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Business Plan

social-event platform where we

connect crypto buyers and sellers together
Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Executive Summary

GEMO in a Nutshell

GEMO is an hybrid application offering combination of the best elements of mobile social platform and
blockchain aspects.
Our mission is to push cryptocurrency payments to another level, to explore its special type of usability. We are
designing decentralized social platform which will be safe and secure for its users.

Let’s go!

GEMO is a decentralized mobile application that links buyers and sellers together under the form of social app.

Top Features:

-GEMO not only allows crypto holders to find service providers and sellers accepting crypto payments, but also
combines the best features of all social media and event platforms translated into blockchain language.

-With GEMO service providers can offer any kind of activity and allow users to pay both in cryptocurrency and
fiat currencies.

-GEMO works as proof of movement, proof of participation. Users can receive free tokens and discounts by
paying and attending events.

-GEMO is an alternative way for companies to advertise themselfs.

-GEMO will introduce special benefits for those who will use cryptocurrency inside the platform. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Revenue model / monetyzation

GEMO is a hybrid application combining free to use model with blockchain. From revenue’s perspective it means
that the application can earn from fiat and crypto payments.

Here is the explanation of crypto and fiat payments.

Crypto payments:

1) Transaction fee. GEMO platform takes 3% from each transaction. 1% from this fee goes back to the system and
serves rewarding users in loyalty program.

2) ICO. We decided to make 4-step ICO crowd-founding campaign.

Step one: One GEMO token costs 10 cents and the minimal purchase has to be equivalent to $1000.
Step two: Tokens cost 20 cents each. Users can purchase any amount.
Step three: Tokens cost 30 cents, it is possible to purchase any amount.
Step four: Tokens cost 35 cents and for certain number purchased user gets bonus tokens.

3) Initial Assets offering. So called ICO of assets. Inside the platform there are collectible digital assets: especially
indicators. Users are able to trade assets between each other. There are limited amount of such assets.

4) Loyalty system. Although loyalty system is not a revenue model it attracts a lot of traffic. Users will be rewarded
for making transactions inside the platform.

5) Advertisement in crypto. Users can promote events, places and activities by paying with GEMO tokens.

6) Digital assets. Users can buy and trade digital assets. They are all collectibles. Not all those assets are based on
blockchain. Blockchain ones are more rare.

Fiat payments:

1) Purchasing event packages. Event and activity packages are the core of GEMO. Thank to those pre-composed
event packages, users can create any kind of event they need and allow crypto payments. However, due to
restrictions on PlayStore and AppStore, they have to be purchased with fiat currencies. GEMO’s event packages
work as subscription.

2) GEMO store. Purchasing goods and assets in GEMO store are allowed both in crypto and fiat currencies.
Fiat payments are the majority. Inside GEMO store, users will find mentioned event packages and other digital
goods mentioned above.

3) GEMO professional event editor. This is the additional software possible to downloaded from GEMO website.
This software is a professional tool allowing to create advanced interactive events. There is free version with
limited options and possibility to upgrade to full version. The full version of product works also as subscription
(monthly, yearly etc.)

4) Advertisement in fiat. Users can promote events, places and activities by paying with credit card.


1) Cooperation with companies. Offering cooperation with GEMO. Allowing companies to create massive events
and urban games. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Social Media Marketing Statistics in General

Social media just keeps growing and growing. Facebook is reaching 2.2 billion monthly active users. And most
other social networking sites and apps are at the top of their all-time high user numbers.

1. Online adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking (95%). (Source:
MarketingSherpa) Think about your audience and see where they are most likely to follow your brand.

2. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to
recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador) Use social media as an effective customer service tool to
increase brand engagement and win new customers.

3. 2.56 billion global mobile social media users, equaling 34% penetration; globally with 1 million new active
mobile social users added every day (Source: We Are Social). Make sure to optimize your mobile social media
campaigns and since mobile ads are relatively cheap and easy to produce, test multiple versions to see what
works the best. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones (comScore).

4. 96% of the people that discuss brands online do not follow those brands’ owned profiles. (Source:
Brandwatch) Companies need to go beyond their own channels and monitor those unbranded conversations
to gain valuable insights and manage brand health.

5. Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.
(Source: HubSpot) Flying Point Digital has a great post on how to create an innovative content strategy on
social media

Estimating costs and income

Potential number of users: a) little - 10 Million b) big 100 Million.

Transaction fee 3%. ( One 1% comes back to loyalty program). Potential number of transactions in a year:
5M -50M estimating that at least 50% of users make any kind of transaction in a year.

GEMO platform serves small transactions for purchasing products like Coffee, lunch etc. or services: renting,
Value of transactions according to this logic varies between: $1 - $50. Avarage value would be about $25.

5M transactions would give: $25 x 5M x 0.03 = $3 750 000

10M transactions would give $25 x 10M x 0.03 = $7 500 000

Gemo shop:

Subscription to event packages:

To estimate potential number of users subscribing to packages we need to estimate first amount of users that
would use GEMO for business purposes. There are two groups: one looking for events and activities and
another that hosts them. The second group is smaller and we could estimate that it can be approx 20% -30% of
total users, what would make between 2 M - 3 M users for 10 M and 20 M - 30 M for 100 M.

Cost of packages:

Monthly subscriptions: $2 - $5 ( annual revenue: $12 250 000 for 2 M - 3 M users) Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Assets indicators and interactive messages:

Cost of indicators and Interactive messages and other digital goods: $0,5 - $2

For 10M users: If 10% will purchase any digital good: $1 000 000
For 100M: $10 000 000

GEMO advanced tools for events

Monthly subscription costs $20

Advertisement revenue:

Event and activity packages serve as form of advertisement. Additionally, GEMO offers product advertisements
that will pop up closely to similar posts. E.g shoe advertisement will appear near the post from shoe shop.
packages and advertisements will be complementary.

Annual revenue: about $20M

Token details:

GEMO has 10B tokens in total. Beginning value of the token will be 20 cents.
10B Tokens will support up to 100M users each having equivalent to $100.

Production Costs:

1) Gemo ICO wallet: $5000

2) GEMO wallet development. Wallet is application that will be synchronized with GEMO. Development of
GEMO Wallet will cost circa $10 000.
GEMO Wallet will be a smart wallet covering needs of ICO news and advertisement. Through this app it will be
possible also to advertise upcoming GEMO social app.

3) App development: approx $750 000 - $900 000 for the first version covering basic functions.
Up to $1 200 000 - $1 300 000 in total for full version of the product.

4) Advanced tools for designing events. This is professional tool that will allow designers, programmers,
companies design advanced events with additional options. This is desktop tool. Cost $50 000 000.

Advertisement costs:

1) Branding
Good: Small agency may charge between $4,000 to $5,000 and should include all necessary collateral.
Great: More than $10,000 and this is ifwe are going to a large agency who is creating your entire brand book,
story and collateral, among other assets.

2) Social media
Good: Between $2,500 and $4,500 a month for a small agency.
Great: More than $6,000. The price is based on number of platforms, listening software, amount of real-time
interaction and PR integration. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

3) Advertising
Good: Some social media marketing (between $3000 and $5000 a month) along with targeted ads on relevant
websites, which is around $5000 a month.
Great: Full social, outdoor, print, digital, pay-per-click will set back at least $10,000.

4) Events.
Good: Cross-market with another brand with the same target audience
Great: Full events strategy. For production teams. Small event start at around $100K and can reach to $200K

Other expenses:

Lawyers - Most attorneys charge from $150 to $325 an hour.

Advisors - 4 x advisors. Annual compensation per advisor $12,000

Accountancy - $1500 per month

Obtaining licences - $2000

Copyrights - $8000

Total Production Cost:

From $1.8 - M $2.1 M

One year’s plan:

-Goal 3 - 5M users in one year to create successful application.

-6 months time to develop application to basic version with core features.

-In the meantime: 5 months of ICO starting from July 2018.

-First month after release: 100 000 users

-Before release and shortly after: intense advertisement in major cities. Including urban advertisement,
posters etc.

- 6 months 1M users

-One year 3 - 5M users

Distribution canals:

- Application stores: Android Play store and Apple’s App store

-Website Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Company details and philosophy

Company Description

1. Who we are

We are the group supporting blockchain communities and blockchain enthusiasts.

We see a great potential in this technology and we fear that is being constantly wasted due to
scam ICOs and projects that are not bringing anything valuable contributing to the growth of the system.
There are millions of users that don't benefit from owned tokens. Vast majority of tokens serve for exchange and
speculation. We see a great opportunity in implementation blockchain technology to mobile applications. That's
why we designed GEMO – the social media event application that gives a whole new meaning to
cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

2. Company philosophy

What we value the most beside honesty and hard work is the ability to think out of the box, to rewrite existing
systems and in the end to come up with something totally different and useful for users.

3. Company goals

We wish to have long-term impact on the world of cryptocurrencies. The progress of development is described
in roadmap. There is a niche in cryptocurrency market that we wish to be the first to explore to its limits.
This is the market of decentralized application so called Dapps. Dapps are applications based on blockchain
technology. What is so important about Dapps? When blockchain is the technology, Dapps give meaning and real
use for owned tokens. Otherwise tokens serve only exchange. In other words Dapps stand for a product that is
able to support tokens. We wish not only to create innovative project but also contribute to this market.

4. Target market

The group that is most likely to use the application (in terms of finding events and activities) are so called
millennials. Our goal beside developing useful product is to create the fashionable application that users could
identify with. This is very often neglected feature especially if developers focus mainly on usability. Our goal is to
establish crypo payments as a lifestyle. The group that would meet this criteria are current crypto traders so
man between 20 - 30 years old. However as GEMO is a social media and event application, therefore it has a
chance to catch even wider audience. Engaged social media users are people of both genders in age between 16 -
35 years old. On the other hand users that would wish to promote their business are in age group between 25-
40 or even older. That is why GEMO has potential to embrace such diverse groups under one platform.

5 Target customers details

Basically everyone can participate inside GEMO platform for it’s usage responds to various social groups.
However main audience that is targeted are users between 18 - 35. This is due to the fact that we don’t want
only to develop the service but also style. Apart from whole usefulness of GEMO there is a gap to create it
accordingly to tastes of younger generation. This targets mainly millennials (Gen. Y) as well as late Gen. X.
Such groups are in most need for active networking. Additionally those groups are more likely to acknowledge
cryptocurrencies not only as a future of payments but also a fashion that is distinguishing them from others. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Second type of consumers are event, activity hosts. Those are people 25 - 45. This group are made of people that
are running already own business or work in any company. This group will be using the application to promote
businesses and advertise.

As consumers:

Age: 18 - 35
Gender: Both
Location: Urban areas
Income: None (students) and average wage
Occupation: Student and other occupations (not running private business).

For businesses:

Age: 25 - 45
Gender: Both
Location: Urban areas
Income: Not specified (Users running own business or working in a company)
Occupation: Users running own business or working in a company

6. Key competitors
Although there are many social media platforms they all work in a different way. GEMO is composed of certain
features that would work best with blockchain technology.


This is self-expliainatory. However Facebook is not decentralized or even semi-decentralized platform. Facebook
politics is not in favour of cryptocurrencies. Facebook has many event options that are very limited in terms of

Blocktix, ICO not released

Event platform based on blockchain. Platform wants to create community of event vetters, who earn and redeem
credits by vetting and attending events, writing reviews for events they’ve already attended and watching
advertisements for events they might want to attend later.

Eventbrite 5 000 000 + downloads Play Store

Eventbrite is the online ticketing system that allow event organizers to easily set up, promote and sell their events
via the service. With the Eventbrite app, user can also easily find these events all on mobile device. The app will
display all events that are within your location and get yourself an e-ticket in-app. iOS have the further option of
using Passbook with this app Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Meetup 5 000 000 + downloads Play Store

Meetup allows user to create or join local groups with varying interests: tech, food, photography, etc.
The app will suggest local meet ups around your vicinity and user can finetune the suggestions by indicating how
far user is willing to travel and for which interest. There is also a calendar of events that will allow user to quickly
see all the meet ups that are happening or will happen soon.

Field Trip 1 000 000 + downloads Play Store

Coming out of Google’s Niantic Labs, the same lab that made the popular Ingress augmented reality (A.R.) game,
Field Trip also uses AR but to help user find interesting things. Instead of the usual visual focus, this app is aural:
it tells you what is interesting through your headphones. It will point out to user recommendations from a list of
interests such as food, offers, history, architecture among others..


If user find himself in a new place for work or leisure, not knowing where the nearest police station, petrol
station, bus stop or Laundromat is, then this handy web app MapMyNearest will be of assistance. It will locate
the nearest location based on your current location. User will need to grant it access to your computer or device
location to fully utilize its mapping abilities.

7. Positioning/Niche

Our product allows users to trade, pay for goods by using cryptocurrencies. Application allows to makes posts,
interactions, advertisements. Users inside the system allow to pay and receive cryptocurrency payments for
goods, products, services or events.
This decentralized platform is a unique combination of social media, event and gaming aspects that solve niche
on the market for a product which will give all those possibilities in one package.
What makes our product special? GEMO is based on the blockchain technology and has own tokens based on
Ethereum tokens ERC20.

GEMO tokens are inner cryptocurrency. By using GEMO tokens users can trade goods or services between each
other. Additionally there is a loyalty airdrop/bounty program that rewards all users for making payments. Such
users are occasionally rewarded with GEMO tokens. By downloading the application user participates in a
system, what means that agrees to pay and receive crypto payments. Users can buy and sell their tokens.
Application allows to exchange GEMO tokens to other tokens or fiat currencies. Special feature inside GEMO is
the ability to create interactive events and interactive posts. Such events can be additionally operated with
smartphones. Many interactions are based on crypto payments.

8. Advertising

GEMO is a mobile application therefore the most useful way of advertisemsnet will be via internet and social

Advertising may include:

Business website
Social media marketing (Groups on: Telegram, Facebook, Tweeter, Discord, Reddit, Github)
Email marketing (As opportunity for promoting businesses, cooperation)
Mobile marketing
Trade shows (Crypto conferences, Mobile app conferences)
Networking (Creating dapp oriented community)
Word-of-mouth Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

ICO servers here also as a part of marketing for it’s a promise for users to have an advantage (Increased value of
the tokens) when the platform is ready.

To support the marketing of GEMO we designed few logos with different meaning. Pad logo, Token logo, Text
Logo. There is also existing website During the development we will share new features and release
spoilers explaining new features.

9 ICO / ITO Landscape

Many fortunes have been made not only in cryptocurrency investing, but in blockchain entrepreneurship. Initial
Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) have become the funding instrument of choice for smart

Originally, an ICO was the launch of a new cryptocurrency – literally the event in which the new coin was initially
offered to its early adopters. It soon became obvious that it was not only possible to launch a cryptocurrency for its
own sake, but even to build a new business platform on top of such a cryptocurrency. For this purpose, it is not even
necessary to construct a new blockchain from scratch – to launch a so-called token (a platform-related
cryptocurrency), many startups rely on the tried-and-true infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain and issue
ERC-20-compatible tokens. This is an interesting option especially for startups who lack the resources to develop
their own coins and wallets.

However, more ambitious projects – such as GEMO – rely on custom-made blockchain technology to make sure
that the new tokens and wallets have all the features that are needed to integrate with all aspects of the business
model, and offer utmost flexibility to adapt them to customers’ needs.

Both ICOs with ERC-20 coins and custom-made technology have developed in the most exciting way in the last few
years. 2017 was the first year in which capital raised via ICOs surpassed the capital raised via traditional venture
capital investments. All in all, 1.92 billion USD have been raised in 92 ICOs in 2017 (see diagram). Among the most
prominent and successful are Filecoin and Tezos.

Token Sales / ICOs in 2017


Amounts Raised (millions)


EOS (July)
Sirin Labs
EOS (June) Qash


Jan 2017 Apr 2017 Jul 2017 Oct 2017 Jan 2018

Data source: Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Tezos raised 232 million USD in summer of 2017, and Filecoin even 257 million USD a short time later, which set a
new world record for ICOs. Interestingly, both projects have built their own custom-made blockchains and issued
original tokens on them – just like GEMO is going to do.

In summary, ICOs are not only the new smart choice for entrepreneurs, but the new smart choice for contributors
too. Where previously individual contributors hardly had the chance to take part in exciting new technological
ventures, now everyone can have a share of the fastest growing businesses and most advanced technologies on
earth. In the past, startups were founded by venture capital funds or so-called angel contributors, massively
wealthy individuals. Now, even students can put their savings into a promising ICO and get a headstart on building
their wealth over the course of their lives. Contributing in ICOs does have its risks, but – as in many other aspects of
business and life – this risk comes with substantial earning potential.
And, as with many blockchain-based paradigms, ICOs are more efficient than traditional capital raising tools: They
have lean teams, structures are made transparent – in good ICOs – and there is none of the massive overhead that
used to be a part of every project in which traditional banks were involved. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Join token pre-sale link

in a nutshell

GEMO is an hybrid application offering combination of the best elements of mobile social platform and blockchain aspects.
Our mission it to design decentralized social platform which is safe and secure for its users.

Problem Solution

There are over 25 mln cryptocurrency users that wish to pay Our mission is to add new possibilities to the blockchain thechnology and move it
freely but there are limited places where user can really spend towards mobile platforms. We wish to contribute to the whole system that
their cryptos for goods. There is no system that could combine cryptocurrencies could become the common mean of payment with all its advantages.

all users that wish to pay and receive payments in Top features:
-GEMO not only allows payer to meet the seller but also combines the best features
of all social media and event platforms translated into blockchain language.
Main problems:
-By GEMO anyone can show any kind of activity and allow users to pay both in
-Cryptocurrency users has no place do spend their crypto
cryptocurrency and fiat currencies.
-No existing system that could connect sellers and buyers
-GOMO works as proof of movement proof of participation. Users can receive free
-Few decentralized applications existing for mobile devices tokens and disscounts by paying and attending events.

-No special use/benefits of blockchain technology -Alternative mean to advertise for all kind of users including big companies.

Token & ICO details GEMO mobile app & wallet

Total Token Supply: 10 Billion GEMO

GEMO project will have a dedicated decentralized mobile
Token Sale Supply 150 Million GEMO application that

Token Sale Cap: $25 Million During the ICO period users will have occasion to purchase
GEMO tokens (GEMO). When the platform will be fully
operational those users will able to spend their tokens with
multiplied value on goods put on application by other users.
All other tokens will be blocked and gradually
released to the market. Additionally users will be occasionally rewarded with tokens by
Smart Contract will ensure that no more than 20% of participating and organizing events. Event hosts can assign
the current market is released. certain amount of tokens as an airdrop to encourage
Key Dates:
Pre-Sale Starts: June 25, 2018 GEMO is the application that combines free to play/use model
with blockchain technology.
Pre-Sale Ends August 25, 2018

Crowd Sale Starts: August 26, 2018

Crowd Sale Ends: November 9, 2018


Hubert Krzysztof Partycja Krzysztof

Szewczyk Witkowski-Soroczan Lewicka Hajderewski
CEO / Founder CDO / Co-Founder COO CTO

Hubert has more than 10 years of Mobile and game designer.

Patrycja is a detail-oriented and Frontend developer, hardware
experience in the field like Financial Graduate of few prestigious art
talented graphics and web designer expert. Technology enthusiast and
Analysis at institutions such as KBC universities . Currently involved in
with 14 years of experience in electronical engineer. Kris knows and
TFI. Founder few companies with a blockchain based projects and
UX/UI/front-end development and understands how electronic circuits
demonstrated history of working in decentralized applications.
2 years of experience in Bitcoin works from the tiny resistors to huge
the e-commerce and marketplace 2 years of experience in game
community, cryptocurrencies, transformers.
industry. Entrepreneur since 2012. developement and collaboration with
blockchain commercial Technical knowledge, with his
His professional focus has always mobile game & blockchain companies.
applications, entrepreneurship, B.S. development skills have found a
been directed towards company
in Marketing Management. connection in his passion to
blockchain technology, especially in
P.O.W. algorithms and
cryptocurrency mining hardware. Just go!

Blockchain event and interactive social media application

Funds allocation

The proceeds from the token sale will fund the product launch, continued platform development and user

30% – R&D and Product Development

Includes opening of an R&D center in Europe with approximately 15 engineers. This part will be mainly
allocated to development of the GEMO application.

25% – Marketing and Customer Acquisition

The key source of new customers is going to be word-of-mouth, as the product gives users a very strong
commercial incentive to download the App. There are natural network effects built into the product around
the P2P money sending function, which will lower the average customer acquisition cost (CAC)

15% – Business Costs, including costs of e-money licenses, compliance and architecture setup.
Arranging key partners. There is a substantial cost associated with integrating all those
partners, acquiring all the necessary licenses across multiple jurisdictions, building compliance teams,
shouldering legal fees, and general technical architecture setup.

30% – Working Capital

Our product deals with the world of crypto and fiat currencies. In order to offer our users realtime
access to funds and perfect exchange rates, we will have to bridge funding gaps between multiple parties
using our own balance sheet. Just go!