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TufBond EP

Epoxy Bonding Agent for Concrete Repairs & Bonding New Concrete
to Existing Concrete
Uses Technical Support
Used as bonding agent for GIC provides a comprehensive technical support
Steel service to specifiers, end users and contractors
Glazed tiles and is able to offer on-site technical assistance.
Granolithic surface Instructions for Use
Surface Preparation: Thoroughly clean and
Typical Applications & Advantages prepare all surfaces, remove all loose particles,
Apply to dry or damp substrates, moisture dust, oil, curing compounds, surface hardeners,
tolerant. paint, grease etc. A clean surface must be
Non shrink & Solvent free. provided if good adhesion is to be obtained.
Prevents migration of chlorides.
High mechanical strength, durable. Suitable means of removing oil and grease
Resistance to chemical attack. deposits are vacuum blasting, steam cleaning and
Supplied in pre-weighed units. detergent scrubbing or by using a proprietary
degreaser. If the concrete surface is degraded
Standards Compliance scabbling back to a sound substrate is required.
TufBond EP complies with the requirements of All laitance must be removed by mechanical
the following standard: means or grit blasting. Gloss surfaces must be
BS 1881:1992 Part 207. roughened to expose the aggregate either by acid
etching, light scabbling or grit blasting.
Product Description
TufBond EP is a solvent free epoxy resin New concrete surfaces must have been cured to
system supplied as Part A & Part B. Used ensure minimum shrinkage and movement of
primarily as an adhesive to bond fresh, wet moisture. Any release agents or curing
cementitious materials to old and existing compounds must be removed by grit blasting or
cementitious surfaces. In addition, glazed & degreasing to ensure a contamination free
ceramic tiles, bricks and quarry tiles may be surface for adhesion. Any barriers will reduce
bonded to cementitious substrates. The the bond.
permanent bond that is ultimately achieved is
greater than the tensile strength of concrete. It Mixing: Stir Part A & Part B components
will tolerate a degree of moisture before and separately before mixing together. Transfer the
during curing and is insoluble when cured. contents of Part B into the Part A component and
TufBond EP is non-shrink and provides an mix thoroughly using a stiff palette knife or slow
even, stress free bond. When used as part of a speed drill and paddle mixer. Mixing should take
concrete repairs program, TufBond EP will between 2 and 3 minutes. Scrape down the sides
prevent the migration of chlorides from the of the tin to ensure complete dispersal during
parent concrete into the repaired area. mixing. It is normal for heat to be generated
during mixing and when the product is starting to
Typical Properties
Specific gravity : 1.50 @25±2ºC Do not dilute or thin TufBond EP. Only mix
Full cure : 7 days complete units; do not mix in proportions.
Pull off strength
@ 3 days : 2.32 N/mm2 Application: Apply TufBond EP as soon as the
@ 7 days : 3.70 N/mm2 mixing process is complete. Apply by brush
across the whole surface ensuring uniformity of
thickness. Allow TufBond EP to become tacky
before over-coating with screeds or renders or
before the placement of the tile or brick. Ensure
the coating of TufBond EP is protected from
contamination during this time.

3-5 m2 /litre/coat depending on surface texture
and roughness.

Packaging & Storage

TufBond EP is supplied in 5 litre units and it
has a minimum shelf life of 12 months provided
it is stored under cover, out of direct sunlight.

Clean tools and equipment with suitable solvents
immediately after use. Once cured it is only
possible to remove mechanically.

Health & Safety Precautions

TufBond EP does not fall into the hazard Gulf International Gulf International
classifications of current regulations. However, it Chemicals SAOG Chemicals
should not be swallowed or allowed to come into
contact with skin and eyes. Suitable protective
gloves and goggles should be worn. Splashes on P.O.BOX 132, P.O BOX: 98175,
the skin should be removed with water. In case
PC 124, Rusayl DUBAI,
of contact with eyes rinse immediately with
plenty of water and seek medical advice. If Sultanate of Oman UAE
swallowed seek medical attention immediately –
Tel: +968 24446800 Tel: +971 4 2583221
do not induce vomiting.
Fax: +968 24446808 Fax: +971 4 2583220
For further information refer to the Material
Safety Data Sheet available for this product. Email: Email:
Important note
GIC endeavors to ensure that the technical
information contained herein is true, accurate
and represents our best knowledge and
experience. No warranty is given or implied, as
GIC has no control over the conditions of use
and the competence of any labor involved in the
application are beyond our control.

As all GIC technical data sheets are updated

on a regular basis it is the customer’s
responsibility to check that the product is
suitable for the intended application, and that
the actual conditions of use are in accordance
with those recommended.

Rev: October 2007