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1. What was the crime/ murder?

Embezzlement of public funds

2. When did it happen? the sentence was given on April 10, 2015
3. Was anyone arrested or - Pedro Delgado, former president of the
accused? board of the Central Bank
- Francisco Endara, ex-director of Cofiec
- Gastón Duzac, ex-director of Cofiec
- Antonio Buñay, former director of
- Marcelo Ordóñez, ex-director of Cofiec
- Pedro Zapac, former president of
Seguros Rocafuerte
4. What was the sentence? Eight years in prison
5. Did anyone pay a fine? How The disbursement of the $ 800 thousand
much was the fine? was made on December 20, 2017
6. Is anyone in prison?
7. Do you agree with the final
decision? Why?

Caso Cofiec
Ocho años de prisión para Pedro Delgado por malversación de fondos. Las
extradiciones de Pedro Delgado y de Gastón Duzac están solicitadas a Estados Unidos y
a Argentina, respectivamente, desde noviembre de 2014.
El juez Luis Enríquez, de la Sala Penal de la Corte Nacional de Justicia, dictó este
domingo el fallo en la concesión de un crédito al empresario argentino Gastón Duzac.
Ocho personas fueron declaradas culpables de peculado bancario, seis de ellos como
autores y dos como encubridores.
Judge Luis Enríquez, of the Criminal Chamber of the National Court of Justice, handed
down the ruling on Sunday to grant a loan to Argentine businessman Gastón Duzac.
Eight people were found guilty of bank embezzlement, six of them as authors and two
as accessories.

 Steven Campuzano
 Cristhian Palacios
 Henry Suarez
 Michelle Mujica
Course: 421
Les Parapluies by Pierre Auguste Renoir

The Umbrellas is a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), a painter of French

Impressionism between 1881-1886, the work is exhibited at the National Gallery in
London. The painting represents a city scene at the moment it starts to rain with multiple
characters, almost all with umbrellas, except for the woman who appears in the
foreground and two small girls on the right side of the painting. The composition plays
with circular and semicircular shapes and the bluish color predominates. The form of
human representation is very typical of Renoir, marked by the softness, warmth and the
idea of happiness of the characters that contrasts with the grayish environment of the rainy

Renoir represents in this work a scene of the urban life of the big city, a typical theme of
Impressionist painting. The issue has been analyzed as the isolation of a society in
transformation since it seems that the characters have no relationship and are ignored, as
the young woman who ignores the requirements of the gentleman or girl in the hoop
ignores her mother and sister.

 Steven Campuzano
 Cristhian Palacios
 Henry Suarez
 Michelle Mujica
Course: 421

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