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1. i'm on a social networking site such as facebook, google, or twitter.

2. I update my status every day.

3. I change my profile quite often.

4. I've downloaded one or two new apps recently.

5. I sometimes upload videos to websites like youtube.

6. I sometimes post comments on news sites and forums.

7. I'm on twitter and I tweet quite often.

8. I also follow some famous people on twitter.

9. I often share links to interesting websites, blogs or videos with my frends.


1. Estoy en un sitio de redes sociales como facebook, google o twitter.

2. Actualizo mi estado todos los días.

3. Cambio mi perfil con bastante frecuencia.

4. He descargado una o dos nuevas aplicaciones recientemente.

5. A veces subo videos a sitios web como youtube.

6. Algunas veces publico comentarios en sitios y foros de noticias.

7. Estoy en twitter y tweet muy a menudo.

8. También sigo algunas personas famosas en twitter.

9. A menudo comparto enlaces a sitios web, blogs o videos interesantes con mis amigos.


1. On which social networking sites are you?

On facebook, on twitter and I have an account on google.

2. change your facebook profile?

how often?

If I do it; once or twice a month

3. Have you ever posted any information on a website?

No, it's done. but if I have commented the facebook states of my friends.

4. Do you share links to websites, blogs or videos with your friends?

If I do it. sometimes I share links of academic articles, about academics for university
homeworks, videos, tutorials, etc.

5. What do you think of social networks children?

it also stresses and insomnia. because they are exposed to many dangers with strangers. and away from the habit of reading.I think that parents should have control with their children. can also generate addiction. .