an Analyst, Author, Advocate and
Advisor on ICT related Policies, Projects and Business.
Globally known as “NGN guru” he is a trainer and coach for telecommunication technologies,
policy and regulation and a Govt. Affairs and Regulatory advocate. His recent research based
work ,“Extra Mile- Walking the Talk on Rural Broadband Business”, brings out the innovative
business models to Make it Happen. A public, key note speaker on most of the ICT events in
India and Founder of NGN Forum in India to spread awareness about NGN all-over.
He is triple master in Electronic Technology, ICT Management and Telecom Regulation and
Policy. He was inducted as the youngest Life Fellow of IETE (1991) and conferred Chartered
Engineer in 1996. In addition, he served as the member of EC at IETE, Secundraband in 90s
and invited member of National Council in 2000s.
Joined Ministry of Communications in 1981 and Ministry of Railways in 1983, through Indian
Engineering, Services after Post Graduation in Electronics and Communication from IISc,
Bangalore, the premium technical institute of India. During 25 years with Government he
worked in various capacities in different departments of Govt. Some of these beings Senior
Project Manager (passenger reservations computerization) in Mumbai area, Prof. of Telecom
Training at IRISET Secundrabad , Project Director ( GM) of IRCON International’s OFC
Project, Principal Advisor ( Additional Secretary to Govt. of India) TRAI (In- charge of
Converged Network, Broadband, NLD, ILD and Interconnection Division).
He was awarded the Railways Minister award during 1995-96 for outstanding performance for
Delhi area Digitalisation project of Indian Railways.
He has also been associated with International Telecommunication Union (An UN body) as
an NGN Expert and also Commonwealth Telecom Organisation (CTO) as an NGN Trainer.
Vice-President and Trustee of PTC India Foundation, he is also elected as the Jt. Secretary
General of APT-ITU Foundation of India. He is member of India IPV6 Task Force oversight
committee an Apex body of the Govt. for IPV6 implementation and a Nominee Director of IT-
ITES SSC of National Skill Development Corporation and Executive Secy. General of Amity
International Telecom Forum.
Presently, he is heading Bluetown’s, India and Asia operations with overall responsibility of
“Making It Happen” its Vision of “Connecting the Unconnected people in Rural areas of
Sir may I please take the honour to invite you for the welcome address and the Theme
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM : Industry presentation by Sh. Narayanan Rajagopalan, Group Chairman,
Thank you so much Sir.
We have amongst us Sh. Narayanan Rajagopalan, Group Chairman, Marcatel. An out of the
box thinker, Mr. Narayanan Rajagopalan has been in the forefront of deploying IT solutions in
field of hospitality, retail and Customer Relationship Management. He quit a cushy job as the
country manager of a large IT company to pursue his call as an entrepreneur by setting up his
own venture LaMarca advisory. The fundamental ethos of LaMarca Advisory is to focus on
Brand Salience of the business and to take every possible measure to ensure high brand salience
amongst the target audience.
Realising the greatest challenge of connecting everyone across the country and the potential of
Wi-Fi connectivity solution for public spaces, Mr. Narayanan launched MarcaTel in May 2016.
The company aims at providing India’s first WiFi based tele connectivity network. The benefits
of MarcaTel solutions can be summarised in it being a compact solution, monopoly
entrepreneurial opportunity, smooth operation, solar power back up and easy installation.
Under his leadership LaMarca Advisory was appointed as the sole representative of Hoji
Blanca (World’s largest olive from Spain) for India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and
Maldives Island. He was also responsible for the project to set up India’s first and only olive
oil brand called Leonardo Olive Oil. This was a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) project for the
house of Dalmia’s. During his tenure, he also successfully launched Leonardo Hazelnuts and
Hudson Canola Oil.
Mr. Narayanan Rajagopalan has worked for some of marked key IT brands like DELL, Acer,
Compaq, American Power Conservation and HCL. During his career, Mr. Narayanan also
served in various locations around the world i.e., England, Germany, UAE. In addition, Mr.
Narayanan is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Professional, CISCO Sales Engineer,
American Power Conservation trained Power Specialist.
His eventual dream is to set up a state of art education center for the underprivileged girl child.
Sir may I please take the honour to invite you to the podium to share you views with all of us.
4:15 PM – 4:45 PM : Expert comments from industry participants and discussion on theme
It is time to start the panel discussion on our theme “Converting Unemployment into
intrapreneurship through multiskilling and wifi hotspots”. I would like to invite
……………………………………..for the panel discussion. Names of panelists.
4:45 PM – 4:55 PM Address by Chief Guest – Prof. G.R.C. Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Sharda
Chief guest is the most important person of any event and one of the most knowledgeable too.
Prof. Ginjala Rama Chandra Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Sharda University, has a very rich &
diverse experience. He has more than 39 years of experience in Teaching &
Administration. He has published many papers in renowned journals and has filed 1 patent
too. Prior to joining Sharda University, he was Director In-charge in NIT, Warangal and has
previously been Director of NIT Goa & Calicut. He was also associated with IIIT Kottayam,
NIT Sikkim amongst others. May I now take the honour of requesting Respected Prof. G.R.C.
Reddy, to address the gathering.
4:55 PM – 5:00 PM : Vote of Thanks by Mr. DLN Shastri, Sharda University
Thank you so much sir. May I now invite Mr. D.L.N.Shastri, Director – Strategy & Corporate
Affairs to kindly please give a vote of thanks.