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California Laws Affecting Real Estate

Code What it is Examples
Penal Code Laws related to theft (grand and Copying title company documents with
petty) and other crimes intended illegal use.
Taking fixtures from properties undergoing
foreclosure (e.g., built-in appliances, cooper
Not paying a creditor after the sale of the
property secured by the creditor.
Selling the same property more than once to
different persons.
Placing signage on public or private property
without permission.
Bribing a lender to obtain credit; accepting
such a bribe.
Accepting any form of compensation from a
title or escrow company for referral of
Civil Code Laws related to real property Failure by the seller under a contract of sale
contracts, such as contract of sale or to correctly apply tax and insurance
land installment contract payments received from the buyer, or to use
a buyer’s payments for any purposes other
than intended. (CC 2985.4)
Seller encumbering land under a contract for
sale above the present contract balance. (CC
Corporations Code Laws related to the sale of securities Selling unqualified and non-exempt
fractionalized interests in promissory notes
secured by deeds of trust.

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