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January 11 - National Education Day

January 18 - Anniversary of the birth of Ruben Dario

January 26 - National Day of environmental education.

FEBRUARY 2 February: World Wetlands Day February 6: Anniversary of the death of Ruben Dario February 21: Anniversary of the assassination of General of free men and the father of the Sandinista popular revolution: Augusto Cesar Sandino .

. MARCH March 8: International Women's Day dela. March 16: 218 anniversary of the birth of General Jose Dolores Estrada March 21: World Forestry Day.

APRIL 1 April: Holy Thursday April 2: Good Friday April 23: Day of the Book .

8 May: World Day of the Red Cross May 30: Day of the Nicaraguan mother. . MAY May 1: International Workers' Day.

JUNE June 1: Children's Day. . June 22: Teacher's Day June 25: National Tree Day.

July 23: Day of the Nicaraguan student. JULY July 14: National Flag Day. July 28: Day of the Nicaraguan athlete. .

. August 22: World Day of Folklore August 25: National Day of the person of different capacities. AUGUST August 9: World Day of Indigenous Peoples.

SEPTEMBER September 8: International Literacy Day September 14: Battle of San Jacinto. . September 15: Independence of Central America.

16 de Octubre: World Day of la alimentacion. Black and Popular. . OCTOBER 5 de Octubre: World Day of them teachers October 12: Day of Indigenous Resistance.

NOVEMBER 2 de November: Dia de los dead bodies. 8 November : Day del bibliotecario Nicaraguan. . 25 November: International Day for the Elimination of violence against women.

DECEMBER December 1: World Day of AIDS. . December 10: Day of human rights December 29: World Day of biodiversity.