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In the year of 2018, the most recent standard about how someone can be called as the most popular

one is someone
who can always follow the most update trend world wide. It’s all possible with the existence of the internet technology.
So, we have to say so many thanks to Mr. Zhang Yiming [Tik Tok Founder]. Without him, we won’t be as lucky as today,
when we can enjoy the most fantastic social media on the globe, especially in our country. And these are some easy steps
to make your tik tok video becomes legendary. Let’s check this out.

1. First of all, make sure you are using the right device, I mean a smartphone.
2. Download and install the Tik Tok app.
3. Prepare some supporting stuff that will be used in the making of the content.
4. It’s better to do in the bright place or you can use some lighting.
5. One of the most important, don’t forget to choose the song that match to your idea.
6. Start making the Tik Tok video as best as you can, also use some available effects, transitions, or whatever it’s
called, for more interesting result.
7. Prepare yourself, because after you publish it, there’s no long time before the netizens strike you out with some
beautiful words, especially your classmates.

That’s all our video, hope you enjoy it, and thank you for watching.