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Biman Bangladesh Airlines E-TICKET Booking #AHEYK

Booked by: Biman Website
Contact: Website (
Reserved On: 22-Jun-2018 7:06 PM Ticketed On: 22-Jun-2018 7:23 PM
Name Ticket # Contact # Passport # Seats
MRS KAZI ALOM ARA BEGUM 997 2303176984 +880 1712246485 BC0958380 9B / 39A
+41 774953613

Travel Itinerary Please Ensure your Reporting at Airport check-in counter as following:
Sylhet → London International Flights 03 (Three) Hours Before Departure
Domestic Flight in Bangladesh 01 (One) Hour Before Departure
Date Times Fligh t In fo Termin al Fligh t Nu mb er No tes

6:25 AM * Dep arts Sylhet (ZYL) 1 BG-604
7:05 AM Lan ds in Dhaka (DAC) 1 Eco n o my Class
Sunday CHANGE PLANES IN DHAKA 1 p lan e ch an ge
9:55 AM * Leaves Dhaka (DAC) 2 BG-1
3:55 PM Lan ds in London (LHR) 4 Eco n o my Class

Ticket Details
Fare Baggage Fare
Ticket # / Coupon Flight Route Date Family Allowance Basis Price Status
997 2303176984 / 1 BG-604 ZYL-DAC 24 Jun 2018 Super Saver 20kg KLBDDO BDT 909 OK
997 2303176984 / 2 BG-1 DAC-LHR 24 Jun 2018 Super Saver 40kg KLBDDO BDT 37,754 OK

Total Ticket Value: BDT 38,663

Refund / Exchange Rules
Trip Segment Change Fees Cancel Fees
USD 150 after departure USD 240 after departure
Sylhet → London USD 75 within 72 hours of departure USD 120 within 72 hours of departure
USD 50 more than 72 hours before departure USD 80 more than 72 hours before departure


and infants booked by you online. fireworks. including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability. In order to make bookings you may register online on our website and. you must present the mentioned on each web page displayed while booking on our website.Disabling devices such as mace or pepper sprays. any assistance.Poisons such as arsenic. electric. PROHIBITED ITEMS AS BAGGAGE Following items are prohibited by passenger from carrying these items in either their checked-in and hand-carry baggage or on their person. credit card.identity document selected at the time user ID will be allotted to you. or other material accessible through the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online PASSENGER AWARENESS booking facility will be free of bugs. At the time of ticketing all known taxes will be collected on your ticket. sales commission Merchant Discount (MDR) commission and AIRPORT TAXES admissible refund charges will be recalled. cyanides. (other than carriage by Conditions of Use. flares. during a flight. baton. Airlines assumes no responsibility whatsoever on account of delay or Therefore you should not worry that a copy of your printout cancellation of flight for any reason whatsoever including change in flight would be misused. or by air using a ticket obtained using this website shall be subject to the use the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking facility in a conditions of carriage as provided in the carriage by Air ACT 1971 way which interferes with its availability for other users. Continued use of Biman Bangladesh Airlines online booking system following any such changes shall constitute your acceptance of such changes. Be careful as to never share your password with anyone.Sporting equipment such as baseball/cricket bats. . You must not: air). lighter fuels. Following additional actions to be ensured in case of credit card DOCUMENTATIONS (WHEREVER APPLICABLE) refund: The responsibility to ensure the correctness of all documentations The refundable amount will be credited by means of the Refund including valid resident permit. Trojan horses or You are fully aware of the verification and are advised to present your other harmful components. Your show your photo-identity. false or fraudulent reservation. or insecticides . You will not use Bangladesh Airlines Ltd hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with this Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these regard to the information. spent / empty cartridges authorities and depending on local conditions. You must not download or otherwise export or re. viruses. sparklers.Devices with spillable batteries .Security-type cases/boxes incorporating goods such as lithium batteries Following items are prohibited by passenger from carrying these items in or pyrotechnics either their hand-carry baggage or on their person. content. golf clubs. thermometers or blood pressure gauges.Knives (any types).Compressed gases (flammable.biman-airlines. medicines containing alcohol) not .Weapons such as whips. products. Airport or when seen with the photo-identity document and the booking through the website in advance before the journey. Cash refund or refunds by means of MCOs are not permissible AGE AND WARRANTY if ticket was issued against a credit card. You are responsible for the correctness of the age of children Other applicable may also be notified from time to time. By accessing. and wet cell Restriction may vary country wise. . passport & visa (if required) rests solely Request Form. This is to prevent a possible rare occurrence of user ID and password are confidential and should not be revealed to any someone else misusing your e-Ticket.5 KG or 0. home and business address. imitation firearms. offensive. User in his own interest is requested to You should not mutilate. Biman Bangladesh Airlines and its licensors retain all rights (including Web Booking: ibebiman@bdbiman. Make a booking and pay online by credit card. or refills baggage instead: . party poppers and pyrotechnics RESTRICTED ITEMS AS HAND CARRY OR/AND ON THEIR PERSON . phone and fax numbers will be stored. . or poisonous) such as passengers are advised to check in or put these items in their checked-in butane. Scissors and any other sharp/bladed objects (e. The passengers are requested to confirm The printout of the Itinerary Receipt would only have a value the time.biman-airlines. USER PROFILE Never allow anyone to transact on your behalf. An infant is one who has not yet The image of the ticket purchased by you is stored in the Biman reached his/her second birthday on the date of commencement of journey Bangladesh Airlines server. present a danger not completing a Booking I acknowledge have reading. Your personal profile such as email address. which can be used in all future transactions. The Biman Bangladesh Airlines Internet booking system is currently It is mandatory to produce E-ticket at check-in point. of the booking along with the E-ticket.Explosives. non-flammable. ball-bearing guns. those passengers who fail to present their credit card must not ISSUANCE OF E-TICKET be accepted for travel. original printout of the Itinerary Receipt along with a valid photo Biman Bangladesh Airlines will consider as accepted these notes and rules identification (Passport / National ID Card). Biman Bangladesh Airlines E-TICKET Booking #AHEYK Booked by: Biman Website Contact: Website (www. for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.Baby strollers .com. hockey . Print an E-ticket on your INTERNET BOOKINGS personal printer and present it at the check-in counter for a boarding card. Any Carriage any activity which breaches any law. You warrant Payment of such ticket to be made to cardholder’s bank that all information supplied by you and members of your family in using account only with authority of Manager Revenue Accounts.If any of these items will be recovered at the boarding gate by the local . .com Reserved On: 22-Jun-2018 7:06 PM Ticketed On: 22-Jun-2018 7:23 PM Terms And Conditions WARRANTY AND REPRESENTATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR INTERNET BOOKINGS Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd does not warrant or represent that your With the introduction of booking/ticketing through IBE (Internet Booking access to the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking facility will be Engine) which permits passengers to purchase tickets by using debit or uninterrupted or error-free or that any information. Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd makes written permission of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd.4 with you.Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs) . However. with irritant properties sticks.Lighters (butane.Toys guns/gun shaped items or look-alike to you.Firearms / parts of firearm such as revolvers. You will not use the Biman Bangladesh Airlines online booking facility to products. worms. nan-chakus.Any items which are restricted by local law pellet guns. All such information. a Always carry your photo. software credit card through Biman’s web-link www. You suppose that you are of sufficient legal age to use this service.Electronic devices which cannot be switched off . Please contact the nearest Biman Bangladesh Airlines office for access to the airport and check-in. novelty) . munitions. propane. or irritating materials agreeing to Biman Terms and Conditions of Carriage and Dangerous Note: Failure to declare hazardous materials may result in civil or criminal Goods Regulations. You are responsible to read all ‘Fare rules’ To enter the airport and for check-in. You will TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR E-TICKET use the Biman Bangladesh Airlines online booking facility to make only legitimate reservations. General Terms & Conditions for Please contact following in case of queries regarding: Passengers & Baggage handling will be followed. understanding and covered above.Oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides ice-pick. Biman Bangladesh Airlines will not be responsible for any Currency of refund must be the same as currency of sale. available only for flights operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines. the part. Biman make any speculative. crackers. and PROHIBITION OF UNLAWFUL US services contained on this Website for any purpose. For convenience. nail clippers) considered illegal by local law. battery-powered. you should: schedule. aqualung cylinders. such as magnetized.helpdesk@bdbiman. trigger assembly etc . tear or make multi-folds on your confirm this information from the nearest Biman Bangladesh Airlines printout of the Itinerary Receipt. Biman Bangladesh record in the Biman Bangladesh Airlines reservation ibebiman@bdbiman. data. .Corrosive materials such as mercury (which may be contained in exceeding 0. . while a child is one who has reached his/her second birthday but not yet Once ticket is purchased the system will generate a printable reached his/her twelfth birthday on the date of commencement of journey. You are responsible facility. and date of departure from the nearest booking office.Flammable liquids such as paints and adhesives .g. This will help us in providing you Please cooperate with the security and the check-in staff when asked to with our optimum service and save your time for future bookings. office in case of any doubts. browsing and using Biman website and/or by . or MODIFICATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS use other means to transact or obtain information if you are Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd reserves the right to change these terms unable to use the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking and conditions at any time without notice or liability. liability you may incur as a result of the use of this service.5 L per article and 1. complication arising out of incomplete or improper documentation on your In respect of refunds credited to the cardholders account.0 KG or 1. title and non-infringement. Passenger will submit Refund Request Form personally to nearest Biman CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT Office or by e-mail iberefund@bdbiman. Infants can also be booked provided each infant is accompanied E-ticket can be issued for normal fares as well as market fares. absorbed fuel. no representations about the suitability of the information. alkalis.Any other substances which. person to prevent its misuse. children.) acids. Itinerary Receipt and the same will be displayed on your PC. The carriage of passengers and their baggage by air will be subject to the CONTACTS Conditions of Carriage of the carrier. All information shall be provided at the REFUND OF CREDIT CARD TICKETS option of the passenger and Biman Bangladesh Airlines bears no liability Following steps of refund in case of credit card ticket sales must be towards the same. MODE OF PAYMENT The mode of payment will be through credit cards [Visa / MasterCard]. use the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking facility for fitness for a particular purpose. Some airports will levy an airport departure tax. those may not be returned . perfumes. You can book online for a maximum of 6 E-ticket is Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ paper-less travel passengers in a single booking which can be a combination of adults and service. batteries .0 L in total weight. . which is payable by PASSENGER ACTION IN CASE OF REFUND passengers at the airport locally. if you complete booking process. RIGHTS AND RESTRICTIONS Ticketing issue: eticket. and services. Bookings within 48 hours of departure cannot be made through our You should print this Itinerary Receipt and use it for your information and material available through the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking facility. ensured. by an adult.Radioactive materials .Flammable solids such as safety matches and articles which are easily . and Refund of credit card tickets will be governed as per New you possess the legal right and ability to create binding obligations for any Refund policy under BSP/ET environment.Ammunition including copyright and patent rights) with respect to all software and underlying Settlement of transaction: mgrrevg@bdbiman. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY export any software or underlying information or material available through The information published on this website may be incomplete or include the Biman Bangladesh Airlines Online booking facility except with the inaccuracies or typographical error. the booking facility are true and accurate. or stun gun . billiard cues or similar items.Aerosols (hair sprays. and services are provided without warranty of any kind. barrels.Hand-cuffs ignited .

Note: Failure to declare hazardous materials may result in civil or criminal Goods Regulations. . penalties for passengers by the relevant government authorities at state of origin.