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Krizz Darnelle T. Santos
University of the Philippines

decrease in disease transmission. 2015). These schools continue to suffer from lack of resources. Educated poor individuals have better chances of becoming members of the middle class. . and support services from the government. This is one way to guarantee that education truly is the answer to poverty. political power. They may have passionate teachers but most of them actually lack experience. female empowerment. boost in local and global economies. To ensure universal access to quality education. People born poor are more likely to stay poor. However. Several studies have proven that education paves the way to social mobility. some say that education actually perpetuates poverty (Slade. and food security (Colby. Some of the enumerated positive effects of education are peace and stability.IS EDUCATION THE CURE FOR POVERTY? 1 Abstract This essay aims to discuss the different arguments about education’s capacity to alleviate poverty. 2015). adequate funding must be given to schools in low socioeconomic neighborhoods. This is attributed to low budget allocations given to schools in impoverished communities.

This article also categorically states that elementary education is compulsory. Education can result to a myriad of significant changes (Colby. It has the capacity to reduce the disparity among sexes. In fact. At the moment. According to Article 26 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. almost everyone recognizes the benefits of an education. They acknowledge the fact that education brings about social mobility and it arrests the transfer of poverty to the next generation. 2015). Their women are observed to be more physically and economically secure compared to the uneducated women of other countries. This just shows how education benefits women and all the residents of a community. Studies show that female empowerment is present in countries that have educated citizens. 2015). I will attempt to explain the role of education in breaking the cycle of poverty. In this essay. This mandates every state or nation to provide free elementary and secondary education to its constituents. Moreover. Educated mothers are also knowledgeable when it comes to reproductive health. the reason why they tend to have fewer children. 9 out of 10 children are studying in schools (Colby. Recent studies also show that educated women give their children better nutrition and health care. Even marginalized families prioritize the education of their children because they know that it will offer them opportunities that are not given to the uneducated. . They know how to conduct family planning. Gone are the days when going to school was unpopular.IS EDUCATION THE CURE FOR POVERTY? 2 IS EDUCATION THE CURE TO POVERTY? We live in a modern world where education is considered a right and not a privilege. I will seek to present unpopular but equally valid arguments that claim the inadequacy of education as an antidote to poverty. everyone has the inalienable right to education. Maternal death rates can also be decreased by educating women.

educated parents tend to get their children immunized against devastating but preventable diseases. Education also helps prevent the spread of communicable diseases(Colby. They also tend to have higher levels of earning ability. maximized profits. She wanted to eradicate child marriage and save women from being victims of war and conflict. and the like. bravely stood up for women’s right to education. 2015). Moreover. Rural children who will be the farmers of the future will be able to learn advanced agricultural practices in schools. In the future. Education can also bring about stability and peace (Colby. 2015). 2015). 2015). Poor people will no longer be in constant fear of suffering from a chronic type of poverty caused by displacement. Her tenacity has increased the support for women’s education in the Middle East. This results . However. This was the reason why Taliban gunmen shot Malala in the head. Basic AIDS education in schools has shown to decrease the number of adolescents who practice unprotected sex. this did not stop her from forwarding her advocacy.IS EDUCATION THE CURE FOR POVERTY? 3 Education is also vital for women in the Middle East (Yousafzai. the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. education paves the way to food security (Colby. Countries that give priority to education have citizens who are more productive and more efficient. Malala Yousafzai. Educated people will strive hard to obtain peace and refrain from supporting terrorism and extremism. Moreover. This countered the conservative view of some extremist terrorist groups that women should remain in the confines of their homes. No war means no displacement. 2018). this can lead to increased yields. It is also important to highlight that education is tantamount to boosts in local and global economies (Colby.

It is imperative to make education accessible to all. and so on. the academic performance of students suffer. some people still deem it inadequate in countering economic that formerly required a high school degree now ask for a college degree. Moreover. Statistics in the United States show that there is meager government support for schools in highly impoverished areas. It can be said that children born into poverty are more likely to stay in poverty after all. SDG 4 aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (2018). Theses educators also do not receive adequate support services from the government. The United Nations has even included education in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). One of its . In such a scenario. The number of people with college diplomas have increased in the recent years and this is not true for good-paying jobs (Horowitz. This is not true for schools located in higher socioeconomic neighborhoods. They may have hard-working and passionate teachers but most of them actually lack experience and political power. there are existing arguments that schools actually perpetuate and accentuate poverty (Slade.IS EDUCATION THE CURE FOR POVERTY? 4 to a rise in the number of middle class consumers. This goal reiterates that education is the way to sustainable development. 2015). These low-funded schools suffer from problems such as lack of vital resources. The increase in consumers of services and goods also translates to a rise in the general welfare of a community. This happens because a lot of credential holders are vying for a fixed number of decent jobs. This resulted to a phenomenon called credential inflation. 2015). there is a great need to combat the aforementioned problems. Although the benefits of education are recognized by many. To truly make education the solution to poverty.

Drastic budget cuts in the education sector must also be reviewed. .IS EDUCATION THE CURE FOR POVERTY? 5 specific goals is to provide free primary and secondary education by 2030. One way to ensure universal access to quality education is to guarantee that even schools located in the most remote areas receive the adequate funds they need. These proposals will certainly provide poor children the chance at social mobility. It also emphasizes the need to offer affordable vocational education training and to eradicate disparities among genders.

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