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Doña Media Launches Breakthrough 2-Way Video Fitness Apps "Rise & Shine"

Doña Media launches innovative new platform for Yoga and Core Fitness Professionals. Available
now for San Francisco, CA and Panama City, Panama.

San Francisco, CA, July 02, 2018 --( Doña Media, Inc., co-founded by Silicon Valley tech
entrepreneur Steven Clarke-Martin and yoga professional Jennifer Fromm, today announced the public
launch of its “Rise & Shine” dual app into the App Store.

“As health-conscious yet busy professionals, Steven and I saw a huge opportunity in the fitness industry
to offer consumers portable, video-based personal training while simultaneously providing yoga
instructors and other fitness professionals with an unmatched platform to supplement their often limited
income,” said Ms. Fromm, co-founder and CEO, Doña Media.

Doña's Rise App was developed for yoga and fitness students seeking a more personalized, fluid way to
include exercise in their busy lives. The app is priced at $12.99 per month following a free 30-day trial.
Doña's Rise subscription allows students to schedule live, one-on-one video training sessions with their
trusted fitness instructors with which they have initially connected within a group class setting.

With a monthly subscription, Rise App customers also receive access to Doña's digital media platform,
featuring exclusive health and fitness content, events, and premium compositions compiled by top

Doña's Shine App, available for fitness and yoga professionals, is the company's sister offering to
accompany the Rise App. Doña Shine offers instructors a first-of-its-kind platform to conduct remote
video-training sessions with clients. Additionally, instructors can create their own compositions of
postures, publish their own premium content, and announce upcoming events and retreats. The app is also
priced at $12.99 per month following a 30-day free trial.

Ms. Fromm highlighted the unparalleled income opportunity the Doña's Shine App offers instructors.

“As a former yoga instructor myself, I know that the current studio fitness model is not designed with
top-of-mind consideration to instructors' livelihoods,” said Ms. Fromm. “We are putting instructors and
consumers first in a way that will ultimately boost income for active users and provide tremendous insight
for their students.”

By focusing on convenience and technology, Doña is poised to take on the $80 billion global fitness
industry with its innovative solution.

“We consider Doña the next natural step in the fitness world, or Brick and Mortar 2.0,” said Mr.
Clarke-Martin, co-founder and CTO, Doña Media. “By utilizing machine learning and other data-driven
technologies, we're transforming the face of fitness by connecting consumers directly with fitness
instructors in a hugely transparent way.”

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Doña “Rise & Shine” is now available in San Francisco, CA and Panama City, Panama.

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Jennifer Fromm

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