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Petri Messenger

St. Petri Messenger
July 2018

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, ministries can be to the life of faith. There is
Summer is here, and that something special about places set apart, like
means it’s camp season! Riverside Riverside, where we can be invited to step out of
Lutheran Bible Camp is yet our “boats” and into a new way of thinking or living
another of the important ministries the faith God has given us. I’m grateful that St. Petri
we support with our benevolences supports Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp, and I look
at St. Petri, both as a congregation forward to a vibrant future for both our
and as individuals. July is a great congregation and the camp just outside of town.
time to talk about the wonderful Yours in Christ, Pastor Scott
ministry we support just up the
road to the north of Story City. Our Mission:
Riverside has been a camping presence in
the Story City community for 75 years. “Riverside We are disciples of Jesus Christ,
was established in 1943 thanks to the extraordinary
called to grow in Christ,
vision of Pastor A.J. Bringle. Ever since then,
Riverside has been a place of worship, rest, and to invite all to follow him.
community, experiencing the Holy Spirit, and
growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Tens of
thousands of people have been impacted by the
ministry here, along the banks of the Skunk
River…” In 2017, Riverside welcomed over 2,500
campers, including local kids at day camps
throughout the state, and approximately 7,500
people participated in some sort of event, retreat, or
camp program hosted by or connected to Riverside
throughout the year.
Riverside offers a variety of opportunities
for people of all ages and abilities. There will also LIFELIGHT FESTIVAL
be a large shift in leadership in 2018 as longtime at the Story City South Park on July 14th
executive and equestrian directors Dave & Jan 1pm-10pm.
McDermott have announced their retirement, There will be a Family Fun Zone & BMX bikes
effective in October 2018. Riverside has already See:
found its next executive director - Chris Dahl, Josh Brewer-Communicator
current program coordinator, will step into that role Rachelle Hope-Worship Artist/Speaker
this fall. Many of you know the years of dedicated Bobby Bugattii- Hiphop Artist/Speaker
service the McDermotts have given to Riverside Cade Thompson-Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader
and the Story City area - I’m sure an extra gift to Hollyn-Singer
Riverside in their honor would be appreciated. Abby Robertson-Singer
As a longtime camper & staff veteran Johnathan Stone-0Christian Rap Artist
myself, I know firsthand how important camping Bread of Stone-Musical Band
2 St. Petri Messenger
Congregation of St. Petri,
This church and congregation has been such a blessing
in my life! So I thank you for that, as well as the quilt,
laundry bag, and allowing me to use the fellowship
hall to host my Graduation Party.
Thanks, Megan Stevenson

Hospitalized in June
Hospice – Tammy Horness & Carolyn Bostwick
THANK YOU!... to our June
Deaths in June C.A.R.E. Group volunteers, who
Esther Miller helped in any way with the monthly duties.
Dorothy Appelgate (Glenda Rahfeldt & Patty If each person did one or two duties each assigned
Hoversten’s mother) month, all the jobs would be filled!
Prayers of Ongoing Concern: Thank you for using the talents
Arlene Jacobson, Kay Disbrowe, Dennis Sills, God has given you to do His work!
Bob Severson, Cooper Leeman Congregational Action Reaching Everyone
Prayers for those not near to us:
Patrick & Jacqueline Bencke, ELCA Missionaries,
Thank you to all who
Soldiers, Peace Workers, and Humanitarian Aid
donated and supported the
WELCA Bake Sale on
Scandinavian Days.
Proceeds of $629 will be
used for local needs and to
support selected missions.

Congratulations to
Tyler Hobbs and Crystal Winterthieme
who were united in marriage at St. Petri on June 2nd.
May God’s love hold your marriage together.
WELCA Report
July 9-11 9am-noon This month’s tie quilting will be
during the youth’s Summer Stretch
THANK YOUs!! program and NOT the last week.
Our family would like to thank you for your kind
expression of sympathy at the recent passing of our July 12 2:00 p.m. WELCA Circle Bible Study
Mother. She will be greatly missed. It is comforting to LET US PRAY
know we have support from friends and family at this Session 2: The Practices of Prayer
difficult time.
We would especially like to thank Pastor Scott
Johnson for his special service and for the women of NOTE:
the church for their luncheon. Everything is greatly To ensure your article gets in the August
appreciated. Our Mother loved her church family. Newsletter, please give it to the Church
God Bless each of you. The Family of Esther Miller Secretary by Friday, July 20th.
3 St. Petri Messenger

St. Petri’s Office will be
closed Wednesday, July 4 JULY BIRTHDAYS
Independence Day!

July 1: Ada Cruz
July 3: John Carlson, Gary Fink
July 4: Kay Munsen
July 5: Mary A. Johnson, Maxine Lekwa
July 8: John Lekwa
July 10: Paul Jacobson, Bob Lekwa
July 11: Logan Greiner
July 12: Vicki Anderson, Kailee Keltner
July 14: Kara Keigan, Brent McCaskey
July 15: John Grinde, Callie Henrichs,
“…one nation, under God…” Mariana Henrichs
July 17: Lorene Anderson, Carol Foss
Separation between Church and State: July 18: Mary Johnson
Separation between church and state does NOT July 20: Mark Dale
appear in the U.S. Constitution. Thomas Jefferson July 21: Ordean Johnson, Alanna Johnson;
used this phrase in a letter to Baptist ministers Bruce Swenson
assuring them that the wall of separation between July 22: Nick Sayre
church and state was to insulate the church from July 23: Patrick Halsey, Brett Watson
government imposition as happened in England. It July 24: Linda Fevold, Paul Munson
was NOT meant to alienate God’s principles from July 25: Karen Nelson
public life and government. The Foundation of the July 27: Rick Stover
U. S. Constitution and nation are God’s principles. July 28: Darrel Hubby, Erin Schwartz
Tony Nassif October 24, 2008
July 29: Brett Schmitz
Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation July 30: Matthew Norris, Stephen Vize
July 31: Mindy Williams

Church Rental The Angel Gift Program
If you plan to schedule an event at St. Petri Lutheran is once again sponsoring the
church, please work with the church secretary to “BACK TO SCHOOL
complete the appropriate forms. This needs to be SUPPLY DRIVE”
done at least 6 weeks in advance of your event so the for Roland-Story
church council has time to approve non-church related Community Schools
events. Weddings, showers, anniversary and July 10th – 31st
graduation events do not need council approval, but Just choose a slip from a grade and drop off the supplies
must be scheduled in advance with the church at St. Petri anytime in July. Thank you for your help! 
secretary to ensure adequate scheduling and
communication with staff and the council. Non-
church related events should use the church facilities
policy document that is available from the church -----------------------------------------------------------
office or from the "Church Facilities Policy" section St. Petri Office Hours
of the St. Petri Web page Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
at: (except Tuesday afternoon)
4 St. Petri Messenger
CARE Group Leaders
Mardell Christian and Karen Munson
Micah & Jen Andersen Dale & Kay Anderson
Axel Anderson Orville Carlson
Tim & Kathy Casperson Mardell Christian
Kay Disbrowe Cheryl Eddy
Virginia Egemo Don & Clare Forthman
Alan & Brandie Gossel Mark Helland
Carl Hermanson Brian & Deb Holm
Adam Holm Anne Howard
Arlene Jacobson Lance & Angie Keltner
Jennifer Knutson Ben Knutson
Don & Marilyn Kolbe Jennifer Lamoreux
Marc & Colleen Lamoreux Tyler & Molly Lamoreux
Alyssa Loots Mark & Michele Mabee
Mason Mabee Katherine Munsen
Paul & Karen Munson Claudine Olson
Roger & Ilene Pohlman
Nick Sayre & Tanya Nunn
Larry & Denice Reisetter
Leland & Erin Schwartz Cross+Generational
Charles Sondrol Jordan & Sarah Uthe
Gary & Sue Uthe Angie Van Patter Event: Sunday, July 15th
“But be doers of the word, Join us on Sunday, July 15th at 6:30pm at
and not merely hearers Sweet Treats in Jewell for ICE CREAM,
who deceive themselves.”
James 1:22 fellowship and fun. All ages and stages in life
are welcome to come. We’ll see you there.
CARE Group Leaders
Mary Peterson and Ann Healy
Eric & Vicki Anderson Martha Arends
Tim & Amy Crouch Mark & Cindy Doolittle
David & Leanna Finley Carol Foss
Zach & Sarah Foster Garrett & Sierra Healy
Kyle & Nicole Healy Mike & Ann Healy
Jeff & Callie Henrichs Roger & Nancy Hermanson St. Petri
Walt & Barbara Hermanson Lorna Hoversten
Betsy Jensen Rev. Nancy Jewell Golf Outing
Sheldon & Mindy Kardell Kevin & Diana Keech
Levi Keech Sheryl Lemmon
& Potluck
Darla Millang Mary Nannenga will be
Pauline Ness Cindy Osmundson Sunday, July 22.
Darlene Patterson Margaret Peter We will start golfing
Steve & Mary Peterson Rocke & Angie Rahfeldt
Ron & Glenda Rahfeldt Marty & Connie Rasmusson at 3:00pm. The Potluck Supper will be
Jenna Riedemann Chris & Angie Roling approx. 5:00pm. You don’t need to golf to
Kiele (Williams)Rolph Lori Schminke join in the potluck.
Charles & Jeanne Tanksley Ryan & Katie Thorson
Hubert & Gloria Tussey
Please come & join us for some fun &
good food!
5 St. Petri Messenger

d. Endowment Youth Fund Re-allocation: Deacon Kristin
St. Petri Evangelical Johnson had sent a letter to Pres. Fevold regarding
Lutheran Church cleaning up some small balances regarding youth pro-
Council Minutes gram Endowment Fund allocations from 2016 and 2017.
Approved She referred it to Pat Murken, Trustee Chair, & member
May 9, 2018 of the Endowment Fund, who assisted in getting it done.
e. Kristin is requesting that the Church Credit Card limit be
increased to $3500. Trustees had met & approved the
request. Pat M moved to approve. Jane seconded.
Present were President Fevold, Karen Munson, Pat Discussion followed. Issues with card balance applica-
Murken. Larry Reisetter, Kevin Patterson, Abby Patterson, tion by the Credit Card issuer were raised. Making an
Jane Bauman, Ann Healy, John Fevold, Kristin Johnson. informed decision about what could be done, required
President Fevold called the meeting to order at 8:00. She more information. The issue was Tabled. It was noted
also requested the following changes to the agenda; 1) add that picking up a Tabled Item requires specific actions.
considering changing the church credit card balance limit &
allocations for the summer months in anticipation of focus Committee Reports
use for the Youth trips this summer. 2) Cleaning up Music/Worship; Ann Healy; The committee is moving
Endowment Committee fund allocations from 2016, 2017. their meeting time. They took care of regular monthly
Larry R presented the April minutes. He noted that the business including worship accompanist and other items.
corrections for the March Minutes were in the April Outreach/Fellowship: Karen Munson; They have planned a
minutes & he realized that the March Minutes did not get church sponsored Golf outing for the summer, a Senior
corrected before sending them out in the newsletter. He will Dinner in Sept, and will work with Stewardship Committee
try to make sure that the corrected minutes are available to on planning a God's Work Our Hands function. An “Over
the office in time to get them in the monthly mailing. There and Above” Care Group list has been completed. It is
were no corrections to the April Minutes. Ann Healy available thru the Church office to Care Committee month-
moved approval as corrected. Karen Munson seconded. ly Leaders for assistance if they need additional help. The
Motion carried. Committee has drafted a Letter to inactive Care Group
Financial Report. Presented by President Fevold. Bergen members. It is available for review and use by Care Group
has increased their contribution to St Petri for Kristin's Leaders, online or in the office. It notes Care Group
services, to match the percentage of the pay raise we activities & encourages participation in a number of
approved for her. We are currently receiving $5,334.00/qtr. alternative ways if they are not able to help with regular
from them. Pat Murken moved approval of the Treasurer's activities.
Report. Kevin Patterson seconded. Motion carried. Property/Trustees: Pat Murken presented. He reported that
New Business we are again trying to remove the large, dying Ash tree that
a. Denise, Grace and Elizabeth Froehlich have transferred threatens multiple overhead major power feeds, in the SW
their membership out of St Petri. corner of our property. The City will participate in the
b. Megan Gustafson Seminary Scholarship Request & letter removal of the tree, but requires that we allocate $1,000-
of progress: Pat Murken moved to contribute $5,000 to $2000 to help defray the expenses of removal. Plans have
Megan Gustafson for her expenses at Wartburg. John F been made for its removal, possibly in May, pending this
seconded. Motion carried. allocation. They have designated a Clean up Day at the
c. Request to move Council meeting times to 7:30 for June, church on Sat May 19, 8:00 to 11:00.
July & August & have committee meetings be at the con- The Committee approved replacing the drinking fountain in
venience of the committee. It was noted that the Consti- the social hall with a new Elkay, handicap accessible,
tution requires that all committees must notify the office fountain with bottle filler at a cost of $1920. They have also
in a timely manner, whenever they change the time or approved removing the old, non-working fountains by the
location, they are planning to hold their regular meeting men's room on the lower level and capping off the piping.
times. This notice must include meeting time & place. They approved a Motion to have the 2nd land line service
Pat Murken moved to change the Council meeting times discontinued. This will save about $30.00/mo. They also
as requested. Karen Munson seconded. approved a motion to install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
Ann Healy moved to amend the motion to include that we Detectors in the church. Our Property insurer has required
reconsider meeting times in August. Pat Murken as ori- this installation if we want to renew coverage with them
ginator & Karen Munson as second agreed to the change next year. They have requested that these be install for
in the motion. Motion carried. several years. Cost not to exceed $860.00. They approved a
motion concerning the Credit Card limit they was referred
to in the New Business. They approved a motion to have
6 St. Petri Messenger
the sidewalk along Grand repaired and to have the parking The committee discussed how to extend the range of adults
area along Grand, around the water service curb box, in the GIFT Program involvement. They set VBS June 15-
repaired. These repairs will eliminate a long standing trip 17. We have 3 kids going to Riverside. The Committee
hazard and are required by our insurer. Pat Murken moved approved full camperships for those going there. We have
to approve the tree removal, the concrete work and the (2?) kids going to other camps. They approved $125 each
water fountains at a cost not to exceed $5000. for them. We have 1 youth going to WIYLDE. They
Undesignated Memorial Funds are to be used for these approved $75 for that individual.
items. Ann Healy seconded. Carried
Staff Reports
Spiritual Life: by John Fevold: They are working with
Kristin turned in her report listing her activities for the last
Pastor Scott on monthly duties. They are considering
month. It included these items:
forming a Master Builders Bible Study and Men's Group.
* Gave Faith5 and Cross+Gen talk at St. Peter Lutheran
They are inviting inquiries regarding this program and
in Greene, IA
whether we should offer participation from other churches
* Prepared a talk about our Cross+Gen ministry GIFT as
in the area. They are also considering offering a “Blast
well as Faith5
from the Past Bible Study” using the Bethel Bible Study
* Led the workshop for about 40 people
Series that came out in the 1960's and 70's. They would like
Scott turned in his report that included his activities for the
feedback on this from the congregation.
last month.
Stewardship: Kevin Patterson: The Committee discussed Exec Committee: the committee met and set the agenda.
how Student Loan Funds are held and are considering re- Pres Fevold declared the meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.
allocating the distribution. Some of the monies are held in Larry Reisetter Congregation Secretary.
extremely low interest rate accounts. They would like to re-
distribute how they are held and involve the Education
Loan Fund monies would not be merged with the Endow-
ment Funds. This interest could then be used by the church.
Council discussion followed. Council discussion generally
approved that the Stewardship Committee pursue this
In the course of discussion, the Reserve Fund Designated
Fund was brought up. Kevin Patterson moved, and Pat
Murken seconded that these funds be transferred back to
the General Fund. Discussion included reporting that these
designated funds were an excess in the year end General
Fund Balance for 2017, generated by late-in-the-year
donations. The Council moved the monies to this RIVERSIDE LUTHERAN BIBLE CAMP
Designated Fund to satisfy accounting requirements, for Upcoming Riverside events
non-profit corporations, regard carrying over monies to Public Mime - July 5
successive fiscal years. The intent was that they be used in
5K Run/Walk – August 4th
2018 in the event of an income shortfall. The amount is
$7507.58. We are currently some $7728 short for the year.
Quilt Auction – August 4th
Motion Carried. Family Camp Aug. 12-15
Golf Classic – September 14th
Youth Ministry: by Paul Wierson: The end of the year
Women’s Retreat – September 22-23
Party was held at Perfect Games and was attended by 46
Fall Recharges – Oct./Nov.
youth & 11 adults. They discussed splitting the Youth
Group into 5th 6th vs 7th 8th grade groups. These groups tend
not to work well together in the larger groups. The Summer Camp 2018
“Summer Stretch” program has good per-registration. It is “But seek first the kingdom of God and his
scheduled for July. The Committee noted the upcoming righteousness and all these things will be added to
Mission Trip, the Summer Stretch program, Adult you.” Matthew 6:33
Leadership Training Aug 22, the first Youth Group meeting
We’re excited to learn all about the Kingdom of God,
will be Sept 5.
what it looks like to seek God’s way and not our own,
Youth Education: by Jane Bauman: They discussed how Jesus seeks us, how we live a life focused on
problems returning pop cans. The businesses that accept loving others, and how in all situations, we can trust
large numbers of pop cans for refund has been falling. They
God to provide! We hope you’ll join us for an
are discussing how and whether to continue returning cans.
awesome week of summer camp full of fun and Jesus
centered living!
7 St. Petri Messenger
6th Annual 5K Run/Walk Aug. 4 Check-in 7:30- give special thanks for those of you who have made
8:15am; Race begins 8:30am LSI a focus of your congregation’s “God’s work. Our
$25 per person; registration fees go towards hands.” project.
supporting camperships. Also enjoy: free This project began in 2013, the 25th anniversary of the
children’s fun run (10 and under) following the ELCA, as a day dedicated to doing service work
5K; beautiful scenery; bagels, fruit, sports drinks, alongside neighbors in communities across the
water, award ceremony; swim in the new pool, go country. On a chosen day in September, each
to worship, have lunch, and go to the quilt congregation is encouraged to participate in a project
auction! for “God’s work. Our hands.” This is a perfect
opportunity to do special projects and/or to raise
Quilt Auction Aug. 4 money as a church body for a nonprofit like LSI.
Approx. 250 items in the Silent
We thank you for your witness of God’s love and your
Auction and the Live Auction!
service! If you are interested in supporting the Iowa
The money received from the
children and families served by LSI and would like to
Quilt Auction will help the
know more about our current needs, please contact
general ministry, as well as
helping all campers be able to
Deb Whitford, LSI director of philanthropy and
come to camp. church relations, at 563-676-2065 or
10-12:30 quilt previewing in A/C Chapel
10-12:15 Silent Auction bidding (baby quilts & Our Mission: Lutheran Services in Iowa responds to the
small items) results by 1:00. love of Jesus Christ through compassionate service. LSI is
10:30 Brief Outdoor Worship an affiliated social ministry partner of the Iowa
11:30-12:30 Lunch in Dining Hall (freewill congregations of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church
in America) and a member of LSA (Lutheran Services in
America). We proudly serve people of all ages, abilities,
1:00 Live Auction in A//C Chapel
religions, sexes, gender identities, national origins,
ethnicities, races, and sexual orientations. Learn more at
Summer FAMILY Camp 2018 and
Join us for an awesome week of Family Camp, August
12-15! Striving Towards Her Highest Peak
Your week will include high energy worship, a variety Eight-year-old Kendale felt nervous and scared.
of great free time activities, fun & family friendly For years, she had struggled with lying, manipulating,
activities, food cooked for you, relaxed atmosphere, & and acting out violently toward her peers. Her family
many opportunities to make Christ centered turned to residential treatment facilities across Iowa
memories together as a family. for help. But nothing worked. Kendale showed no
Each morning families will gather in the chapel for signs of progress.
singing, skits, & sharing of God’s Word. Following Her last hope was LSI’s Beloit Residential Treatment
chapel time, all the children will be divided accord- Center in Ames, and she was anxious and didn’t know
ing to age groups & will spend the morning with our anybody.
amazing counselors & experience a time of learning But as each day passed, Kendale began feeling more
more about Jesus & experience some really fun comfortable and open to LSI staff, especially Ashley,
activities! While the kids are hanging out with our a Youth Associate at Beloit.
staff, the adults will be hearing from our wonderful Ashley and the LSI team have been working with
guest speakers, Jeremy & Briget Johnson. Kendale on communicating and building positive
Register at or call 733-5271. relationships, as well as developing healthy decision-
---------------------------------------------------------------- making and anger management skills.
LSI Newsletter July 2018 Kendale has a caring support system at Beloit. She has
God’s work. Our hands. developed a routine and is surrounded by a passionate
As a social ministry organization of the ELCA, LSI team that makes her feel confident and
Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) is so thankful for empowered.
your partnership in ministry! Thanks to you, we’re “It’s beautiful to see Kendale blossom. She is a
able to provide education for young parents and lovely little lady with an incredible imagination and
empowerment to some of Iowa’s most vulnerable a big heart,” Ashley says. “I’m so proud of how far
children and families. This month, we would like to she has come and the joy she exudes every day.”
8 St. Petri Messenger

The Bencke Family in Japan Some of the
prayers of our
July 2018- 70 hearts…

Our neighbors who
have been like
grandparents to our
children, are
suffering some
serious health
concerns. Please
pray for their
recovery and for us
to find special ways
to be ministers to
them in their time
of need.

Our upcoming
travel for home
assignment: Over
the past several
years, traveling has
One of the areas that I pay particular attention to in my music ministries both at caused me (Jackie)
the college and in the churches we serve is how to allow students and a higher and higher
congregations to experience worship in a context that closely reflects their own level of anxiety.
culture. Christianity in Japan is largely thought of as an imported religious Please pray for
system, belonging to “the West.” The hymns, the Scripture texts, the musical
physical strength
instruments that are used, these are often a reflection of Western concepts of
and peace as we
Christianity, translated into Japanese. It is thought that Catholicism was well-
received in Japan in the 16th century because of the close alignment of artifacts, enter the final
relics and chanting to Buddhist traditions. preparations for the
journey ahead.
When, after a long period of isolation, Japan’s door was finally opened,
Protestantism arrived in the country in the 1870’s. Japan had entered a period of
For our friends, E
tossing out many of its own rich and beautiful cultural practices that helped create
and C, and their
its identity. American missionaries were not necessarily embraced, but their
customs were, and when Christian churches came into fruition, they looked very
family, as they
much like churches in the West. There were exceptions, of course. But largely, leave their mission
hymnody was directly adopted, the use of accompaniment was limited to small in a central Asian
organs, and décor of churches attempted to emulate that of Western churches. country to return to
the U.S. may they
I find it fascinating that if you go to a Protestant church in Africa – East, West, or
and their family
South – the hymns you will sing might be familiar hymns, but they will very likely
be stylized to reflect African traditional music. The use of percussion is pretty experience a loving
standard, and most noticeably, much of the music is organically African, welcome into their
composed by African men and women and reflecting the language and musical new home and find
styles of Africa. This phenomenon holds true in South America and Latin America the support they
as well. There is a rich bank of musical repertoire that was created by and for need to grieve their
congregations in those areas. This is not the case in Japan. departure from
This is something that I make a point of asking students about. “Why,” I ask, “do
loved ones in their
you think there is not much Christian music composed in the style of former country of
9 St. Petri Messenger
Our current mailing address:
Bencke Family traditional Japanese music, or using traditional Japanese
KUMAMOTO SHI music instruments?” The response is usually one of two
KITA-KU things: 1) blank stare or 2) because Japanese traditional
SHIMIZU MANGOKU 5-17-17 music is thought to be soooooo closely aligned with
861-8068 Japanese culture, including the faith systems of Shinto
and Buddhism, that it might be perceived as a poor fit for
Phone from U.S. Christian music to be composed in that style.
They have a point. I remember when there were gasps
Email: of horror and plenty of pearl clutching when “Christian rap” became a thing. It’s not how I would choose to
worship in song, but why can’t it be a form of musical
ELCA— Global Mission worship for the people to whom that style of music
If you are interested in learning more speaks?
about the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America’s global mission So back to music ministries. In all my programming of
and/or opportunities to serve, please worship music for church services, or for contemporary
visit: worship, I make a deliberate point of addressing this idea
of how God’s Kingdom is reflected in song and culture
Missionary Sponsorship throughout the world. Fortunately, there has been a slow
For more information on ELCA
and steady increase of what might be called “praise
missionary sponsorship, please contact
Charlotte Flynn
music,” a contemporary style of worship music that we
Global Mission Support can now tap into for engaging the musical tastes of our
8765 W. Higgins Road students. But I think it’s also important for those
Chicago IL 60631 students to understand that to be a part of God’s
(800) 638-3522, ext. 2769 kingdom, people don’t have to look a certain way, or wear certain clothing, or sing certain hymns, or limit
themselves to one format of worship.
Earthquake Support
(Updated: January 2018) So I really work hard to challenge those perceptions
It has only been in the past while students attend college and when I am
few months that private homes have programming hymns for both our Japanese and
been able to retain the services of international congregations. We explore different
building contractors to repair or languages and examine the pros and cons of singing in
rebuild their homes. Now that the the original language or whether it’s better to use a
public buildings and structures have translation into Japanese. If asked, students will say
been dealt with, many more homes in with 100% certainty that every single traditional hymn
our immediate neighborhood have they sing was originally in English. Even those
recently been demolished and in most composed by Luther.
cases either the land will be sold or a
home will be built on the existing lot. It’s not always easy to look at what we do and how we
If you are interested in do it for our worship experience, and examine it for all
providing financial assistance toward the good and rich qualities as well as for its
earthquake recovery efforts, please shortcomings. I probably never thought even one hot
consider contributing cash donations. second about it while I sat in the pews of churches as a
Donations are used for building and youth or even as an adult. Here, though, in worship
repairing Lutheran churches, services that aim to introduce Christianity through the
Lutheran schools, the Lutheran process of worship, it is a central question every single
orphanage, the Lutheran nursing time I program a piece of music or the hymn list. Am I
home, and scholarships for students of
perpetuating the idea that the best reflection of
Lutheran schools who lost their homes
Christianity is heard in the hymns that were composed
in the 7.3 magnitude earthquake on
April 16th, 2016. Many students who
between 1860-1880, in four part harmony,
lost their homes and who attend the straightforward rhythms, and in English? This is
junior high, senior high, and college precisely what I do not want to do. But when there is not
rely heavily on these scholarships. a body of music that is organically Japanese, then the
Contact me for further details if you mission becomes finding music and art resources that
are interested in providing such reflect God’s love for and within the Japanese people
specific support. and culture.
10 St. Petri Messenger

Summer Stretch: 9:30am-3:30pm
Monday, July 9th
at St. Petri
Tuesday, July 10th
at Grace United
Wednesday, July 11th
at Immanuel
Thursday, July 12th
Adventureland Day: 9am-5pm
Meet at Bergen
Here's to another great summer of
service, fun and fellowship!