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This PROJECT EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, entered into by and between

____________________________., a corporation duly organized and existing by virtue
and under Philippine Law, with its principal office address at
____________________________________________________, Metro Manila, herein
referred to as the EMPLOYER,


_______________________________, Filipino, of legal age, and residing at

______________________________________________, herein after referred to as


That EMPLOYER hereby engages the services of a PROJECT EMPLOYEE

under the following terms and conditions:

1. PROJECT EMPLOYEE agrees to be employed by the EMPLOYER as

_____________________________ of the ___________________________
Project located at __________________________, effective
_______________________ until the completion of the project by the

2. That PROJECT EMPLOYEE shall be paid at a rate of PESOS:

_______________________________________ (P______________) as his
monthly remuneration/compensation for the services he will
render in favor of the EMPLOYER;

3. PROJECT EMPLOYEE agrees to devote full time to the EMPLOYER

during the term of this contract; full time is hereby defined to mean
the regular established working hours of the EMPLOYER;

4. That this project employment contract automatically ceases to be

valid and enforceable upon expiration of the projected date of
completion or actual completion of the project, or when the specified
and identified phase(s) of work for which the PROJECT EMPLOYEE
was hired is finished/completed, whichever comes first;

5. That at any time, the herein EMPLOYER shall have the right to
transfer/assign the PROJECT EMPLOYEE to another project/s if
whenever necessary before or on the actual completion of the project
upon agreed of both parties;

6. That if the PROJECT EMPLOYEE wishes to resign, he shall inform the

EMPLOYER in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective
date of his resignation without prejudice to the right of the
EMPLOYER to hold the PROJECT EMPLOYEE concerned even after
the lapse of thirty (30) days if said PROJECT EMPLOYEE has
liabilities that have not been accounted for or hold in abeyance
his/her salary in order to answer for any damages the EMPLOYER
may incurred because of his improper resignation;

7. That at any time during the term of this project employment

contract, EMPLOYER shall have the right to terminate this contract
based on serious/valid ground, or just and/or authorized cause(s) after
due process or in case of project suspension of stoppage for reasons
beyond the EMPLOYER’S control;

8. That the PROJECT EMPLOYEE shall strictly observe the established

working hours and refrain from working overtime unless specially
directed and necessary;
9. That if the EMPLOYER and the PROJECT EMPLOYEE shall agree to
continue their contractual relationship, a separate contract may be
entered to that effect, which shall not be deemed to be an extension of
this Contract;

10. That a medical certificate shall be submitted certifying that the

PROJECT EMPLOYEE is in good health and that he holds the
EMPLOYER free and blameless from any ailment, disability or injury,
whether or not compensable under existing or future laws which may
be suffered by the former while in the employ of the latter, unless it is
conclusively proven that such ailment, disability or injury is work
related and/or resulted from any violation by the EMPLOYER of
existing laws;

11. That PROJECT EMPLOYEE shall observe all the rules and regulations
being enforced by the EMPLOYER in the proper conduct of its

12. That the PROJECT EMPLOYEE agrees to return all properties which
may be loaned or entrusted to his for the execution of his assigned
work and to account for his upon termination of his employment;

13. That any misinformation/misrepresentation in PROJECT

EMPLOYEE’S application form or violation on his part of any or all of
the aforesaid conditions, orders, rules and regulations of the
EMPLOYER shall be a sufficient ground/cause for his immediate
termination and/or summary dismissal;

14. That it is expressly understood and agreed upon that there shall be
no verbal agreements or understanding between the EMPLOYER and
the PROJECT EMPLOYEE which will affect this Contract, and no
alterations or variations of the terms herein provided shall be binding
upon either party unless put into writing and mutually signed by
both parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have set their signature below at

___________________________________________________________, Metro Manila, this
_____ day of ____________.



_____________________________ ____________________________

I hereby acknowledge receipt of

photocopy of this Agreement and
have agreed to all the terms and
conditions stated herein.