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Name: Ismat Jahan Ima
Address: 58/C West Rajabazer, Mohona-Tulip (5th floor-A5)
Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1215.
Phone number: 01557657096


I want connections, excitement in this globalized world, where I can accept challenges, overcome them by
applying my knowledge and skills for continuous improvement.


Degree Major Institution CGPA/GPA Passing
BBA Management University of CGPA-3.73 2017
Information Dhaka (Until 6
Systems(MIS) Semester)

HSC Business Studies Dhaka City GPA-5 2013

SSC Business Studies YWCA GPA-5 2011
Girl’s High


1. I have successfully completed my Internship program from Access to Information (a2i), Prime Minister
Office under Result Management Team.
2. I have completed my supply chain analyst course from crash course podium University of Dhaka where
I attended three real-life supply chain events and found out their solutions
3. I have both junior school certificate scholarship at class eight and also Secondary school certificate
scholarship after passing SSC.

Bangladesh. possess ownership of responsibilities. 4. Rakibul Hoque| Assistant Professor | Department of MIS | Faculty of Business Studies| University of Dhaka| Mobile: 01912-928171 | Email: rakibul@du. 2. Proactive. good interpersonal skills and comfortable to work in team. Thana: Kuliarchar. Signature: Ismat Jahan Ima 2 . Abdul Hamid Mother’s Name : Pervin Akter Asma Date of Birth : 6th July. Analytical and problem-solving quality in critical situation INTEREST 1. District. REFERENCES 1. Supply Chain Management PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s Name : Md. influence & manage change. Md. COMPUTER SKILL 1. I have a professional skill at using MS office suit. I have completed my web & graphics design course from skill Hunt associated with British Council Dhaka University. I have finished my Junior English Certificate course from Institute of Modern languages Dhaka University and have fluency at both English and Bangla. 1995 Nationality : Bangladeshi Blood Group : B+ Religion : Islam Permanent Address : Village + Post Office: Kapasatia. Artificial Intelligence 2. PERSONAL SKILL 1. I work as a professional writer at outsourcing & freelancing where I have completed more than 100 assignments. Digital marketing 3. Possess sound functional knowledge to accomplish any task within stipulated time frame. 3. COMMUNICATION I am good at public speaking as I debate on behalf of my school and university debating society. Possess leadership quality to coach. Business analytics 4.